Lateran Regesta 571: 1461-1462

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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'Lateran Regesta 571: 1461-1462', in Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471, (London, 1933) pp. 131-133. British History Online [accessed 16 April 2024]

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. DLXXI. (fn. 1)

4 Pius II.

De Diversis [Formis]

Non. Nov.
(5 Nov.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 16d.)
Relaxation in perpetuity of seven years and seven quarantines of enjoined penance to penitents who on the feasts of St. Felimy (sancti Feyglimei) the Confessor and Whitsuntide visit and give alms for the completion and conservation of the church of the said Saint at Kilmore, which, as the pope has learned, bishop Thady (Thyteus) has at his own expense begun to build anew and has for the more part finished, but for the completion of which the resources of the said bishop and church are insufficient. (fn. 2)Ante tronum. (P. and G. Trapezuntius. | P. xxxv. de Varris.) [1⅓ pp.]
Prid. Non. March.
(6 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome. (fn. 3)
(f. 109.)
To Gelatius Osyda, perpetual vicar (fn. 4) of the parish church of Kyllmohorce (sic) alias Kyllmuri in the diocese of Limerick. Dispensation to him (who was lately dispensed by papal authority, on account of illegitimacy as the son of a priest of noble birth and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all even holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure, after which, having been promoted to all even priest's orders, he obtained by canonical collation the [perpetual vicarage of the] parish church of Kyllmohoroc alias Killmuri in the diocese of Limerick; and to whom the present pope recently [below, Reg. Lat. DLXXIII, f. 5d.] ordered provision to be made of the perpetual vicarage of Cunchy in the diocese of Killaloe (Laonien.), dispensing him to receive and retain it, and requiring him, as soon as he obtained it, to resign the said church of Killmohoroc) to retain with the said vicarage of Cunchy, value not exceeding 12 marks sterling, if he obtain it in virtue of the said letters, the said church of Killmohoroc, value not exceeding 4 marks sterling, for ten years from the date of such obtaining. Within the ten years he is to exchange which he pleases of the said church of Killmohoroc and vicarage of Cunchy for a benefice compatible with the one retained; if not, after the lapse of the ten years he is to resign the said church of Killmohoroc. Vite etc. (O. and A. de Cortesiis. | O. xxvi. Quinto Id. Martii Anno Quarto.Pontanus.) [3 pp.]
13 Kal. Nov.
(20 Oct.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 129d.)
To Cormac Osiridean and Terence Ooreguillyg, canons of Kilmore. Mandate as below. The recent petition of Nemias Odroma, a canon of Kilmore, contained that formerly, with consent of the chapter, Thady bishop of Kilmore (at the first creation and collation of all the prebends, and the union etc. of parish [churches] or their benefices to be made thereto according to the number of the canons formerly canonically instituted in the said church, as opportunity or convenience should offer at the said bishop's discretion) [erected] into a prebend a certain piece, situate near the parish church of St. Bridget, Nurnagy, in the diocese of Kilmore, of the tithe lands commonly called ‘Vitinta gerit,' and united etc. to the canonry and prebend, which the said Nemias holds, the perpetual vicarage of the said church, with all its rights etc., when it should become void by cession or death or any other resignation. suspending therefore the cure of souls of the vicarage; with the condition, however, that Nemias should pay to the said Thady and his successors, bishops of Kilmore, all ordinary and extraordinary [burdens] to which the vicarage was bound before the said union etc., and that the cure of souls should not be neglected, but be exercised by another, according to the custom of other parish churches of the said diocese, as is said to be more fully contained in authentic letters of the said bishop Thady. Seeing that, as the said petition added, (fn. 5) Nemias doubts the validity of the said union etc. and suspension, which, as he alleges, have not yet taken effect, the pope hereby orders the above two to summon those concerned, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to unite and appropriate and annex the said vicarage, with its said rights and appurtenances, on its voidance by the cession or death or any other resignation of its holder, to the said canonry and prebend, value, with the vicarage, not exceeding 4 marks sterling, for as long as Nemias shall live and hold them, so that on the cession or death etc. of the vicar of the said parish church he may take possession by his own authority, and convert its fruits etc. to his own uses and those of the said canonry and prebend, etc. The pope's will is, however, that upon the death or cession etc. of Nemias or his otherwise resigning the canonry and prebend, the union etc. shall be dissolved, and the vicarage revert to its former state, and that before they proceed to execute these presents he shall resign it to them. Pia consideracione. (O. and M. Amici. | O. xii. Residuum gratis. Pontanus.) [3½ pp.]
Non. Nov.
(5 Nov.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 145d.)
To Roger Baldewyn, rector of the parish church of Werhorn in the diocese of Canterbury. Dispensation to receive with the said church, value not exceeding 20 marks sterling, any one other benefice, or without that church any two other benefices, with cure or otherwise incompatible, even if dignities etc. or two parish churches or their perpetual vicarages, or such mixed, and to retain them, for seven years if parish churches of their perpetual vicarages, or for life if other such incompatible benefices, and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases. Vite etc. (P. and A. de Cortesiis. | P. xxxxv. de Varris.) [3 pp.See below, p. 155.]
10 Kal. March.
(20 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 177.)
To the bishop of Exeter. Mandate to dispense Robert Hille, layman, and Alice relict of William Dawbeni, knight, of his diocese, to marry, notwithstanding that they are related in the double third degree of affinity. Oblate nobis. (P. and Ja. de Rizonibus. | P. xx. de Varris.) [¾ pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern description in Italian: ‘Pioii. 1461. Anno4. Lib. i.,’ and on a modern flyleaf is Mgr. Wenzel's ‘An. 1.’ There is no contemporary flyleaf, but on the bottom edge of the volume is the usual contemporary description: ‘Primus de diversis [formis] anno quarto domini nostri domini Pii pape ii.’ There are [i.]–cccvii. ff. of text, the first two of which are injured.
  • 2. Cum itaque sicut accepimus venerabilis frater noster Thyteus episcopus Kellmorensis sumptibus suis propriis ecclesiam Kellmorensem, cuius ille gloriosus dei confessor beatus Feyglimeus (sic) est patronus, novis et amenis structuris sumptuose edifficari (sic) inceperit, et pro maiori parte illius perfecerit, et ad earundem structurarum complementum episcopi et ecclesie predictorum proprie non suppetant facultates, sed eorundem fidelium suffragia ad hoc sunt (sic) plurimum opportuna, Nos. … The scribe began to register the indulgence on f. 16r., but only wrote a few lines and then stopped. The spelling is there also ‘Feyglimeus.’
  • 3. In the MS. Indice to the Lateran Registers of Pius II occurs the following: ‘[Liber] I. anno iv. Cantuariensis. Rogerius Valdevin (recte Baldevin).Dispensatio ad incompatibilia. [fol.] 103.’ Lib. I. an. iv. is the present Register DLXXI, but the dispensation does not occur on f. 103, but on f. 145, q.v. below.
  • 4. This description in the address does not agree with the text, in which he is described throughout as holding the church, i.e. as being ‘rector,' of Kyllmohoroc, evidently by error. Cf. below, Reg. Lat. DLXXIII, f. 5d., where he appears throughout as the vicar of Kyllmohorog.
  • 5. Exhibita siquidem nobis nuper pro parte dilecti filii Nemie Odroma canonici Kellmorensis peticio continebat quod olim venerabilis frater noster Thytheus episcopus Kellmorensis quandam peciam terrarum decimarum vitinta gerit vulgariter nuncupatarum sitam prope ecclesiam parrochialem sancte Brigide de Nurnagy Kellmorensis diocesis in prebendam cum consensu capituli ecclesie Kellmorensis ad primam creacionem omnium prebendarum et ad earundem collacionem necnon unionem sive annexionem parrochialium sive aliorum beneficiorum dictis prebendis faciendam pro numero canonicorum olim in dicta ecclesia Kellmorensi canonice instituto ubi facultas se obtulisset sive commoditas prout dicto episcope visum foret [erexit, necnon] perpetuam vicariam dicte parrochialis ecclesie, cum per cessum vel decessum seu quancunque alium dimissionem illam obtinentis vacare contingeret, cum omnibus iuribus et pertinenciis suis canonicatui et prebende dicte ecclesic Kellmorensis quos ipse Nemias obtinet auctoritate ordinaria univit annexuit et incorporavit, curam animarum dicte vicarie propterca suspendendo, cum hoc tamen quod idem Nemias prefato Thytheo et suis successoribus Kellmorensibus episcopis pro tempore existentibus omnia ordinaria ex extraordinaria ad que pro tempore eadam vicaria ante unionem annexionem incorporacionem et suspensionem predictas quomodolibet tenebatur solvere deberet, quodque cura huiusmodi propterea nullatenus negligeretur, sed per alium secundum consuetudinem aliarum parrochialium ecclesiarum dicte diocesis exerceretur, prout in litteris auctenticis dicti Thythei episcopi plenius dicitur contineri. Cum autem sicut eadem peticio subiungebat. …