1245, membranes 8d, 6d, 5d, 4d, 1d

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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'1245, membranes 8d, 6d, 5d, 4d, 1d', in Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247, (London, 1906) pp. 462-464. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-pat-rolls/hen3/vol3/pp462-464 [accessed 13 April 2024]

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1245, membranes 8d, 6d, 5d, 4d, 1d


Appointment of the abbot of Berdeneye, Henry de Bathonia, Jolland de Nevill and Richard de Bensted as justices to hold common pleas in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

The abbot of Croyland, Roger de Thurkelby, Henry de Bracton and Gilbert de Preston are in like manner appointed to go on eyre in the county of Lincoln.

1245. April 19. Windsor.

To abbots, priors and all other parsons of churches convened this Friday in Easter week at Maydenestan. As the pope has by his letters lately granted that the whole of the clergy of England shall grant the king a subsidy, wherein the king has not yet been satisfied, and the above persons are, as the king hears, to meet by the authority of the archbishop of Canterbury for the giving an aid to the said archbishop or the pope, the king forbids them to grant any aid without his assent to the archbishop or the pope or any other.


[Form of the writ for an aid for the marriage of the king's eldest daughter.]

To all abbots and priors of the county, &c. who do not hold by knight service. As the archbishops, &c. who hold by knight service are making the king an aid for the marriage of his eldest daughter, and they are bound to make the king a like subsidy, the king is sending to them . . . . with the sheriff requesting them to give him an aid, so that at fitting time he may repay them (rependere), and they are to certify the king by these what aid they think of making him.

And they are patent.

Mandate to the sheriff accordingly, and he is to behave with prudence and diligence herein.


June 11. Westminster.

Power to R. le Bygod, earl of Norfolk, W. de Cantilupo, J. son of Geoffrey, R. son of Nicholas, Philip Basset and Master Laurence de Sancto Martino to treat of peace between the church of Rome and the Emperor.

[The names of those referred to on p. 454.] Philip Basset, William de Insula, William le Bastard, Roger de Leycestre, Alan de Esefeld, Ranulf de Mundevill: Henry de Sancto Paulo, Ralph the Cook, Philip Russel: William de Cantilupo, Richard de Spechole, Henry Hubot.

Mandate to all archbishops, bishops and all prelates of England about to meet at the Council of Lyons not to attempt anything against the king's crown and dignity, on pain of the loss of the temporalities which they hold of the king.

The like to those of Ireland and Gascony.


William de Bello Campo, Geoffrey de Langele and Richard de Wrotham are to deliver the gaol of Huntendon on whatever day they think fit as well of those whom Thomas Fromund of Themeford, approver, appeals, as of others, as it is commanded to the sheriffs of Huntendon, Cambridge and Bedford to bring to that gaol all those whom he appeals of fellowship of larceny.

Protection with clause columus for William Heyron, going with John Maunsel to Wales, and exemption of him from suits of counties and hundreds and from all pleas except pleas de dote unde nichil habet, assize of novel disseisin and darrein presentment, so long as he is in those parts on the king's service.

[The like for the following :—]

Richard de Dovor.

Robert Waleraund.

John de Burgo.

Peter Braunch.

Richard de la Bere.

William de Synago, staying with the queen, so long as the king is on his expedition in the March of Wales.

William Bloet.

Ralph son of Bernard.

Reginald de Moyun.

William de Moyun.

John de Curtenay.

Gervase de Horton.

The earl of Albemarle.

John son of Alan.

Robert de Sancto Johanne.

Walter de Dunstanvill.

John de Busceby.

William de Lancastre.

William de Vescy.

John de Nevill.

William de Say.

Geoffrey de Langele.

William de Breusa.

John de Gatesden.

Hubert Hoese.

Gerard Talebot and John Talebot.

Alvred de Suleny.

Robert de Gurnay, who is on the king's service in the parts of South Wales.

William Lungespe.

Geoffrey de Dinan.


The like for Hugh de Coronis, staying in the munition of the castle of Gannok.

The like for :—

John de Haselwell.

William de Boydel.

Walkelin de Ardern.

William le Rus of Pylesleg.

Adam de Pereres.