1245, membranes 10, 9

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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'1245, membranes 10, 9', in Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247, (London, 1906) pp. 465-469. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-pat-rolls/hen3/vol3/pp465-469 [accessed 11 April 2024]

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1245. Oct. 30. Chester.

Pardon to Martin le Parker of his outlawry for the dismembering of William Galytly, whose privy parts (virilia) he cut off; with the usual condition.

Grant to Philip le Bret of 10l. 9s. 2½d. which he is bound to pay yearly for two parts late of William son of Aer in the county of Salop during the minority of his heir, for his yearly fee of 10l. at the Exchequer, so that the king shall be quit of that fee during that period.

Mandate to the barons of the Exchequer to cause this to be done and enrolled.

Nov. 1. Chester.

Notification that if Nicholas de Molis and Robert Waleraund admit the sons of Rees the younger to the king's peace, the king remits to them his indignation for withdrawing from his fealty and adhering to David son of Llewelin, and receives them into his full grace.

Like power to them to receive Mereduk son of Oweyn, Mereduk son of Res, and the sons and heirs of Res Wachan.

Protection with clause volumus for Philip le Bret so long as he is on the munition of the castle of Dissard.

Licence for Wrennok son of Kenewerk that his plough-beasts and animals be received to pasture in the county of Chester and be kept there safely; no bailiff is to allow them to be interfered with ; until the king shall provide for them or they can be received elsewhere to pasture.

Assignment to Owen son of Griffin of the houses of Shotwik for the reception of him and his during pleasure ; with mandate to John de Grey, justice of Chester, to deliver them to him.

Nov. 3. Chester.

Mandate to John son of Geoffrey, the justiciary, and the treasurer of Ireland to pay the freight of two ships wherein Peter de Birmingeham and Adam de Staunton, who came to the king in Wales, are returning to their own parts.

Nov. 4. Cumbermere.

Mandate to John de Grey, justice of Chester, to deliver the king's houses of La Mare to Wrennok son of Kenewrek for the reception of him and those whom he can attract to the king's service, and the pasture adjoining for pasturing their animals, during pleasure.

Mandate to John son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, and the treasurer of Ireland, to let Geoffrey de Dunewiz have 30 marks for the freight of his ship called la Damaysel in coming to the king from Ireland to Gannok and back to Ireland and for his losses in the long keeping of his said ship at Gannok in the king's service.

Appointment, during pleasure, of John son of Geoffrey as justiciary of Ireland.

Signification to all archbishops and others of Ireland that Maurice son of Gerold has surrendered the said justiciaryship, and all the king's castles, towns and land in Ireland, and the king has appointed the said John to the same.

Nov. 5. Lilleshall

Mandate to the treasurer and chamberlains of the Exchequer of Dublin to allocate five marks in addition to the 20l. yearly which the king ordered to be allocated for the purchase of 100 tunics for the Friars Minors of Ireland, as it appears that 20l. will not be sufficient for the purchase of so many tunics.

Nov. 6. Lilleshall.

Grant to the said John son of Geoffrey of 500l. a year at the Exchequer of Dublin for his maintenance in time of peace in the king's service so long as he is justiciary of Ireland, and if that do not suffice in time of peace, the king will, on the award of R. earl of Cornwall and of Peter de Sabaudia, the king's uncle, or in the absence of the latter, his assignee, add such a sum that he shall suffer no loss. In time of war arising in the land of Ireland he shall take from the treasury by view and testimony of the treasurer and chamberlains of Dublin, so much as is necessary for the maintenance of the war and the defence of the land of Ireland, on condition that he (sic) account for what he so receives.

Mandate to the treasurer and chamberlains to let him have the said 500l.

Mandate to William de Oddingeseles, Roger de Clifford, Geoffrey de Bello Campo, Geoffrey Gacelin, William de Trublevill, John son of Matthew, William de Sautmareis, Roger de Saltous, John de Seingeham, John de Kaukewell and William de Ryvers to stay in the parts of Mungumery with John Lestrange without going away, and to be intendant to him in the defence of those parts from the incursions of the king's enemies.

Mandate to Griffin son of Wenunwen to deliver Tuder son of (sic) Abedenevet and that old man who was steward of Mailgun son of Mailgun, to John Lestrange, who has orders to receive them and cause them to be sent to London.

Mandate by letters close to the said John to receive them and send them under safe-conduct to London to be delivered to the keeper of the Tower, and the king will refund the cost of the carriage of them.

Nov. 7. Bobbington.

Mandate to the abbot of Chester, notwithstanding that Peter Chaceporc, keeper of the wardrobe, deposited a sum of money in his house to be delivered to none but John Lestrange and John de Grey, to deliver the same to John Lestrange and Richard le Rus, king's clerk, to take to the parts of Shrewsbury (Salop), where many knights and serjeants are staying at the king's pay in the parts of Chester.

Mandate to the said John and Richard to receive the money and cause it to be taken to Shrewsbury and kept there, and delivered to John de Grey, as he requires it for the king's affairs.

Nov. 8. Worcester.

Protection without term for the abbot of Cumbermare, for himself, his house, his brethren and monks.

Mandate to Fulk son of Warin, John Lestrange and Henry de Aldithele, upon whom Griffin son of Maddoc and Griffin son of Wenunwen have agreed as arbitrators touching certain lands of Dendover, whereof the former was seised until the king's last war against David son of Llewelin who seized them from him, and to which the latter lays claim after he seized them from the said David, to hear these respective claims and decide them according to justice.

Nov. 13. Evesham.

Protection for Roger de Monte Alto, on the king's service in the parts of Chester, as long as he is there.

The like for the following:—

John de Flori, Fulk de Orreby, Robert de Dunvil', Robert de Macy, William de Berminch[am], John de Recuchun.

Nov. 5. Lilleshall.

Collation to Master L. de Sancto Martino, of the archdeaconry of Coventry ; in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Coventry and Lichfield, with mandate in pursuance to the dean and chapter of Lichfield.

Collation to him also of the prebend late of Master Adam de Ho in the church of Lichfield, as above.

Nov. 18. Woodstock

Presentation of Henry de Cant[uaria], chaplain, to the church of St. Andrew, Hertford ; directed to the bishop of Lincoln.

Collation to him of the prebend late of William de Sancto Albano in the church of St. Chad, Shrewsbury; with mandate to Master P. archdeacon of Salop, to admit him.

Mandate to John son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, and the treasurer of Ireland, to cause to be paid from the treasury of Ireland all that the king owes in Ireland for cloths, hides, iron, salt, wine, corn, bacons and other victuals sent to the king in Wales to Gannok.

Mandate to Robert Luterel, chancellor of Ireland, to be intendant to John son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, when he arrives, and in the meantime to G. bishop of Ossory, whom the king has appointed in his place in the meantime.

Mandate to John son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, and the treasurer of Ireland, to let Meyler de Bermingeham have his yearly fee of 20 marks, and Maurice de Bermingeham his yearly fee of 10 marks from the Exchequer of Dublin.


The like to the same to let the hall of Dublin be perfected and to cause water to come by a pipe from the conduit of the city of Dublin, so that the king may find it perfect in all things next summer.

Request to the mayor and good men of Dublin to permit water to be brought from the said conduit.

Nov. 16. Woodstock.

Mandate to Philip de Inteberg, constable of the castle of Limerick, and of Castle Coning', to deliver these castles with the counties of Munster and Limerick to John son of Geoffrey, whom the king has appointed justiciary of Ireland, or his assign bearing the king's letters patent with those of the justiciary.

The like to the following:—

Simon Muridac, as to the castle and county of Dublin.

John de Cravill, the castle of Adlon, with the bailiwick belonging to it.

Hugh Tyrel, the castle of Drowheda.

Robert de Capella, the castle of Randon.

William Croc, the castle of Meylac.

Meyler de Bermingeham, the castle of Roscre.

Adam Buse, the castle of Mayllonach.

Nov. 22. Woodstock.

Mandate to the treasurer and chamberlains of Dublin to lay out 35 marks which the king ordered to be laid out in tunics of Friars Minors of Ireland this year, and 35 marks for the like next year, in extending and improving the place of the Friars Minors of Waterford.

Nov. 21. Oxford.

Appointment of John de Grey, justice of Chester, and Henry de Wingeham to assess the tallage in the town of Chester which the king has had levied on his cities, boroughs and demesnes throughout England.

Nov. 25. Wallingford.

Presentation of John Maunsel the younger to the church of Lugwurthin directed to Master J. Bacun, official of the bishop of Hereford.

Mandate to John de Grey, justice of Chester, to let the master and brethren of the hospital of St. Giles, Chester, have the tithe of the king's larder of Chester as they used to have in the times of the earls of Chester and the king.

Dec. 3. Windsor.

Mandate to Robert de Turbervill, steward of the lands late of W. Marshal, earl of Pembroke, in Ireland, to deliver to John son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, all the lands and castles late of the said earl in Ireland; as the king ought to have primer seisin of the lands of barons dying, who hold in chief, so that they may do what they ought in homage and relief; to hold the same until Anselm Marshal, brother of the earl, come to the king to do what he ought.

The like to the constables of the following castles:—

Nicholas de Molis Penbrok.
Walerand Teutonicus Strygoyl.
The sheriff of Hereford Castle Goodrich.

Dec. 4. Windsor.

Mandate to J. son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, and the treasurer of Ireland to let John Byset have 50 marks of the gift of the king.

Dec. 4. Windsor.

Exemption, for life, of Wymund de Ralegh from suits of counties, hundreds and wapentakes and from being put on assizes or juries.

Dec. 4. Windsor.

Bond to the mayor, jurats and commune of Dax in 50l. payable at the exchequer of Easter next of the 100l. which the king has granted them for the walling of their town.

Safe-conduct until St. Peter's Chair for the envoys of the king of France whom he is sending to England with Henry de la Mare and Master Robert Anketil.

The king is sending the said Henry and Robert to the presence of the king of France, to complete the prorogation of the truce, as has been arranged by envoys passing between them, with full powers.

Dec. 7. Windsor.

The king, at the instance of the citizens of Bayonne, has received Bernard de Liposse into his grace and granted that he be admitted into the commonalty of that city, and that all his possessions, lost on account of the king's indignation, he restored to him in the said city.

Dec. 10. Windsor.

Pardon to Hugh de Whetstan of his outlawry for the death of William the Smith of Cosseby, as it appears by inquisition that he killed him in self-defence; on the usual condition.

Dec. 27. Merton.

Appointment, during pleasure, of William de Curzun to the custody of the county of Lincoln, and mandate to archbishops and others to be intendant to him as sheriff.

Dec. 28. Merton.

Protection with clause rolumus until the close of Easter for Roger de Sumery, going to Wales for the protection of those parts.