1246, membanes 8d, 6d, 5d, 4d

Pages 490-491

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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1246, membanes 8d, 6d, 5d, 4d



Jan. 25. Westminster.

To William de Warenne of Whitchurch (de Albo Monasterio). The king has learned that there is a frequent passage of his Welsh enemies and those who favour them taking victuals and other necessaries into Wales contrary to his prohibition and to the greatest damage of the king and the realm, through his castle of Whitchurch. And whereas the custom of the realm in the times of the king's ancestors and approved by the king is that castles under suspicion in the March during war between the prince and the Welsh shall be held by the prince during the war, for the protection of those parts ; the king commands him to deliver the said castle, as he loves all his lands in the realm, to J. de Grey, justice of Chester, to keep during pleasure.

Mandate to J. de Grey to receive and keep it.

Jan. 24. Westminster.

Appointment of John de Grey, justice of Chester, Richard de Grey, John de Lexinton and Adam de Eston to do justice touching tolls and prises done in the county of Chester by the bailiffs of John Lestrange, when he was justice of Chester, and touching all persons who against the king's prohibition sold or sent victuals and other necessaries to the king's enemies in Wales, or consented thereto; also in lien of the king to view the waste of the king's woods and houses in that county since it came to the king's hand; and mandate to them that they meet for this on days and at places appointed; and it is commanded to the justice of Chester and the sheriff of Stafford and Salop to cause to come before them all those who are suspected of the foresaid, who are contained in an inquisition which the king has had made.


Protection with clause volumus for Nicholas de Bolevill, gone to Provence on the king's service, until his return.

The like for Geoffrey de Wuleward, gone to Ireland in the service of the king and of the men of Ireland.


April 22. Westminster.

Appointment, during pleasure, of William son of Reiner, sheriff of Essex and Hertford, to the custody of the honor of Boulogne and writ to all sheriffs, in whose bailiwicks lands of the honor are, not to intermeddle therein except to make distraint at his command for those things which pertain to the honor.


Protection with clause volumns for Stephen Lungespe, going to Ireland, until his return.

The like, without clause, for Reginald de Cundy and William de Mariscis.