1246, membranes 9, 8

Pages 492-495

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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1246, membranes 9, 8



Oct. 29. Guildford.

The prior and convent of Shireburn have licence to elect, by Laurence de Bradeford and Walter de Poundelarch, monks of that house.

Oct. 31. Guildford.

Grant to Reinuc and Clarus, merchants of Florence, that if Aaron de Eboraco, Jew, do not pay them 400 marks on Wednesday after St. Andrew next at London, as covenanted between them, the king will cause the said money to be paid to them out of the lands and chattels of the said Jew.

Nov. 2. Reading.

Mandate to J. son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, to provide for Reginald de London, keeping for the king the audience of the pope, in an ecclesiastical benefice in the king's gift in Ireland of the value of from 20 to 30 marks a year or thereabouts, wherever vacant, and to cause him to be presented by Ascerias his proctor, and the benefice assigned to such proctor in his name.

Nov. 6. Reading.

Grant to Master Laurence de Sancto Martino of the Prebend late of Master Thomas de Ebleburn in the church of Salisbury, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Salisbury; with the usual mandate to the dean and chapter.

Mandate to J. son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, and G. bishop of Ossory, treasurer of Ireland, to let the Friars Minors of Kilkenny have out of the king's treasure of Ireland 30 marks, to wit, 10 marks for the king, 10 for the queen, and 10 for the king's children, to construct their buildings and to discharge their debts.

Nov. 7. Reading.

The dean and chapter of Saresbiry have licence to elect, by Master R. de Karevill, treasurer of that church, and Master R. de Eboraco, canons of the same church.

Royal assent to the election of Laurence de Bradeford, monk of Shireburn, to be abbot of that house; with mandate to the dean and chapter of Salisbury to do their part herein.

Protection, without term, for the canons of the church of St. Michael, Peneriz (sic).

Grant that the penalit appointed between Halingrat the Balister and Aaron, Jew of York, of 400 marks, to be repaid to Halingrat on the octave of Martinmas this year, which Aaron received from him as a loan, if not paid in full at the term appointed shall be incurred and Halingrat can acquire and have the same together with the principal debt.

Nov. 9. Reading.

Royal assent to the election of Silvester, archdeacon of Chester, to be bishop of Carlisle; with mandate to the archbishop of York to do his part herein.

The like to the election of Robert de Kaermerdin to be prior of Kaermerdin; with like mandate to the bishop of St. Davids.

Nov. 10. Sandleford.

Mandate to J. son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, and to the treasurer of Ireland, to repay out of the king's treasure to the good men of Chester 100 marks which the king received from them as a loan.

Nov. 15. Marlborough.

Presentation of Henry le Bretun to the church of St. Michael, Kery, in the king's gift by reason of his conquest of the lands of L. sometime prince of North Wales, in South Wales; directed to the bishop of St. Davids.

The like of Thomas de Merleberg, chaplain, to the church of St. Peter, Merleberg, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Salisbury; directed to the dean of Merleberg.

Nov. 20. Marlborough.

Mandate to John son of Geoffrey, justiciary of Ireland, to send one of his knights, with power to surrender in his name to the king the castles late of William Marshal, earl of Pembroke, in Ireland, in order that the king may restore them to the right heirs of the earl.

To Master H. de Mortuo Mari, official of the archbishop of Canterbury. The king is sending to him his clerk Master R. de Cantilupo, whom he has appointed as his proctor to propose before him the things which concern his crown and dignity in the matter of the election to the church of Shaftebury, and he will ratify whatever the same Master does in his name in the matter of Shaftebury, with justice; and the king significes the same to the prioress and nuns.

Mandate to all bailiffs that whenever in England John le Vatlet, who has been appealed of the death of Martin Malherbe, be found, he be taken at once and kept in prison, and it be signified to the king that he has been taken. [In the margin—For the wife late of Martin Malherbe.]

Nov. 21. Marlborough.

Grant to the prioress and nuns of Stratford that they may take their estovers in their wood of Goldhurst a la Claye, which is within the metes of the forest of the Essex, without view, livery or impediment of the foresters and ministers of the forest, provided that they do this without waste.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Hugh de Fracheham, king's serjeant, to the custody of the castle and manor of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Mandate to Henry de Weingham, or his co-escheator in the county of Stafford, to deliver the castle and manor to him.

Safe-conduct, until St. Nicholas, for Maylgun, son of Maylgun, and his wife and household, returning from the king's court to his own parts.

[Cancelled.] Because otherwise below.

Nov. 25. Clarendon.

Notification to all bailiffs and lieges that the king has taken into his grace and to his homage and fealty Mailgon son of Mailgon, and has granted to him of his grace two commotes in the county of Kaerdigan, to wit, the commote of Genneyrglyn and the commote of Yscoeyt, which (quod) Mereduc son of Owen, once held: and it is commanded to all to Inflict no loss, impediment or grievance on the said Mailgon, or any of his who keep themselves in the king's place, but to permit him to hold the said two commotes in peace.

Pardon to Elias de Harewod of the king's suit for the death of William Witheved, whom he killed, on condition that he make peace with the friends of the slain, and stand his trial if anyone will proceed against him.

Grant to John de Suwode of 6 marks a year at the exchequer of Easter until the king provide for him in an ecclesiastical benefice, of the value of 10 marks.

Bond, at the instance of Master Walter de Ocra, to provide for Albred, his serjeant, in some escheat of the value of 2 marks a years at the least.

Nov. 26. Clarendon.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Edward de Westmonasterio to the keeping of the void abbey of Westminster.

Mandate to Henry de Weingham, and his co-escheators in the several counties in which the lands and rents of the abbey are situated not to intermeddle therein and if they have taken anything of the abbey to cause it to be given back to the said Edward.

Nov. 27. Clarendon.

Grant to Gilbert de Valle of 10l. a year at the exchequer of Easter, until the king provide for him otherwise.

Nov. 27. Clarendon.

Grant to Roger de Clifford of 30l. a year at the Exchequer until the king provide for him in 30l. of lands in wards or escheats to that value.

Protection without term for the prioress and nums of Edindham.

Nov. 30. [Clarendon].

Grant to John de Grey, justice of Chester, of 200 marks a year at the Exchequer for the custody of the county of Chester and of the king's castles of Gannoc and Dissard during the war with the Welsh.


Nov. 27. Clarendon.

Assignment to the Friars Minors of Oxford, for the enlargement of their area, of that whole messuage which Laurence Wych, mayor of Oxford, has surrendered and committed to the king for that purpose; and licence, for the security of their houses and the tranquillity of their religion, for them to enclose it with a wall or otherwise as may be expedient.

Mandate to the sheriff of Oxford to receive the said messuage in place of the king to the use of the said Friars.

Dec. 3. Clarendon.

As the king has learned by inquisition that the land of Coleb[y] late of Robert Malet ought to be held of the honor of Richmond, which honor the king gave to Peter de Sabaudia, Bartholomew Peche, to whom the king gave the said land, has done homage for it to the said Peter.

Presentation of John Belejaumbe to the church of Dadinton; directed to the bishop of Lincoln.

Dec. 5. Clarendon.

Grant, for life, to William Chubbe, king's serjeant, of a carucate of land which Adam le Drake held in Bissopestun, and another carucate which Peter de Camera held in Bedon, which are the king's escheats by reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Salisbury.

Mandate to Anketil Mallore to give him seisin thereof.

Dec. 8. Clarendon.

Grant to Robert Passelewe of the prebend late of Randolf le Bretun in the church of Salisbury, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Salisbury; and mandate in pursuance to the dean.

Dec. 10. Clarendon.

Notification that the king has acquitted William de Eboraco, provost of Beverley, who has laboured faithfully in the business of him and the realm from all reckonings and entanglements of the king's court to the present time.

Royal assent to his election as bishop of Salisbury; and mandate to B. archbishop of Canterbury to do his part herein.

Dec. 10. Clarendon.

To the bishop of Lincoln. By reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Salisbury, the king has given the prebend of Graham, late of Master Thomas de Ebleburn, to Master Laurence de Sancto Martino, whom the dean and chapter of Salisbury at his mandate have admitted as a canon and a brother; and because he understands that it is customary for obtaining possession of the prebend that presentation be made to the bishop because it is situated in his diocese, to preserve the rights of both churches, the king presents the said Laurence to the portion of the church of Graham falling to the prebend, requesting the bishop to do his part.

Presentation of Simon de Burnham, chaplain, to the church of St. Mary, Canterbury; directed to the bishop of Ely.

The prior and convent of Westminster have licence to elect, by M. the precentor, A. the almoner and other monks.

Nov. 7. Reading.

Grant to the prioress and nuns of St. Mary's, Chester, of a fourth part of the tithe of all victuals of the king's house, so often, whenever and so long as the king may happen to be at Chester, while the king keeps in his hands the county of Chester ; so that, if the king give that county to anyone, whether one of his sons or another, that earl and those who shall be his successors, earls of Chester, shall be bound to give them the said fourth part, wherever such earl or his household may be throughout England, as by a charter of Hugh, sometime earl of Chester, their predecessor, they are specially bound to do.

Dec. 13. Clarendon.

Grant to John Maunsel, chanceller of St. Paul's, London, of the deanery of Wimburn.

Dec. 15. Clarendon.

Pardon to William the Tailor of Burton on Trent for the death of Engelard le Hount, whom he killed by misadventure; on the usual condition.

Dec. 18. Clarendon.

Grant to Bartholomew Pecche of 20l. a year at the exchequer of Easter, so long as he be guardian of Edward the king's son.

Grant to Theobald de Englechevill, who has the manor of Teynewyck for life de ballio nostro that he may make his profit thereof, to wit, by assessing burgages in the said manor, and leasing them to whom he will, and by granting at farm every acre of land of the waste, taking yearly for every acre 12d. Grant also that all who take the said land hold it in peace, rendering to Theobald during his life, and after his death to the king's tenant 12d. a year for every acre, for all service, custom and demand.

Mandate to the preceptor and the treasurer of the New Temple, London, to deliver the chest containing the king's vestments, which is deposited there, to William Hardel or his messenger, to take to Winchester against Christmas.

Dec. 26. Winchester.

Mandate to the canons of the king's chapel of Bruges to render canonical obedience to P. de Ryvallis, dean of Bruges, and to be careful to obey his admonitions to supply the defects of ornaments and necessaries of the said chapel, which ought to be supplied by him and them; and if they do not do this, it is enjoined upon the dean to distrain them to do so by their prebends.