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Pages 75-76

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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May 25. Gloucester.

Notification that at the end of the term of ten years from Easter, in his nineteenth year, the king will restore to Ralph son and heir of Savary de Malo Leone the lands with the castles late of the said Savary, which are in his hands together with the said Ralph. In testimony whereof the king has caused these letters patent to be made, sealed with his seal; and for the greater security of this thing he has caused the seals of E. archbishop of Canterbury, L. archbishop of Dublin, R. bishop of Durham, A. bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, R. earl of Cornwall and Poitou, the king's brother, W. (sic) earl of Warwick, H. earl of Hereford, Walter de Clifford, Philip de Albiniaco, and William de Ferariis, son and heir of W. earl of Ferrars to be set to these letters patent.

There were other letters made by the same words in this manner that where the king says that 'at the end of ten years he will restore' there is put 'beyond the term of ten years, etc. we will not retain in our hands the lands and castles.'

Appointment of Robert de Legh, Robert de Esinton, Hugh Bagod and Robert de Knittele to deliver the goal of Stafford on the octaves of Holy Trinity of chaplains and clerks.

June 3. Gloucester.

Mandate to the sheriff to have all these before the said commissioners.

July 30. Westminster.

Commission to Norman de Arescy, Simon de Roppele, Simon de Hale, and Warner Engayne at Lincoln on the octaves of the Assumption, to hear an appeal which Gentil late the wife of Jacob son of Vives, a Jew of Lincoln, brings against Alexander son of Gilbert, for the death of her husband.

Commission to Robert de Witcestre, William de Coyners, Robert de Neusum, and Daniel de Novo Castro, to hear an appeal which Thomas de Rydal, who has turned approver, brings against John Rudde and others of larceny and fellowship of larceny, at Newcastle on Tyne on the octaves of the Assumption.