1234, membranes 7d, 6d, 2d

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Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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1234, membranes 7d, 6d, 2d


Aug. 1. Westminster.

Commission to Thomas de Muleton, Robert de Bello Campo, Robert de Lexinton, Oliver de Vallibus, and Adam son of William, as justices in eyre in the county of Norfolk touching all assizes and pleas, as well of the crown as others, which have arisen since the last eyre in that county touching those which were summoned and postponed and not finished before the justices at Westminster, or before the justices last in eyre in that county for all pleas, with assigns of novel disseisin or gaol deliveries. And all such assizes and pleas are to be before them in the same state in which they remained by order of the king, or by the said justices in eyre, or by the justices of the Bench. There are to meet on the morrow of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross at Norwich and the sheriff is commanded to cause summonses to be made before them on the said day and place, and the attachments to come before them with the writs of the said assizes and pleas; and the king sends them under his seal the Capitula whereby they should hold the pleas of the crown.

The same justices are to go on eyre in the county of Suffolk and they have like letters without the days and places on which they should meet being expressed.

The form of the letters close directed to each of the said justices severally:—

Aug. 11. Marlborough.

Appointment of Robert de Bello Campo to go on eyre in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk with the above justices, touching all the assizes and pleas of the crown and others as contained in the letters patent which the king sends to them all; and he is to meet the others at the above place and day, and afterwards by agreement amongst themselves in the county of Suffolk.

The like to each of the others named above severally.

The same Robert, Robert, Thomas, Oliver and Adam are appointed as justices in the county of Suffolk as appears more fully below.

The form of the letters directed to the sheriffs:—

The king to the sheriff of Norfolk. Summon all archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, knights and free tenants of your bailiwick, and from every town four men and the reeve, and from every borough, twelve burgesses and all other persons who usually come before the justices in eyre, to appear before the justices as above.

Also cause all the pleas of the crown not pleaded to come before them, or such as have arisen since the last eyre, and all attachments belonging to such pleas, all assizes and all pleas, which afterwards were at the first assize before the justices, with the writs of the assizes and pleas.

Also cause to be proclaimed and known throughout your bailiwick that all assizes and pleas postponed and unfinished or summoned before the justices at Westminster or the justices last in eyre there or before the justices sent to take assizes of novel disseisin or to deliver gaols shall come before the said justices in eyre at Norwich in the same state in which they remained by order of the king or of the said justices in eyre, or by the justices of the Bench.

Also summon all who have been sheriffs since the last eyre to appear before the above justices with writs of assizes and pleas which they received in their time, to answer for their time as they are bound.

Justices appointed in the following counties:—

co. Lincoln John de Lascy, earl of Lincoln.
William de Eboraco.
Norman de Arescy.
Robert de Ros.
The abbot of Bardeney.
cos. Norfolk and Suffolk Thomas de Muletun.
Oliver de Vallibus.
Robert de Bello Campo.
Robert de Lexinton.
Adam son of William.
co. Rutland Robert de Salceto. To meet at Ketene a month after Michaelmas.
Robert Grymbald.
Ralph son of Reginald.
William de Insula.
co. Cumberland William de Eboraco.
Thomas son of John.
Roger Bertram.
Randolf son of Henry.
co. York co. Northumberland. Robert de Ros. The same are appointed as justices in the county of Northumberland on the completion of their eyre in the county of York.
William de Eboraco.
Joslanus de Nevill.
Roger Bertram.
Adam de Novo Mercato
co. Essex and Hertford Earl Roger le Bigot. Afterwards in place of the earl, O. de Vallibus was appointed.
Robert de Bello Campo.
Adam son of William.
Robert de Lexinton.
Simon de Furnell[is].
co. Lancaster. William de Eboraco.
William de Eboraco.
Roger Bertram.
Robert de Ros.
Richard de Levington.
cos. Cambridge, Huntingdon and Middlesex. R. de Lexinton.
Robert de Bello Campo.
Adam son of William.
Oliver de Vallibus.
Simon de Furnell[is].

Sept. 4 Windsor.

Ralph le Norwico was associated with the above justices in the counties of Lincoln and York.

The letters patent and close directed to the several justices in the several counties were alike, except that in the counties of Lincoln and Norfolk they are to meet on the morrow of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and in the other counties on the day and place which they think convenient.

The form of summons directed to the several sheriffs is the same, except that in the counties of Lincoln and Norfolk the summons is to be made on a fixed day and places, and in the others on days and places which the justices will signify to the sheriffs.

Aug. 19. Reading.

Commission to Ralph son of Reginald, sheriff of Buckingham and Bedeford, and Richard de Hynton, clerk, to enquire of the abbey of Peterborough of the time in which it was void, and in the king's hands, to wit, in what state Peter de Rivallis, or Robert Passelewe, or their bailiffs, received the lands of the abbey, what stock and how much in corn and other moveables they found there, how much thereof they took in rents, sales of goods or other issues arising from the said lands, what corn and chattels they sold and at what price, and whether they sold them faithfully or not. They are to go to Peterborough on Saturday before the Nativity of St. Mary, to make the said inquisition, and the sheriff of Northampton is commanded to bring before them four lawful men and the reeve of the several manors of the abbot in his county and such other persons as are necessary to make the said inquisition.

The like to the sheriff of Cantebrug and Walter son of Bernard to enquire touching the abbey of St. Edmund's.

These were patent.

Aug. 19. Reading,

Appointment of the sheriff of Buckingham and Bedford with Richard de Hynton as justice to make the inquisition as above, touching the abbey of Peterborough.

The like of Richard de Hynton. These were close.

Order to the sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk to bring before Germanus de Cackeston and Walter son of Bernard, justices appointed to enquire into the state of the abbey of St. Edmund's, during its voidance, the four men and reeve &c. as above, on the said Saturday.

The like to the sheriff of Northampton.

These were close.


Sept. 4. Windsor.

Appointment of William de Staunton, Hugh son of Ralph, John de Aenecurt, and Alexander de Vilerz, as justices at Nottingham on the octaves of St. Mary, to hold the duel which the king's approver, who is in the prison of Nottingham, has pledged at Newerk before R. de Lexinton against a man whom he has appealed of larceny, and to hear the appeals which the said approver makes against certain others of larceny, and to deliver the gaol of Nottingham; and the sheriff of Nottingham is commanded to have before them at the said day and place the said approver and others appealed and attached. By W. de Ralegh.


Oct. 18. Westminster.

Appointment of Robert de Rokele, Simon de Gray, William Peynfor[er], and Adam de Chivening as justices to deliver the gaol of E. archbishop of Canterbury of Otteford on the morrow of All Souls; with mandate to the sheriff of Kent to bring before them all the prisoners of the said goal and their attachments.