1234, membranes 19, 18, 17, 16

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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'1234, membranes 19, 18, 17, 16', in Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247, (London, 1906) pp. 80-86. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-pat-rolls/hen3/vol3/pp80-86 [accessed 13 April 2024]

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Nov. 3. Woodstock.

Exemption for life of Adam Tartcurteys from suits of counties and hundreds and from being put upon assizes, juries or recognitions.

By pledge of G. Spigurnell.

Nov. 4. Woodstock.

Notification that Thomas, prior of Norhampton, by the king's order has delivered to J. earl of Lincoln and constable of Chester and William de Cantilupo the younger a coffer with certain things therein for making execution of the will of R. sometime earl of Chester and Lincoln, touching the same things, which coffer was committed to the prior's custody by the said earl and the other executors of the will. By K.

Nov. 6. Woodstock.

Grant to Annora late the wife of Hugh de Mortuo Mari that the men holding those lands to the value of 100s. a year in Cherleton and Chyreton, which William de Brausa, her father, gave to her in marriage, and which the king afterwards granted to her for her maintenance so long as she lived as a recluse, shall be immediately answerable to her, on condition that after her death the said land shall revert to the right heirs.

By the bishop of Carlisle.

Mandate to the keepers of the king's escheats to cause the said men to be intending and answering to her. By the same.

Thomas earl of Warewic has letters requesting his tenants to make him a competent aid.

Nov. 10. Windsor.

Grant to Geoffrey de Cauz of the custody, during the minority of the heir, of the land and heir of John le Archer, to hold to him or his assign, with the marriage of the heir.

Nov. 14. Westminster.

Pardon to Angelus Romanus of his flight and outlawry for a breach of the peace whereof William le Petit appealed him, on condition that he stand his trial if anyone will proceed against him.

Nov. 16. Westminster.

Grant to Hugh de Capes that for his life he shall hold of the king at farm the hundred at Falewele, which Hugh Russel his uncle, held before, rendering at the Exchequer yearly 20 marks.

Exemption of Beatrice Murdac from the service of carrying a goshawk (austurcum) in season due for the manor of Brouhton, which she holds of the king, during the minority [of John her son and] heir [or during that of Robert her younger son if John die].

[The words in brackets are cancelled.]

Nov. 17. Westminster.

Safe-conduct, until a year after Christmas next, for Olof and Ralph le Gutteis and their fellows of Gothenburgh (Guttensibus) coming to England with their ship and merchandise to trade.

Nov. 17. Westminster.

Promise to the goodmen of Kaermerdin to pay them at Easter next 24l. 12s. 8d. residue of 49l. 5s. 4d. wherein the king was bound to them for their expenses in the defence and protection of his castle and town of Kaermerdin, the other half of which he has paid.

Nov. 18. Westminster.

Safe-conduct, until a fortnight after the Purification for the councillors of L. prince of Aberfrau and lord of Snaudon, whom he is sending to the king to treat of peace. [Fœdera.]

The like for David, son of the said prince, coming to speak with the king.

Mandate to brother Hugh de Stoctun, treasurer of the New Temple, London, to deliver to Hubert de Burgo, earl of Kent, the charters and muniments of the said Hubert, which the king committed to his custody in divers boxes under the secret seal.

May 26. Gloucester.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Engelard de Cygoniis to the custody of the castles of Windlesore and Odyham, and of the manors of Windlesore, Cokham, Bray, and Odyham, and of the forest of Windlesore and Odiham; so that he answer at the Exchequer for the farms of the said manors and forest, and for the custody of the said castle, he shall have the castle-guard rents (wardas) of the knights, tenants of the castellany of the castle.

May 22. Gloucester.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Engelard de Cygoniis to the custody of the county of Berkes[ire], rendering at the Exchequer 50l. a year for the profit thereof.

Nov. 20. Westminster.

Licence for two years from Christmas next, at the request of J. earl of Cestre and Huntindon, for Arnold Beraldi and Bernard de Salet, merchants from beyond seas, to come to England and trade there in safety.

The like for Arnold Gerundun and Hugh Gerundun.

Nov. 20. Westminster.

Grant to the prior and monks of Bromholm and their successors for ever that they may have a tumbrel and a pillory in their market of Bromholm, which the king formerly granted to them by his charter.

Mandate to the sheriff of Norfolk not to prevent them from having the said tumbrel and pillory.

The king is sending his huntsmen John le Fol, William son of Wakelin and Philip de Kaundevre.

[Unfinished and cancelled.] Because on the Close Roll.

Nov. 20. Westminster.

Grant to Hugh Reyler and William Reyler his brother, knights of the count of Bygorre, of 15 marks a year each at the Exchequer of Michaelmas.

Licence for Matthew de Plessetis to cross the sea to his own parts without incurring any loss of lands or goods. By [the bishop of] Carlisle.

Nov. 21. Westminster.

Mandate to H. de Trubleville, seneschal of Gascony, to cause H. de Vivona to have seisin of the land late of William Erald in the isle of Oleron, and of the heir of the said William, the king having granted to him the custody of the land during the minority of the heir, and the marriage of the heir, for him to marry the latter to a niece of his.

Exemption for life of William de Cantilupo, the elder, from suits of counties and hundreds.

Licence for Roland de Rumyly to go to Normandy until Easter, without incurring loss of lands or things in England.


Nov. 21. Westminster.

Grant to Hugh le Bel and his heirs that 10 acres of land, which he holds of John de Orreby in Baseford, 10 acres of land there, which he holds of Agatha de Cokefeld, 2½ acres of land, which he holds of the king in Notingham, and 4 acres of land, which he holds of the king in Wystondal, all of which are assarted in the forest of Syrwude, as appears by inquisition, be for ever quit of waste and regard and view of foresters, verderers and all the king's ministers.

Grant to the prior of Bermundese that the king, on account of certain land which he has granted to the parson and parishioners of the church of St. Magnus in the city of London, for the enlargement (ad ampliationem) of the said church, the king does not and will not claim any right for him and his heirs in the advowson of the said church.

The like to the abbot of Westminster.

Nov. 22. Westminster.

Grant to William Dun and Ellen his wife of the custody of the land and heirs of Hugh Male Greffe, who held of him in chief of the honor of Boulogne, with the marriage of the heirs.

Nov. 22. Westminster.

Grant to J. bishop of Bath that the 40 acres of wood in his wood of Est Barewe, which the king before this gave him licence to assart, be quit of waste and regard and of view of the foresters and verderers.

[Cancelled.] Because otherwise next below.

Nov. 21. Westminster.

Grant to Jocelin bishop of Bath that the 40 acres of wood which the king before this gave him licence to assart by the king's perch in one of the bishop's woods of Ceddre, be quit of waste and regard and view of the regarders.

Nov. 22. Westminster.

Appointment of Reginald de Ponte and Neodratus [Eudra] de la Ramade, as pronouncers (dictatores) and amenders of the truce between L. king of France and the king; directed to the said Reginald and Neodratus.

The like directed to all persons.

Signification to L. king of France, the king's lord whenever it pleases the said L., of the appointment of Master Simon de Langeton, archdeacon of Canterbury, and the abbot of St. Radegund's, to swear by the king's soul to the said truce.

The like to B. queen of France. [Fœdera.]

To the good men of the islands of Gerese, Genere and the king's other islands of Normandy. The king has committed to Henry de Trublevill, seneschal of Gascony, all the said islands for life; and he commands them to do fealty to him as their lord and be intendant unto him.

Nov. 21. Westminster.

Writ of Liberate to the treasurer and chamberlains for the payment to Alexander de Swereford of 40 marks a year and to John Francigena of 30 marks a year, and to John Maunsel of 30 marks a year, at Easter and Michaelmas, so long as they sit at the Exchequer by the king's order.

Nov. 23. Westminster.

Safe-conduct, until Saturday before St. Andrew the Apostle in this year, for P. de Rivallis, under the same form as before.

Nov. 22. Westminster.

Notification that the taxations of the ransoms of those taken with earl R. Marshal against the king in the battle of Kildare, by the common council of the barons assisting the king, on the coming to England of Maurice son of Gerold, then justiciary of Ireland, were made in the king's presence. And lest in the process of time anything else may be believed, or falsely imputed to the said justiciary, the king has seen fit to have this protested by these presents.

Nov. 27. St. Albans.

Mandate to the king's barons, knights, freemen and all his lieges in Ireland, by the faith whereby they are held to him, no longer to receive or permit to pass through their lands evildoers who, as the king is informed, banding together and riding through the land to lay ambushes and to perpetrate burnings, thefts and other damages, frequently disturb the peace there and who nevertheless are received by them, but rather to prevent them and arrest them, unless they are willing to have them in court to stand their trial for the misdeeds laid to their charge, and will give security to the justiciary of this when required.

The king signifies the tenour of the above to the justiciary, commanding him to act in such a way by holding in check (compescendo) those resisting, if any be found, that the king's peace may be kept.

Nov. 27. St. Albans.

Mandate to M. son of Gerold, justiciary of Ireland, for the custody and maintenance of the castles of G. de Mariscis of Kylorgelan and Holywood (de Sancto Bosco), and of the castle of W. de Mariscis of Conach, which the king has retained in his hands in tenanciam for the faithful service of the said G. and W., to assign out of the lands nearest to the same in the presence of L., archbishop of Dublin, and by view and counsel of other good men, a reasonable portion wherefrom the castles can be competently maintained without deterioration.

Nov. 26. St. Albans.

Ratification of a covenant made between Henry de Trublevill, seneschal of Gascony, and Bernard Brengery, burgess of Pons, of the manor of Branes, which Henry has commited to Bernard at farm for ten years, as the writing between them testifies.

Nov. 27. St. Albans.

Grant for life to Elias le Breton, king's clerk, of the essart of 11 acres which was late of Robert le Breton his brother in Hapethorp, at a rent at the Exchequer of 18d. as Robert used to render. By N.

Nov. 28. St. Albans.

Grant for ever of the tithes of the king's champart (de camparto nostro) in the island of Serc to the church of St. Mary in that island.

Nov. 27. Harrow (Herewes).

Grant for life to Henry de Bella Grava, clerk, that no one shall lodge in his houses at Westminster against his will, whether when the king is present there or during the king's absence. By [the bishop of] Carlisle.

Nov. 28. Harrow.

Licence for Jordan de Monte Martini to lease to whomsoever he will for three years from Christmas next the land which he holds during pleasure in Tryeneston to maintain him in the king's service.

Nov. 28. Kempton.

Mandate to W. Joynier, citizen of London, to let Henry de Trublevill, seneschal of Gascony, going to Gascony on the king's service, have jewels to the value of 100 marks to take with him, and the king will pay him the value thereof at Hilary next, together with 200 marks which he owes him for the said Henry.

Nov. 30. Kempton.

Restitution to Nicholas Malemeins of the manor of Burton, co Northampton, as his right.

Mandate to the sheriff of Northampton to give him seisin.

Writ de intendendo to the prior and convent of Finnesheved in favour of Robert de la Bruere with respect to the 100s. which they were held to pay to the king for the assart of the wood of Dudinton, committed to them at farm for five years, the king having granted the said 100s. to the said Robert.

Nov. 30. Kempton.

Grant to William de Huntercumbe of the land which Joldewin de Doe held of the king and which late belonged to the count of Boulogne in Wrastlingwurth, to hold until the king shall surrender it to the right heirs by his good will or by a peace, and if it be surrendered he or his heirs shall not be disseised of it until the king make them reasonable compensation in wards or escheats.


Dec. 3. Reading.

Prohibition of a tournament to be held at Subiry on Monday before St. Nicholas next.

Mandate to the sheriff of Dorset to prohibit a bourd (buhurdicium) between the esquires of W. de Clifford and of H. son of Matthew fixed for Tuesday after St. Nicholas at Syreburn, through envy and hatred, and to see that it does not take place there or elsewhere. [Fœdera.]

By W. de Ral[egh].

Dec. 3. Reading.

Exemption of Philip de Albiniaco, so long as the manor of Lavinton be in his hands with the son and heir of William de la Rokele, a king's ward, who is in his custody by the king's order, from suits of counties and hundreds and sheriffs' aids due on account of the manor.

Dec. 6. Reading.

Mandate to Henry de Trublevill, seneschal of Gascony, to cause to be observed in his bailiwick the truce with France from the time when Master S. de Langeton, archdeacon of Canterbury, the abbot of St. Radegund's, and Master Philip de Ardern, the king's envoys to France, shall have signified to him that they have made truce.

Four pairs of letters of truce of France, under the same form as expressed at Westminster on 22 November, were made at Rading on 6 December, with this addition that Master Philip de Ardern was appointed together with the above Master S. and the abbot to swear on the king's soul to the truce. [Fœdera.]

Dec. 6. Reading.

Bond to pay H. count of la Marche and of Angoulême, 800 pounds Tournois a year for the island of Oleron, which the king has in his hand, during the truce with France.

The like letters of 400 pounds Tournois for the count.

[Cancelled.] Because surrendered and otherwise below, 9 October.

Exemption, during pleasure, of Boeges de Knovill, knight of G. Marshal, earl of Pembroke, from sheriffs' aids, and suits of counties and hundreds, as regards the manor of Brichehull, in his custody by grant of Ralph son of Bernard.

Dec. 7. Reading.

Power to Master S. de Langeton, archdeacon of Canterbury, the abbot of St. Radegund's, and Master P. de Ardern, to conduct to the king in England the knights whom the king of France is about to send to him so that he may in their presence swear on his soul to the truce with France; and safe-conduct for them until Mid-Lent.

Signification to the king of France that if it be not his pleasure that the said envoys swear to the said truce without others, he may send under their safe-conduct any he will in whose presence the king will cause the truce to be sworn.

The like to the queen of France.

Safe-conduct until Ash Wednesday for Robert, advocate of Bethun, coming to England to speak with the king.

Dec. 7. Reading.

To Master Simon de Langeton, archdeacon of Canterbury. The king is sending to him the abbot of St. Radegund's, with 100s. and Master Philip de Ardern with 10 marks, for their expenses, signifying to him that it is advisable for them to stay beyond seas, or if they should be sent anywhere by the king's council on the business of the truce for which they have gone to those parts, he is to let them have such money as he shall deem expedient for their expenses, as a loan, and the king will repay him in England.

Dec. 8. Reading.

Mandate to William Dummere to deliver 12 marks and 6 oxen, which are with him of the chattels of Warin Basset, to Michael son of Nicholas, and Katharine his wife late the wife of the said Warin.

By G. de Craucumbe.

Dec. 9. Reading.

Signification to W. archbishop of York of the royal assent to the election of Robert, canon of Newstead, to be prior of that house.

Licence for the prior and convent of Faversham to elect an abbot, upon testimony by E. archbishop of Canterbury, in the king's presence at Rading, on Saturday after St. Nicholas, as well as by their letters patent, that Nicholas their abbot, by reason of old age and sickness, has resigned the said abbey into the hands of the said archbishop.

Licence, for one year from the Purification next, for Arnold Berard, merchant, to come to England to trade. By W. de Kirkeham.

Dec. 14. Clarendon.

Safe-conduct, until Christmas, 20 Henry III, for John Blundus of Aunvers and William de Aunvers, his fellows, merchants of Brabant, to come to England with their ship called Benalee, which Terricus de Aunvers leads, and with things and merchandise.

The like, for one year from Christmas, for Raymond Peil de Kamail, merchant of Caen, to come to England with two ships, one to bring stone and the other merchandize.

Protection, for ten years from Christmas next, for Richard le Bobbere of Southampton.

The like, until Easter, for John son of Robert de Dunewico.

The like for Roger de Dun, gone to Gascony with Henry de Trublevill on the king's service, for such time as he shall be there by the king's orders.

Dec. 18. Sandleford.

The king has committed to Roger Wastehos the land in the isle of Olerun late of Ralph Faucus, who withdrew from the king's fealty and service, for his maintenance on the king's service during pleasure; and he has commanded Henry de Trublevill, seneschal of Gascony, to give him seisin.

Dec. 20. Windsor.

Signification to the lord of Canterbury of the royal assent to the election of Peter, sometime cellarer of Faveresham, to be abbot.

Dec. 23. Westminster.

Writ de intendendo directed to the tenants.

Mandate to the escheators to give him seisin of the abbey and its appurtenances.

Dec. 25. Westminster.

Notification that John de Bayllol, in the king's presence, acknowledged that he ought to hold of the bishop of Durham 5¼ knights' fees within the wapentake of Sedbergh, and the king commanded him to do homage to the bishop for the same.

Dec. 26. Kempton.

Safe-conduct, until the beginning of Lent (ad caput Jejunii), for Baldwin, count of Gysnes, and his men, coming to England to speak with the king.

Dec. 28. Kempton.

Exemption for life of William de Cantilupo the elder, and all his demesne lands from suits of counties and hundreds, sheriffs' aids, hidage, and view of frank plebge.

Signification to J. de Calemere, chamberlain of London, and the good men of Southampton, of the appointment during pleasure of Richard de Prisa, sometimes called Richard le Bobbere, whom the king wishes to be called henceforth Richard de Prisa, together with Benedict Ace, to select, take and keep the king's wines, as well those of prise as those of purchase, at Southampton ; and the said Richard is to have a moiety of the livery of 2d. a day, which Benedict Ace and other keepers of the king's wines have been accustomed to receive at Southampton.

[Cancelled.] Because surrendered and otherwise below.