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Pages 654-660

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1635-6. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1866.

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Tabor, Charles

Tadley, Hants

Tailor, John

Tailor's bill

Talbot, Dr.

Talbot Gilbert, late Earl of Shrewsbury

Talbot, John, Earl of Shrewsbury, letter to

Talbot, Thomas
-, account declared by

Talecote, William

Talley, co. Carmarthen

Tamworth, co. Warwick

Tandy, Mr.


Tarbuck, John

Tart Hall

Tassett, Capt.

Tathwell, co. Lincoln

Tatsell, Giles

Tattersall, George, petition of

Taunton, Somerset, late Mayor, see Chaplin, Jasper.
-, paper relating to ship-money

Taverns, keepers of, not to dress venison or game
-, licensing
-, suppression of

Taviley, Francis, examination of

Tayler, Elizabeth
-, Richard, of Luston
-, William
-, , of Maidstone

Tayller, Henry, letter of

Taylor, Hugh
-, John, engineer [?], letter of
-, John, King's agent with the Emperor
-, warrant for payment to
-, Matthias
-, Richard, of Middleton
-, Thomas, the elder
-, Thomas, the younger
-, William, examination of

Tedder or Tether, Margaret alias Crouch
-, Ralph or Randall

Tees, the river

Teme, the river

Tempest, Sir Thomas, letter of

Temple, Thomas, vicar of Battersea, minute of petition of
-, Dr. Thomas, of Bourton

Temple, the; see also Inner Temple.
-, Master of the
-, Church, the

Tench, Arthur

Tenghall, York, inhabitants of, petitions of
-, papers relating to ship-money

Tennant, Elizabeth
-, Robert

"Tennis Court in the Fields"

Tenterden, Kent
-, Mayors of, see Witherden, John; Austen, John.
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, certificate of
-, papers relating to ship-money

Tenths, proposition concerning

Terceraes, the, [Terceira]

Tetbury, co. Gloucester, paper relating to shipmoney

Tether, see Tedder.

Tetherington, co. Gloucester, see Tredington.

Tettenhall, co. Stafford

Tettersall, Edmund
-, Elizabeth

Tew, co. Oxford

Tewkesbury, co. Gloucester
-, bailiff of, letter to

Thacker, John

Thame, co. Oxford, hundred

Thames, the

Thanet, Earl of, see Tufton, John.

Thaxter, Stephen, examination of

Thelveton, Norfolk

Thelwell, Simond

Thenford, co. Northampton

Theobalds, Herts
-, documents dated from

Theophylacti Epistol, edited by Bishop Lindsell, of Hereford

Thetford, Norfolk
-, corporation of
-, document dated from
-, paper relating to ship-money

Thewer, Mr.

Thierry, John

Thomas, Anthony, of Chiswick
-, Anthony, of Chobham
-, Sir Anthony
-, petition of
-, certificate of
-, Edmund
-, Edward
-, John, Mayor of Bideford
-, Rice
-, petition of
-, Temperance
-, Thomas

Thomas and Matthew, the

Thomason, Anne

Thompson, Mr.

Thomson, Anne, petition of
-, her husband

Thomson, Henry, Lord Mayor of York, letter of
-, Maurice, petition of

Thorably, co. York


Thornborough, John, Bishop of Worcester
-, letter of

Thornbury, Mr.

Thorncombe, Devon

Thornhill, co. York, document dated from

Thornhill, Alice, Lady
-, Sir Timothy
-, Sir

Thoroughgood, variously spelt;
-, Edward, petition of
-, George
-, Richard, petition of

Thorpe, Matthew, see Trott.
-, William, Mayor of Winchelsea
-, William, [of Tadley, co. Hants,]

Thoydon Garnon, Essex, paper relating to ship-money

Thraskists, the

Thread, gold, silver, and copper
-, customs on
-, appointment of officers for sealing
-, commissioners for regulation of the business of
-, letter of

Three Tobacco-pipes, the, Charing Cross

Throgmorton, Sir Nicholas, (temp. Edw. VI.)
-, Mr.

Thurman, Edward
-, petition of

Thwaite, Suffolk

Thynne, Sir Egremont or Sergeant

Tichborne, Dr.
-, John
-, certificate of
-, Sir Richard
-, Sir Walter, and see Sir Richard.

Tichfield Park, Hants

Tiddeman, Henry

Tilbury Hope, Essex
-, documents dated from

Tildesly, Sir Thomas

Tilley, William

Tilson, George

-, land carriage of, for the Navy
-, supply for the Navy

Timberland, co. Lincoln

Timbrell, John

-, farm or farmers of

Tinners Company
-, of Cornwall
-, petitions of
-, order on
-, letter of

Tintinhull, Somerset, hundred, paper relating to ship-money

Tipping, Thomas
-, William

Tisier, John
-, examination of

Titchmarsh, co. Northampton

-, lease of
-, paper relating to moduses
-, of Romney Marsh

Tittenhanger, co, Herts

Title to orders, what was required as, before ordination

Tiverton, Devon
-, paper relating to ship-money
-, Mayor of, see Spurway, William.

-, note of commission to compound with importers
-, illegal growth of, co. Gloucester
-, whether victual or not
-, Tobacco-pipe makers, company of

Tofts, West, Norfolk

Tollemache, Sir Lionel, warrant to

Toller Porcorum, Dorset

Tomes, Richard

Tomlin, William
-, Mary

Tomlins, Richard, alias Tomlinson, messenger
-, letter to

Toms, John
-, his wife

Tooke, Dr. Henry

Tooker, Edward, account of receipts and payments of
-, Mary, see Tucker.
-, Thomas, examination of

Tookey, Mr., late alderman of Salisbury

Topham, Dr., Dean of Lincoln

Topp, Mr.

Torless, Adam

Tormoham, Devon, inhabitants of, petition of

Torporley, Nathaniel

Torrington, Great, Devon, Mayor of, see Tucker, John.
-, paper relating to ship-money

Tortworth, Gloucester

Totmanslow, co. Stafford, hundred

Totness, Devon
-, Mayor of, see Martin, Thomas.
-, paper relating to ship-money

Totness, Earl of, see Carew, George.

Tottenhoe alias Totterho, Bucks, church

Tottersell, see Tettenhall.

Touchet, James, Earl of Castlehaven, letter to

Tourney, Mr.
-, Robert

Tovey, variously spelt;
-, Nathaniel
-, Richard, petition of

Tower division of Middlesex, Justices of Peace of, certificate of

Tower of London
-, document dated from
-, gates, when opened
-, gentleman gaoler therein
-, inconveniences of erecting workhouses therein for making gold and silver wire
-, account of stores of ordnance, &c. in
-, Irish mint in
-, liberties of
-, lieutenant of, see Balfour, Sir William.
-, wharf

Tower Hill, London
-, documents dated from
-, storehouses on
-, tenements on

Tower Street, London, document dated from

Towerson, William, letter of

Townshend, Robert

Townson, George

Tracy, Sir John, letter to
-, Sir Richard, letter to
-, Sir Robert, letter of

Trade, Committee for
-, notes of their proceedings

Tradenog, see Tredunnock.

Travel, licences to, see also Passes.

Treasurer, the Lord, and see Juxon, William, Bishop of London; Ley, James, Earl of Marlborough; Weston, Richard, Earl of Portland.
-, list of bishops who had held the office from William the Conqueror to the 9th year of Edward IV.

Treasury, the
-, cofferer of
-, Lords Commissioners of and see Cottington, Francis, Lord; Laud, William, Archbishop of Canterbury; Montague, Henry, Earl of Manchester, Coke, Sir John, and Windebank, Sir Francis.
-, accounts of
-, commission and other papers to
-, letters to
-, petitions to

Tredington, co. Gloucester

Tredunnock, co. Monmouth


Tregothnan, Cornwall, document dated from

Treit, Dr.

Trenchard, Sir Thomas, Sheriff of Dorset, letter and another paper of
-, letter to

Trent, the river

Tresahar, John, lieutenant of Pendennis Castle
-, letter of

Tresham, , brother to Lord Brudenell


Trethurfe in Lasacke near Truro, document dated from

Trevallyn, co. Denbigh

Trevillian, Thomas, letter of

Trevor, Sir John or Sir Richard
-, Sir Richard, and see Sir John.

Trevor, Sir Thomas, Baron of the Exchequer, Judge of Assize for Northamptonshire and other counties, letters to

Trewman, Richard

Trimnell, John

Tring, co. Hertford, church
-, churchwardens of, brief for

Trinity Church, Gloucester

Trinity College, Oxford

Trinity House, Ratcliffe and Deptford Strond
-, document dated from
-, officers of
-, letter of
-, petition of

Trinity Minories, London

Trinity House Certificates for


Tripper, Daniel, grant to

Triumph, the
-, documents dated from

Trott, Matthew, information against
-, plea and demurrer of

Trottle, John

True Love, the, of London

Trumbull, William, deceased
-, his son

Trussell, , draper
-, James

Tucker, John, Mayor of Great Torrington, co. Devon
-, of Leigh
-, Mary alias Lane
-, her husband

Tuderley, see Tytherley.

Tufton, John, Earl of Thanet, petition of

Tullibardine, Earl of, see Murray, Patrick.

Tuneson, Peter


Tunsted, James, grant to

Turbridge, Robert

Turf, making after the manner used in Holland


-, Ambassador to, see Crow, Sir Sackville.

Turkish pirates, peace between the French king and

Turks, piratical acts of

Turnbridge, co. York

Turnell, Lawrence

Turner, Dr.
-, Dorothy
-, Francis
-, Sir Jerome, deceased
-, Sir Sackville
-, Thomas
-, , brother to Francis Windebank
-, , sister to Francis Windebank

Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell

Turpin, Richard

Turvile, Richard

Tweed, the

Tye, Samuel

Tyne, the river
-, certificate of conservators

-, Castle

Tytherley, Hants, document dated from


Uckfield chapelry, Sussex

Ufford, co. Northampton

Underhill, William

Underwood, Henry

Unicorn, the

Uniformity, the Act of

Unioyn, see Vawyn.

United Provinces, the
-, list of English subjects who have received loss by the subjects of
-, Col. Goring's regiment serving in

Unity of Friends, the, of King's Lynn

Universities, one of the, order to

Upnor Castle, Kent
-, captains of, see Trevor, Sir John.

Upton, Arthur, grant to

Urland, Capt.



Utting, John

Uvedale, William
-, Sir William, Treasurer of the Chamber
-, warrant of
-, warrants to


Valentine, Dr.
-, Mr.
-, Thomas, letter of

Valkenbrugh, Lucas van
-, petition of
-, Marcus van
-, petition of

Valle, Antonio della alias Nicholas Avellin
-, his father
-, examination of

Van Belcamp, John, warrant to

Vanbrugg, Giles

Vandebrooke, James, grant to

Vanden Berg, Count Henry

Vanden Eynden, Alexander

Vandue, Paris, petition of

Vane, Sir Henry, Comptroller of the Household
-, certificate and other papers of
-, letters of
-, commission to
-, letter to
-, warrant for payment to

Vanguard, the
-, documents dated from

Van Hone, Jacob Jacobson, grant to

Van Hooganhosen, see Hooganhosen.

Vanlore, Dame Jacoba
-, Sir Peter
-, the younger

Van Paine, Peter, bond of

Van Vianen, Christian, warrant to
-, pension to

Vantelet, Christienne Marie de Luz de, grant to

Varman, Mr.

Vaughan, George
-, letter of
-, Joan
-, John, of Dean Forest
-, John, of Gray's Inn
-, Morgan, Sheriff of co. Radnor in letters of
-, Robert
-, petition of
-, Theophilus, plea and demurrer of
-, Thomas

Vaux, Edward, Lord

Vawyn, John

Veene, Nicholas Cornelison

Veisey, Robert
-, the elder
-, William


Venables, John

-, Ambassador to, see Fielding, Basil, Viscount.
-, the King's agent at, see Rowlandson,

Venice pound, the weight

Venner, Richard

Venning, Robert

Vere, Aubrey de, Earl of Oxford

Vere, Horace, Lord

Vermuyden, Sir Cornelius

Vernatti, Sir Philiberto

Verney, Sir Edmund
-, Sir Edward, see Sir Edmund.
-, Sir Greville, Sheriff of co. Warwick
-, statement by
-, letters of

Verney, Thomas
-, , cousin to Sir William Pelham

Vernon, Christopher, officer of the Exchequer, warrant for

Vernon, Sir George, Judge of Common Pleas, letter to

Veysey, Elizabeth
-, Hugh

Vicars, John

-, report on the accounts of
-, commissioners for
-, letter to

Vicq, Mons. de

Victory, the

Victualler of the Navy, or Surveyor of Marine Victuals, and see Darrell, Sir Sampson; Crane, John.
-, brief of contracts entered into with them

Victualling houses of the Navy

Victualling Office, Tower Hill, or East Smithfield

Victualling ships


Vigares, Mary

Villa Franca, Marquis de

Villetta, John de la

Villiers, Barbara, Lady

Villiers, Frances, Viscountess Purbeck
-, warrant ordering her to return to England
-, letter of

Villiers, George, late Duke of Buckingham
-, his executor, see Alcock, William.

Villiers, George, Duke of Buckingham

Villiers, Katherine, Duchess Dowager of Buckingham
-, letters of
-, her daughter Mary

Vincent, Thomas, statement by

Viney, Robert

Vintage, the, of London, (ship)

Vintners and Victuallers
-, petitions of

Violet, Thomas
-, petition of

-, Governor of, see Harvey, Sir John.

Visitation, ecclesiastical, articles of
-, papers relating to Archbishop Laud's claim to visit the Universities
-, heraldic, commission to Clarencieux to visit his province, the like to Norroy, notes of heraldic commissions
-, forbidden during the absence abroad of Garter

Vivian, Sir Francis, deceased

Voile, Claude

Vosberg, Mons.

Vowchurch, co. Hereford