General Index: D, E

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: D, E', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 643-651. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]



D. J. (intelligencer)

Dacre, Lord, see Lennard.

Dalby, co. Leicester, King's game at

Dalby-on-the-Wolds, co. Leicester, manor of

Dalmatia, forces from

Dalston, John
-, letters of

Danby, Thos.

Danes, English victories over

Danish league
-, men of war
-, ships, or Danes


Danvers, Pope

Darby, printer, see Derby.

Darcy, Jas.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of

Dare, John, B.A.

Darell, Sir Sampson
-, Capt.

Darley, co. Derby, manor of
-, tithes of

Darling, Thos., certificate by

Dartford, Kent, post from

Dartmouth, Devon, gentry and merchants of, petition of
-, letters dated from
-, mariners of, deposition by
-, mayor and water bailiff of, certificate by
-, postmaster at
-, resident at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, timber brought from

Davenant, Sir Wm., death of, alluded to

Davenport, John
-, —, chaplain to the Bishop of Durham

Daventry, or Dayntry, co. Northampton, fairs at
-, resident at

Davidson, see Davison.

Davies, Hen.
-, Jane, letter and petition of
-, [John] husband of
-, Roger, petition of
-, Wm., messenger to the Commissioners of Appeal
-, petition of
-, Capt. Wm., petitions of

Davis, John, B.A.
-, Peter, letter of

Davison, Wm.
-, letters of
-, or Davidson, Sir Wm., Bart.
-, testimony of

Dawes, Sir Abraham
-, Capt. Hen.
-, Dorothy, mother of
-, Sir John, Bart.

Dawkes, Thos.

Dawson, Hen.
-, John, of Dover, deposition of
-, John, B.A.
-, petition of
-, Mr.

Dayntry, see Daventry.

Deal, Kent
-, Castle
-, Duke of Lenox at
-, Governor of
-, King at
-, letter dated from
-, prisoners at
-, churchyard of, Frenchmen buried in
-, distinguished persons at
-, letters, &c., dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, muster master at, see St. Michael, B.
-, news from
-, postmaster of
-, resident at
-, seamen at
-, pressing of
-, seamen of
-, ships at or near
-, letters dated from
-, ship of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to and from

Dean, Major

Dean Forest, co. Gloucester
-, iron from
-, letter dated from
-, timber from
-, West, Wiltshire, letter dated from
-, resident at

Deane, Capt. Ant., master shipwright of Harwich
-, certificate, &c. by
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, Dr. Hen.

Deans and Chapters, see also under the various dioceses.

Death, Thos.

Debree, Mr.

Dëcry, Hilaire, letter of
-, brother of

Dee, Peter


Degg, Simon

De la Fabvollière, Dan. F., petition of
-, reference of

De la Hay, M.

De la Haye, Peter

De la Pole, William, Duke of Suffolk, trial of, alluded to

De la Roche, Capt. or Sieur

Delavabre, Major, proposition by

Delaval, Sir Ralph

Delavallet, John

Delawarr, Lord, see West, Charles.

Delft, Holland, residents at

Delrow, Essex, letter dated from

Delues, Rich., letter to

Delves, Sir Thos.

Denbigh, Earl of, see Fielding.

Denham, Sir John, Surveyor of Works
-, petitions of

Denization, grants of
-, petition for

Denmark, Frederic III., King of

-, envoy extraordinary to
-, ships of, see Danish ships.
-, traveller to

Dennys, Edw., sister of

Dent, John

-, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, mariners at
-, mayor of
-, officers at
-, residents at
-, ships at or near
-, letter dated from
-, ship's captain at
-, ship of
-, ships to or from
-, town ditch of, houses on
-, travellers to
-, dock or dockyard
-, clerk of the cheque at, see Fownes, Wm.
-, clerk of the survey at, see Uthwat, J.
-, books of
-, dry dock at
-, house carpenter at
-, master of attendance at
-, Navy stores at
-, officers in
-, rigging house or room in
-, ships building or launched at
-, storehouse of, ironwork in
-, storekeeper at
-, storeyard in, fire at
-, surveyor at
-, timber at, for, or from
-, victualling office at
-, wet dock at
-, workmen at or of

Deptford Creek, gunpowder to

Derby, Earl and Countess of, see Stanley.

Derby, or Darby, —, printer
-, Joan, wife of
-, petitions of

Derby, posts to and from

Derbyshire, lands in
-, resident in
-, traveller in
-, wards of

Derrickson, John

Desborow, John

Desmarces, Sir Ant.
-, letters of
-, letter to

Desnoyers, Monsieur

Deuxell, John, letter of

Devereux, Robert, first Earl of Essex (temp. Elizabeth)

Devil's Drop, Dover, see Dover.

Devonshire, Countess of, see Cavendish.

Devonshire, deputy vice-admiral of
-, excise in
-, letter dated from
-, places in

Devy, Wm.

Dewsbury, co. York, vicarage of

Deyley, Mr.
-, family of

Dhona, or Dona, Count de, ambassador from Sweden

Diamond rings, or ornaments

Dibusty, Laurence

Dickenson, John

Dieppe, Duke of Monmouth at or from
-, Earl of Clarendon at
-, news from
-, plague at
-, residents at
-, sea fight at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Digby, John, first Earl of Bristol
-, George, second Earl of Bristol
-, Capt. Fras., his son
-, letters of

Digby, John

Digues, Les, Duke of, eldest son of
-, Comte de Sault, second son of

Dillon, Wentworth, Earl of Roscommon

Dillon, Capt.
-, Martha, alias Talbot, widow of, petition of

Discoverers, see Informers.

Ditchfield, Edw.

Divinity, Bachelors of
-, Doctors of
-, Proposant in

Dixie, Sir Wolstan, certificates by

Dixon, Eliz.
-, Rob., M.A.
-, Mr.

Dixwell, Sir Basil, Bart.

Dobson, John

Dockwray, Dr. Thos.

Dodd, Margaret, letter of

Dodding, Miles

Dodington, Mr.
-, letter of

Doggett, John
-, affidavit by
-, Nathaniel

Dolben, John, Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster
-, letter to
-, wife of

Domineck, Wm.
-, letter of

Dona, Count de, see Dhona.

-, gaol, prisoners in

Doria, Andrew

Dorington, Capt.

Dorislaus, Mr.

Dorrell, Nath.

Dorset, Earl of, see Sackville, Richard.

Dorsetshire, excise duties in
-, Judge of the Vice-Admiralty of
-, places in
-, sheriff of

Dort, Holland, sectaries at

Douay, residents at

Doudle, Capt.

Douglas, William, Earl of Selkirk and Duke of Hamilton, see Hamilton.

Douglas, George, Lord
-, letter of
-, regiment of

Douglas, —, Irish Tory

Dover, Sir Henry
-, son of

-, Castle, Boder of
-, Duke of York at or to
-, feast at
-, Governor of
-, brother of
-, Governor of, deputy
-, guard of
-, prisoners escaped from
-, clerk of the passage and storekeeper at, see Carlile, John.
-, office of
-, conventicles at
-, Court
-, Devil's Drop near
-, harbour
-, jurats of
-, King at
-, letters, &c., dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, mayor of
-, money due to
-, Navy agent at
-, stores at
-, news from
-, packet boats to
-, persons at
-, pier
-, letter dated from
-, plague at
-, posts to and from
-, provisions from
-, residents at
-, St. James Church at
-, sea fight near
-, ships at or near
-, provisions for
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from
-, victualling agent at
-, water bailiff and prison keeper at

Downes, Rich.

Downing, Edmond
-, Sir George
-, letters of
-, George, son of
-, Capt. John
-, Mr. (merchant)

Downs, the
-, Admiral in
-, the Dutch in
-, letter to
-, letters dated from
-, ships in or near
-, men-of-war or King and merchants' ships in, lists of, by Morgan Lodge
-, ships to or from
-, storm in
-, visit of the King and Duke of York to

Dranfield, Joshua

Draper, Mary

Draperies, ships laden with

Drayton, Middlesex, resident at

Dreux, France, traveller to

Driver, Rich. (boatswain)
-, —, shipmaster

Drogheda, Earl of, see Moore.

Drope, Edw.

Drummond, —, Highlander

Drury, Sir Rob.

Dryden, John, grant of Laureateship to

-, coal for
-, harbour of, ship in
-, letter office in
-, letters dated from
-, letters, &c., from, alluded to
-, letters for
-, post officer in
-, residents at
-, ships at, letters dated from
-, ship of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to

Duchess, "the glorious,"

Duckett, Rich., letter of

Duckworth, Chas., certificate by

Dudley, Robert, Earl of Leicester [temp. Queen Elizabeth]

Duels, and see Villiers, George, second Duke of Buckingham, duel of.

Dumfries, Scotland, castle of
-, Scotch officers at
-, traveller to

Du Mesnil, Lorido
-, daughter of

Du Moulin, Peter, Assistant Master of Ceremonies
-, petitions of
-, grandfather of
-, son of

Dunbeath, Scotland, Laird of

Duncan, Mrs.

Dunch, Edm.

Duncombe, Sir John
-, letters of

Dundee, Scotland, prisoners sent to
-, Tolbooth of, prisoners sent to

Dungannon, Lord, see Trevor, Mark.

Dungeness, Kent, ship ashore near

Dunkin, Mr.

Dunkirk, France, delivery of, to the French
-, English serving at
-, ships at, of, or near
-, ships to or from
-, traveller from

Dunning, Sam.
-, petition of

Dunstable, co. Bedford, traveller to

Dunster Castle, co. Somerset

Dunton, co. Warwick, rectory of

Du Puy, Claude, history of, alluded to

Duras, Marquis de, Louis de Blanqueforte

Durel, Dr. John
-, letter of

Durham, Bishop of, see Cosin, John.
-, Cathedral, prebend in
-, prebendaries of
-, Dean of, see Sudbury, John.
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, letters to, from the King

Durham, County Palatine of
-, deputy-lieutenant of
-, diocese of
-, farmer of excise of
-, intelligencer for
-, knights of the shire of, Committee concerning
-, place in

Durham City
-, attempt to fire
-, intelligencer at
-, letters dated from
-, M.P.s for
-, news from
-, posts to and from
-, residents in

Dumford, Thos.

Dutch, the, Hollanders, &c., or the enemy
-, admiral or vice-admiral of see also Ruyter, M. de.
-, ambassador, see Holland, ambassadors from.
-, banks
-, colonies
-, congregation and church in London
-, churchwardens of
-, consul
-, convoys
-, debts paid by
-, designs or feelings of, see Holland.
-, disturbance of fishing by
-, East India Company, see East India Company.
-, English victories over
-, flag
-, fleet
-, gazette
-, High, see Germans.
-, in the Downs
-, in Guinea
-, in the Indies
-, in Newfoundland
-, in the Thames
-, language, Book of Common Prayer in
-, papers in
-, League, the
-, mariner, grant of denization to
-, Master of Arts
-, men, or Hollanders see also Holland, residents in.
-, of quality
-, petition of
-, ministers
-, packet boats, see Holland, packet boats to and from.
-, pilots
-, preparations for war by
-, prisoners taken by
-, prize book
-, prize goods taken from
-, reports
-, rhodomontade
-, service against
-, ships, or Hollanders
-, ships, East India, see East India Company, Dutch.
-, ships, men-of-war
-, ships, merchantmen
-, ships taken prize
-, ships taking English ships
-, slaves in Turkey
-, soldiers in East Indies
-, in West Indies
-, trade
-, traveller to England
-, treaty with
-, war, see Holland, war with.
-, wedding

Duties, see Customs.

Dutton, Rob.

Dysart, Countess of, see Tollemache.


Eades, Rich.

Earl Marshal's Office, Commissioners for, warrant to

Eason, Thos.

East, the, goods from
-, news from, promised
-, ships to or from

Eastgate Bridge, Kent (?), resident at

East Indies, or India
-, express from
-, fleet
-, Fort St. George in
-, place in
-, prizes from
-, ships to or from, or East Indiamen
-, traveller from

East India Company
-, accounts of
-, discharge to
-, Governors of
-, grant to
-, letter to
-, oppression by
-, order to, alluded to
-, papers to be sent to
-, petition of, alluded to

East India House, letter dated from

East India Company, Dutch
-, prize ships of

Eastland Company

Eastover, Bridgwater, fortifying of

Eastwood, Roger
-, family of
-, letters of
-, Thos., letters of

Eaton, John

Ecclesiastical canons

Eddowes, John, letters of

Edgecomb, Fras.

-, Castle, prisoners in
-, conventicles in
-, Council in
-, letter office at, letter dated from
-, letters or papers dated from
-, Lord Chancellor's entrance into
-, Lord Provost of, see Stewart, Sir Jas.
-, men hanged near
-, militia of
-, news from
-, wanted
-, persons in
-, postmaster of, see Mein, Rob.
-, posts to and from
-, rebels in
-, escape of
-, Roman Catholics in
-, ship from
-, streets, &c., in:—
-, Blackfriars Wind
-, High Gate, or Street
-, Tron
-, West Port
-, watches or guards in

Edmeston, Mr.

Edward I., records of, alluded to

Edward II., rolls of, alluded to

Edward III., records of, alluded to

Edwards, John

Edwinstowe, co. Notts., letters dated from

Egerton, John, Earl of Bridgewater, letter to
-, John, Viscount Brackley, his son

Egmont [Philip Louis], Count of, present to

Eland, Baron Savile of, see Savile, Sir George.

Elbe, the, freezing of

Eldred, Nathan, letter of

Elizabeth, Queen, enigma ascribed to
-, gentlemen pensioners of
-, grant of, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, time of, alluded to

Elkin, Rich., muster-master, letters of

Ellesdon, Wm.

Elliot, Rob., petition of
-, Thos., groom of the bedchamber
-, petition of
-, Thos., Master of the Harriers, warrant to

Ellis, Andrew, deputy-postmaster
-, letters of

Ellsworth, Rich., letters of
-, statement by

Elmstone, co. Gloucester, resident at

Elmsworth, Hants, fire at

Elsinore [Denmark], ship lost near

Emden [Germany], ship of

Emms, Mr.

Enchuysen, Holland, prisoner at

Enfeild, James, petition of
-, children of

Engineer-General, see Gomme, Sir Bernard de.


England, George
-, letter of

-, Admiralty court of, see Admiralty.
-, alliance of, with Holland, see Triple Alliance.
-, allies of
-, arms, &c., sent to
-, assizes in, see Assizes.
-, castles or forts in
-, Church of, see Church.
-, counties of
-, commissioners in
-, farmers of exise in, see Excise.
-, officers of
-, receivers in
-, sheriffs of
-, designs of France and Holland towards, see France and Holland, in connection with England.
-, dioceses of, hospitals in
-, discontented party in
-, foreigners in
-, garrisons in, see Garrisons.
-, islands of
-, judges of, see Judges.
-, law courts of, see Justice, courts of.
-, making of salt in, see Salt.
-, Master Gunner of
-, deputy of
-, peace with Spain, alluded to
-, peers of, see Peers.
-, ports or harbours of see also under the port towns.
-, master attendants of
-, rules for
-, violation of
-, postmasters in, see Postmasters.
-, prisoners in, see Prisoners.
-, registrars in
-, Romanist designs against
-, Scots in
-, sheriffs of, list of
-, ships to and from, passim.
-, foreign, made free of, see Ships.
-, tapestry making in
-, trade of, see Trade.
-, traveller in
-, travellers to and from, or persons going beyond seas
-, licences for, see Passes.
-, treaty of, with Holland, see Holland.
-, union of, with Scotland
-, articles of
-, universities of and see Oxford and Cambridge.
-, North of, coal traders of, memorial of
-, counties in
-, treasurer for
-, countrymen of
-, fanatics in, see Fanatics.
-, gentlemen of
-, salt making in
-, ships to
-, travellers to
-, South of, coast of, ships for
-, counties in, Lord Lieutenants of
-, countrymen of
-, East of, counties of, Lord Lieutenants of
-, West of, or the West country, canvas or cloth from
-, gentlemen of
-, ports of
-, ships in
-, timber from, see Timber.

English, Sir David

English, the
-, ambassadors, see Ambassadors.
-, coast, ships lost on
-, colours, foreign ships bearing
-, Commissioners for regulating trade with Scotland, see Trade.
-, flag, or King's flag
-, garrisons, see Garrisons.
-, goods, passim.
-, government
-, horses
-, language
-, papers translated or to be translated into
-, man, an
-, merchants
-, monarchy, antiquity of
-, papers
-, plantations, see Plantations.
-, precedency of
-, prisoner in West Indies
-, ships, see Ships.
-, subjects
-, in slavery, redemption of
-, ships bought by
-, trade, see Trade.

Enham, Hants

Enys, Sam., letter of
-, son of

Episcopacy, preaching against

Episcopal party


Epping, Essex, road to

Epsom, Surrey, letter addressed to

Erith, Kent, ships to or from

Erskine, Alexander, Earl of Kelly

Erwin, George, certificate by

Essex, Earls of, see Devereux and Capel.

Essex, excise in
-, places in
-, robbery in
-, timber in

Estcourt, Thos., master in Chancery

Estoll, Nich.
-, petition of

Estrades [Godefroi, Comte de]

Etheridge, Marg.

Eton College, Bucks, admission to
-, Provostship of

Ettrick, Wa., letter of

Europe, "most extraordinary palace in,"

Euston, or Ewston, Suffolk, persons visiting
-, rectory and rector of

Evans, Edw.
-, George, letter of
-, M., letters of

Eveling, Capt. Chris., letter of

Evelyn, Sir John
-, Sarah, daughter of, see Fanshaw.
-, Squire

Eversett, young

Eversley, Hants, rector of

Everson, Cornelius

Evreux, France, letter dated from

Ewers, or Hewer, Wm., of the Navy Office
-, letters to

Exchange, bills of

Exchanges, or exchange of money, office of, Great St. Helen's

Exchequer, the
-, accountants in
-, assignments on, Act concerning
-, auditors of
-, Chamberlains of
-, fees
-, letter dated from
-, Lord Chief Baron of
-, offices of, fees in
-, officers of
-, commission to
-, warrant to
-, payments from
-, asked for
-, ordered
-, payments into
-, Pells Office in, clerk of
-, Pipe Office in, clerks of
-, suits, processes, or pleas in
-, tallies in
-, tellers of
-, tellerships of
-, Treasurer of
-, Treasurer's remembrancer of
-, Treasury of, see Treasury.

-, Act, alluded to
-, Commissioners
-, house purchased for
-, patents or warrants to
-, farm or farmers of
-, of Ireland, see Ireland.
-, leases of
-, office
-, officers of
-, reduction of
-, payments from
-, pension from, asked for
-, rents of
-, treasurer or cashier of

Exeter, Earl of, see Cecil, John.
-, Dean and Canons of

Exeter, co. Devon
-, letters dated from
-, magistrate of
-, mayor and militia officer of
-, merchants of
-, and gentry of, petition of
-, Walloons at

Expenses, Committee for regulation of, see Privy Council, Committee of.

Exton, Dr. John

Eye, Suffolk, Corporation of
-, member for