General Index: F

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: F', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 651-655. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]



Fairborne, Major

Fairmedon, Thos.

Fakenham Parva, Suffolk
-, rector and rectory of

Falmouth, Earl of, see Berkeley, Charles.

Falmouth, co. Cornwall
-, castle of
-, fire at
-, harbour
-, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, news from
-, port or harbour of, ships in
-, Presbyterians at
-, ships at or near
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Fanatics, see also Nonconformists.
-, in the North

Fang, Wm.

Fanshaw, Thomas, Viscount Fanshaw, letter of
-, Sarah, second wife of
-, father of, see Evelyn, Sir John.
-, former husband of, see Wray, Sir John.

Fanshaw, Sir Rich.
-, Anne, widow of
-, petition of

Fareham, Hants, timber to be shipped from

Farlee, John

Farmingwoods, co. Bedford
-, letters dated from

Farnham, Surrey

Faroe Islands [North Sea], ship lost off

Farren, Lieut.

Farthing Office

Farthings, making of

Fauconberg, Lord, see Belasyse.

Fawcett, George, see Middleton.
-, Wm.

Fearne, Wm., letters of

Fee farm rents

Fell, Dr. John, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University
-, letters to
-, Margaret
-, Phil.

Fenn, John
-, letters of

Fens, the condition of

Fenwick, Rob.

Ferabosco, Hen.

Ferguson, Rob., letter of
-, Hannah, wife of, letter to

Ferrers, John

Fetters, Kent, mutineers at

Fettiplace, Sir John

Fidler, Mr.

Field, Septimus, petition of

Fielding, Basil, Earl of Denbigh
-, house of

Fielding, Basil
-, Kath.
-, Mr.

Fiennes, James, Lord Say and Sele, Lord Lieutenant of co. Oxon

Fife, Scotland, resident at

Fifth Monarchy men
-, preacher of

Finch, Heneage, Earl of Winchelsea, as ambassador to Turkey
-, letter to
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Kent
-, Elizabeth, wife of
-, letter to

Finch, Elizabeth
-, Fr.
-, Sir Heneage, Solicitor-General
-, letter of
-, references to
-, clerk of
-, Sir John
-, letter to
-, sister of
-, or Fincher, Major
-, Henry, son of

Finnet, Sir John

Finy, —, killing of

Fiott, Dr.

Firstfruits and tenths, office of
-, Receiver-General for
-, Remembrancer of, records of

Fish, John

-, ships laden with see also Herrings and Pilchards.

Fisheries and fishing, see also Newfoundland and Herring fishery.

Fishing vessels

Fist, Ant., letter of

Fitton, Alex.

Fitz, Thos.

Fitzgerald, Lieut.-Col.

Fitzharding, Viscount, see Berkeley.

Fitzharris, Major, petition of

Fitzharris Farm, Berks

Fitzherbert, John
-, letters of
-, William, son of

Fitzmaurice, Mr.

Fitzwalter, Robert, Baron Fitzwalter [temp. Edward I.]
-, Baron, see Ratcliffe, Henry.
-, former barons
-, barony of, claimants of

Fitzwilliam, or Fitzwilliams, Sir John, see Williams, Sir John.

Five Miles Act

Flamborough, or Flamborough Head, co. York, ships at or near

-, English intelligencer in
-, English serving in
-, export of horses to
-, French designs against, see France, in connection with Holland.
-, French King going to
-, French troops in or for
-, imports from
-, mails or letters to or from
-, news of or from
-, packet-boats
-, passes to, see Passes.
-, persons of quality in
-, places in
-, ships of, see Flemish ships.
-, ships to or from
-, Spanish soldiers for
-, travellers to and from

Flatman, John

Flavel, Gregory

Fleet, the (English), see also Ships and Navy.
-, chaplains of, see Ships.
-, improvement of

Fleming, Dan.
-, letters of

Flemings, ship taken by

Flemish forces
-, ships, or Flemings

Fletcher, Sir George
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, Capt. J., letters of

Flint, inhabitants of
-, shire hall, &c., at
-, township of

Flintshire, assizes in
-, places in

Flower, Peter, letter of

Flushing, Holland, residents in
-, ship at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Foley, Mr.

Folge, Rob.

Folyard, or Foliott, Rich.

Fond or Fonds, see Font.

Fonseca, Manuel or Emanuel de

Font, Fond, or Fonds, M. la

Ford, Sir Rich.
-, stables of

Foreign affairs, employment in
-, Committee of Council for
-, goods
-, lands, service in
-, plantations, see Plantations.
-, powers, treaties with, alluded to
-, Princes
-, ambassadors of, see Ambassadors.
-, English sailors or soldiers forbidden to serve
-, ships, see Ships; also French and Dutch ships.

Foreigners, see Aliens.

Foreland, Kent, ships near
-, North, waterspout at

Forster, Rich.
-, letters of, 1667
-, (1668)
-, Sir Wm., servant of
-, laird of

Fort Lyncke, Flanders
-, St. George [East Indies]

Fortescue, Sir Edm.
-, or Fortiscue, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Nich.

Forth, John
-, N., D.C. L.
-, Dan., Thos., and John, brothers of
-, Dr. Wm.

Forth, the, Scotland

Fountaine, Serjeant John

Fournier, Mr.

Fowey, Cornwall
-, ships to

Fowke, Thos.

Fowler, John, Judge Advocate, letters, &c., of
-, John, of Stroud
-, Thos., B.A.

Fownes, Wm., clerk of the cheque at Deptford
-, letters of

Fox, Sir Stephen, army paymaster
-, letters to, from the King
-, orders or warrants to
-, payments to
-, orders or warrants for
-, petition of

Foxey, John

Foxhole [co. York?], resident at

Frampton, Wm.

France, former Kings of, viz.:—
-, Charles VII.
-, Francis I.
-, Henry III.
-, present King of (Louis XIV.)
-, court of
-, esquire of, see Veringhen, Marquis.
-, gentlemen of
-, health of
-, journeys, &c., of, alluded to
-, laws, &c., of, alluded to
-, letter to, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, persons in employment of
-, preparations by
-, presents for
-, said to be a Protestant
-, service of
-, ships of
-, subjects of
-, treaties of, alluded to
-, Queen of, Maria Theresa
-, brother of, see Orleans, Duke of.

-, ambassadors of, see also Colbert, Monsieur.
-, precedency of
-, ambassadors or envoys to
-, associates of
-, banishment from
-, canoness of
-, church affairs in
-, lands, &c., in
-, coasts of, ships off or to
-, ships lost on
-, embargo on ships by
-, English estates in
-, Englishmen who have served in
-, garrisons in
-, guarantees to
-, Henry V. of England in
-, horses, &c., for
-, in connection with England
-, in connection with Holland, Flanders, or the Netherlands
-, in connection with Spain
-, liberty of opinion in
-, mails or letters to or from
-, post label of
-, news from
-, Papists or Catholics of, proceedings of
-, Parliament of, records of
-, passes to, see Passes.
-, requested
-, peace with Spain, see Spain.
-, plague in, see also Rouen and Dieppe.
-, preparation for war in, see also King of France, preparations by.
-, prisoners in
-, Protestants of, persecution of
-, salt from, see French salt.
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from
-, university in

Franche Comté
-, troops for

Francis, Ben., letter of
-, Rob., his brother, clerk to Williamson
-, accounts by
-, expenses of, account of
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, letter copied by
-, news-letters of
-, note by
-, request by
-, brother of
-, sister of
-, nephew of, see Aldrich, J.
-, relatives of

Frank, John

Frary, Capt.

Frazer, Sir Alex.
-, kinsman of

Freazell, Fergus

Frederic, John, master in Chancery

Frederick, Sir John

Freeman, Capt. John, letter of
-, Sir Ralph
-, Rice, letters of
-, Lieut.-Col.
-, —, of Waterford

French, the
-, army
-, at Nieuport
-, at the Council of Constance
-, at Smyrna
-, books
-, captains
-, court, see France, King of.
-, delivery of Dunkirk to
-, fireships
-, flag, lowering of
-, fleet
-, goods
-, Governor of St. Christopher's
-, harbours, Dutch ships in
-, King, see France, King of.
-, in England
-, in Flanders, see Flanders.
-, in London, see London.
-, in Newfoundland
-, in West Indies
-, islands taken from
-, language, letters or papers written in
-, persons speaking
-, study of
-, league
-, letters alluded to
-, mails, see France.
-, memoirs, &c.
-, men
-, denization of
-, information by
-, project by
-, merchants
-, minister
-, musicians, petition of
-, noblemen
-, officer at arms, certificate by
-, pirates
-, place taken from
-, plunder by
-, prisoners taken by
-, refugees
-, Roman Catholics
-, sailors
-, pressing of
-, salt
-, ships, or Frenchmen
-, building of
-, captures by
-, capture of
-, duty on
-, fishing boats
-, fitting out of
-, fly boat
-, men of war
-, fight of, with the Dutch
-, officers of, killed
-, merchant
-, taken prize.
-, plunder of
-, violence or plunder by
-, taken prisoners
-, trade, see France, trade with.
-, troops
-, in or towards Flanders, see Flanders.
-, raising of
-, wine, see Wines.

French, James, letter of

Frescheville, John, Baron Frescheville

Fuel-balls, patent for

Fulham, Middlesex, houses in
-, manor of

Fuller, Dr. Wm. Bishop of Lincoln
-, declaration by
-, letter of

Furlinge, Wm.

Fussell, Mr.

Furzer, Dan
-, letters of (1667)
-, (1668)
-, family of