General Index: G

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: G', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 655-659. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]



Gabetis, Thos., under-sheriff of Westmoreland
-, letter of

Gadagne, Sieur de

Gage, Sir Hen.
-, Jane, daughter of, petition of

Gaines, —

Gainsford, Hen.
-, Major John, his son

Galicia [Spain], place in
-, soldiers to or from

Galilee, Capt.

Gallipoli, Turkey, ships from

Galloway, Scotland
-, rising in
-, ships to and from
-, Whigs in

Galoper, the

Galtres Forest, co. York

Galway, Ireland, ships to and from

Game, Mr.

Game, destruction of
-, preservation of
-, the King's, see Charles II., game of.

Gamon, Thos.

Ganill, Capt. John

Gardiner, Thos.
-, Wm.

Garfield, Wm., petition of
-, son-in-law of, see Godfrey, Hen.

Gargrave, Rob.

Garratt, John, letter of

Garraway, Mr.

Garret, Wm., letter of
-, Mr., letter to

-, payment of
-, plots against

Garter, the, Chancellor of
-, Chapter of
-, Knights of
-, election of, precedents for
-, ceremonies of
-, precedency of
-, stalls of, see Windsor.
-, style and titles of
-, King-at-Arms, see Walker, Sir Edw.

Gary, Capt. Hen.

Gascoigne, Sir Bernard
-, H., letters of

Gastlin, J., M.D., certificate by

Gatehouse, Westminster, keeper of, warrant to
-, keeper of, under
-, prisoners committed to
-, prisoners escaping from

Gauden, Sir Denis, Victualler of the Navy
-, account by
-, letters of

Gaunt, John

Gazette, the London
-, advertisements, &c., sent or to be sent to
-, sending or receipt of
-, the Dutch

Genaway (? Genoa), ship from

Genealogies, &c., proposed Act for record of

Geneva, design upon
-, reformed churches near

Genoa, Italy
-, new Mould of, ship at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Gentiles, the, conversation amongst

Gentilis, Albericus

Gentlemen Pensioners, or Pensioners in Ordinary
-, captain of, see Belasyse, Lord.
-, order of the King concerning
-, Order in Council concerning
-, reduction of
-, extraordinary

Genvey, Wm., letters of

Geraldine, John

Gerard, Charles, Lord Gerard of Brandon

Gerard, Sir Gilbert
-, Col. Rich.
-, petitions of
-, Thos.

Gerbier, Sir Balthazar

Germans in England
-, or High Dutch, in Italy

Germany, Emperor of (late), [Sigismund]
-, Charles V.
-, son of, see Philip II. of Spain.
-, (present, Leopold I.), or his Imperial Majesty
-, envoy extraordinary from

-, barons of the Empire of
-, Earl of Clarendon to
-, envoy of
-, princes of
-, princes and electors of

Gerritson, Cornelius

Geruplanta (allegorical)

Gery, Dr. Wm.

Gibbins, Anderson
-, James

Gibbs, John, letter of
-, John, merchant
-, — of London

Gibson, James

Gideon, Sir W., letter of

Giear, Capt. James, petition of

Gifford, Chas.
-, petition of

Gilby, Col. Ant., Lieut.-Governor of Hull letters of
-, petition of

Gilliams, Capt. John.

Gillingham, Kent, ships at
-, letter dated from
-, shipwrights' yard at
-, traveller to
-, wreck at

Gilom, Wm., petition of

Gilpin, Sarah, see Slaughter.

Ginepetra, Candia, fort at

Gisborne Forest, co. York, bow-bearer of

Glasgow, Archbishop of, see Burnett.

Glass, ship laden with

Gleadstone, Capt. Thos., petition of

Glencairn, Earl of, see Cunningham, Wm.

Glenham, Henry, Bishop of St. Asaph
-, letter to

Glentworth, co. Lincoln, letters dated from
-, resident at

Gloucester, Duke of, see Henry.
-, Bishop of, see Nicholson, Wm.
-, Bishop's palace at, letter dated from
-, Cathedral, Canon of
-, marriage in

Gloucester, East Gate Street in
-, hospital in
-, justices at
-, mayor and burgesses of
-, petition of
-, place near
-, posts to and from
-, sessions

Gloucestershire, deputy lieutenants of
-, estate in
-, J.P.s for
-, residents in

Glover, Rob., Somerset Herald, paper by
-, Capt.

Glyde, Rich.

Glynn, Serjeant John, wife of

Godden, Lieut.

Godfrey, Sir Edmund
-, Hen.
-, petition of
-, father-in-law of, see Gartield Wm.

Godolphin, Capt. Fras.
-, Sir Fras., letter of
-, Col. Wm.
-, Wm., or Sir Wm.
-, Sir Wm., Governor of Scilly

Goff, Wm., pardon to
-, — sheriff of Bristol

Gold, Thos.

Gold angel, for the King's use in healing
-, finder
-, and silver thread, making of

Golder, Rich., petition of

Golding, Capt. John
-, Ann, widow of, petition of

Goldsmith, Chas.
-, Ralph

Goldsmith's, abuses among

Gomeldon, Wm.

Gomme, Sir Bernard de, Engineer-General

Goodlad, Joseph

Goodman, George
-, Joseph
-, Lieut.

Goodson, Vice-Admiral

Goodwin, Arthur, letter of
-, John
-, petition of
-, Joseph, certificate by

Goodwin Sands, castle on, projected
-, ships on, in, or near

Goose, Thos., letters of

Gordon, George, Earl of Sutherland
-, Charles, Earl of Aboyne

Gordon, Sir Alex., of the Huntley family
-, Jean, daughter of, petition of

Goree [Holland], fleet in

Gorges, Dr. Thos.

Goring, George, Lord Goring and first Earl of Norwich
-, Charles, his son, second Earl of Norwich
-, request of

Goscote, East, co. Leicester, hundred of

Gosport, Hants, letters dated from
-, ropehouses and ropemakers in
-, ships at

Gospright, George

Gossege, Mr.

Gothfred, James

Gottenburg, Sweden, resident at
-, ships to or from

Gouce, Isaac le, see Gouse.

Gould, John
-, Thos.

Gouldstone, John, letter of

Gouse, or Gouce, Isaac le

Government, disaffection to, or disturbance of
-, scandal to
-, the late, see Usurpation, the.

Gower, John
-, Sir Thos.
-, Capt.
-, wife of

Grabu, Lewis

Grace, Col., regiment of

Graham, James, Marquis of Montrose

Grain, see Corn.

Grammont [Antonius], Comte de

Grand, Monsieur Le

Grande Partie, France, ships at

Grandison, Viscount, see Villiers, George.

Granger, Thos.

Grantham, co. Lincoln, posts to and from

Granville, see Grenville.

-, blockhouse of, soldiers at
-, Fort, letter dated from
-, letters dated from
-, muster master at, see Elkin, Rich. and Hosier, F.
-, pilot from
-, searcher in
-, ships at or near
-, ships to or from

Gravier, Peter

Gray, Rob.
-, wife of
-, family of
-, Tom, see Grey.
-, —, indigent officer

Great Seal, affixing of
-, foreign business for
-, grants under, alluded to
-, Lord Keeper of, see Bridgeman, Sir O.
-, pardon under
-, patent under

Greek, printer in
-, professor of

Green, or Greene, John
-, Capt. Levi
-, Rich., letter of
-, Thos.
-, Sir Wm., licence to
-, Lady, child of

Greencloth, Board or officers of
-, clerks of
-, letter to
-, order from, alluded to
-, reference to
-, warrants to

Greenhithe, Kent, ship at

Greenland Company
-, ships lost in

Greenwax, of Duchy of Cornwall, see Cornwall.

Greenway, Mr.

Greenwich, buildings at
-, chains at
-, Hall or Palace, materials from
-, repairs of
-, King's gamekeepers at
-, lapidaries at
-, letters dated from
-, paving of
-, resident at
-, ships at
-, workmen at
-, works at
-, East, constable of

Greenwood, Paul

Gregory, Edw., clerk of the cheque at Chatham
-, certificates by
-, letters of
-, warrant to
-, John, clerk of the cheque at Harwich
-, letters of

Grenvile, Bernard, petition of

Grenville, or Granville, John, Earl of Bath, Governor of Plymouth, and first Gentleman of the Bedchamber
-, letter of
-, warrant to

Grey [William], Lord Grey [of Warke]
-, or Gray, Thos. or Tom [grandson of the Earl of Stamford]

Grey, Edw., discoverer

Grice, Nicholas Le

Griffin, Sir Edward, Treasurer of the Chamber
-, certificate of
-, orders or warrants to
-, alluded to
-, wife of

Griffin, or Griffith, Sir John
-, letter of
-, letter to

Griffith, Wm.
-, James, son of

Grimsby Road, co. Lincoln, ship in

Gringaud, Chas., petitions of

Grise, plotter

Grisons, the, Switzerland

Groome, Chas., affidavits by

Grosse, D., letter of

Grover, Jonathan

Groyne, the, ships at

Gruell, letter dated from

Guadaloupe, West Indies, ship from

-, bailiffs, jurates, and inhabitants of
-, petition of, alluded to
-, Castle Cornet in
-, captain of
-, letter dated from
-, charters of
-, garrison of
-, Governor of
-, letter dated from
-, order in Council for regulation of
-, pier in
-, prisoners in
-, St. Peter's in, rector of
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to

Guilburne, Col.

Guillim, Capt. John, petition of

Guinea, West Africa, agent from
-, coast of
-, Company, see African Company.
-, fleet
-, natives of
-, ships to or from
-, traveller to

Gulston, Joseph, Dean of Chichester, petition of

Gunfleet, the, ships at or near

Gunman, Capt. Chris.
-, letters of
-, statement by

Gunn, Capt. Wm.

Gunning, Dr. Peter

Gunpowder or Powder
-, maker

Gustavus Adolphus [King of Sweden], see Sweden.

Guy, Henry
-, Capt.

Gwilliams, Capt. John

Gwin, Rowland

Gwynn, Thos., letter of