General Index: H, I, J, K

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: H, I, J, K', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 659-670. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]



H. H., London, letters of

Hacket, John, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield

Hackett, —, sea chaplain

Hackney, Middlesex, manor of

Hackney coachmen, see London and Westminster, hackney coachmen of.

Hadden, [Dutch] Lord

Haddock, Rich., jun., certificate by
-, Capt.

Haggett, Wm., or H. W., informer, letters of

Hague, Godfrey de

Hague, the
-, treaty concluded at

Haidon, Dr. John, see Heydon.

Halbord, Edw.

Hale, Sir Matthew, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer

Hales, George, consul at Venice
-, letter to

Halford, Sir Thos. or Edw., second Bart.
-, Andrew, father of
-, Sir Rich., first Bart., grandfather of

Halfway tree [Kent], letter dated from
-, ships at or to

Halifax, Viscount, see Savile, Sir George.

Halifax, co. York

Hall, Dr. George, Bishop of Chester, death of
-, John, receiver for the Duchy of Lancaster
-, John, prisoner

Halsall, Alex.
-, Capt. James
-, Rich.
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

Halswell, Hugh

Halton, Tim., letters of

Hambleton, George, petition of

-, Company
-, English agent at
-, fleet
-, residents at
-, ships of, or Hamburghers
-, ships to or from
-, shipmasters of, petition of

Hamet, Aly, pass for

Hamilton, James, second Earl of Cambridge and first Duke of Hamilton
-, William, third Earl of Cambridge and second Duke of Hamilton
-, wife and children of
-, William Douglas, alias Hamilton, Earl of Selkirk and third Duke of Hamilton
-, Anna, daughter of James, first Duke, Duchess of Hamilton, his wife
-, children of

Hamilton, Sir George
-, Mr., letter of
-, —, Scotchman

Hammond, John, M.A.
-, Manwaring
-, Sam., M.A.
-, Thos.
-, Mr.

Hamon, Fras.

Hampshire, Dr.

-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, estates in
-, high sheriff of
-, Lord Lieutenant of (Lord St. John)
-, New Forest in, see New Forest.
-, places in
-, residents in

Hampton, see Southampton.
-, Court, Middlesex, King to
-, King's park near, gamekeepers at
-, stealing of deer from
-, under-keeper of
-, letter dated from

Hanaper, see Chancery.

Hancock, Danser
-, daughter of
-, Rich.

Hancrett, John, letter of

Hannafords, And.

Hannam, Capt. Wm., or Willoughby, master attendant of Woolwich Dockyard
-, appraisement by
-, letters of

Hanse Towns

Harbin, John

Harbord, Sir Chas., Surveyor-General
-, letter of
-, report by

Harborow [? co. Leicester], parishioners of

Harcourt, Wm., petition of
-, family of

Hardcastle, Thos.
-, petition of

Hardwick Hall, co. Derby?

Hardwin, John

Hardy, Dr. Nath., Dean of Rochester, letter of
-, Jordan, brother of

Hare, Henry, Lord Coleraine

Harley, Eliz.

Harman, Sir John, Rear-Admiral of the West Indian fleet
-, fleet under
-, letters of

Harnett, Edw.

Harper, Thos., letter of

Harrington, Mary, petition of
-, family of
-, Wm.

Harris, Lieut. Edw.
-, John, letter of
-, Mr.

Harrison, Edm., citizen of London
-, Edm., shipmaster
-, Godfrey

Harsnet, Roger, serjeant-at-arms
-, warrant to

Hart, Rich.

Hartley, Mr.

Hartley [? Westmoreland], letter dated from
-, Row, Hants, resident at

Hartlib, Sam.
-, letter of

Hartwood, Barth.

Harvey, or Hervey, Sir Dan., Bart., Ambassador to Turkey
-, instructions to
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, Sir Eliab
-, Jo.
-, Sir Job, executrix of
-, Sir Thos.
-, letters of

-, fortifications at, or defence of
-, gatehouse at
-, goods from
-, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, mayor of
-, news from
-, packet boats to and from
-, persons at
-, postmaster at
-, posts to and from
-, Ridge at
-, Rolling ground at
-, ships at or near
-, letters dated from
-, Navy Commissioner at, see Taylor, Capt. John.
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to
-, West Rocks at, see West Rocks.

Harwich dockyard at
-, clerk of the cheque at, see Gregory, John.
-, clerk of the survey at
-, disbanding of
-, master shipwright at, see Deane, Anthony.
-, stores at
-, storehouse at
-, storekeeper at
-, victualler's agent at
-, workmen at

Harwood, George

Hasler, Peter

Hastings, Wm., certificate by

Hastings Bay, Sussex, ships in

Hatfield Chace, co. York, level of
-, letter dated from

Haughton, Arthur
-, Rob.

Haverfordwest, co. Pembroke, posts to and from

Havre-de-Grace, France
-, harbour of
-, ships to and from

Hawes, John, account by

Hawkins, Mary, petition of
-, husband and son-in-law of

Hawks, import of, see also Charles II., hawks of.

Hawley, Francis, Lord Hawley

Hay, James, late Earl of Carlisle
-, Margaret, widow of

Hayes, James, Prince Rupert's secretary, letters of

Hayle, Mr

Hayter, Thos., clerk of the Navy Commissioners
-, letters of
-, letters to

Hayward, Capt. Chas., letter of

Head, Rich., certificate by

Heardson, Fras., M.A.

Hearne, Rich.

Hearth or chimney money
-, collectors of
-, farmers of, case of, with the City of London
-, proceedings in Parliament concerning

Heath, John, letter of

Heather, Thos.
-, petition of
-, Thos., son of

Hebburn, Major Ralph

Hebrew language, printer in

Hedges, Wm., Treasurer for the Levant Company at Constantinople
-, letter to

Heirs and executors, Act for

Helby, Thos.

Helford, Cornwall, ships at
-, Harbour, place near

Heling, Capt. Dan., letters of

Helvoetsluys, Holland
-, letter of the King, as Prince of Wales dated from
-, packet boat to

Helyar, Wm.
-, petition of
-, children of

Henchman, Humphrey, Bishop of London and Chief Almoner

Heneage, Sir Thos.

Henley, Sir And., Bart.

Henrietta Anne, see Orleans, Duchess of.

Henrietta Maria, Queen Mother
-, Attorney-General for, see Bull, Sir Peter.
-, Comptroller of the Household of, see Bond, Sir Thos., Bart.
-, estates of
-, order of, alluded to
-, Receiver-General for, see Wood, Sir Hen.
-, secretary of, see Winton, Sir John.
-, servants of
-, suit by, alluded to
-, Surveyor General of, see Herbert, Sir Charles.
-, Treasurer of, see Jermyn, Henry, Earl of St. Alban's.
-, trustees of

Henry III., rolls of, alluded to

Henry V., in France

Henry VI., time of, alluded to

Henry VII., Act of Parliament in his time
-, decision in favour of

Henry VIII., accession of
-, charters or statutes of

Henry, Duke of Gloucester, purveyor of robes to

Henshaw, Joseph, Bishop of Peterborough, certificate by
-, Major

-, College, deaths, &c., to be certified at

Herault, Lewis, letter of

Herbert, William, Lord Herbert
-, Anne, Dowager Countess of Pembroke
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, daughter of, see Tufton, Margaret, Countess of Thanet.
-, grandchildren of, see Tufton, John, Richard, and Thomas.
-, cousin of, see Lowther, John.
-, kindred of

Herbert, Capt. Arthur (Navy)
-, letters of
-, Sir Charles
-, Sir H.
-, Wm., sheriff of co. Monmouth
-, petition of
-, Capt. (Army)

Hereford, Bishop of, see Croft, Herbert.

Hereford, trial at

-, high sheriff of
-, place in
-, residents in

Heresy, punishment of

Heron, Chas.
-, Sir Cuthbert, petition of

Herring fishery
-, Dutch

Herrings, ships laden with

Herriott's Hospital (Edinburgh), Governor of

Hertfordshire, clergy in
-, resident in
-, sheriff of

Hervey, see Harvey.

Hessle, co. York, Scotsmen at

Hewer, Mr., see Ewers, Wm.

Hewerdine, Cornet

Heydon, or Haidon, Dr. John
-, letters, &c., of

Heydon, Sir John
-, Charles, his son, letter of

Hickes, Jas., clerk of the Post Office
-, letters and notes of
-, letters to (1667)
-, (1668)
-, letters to, alluded to
-, kinsmen of

Hickman, Thomas, Lord Windsor
-, niece of
-, Sir Wm.

Higford, Hen.

Higgins, or Higgons, Sir Thos.
-, letters of
-, petition of

High Commission Court

Highgate, Middlesex

Highmore, Rob., J.P.

Highwaymen or robbers
-, execution of
-, taking of
-, warrant against

Hildyard, Hen., letter of
-, Sir Rob.
-, Rob., son of

Hill, or Hills, Capt. Edw.
-, letter of
-, John (Bridlington ?), letter of
-, John (merchant ?)
-, Thos., see Hull, Thos.
-, Mr.

Hill Morton, Yorkshire, resident at

Hills, Mr., of Chatham

Hinchinbroke, Viscount, see Montague.

Hinchman, Chas.

Hingston, Walter, declaration by

Hinton, Jos., certificate by
-, Mr., Governor of Newfoundland

Hitchin, Herts, manor of

Hobart, Nath.

Hobbes, Thos., letter of

Hobson, Isaac
-, Jo., letter to
-, Paul

Hodge, Capt.

Hodges, Edm.
-, Edward
-, family of
-, Hugh
-, J., letter of

Hodgkinson, Lieut. George

Hodgson, John

Hogg, Capt. Edw.

Holbech, Fras.

Holden, Thos., letters of (1667)
-, (1668)

Holing, John, letter of

Holland, United States, Low Countries, Seven Provinces, or United Provinces
-, admirals of
-, vice
-, ambassadors from, or from the States General see also Meerman, Lord Jan.
-, servant of
-, ambassadors to, or to the States General, and see Temple, Sir Wm.
-, arms, &c., bought in, or sent from
-, Council of State in
-, duck, cloth called
-, employment in
-, frontiers or frontier towns of
-, horses to
-, in connection with England
-, in connection with France
-, mails from
-, natives of, see Dutch.
-, news from
-, packet boats to or from, or Dutch packet boats
-, passes for, see Passes.
-, peace with, alluded to
-, persons in
-, places ceded to
-, places in
-, postmaster of
-, prisoners in
-, proclamation recalling English from, alluded to
-, Quartermaster-General for
-, regiment, see Army.
-, resident in, for Scotland
-, residents in
-, service in
-, ships of, or Hollanders, see Dutch ships.
-, ships to or from
-, Stadtholdership of
-, states or provinces of
-, States General of
-, alarm of
-, ambassadors, &c. from or to, see Holland, ambassadors from.
-, letter of, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, report to, alluded to
-, treaties with, alluded to
-, towns of
-, magistrates of
-, travellers to or from
-, treasure for, lost
-, troops in, raising of
-, Swiss
-, war with, alluded to
-, miscarriages in
-, war of, with France, see France, in connection with Holland.

Holland, co. Derby, ward of

Hollanders, see Dutchmen.

Holles, Denzil, Lord Holles, as ambassador to France
-, as ambassador at Breda

Hollier, Thos.

Hollis, Sir Fresehville

Holme, John

Holmes, Capt. John, letters of
-, Rear Admiral Sir Robert, Governor of the Isle of Wight
-, order by
-, report by
-, Capt.

Holt, N.
-, Mr.

Holt Forest, see Alice Holt.

Holyhead, Anglesey, letter dated from
-, ship to
-, travellers to

Holy Island, Northumberland, ships near

Home, John (prisoner)
-, —, ensign

Home Lacy, co. Hereford, letter dated from

Homewood, Edw., letters of

Honeywood, Charles, letters of
-, Sir Phil., Deputy Governor of Portsmouth
-, wife of

Honyman, Andrew, Bishop of Orkney

Hoo, the, see Plymouth.

Hooke, Dan.

Hooker, Edw.

Hood, Dr. Paul, Master of Baliol College Oxon
-, house of
-, letter dated from

Hooper, Jas.
-, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of

Hope, John
-, Ralph
-, letters of

Hope, the, or Tilbury Hope, letters dated from
-, ships at or near
-, ships from

Hopkins, Mr.

Hopton, Sir Ralph, Lord Hopton

Hopwood, Thos.
-, son of

Hornbrook, Rich.

Horne, George, book by
-, Wm.

Hornegild, Mr.
-, wife and children of

Horner, Sir George
-, Mr.

Hornsea, co. York, ship lost at

Horpin, John

-, Barbary
-, gifts of
-, Irish, see Irish.
-, passes or licences for
-, asked for or alluded to
-, purchase of
-, for the Queen, see Catherine of Braganza.
-, transport or carriage of
-, stealing of

Horsley Down (Southwark), Five Foot Lane in

Horsman, John
-, Nicholas

Horwood, Great, Bucks, rectory of

Hoseley, John

Hoseley Bay, see Ousley.

Hosier, Fras., muster master at Gravesend, letters of

Hospitals, queries concerning

Hotham, Henry

Houblon, Jas.
-, letters of
-, Peter, John, Isaac, and Abraham, his brothers

Houghton, Jer.

Hounslow, Middlesex, posts to and from

Household, the, see Charles II., Household of.

How, Simon, M.A.

Howard, Thomas (?), 20th Earl of Arundel and Surrey
-, Henry Frederick, 21st Earl of Arundel and Surrey (son)
-, Thomas, Duke of Norfolk (eldest son)
-, Henry (second son)
-, proposal by
-, Bernard (eighth son)
-, Thomas, Earl of Berkshire
-, Philip, son of
-, Charles, Earl of Carlisle
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, Sir Charles Howard, cousin of
-, Henry Howard, his son

Howard, Ensign Edw.
-, John
-, Ludowick
-, Philip
-, Capt. Phil.
-, Sir Philip
-, Sir Rob.
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, Col. Thos.
-, Mr.

Howe, Daniel
-, Wm., or Thos.

Howell, James, book by
-, John, Recorder of London
-, warrant to
-, Sarah
-, Thos.

Howland, Geoffrey

Hubback, Chris.

Hubbard, Capt. John
-, letters, &c., of

Hubbert, Miles, appraisement by

Hudson, John, receipt by
-, Rich.

Hugeson, Mr.

Hulbert, Edw.

Hull, Thos., alias Hill, alias Blunt, or Blount

Hull, or Kingston-upon-Hull
-, Bay at
-, Custom House of
-, factious books sent to
-, garrison of, timber for
-, goods from
-, Governor of, see Belasyse, Lord.
-, Lieutenant, see Gilby, Col. Ant.
-, harbour of
-, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, Navy Commissioners for
-, Prize Office at
-, residents in
-, Road, ship in
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, timber at or from
-, Trinity House at
-, letter dated from
-, masters of
-, wardens of
-, certificate of
-, letter of

Humber, the
-, island in
-, Middle Ground in, buoy on
-, ships in or near
-, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Humborough, Oxon, manor of

Humes, Rob.

Humphries, Pelham

Hungerford, Sir Edw., M.P.
-, letter to
-, Giles

Hung Road, Bristol, ships in or to
-, letters dated from

Hunt, Maurice

Huntingdon, —, lease to

Huntingdon, churches in, St. John Baptist, All Saints, St. Benedict, and St. Mary

Huntingdonshire, high sheriff of
-, Lieut.-General for

Huntington, John, letters of
-, John, bailiff of Yarmouth

Huntley, family of, see Gordon, Jean.

Hurst Castle, Hants.

Hurt, C., letters of

Hussey, Chris.

Hutchings, Rob., letter of

Hutchinson, John
-, Wm.
-, letters of

Hutton, Cumberland, letter dated from
-, resident at
-, traveller to

Hyde, Edward, Earl of Clarendon, late Lord Chancellor
-, banishment of
-, Act for
-, complaint against
-, embassy to Spain of
-, escape of
-, illness of
-, impeachment of
-, reasons for
-, in France
-, letter of
-, alluded to
-, outrage upon
-, payments for
-, petition of
-, petition to
-, protestation concerning
-, removal of
-, report of, alluded to
-, servants of
-, views of the people on
-, warrant of, alluded to
-, sons of
-, Henry, Viscount Cornbury (eldest son)
-, Laurence, Master of the Robes (second son)
-, Edw. and Jas., sons of

Hyde, Sir Frederic

Hythe Bay, Kent, ship ashore near


Iceland fishery, or fishermen
-, ships to or from

Icklesham, Sussex, vicarage of

Impye, John

Inawayes [? Spanish ship]

Ince, co. Lancaster, manor of
-, residents at

Inchiquin, Earl of, see O'Brien.

Indemnity, Act of, alluded to

-, meetings of
-, ministers of

India, see East Indies.

Indians, the, peace made with

-, ships laden with

Indulgence, see Religion, toleration in.

Informers, see H. H. and Haggett, Wm., letters of.

Inglescombe, co. Somerset, manor of

Ingram, Sir Thos., Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
-, warrants, &c. to

Inquisitions post mortem, Act for taking

Inventions, or Inventors

Ipswich, Suffolk
-, letter dated from
-, residents at
-, ships of

Ireland, —, (gunmaker)

-, accounts of, alluded to
-, Act of settlement with
-, chimneys [or hearth money in], farming of
-, coast of, person on
-, ships on or to
-, Commission for, alluded to
-, Commissioners of Claims in
-, Commissioners of Prizes in
-, Committee of Council for
-, customs of, farming of
-, estates or lands in
-, excise of, farming of
-, judges of
-, Lord Lieutenant of, and see Butler, Duke of Ormond.
-, Lord Deputy of, see Butler, Thomas, Earl of Ossory.
-, Lord Deputy and Council of
-, mails to and from
-, nobility or gentry of
-, North of
-, ship of
-, rebels, or insurrection in, see Tories in Ireland.
-, Scots in
-, ships of, or Irishmen
-, ships to and from
-, Surveyor of
-, Tories in
-, travellers to or from
-, Vice-Treasurer of, late, see Anglesey, Earl of.
-, Vice-Treasurership of
-, wool from

Irish, the, "an appendix to England,"
-, affairs, Commission for, see Ireland, Commission for.
-, cabins, destruction of
-, cattle, import of
-, Act against, alluded to
-, remonstrance against
-, horses, proclamation against import of, alluded to
-, men
-, papists
-, soldiers

-, for the Navy
-, ships laden with
-, Swedish, duty on
-, work

Ironside, Gilbert, Bishop of Bristol

Isham, Capt. Hen.

Isola, Baron de

Italian physician

Italy, galleys of
-, news from
-, post from

Ivy, Giles
-, letter of


Jackman, Wm., death of

Jackson, Ant.
-, James, M.D., President of Clare Hall, Cambridge, certificate by
-, John
-, Stephen, jun., letter of
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

Jacob, Sir John, Bart.
-, Capt. Rich.
-, certificate by
-, inventory by

Jacobson, Frances

-, defence of
-, Governor of, see Modyford, Sir Thos.
-, people of
-, planters of
-, ships to or from, or Jamaicamen

James I., Act of Parliament of
-, defence of
-, grants by, alluded to
-, transactions in his time

James, Duke of York
-, as Lord High Admiral
-, as Governor of Portsmouth
-, warrant to
-, as Governor of the African Company
-, as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports
-, swearing in of
-, attendance on
-, Attorney-General to (Sir Edw. Turner)
-, children of, payments for
-, commissions from, alluded to
-, commission to
-, daughter of, Anne, the Lady
-, dogs of
-, grant by
-, grants to
-, illness of (smallpox)
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, from the King
-, alluded to
-, orders or warrants of
-, alluded to
-, orders or warrants to
-, alluded to
-, personal notices of
-, petitions to
-, alluded to
-, plot against
-, recommendation or request by alluded to
-, regiment of guards of, see Army.
-, relations of, with the King
-, secretary of, see Wren, Mat.
-, style and titles of
-, surveyor to
-, tax granted to
-, yacht or ship of see also Ships, names of, Anne yacht.

James, John, petition of

Janison, Ralph

Jannatt, Thos., letter of

Jedburgh, Scotland, traveller to

Jegon, Rob., J.P.

Jemmett, Capt. Warham, sen., letter of
-, Warham, jun., letter of

Jenkins, Dr. Leoline, judge of the Admiralty
-, case of
-, letter, &c. of
-, letters to
-, Tobias
-, Wm., killing of

Jennens, Sir Wm., see Jennings.

Jenner, David, M.A.

Jenney, Thos.

Jennings, Sir Edm.
-, Ralph
-, or Jennens, Sir Wm.
-, letters of
-, ship of

Jermyn, Henry, Earl of St. Alban's, treasurer to the Queen Mother
-, as late Governor of Jersey
-, Sir Thos., son of

Jermyn, Capt.
-, Lady
-, Mr.

-, bailiff and jurates of, letters to
-, defence and supply of
-, Elizabeth Castle in
-, letter dated from
-, Governor of, see Morgan, Sir Thos., and Jermyn, Henry, Earl of St. Alban's.
-, letters dated from
-, militia of
-, natives of
-, old castle of
-, letter dated from
-, prisoners in, see also Lambert, Col. John.
-, ships to or from
-, trained bands of
-, travellers to and from
-, troops in, or garrison of

Jesuits, Society of, estate in trust for
-, in London

Jewel House, see Charles II., Household of.

Jewish rites, teaching of

Jingle, Wm.

Joan, English prisoner in Jamaica, narrative by

John, King, rolls of, alluded to

John or Juan, Don, of Austria, see Austria.

Johnson, Capt. Ben.
-, letters of
-, Elizabeth
-, Hen.
-, letter of
-, John, letters of
-, M., letter of

Johnston, James, Earl of Annandale

Jollif, Geo.

Jones, Arthur, second Viscount Ranelagh
-, Katherine, wife of, petition of

Jones, Chas.
-, Freeman
-, George
-, Sir Henry
-, Hugh, J.P.
-, Inigo
-, Roger
-, Thos., Welsh judge
-, Wm., gunner
-, —, plotter
-, —, shipmaster

Joplin, John

Jordan, Sir Jos.
-, certificate by
-, letter of

Joyce, Ant.
-, widow and children of

Juan, Don, see Austria.

Judge Advocate, see Fowler, John.

Judges, or justices of assize
-, Lord Chief, see also Common Pleas and King's Bench.
-, salaries of
-, Welsh

Jukes, Lieut.-Col.

Julian, Robert
-, letter of

Jurors, fines of

Justice, Mr.

Justice, or Law, Courts of

Justices of assize, see Judges.
-, of peace see also under the several counties.

Justinian, St. Lawrence, Venetian history by

Juxon, Capt. Chas.


Keeble, Jeremy

Keely (? Kelynge), Judge

Keene, Mr.

Keeper, Lord, see Bridgeman, Sir Orlando.

Kelk, Nicholas

Kelly, Lieut.-Col. the Earl of, see Erskine, Alex.

Kelsey, Thos.

Kelynge, Sir John, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench
-, letter to
-, references to, and reports of

Kemp, Laurence

Kempthorne, Capt. or Rear-Admiral John
-, letter of

Kemsley, Rob.

Kendal, Westmoreland
-, letters dated from

Kennedy, Capt. Philip, petition of

Kensington, Middlesex, innkeeper at

Kent, Thos., letters of
-, Mr.

-, defence of
-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, lists of
-, excise in, duties of
-, farmer of
-, J.P. for
-, Lord Lieutenants of, see Finch, Earl of Winchelsea, and Stuart, Duke of Richmond.
-, militia of
-, resident in
-, sheriff of, high
-, under, certificate of

Kentish Knock, the

Kerr, or Carr, Lord Roxburgh
-, Lord [? Robert, his son]

Kersey, John, petition of

Ketersfield, see Petersfield.

Kidderminster, co. Worcester, resident at

Kilkenny, Ireland, Lord Lieutenant at

Killigrew, Sir Peter
-, Thos., Master of the Revels
-, Sir Charles, son of
-, Dr.
-, Lady

Kilmaiden, Ireland, residents at

Kilmar [? Ireland], letter dated from
-, River, ship in

Kilner, Mrs.
-, husband and child of
-, brother of, see Williamson, Jos.

Kinaston, Edw., letters of

King, the, see Charles II.
-, the late, see Charles I.

King, Henry, Bishop of Chichester
-, letter of
-, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Thos.
-, Mr.

Kingdon, Rich., account by

Kingroad, Bristol, letters dated from
-, ships at
-, ships to or from

King's Bench
-, attorney of
-, cases in
-, coroner and attorney of, warrant to
-, Lord Chief Justice of, see Kelynge, Sir John.
-, prison of

Kingsford, Thos., letters of

King's Lynn, see Lynn Regis.

Kingston, Hants, resident at
-, co. Warwick, town and vicarage of
-, -on-Hull, co. York, see Hull.
-, -on-Thames, Surrey, assizes or gaol delivery at

Kingswear, Dartmouth, resident at

Kingswood Chace, co. Gloucester
-, ranger of

Kinsale, Ireland
-, clerk of the cheque at, see Penn, Wm.
-, Harbour, letter dated from
-, letters dated from
-, Navy stores at
-, embezzlement of
-, ships to or from
-, victualler of

Kippes, Wm., declaration by

Kirk, Geo.
-, Thos.

Kirkby, Chas., letter of
-, Col. Rich., petition of

Kirke, Sir Lewis

Kirkhoven, Charles Henry, Lord Wotton

Kirkhoven, Capt. Michael
-, affidavit by

Kirkman, Wm.

Knight, James
-, John, surgeon to the King petition of
-, Sir John
-, letters of
-, John, his son
-, Michael
-, Nathan
-, Mr. (collector)

Knowsley, John

Knutsford, co. Chester, letter dated from

Kynaston, Sir Fras