General Index: L

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: L', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 670-677. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]



Lace, manufacture of, in England
-, Point de Venise

Lach, Mr. [Leach ?], registrar of bankrupts

Laine, Pierre, letter of

Lake, Dr. John
-, petition of
-, Sir Lancelot, letter of

Laler, Monsieur

Lamb, [J.] (mayor of Oxford)

Lambert, Col. John, prisoner in Jersey
-, army of (late)
-, Frances and Mary, daughters of

Lamplough, Dr. Thos.
-, letters of

Lancashire, Jas

Lancashire, estates in
-, M.P.s for
-, places in
-, receivership of
-, resident in

Lancastell, Wm.

Lancaster, affray in
-, Duchy of, Chancellor of, see Ingram, Sir Thos.
-, receiver of
-, revenues of
-, Herald-at-Arms

Landguard Fort, Suffolk

Land's End, Cornwall, ship ashore at
-, ships off

Landsford, Sir Edw.

Lane, Sir George
-, note by

Langham, Sir John, Bart.

Langhorn, Wm.
-, father of

Langley, John
-, Rich. [treasurer of the Levanto Co. at Smyrna]
-, letters to

Langrack, John
-, account by
-, letters of

Langston, or Langstone, Capt. Ant.
-, letter, &c. of

Languedoc, France, person escaping to

Lannoy, [Ben.], consul at Aleppo, letters to

Lanyon, John
-, letters of

Laraux, ship at

Lassells, Capt. Thos.

Last, Rob.

Latin language
-, documents in
-, printer in
-, and English dictionary

Latley, Philip, letter of

Lauderdale, Earl of, see Maitland.

Laugharne, Anne, Lady, letter of
-, Rowland, petition of
-, son and daughter of

Laugharne Sands, co. Carmarthen, wreck on

Laurence, John
-, Capt. Rich.

Law, civil, doctors of
-, study of
-, courts of, see Justice.
-, suits at

Lawrence, Mr.

Lawson, Capt. Aaron, letters of
-, Sir John
-, Sir Wilfrid, J.P.
-, Capt.
-, Lieut.

Layfield, Jacob
-, letter of

Layton, Wm., sheriff of Cumberland
-, letter of

Lea, Rob.

Lead, ships laden with
-, wanted

Leane, Abraham

Learmond, Major

Leatt, Capt.

Lechmere, Thos.

Lee, Hen., B.A.
-, Nich., deposition by
-, —, of Farnham

Lee [Essex ?], letter dated from
-, ship of
-, ship near
-, Road, ship in, letter dated from

Leeds, co. York
-, alderman of
-, J.P. of
-, letter dated from

Leeke, Sir Rob.

Leeward Islands

Legg, Col. Wm., lieutenant of ordnance
-, letter to

Leghorn, Italy
-, English consul and residents at, certificate by
-, letters from
-, alluded to
-, residents at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, warehouse at, Navy stores in

Leicestershire, deputy-lieutenants of (?)
-, estates in
-, high sheriff of
-, history of, extract from
-, places in
-, rectory in
-, residents in

Leigh, Rob.
-, Mr.

Leighton, Sir Ellis
-, statement and petition of

Leith, Scotland
-, custom house at
-, letters dated from
-, Navy agent at
-, Road, letter dated from

Leiyenbergh, H. de, letter of

Leke, Nicholas, second Earl of Scarsdale

Lennard, Thomas, Lord Dacre

Lenny, Sam.

Lenox, Duke of, see Stuart.

Lent, non-observance of

Lesley, Mr., of London

Leslie, James, Lord Lindores
-, Elizabeth, widow of, petition of
-, children of
-, John, bishop of Ross

Lesly, John, Earl of Rothes, Lord Commissioner of Scotland
-, as Lord Chancellor of Scotland
-, troop of
-, as President of the Council of Scotland

Lestock, Rich

L'Estrange, Roger, surveyor of the press
-, letters of

Letter Office, see Post Office, London, also Dublin and Sandwich, letter offices in.

Levant, the, letters from, alluded to
-, or Turkey Company
-, assistants of
-, certificate by
-, charges on
-, charter of, clause in
-, cloth of gold for
-, court of, order of
-, alluded to
-, factors of
-, Governor of, see Riccard, Sir And.
-, instructions from
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letter to
-, member of
-, moneys of
-, present by
-, seal of

Leverett, John, information by

Levett, Dr. John
-, Thos.

Lewes, —, deputy-lieutenant of co. Wilts

Lewis, or Lewes, John
-, letter of
-, Thos., Navy victualler's clerk, certificates by
-, letters of

Lewsley, Thos.
-, letters of

Leyden, Holland, Burgomaster of
-, paper dated from
-, university of, student at

Leytley, boatswain

Lichfield, co. Stafford
-, letters dated from
-, traveller to

Lichfield and Coventry, Bishop of, see Hacket, John.

Liddell, Capt. Geo., letters of
-, Sir Thos., Bart.

Lidget, Peter

Liège, Netherlands, traveller to

Lieutenants of Counties, Lord and Deputy, see under the several counties.

Lightfoot, Capt. John
-, Rich.
-, Mr.


Lilburne, Hen., letter of, to the King

Lilly, John, servant of Wm. Collard
-, examination of

Limbry, Capt. John

Limehouse, Middlesex, letter dated from

Limerick, Thos.

Limerick, Ireland

Lincoln, Bishop of, see Fuller, Dr. Wm., and Sanderson, Robert.
-, Bishopric of
-, first-fruits of
-, diocese of
-, postmaster of

-, deputy-lieutenant of
-, travellers to

Lindores, Lord, see Leslie.

Lindsey, Earl of, see Bertie.

Lindsey, John
-, Owen, letter of

Lindsey Level, Lincolnshire, proceedings concerning

Line, Fish, see Lyne.

-, cloth, ships laden with
-, duties on

Linger, Dr.

Linlithgow, Earl of, see Livingston.
-, provost of

Linton, John or Rob.

-, English soldiers at
-, letters to or from
-, ship of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to

Lisle, France, traveller from

Lister, Martin, M.A.
-, Thos., letter of

Little, Humphrey

Littleton, Sir Charles
-, George
-, Sir Harry
-, Newport
-, Timothy
-, Walter, letter of
-, Sir Walter
-, Fisher, brother of

Liverpool, resident at
-, ship of

Livingston, George, third Earl of Linlithgow
-, regiment of

Lix, Francisco de

Lizard, the, Cornwall, ships off
-, letters dated from
-, ships wrecked at or near
-, to or from

Llandenny, or Methenny, co. Monmouth, manor of

Lloyd, Sir Godfrey
-, petition of
-, Capt. John
-, letter of
-, Dr. [John], prebendary of Windsor
-, Lodowick, letter of
-, Medith [? Meredith]
-, Sir Richard
-, [Thos.], sec. to the Prize Commissioners
-, Wm., company of, in the Guards
-, Mr. [? minister]

Loader, Mr.

Lockey, Dr. Thos.

Loddington, co. Leicester, manor of
-, resident at
-, co. Northampton, letter dated from

Lodge, Morgan
-, letter of
-, lists of ships by, see Downs, ships in.

Loe, Laurence [marine factor at Scanderoon]
-, letter of
-, Martin

Logic, reader of

Lokyer, Mr.

London, Bishop of, see Henchman, Humphrey.

London, or the City
-, aldermen of, see also Lord Mayor and aldermen.
-, apprentices of
-, rising of
-, Banks and Monts de Piété in
-, bills of mortality, burials, and christenings in
-, alluded to
-, chamberlain of
-, citizens of
-, petition of
-, queries to
-, City of, case of
-, City Companies of, viz.:—
-, Bakers
-, Barber Surgeons, clerk of
-, governors of
-, request of
-, Hall of, letters dated from
-, master and wardens of, letter of
-, Blacksmiths
-, Ironmongers
-, Leathersellers' Hall, letter dated from
-, Parish Clerks
-, forms filled in by
-, Stationers
-, clerk of
-, Hall, letter dated from
-, master and wardens of
-, letter to
-, warrant to
-, members of
-, Vintners (?)
-, Watermen, masters or rulers of
-, Woodmongers, charter or patent of
-, declaration of
-, City Mercury, newspaper
-, Committees in
-, Common Council of
-, Corporation of
-, defence of
-, excise or duties in
-, farmers or commissioners of customs in
-, fire of
-, losses occasioned by
-, collection for
-, money for relief of
-, picture of, asked for
-, firing of, threatened
-, Frenchmen in
-, Gazette
-, goods in, for, or from
-, guards for
-, hackney coachmen of, case of, stated
-, commissioners for
-, houses in
-, indigent officers in
-, letters, &c., dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, liberties of
-, lieutenancy of
-, Lord Mayor of, see Peake, Sir Wm.
-, late, see Bolton, Sir Wm.
-, Lord Mayor and aldermen of
-, King's letters to
-, King's speech to
-, mariners of
-, merchants, &c. of
-, petitions of
-, alluded to
-, ships belonging to, or bought by
-, militia of, captain of
-, money sent to or from
-, muster master in
-, painters of
-, Papists in
-, parishes in east and south of, scavengers of
-, paving of, proposed Act of Parliament for
-, persons in and about
-, summoned to
-, plague in
-, port of
-, customs of
-, customs' officers in
-, land waiter in
-, under-searcher for
-, posts to or from
-, Prize Office and commissioners in, see Prize Office, and Prizes, Lords Commissioners of.
-, Protestants in
-, rebuilding or repair of
-, Act for, alluded to
-, Surveyor-General for
-, Receiver-General of poll money in
-, Recorder of, see Wylde, Sir Wm., and Howell, John.
-, residence in, licence for
-, residents in
-, rising in, expected
-, Royal Society of, see Royal Society.
-, salt traders in, see Salt.
-, sheriffs of
-, orders or warrants to
-, shipowners of, petition of
-, ships at or in
-, ships of, or Londoners
-, ships to or for
-, ships from
-, south of, water supply of
-, streets, parishes, &c., in:—
-, Aldersgate Street, Excise Office in, see Excise Office.
-, Aldgate
-, prison, prisoners in
-, Angel Tavern
-, Arundel House
-, Austin Friars
-, Bartholemew Fair
-, Bartholomew Lane
-, Basinghall Street
-, Bell Wharf
-, Berkshire House
-, Billingsgate
-, Bishopsgate Street, Devonshire House in
-, Post Office in, see Post Office.
-, Blue Anchor Alley
-, Broad Street
-, Navy Treasury Office in
-, Brooke House, Commissioners at, see Accounts, Commissioners of.
-, letter dated from
-, Chancery Lane
-, Charing Cross
-, inns at or near
-, letters dated from
-, Charter House, see Charter House.
-, Charter Lane
-, Chick Lane
-, Chiswell Street
-, Christ Church Hospital
-, Church Lane
-, Clement's Inn, letter dated from
-, Clerkenwell Green
-, letter dated from
-, St. James's parish in
-, Clifford's Inn
-, letter dated from
-, Cockpit, letter dated from
-, Covent Garden
-, Piazza in, letter dated from
-, Cripplegate
-, Custom House, see Custom House.
-, Dog and Bitch Yard
-, Drury Lane
-, letters dated from
-, Dutch Church
-, Essex Gate
-, Essex House
-, Committee at
-, letters dated from
-, Exchange
-, Exeter House, letter dated from
-, Finsbury
-, Fleet Prison, prisoners of, petition of
-, rebuilding of
-, warden of
-, Fleet Street
-, Gardener's Alley
-, Globe Tavern
-, Golding Lane
-, Goldsmiths' Hall, treasury at
-, Goring House
-, Gray's Inn
-, letter dated from
-, Gray's Inn Lane
-, Great St. Helens, Exchange Office in, see Exchange Office.
-, Gresham College, lectureship in
-, Guildhall
-, Hart Street
-, Holborn
-, letter dated from
-, St. Andrew's parish in
-, Lambeth House, prisoner at
-, Leadenhall Street
-, Leicester House
-, Letter Office, see Post Office.
-, Limehouse
-, Lincoln's Inn
-, letter dated from
-, Lincoln's Inn Fields, letters dated from
-, Little Britain
-, London Bridge
-, heads exposed on
-, Lukener's lane
-, Mark Lane
-, letter dated from
-, Marshalsea prison, keeper of, warrant to
-, Minories
-, Moorfields
-, Lower
-, Upper
-, Moorgate, Little
-, Newgate prison
-, prisoners in
-, Nightingale Lane
-, Old Bailey, jury at, certificate by
-, sessions
-, Old Street
-, Pall Mall
-, letter dated from
-, Petticoat Lane
-, Piccadilly
-, Queen Street
-, Ratcliffe Crose
-, Highway
-, Ring Street
-, Rosemary Lane
-, Saffron Hill
-, St. Austin Friars
-, St. Bartholomew's Hospital
-, governors of
-, lease from
-, seamen in
-, surgeons in
-, St. Botolph's Church
-, Wharf
-, St. Botolph's without Bishopsgate, rectory of
-, St. Christopher's Alley
-, St. Clement Danes
-, St. Dunstan's West, parish of
-, St. Giles in the Fields, parish of
-, rector of
-, St. James's, letters dated from
-, manor of
-, St. James's [palace], porter of
-, Market
-, Park, (?)
-, St. Martin's in the Fields, burial ground in
-, churchwardens and overseers of, petition of
-, Green Mews in
-, parish of
-, poor of
-, vicar and wardens of, petition of
-, St. Mary Axe
-, letter dated from
-, St. Paul's, Dean of, see Sancroft, Dr. Wm.
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, prebend in
-, rebuilding of
-, Churchyard
-, St. Sepulchre's
-, vicar of
-, St. Thomas's Hospital
-, Savoy, brotherhood at
-, King's printing house at
-, Scotland Yard
-, letter dated from
-, Seething Lane, Navy Office in, see Navy Office.
-, Smithfield, East
-, Somerset House
-, Southampton House
-, Spitalfields
-, Stepney
-, Strand
-, Sutton's Hospital, see Charterhouse.
-, Temple, the
-, letter dated from
-, Inner
-, letter dated from
-, Middle
-, Temple Church, paper found in
-, Thames Street
-, Tower, the, see Tower.
-, Hill
-, Wharf
-, Tuthill Street
-, Upper Spring Garden
-, Volary, the
-, Wapping New Stairs
-, Weld Close
-, Well Close
-, Wheeler's Street
-, Whitechapel, resident at
-, Whitecross Street
-, Winchester Street, letters dated from
-, surveyors for
-, traders in salt, see Salt.
-, travellers to or from
-, troops in and about
-, waterworks in
-, wharfs and quays of
-, owners and wharfingers of, case of

Londonderry, Ireland, ship of

Long, Sir Rob.
-, certificate by
-, office of
-, Thos.
-, Capt.

Long Reach, ships in or to

Longsand Head, ship at

Looe, Cornwall, ship of
-, soldiers shipped from

Lord Lieutenants, see under the several counties.

Lords or Peers, House of see also Parliament.
-, bill read in
-, committee of
-, difference of, with the Commons
-, in connection with the Earl of Clarendon
-, journals of, erasures from
-, papers printed in
-, petition of Lord Clarendon to
-, privileges or jurisdiction of
-, reference to

Lorenz, M. St.

Lorraine, Duke of [Charles III.]
-, agents of
-, cousin of, see Aremberg, Prince of.
-, Prince Charles, nephew of

Lorraine, travellers to

-, in Scotland, see Scotland.
-, officers of
-, plate, for indigent officers

Loudon Hill, Scotland, rendezvous at

Loughton Lane, Essex, enclosure of

Lounder, Daniel
-, Abra., son of

Louvaine, France

Lovelace, John, second Baron Lovelace
-, letter of
-, Anne, wife of

Loven, Mr.

Loverow, John, petition of

Loving, Wm., letter of

Low, Capt.

Low Countries, see Holland.

Lowestoft, Suffolk

Lowman, John, signature of

Lowry, Mr.

Lowther, Sir John, sen.
-, letters of
-, Eliz., Lady Lowther, his wife, note by
-, John, M.P. (late), son of
-, Ant., nephew of
-, Sir John, jun.

Lowther, Westmoreland, letters dated from

Lubeck, or Lubec, Germany, inhabitants of
-, ships of

Lucar, John

Lucas, Sir John, Lord Lucas, petition of

Lucas, Sir Charles
-, Sir Gervase
-, letter of

Lucisuavius (allegorical character)

Lucy, Wm., Bishop of St. David's

Lude, Comte de

Ludkin, Dr. Chris.
-, letter of

Ludlow, Edm. (regicide)

Ludman, Capt. Bernard, letter of

Lugg, Mr.

Lullman, Mr.

Lunatics, or madmen

Lundy Island, co. Devon, ship near

Lunenburg, Germany, troops of

Luscombe, Dan.

Luton Hoo, co. Bedford, resident at

Lutterell, Fras.
-, Lucy, widow of, petition of
-, elder sons of
-, Alexander, youngest son of
-, Jane, mother of
-, servants of

Lyme Regis, co. Dorset, the Cobb at
-, fort at
-, harbour of
-, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, mayor of
-, merchant of
-, news from
-, ships at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, traveller to

Lynch, Fras., petition of
-, Jasper

Lyndhurst, co. Hants, estate in
-, manor and park of

Lyne, or Line, Fishe
-, habeas corpus for

Lynes, John, petition of

Lynn Regis, or King's Lynn, Norfolk
-, aldermen and common council of
-, burgess for
-, letters dated from
-, magistrates of
-, mayor of
-, militia of
-, news from
-, officers of customs at
-, ships at or to
-, ships of

Lysle, John, letters of

Lyzala, Baron de