General Index: N, O

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: N, O', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 682-688. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]



Nailor, or Naylor, Dr. [Joseph]

Nanfan, John

Nantes, France, letter dated from
-, ships to or from

Nantwich, co. Chester, letter dated from
-, resident at

Napier, Sir Gerard, Bart. [co. Dorset]
-, Rob.
-, alias Sandy, Sir Rob., Bart. [co. Bedford]

Narrows, or Narrow Seas, the, ships in

Nash, John, certificate by

Nashby, Goodman

Nassau, Lewis, Count of, Lord of Beverwart
-, Isabella and Amelia, daughters of
-, father of, see Maurice, Prince of Orange.

Navarra, States of Milan, people of

-, Act of, suspension of
-, alluded to
-, Bill for encouraging
-, duties
-, treaty with Holland concerning

Navy, the see also Ships and Fleet.
-, accounts of, alluded to
-, bills, alluded to and see also Mariners, tickets for.
-, Chest
-, clerks of see also Carkase, James.
-, clerk of the Acts in, see Pepys, Sam.
-, Controller of see also Mennes, Sir John.
-, creditors of, case of
-, letters of
-, debts of
-, dockyards see also Chatham, Deptford, Harwich, Portsmouth, and Woolwich, dockyards at.
-, foreign workmen in
-, master attendants of see also the several dockyards.
-, expenses of, reduction of
-, muster master general for
-, muster masters in
-, musters in
-, rolls or books for
-, Office, Seething Lane
-, gate of, posting of notices at
-, letters dated from
-, papers or books in or from
-, sale of ships at
-, officers of see also Ewers, Wm.
-, forbidden to enter foreign service
-, paymaster of, see Waith, Rob.
-, punishments in, see Mariners, punishment of.
-, stores and provisions for
-, embezzlement of
-, surveyors of, see Batten, Sir Wm.; Middleton, Col. Thos.
-, clerk of
-, reports of
-, Ticket Office
-, clerks of
-, letters dated from
-, tickets from, see Mariners, tickets of pay for.
-, timber for, see Timber.
-, Treasurers of and see Annesley, Earl of Anglesey.
-, late, see Carteret, Sir G.
-, office of, in Broad Street
-, letters dated from
-, order of, alluded to
-, orders to, alluded to
-, Treasury of, money in or from
-, victualler of, see Gauden, Sir Denis.
-, clerk of, see Lewis, Thos.
-, victuallers of
-, agents of
-, victualling of
-, accounts
-, office, letters dated from
-, wines for

Navy Board or Commissioners, see also Batten, Sir Wm.; Brouncker, William, Viscount; Mennes, Sir J.; Middleton, Col. T.; Penn, Sir Wm.; Pepys, Sam.; Pett, Peter; Tippetts, John; Taylor, Capt. John.
-, agents of
-, certificates by
-, asked for or alluded to
-, certificates attested before
-, charter parties by
-, clerk of, see Hayter, Thos.
-, commission to
-, contracts with or for
-, deposition before
-, form of oath sent in by
-, indenture by
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to (1667)
-, (1668)
-, alluded to
-, orders of
-, alluded to
-, orders to, alluded to
-, petitions to
-, alluded to
-, other papers, &c., addressed or delivered to
-, reference of a petition to
-, report of
-, request or application to
-, warrants by
-, warrants to
-, the late

Naylor, see Nailor.

Neale, Mr.

Nealson, Mr.

Neath, co. Glamorgan

Needles, the, Isle of Wight
-, ships off

Needwood Chase, co. Stafford, keepership of
-, red deer in

Negroes, or Blacks

Nerva hemp

Netherlands, and see Holland.
-, French designs on, see France, in connection with Holland.
-, ships of
-, Spanish

Nettlesheath, Isle of Wight, works at

Neuburg, Duke of [Philip William]

Nevis, island of, West Indies
-, ships from

New, Wm., petition of

Newark-on-Trent, Notts, castle and lands at
-, resident at
-, vicarage of

Newbold Verdon, co. Leicester, rector of

Newcastle, Duke of, see Cavendish.

-, aldermen of
-, bar, ships off
-, bishop's visitation at
-, bridge at
-, castle at
-, coal traders of, memorial of
-, disputes of
-, farmer of excise for
-, fishermen of
-, letters, &c., dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, mayor of
-, certificates by
-, mayor and aldermen of
-, petition of, alluded to
-, Nonconformists at
-, Papists in
-, posts to and from
-, recorder of
-, residents at
-, salt-making at, or salt from
-, ships at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Newcombe, Thos.
-, letter to

Newell, John

New England
-, condition of
-, resident in
-, ship of, or New Englander
-, ships to or from

Newenham, see Newnham.

New Forest, Hants, houses or cottages in
-, lands or estates in
-, letter dated from
-, New Park in
-, timber from
-, wardenship of

-, affairs or government of
-, English fishery at
-, fishing ships to or from
-, fishing trade with
-, French Governor of
-, Governor of
-, ships of

Newhall, Essex, timber from

Newhaven, Sussex, merchants of, ship bought by

Newland, Justice

Newman, Lieut. Rich.
-, Thos.
-, Mr., letter to

Newmarket, co. Cambridge, excise at
-, highwaymen at
-, house at or near
-, King's gamekeepers at
-, King's house at

New Marsh, Wales, ship lost at

Newnham, or Newenham, co. Gloucester

Newnham Padox, co. Warwick, house at

New Park, on the Thames

Newport, Francis, second Baron Newport
-, Lady Diana, wife of

Newport, And., Comptroller of Wardrobe
-, letter, &c., of
-, Capt. And.
-, Mr.

New River Company, Governors of

News-letters, see also Francis, Rob., and Williamson, Joseph, news-letters of.
-, alluded to or asked for
-, extracts from


Newsted, Capt. Rob.

Newton Haven, Isle of Wight

New York, Governor of

Nicholas, Sir Edw., late Secretary of State

Nicholl, or Nicholls, Fras., ordnance officer, certificate, &c., by
-, letters of

Nicholl, Nicholls, Nicoll, or Nicolls, Capt. or Major Henry
-, agreement by
-, letters, &c., of
-, petitions of

Nicholls, Rich.

Nicholson, John
-, William, Bishop of Gloucester
-, —, mercer

Nieuport, Flanders
-, French near or before

Nipho, Monsieur
-, letter of

Nisbett, John, petition of
-, wife and family of

Nixon, Peter

Noble, John, highwayman
-, Capt.

Noel, Sir And.
-, Edward, Lord Noel, son of
-, Henry, brother of
-, Sir Martin, steward of

No Man's Land, near Portsmouth, ship aground on

Nonconformists, Conventiclers, or Sectaries, see also Fanatics, and Yarmouth, conventicles at.
-, Acts against, alluded to
-, banishment of
-, imprisonment or persecution of
-, ministers of
-, proclamation concerning

Norden, Mr.

Nore, buoy of the
-, letters dated from
-, ships at
-, ships to or from

Norfolk, Duke of, see Howard.

-, commissioners for
-, excise in
-, places in
-, residents in

Norgrave, Thos., letter to

Norman, James, clerk of the survey at Chatham
-, letters of

-, Duchy of
-, Parliament Court of
-, plague in

North, the, mails from
-, ships bound for
-, ships from

Northampton, George Inn at
-, letter bag from

-, forests in
-, justices of
-, places in
-, receiver for
-, sheriff of
-, travellers to

North Cape, ship at

Northdown ale

North Seas, ships to or from

Northumberland, Earl of, see Percy.
-, Archdeacon of, see Basire, Dr. Isaac.

Northumberland coals
-, farmer of excise of
-, M.P.s for
-, resident in
-, salt makers in
-, sheriff of

Norton, Sir John
-, Ralph, petition of
-, John, his ward
-, petition of
-, father of
-, Roger
-, Thos.
-, Col.

Norton Canon, co. Hereford, resident at

-, escape of Marquis of Montrose to
-, ships to or from

Norwich, Earl of, see Goring.
-, Bishop of, see Reynolds, Edward.
-, church or cathedral of, beadsman in
-, High Steward of
-, Dean of, see Croftes, Dr. John.
-, Dean and Chapter of, letter to

-, bills of mortality for
-, Castle, prisoner in
-, Commissioners for
-, letters dated from
-, plague at
-, residents at

Norwood, Col. or Lieut.-Col. Hen.

Nottingham, robbery at

-, General for
-, lands and places in

Noy, Arthur

Nulls, Sir John
-, Mary and Peter

Nurton, John, petition of

Nutmegs, import of

Nye [? Philip]


Oats, see Corn.

Oblivion, Act of, alluded to

Ocam Ness, near Chatham, ship in

O'Brien, Henry, seventh Earl of Thomond
-, Sarah, second wife of
-, Henry, Lord O'Brien, or Brian, son of
-, Lady Katherine, wife of
-, Murrough, Earl of Inchiquin
-, Capt. O'Brien, son of

O'Brien, O'Brian, or O'Bryen, Capt. Ch.
-, letters of
-, Capt. Terence, petition of

Odiham, Hants, resident at

Officers (civil)
-, military, see Army, officers in.

Ogle, Earl of. see Cavendish.

Ogle, John
-, Sir Thos.

Ognate, Signor de

Okey, Col. John

Oldenburg [Antonius], Conte de
-, letter of

Oldenburgh, Mr.
-, wife of

O'Neale, Dan.
-, widow of, see Stanhope, Katherine, Countess of Chesterfield.

O'Neile, —, letters of

Onslow, Sir Rich.
-, Arthur, son of

Orange, Maurice, Prince of
-, natural son of, Lewis, Lord of Beverwart
-, daughters of
-, William, Prince of
-, horses for
-, father of

Orange, flight to

-, defective
-, for ships
-, lieutenant of, see Legg, Col. Wm.
-, Office
-, expenses of, reduction of
-, letters dated from
-, pension from
-, officers see also Marsh, Rich.; Moore, Jonas; Nicholls, Fras.; Sherburne, Edw.
-, letters of
-, warrant to
-, stores

Ordnance Commissioners
-, letter to
-, order to
-, reduction of salaries of
-, warrants to

Oriental tongues, printer in

Orkney, Bishop of, see Honyman, Andrew.

Orkneys, the, ships driven to

Orleans, Philip, Duke of, or Monsieur (brother of Louis XIV.)
-, Henrietta Anne, Duchess of, or Madame, his wife (sister of Charles II.)

Orleans, traveller to

Ormond, Duke of, see Butler.

Orpe, Sir Thos., Bart.

Orrery, Earl of, see Boyle.

Osborne, Col. Henry, letter of
-, L.
-, letters of
-, Sir Thos.

Ossory, Earl of, see Butler.

-, Admiral of
-, commanders of
-, Governor of
-, letter dated from
-, shipmasters of, petition of
-, ships of, or Ostenders
-, attacks by
-, men of war
-, privateers
-, ships to or from
-, soldiers for, at, or to
-, travellers to and from
-, wines from

Ottee, Mr., Independent

Ottoman Court, cloth of gold for
-, Empire, capitulations with
-, passport to

Ottringham, Yorks, manor of

Oudart, Nic., request by
-, Barbara, daughter of

Oudenarde, Governor of, Conte de Blangervale
-, Lieut-Governor of, M. Medina

Oundle, co. Northampton, strange well at

Ousley, or Hoseley Bay, Suffolk, ships in

Overkyrke, M.

Overton, Major-Gen. Robert

Overyssel, Netherlands, province of

Owen, John, letter of
-, Dr.

Oxenden (prisoner)

Oxford, Earl of, see Vere.
-, Bishop of, see Blandford, Walter.
-, Bishop's Court at, registrar of

Oxford (City)
-, antiquary of
-, bailiffs of
-, Commissioners of Appeal at
-, common council of
-, deputy-postmaster of
-, King at
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, residents at
-, surrender of
-, town serjeant of
-, travellers to and from
-, treaty of, with the University
-, University
-, Bachelor of Divinity at
-, Chancellor of, see Montague, Earl of Manchester.
-, convocation at
-, degrees at
-, hails of
-, keeper of archives of
-, letter to, request for
-, proctors of
-, professor of Arabic at
-, rights of
-, senior D.D. of
-, statutes of
-, Vice-Chancellor of, see Fell, Dr. John.
-, assessor to
-, Colleges of see also:—
-, Alban Hall, letters dated from
-, All Souls
-, fellows of
-, fellowship at
-, Warden of
-, letter to
-, Baliol
-, Master of
-, members and fellows of
-, reader of logic in
-, Christ Church, electors of, letter to
-, letters dated from
-, members of
-, students at
-, Corpus Christi, President and fellows of, letter to
-, Lincoln, rector of
-, New
-, election to
-, faction at
-, fellows of
-, livings, &c., in the hands of
-, Warden of
-, letter to
-, Oriel, commoners of
-, Queen's
-, B.A. of
-, fellow commoner of
-, letters dated from
-, Provost of
-, visitors at
-, St. Edmund's Hall, member of
-, St. Mary's Hall, member of
-, Principal of
-, St. Mary Magdalen
-, fellows or fellowships of
-, foundation of
-, President of
-, President and fellows of letters to
-, Wadham

-, deputy-lieutenants for
-, gamekeeper for
-, justices for
-, Lord Lieutenant of, see Fiennes, Lord Say and Sele.
-, places in
-, resident in
-, sheriff of
-, certificate of
-, writ to

Oyster boats