General Index: P, Q, R

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: P, Q, R', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 688-700. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]



Pack, Capt.

Packer, Phil.

Packet boats and see Holland and Harwich, packet boats to and from.

Padstow, Cornwall, ship lost at

Page, Damaris
-, or Paige, John, letters, &c., of
-, Rob.
-, Lieut.

Paget, William, fifth Lord Paget

Painter, —, case of, alluded to

Palatine of the Rhine, Elector of, Charles Louis
-, Princes, see Rupert and Maurice.

Palmer, Barbara, Countess of Castlemaine, mistress to Charles II., petition to

Palmer, Sir Geoffry, Attorney-General
-, clerk to Mich. Brighouse
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, order to
-, asked for
-, references on petitions to, and reports of
-, warrants to
-, Sir Henry
-, Sir Rob.
-, Wm., waterman, deposition of
-, gunmaker

Palmes, Wm.
-, Mary, wife of
-, children of

Pannell, Roger

Panting, Hen.

Panton, Edw.
-, petition of

Paper, making of
-, ships laden with

Paper Office, Royal

Papers, clerk of, Williamson, Jos.

Papillon, or Papillion, Thos.
-, letters of

Papists, see Roman Catholics.

Parent, Lewis

Parham, Lord of, see Willoughby.

-, English minister at
-, French King in, or from
-, letters dated from
-, alluded to
-, plague at
-, travellers to and from

Parke, Rob.

Parker, Thomas, Lord Morley and Mounteagle

Parker, Jas.
-, —Hen. Howard's steward
-, —(of the Post Office ?)

Parkins, John
-, Theophilus

Parkinson, John and Thos.
-, Theodore

Parkis, Thos.

Parliament, or both Houses see also Usurpation, the; and Lords and Commons, Houses of.
-, Acts or Bills of, or in see also
-, Accounts,
-, Churches, union of,
-, Comprehension,
-, Conventicles,
-, Corporations,
-, Excise,
-, Five Miles,
-, Acts relating to.
-, Irish Cattle,
-, Navigation,
-, Poll Money,
-, Printing,
-, Trade with Scotland,
-, Uniformity,
-, Wines—
-, lists of
-, alluded to
-, notes from
-, wanted
-, adjournment, proroguing, or rising of
-, proclamations for
-, commissioners of
-, committee of, for grievances, petition to
-, committees of
-, frequent holding of, bill for, alluded to
-, King's speeches or messages to
-, members, or knights and burgesses of
-, disabled
-, election of see also Appleby.
-, names of
-, messages to, from the King
-, misunderstanding of, with the King
-, news
-, oath laid down by
-, papers presented to
-, petition referred to
-, petitions or requests to
-, precedents in
-, proceedings in, reports or notes of
-, re-assembling or meeting of
-, reflections on
-, sitting or sessions of
-, the Long
-, execution of Charles I. by, alluded to

Parliament Office, letter dated from

Parliament, party of, see Usurpation, the.

Parliamentary journals

Parry, Fras., M.A.
-, Suetonius

Partington, Roger

Parton, Fras.

Partridge, Capt.

Paruta, Filippo

Paschal, Rob.

Passports, or passes
-, alluded to
-, applications for
-, blank form for
-, cancelled
-, commissioners for signing
-, counterfeit
-, for goods
-, for horses, see Horses.
-, for ships
-, to Flanders
-, to France
-, to Germany
-, to Holland
-, to other countries

Paston, Sir Rob.
-, letter of

Pate, Edw.
-, John, merchant, petition of
-, John, rector

Patrick, Father

Pattison, Wm., letters of

Paulden, Thos.

Paulet, Charles, Lord St. John of Basing
-, letters of

Paulett, Sir John

Payne, Jos.
-, Sieur

Peachell, John, B.D.

Peachy, Gregory
-, letters of

Peak, the, co. Derby

Peake, Sir Wm., Lord Mayor of London
-, declarations by
-, petition of

Pearce, or Peirce, Capt. John, letters of
-, Roger, certificate by

Pearse, J., Surgeon-General, Master of the Surgeons' Company, letter, &c. by
-, letter to

Peckham, East, Kent, resident at

Pedro, Don, see Portugal, King of, brother of.

Peerages, creations of, money for

Peers, House of, see Lords, House of.
-, impeachment of
-, petition of
-, privileges or precedency of
-, protestation of
-, roll of
-, trial of

Peirce, see Pierce.

Peirson, or Pearson, Dr. [John]
-, or Pierson, Thos.
-, letter of

Pelham, Dr. Herbert

Pells, the, see Exchequer.

Pembroke, Countess of, see Herbert.

Pembroke, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, posts to and from
-, ships at or near
-, ships to or from

Penarth Road, Wales, ship in

Pendarvis, Esquire, and his son

Pendennis, Cornwall, assizes at
-, garrison of
-, letters dated from
-, ships at or near
-, ships to or from

Penn, Sir Wm., Navy Commissioner
-, accounts by
-, certificate of
-, clerk of
-, impeachment of
-, answer to
-, letters to
-, Wm., clerk of the cheque at Kinsale, letters of

Penny, Laurence
-, Rich.

Penrith, Cumberland
-, vicar of

Pensioners, see Gentlemen Pensioners.

-, grants of
-, order in Council concerning
-, petitions for
-, warrants concerning

Penzance, Cornwall, ships to

Pepperell, Capt.

Pepys, Sam., Navy Commissioner, and clerk of the Acts
-, certificate by
-, letters, orders, and notes of
-, in shorthand
-, letters to (1667)
-, (1668)

Percy, Algernon, tenth Earl of Northumberland
-, officer of

Perriman, Capt. John
-, account by
-, letters of (1667)
-, (1668)

Perry, Capt. Walter
-, letters of

Persian, the

Perwich, Wm., letters of

Peterborough, Earl of, see Mordaunt.
-, Bishop of, see Henshaw, Joseph.

Petersfield, or Ketersfield, Hants, traveller to

Pett, Chris., master shipwright at Woolwich
-, certificate, &c., by
-, death of
-, letters of (1667)
-, (1668)
-, signature of
-, Ann, widow of, petition of
-, children of
-, Peter, commissioner at Chatham
-, articles of impeachment against
-, clerk of
-, letters of
-, Warwick, son of
-, Phineas, master shipwright at Chatham
-, appraisement by
-, letters of
-, servant of
-, Capt. Phineas (late)
-, Frances, widow of, petition of
-, children of

Pettus, Sir Thos., Bart.

Petty Bag, the, see Chancery.

Pevensey, Sussex, ship cast away near

Peyton, Sir Thos., letters, &c., of
-, son-in-law of, Dixwell, Sir Basil

Pharoah, Hen.

Phillips, Bently, petition of
-, Fabian, petition of
-, John, deposition by
-, Jos.
-, Thos.
-, Mr., letter to

Phillpot, Rob.

Physicians, or Doctors of Medicine

Picardy, the plague in

Piedmont, distressed inhabitants of, money for

Pierce, or Peirce, Capt. Jeffrey, letters of
-, John, petition of
-, Dr. Thos., President of Magdalen College, Oxon
-, Dr. Wm., Bishop of Bath and Wells
-, licence from
-, (supposed) death of
-, Capt.

Pierson, Thos., see Peirson.

Pigott, Col. Thos., regiment of

Pilchards, ships laden with

Pinchcombe, John

Pinckney, Sir Wm.
-, Mr., late

Pindar, Sir Paul
-, sister of, Speght, Eliz.
-, Sir Peter

Pine, or Pyne, Capt. Valentine

Pine's Island, West Indies

Pipe, clerks of, see Exchequer.

-, goods of, traffic in, forbidden

Pitson, Jas.

Pitt, John, letter of

Pitts, Mrs.

Plague, the, see also London, plague in.
-, quarantine for

Plantations, English plantations, American plantations, or Colonies, the
-, Committee of Council for
-, members of
-, horses for
-, trade with
-, transportation to

Pley, George, sen.
-, Mrs.

Plubier, Isaac

Plumstead, Kent, lands at

-, Commissioners for
-, dry dock at
-, Fort
-, letters dated from
-, garrison at
-, Governor of, see Grenville, Earl of Bath.
-, deputy, see Shelton, Sir J.
-, Hoo at
-, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, lotteries at
-, mayor of
-, merchants
-, and gentry, petition of
-, Navy officers at
-, Navy stores at
-, ships supplied from
-, port of
-, postmaster of
-, posts to and from
-, residents at or near
-, searcher's place at
-, ships at
-, letters dated from
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from
-, wines for

Plymouth Sound
-, letter dated from

Pocock, Dr. Edw., letter of
-, John
-, letters of

Poet Laureate, office of, grant of, to Dryden

Poigndextre, John

Pointer, Thos.
-, certificate by
-, letters of

Poland, King of [Uladislaus VII.]
-, wife of [Mary Gonzaga], Princess of Mantua
-, crown of
-, nobility of
-, parliament of
-, traveller to
-, war of, with Sweden, alluded to

Poll Money, Bill for, alluded to
-, receipts from, alluded to
-, receivers for

Pollard, Sir Hugh
-, Margaret, daughter of

Polley, Thos.

Pomerey, Dorothy

Pook, Wm.

Poole, Sir Edward
-, or Pool, Eliz.
-, petition of
-, Matthew
-, Wm., letter of
-, Capt.

Poole, Dorset, excise duties in

Pooley, Chris
-, Sir Edmond

Pope, the, orders, &c. from, alluded to
-, Julius II., decision of
-, [Clement I.], contributions to
-, dispensation from, alluded to
-, forces of
-, galley of


Popish agents
-, princes

Poplar, Middlesex, residents at

Porchester, Hants, resident at

Pore, Adrian le

Portallegro, Portugal, Bishop of, Russell, Rich.

Porter, Chas., letter of
-, letter to
-, G., letter of

Portland Bay, co. Dorset, ships in
-, Beach, wreck on
-, Isle
-, Race, boat lost in
-, Road, ships in, or from

Porto Bello, West Indies, Prince Maurice in prison at

Porto Rico, West Indies, Prince Maurice in prison at

Portsea Castle, Hants, prisoner in
-, resident at

Portsmouth, Hants
-, Church, minister or vicarage of
-, Commissioners for Prizes at
-, Corporation of
-, fortifications at
-, gaol of
-, garrison of
-, Governor of, see James, Duke of York.
-, Deputy, see Honeywood, Sir Phil.
-, harbour or port of
-, letters dated from
-, ships paid off in
-, justices of
-, King's visit to
-, letters, &c., dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, mariners at or from
-, mayor of, see Salesbury, Hugh.
-, appointment of fresh
-, Navy Commissioners at, see Middleton, Thos., and Tippetts, John.
-, news from
-, paymaster at
-, places in
-, posts to and from
-, residents at
-, ropemakers in and about
-, ships at or near
-, letters dated from
-, ships building at
-, ships cast away at or near
-, ships fitting at
-, ships of
-, ships paid off at, and see harbour of.
-, ships to or from
-, town prison of
-, travellers to or from
-, Dockyard
-, clerk of the cheque at, see Steventon, St. John.
-, dismissal from
-, dock at
-, dry
-, dockhead at
-, letters dated from
-, masters of attendance at, and see Tinker, Capt. John.
-, master shipwright at, see Tippetts, John.
-, Navy stores at
-, theft of
-, officers of
-, ropehouse in
-, ropeyard at, letters dated from
-, sale of ships at
-, storekeeper at
-, tar-house at
-, timber for
-, wharf at
-, workmen at
-, wages of
-, foreign
-, Island
-, Road, ships in

Portugal, King of [Alphonso VI.]
-, secretary of
-, Queen of [Maria Francisca]
-, secretary of
-, Don Pedro, his brother, Duke or Prince of Portugal, and Regent

-, ambassador of
-, ambassador or envoy to, see Southwell, Sir R.
-, Consul-General to
-, English in
-, in connection with Spain
-, revolution in
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, Spaniards in
-, travellers to

Portuguese ambassador, see Portugal, ambassador of.
-, captain
-, mariners

Post bags
-, bills or labels
-, alluded to
-, houses

Postmaster-General, see also Bennet, Lord Arlington.
-, Deputy, see Bennet, Sir John, and Ellis, And.

-, corruption of
-, salaries of

Post Office, or Letter Office, Bishopsgate Street, London
-, accounts
-, affairs of
-, clerk of, see Hickes, James.
-, deputy
-, Committee on
-, complaints against
-, reply to
-, letters dated from
-, letters, &c., sent to
-, officers of
-, payments from
-, place in, asked for
-, warrants from, alluded to

Post roads, map of, alluded to
-, towns

Posts, or letters, see also Mails, and Flanders, France, Holland, &c., posts from.
-, carriage of
-, complaints about
-, carriers of

Poston, John

Poultney, Sir Wm.

Povey, John
-, Eliz. his wife
-, Thos.
-, letters of

Powder, see Gunpowder.

Powell, John, letters of (1667)
-, (1668)
-, Vavasour

Poyntz, Fras., proposals of
-, Capt. John
-, letter of
-, —, canvasmaker

Prat, John

Precedency, questions of

Pre-emption and coinage, see Coinage.

Prelates, see Bishops.

-, made militia officers
-, meetings of
-, ministers
-, pamphlet concerning

Press, the, surveyor of, see Estrange, Roger le.

Preston, co. Lancaster, letter dated from
-, posts to and from

Prestonpans, Scotland, salt-making at

Prestwich, co. Lancaster, rectory of

Prestwood, John

Prettiman, or Prettyman, Sir John, Bart.
-, John

Pretyman, G., letter of
-, father of

Prevost, Robert le, petitions of

Prialls, Proceditor

Price, John, groom of the Privy Chamber
-, petition of
-, Ensign Thos.
-, letter of
-, Mr.
-, Mrs., and her son

Prideaux, Humphrey
-, Sir Richard
-, Mr., late Commissioner of Prizes, petition of

Priests, Roman Catholic

Prince, Rich.

Princes, ministers dismissed by

Princess, the (French)

-, illegal
-, lists of

Printing, Acts for, alluded to
-, offices, list of
-, presses, &c. private or unlicensed
-, survey of

Prisoners see also Lambert, Col. John; Wildman, Major; and Jersey, the Tower and Gatehouse, prisoners in.
-, escape of
-, for debt
-, petition of
-, lists of
-, petitions, &c. of
-, release of
-, sentenced to death
-, transportation of, see Plantations, transportation to.

Prisoners at war (English)
-, (foreign)

Pritchard, Mallimer
-, petition of

Priuli, Antonio, Duke of Venice

Privateers (English)
-, (foreign) and see Ostend, privateers of.

Privy Council, or Council, the
-, appearance before
-, bond for
-, attendance at
-, attendance on the King by
-, Chamber or table
-, Commissioners appointed by
-, Committee of, see also Foreign Affairs, and Trade, Committees for.
-, for regulating expenses, report of, alluded to
-, expulsion from
-, King in, see Charles II. in Council.
-, matters or business before
-, meetings of
-, members of
-, orders in
-, alluded to
-, papers read in
-, petitions to
-, alluded to
-, plan for the King's expenditure, drawn up by
-, reports to, alluded to
-, sheriffs nominated by

Privy Purse
-, expenses of, reduction of
-, Keeper of, see May, Baptist.
-, money for

Privy Seals
-, alluded to
-, dormant
-, Lord or Keeper of, see Robartes, John, Lord.
-, office of
-, warrant for

Prize goods
-, bookkeeper for
-, discoveries or seizures of
-, embezzlement of
-, sale of
-, Commissioners for
-, money

Prize Office
-, letters dated from
-, money due from

Prizes (ships, &c.)
-, Act of Parliament concerning
-, alluded to
-, Control Office of, clerk in
-, gifts of
-, asked for
-, lists of
-, naturalization or making free of
-, officers of
-, charges of
-, request by
-, particulars of
-, sale of
-, storekeeper of
-, Treasurer for, see Cooper, Ant. Ashley, Lord Ashley.
-, treasury of, payments from

Prizes, Commissioners of
-, accounts of
-, agent for
-, commission from, alluded to
-, for Ireland
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, order of, alluded to
-, orders or warrants to
-, petition of
-, petition to
-, petitions to, alluded to
-, report by
-, secretary of, see Lloyd, Thos.
-, Sub-Commissioner of
-, Commissioners of Appeal on, messenger to
-, petition to
-, warrant to

Probet, Sir George

Proclamations, see Charles II., proclamations of.

Proctor, Wm.

Proger, Jas., petition of

Progers, Edw.

Prosser, Phil.

Protestant Frenchmen
-, Princes
-, States
-, subjects, settling of

Protestants, casual notices of, passim.
-, in London, suspected plot to massacre
-, in Piedmont
-, of England, queries to
-, union of

Prothonotary's Office

Proud, Capt. John, certificate by

Provençal ship

Prudential Rant, the

Prudhomme, Mr.

Prynne, Wm.

Public accounts, see Accounts.
-, ministers, dismissal of
-, peace, preservation of

Puckering, Sir Hen.

Puckle, Thos., letter of

Pudsey, Col. Ambrose

Puffendorf, Sam.
-, letter of

Pugh, James, letter of

Pulborough, Sussex, letters dated from
-, resident at

Punnet, Augustine

Purfleet, Essex, ship to

Puttick, Thos.

Pyford, Jas.

Pyne, Capt. Valentine, see Pine.


Quack, Mynheer, postmaster of Rotterdam

-, joining the Church
-, meetings of

Quante, Don, serjeant-major.

Quaranteni, John Baptista

Quartivell, case of

Quatremaine, Dr. Wm.
-, Mary, widow of, petition of

Queen, the, see Catherine of Braganza.
-, Mother, the, see Henrietta Maria.

Queenborough, or Quinborough, Kent


Rackheath, or Rackee, Norfolk, resident at

Raby Castle, co. Durham

Radland, Wm, appraisement by

Raglan, co. Monmouth, manor of

Ragley, co. Warwick, resident at

Rainbow, Edward, Bishop of Carlisle

Rainold, Melchior

Ralph, Edm., statement by

Ramsay, John

Ramsey, Dr. Wm.

Rand, Capt. Wm., master attendant at Chatham
-, appraisement by
-, letters of

Randieu, Gabriel
-, Eliz., widow of

Ranelagh, Lady, see Jones.

Ranisford, Lord

Ratcliff Cross, Middlesex, letter dated from

Ratcliffe, Henry, Earl of Sussex and Baron Fitz Walter (tempo Edward VI.)
-, Frances, daughter of

Ratcliffe, John

Rathborne, Mr.

Ratray, Wm.
-, Chas., son of
-, Eliz., daughter of, petition of

Raven, Thos.

Rawlins, bailiff of Oxford

Rawlyns, —, printer

Raworth, Mr.

Ray, John, letter of

Raymond, Thos.

Rayner, Mr.

Read, Isaac

Reade, Capt. James

Real, Monsieur

Reay, Lord, see Mackay.

Rebel party, see Usurpation, the

Recusants, see also Roman Catholics.
-, dismissal of, from the army
-, petition of

Redbridge, or Redburg, Hants, hundred of

Rednall, Rich.

Redriff [Rotherhithe], dock at, ships in
-, Jamaica House at
-, letters dated from
-, residents at

Reeves, Eliz.
-, Sir George
-, letter of

Reid, Mr., Sub-commissioner of Prizes in the Caribbee Islands, memorial of

Religion, complaints about
-, prisoners for
-, the reformed, see also Protestants.
-, toleration or indulgence in

Renalds, Wm., certificate by

Rennes, France, traveller to

Requests, Master of, late

Reresby, Sir John, high sheriff of Yorkshire

Restoration, the, see Charles II., restoration of.

Revenue, the see also Hearth money, Poll money, and Royal aid.
-, King's, see Charles II., revenue of.
-, offices
-, receivers of
-, regulation of

Reymes, Col. Bullen, Surveyor of the Wardrobe
-, letters of
-, brother of, Pley, George

Reynell, Rich., certificates by
-, letters, &c., by
-, letter to

Reynold, Edw., cook, petition of

Reynolds, Edw., Bishop of Norwich
-, Rob., agreement by

Rhodes, Dan., certificate by
-, Dr. Joseph

Ricaut, Paul, consul at Smyrna
-, instructions to
-, letters to
-, nephew of
-, Peter, petition of
-, family of

Riccard, or Ricard, Sir And., Governor of the Levant Company
-, letters of

Rich, Robert, second Earl of Warwick

Rich, Sir Thos., Bart.

Richards, Henry, petition of
-, father and family of
-, John, surveyor
-, John, smith
-, Nich.

Richardson, Thomas, Baron Richardson of Cramond

Richardson, Nich.
-, Wm., certificate by

Richmond, Duke of, see Stuart.

Richmond, Robert Duke

Richmond, Surrey, King's gamekeepers at

Riddlesworth, Norfolk, resident at

Rider, Edw., letter of
-, Rich.
-, petition of
-, Sir Wm.

Ridges, Mr.

Rigglesworth, co. Bedford, resident at

Ripley, Alderman Rich.
-, letter of

Ripon, Dean of, see Wilkins, Dr. John.

Rip-raps, the, ship on

River, the, see Thames.

Robartes, John, Lord Robartes, Keeper of the Privy Seal
-, commissions or orders to
-, references to

Roberts, Owen
-, Rich.
-, Mr. (of the post office ?)

Robertson, Hen., see Robinson, Hen.

Robin, Mr., brother of

Robinson, Dan., certificate by
-, Fras.
-, Hen.
-, father of
-, or Robertson, Hen., carpenter of the Orange prize
-, Hum., letter to
-, John, of the Hopeful Margaret
-, John, of the James hoy, letters of
-, Sir John, Bart., Lieutenant of the Tower
-, certificate, &c., by
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, warrants to
-, wife of
-, sister of
-, Peter, information by
-, Rich., letter of
-, Capt. Rob.
-, certificate by
-, letters of
-, Alderman of Hull

Robson, Thos.

Roch, Mr.

Roche, Capt. or Sieur de la, see De la Roche.

Rochelle, France, news from
-, plague at
-, ships at or of
-, ships to or from

Rochester, Earl of, see Wilmot.
-, Bishop of, see Dolben, John.
-, late, see Warner, John.
-, Dean of, see Hardy, Dr. Nath.
-, Prebendary of

Rochester, Custom House at
-, hospital at
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of, certificate by
-, post from
-, postmaster of
-, residents at
-, ships near

Rockingham Forest, co. Northampton, licence to hunt in
-, wardenship of

Roettiers, John, Joseph, and Philip

Rogers, Fras.
-, Lieut. Fras.
-, John
-, Mathew
-, Robert
-, Mr., of Newcastle
-, —, ship master

Rolles, Essex, mansion house called

Rolling grounds

Rollo, Scotland, resident at

Rolston, Major Wm.

Roman Catholics, Romanists, or Papists
-, assemblies of
-, burning of London attributed to
-, compositions with
-, designs of
-, disabilities of

Romans, King of, Ambassador of

Rome, Church of, ceremonial of
-, contributions to the Pope in
-, grandees of the court of
-, travellers to or from

Romish idolatries
-, priests

Roos, J., Lord Roos, certificate by, (?).

Rooth, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of

Roscarrock, Capt. or Major Edw.
-, letter to

Roscommon, Earl of, see Dillon, Wentworth.

Rose, Mr., purser

Ross, Thos.

Ross, Scotland [John Leslie], Bishop of

Rotherham, Thos., letter of

Rotherhithe, see Redriff.

Rothes, Earl of, see Lesly.

Rothwell, co. Northampton, Nonconformists at

-, English ambassador at
-, letters dated from
-, natives of
-, news or reports from
-, packet-boat to or from
-, pamphlets printed at
-, parliament at
-, persons at or from
-, postmaster of, see Quack, Mynheer.
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Rouen, France
-, letters dated from
-, plague at
-, ship of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Rous, Sir Thos.

Rouse, Dudley
-, Capt.

Row, Edw.

Rowe, Hen., certificate by

Rowley, Peter, account by

Roxburgh, Lord, see Kerr.

Roxburghshire, militia of

Roy, Peter, see Macgregor.

Royal Academy for the training of youth, founding of
-, aid
-, receivers or collectors of
-, Company, see African Company.
-, Exchange, rumours on
-, family, see Charles II., family of.
-, Oak, lottery of
-, Society, council and members of
-, list of
-, president, &c. of, grant of land to

Royalists, shelter of

Roycroft, Thos.

Royden, Rob.

Roydon, Matthew

Royley, Fras.
-, letter, &c. of
-, letter to

Royston, Rich., account by

Rudd, John

Rudley Coppice, Hants

Ruffhead [John, anchor smith]

Rugeley, Luke, certificate by

Rumbold, Hen., letters of
-, W.
-, children of

Rumley, Sarah, alias Slaughter, alias Gilpin

Rumsey, Lieut.-Col. John

Rundell, Edw., account, &c. by

Runting, John, letters of

Rupert, Prince Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Cumberland
-, as Constable of Windsor Castle
-, as Knight of the Garter
-, chaplain of
-, commission to
-, envoy from, Mr. Sandys
-, grants to
-, annulled
-, letter to
-, order to
-, proposal by, for making of farthings
-, reference to
-, secretary of, see Hayes, Jas.
-, wines captured by

Ruscombe, co. Berks, resident at

Rushall, Kent, letter dated from

Rushworth, J., letter of

Russell, John, purveyor of timber, letters of
-, Col. John, letters of
-, regiment of
-, Peter
-, Richard, Bishop of Portallegro, Portugal
-, Sam, M.A.
-, —,of Blickling, Norfolk, letters of

Russia potash

Rustat, Tobias

Rutland, Thos., declaration by

-, receiver for

Rutter, Ralph, messenger

Ruvigny, Monsieur de

Ruyter, Michael Adrian de, Dutch admiral

Rydal, Westmoreland, letters dated from

Ryde, Isle of Wight, defences of

Rye, Sussex
-, Bay, ships in
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, port of
-, ships at or near
-, ships to or from

Rye (grain), see Corn.

Ryes, see Ryves.

Ryley, Wm.

Ryves, or Ryes, John