General Index: T, U, V

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: T, U, V', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 715-721. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]



Taaffe, Theobald, Earl of Carlingford
-, letter of

Taileur, Wm.

Talbot, Francis, Earl of Shrewsbury, duel of, with the Duke of Buckingham

Talbot, Dick
-, Sir Gilbert, Master of the King's Jewel House
-, case of
-, petitions of
-, Sir John
-, Martha, see Dillon, Martha.
-, Shar., letter of
-, Col.

Tamworth, co. Warwick, resident at

-, Committee for (?)
-, reference to
-, warrant to
-, English troops or garrison at
-, chaplain to
-, establishment at, reduction of expenses of
-, Governor of, see Middleton, John, Earl of.
-, Judge of the Admiralty at
-, Mole at
-, prisoners sent to
-, Road, ship from
-, ships to or from
-, treasurer for

Tanner, George, petition of


Tar Company, the

Tarry, John, certificate by

Tatham, Wm.

Taxes and assessments
-, eleven months'
-, eighteen months'
-, monthly

Taylor, Fras., minister, petition of
-, Fras., shipmaster, affidavits by
-, Geo., petition of
-, Hen.
-, Capt. John
-, appointed Navy Commissioner
-, letters, &c., of
-, Joseph
-, Randall, letter to
-, Rich., M.P.
-, Rob.
-, Nathaniel, son of
-, Capt. Silas, storekeeper at Harwich
-, letters of (1667)
-, (1668)
-, W., grant to
-, Capt.
-, —, watchmaker

Teake, Tobias

Teate, Rich., certificate by

Teddeman, Sir Thos.
-, letter of

Teddington, Middlesex, persons at

Tedworth, Wilts, residents at

Tempest, Col. John
-, letter to
-, Michael

Temple, Edmund or Thomas
-, Sir Rich., Bart.
-, Sir Wm., ambassador to Holland
-, sister of
-, Col.
-, Mr.

Tenbury, co. Salop, resident at

Tenby, South Wales, ships at or near
-, ships to or from
-, Road, ship in

Teneriffe [Canary Islands], ship from

Testa, Andrea, petition of

Teviotdale [Scotland], gentry of

Tewing, Herts, resident at

Texel, the [Netherlands], ships in or near

Thames, the, or the River
-, clearing of wrecks in
-, court martial in
-, defence of
-, Dutch in
-, King fowling along
-, Long Reach in
-, master shipwright on
-, navigation of
-, rebuilding or repair of ships in
-, ships in
-, ships sunk in
-, ships to or from
-, workmen in

Thanet, Earl of, see Tufton.

Thanet, Isle of

Thaxter, Justice Edm.

Theatre Royal, the, actors at
-, manager of, see Killigrew, Thos.
-, orders concerning

Thetford, Suffolk, assizes at
-, travellers to

Thomas, Edm., information by
-, Capt. Gilbert
-, letters of
-, Hen.
-, Dr. Wm., Dean of Worcester

Thomlinson, John, letter to

Thomond, Earl of, see O'Brien.

Thompson, Alex., deposition by
-, Sir Hen.
-, Wm., affidavits by

Thorley, John
-, petition of

Thornton, Bucks, resident at

Thorold, Ant., letters of (1667)
-, (1668)

Thorowgood, Nich., petition of

Thorpe, Capt.

Thou, [Jacques Auguste] de

Throckmorton, Sir Baynham
-, Sir Nicholas
-, family of
-, Sir Wm., Knight Marshal
-, widow of, petition of

Thurloe, John (secretary to Cromwell)

Thwaite, Suffolk, letter dated from

Thwaites, Mr.

Thynne, Thos., English envoy to Sweden
-, letter of

Tibbals, Jas.

Ticket Office, see Navy, Ticket Office in.

Tiger, a tame

Tilbury, Essex, condition of
-, Hope, see Hope.

Tilham, Mr.


Tillany, Mr.

Tilles, Michael

Timber for the Navy see also Portsmouth, Hull, Deptford, and Chatham, timber for; and Stockwith, Whittlewood, Dean, and Alice Holt Forests, timber from.
-, account of
-, carriage of
-, customs on
-, felling of
-, for fortifications
-, for rebuilding London
-, from New England
-, from the East Country
-, from the West of England
-, import of
-, payment for, alluded to
-, price of
-, ships laden with
-, tenders or purchase of

-, farmers of
-, ships laden with

Tinker, Capt. John
-, appraisements, &c., by
-, letters of

Tippetts, John, master shipwright at Portsmouth
-, appointed Navy Commissioner
-, letters of
-, other papers by

Tirrell, Sir Edw.

Titus, Capt.

Tobacco, and see Virginia, tobacco from.
-, ships laden with

Tokefielde, George, note by

Tolhurst, Major Jer., certificate of
-, signature of

Tollemache, Elizabeth, Countess of Dysart
-, letters of

Tombes, Dr. John, letter of
-, treatise by
-, son and grandchildren of

Tombs, Wm.

Tomleson, John, letter of

Tomlin, George



Tooley, Rich.

Tooly, Capt.

Topham, John, serjeant-at-arms

Topp, Fras.
-, Sir Fras., Bart.

Topsham, Devon, ships of
-, ships to or from

Torbay, Devon
-, letter dated from

Tories, see Ireland, Tories in.

Tormarton, co. Gloucester

Torquay, Devon

Torture, use of, see Scotland, use of torture in.

Totnes, Devon, gentry and merchants of, petition of
-, letters dated from
-, resident at

Touchet, James, Earl of Castlehaven
-, forces under

Toulon, France, ships at, to, or from

Towcester, co. Northampton, letter dated from

Tower, the (London)
-, Commissioners at
-, expenses in
-, reduction of
-, French ambassador at
-, garrison at
-, Governor or Lieutenant of, see Robinson, Sir John.
-, letters dated from
-, master gunner at
-, officers and warders of
-, reduction of
-, precautions against fire at
-, prisoners committed to
-, allowances for
-, records in
-, keeper and officers of
-, stores, guns, &c. at, from, or sent to
-, Wharf

Towerson, Eras., letter of

Townley, Fras., petition of

Townshend, Horatio, Lord Townshend

Townshend, Sir Rob.
-, Thos., note by

Towst, Capt.

Trade or commerce, and casual notices, passim.
-, Committee of Council for
-, fresh formation of
-, instructions to
-, report of
-, complaints about
-, encouragement of
-, freedom of, between England and Scotland
-, Act for
-, alluded to
-, Commissioners for, estimate sent to
-, letters, memorials, or proposals to
-, place of meeting of [Mercers' chapel]
-, proceedings of
-, reference to
-, Commissioners for, English
-, appointment of
-, clerk of (John Walker)
-, demands of
-, letters, &c. of
-, letters, &c. to
-, letters to and from, alluded to
-, orders of
-, other papers of
-, propositions of
-, reference to
-, alluded to
-, Commissioners for, Scotch
-, appointment of
-, demands of
-, letters, &c., of
-, letters, &c., to
-, letters to and from, alluded to
-, treaty for, alluded to

Train bands, see also Jersey, trained bands in.

Tranah, Arthur, petition of

Trapps, Nich.

Travet, Sam.

Treason, High
-, pardons for
-, persons imprisoned for

Treasurer, Lord, see also Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton.

Treasurer of the Chamber, see Griffin, Sir E.

Treasury of the Exchequer
-, Lords Commissioners of
-, lease to
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, from the King
-, alluded to
-, petition to
-, alluded to
-, reference by
-, alluded to
-, references on petitions to and reports of
-, requests, &c., of
-, warrants or orders of
-, alluded to
-, warrants or orders to
-, alluded to
-, yearly payment to

Treasury Chambers, Whitehall
-, letters dated from
-, meeting at

Treasury of the Chamber, expenses of, reduction of
-, payments from

Tredath, Earl of (? Drogheda)

Tregonnell, John, high sheriff of Dorset, licence to

Trelawney, Capt. or Major Fras.

Trent, the, condition of
-, floods in
-, ships to or from

Trerice, Baron of, see Arundel, Richard.

Tresseres, island of

Trevanion, Capt. Rich.
-, Col., regiment of

Trevor, Marcus, Lord Dungannon
-, note by

Trevor, J., letter of
-, Sir John
-, note by
-, wife of
-, R., letter of
-, Mr.

Tring, Herts, manor of

Trinity House (Deptford Strond), and see Hull, Trinity House at.
-, certificates from
-, masters of
-, pilots from, wanted

Triple Alliance (between England, Holland, and Sweden), alluded to

Triplett, Thos., D.D.
-, petitions of

Tripoli [Africa], men-of-war at

Trist, Sam.

Trott, Sir John

Truro, Cornwall, letter dated from

Tucker, Walter, deposition by
-, Capt.
-, Consul

Tuder, Thos., petition of

Tufton, John, second Earl of Thanet
-, Margaret, Countess Dowager of Thanet, his widow
-, letter to
-, Nicholas, his eldest son, third Earl of Thanet
-, John, second son
-, Richard, third son
-, Thomas, fourth son
-, John, Richard, and Thomas, as grandchildren of the Countess of Pembroke

Tufton, Chas.
-, Mary, wife of
-, Sir Chas., son of

Tunbridge, Kent, traveller to
-, Wells, letters dated from
-, place near

Tunis [Africa]

Tunstall, Mr.

Turenne, Marquis [Henri de la Tour]

Turk, a

Turkey, Sultan or Grand Seigneur Mahomet
-, Court of, see Ottoman Court.
-, ladies belonging to

-, ambassadors to, see Finch, Earl of Winchelsea, and Harvey, Sir Dan.
-, ambassador to, Dutch
-, Company, see Levant Company.
-, dominions of
-, men-of-war of
-, travellers to or from
-, Vizier of, Azem
-, war of, with Venice

Turks, the
-, General of
-, in Candia
-, prisoner of
-, ships engaged by or in service of
-, ship taken from
-, ships taken by
-, victories over

Turner, E., farmer of customs
-, report of
-, Sir Edw., Bart., Speaker to the House of Commons
-, chamber of
-, Sir James
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

Tuscany, Great Duke of [Ferdinand II.]

Twine, Brian
-, Lawrance
-, Rich., son of
-, Rich., nephew of

Twisden, Wm.
-, Capt.

Twist, Sam., serjeant-at arms

Tyburn, person fit for

Tyler, —

Tyne, the

Tynemouth Bar, letter dated from
-, Bishop of Durham at
-, Castle, Governor of
-, Christ Church in
-, Haven
-, ships from

Tyrrel [Sir Thos.], judge

Tyson, John, petition of
-, Thos.
-, Margaret, wife of
-, petition of


Uckington, co. Gloucester, resident at

Ugbrook, Devon, letter dated from

Uniformity, Act of, alluded to

United Countries, see Holland.

Universities, graduates of, petition of
-, members of, see also Oxford and Cambridge.
-, foreign

Upnor Castle, Kent
-, Governor of

Upton, Hugh

Ushant, France, ships off

Usurpation, Usurpers, Commonwealth, or Parliament
-, adherents of
-, estates seized by

Usurper, the, see Cromwell, Oliver.

Utber, Rear-Admiral Rich., petition of
-, Capt. Rich., letter of

Uthwat, J., clerk of the survey at Deptford
-, account by
-, letters of


Vale, Edw.

Valesco, Pedro de

Van Benninghen, M.

Vandepere, Mr.

Vandeput, Mr.

Vanderdoes, Monsieur

Vanderbagen, John and Arnold

Vander Karkowie, Michael, certificate by

Vandike, alias Stepney, Justina, petition of
-, aunt of

Vane, Thos.
-, Sir Walter
-, commissions to
-, letter of

Van Haesdonck, John

Van Heemskirk, Capt., or Sir Lowris, or Lawrence
-, petition of
-, proposals of
-, wife and son of

Vannesse, Capt.

Van Renselaer, Nich.

Van Swaers, Vice-Admiral of Holland

Vargas, M. de

Vaughan, Richard, Lord Carberry

Vaughan, John
-, servant of
-, Sir John, Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas
-, Capt. Roger

Vauxhall, the King at

Vavasour, Sir Thos., Knight Marshal

Venetians, the

-, ambassador at
-, ambassador from
-, consulship of
-, Doge of, Antonio Priuli
-, generalissimo at
-, history of
-, resident at
-, Senate of
-, ships of or from, or Venetians
-, soldiers at
-, war of, with Turkey

Venimulgus (allegorical name)

Venise, point de, see Lace.

Vercolli, river of (Italy)

Vere, Aubrey, Earl of Oxford

Vermuyden, Sir Cornelius

Verneuil, Duke de

Verney, Sir Greville

Vernon, Edw.
-, Edw. (co. Stafford ?)
-, father of
-, George
-, Sir Henry
-, Thos.

Vesey, Rob., son of
-, Wm., B.A.
-, petition of

Victor, Capt.

Vignier, Nicholas, book by

Vigo, Spain, ship from

Villiers, George, first Marquis and Duke of Buckingham
-, George, second Duke of Buckingham (son)
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire
-, as Master of the Horse
-, commissions, orders, or warrants to
-, duel of, with the Earl of Shrewsbury
-, pardon for
-, protestation by
-, reference to
-, signature of
-, George, fourth Viscount Grandison
-, petition of
-, Lady
-, daughter of

Villiers, Edw.
-, petition of

Vincent, Fras.

-, ships or fleet to or from
-, hurricane in
-, Nonconformists sent to
-, tobacco
-, traveller to

Viscountess, funeral of a, heraldic account of

Vivian, Sir Vyell

Vryell, Henry

Vyack, Adrian

Vyner, Sir Rob.
-, letters of
-, petitions of