General Index: W, Y, Z

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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'General Index: W, Y, Z', in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8, (London, 1893) pp. 721-730. British History Online [accessed 19 April 2024]



W. H., letters of

Waade, Thos., letters of

Wachtendone, John

Wade, Chris., certificate by

Wadlow, John
-, letters of

Waith, Rob., Navy paymaster
-, letters, &c. of
-, letter to
-, clerk of

Wakefield, Yorks, fanatics at

Wakeman, Sir George
-, Wm.
-, letters of

Walden, Major

Waldenses, the

Waldingfield Magna, Suffolk, rectory of

Waldron, Dr.

-, coal from, see Coal.
-, excise in, commissioners or farmers of
-, judges of
-, language of
-, lotteries in
-, Marches of
-, prisoners for debt in, petition of
-, registrar in
-, ships to or from
-, South, excise of
-, lands and places in
-, Lord Lieutenants of
-, militia of

Walkedene, Thos.

Walker, Sir Edw., Garter King-at-Arms
-, memorial by
-, Isaac, letters of
-, John, clerk of the Commissioners of Trade
-, letter to
-, John, printer, letter of
-, Rich.
-, Thos., mayor of Exeter

Wall, Nich.

Waller, Benj.
-, petition of
-, Sir Hardress
-, Sir Wm.

Wallis, Dr. John
-, instructions from
-, letters of
-, —, Scotch rebel
-, —, writer of seditious pamphlets

Walloons in England

Wallop, Rob., M.P.
-, widow of

Walmer Castle, Kent, ships near

Walpole, Sir Edw.

Walpole, Norfolk, Frenchmen taken in

Walsall, Sam., signature of

Walsingham, Mr.

Waltham Abbey, Essex, game at
-, Forest, Essex
-, St. Lawrence Berks, vicarage of

Walton, Andrew

Walton-upon-Thames, resident at

Wandesford, Wm.

Wansford, John

Wapping, Middlesex, letters dated from
-, mariners of
-, Dock, resident near

War, or Rebellion, the late, alluded to
-, Council of
-, engines of
-, laws of
-, marine
-, with Holland, see Holland.

Warcup, Edm.
-, Mrs.

Ward, Katherine
-, John, son of
-, Seth, Bishop of Salisbury, visitation by
-, alias Williams, Wm.
-, Mr.

Wardour, Wm.

Wards, Court of, money from

Ware, Sir James, daughter of
-, Thos., reprieve of

Wareham, co. Dorset, road to

Warner, Dr. Edw.
-, petitions of
-, John, late Bishop of Rochester
-, R., letter of
-, Mr., Winchester

Warren, George, demand by
-, John
-, Mary
-, Nic., letter of
-, Thos.
-, affidavit by
-, Walter
-, Wm., Santa Crux
-, Sir Wm.
-, letters of
-, Mr.

Warsaw [Poland], Diet at

Warton, Sir Michael
-, Michael

Warwick, Earl of, see Rich.

Warwick, James
-, Sir Phil.
-, letter of
-, kinsman of (Mr. Warwick)

Warwick, assizes at
-, gaol, prisoners at
-, traveller from

-, county tax of
-, residents in
-, sheriff of
-, travellers to

Washington, Rob.
-, daughter of

Waterford, Ireland, residents at
-, ships to or from

Waterhouse, Edw., M.A.
-, Jasper
-, (? postmaster)

Waters, Major Rob., company of

Waterton, Mrs., petition of
-, family of

Waterworth, Capt. John, letter of

Watford, Herts, place near

Watkins, Wm., letter of

Watson, Fras.
-, Isabel, certificate by
-, Thos.
-, Thos., attorney

Watt, Mr.

Watts, Edw.
-, Rich., letters of (1667)
-, (1668)

Wayehill, or Weyhill, Hants

Wayte, Col. Thos.

Wearden, Wm., letter of

Webb, John, petition of
-, uncle of, see Jones, Inigo.
-, Jos., letter of
-, Mr., postmaster

Webbe, Lady Hester
-, petition of

Webber, Abraham
-, information by

Webster, Sir John, Bart.
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, petition of

Weedon Pinckney, co. Northampton, inhabitants of, petition of

Weekes, Mr.

Well, the, ship lost off

Wells, Winifred

Wells [? Norfolk], fishermen of

Wells, co. Somerset, Bishop elect of, see Creighton, Dr. Robert.
-, Cathedral, residentiary place in
-, Dean of
-, Dean and Chapter of, letter or warrant to

Wells, assizes at

Welsh, Isaac, estimate by
-, Capt. James, Rye, letters of
-, Kath., petition of
-, husband and family of
-, Mr., of Deptford
-, of Cornlie, Scotland

Welsh trade, see Wales, trade of.

Welshe, Peirsie

Wemys, Col. Jas.

Wenman, Viscount

Wentworth, Thomas, Earl of Cleveland
-, debts of, Act concerning
-, heirs of
-, servants of
-, Thomas, Lord Wentworth, his son
-, regiment of
-, Philadelphia, wife of
-, Anne, daughter of, see Lovelace.
-, Thos., second Earl of Strafford

Wentworth Woodhouse, co. York

West, Charles, fifth Lord Delawarr

West, Thos., letter of
-, Thos., gunmaker

West, the see also England, West of.
-, ships to or from
-, Chester, see Chester.
-, India Company, Dutch, see Dutch.
-, Indies
-, fleet
-, commander-in-chief of and see Harman, Sir John.
-, ships in, to, or from

Westminster Abbey, or St. Peter's Church, almshouses of
-, St. Andrew's Chapel in
-, Dean of, see Dolben, John.
-, Dean and Chapter of, letter to
-, canons of, lodging of
-, prebends in

-, banks and Monts de Piété in
-, bills of mortality for
-, alluded to
-, City of, dispute of, with Middlesex
-, Court at, prisoners to appear before
-, Dutch congregation in
-, excise in
-, hackney coachmen of, case of
-, high bailiff and high steward of, see Bennet, John.
-, letters, &c. dated from
-, Papists in
-, places in, viz.:—
-, Bowling Green
-, Gatehouse in, see Gatehouse.
-, Hall
-, Love Lane
-, Palace
-, letter dated from
-, Palace, Old, Yard, Parl. Club in
-, St. Margaret's, churchwardens of, petition of
-, letter dated from
-, School, scholars at or from
-, Scotland Yard
-, Walsingham House
-, Whitehall, see Whitehall.
-, plague in
-, residents in

Westmoreland, gentlemen of or residents in
-, M.P.s for see also Appleby.
-, receivership of
-, train bands of

Weston, co. Leicester, resident at
-, co. Northampton, inhabitants of, petition of

Wethered, Fras., petition of

Wettwang, Capt. John
-, letters of

Weyhill, see Wayehill.

Weymes, Jas.

Weymouth, co. Dorset
-, Castle
-, letters, &c. dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, resident at
-, Road, ships in
-, ships at or near
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Wharton, Humphrey
-, Mr.

Wheat, see Corn.

Wheeler, Chas., letters of
-, Sir Chas.
-, letter of
-, Thos., letter of

Whetcombe, Benj.

Whigs in Scotland

Whinyard, Grace
-, John, and Margaret, his wife

Whiston, Jas.

Whitburn, co. Durham, rectory of

Whitby, co. York, alum mines at
-, letters dated from
-, postmaster at
-, resident at
-, ships of or to

White, Edw.
-, Capt. Isaac
-, letters of
-, paper by
-, Jas.
-, John
-, accounts, &c., by
-, petition of
-, Rich., M.A.
-, statement by
-, Capt. Rich., letters of
-, Col. Stephen, petition of
-, Capt. Thos., letters of
-, son of
-, Wm.
-, wife of
-, Mr.

Whitebooth Road, Humber, letters dated from

-, gamekeepers at
-, letters addressed to
-, letters, &c., dated from (1667)
-, letters dated from (1668)
-, Lord Arlington's office, or lodgings, at, see Bennet, Henry, Lord Arlington.
-, Palace
-, the King at
-, volary in
-, preachers at
-, resident in
-, Treasury Chambers in, see Treasury Chambers.

Whitehaven, Cumberland, Custom House at, letter dated from

Whitfield, Nathaniel
-, letters of

Whitfield Park, Hants, timber in

Whittear, Thos., letter of

Whittington, Chas., letters of (1667)
-, (1668)
-, Mr.

Whittlewood Forest, bailiwicks in
-, lieutenant and woodward of
-, officers of
-, purveyor for
-, timber from

Whitton, Edw., affidavit by

Wickham, John, messenger
-, Col.

Widdrington, William, Lord Widdrington, Governor of Berwick
-, letter of

Wigan, co. Lancaster
-, manor of

Wigginer, John

Wight, Isle of, Carisbrook Castle in, see Carisbrook.
-, castles in
-, condition of, report on
-, customs in
-, defences of, or garrisons in
-, estate in
-, Governor of, see Holmes, Sir Rob.
-, imprisonment of Charles I. in
-, Lord Lieutenant of
-, militia of
-, places in
-, ships at or near
-, ships to or from
-, ships wrecked off
-, troops in

Wigmore, Lieut.-Col. Rich
-, petition of

Wild, Hump.
-, or Wilde, Sir John
-, son of
-, servants of
-, Mr.

Wilde, George

Wildman, Major John

Wiles, Hab.
-, letters of

Wilkes, Luke, letters of

Wilkins, John, Dean of Ripon and Bishop of Chester
-, Wm.

Wilkinson, John, letter of
-, Capt. Rob.
-, Thos.
-, Capt.
-, Dr. (? Wilkins)

Willes, Mr.

Willgrass, Capt.

Williams, Sir Abraham
-, or Fitzwilliam, Sir John, Bart.
-, petition of
-, Roger
-, Susan, wife of
-, petition of
-, Wm., see Ward, Wm.
-, Wm. (co. Leicester)
-, Capt. Wm., petition of

Williamson, Joseph, secretary to Lord Arlington
-, as candidate for Appleby
-, as Clerk of the Papers
-, clerks of see also Francis, Rob.; Swaddell, John; and Yard, Rob.
-, diary by
-, gifts or bribes offered to
-, house of, in the Mews
-, letters of
-, alluded to (1667)
-, letters to (1667)
-, (1668)
-, letters to, alluded to
-, other papers addressed to
-, news-letters of, alluded to
-, notes, drafts, and other papers of
-, office of, Scotland Yard, Whitehall
-, petitions to
-, robbery of
-, father of
-, mother of
-, George, brother of
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, brother of (? George)
-, brother (? brother-in-law) of, Miller, —
-, sister of, J. Wych
-, sister of, Mrs. Kilner
-, family of, or the Williamsons
-, Wm.
-, Wm., shipmaster, letter of

Willis, Thos., certificate by
-, Thos., minister

Willmot, Alex.

Willoughby, William, Lord Willoughby of Parham
-, letter of
-, son of
-, George

Willshire, Capt.

Wilmot, John, Earl of Rochester

Wilson, John, of Chatham
-, letter of
-, John, messenger of the chamber
-, Matthew, declaration by
-, Sam.
-, Thos.
-, Wm. and Antony
-, Mr.

Wiltshire, customs in
-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, Lord Lieutenant of
-, moneys from
-, residents in

Wimberley, Gilbert, certificate by

Winche, Sir Humph., Bart.
-, letters of
-, Rich., brother of
-, Wm., brother of

Winchelsea, Earl of, see Finch, Heneage.

Winchelsea, Sussex, castle of
-, mayor of

Winchester, Marquis of, see Paulet.
-, or Winton, Bishop of, see Morley, George.
-, bishopric of, deanery in
-, canons or prebendaries of
-, cathedral or church of
-, chapter offices in
-, Dean of, see Clarke, Dr. Wm.
-, Dean and Chapter of, grant to
-, letter to, from the King

Winchester, assizes at
-, college of
-, foundationers of
-, warden and fellows of
-, letter to
-, mail to
-, place near
-, resident at
-, traveller to

Wind, state of the, lists of

Windham, Sir Edm., see Wyndham.

Windsor, Lord, see Hickman.

Windsor, Berks, canons of, lodging of
-, Castle
-, decay or repair of
-, receiver of revenue for
-, company of foot at
-, constable of, see Rupert, Prince.
-, prisoners at or from
-, resident at
-, St. George's Chapel, or Chapel Royal of, prebendary of
-, stalls of the Knights of the Garter in
-, Forest
-, Cranbourne Lodge in
-, keepership of
-, officers of
-, Park

Wine Office

-, Act for raising money on, alluded to
-, duties or tax on
-, commissioners for
-, for the King, see Charles II., wines of.
-, prices of
-, sale of
-, ships laden with
-, smuggling of
-, trade in
-, Bordeaux
-, Canary
-, French
-, Malaga
-, Rhenish
-, Spanish

Wingate, Edw.

Winter, Edw.
-, Capt. Rob., letter to
-, Wm.
-, —, printer

Winterton, Norfolk, ships lost near

Winterton-Ness, Norfolk, ships lost near

Winton, see Winchester.

Wintour, Sir John, secretary to the Queen Mother

Wisbeach, co. Cambridge, traveller to

Wise, Sir Edw., K.B.
-, Col. Mat.

Wiseman, Rob.
-, Sir Rob.

Wismar, Germany, ship of

Witches in prison

Witham, Thos.

Witherington, Geo.
-, information by

Withers, Capt. John, certificates by

Witt [John de, pensioner of Holland], party of
-, Rich., affidavit by

Wittie, Dr. Rob.

Wittur, Dean

Wivell, E., victualler of Dover

Wivenhoe, co. Essex, letter dated from
-, ship built at

Wollaston, South Wales

Wolsley, —, receiver

Wolstenholme, John
-, Sir John
-, Sir Thos., petition of
-, reports by

Wood, Sir Henry, Receiver-General to Henrietta Maria, Queen Mother
-, Dr. James
-, petition of
-, Rob.
-, Sam, prebendary of Bristol
-, Wm.
-, Wm., of Wapping, letter of
-, —, discoverer, note by
-, Major
-, petition of

Wood, see Timber.

Woodbridge [Suffolk ?], ship at

Woodcock, Rob.

Woodgreen, Capt.

Woodhay, East, Hants, rectory of

Woodhouse, Mat.

Woodroft, Mr., of Yarmouth

Woodruffe, or Woodruff, Benj., M.A.

Woodstock, Oxon, bailiwick of the honour of, Lord Warden of
-, manor of
-, park of, keepership of
-, New, co. Oxon, mayor and commonalty of

Woodward, Dr. Michael
-, Rob.

-, from Ireland
-, ships laden with

Woolhouse, John

Woolpacks, the, ship lost on

Woolwich, Kent
-, gun wharf at
-, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, residents at
-, seamen discharged or paid off at
-, ships at
-, repairing or fitting of
-, ships to or from
-, ships sunk or weighed at
-, travellers to

Woolwich Dockyard
-, clerk of the cheque at, see Sheldon, Wm.
-, dock gates and wharfs at
-, mast house at
-, master attendant at, see Hannam, Wm.
-, deputy [John Moore]
-, Navy Office at, letters dated from
-, Navy stores at
-, embezzlement of
-, officers of
-, letters of
-, paving of
-, ropeyard at, clerk of, see Bodham, Wm.
-, hemp in or for
-, letters dated from
-, master attendant at, see Clements, Thos.
-, paving of
-, ropemaking at
-, stores in
-, workmen in
-, petition of
-, storekeeper at, see Acworth, Wm.
-, timber at or sent to
-, workmen at

Worcester, Marquis of, see Somerset.
-, Bishop of, Skinner, Dr. Rob
-, Dean of, see Thomas, Dr. Wm.
-, diocese of

Worcester, battle of
-, clothiers of
-, constable of
-, mayor, aldermen, sheriffs, &c., of, certificate by
-, rector of

-, sheriff of
-, traveller to

Worden, Capt.

Works, Office of, controller of
-, head carpenter of
-, officers of
-, orders of, alluded to
-, petition of
-, warrant to
-, paymaster of
-, Surveyor-General of, see Denham, Sir John.

Worseley, Benj., M.D.

Worthington, John

Wotton, Lord, see Kirkhoven.

Wotton, Thos.
-, petition of

Wotton, Oxon
-, Haven, Isle of Wight

Wray, Sir Chichester, Bart.
-, letter of
-, Sir Bourchier, Bart., his son
-, Sir John
-, Sarah, widow of, Fanshaw, Lady

Wren, J., certificate by
-, Mat., secretary to James, Duke of York
-, letters of (1667)
-, (1668)
-, letters to
-, relation of

Wrench, Rich., prebendary of Durham

Wright, John
-, Capt. Jos.
-, Rob.
-, S., receipt by
-, Wm., Army officer, petition of
-, Wm., convict

Wrightson, Mich.
-, petition of

Wriothesley, Thomas, Earl of Southampton, late Lord Treasurer

Writtle, Thos.

Wyborne, Capt. John, letter of

Wych, J. [sister of Jos. Williamson], letter of

Wyche, Sir Peter, proposition by

Wylde, or Wilde, Capt. Chas., letters of
-, Sir Wm., Bart., Recorder of London
-, warrants to
-, appointed Justice of Common Pleas

Wyndham, Sir Edmond, Knight Marshal of the Household
-, petitions of
-, wife of
-, family of

Wynne, Hen., letter of
-, Thos., sen. and jun.

Wyrrall, Geo.
-, petition of

Wytt, Sam.


Yalden, Rob.

Yard, Rob., Williamson's clerk
-, letters of
-, letter to

Yarmouth, Great, Norfolk
-, aldermen of
-, bailiffs of
-, commissioners at
-, common councillors of
-, conventicles, meetings, or dissent at
-, Corporation
-, fish or fishing at or near
-, fishermen of
-, forts of
-, government of
-, haven or harbour of
-, incorporation of Little Yarmouth with, see Yarmouth, Little.
-, letters dated from (1667)
-, (1668)
-, magistrates of
-, M.P. for
-, ministers in
-, Navy stores at, embezzling of
-, news from or talk in
-, packet boats at
-, piers at
-, postmasters of
-, posts to and from
-, residents in
-, ships at or near
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, Town Hall of, sessions at
-, trained bands of
-, travellers from

Yarmouth Roads, letter dated from
-, ships in, to, or from

Yarmouth, Little, incorporation of, with Great Yarmouth
-, charter for

Yarmouth, or North Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
-, ships of

York, Archbishop of, see Sterne, Richard.
-, diocese of

York, aldermen of
-, assizes at
-, Castle, gaoler of
-, prisoners in
-, Clifford's Tower at
-, duel at
-, Golden Lion in
-, high sheriff of, see Mauleverer, Sir Rich.; Reresby, Sir John.
-, highwaymen taken at
-, letters dated from
-, Lord Lieutenant of, Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
-, Lord Mayor of
-, persons in and about
-, posts to and from
-, traveller to

York road, the, stage on

Yorkshire, deputy vice-admiral of
-, gentlemen of
-, lands or estates in
-, places in
-, residents in
-, saints
-, sheriff of, high, see Mauleverer, Sir Rich.
-, sheriff of, under
-, traveller from
-, East Riding of, dissenters in
-, militia of
-, officers [of the old army] in
-, population of
-, North Riding of, officers [of the old army] in
-, West Riding of, deputy-lieutenants of
-, Lord-lieutenant of, Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
-, officers [of the old army] in

-, college fellowship to be held by

Youghall, Ireland, ship of or from
-, traveller to

Young, H., receipt by
-, bailiff of Kingston-on-Thames
-, Capt.


Zante, island of, ships to or from

-, ships to or from

Zenti, Gerolamo