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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1672-3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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Aberdain, Mr., letter to, mentioned

Abraham, of Santa Crux, pass for

Achery, Dom Luc d', transcripts of MSS. for

Acland, Hugh, letters of

Acton, John, examiner in reversion in the Court of Exchequer in the county palatine of Chester

Adami, Johannes, countryman of Michael Kys

Adams, Richard, Congregational, and his house, Mount Sorrel, Leicestershire, licences to

Adderley, Charles, commission to

Addison, John

Additional Aid, the Act for granting the (17 Car. II., c. 1.)

Aden, John, and the owners of the Revenge privateer, statement by

Admiralty, the Court of, extract from register of
-, depositions in, mentioned
-, decree of, appealed against
-, vessel condemned in

African Company, the Royal, or Guinea, letter in favour of
-, declaration by, concerning the prices of negroes
-, order on petition of
-, persons not warranted by, excluded from trade between Sallee and Cape of Good Hope
-, election of Committee of
-, Governor and Assistants of, letter of

Ailesbury, Earl of. See Bruce, Robert, Earl of Ailesbury

Aire, James, pilot, request by, and letter in favour of

Airth. See Elphinstoun.

Albemarle, Duke of. See Moncke, George, and Christopher, Dukes of Albemarle.

Aldeburgh, letters dated from
-, person from
-, fight with privateer off
-, prizes at
-, boat from
-, chief physician to sick and wounded at
-, vessels off
-, vessels gone to
-, pinnaces at
-, bailiffs of
-, captured buss and dogger at
-, pilots pressed at
-, prize nets at
-, English fleet off
-, warrant to, for arrest of passengers from Holland
-, warrant to, qualifying the last
-, account of facilities for watering ships at
-, and the Long Sand, vessel plying between
-, Bay, letter dated from vessel in
-, privateers or other vessels in

Alden, Capt. Philip, to be rewarded as discoverer
-, letter and draft letter on behalf of

Alderson, Samuel, degree of M.A. to be conferred on

Aldingham in Furness, living of

Aldridge, John, purser
-, Michael, Baptist, licence to

Algiers, pass to
-, slaves redeemed from
-, late war with
-, the peace between England and
-, Aga etc. of, letter to
-, ship of, captive taken by
-, consul at. See Martin, Samuel.

Alicante, vessels for, or from

Alington, William, Lord Alington, letter of
-, suggested to command one of the new regiments

Allen, John, Baptist, and his house, Easton, Lincolnshire, licences to
-, John, the King's tailor in London, warrant for payment to
-, John, Congregational, licence to
-, Thomas, warrant to, and certificate by, concerning abuses in victualling the Navy
-, William, innkeeper near Monaghan, robbery at house of

Alli, of Algiers, pass for

Allin, Sir Thomas, Comptroller and Commissioner of the Navy
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, letter to, mentioned
-, certificate by
-, orders of, mentioned
-, illness of
-, bill sent to
-, created a baronet
-, and Sir Jeremy Smyth, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, and Col. T. Middleton, letters of
-, and Sir J. Ernle and S. Pepys, order of
-, See also Brouncker, William, Viscount Brouncker.
-, Thomas, certificate of competency of, as master

Alston, Sir Edward, late President of the College of Physicians, father of Sarah, Duchess of Somerset

Alum farm, pension to be paid out of rent of the

Alwin, Richard, purser, complaints of

Amboyna, Dutch cruelties at, representation of
-, account of

Ambrose, John, late cook of the Forester, petition of

Ampthill, letter dated from

Amsincque, Henry, merchant, of Rouen, and others, petition of
-, order for restitution of ship of

Amsterdam, extracts from letters dated from
-, privateer of
-, vessels of
-, vessel of, taken
-, vessels for, lost or taken
-, men-of-war of
-, English prize carried into
-, reinforcements for the Prince of Orange from
-, pass to
-, Custom house at
-, person to be sent to, for intelligence
-, persons from
-, Jew of
-, post from stopped
-, traveller to
-, said to be drowned
-, prohibition of lodging French, English, or Scotch at, without informing the magistrates
-, confident of being able to resist a French attack
-, Englishman hung at
-, order from, mentioned
-, Comenius coming to
-, presages of destruction of

Andernach, the Brandenburgers repulsed by the French at

Anderton, Matthew, letters of
-, cheese sent by

Andover, petition from, mentioned
-, warrant for grant of markets and fair at

Andrewes, Capt. Edward, petition of

Andrews, Daniel, late master of the Plymouth, representation and complaint by
-, certificate of competency of, as master
-, Thomas, house of, Stretton Parva, Leicestershire, licence to
-, Capt. Thomas, letters of
-, Capt. William, letters of

Andros, Major Edmond, letter of

Angell, William, porter and keeper of the armoury at Windsor Castle, reasons of, for being excused being sheriff

Anglesey, Earl of. See Annesley, Arthur, Earl of Anglesey.

Anguish, Capt. William
-, letters of
-, rudder supplied to
-, Esquire

Anjou, Duc d, death of the

Annesley, Arthur, Earl of Anglesey
-, letters of
-, letter concerning
-, claim of Sir R. Bellingham as his father's executor against

Antigua, vessel from

Antwerp, vessels for
-, news by post from
-, Rhenish wine to be conveyed to

Apothecaries, suggestion that, be appointed to supply ships with medicines

Appeals, the Lords Commissioners of, statement to

Appleby, letter dated from

Apsley, Sir Allen, letter of

Archangel, ship from

Archer, Capt. James, letters of
-, Patrick, merchant, payment of debt to, ordered
-, Mr., candidate for Fellowship at Trinity Hall, case of

Ardee, Lord. See Brabazon, William, Lord Ardee.

Ardfert and Aghadoe, Bishoprics of, grant of

Ardington, William, pinmaker, deceased

Arlington, Earl and Countess of. See Bennet, Henry and Isabella, Earl and Countess of Arlington

Armagh, persons at
-, County, shrievalty of

Armenians. See Joseph, Stephanus.

Armorer, Sir Nicholas, letter of
-, money spent by on repairs of Duncannon Fort
-, order for payment of

Armstrong, Sir Thomas, troop of

Army, the, warrant for pay of
-, Duke of Buckingham's regiment, licence to ensign in, to go to France
-, comissions in
-, Earl of Craven's regiment of Guards, commissions in
-, Col. Fitzgerald's regiment, companies of, come to Yarmouth
-, supernumeraries in companies of, sent to sea, paper concerning
-, commissions in
-, Holland regiment, the, commissions in
-, Royal English or Duke of Monmouth's regiment, the, list of eight companies of, to be reformed
-, soldier of
-, persons to be mustered while serving with
-, deserter from
-, persons given commissions in
-, Prince Rupert's or the Marine regiment
-, list of captains of
-, Col. Russell's regiment of Guards, commissions in
-, the eight new regiments, lists of colonels, and list of colonels, lieut.colonels and majors of
-, list of names of, estimate of the charge of, and proposed quarters for
-, Lord Belasyse's regiment, list of officers of
-, commissions in
-, money to pay fees on commissions in
-, Earl of Ogle's regiment, lists of proposed captains in
-, amended list of captains in
-, commissions in
-, Earl of Carlisle's regiment, list of officers in
-, commissions in
-, persons named for commissions in
-, commissions in, requested
-, Earl of Peterborough's regiment, list of officers of
-, commissions in
-, Marquis of Worcester's regiment, lists of captains in
-, commissions in
-, Earl of Mulgrave's regiment, lists of officers of, and list of captains in
-, papers suggesting persons as officers in
-, commissions in
-, Duke of Albemarle's regiment, list of officers in
-, commissions in
-, Lord Vaughan's regiment, lists of officers in
-, commissions in

Armyn, Evers, house of, Kenton, Rutland, licence to
-, house of, Osgodby, Lincolnshire, licence to

Arnell, Roger, waterman to the King, deceased

Arnold, Aleda, wife of Capt. John, pass to
-, Timothy, certificate of competency of, as master

Arran, Earl of. See Butler, Richard, Earl of Arran

Arthur, Daniell, merchant, of London, petition of, to be examined
-, empowered to pay expenses of prosecuting grievances of Roman Catholics of Clonmel
-, Patrick, allegations of, that he is denied his freedom at Limerick
-, author of paper sent by Sir A. Forbes to the Lord Lieutenant
-, answer to allegations of
-, Robert, petition of
-, writ of error to be granted to
-, John, father of, deceased, clause in Act of Explanation in favour of
-, Robert, grandfather of, alderman of Dublin, deceased, loyalty of, in the rebellion
-, outlawry of, to be reversed
-, copies of indictment and outlawry of, to be supplied

Arton, William
-, arrested at Harwich
-, sent to Landguard Fort
-, sent to London
-, letter concerning
-, warrant for receiving, into custody and keeping him close prisoner
-, warrant for delivering, and conducting, to the Tower
-, examination of
-, brought to the Tower and examined
-, See also Zas, Gerbrandt.

Arundel, privateer off
-, Earl of. See Howard, Thomas, late Earl of Arundel, Surrey, and Norfolk.

Ash, William, house of Tideswell, Derbyshire, licences to

Ashby, Capt. John

Ashdown Forest, Sussex. See Lancaster Great Park

Ashe, Richard, merchant of Dublin, deceased

Ashenhurst, Katharine, house of, Newport, Shropshire, licence to

Ashmole, Elias, and others the commissioners for discovering and getting in the King's goods embezzled in the late usurpation

Ashridge, licence to impark lands in, recited

Ashwell, John, Baptist, and his house, Boston, licences to

Aslaby, Thomas, collector of customs, Bridlington, letters of

Aston, Sir Willoughby, approved as deputylieutenant for Cheshire
-, Capt., warrant for gift to

Aston Flamville, co. Leicester, rectory of

Atholl, Earl of. See Murray, John, Earl of Atholl.

Atkins, James, junior, master of the packet-boat Marie, deposition by

Atkinson, Sir George
-, James, house of, Kendal, licence to
-, Peter, Presbyterian, licences to
-, house of, Ellel, Lancashire, licence to
-, Capt., executed for plot of 1663

Attewell, John, boatswain of the yard at Chatham
-, letter in favour of

Aubigny, lordship of, gift of

Aubrey, Herbert, surety of the late Roger Vaughan as collector of the hearthmoney

Aubusson, House of, genealogy of, mentioned

Auchinhuies, Over and Nether, and Berrieleyes, and lands and towns of Glengarrocks in barony of Strathyla, and regality of Kinloss, co. Banff, warrant for charter of

Audley, Thomas, caveat against release of reversion to

Aungier, Francis, Lord Aungier, late Master of the Rolls in Ireland
-, Francis, Lord Aungier, letter of
-, compensation due to
-, sums paid by
-, letter recommending
-, departure of, from Chester
-, order for payment to
-, release by, to Lord Ranelagh and his partners, of all fees due to, as Vice-Treasurer
-, surrender by, of offices of Vice-Treasurer, Receiver-General, and Treasurer at War, Ireland
-, memoranda by, of delivery of the last two deeds as escrows
-, Sir Thomas Bond, and Henry Savile, estate of Edmond Sexten, deceased, in disposal of
-, See also Boyle, Roger, Earl of Orrery.

Austen, Robert, pass to

Avenen, John, house of, Hawnes, Beds., licence to

Ayer, John, house of, Artington, Devon, licence to

Ayers, James, Congregational, licence to

Aylmer, George, commission to

Aynsworth, William, Baptist, and his house, West Langton, Leicestershire, licences to