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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1672-3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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Babing Bush

Backhuysius, John, master of the St. John Evangelist
-, and others, owners of the St. John Evangelist, petition of

Backwell, Alderman Edward, privy seal for payment to

Baggot, Capt., company of, to be reformed
-, discharged

Baggot, John. See Plunkett, Sir Nicholas.

Bagley, William, Presbyterian, and his house, Leintwardine, Herefordshire, licences to

Bagot, John, house of, Over, Cheshire, licence to

Bahama Islands, the, guns for

Baker, John, messenger, warrant to
-, Mr., haberdasher in Milk Street
-, Capt.

Baldwin, John, purser of the Mary and Martha, letter of

Ball, Henry, Williamson's clerk, letters to
-, John, house of, Bampton, Devon, licence to
-, Capt. Naphthali
-, letter of
-, death of
-, Mr., candidate for chamberlainship of London

Ballinderry, letter dated from

Ballintubber, co. Mayo, Knockmoy, Killereulta, Oran alias St. Mary's Athenry, and Dunmore, co. Galway, and Tyhone, co. Tipperary, impropriations of, apportionment ordered of rents between, and other lands

Ballyboy, lands in, and other lands in barony of Iffa and Offa, Tipperary, grant of, ordered

Ballyclogh, co. Cork

Ballygawley, letter dated from

Ballymartyr, letters dated from

Ballynaclogh, Clare, house of Capt. Cullen at

Balsters, John, house of, Sampford Peverell, Devon, licence to

Baltic, the, Dutch squadron for

Baltimore, co. Cork, ship from
-, Lord. See Calvert, Cecil, Lord Baltimore

Baltinglass, Viscount. See Roper, Carew, Viscount Baltinglass.

Bampfield, Col., taken prisoner
-, violence of the common people to
-, restored to his command

Bancker, Adrian, of Schiedam, certificate of, taking the oaths of allegiance and supremacy

Banckes, Sir John, letter of
-, John, a Hamburg merchant, case of, and letter in favour of

Bankes, George, letter of
-, son of, charges of
-, Thomas, petition of
-, William, approved as deputy-lieutenant for Lancashire

Banks, Samuel, salter, of London, fraud on

-, ships for, or from
-, ships from, taken
-, fleet from
-, hurricane at
-, privy seal for payment out of revenue of, and the Leeward Islands
-, grant of escheatorship in
-, Dutch and French prisoners sent to
-, petition for clerkship of the Chancery at
-, Sir T. Bridge's regiment formerly at
-, Act of Assembly of, concerning the Militia
-, vessels to transport provisions to
-, expedition against island near (Tobago)
-, good condition of
-, arrival of Lord Willoughby at
-, Governor of. See Willoughby, William, Lord Willoughby of Parham.

Barber, John, of Great Yarmouth, Baptist, licence to
-, or Barbor, Mr., clerk of the Ticket Office

Bardou, Jean, brother of Sir J. B. Duteil, declaration on oath by
-, letter of
-, and the Chevalier de Prencourt, commissioned to buy slaves for the English and French galleys, agreement between
-, and Nicolao de Bencini, or William Flawes, slaves bought by

Bareham, William, house of, Clare, Suffolk, licence to

Barham, Francis, tender of, for building frigates

Barker, Henry, warden of Barber-Surgeons' Hall. See Knight, Surgeon John.
-, William, late examinator of witnesses in Chancery in Ireland
-, William, petition of, concerning abuses in victualling the Navy

Barlin, John, master carpenter, certificate concerning

Barlow, Thomas, D.D., Provost of Queen's College, Oxford
-, See also Mews, Dr. Peter, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Barnard Sand, the, off Southwold, vessel lost on

Barnardiston, Sir Samuel, candidate for Suffolk

Barnes, George, vessel consigned to
-, Thomas, house of, Isle of Oxney, Kent, licence to
-, Thomas, house of, Holme Cultram, Cumberland, licence to
-, Mr., lease of Col. Blood's lands in Ireland to

Barnstaple, letters dated from
-, vessels of

Baron, Hartgill, secretary to Prince Rupert, letter of

Barre, de la, Peter, petition presented by
-, Capt.
-, ship of

Barret, Capt. Edmund, lease to, mentioned

Barrett, Thomas, master of the Lawson, affidavit by

Barriele, Guillaume, purser of the galley at Leghorn, affidavit by

Barrow, Hugh, vicar of Lancaster, and one of the preachers for the county palatine, death of
-, Isaac, D.D., appointed Master of Trinity College, Cambridge

Barry, James, Baron Barry of Santry, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, Ireland, illness of
-, death of
-, Matthew, joint grantee of clerkship of the Privy Council in Ireland
-, See also Davys, Sir William; and Lock, Matthew
-, Richard, Earl of Barrymore. See Hawkins, John, Mayor of Cork.
-, , captain in Lord Ogle's regiment

Bartagne. See Knockbrex.

Bartlett, Thomas, house of, Marldon, Dorset, licence to
-, William, house of, Bideford, licence to
-, William, house of, Over Compton, Dorset, licence to

Bartly, Col.

Barton, Thomas, of Brigstock, Northants, warrant for pardon to
-, Capt., suicide of ensign of
-, commission in company of


Bartrum, Thomas, foreman of the ropeyard at Woolwich
-, petitions of
-, father of, a purloiner in the yard
-, surety of, a purloiner

Bass Rock, the, warrant for fitting, for keeping prisoners

Basse, Isle of, Dutch privateers off

Batavia, Dutch ship for

-, bail offered by

Bath, kirk of, warrant for presentation to

Bath, Earl of. See Granville, John, Earl of Bath

Bath and Wells, chancellorship of
-, royal assent to election of bishop of
-, warrant for restitution of temporalities of
-, Bishop of. See Mews, Dr. Peter, Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Batten, Sir William, Surveyor of the Navy, deceased, vessel formerly in possession of
-, toll granted to, for erection of lighthouses
-, Benjamin, son of, warrant for grant to
-, widow of

Bawdsey Cliff, Suffolk
-, letter dated from vessel off

Baxter, Richard, a Nonconforming minister, note of licence to

Bay of Bulls, the, near Cadiz

Bayley, Frollick, house of, Hinton St. George, licence to

Baylie, Francis, shipbuilder, of Bristol, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, indenture made between, and the Navy Commissioners
-, new ship building by
-, Matthew, master of the Expedition, of Lyme

Bayly, Elizabeth, house of, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, licence to
-, Lewis, petition of
-, licences to
-, Major Nicholas, petition of, referred
-, Stephen, house of, Devizes, licence to

Baynton, Sir Edward, justice of Wiltshire

Bayonne, vessel of

Beach, Capt. Richard, Commissioner of the Navy
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, lieutenant of
-, order of, mentioned
-, See also Tippetts. Commissioner John.

Beachy Head, privateer off
-, French vessels retaken off
-, and the Isle of Wight, vessel chased between
-, the Downs, and the French coast, vessels plying between

Beare, Capt. Amos, master attendant at Woolwich, letters of
-, illness of

Beccles, letter dated from

Beckford, Major Thomas, slop-seller to the Navy, letter of
-, petition of
-, disbursements of, for clothing for the Navy

Bedall, Samuel, letter of

Bedfordshire, deputy-lieutenants for
-, places in, where buildings were licensed for Nonconformist services, or where Nonconformist ministers resided:Beeston Cardington, Elstow Hawnes Radwell Shefford

Bee, Cornelius, transcripts from MS. in Bennet (Corpus) library by
-, son of
-, Capt. John, of Newcastle, ship of, impressed

Beebee, John, Presbyterian, licence to

Beeby, Dr. John, death of
-, executrix of

Beer, defective, supplied to the Navy

Beesley, John, alleged deserter, examination of
-, George, brother of

Beeston, Dr. H., Dean of Winchester, letter of
-, Capt. William, letters of

Beith, Archibald, and Donald McGibbon, remission of accidental slaughter to

Belasyse, John, Lord Belasyse, letters of
-, request by
-, regiment of. See Army, the
-, Thomas, Viscount Fauconberg
-, letter of thanks to, from Whitby

Belfast, letters dated from
-, request for removal of custom house from Carrickfergus to

Bell, Edward, house of, Tunstead, Norfolk, licence to

Bellew, Sir John, agent of the Corporation of Dundalk, petition and other proceedings of

Bellingham, Sir Daniel, executors of. suit between the King and
-, payments ordered out of sum due from
-, Sir Richard, son of, Crown debt due from, as his father's executor
-, claim of, against Lord Anglesey for part of Crown debt
-, to repair to England to prosecute his claim
-, conditional decree against, to be made absolute
-, letter concerning decree against, to be superseded
-, to be revoked
-, summoned to England by the Lord Treasurer

Bellott, Francis, letters of

Belman, Thomas, letter of

Bence, Sir Alexander, John Stepney, J. Winckworth, Edward Roberts, John Hayes, Thomas Scarth, and G. Bodurda, letter of
-, and John Bence, debt due by, on their late farm of inland excise and ale licences
-, Mr. Deane, and J. Stepney, debt due by, for rents of their late farm of customs and imported excise
-, John. See Jones, Richard, Viscount Ranelagh

Bencini, Nicolao de, declaration on oath by
-, See also Bardou, Jean.

Bendish, Robert, Mayor, and citizens and commonalty of Norwich, petition of

Bennet, Henry, Earl of Arlington
-, letters to
-, letters to, mentioned
-, letters of
-, draft letters of
-, letters of, mentioned
-, letters from, requested
-, warrants from
-, warrant from, mentioned
-, orders of
-, orders or commands or desires or wishes of, mentioned
-, orders from, requested
-, letters to be prepared by
-, signatures by
-, petitions to
-, memorandum to
-, packets or papers for
-, orders to
-, caveats in favour of
-, examinations taken before
-, enclosure for
-, order on request of, as Postmaster-General
-, passes from
-, grant of Lord Baltinglass' estate to, ordered
-, mentioned
-, presents from, to M. de Louvois and M. de Pomponne
-, grant of Prothonotaryship of the King's Bench in trust for
-, things on board Swedish ship for
-, intended return of, to London
-, suggestion to, to secure an escheat to the Crown in Ireland
-, pictures for
-, warrants to bring person before, and letters and papers to
-, tapestry from Holland for
-, person excused from serving as sheriff through
-, alleged complaints of Capt. Walcott against
-, at a meeting of the Privy Council
-, suggestion that, be called to account for making this war
-, petition to be transmitted to
-, proposal to, from the Lord Lieutenant
-, hostility of, to P. du Moulin
-, requests to
-, request for introduction to
-, wardens of the Stationers' Company ordered to attend
-, elected on the Committee of the Royal African Company
-, deeds delivered by Lord Aungier to, as escrows
-, paper given in to, by W. Howard
-, visit of, to Euston
-, spoken of as to be the new Treasurer
-, at meeting about the Parliament
-, lodgings of, letter dated from door of
-, meeting at
-, office of
-, caveats to
-, and Lord Culpeper, grant of Virginia to
-, See also Villiers, George, Duke of Buckingham
-, Isabella, wife of, Countess of Arlington
-, papers for Countess of Horne from
-, Charles, brother of
-, Sir John, brother of
-, See also Paulet, Charles, Lord St. John
-, relation of
-, Robert, of Waddesden, Bucks., Presbyterian, licence to
-, William, house of, Crewkerne, licence to
-, Mr., death of

Bennett, , postmaster at Maidenhead, complaint against
-, Roger, seaman, alleged ticket of

Benson, Francis, Williamson's clerk
-, letter of
-, sent to France

Beoley, near Rugby, letter addressed to


Beresford, Dr., dispensation to

Bergen, Norway, East Indiaman taken at
-, vessel from

Bergen op Zoom, traveller by

Berkeley, Sir Francis
-, John, Lord Berkeley of Stratton, late Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
-, letter to
-, misrepresentations by, against the Lord Chancellor of Ireland
-, complaints against, about appointments of sheriffs
-, and the Privy Council of Ireland, petition to, mentioned
-, proclamation by, mentioned
-, Maurice, Viscount Fitz-Hardinge, approved as deputy-lieutenant for Somerset
-, payment to, out of moneys for the Marine regiment, Ireland
-, payment ordered to
-, See also Boyle, Roger, Earl of Orrery.

Berkenhead, Peter, chaplain to the King, petition of, and warrant for payment to
-, warrant for grant to, of preachership of county palatine of Lancaster
-, father and brothers of, services and sufferings of

Berkhampstead, Herts., warrant to preserve the game at
-, Frith, warrant to enclose highway from
-, St. Peter, licence to impark lands in, recited

Berkley, Sir Henry, approved as deputylieutenant for Somerset

Berkshire, archdeaconry of, presentation to
-, places in, where buildings were licensed for Nonconformist services, or where Nonconformist ministers resided: Reading, Wantage

Berlew, John Jacob, menial servant of an M.P.

Berrieleyes, lands of. See Auchinhuies.

Berry, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, commission to

Berry Head, caper taken off

Berwick, Tristram, highwayman

Berwick in Elmet, Yorkshire, dispensation for holding living of

Berwick on Tweed, company from
-, for

Betts, James, vessel of
-, John. See Bullocke, William

Bevans, William, nominated to be pricked as sheriff

Beveridge, William, M.A., recommended for living

Beverley or Beaverly, Henry, smith
-, iron bought by

Bewen, Robert, lieutenant in Lord Vaughan's regiment

Bewley, Thomas, elected Mayor of Coventry
-, entertainment given by
-, , Williamson warned against

Beyer, Adrian, person through whom Zas may write

Bickerstaffe, Sir Charles, refusal of, to agree with Phineas Pett
-, and Capt. Forster, executors of the Duke of Richmond, letter to

Bidbank, George, of Denton, Northants, Congregational, licence to

Bideford, vessels of

Biffen, Andrew, house of, Upavon, Wilts., licence to
-, John, chirurgeon, letter of

Biggs, Henry, illegally appointed Mayor of Chipping Wycombe

Bilbao, vessels of
-, vessels from, or for
-, English and French prizes brought into
-, ships bound to, from Newfoundland
-, Dutch consul at, passport from

Bill, Mr., address of, in Little Suffolk Street

Billing, Northants
-, trial concerning

Billinghurst, Edward, house of, Elstead, Surrey, licence to

Billingsley, John, house of, Mansfield, Notts, licence to

Billopp, Thomas
-, letter of
-, muster books sent to Navy Office by

Bimersyde, Berwickshire, town and lands of, warrant for charter of

Bindlos, Sir Robert, approved as deputylieutenant for Lancashire

Binning or Benning, Capt. Thomas
-, letters of

Birch trees tapped for medicinal purposes

Biscay, Bay of
-, Dutch capers in
-, coast of, privateers on

Biscoe, John, Congregational, and his house, West Wycombe, Bucks, licences to

Bishop, Edward, warrant to, and information of, concerning abuses in victualling the Navy
-, Sir Richard, serjeant-at-arms, warrant for discharge to

Bishop's Ness in the Medway, ships brought up to
-, ships riding between, and Oakham Ness

Black Middens, the, near Newcastle

Black Stakes, the, in the Thames, ships at

Blackborough, Henry, deals, spars, and other timber of

Blackbourne, William, letter of, mentioned

Blackett, Alderman, of Newcastle
-, ship of, impressed

Blacktail, the, and the Nore, vessel between

-, vessels at


Bladen, Thomas, of Birmingham, Presbyterian, licence to

Blaine, John, of Wigg, warrant for gift to

Blake, Thomas. See Herringhooke, Peter.

Blakeney, Norfolk, colliers of

Bland, Thomas, letter of
-, Thomas, receiver-general for Yorkshire, debt due to the King by

Blandford, Walter, Bishop of Worcester
-, and the Bishop of Rochester and the Dean of St. Paul's, reference to

Blanquefort, Marquis de. See Duras, Louis de, Marquis de Blanchefort

Blaskets, the, and Cape Clear, vessel to ply between

Blathwayt, W., letter of

Blick, Nicholas, house of, Bromsgrove, licence to

Blinkorne, Thomas, surveyor of the King's waiters in London

Blood, Edmund, recommended as officer
-, Col. Thomas, letters of
-, case concerning estate of, in Ireland
-, pardon to, mentioned
-, to be allowed to bring writ of error to reverse his outlawry
-, persons recommended as officers by
-, information of conspiracy of, given by Wilkinson
-, note by, concerning pamphlets expected from Holland
-, Thomas, junior, recommended as officer

Bloome, Matthew, house of, Attercliffe, Yorkshire, licence to

Blotelingh,, engraver from Amsterdam for Prince Rupert

Blower, Samuel, of Sudbury, Suffolk, Congregational, licence to

Blundell, William, Turkish slave to be released by

Boade, Henry, major in Lord Peterborough's regiment

Boat, pattern of a strange

Bodengrave, attacked by the French

Bodham, Edward, letters of
-, William, clerk of the ropeyard, Woolwich
-, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, certificate by
-, reference to, and report by
-, John Burgess and Peter Russell, receipt by
-, See also Corbet, John

Bodurda, G. See Bence, Sir Alexander.

Body, George, plank, deals, tar, etc. of

Bolton, Clara, widow, and Clara, wife of Sir E. Wood, petition of
-, pension of, and differences between, and Sir E. Wood
-, Lancelot, letter of
-, , lieutenant in Lord Carlisle's regiment

Bonavista, Newfoundland, price of fish at

Bond, Capt. Giles
-, letters of
-, hoy of
-, Sir Thomas, sum received by T. Holder from
-, See also Aungier, Francis, Lord Aungier.

Bonham's Point, Jamaica, new fort at

Boniface, William, shipwright, indenture of apprenticeship to

Bonner, Edmund, late Bishop of London, cruelties of

Books, broadsheets, and pamphlets, warrants for seizure of, from Holland
-, titles of:
-, Account of alleged conspiracy against the Prince of Orange between Cornelis de Witt and Willem Tichelaar
-, Answer to objections to the Declaration of Indulgence (by H. Stubbe), MS.
-, Bible, the, interest of Dr. Fell and his partners in
-, Canons of lfric, the
-, Capitula Egberti
-, Character of Holland, the (by A. Marvell)
-, Christmas Gamball, the, or A Dream of the Grand Cabball
-, Dutch Usurpation, the, or View of the behaviour of the StatesGeneral towards the Kings of Great Britain, by William de Britain
-, History of the Spiritual Supremacy of the Kings of England (by H. Stubbe), MS.
-, Holland Nightingale, the, by J. O.
-, Inquiry into the Spiritual Supremacy of the Kings of England (by H. Stubbe), MS.
-, Liber Scintillarum
-, On the Original of Government, MS.
-, On his Royal Highness' Expedition against the Dutch, by Mrs. E. P.
-, Pnitentials of Archbishop Theodore
-, Poor Robin's Parley with Dr. Wilde
-, Poor Robin's Character of a Dutchman, &c.

Boone, Robert, commission to

Boosh, Richard, Baptist, and his house, Ratby, Leicestershire, licences to

Booth, John, proposed as captain in the Marquis of Worcester's regiment
-, Sir Robert, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, Ireland, suggested as Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench
-, Robert, house of, Mottram, Longdendale, Cheshire, licence to
-, Mrs., house of, Chester, licence to

Boothhouse, Richard, Congregational, and his house, Derby, licences to

Bordeaux, ships for
-, ships from
-, fleet for
-, pilots for coast of, requested
-, embargo at
-, but few ships at
-, wine, casks of, washed ashore at, Swansea

Borders, the, joint commission for trial of robberies committed on, suggested

Boreel, Mynheer, late Dutch Ambassador to England
-, Monsr., burgomaster at Middleburg, letter to

Boreman, G., patent of, for the Ballast Office
-, Sir William, school founded by, at Greenwich

Borfert, George, house of, Fleckney, Leicestershire, licence to

Borlace, Sir John, late member for Chipping Wycombe, death of
-, Sir John, son of, candidate for Chipping Wycombe

Bornet, Andrew, house of, Astbury, Cheshire, licence to

Boroughbridge and York, floods between

Borroughes, William, letter of

Boscobel, the King carried from, to Mr. Whitgrove's

Bosse, Cornelius, letter of, for Holland

Boston, letters dated from
-, vessels from
-, colliers of
-, vessel of, taken and retaken
-, vessels of, taken or put ashore
-, vessel of, fight between and a Dutch caper
-, vessel plying off
-, arrival of Capt. Wood at
-, Mayor of
-, colliers off
-, mart at

Boston, in New England, pass for vessel to

Boswell, Capt. Edward
-, Lady, house of, Sevenoaks, Kent, licence to

Boteler, Ensign Edward, licence to, to go to France

Bouchier, Thomas, D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls' College, appointed Professor of Civil Law at Oxford

Bouckworth, Mrs. Marguarith, feigned name of correspondent at the Hague

Bourke, Capt. John, petition of
-, Patrick, statement by, concerning the estate of his cousin Edmund Sexten
-, See also Whyte, Ignatius, Baron de Vique.
-, Redmond, letter of
-, Theobald, Lord Bourke of Brittas, and John Bourke, Justices, certificate by
-, illegality of
-, Thomas, Lord Bourke of Connell
-, son of
-, Ulick, late Marquis of Clanrickard, services under, when Lord Deputy

B[o]uste[a]d Hill, Cumberland

Bowdon, William, ropemaker at Woolwich Yard, petition of

Bowen, George, boatswain of the Roebuck, leave to
-, Capt. Peter
-, letters of

Bower, John, letter of
-, Richard
-, letters of

Bowers, William, house of, St. Mary Cray, Kent, licence to

Bowes, Anthony, quarter-master in the Duke of Albemarle's regiment
-, commission to
-, Margaret, former servant of Sir Philip Howard

Bowles, Sir William, daughter of

Bowtwell, Edward, caulker, letter of

Boxworth, Cambridgeshire, rectory of

Boyer, the Sieur de, post warrant for

Boyes, Richard, timber merchant, letter of

Boyle, Francis, Viscount Shannon, troop of
-, Michael, Archbishop of Dublin, and Lord Chancellor of Ireland
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, letter sent to
-, retrenchments of salary of
-, misrepresentations of Lord Berkeley against
-, matters pertaining to the Civil List entrusted to, during the Lord Lieutenant's illness
-, writ of error to be granted by
-, services of, before the Restoration
-, certificate of payment to be given by
-, son of
-, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington, and Lord Langdale, certificate by
-, Robert
-, letter of
-, petition of, and apportionment of rents between impropriations of, and other lands, ordered
-, Roger, Earl of Orrery
-, letters of
-, letters of, mentioned
-, letter sent to
-, extract from letter to
-, petition of
-, informations taken before
-, order for repayment to, of moneys spent on new fort at Kinsale
-, order for acquittance to, of the year's value charged on his estate
-, resignation by, of patent for fortifying Charleville
-, going to England
-, and Lords Carlingford, FitzHardinge, Kingston, and Aungier, and Henry Brouncker and Sir John Trevor, grants of Crown remainders expectant on estates tail in Ireland to be made to nominees of
-, Roger, son of, Lord Broghill, house of, Moyallo (Mallow) Park
-, accused of having a hand in Walcott's plot

Boynton, Sir Francis. See Hildyard, Sir Robert.
-, Gustavus, captain in Lord Belasyse's regiment
-, ensign of
-, Mr., of the Gloucester, deserters apprehended by

Brabant, forces of Holland and Zealand marched to

Brabazon, William, Lord Ardee, troop of

Bradley, John, messenger, warrants to
-, and other messengers, warrant to
-, John, waiter for the Navy Board on a prize

Bradshaigh, Sir Roger, approved as deputylieutenant for Lancashire

Bradshaw, James, candidate for Chester
-, Nicholas, death of, immediately after his election as Mayor of Chipping Wycombe

Bragg, Matthew, house or barn of, Burstock, Dorset, licences to

Braithwaite or Brathwaite, Thomas.
-, letter of
-, Thomas, son of, letter recommending

Bramston, Sir Mundiford, son of, candidate for Fellowship at Trinity Hall

Brandenburg, troops of, fight between, and M. de Turenne, at Andernach
-, success of, at Mnster
-, envoy of. See Cracow, Monsr.

Bransell, Oliver, house of, Great Coughton, Warwickshire, licence to

Brant, Bartholomew, commander of a Flushing man-of-war

Brazil, fleet from, for Portugal
-, Dutch vessel forbidden to lade at

Bread, complaints of the, supplied to the Navy

Brechin, Deanery of. See Farnoll.

Brecknock, grant of prebend in Christ's Church at

Brecknockshire, places in, where buildings were licensed for Nonconformist services, or where a Nonconformist minister resided:Llanafanfawr, Llanvigan

Breda, treaty of

Breedon, Alderman John
-, letter of

Bremen, Rhenish wine to be conveyed to

Breneale. See Treneale.

Brenn, Capt. Henry, letter in favour of

Brent, Robert, letter of

Brereton, Edward. See Townsend, Sir Robert.
-, Richard, clerk of the cheque, Woolwich, letters of

Brest, vessel from
-, letters from

Bret, Capt., commissioner of the Duke of York for his tenths, &c.

Breton, Monsr., in Lord Conway's regiment

Brett, Sir Edward, letter addressed to house of, Pall Mall
-, Lady, letter to
-, letter of, for Holland

Brettering, Henry, commission to

Brval, Dr., letter of

Bridge, Sir Tobias, commander of the land forces against Tobago
-, regiment of

Bridgeman, Ann, alias Edgworth, petition of
-, father of
-, Sir Orlando, Lord Keeper
-, letter of
-, enclosure for
-, note to
-, warrant to
-, warrant for passing warrants, &c., directed to, when Lord Keeper
-, report by
-, living in gift of
-, prebend at Rochester in gift of
-, grant of pension to
-, marriage of the Duchess of Somerset negotiated by
-, person recommended by
-, the seals given up by
-, late secretary to. See Rushworth, John.
-, Capt. Thomas
-, letter of
-, William
-, letters of
-, postscript by
-, packet from
-, endorsement by
-, grant of Prothonotaryship of the King's Bench in reversion to, in trust

Bridgens, Thomas, house of, Birmingham, licence to

Bridges, Edward, house of, Heversham, Westmoreland, licence to
-, George, commission to
-, Henry, approved as deputy-lieutenant for Bristol
-, Sir Thomas, approved as deputylieutenant for Somerset

Bridgewater, Earl of. See Egerton, John, Earl of Bridgewater.

Bridgman, John, house of, Clare, Suffolk, licence to

Bridkirk, Cumberland, letters dated from

Bridlington or Burlington, letters dated from, or from ships off
-, extract from letter dated from
-, news from
-, vessels from
-, vessels of
-, lost
-, vessels arrived at
-, vessel lost at
-, vessels ashore at
-, vessels taken near
-, capers off
-, Dutch frigates off
-, Dutch man-of-war off
-, English fleet off
-, colliers chased into
-, express from
-, pier at, destruction of, by storm
-, draft warrant for repair of
-, account of customs at
-, sick from the fleet landed at
-, suggested as quarters for Lord Carlisle's regiment
-, uncertainty of sending letters from
-, account of watering place at
-, suggestions for erecting hospital for seamen at
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, and Hornsea, vessel put ashore between
-, Bay, ships in

Briggs, , waterman of Newcastle

Brighouse, Michael, warrant for grant to, of clerkship of the Privy Seal in reversion
-, Mr., purser

Brighthelmstone, fishing boats to be convoyed to
-, ketch of

Brill or Briell, the
-, alarm of, at attempt by the English fleet, and troops sent to
-, inundation at
-, garrison, fortifications, and guardships at
-, packet-boats from
-, passenger from
-, Grave of Nassau made governor of
-, English prizes retaken off
-, letter from friend of Silas Taylor at
-, reinforcements for the Prince of Orange from
-, vessels at
-, account of passengers between, and Harwich
-, pass for boat between Colchester and
-, weakness of garrison of
-, men-of-war off
-, ill-usage of crew of packet-boat at
-, bridges between, and the Hague broken down
-, collier ashore near
-, jealousies against Mr. Dale at
-, attempt to press packet-boat at
-, ice at
-, English merchants imprisoned at
-, seamen of packet-boat searched at
-, lords of, intention of, to banish Mr. Dale

Brisbane, John, Judge Advocate, letters of
-, petition of
-, services of, in the late war with Algiers
-, privy seal for payment to

Bristol, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, taken
-, vessels of, taken but escaped
-, vessels for
-, vessel arrived at
-, Nevis fleet arrived at
-, vessels being convoyed to
-, vessel gone convoy from
-, pressed men sent from
-, list of, and approbation of deputylieutenants for
-, Mayor of, to be a deputy-lieutenant pro tempore
-, note of grant of collectorship at, in reversion
-, new ship building at
-, St. Paul's fair at
-, promise of Deanery of
-, mail from, detained at Maidenhead
-, news from, of the taking of New York
-, appointment of Lord Lieutenant of
-, writ issued for, in 1589
-, his Majesty's yard near, letter dated from
-, Earl of. See Digby, George, Earl of Bristol.
-, Bishop of (?), account of proceedings against Nonconformists of, by
-, and Dublin, vessel plying between

Brittany, bad harvest in

Brittas, Lord. See Bourke, Theobald, Lord Bourke of Brittas.

Brixham pier, captured vessel escaped to

Broad, Capt. George

Broadshaw, Nathaniel, Presbyterian, and his house, Hemingford, Hunts, licences to

Broadstairs, ship at

Brodie, Alexander, of Lethim, few-ferm duty reserved to

Broghill, Lord. See Boyle, Roger, Lord Broghill.

Bromacan, William, boatswain of the Mary yacht, examinations of

Bromsgrove, rectory of

Brooke, Capt. John, master attendant at Chatham
-, letter of
-, and Capt. William Rand, letters of
-, letter to

Brookes, James, house of, Ellenthorpe, Yorkshire, licence to
-, James, recommended for appointment as sexton of St. Giles', Cripplegate
-, Sir Peter and Sir Richard, approved as deputy-lieutenants for Cheshire

Brotherhood, Elizabeth, house of, Thornton, Leicestershire, licence to

Brouncker, William, Viscount Brouncker, Commissioner of the Navy
-, letters to
-, petition to
-, order of, mentioned
-, bill in the hands of
-, affidavit sworn before
-, footboy of, books delivered to
-, and Sir T. Allin and Sir J. Smyth, letter of
-, and S. Pepys, letter of
-, and Sir J. Smyth, note by
-, and J. Tippetts, warrant from
-, and S. Pepys and A. Deane, order of
-, and J. Tippetts, and A. Deane, letter of
-, and Sir J. Ernle, warrant from
-, Henry, brother of, grant to, of offices of ranger, gamekeeper, &c., of all the parks, &c., in Ireland, and of the Phnix Park ordered
-, See also Boyle, Roger, Earl of Orrery.

Browne, Andrew, house of, Spalding, Lincolnshire, licence to
-, Henry, house of, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, licence to
-, John, Mayor of Harwich, letter to, mentioned
-, John, clerk of the House of Lords
-, John, surgeon in Lord Peterborough's regiment
-, commission to
-, John, late Mayor of Limerick, improper admittance of freemen by
-, John. See Wall, Thomas.
-, Richard, and Jonas Day, seamen, letter of
-, Thomas, house of, Copley, Staffordshire, licence to
-, William, of Framley, Surrey, ordered to forbear grubbing copse
-, William, chirurgeon, letter of
-, William, house of, Shepton Mallet, licence to

Browning, Theophilus, Baptist, licence to
-, , house of, Stow, Cambridgeshire, licence to

Broyle, the park of the, Sussex, petition concerning, referred

Bruce, Alexander, Earl of Kincardine, gift to, of wards and marriages
-, Robert, Earl of Ailesbury, letter of
-, request by

Bruges, vessels of
-, pictures from

Brussels, traveller to

Bryant, Francis, of Ashbrittle, Somerset, Baptist, licence to
-, Thomas, house of, Bampton, Dorset, licence to

Buckhurst, Lord. See Sackville, Charles, Lord Buckhurst.

Buckingham, Duke of. See Villiers, George, Duke of Buckingham.

Buckinghamshire, places in, where buildings were licensed for Nonconformist services, or where Nonconformist ministers resided:
-, Castle Thorpe, Foscott, Tingewick, Waddesden, Westbury, West Wycombe

Buckley, Anthony, letter of

Bucknall, Sir William, orders for allowance of principal, interest and exchange of sums advanced by, to the King
-, sum repaid to
-, warrant for pardon to
-, and his partners
-, reported intention of the King to take into his own hands the farm of

Buirard, Mary, wife of Stephen, watchmaker, of Westminster, warrant for denization of

Buknald, William, house of, Farnham, Surrey, licence to

Bulhead, Nicholas, house of, Romansleigh, Devon, licence to

Bulkeley, Capt. Henry, payment to, ordered
-, company of, commission in
-, at Chester
-, embarked for Ireland

Buller, Col. Anthony, company of, departure of, from Harwich

Bullocke, William, George Metcalfe, John Betts, William Hardacre, John Watts, Richard Tailer, Peter Wright, Isaac Hopkins, and John Underhill, warrant for reprieve at

Bullyvant, Jeremiah, letter of

Bulstrode, Henry, statement of the case between John Dawtrey and
-, certificate in favour of
-, Richard, letters of
-, pass to
-, post warrant for

Bunratty Castle, Clare

Bunthing, John, letter of
-, brother of

Burdett, William, Baptist, and his house, Mowsley, Leicestershire, licences to

Bures, Richard, house of, Frimley, Surrey, licence to

Burford, John, letter of

Burges, Thomas, house of, Great Dunmow, Essex, licence to

Burgess, John, storekeeper at Woolwich, letters of
-, See also Bodham, William.

Burgundy (Franche Comte), intention of the Duke of Lorraine to invade Lorraine by way of
-, reported revolt of, contradicted

Burkin, James, correspondent of Chanternel, through whom Zas may write

Burlington, Earl of. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Burmarsh, Kent, rectory of, caveat concerning
-, presentation to

Burne, Anne, house of, Derby, licence to
-, Samuel, of Derby, Presbyterian, licence to

Burnet, David, tender by
-, William, petition of, referred, and grant to

Burnham, Norfolk, collier for

Burrell or Burrill, Francis, letters about appointment of, as master

Burroughs, John, house of, Derby, licence to
-, William, sen., collector of customs, Newcastle

Burrow Deeps, the

Burrows, Thomas, of Kinsale, commission to, for a privateer requested

Burrowstones, vessel of

Burstow, Capt. William
-, letters of

Burton, Capt. Cassibelaun
-, George, certificate of competency of, as master
-, Samuel, house of, Hellingly, Sussex, licence to
-, William, house of, Cockerham, Lancashire, licence to
-, Major William, site of Independent meeting-house at Yarmouth bought from
-, Mr., first on the list for sheriff of Surrey

Bury, Edward, house of, Stoke upon Tearne, Shropshire, licence to

Bury, Suffolk, regiment of dragoons ordered to
-, post-bag from
-, prisoners in gaol at, petition of

Bussleton, hoy of

Buswell, Roger, house of, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, licence to.

Butler, James, Duke of Ormonde, letter of
-, visit of, to Oxford, postponed
-, to be added to the Commissioners to enquire into the settlement of Ireland
-, person committed to the Tower for threatening
-, as late Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
-, order of, mentioned
-, services under
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Somerset
-, list of deputy-lieutenants commissionated by
-, as Chancellor of Oxford University
-, as Lord Steward and the Board of Greencloth, warrant to
-, reference to, and report by
-, Richard, Earl of Arran, son of
-, intended departure of, for England
-, departure of, from Chester for London
-, house of, Maddenstone
-, company of, at Chester
-, embarked for Ireland
-, Thomas, Earl of Ossory, son of
-, letters of
-, certificates by
-, order of, mentioned
-, promoted to the Garter
-, installed as knight of the Garter
-, privy seal to, as Envoy to the French Court
-, going to Calais
-, departure of, for France
-, return of, from France
-, suggested as colonel of the regiment, afterwards Lord Belasyse's
-, as Lord Deputy and the Privy Council, petition to, mentioned
-, and others, grant of annuity to
-, Col. John, collector of customs at Boston, letters of
-, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, and the other officers of the Mary and Martha, certificate by
-, and William Hobbs, letter of
-, and Phineas Pett, muster master, letter of
-, Nicholas, M.D., petition of
-, letter of
-, warrant for pardon to
-, Dorothy, divorced wife of
-, William, Presbyterian, licence to
-, house of, Ashley, Northants, licence to
-, Capt., of the Princess

Butterise or Buttris, Symon, house of, Pickwell, Leicestershire, licences to

Button, Thomas, house of, Walton, Leicestershire, licence to

Buxton, John, house of, Wirksworth, Derbyshire, licence to
-, John, Presbyterian, licence to
-, Mr., house of, Manchester, licence to

Bynnes, John, party to an indenture

Byron, Sir Robert, Master of the Ordnance in Ireland