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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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W., J., letter of, and satirical verses on the Parliament by

Waddal, Alexander, a Swedish bankrupt.

Wadlow, Mr., joint lender with John Sayer, Hargrave, Henderson and others on the security of the first Act for impositions on wines.
-, joint lender with Hargrave and Henderson on the security of the second Act for impositions on wines

Wagstaff, Alderman, of Gloucester, malice of, against George Clarke

Wake, Dr., head of an hospital at Northampton

Wakeman, William. letter of

Walcot, William, petition of
-, patent to

Walden, Sir Lionel, M.P.
-, letter of
-, memorandum of letter to

Wales, vessel of
-, vessels from, or for
-, coast of, shipwrecked man cast ashore on
-, the Marches of, grant of office in the Court of
-, South, petition for renewal of grant of offices of chamberlain and chancellor of

Walfleet river, the, Essex, exclusive right of fishing in, claimed by Lord Fitz-Walter

Walker, Sir Edward
-, John. of Tanworth, receipt for security for money lent to
-, Robert, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Thomas, letter of
-, letter to
-, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Exeter, requested
-, granted
-, Sir Walter, deceased, former warrant to, mentioned
-, report by, mentioned

Wallace, Hugh. See Lockhart, Sir George.
-, James, and George Rosse, warrant for charter on resignation of
-, Sir Thomas, Lord Craigie, licence to, to stay at Bath
-, warrants for appointment of, as Justice Clerk and for pension to
-, See also Stuart, Alexander, Earl of Moray.

Wallis, Dr. John, letters of

Walmesley, Richard, licence to, to travel with his wife and daughter

Walsingham, , a boy going to Eton, letter concerning

Walter, David, Groom of the Bedchamber, petition of

Walters, Major, company of, commission in
-, officer in

Walton on Thames. See Chertsey.

Warburton, Mr., letter to, mentioned

Warcupp, Edmund, proposal of, to the University of Oxford about licences
-, warrant for appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, proposed as commissioner
-, omitted as commissioner
-, grant of fairs to

Ward, Charles, petition of, and pass to
-, James, of Langley, near Windsor, petition of
-, warrants for patent to
-, James, of Hendringham, suggested to be on the list for sheriff of Norfolk
-, Job, trustee, and afterwards husband of relict of Calcot Chambre, junior
-, Alderman Sir Patience, letter of
-, note of letter to
-, fruitless solicitations of, in the French treaty of commerce
-, proposals of, for stopping the manufacture of wool in Ireland for export, and for encouraging the manufacture of hemp and flax there
-, Sir Robert. See Boyle. Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Dr. Seth, Bishop of Salisbury. letter to
-, letter of, mentioned.
-, first spit of work for making the Avon navigable dug by.

Warde, Arthur, of Hinton, Salop, declaration by
-, James, commission to
-, requested

Warner, E. See Fenton, J.
-, Sir John, of Suffolk, a Jesuit, Catherine and Susanna daughters of, not to be allowed to pass beyond the seas
-, John, of Winchester, petition of
-, son of
-, Col. Philip, commission for trial of
-, warrant for taking into custody
-, Thomas, deputy governor of Dominica, murder of

Warre, Mr., assaulted and robbed at Babel Hill, near Yeovil

Warren, Nicholas. See Wescombe, Richard.

Warriner's Corner, corner of Cheveley Park

Warton, Michael, letters of

Warwick, Sir Philip, letter of
-, Mr., place of, in the customs

Warwick Castle, letter dated from

Wase, Dr. Christopher, letter of

Washington, Col. Henry, deceased, grant in trust for the children of, recited

Watches, patent for, requested
-, granted

Water, patents for engines for raising or pumping, requested
-, granted
-, patent for making sea, fresh, requested
-, granted

Waterford, the river of
-, vessel of
-, pass to
-, the late abbey of St. Katherine's by, houses within the precinct of, and lands, rectories, and tithes, parcels of the possessions of, lease of, recited and warrant for grant of

Waterman, Sir George, certificate by

Watermouth, near Coombe, vessel put into

Watson, Thomas, letters concerning grant of freedom of Yarmouth to

Watts, Richard, clerk of the fellowship of Deal, letters of

Watts, William, appointed tailor in ordinary to the king

Weaver, Francis, warrant appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches

Webb, John, late master of the Tennis Courts
-, William and Bartholomew Fillingham, letter of
-, , bookseller at Oxford. deceased, Grotius De Veritate Religionis Christian pirated by
-, widow of, rights of, in the said book sold by

Weeks, Mr., a Nonconformist, imprisonment of, at Bristol

Welbeck, letters dated from

Welch, William, merchant, order in Council on petition of, and goods of, seized at Riga by the Swedes

Weld, George, warrant appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, omission of, proposed
-, omission of

Wells, Dr. William, President of Queens' College, Cambridge, death of

Wells, the Dean and Chapter of, letters to

Welsh, James, letters of
-, circular letters to
-, letter sent under cover to
-, request by, to be appointed surveyor of Rye

Welsh Grounds, the, vessels wrecked on
-, language, the, scarcity of books in
-, appointment of king's printer for

Wentworth, Sir George, the Earl of Strafford attended on the scaffold by
-, Henry. See Carpenter, Joshua.
-, Thomas, Earl of Cleveland, deceased, estate of, bill presented for selling, and Acts for selling
-, and Thomas, Lord Wentworth, his son, deceased, endeavours of, to pay off their debts, and Act of Parliament obtained by
-, Thomas, son of, Lord Wentworth, Philadelphia, widow of, request of
-, answer of, and reply to answer of
-, Henrietta Maria, Baroness Wentworth, daughter of, request on behalf of, and statement of case of
-, Thomas, Earl of Strafford, deceased, contrivances of, for obtaining the estate of Shillelagh
-, charge of, on the scaffold to his son not to claim any estates in Ireland but what he had justly purchased
-, William, son of, Earl of Strafford, in possession of the estate of Shillelagh
-, Sir William, case of, relating to the Thirsk election
-, reply to

Weobly, persons suggested as members for

Werden, Sir John, letters of
-, letter to, mentioned
-, notice to be given to
-, wife of, letter to, mentioned
-, Col. Robert, petition of, referred
-, and William Williams, the case between, concerning the Chester election

Wescomb, Robert, letter of

Wescombe, Sir Martin, consul at Cadiz, petition against, mentioned
-, complaints from Tangier against
-, meeting of merchants trading to Cadiz, &c., to be held concerning allowances to
-, report of result of
-, order of the Committee for Trade concerning allowances to
-, Richard, Nicholas Warren, and George Torriano, order in Council on petition of
-, superseded

West, John. See Winter, Owen.

West Indies, the, vessels for, or from
-, Dutch privateer taken in
-, Dutch privateers from
-, ship taken going to the French plantations in
-, the (Spanish) fleet from expected

West Penmarks. See Seames, the.

Westcomb, Mr., of Eton.

Western Islands, the, engagement off between a Dutch East Indiaman and a French man-of-war

Westfaling, Herbert, letter to
-, not to be allowed to be member for Hereford

Westmeath, Earl of. See Nugent, Richard, Earl of Westmeath.

Westminster, letters dated from
-, warrants dated from
-, reasons against the Act for erecting a Court of Conscience at
-, prebend at, caveat and note concerning
-, hopes of Dr. Brval for
-, promised to Dr. Brval
-, grant of
-, memorandum concerning
-, request for entering
-, riot of weavers at
-, School, request for scholarship at
-, the bailiwick of, Neat's Court Farm and Hayle's tenement in the Isle of Sheppey, petition for lease of, referred
-, See also London.

Westmorland, the justices of, recommendation to
-, dispute whether the sessions in, should be held at Appleby or Kendal
-, additional justices suggested for
-, list of justices in the Botham of, and the Barony of Kendal in
-, Earl of. See Fane. Charles, Earl of Westmorland.
-, See also Cumberland.

Weston, Jerome, Earl of Portland, Lord Aston introduced to Lord Clarendon by
-, Frances, widow of, Countess of Portland, letter of
-, petition of, debated in the Foreign Committee.
-, mentioned
-, servants of, beaten

Wetwang, Capt. John, late commander of the Newcastle, petition of

Weybridge. See Chertsey.

Weyhill, letter dated from

Weyman, Ary Peterson, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Weymes. See Athole.

Weymouth, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, lost
-, vessels arrived at
-, gift of Sir Samuel Mico to

Whaley, Capt., commission to
-, Judge Advocate

Wharton, Goodwin, petition of
-, patents to
-, Henry, commission to
-, Richard, merchant of Boston, New England, attorney of Samuel Bellingham.
-, Robert, case of, concerning election at Thirsk
-, mentioned
-, Sir Thomas, letter of

Wheeler, James, exchange requested for
-, commission to
-, Mr., building in Spitalfields by trustees of children of

Whetland, Daniel, messenger, warrant to

Whitby, vessel of
-, and Kellington, lands in, petition concerning

Whitchurch, advowson of, reconveyance of, prayed

Whitcott or Whichwood Forest, rangership of, petition for
-, caveat concerning
-, grant of

White, Ignatius, Baron de Vic or Vique or Viques, letter of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letters to (?)
-, pass to
-, pension to, as a spy.
-, Major John, commission to
-, John, examination of
-, John, former servant of Samuel Rhodes, alleged murder of
-, Robert, printer
-, Thomas, grant to, in reversion of the office of usher and crier of the King's Bench
-, Mr., keeper of Ludgate, death of
-, Mr., examined for selling a pamphlet
-, Capt., commander of the City of Tangier

White Shanck on the Borders, wool seized by a custom house officer carried off from house at

Whitegrove, Humphrey, demise to, mentioned

Whitehall, letters dated from
-, warrants dated from
-, passes or passports dated from
-, orders in Council dated from
-, memorials of protection dated from
-, restitutions of temporalities dated from
-, references or recommendations dated from
-, military commissions dated from
-, dispensations dated from
-, patents dated from
-, minutes of the proceedings of the Privy Council dated from
-, licences dated from
-, caveats dated from
-, grants of baronetcies dated from
-, pardons dated from
-, grants dated from
-, establishment dated from
-, presentations dated from
-, answers of the king to addresses dated from
-, request dated from
-, instructions dated from
-, confirmation of charters dated from
-, approbations of town clerks dated from
-, instalment dated from
-, proclamations dated from
-, certificates dated from
-, declaration dated from
-, significations of the king's pleasure dated from
-, appointments dated from
-, orders dated from
-, approbations of deputy lieutenants dated from
-, privy seals dated from
-, rules and instructions dated from
-, confirmation of choice of minister of the French Church dated from
-, commission appointing trustees for the security of the '49 officers dated from
-, rules as to precedency of regiments dated from
-, royal assents to, and confirmations of elections to bishoprics dated from
-, consent dated from
-, permission from the queen dated from
-, examination dated from
-, discharge dated from
-, Lord Arlington coming to
-, burglary committed at the Earl of Manchester's lodgings in
-, the chapel at, service at, said not to differ from the Mass
-, grant of office of housekeeper of, draft warrant for, and caveat against, requested
-, warrant for grant of office of under-housekeeper of the Lower Rooms of
-, warrant for repairing a room in the Green Cloth Yard at
-, the Council Chamber at, letters dated from
-, accounts of the proceedings of the Council dated from
-, order in Council dated from

Whitehorne, Jane, statement by

Whiteladies, person who conducted the king to

Whitgrave, Mr., instrumental in the king's preservation. prosecuted as a Papist

Whitley, Col. Roger, deputy postmaster
-, letter of
-, refusal of, to employ Morgan Lodge
-, to be moved for a letter carrier's place

Whittlewood and Salcey Forests, bark of timber to be felled in, for rebuilding Northampton
-, petition for grants of timber out of, referred

Wiatt, Mr., Pro-Orator of the University of Oxford, speech of, to the Prince of Neuburg

Wicar, John, degree of M.A. to be conferred on

Wickham, John, messenger, warrants to
-, person shipped to Calais by
-, Philip, sergeant at mace of Cambridge, petition of
-, Philip, son of, petition for pardon to
-, pardon to, for horse stealing

Wicklow, vessel of

Wicklow, county of. grant of lands in mentioned
-, Longford, Leitrim and Donegal and within the mile-line in Connaught and Clare, all forfeited lands in, undisposed of, part of the security of the '49 officers
-, See also Dublin.

Wiclife, John, illness of
-, death of

Widowes, Thomas, messenger, warrant to

Widdrington, Ralph, commission to
-, William, Lord Widdrington, late governor of Berwick, deceased
-, commission in place of
-, certificate of, having been mustered

Wigan, persons going from London to

Wight, the Isle of, vessel of, on fire at Falmouth
-, vessels of, lost
-, firing heard off
-, Sir Robert and Sir John Holmes gone to, to meet the king and give notice of his arrival
-, arrival of the king at
-, arrival of the Duke of York at
-, anchors lost by Dutch fleet off
-, Dutch fleet at
-, warrant for grant of governorship of, in reversion
-, Canary ships at
-, and Portsmouth, Dutch privateers anchored between
-, and Portland, Algiers men-of-war between

Wilford, Dr., rector of Northchurch, Hertfordshire, deceased

Wilkie, Henry, conservator of the Scots privileges in the Netherlands, letter to

Wilkins, Dr. John, late Bishop of Chester and Dean of Ripon, mistaken method of admission of, to the deanery
-, quotations from works of
-, person licensed by
-, death of

Wilkinson, Capt. Francis. See Smythson. Col. George.

Williams, Charles, elected sheriff of Bristol
-, Ho. See Fenton. J.
-, Sir Thomas, of Eltham, warrant for grant to
-, warrant for grant of rent payable by
-, not to be allowed to be member for Weobly
-, Thomas. of Lombard Street, citizen and goldsmith, petition of, and warrant for pardon to
-, William, recorder of Chester, letter to
-, and Col. Robert Werden, case between, concerning the Chester election.
-, illegal practices of

Williamson, Francis, commission to
-, Sir Joseph, Secretary of State
-, letters of
-, letter of, signed J. Bellman
-, circular letters of
-, letters of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, letters from, requested
-, letters ordered to be prepared by
-, packets from, mentioned
-, warrants from
-, warrants to be prepared by
-, warrant given to
-, notes by
-, queries by
-, signatures by
-, endorsements by
-, drafts in the hand of
-, orders or commands or directions of, mentioned
-, requested
-, order to
-, order to be given by
-, document signed by, with the Dutch commissioners
-, certificate by
-, caveat by
-, caveat on behalf of, mentioned
-, Weekly Letter or News or Intelligence of
-, examinations or informations taken before
-, persons to be brought before
-, pamphlet to be brought before
-, notices to
-, notice to be given to
-, lists of ships in the Downs sent to
-, notes of conversation between, and M. de Ruvigny
-, narrative by, of his conversation with Lord Shaftesbury
-, promises of the king signified to
-, paper given to, by the king
-, paper to be shown to
-, cases to be recommended to ambassadors by
-, copy of petition to be given to, and instructions to be sent by
-, affidavits to be delivered to
-, papers of John Monson's in the hands of
-, dispatches to be framed by
-, enquiry to be made by
-, lists of members of the House of Commons in the handwriting of
-, promise of, mentioned
-, gift by
-, presents to
-, specimens of penmanship addressed to
-, invitations to
-, Latin elegiaes and English verses addressed to
-, Sir G. Talbot's business referred to
-, presentation to Christ's Hospital granted to
-, box for
-, box of
-, project for getting discoveries in Ireland for
-, Lord Aston introduced to Lord Arlington by
-, the corporation of Looe willing to serve, at a new election
-, Latin MS. mentioned by
-, care of, for Queen's College
-, obligations of, to the House of Northumberland
-, indisposition of
-, information to be given to, by the Lord Lieutenant's order
-, legacy of
-, remembered by, and health of, drunk by friends
-, intercession of, with the king and the Archbishop of Canterbury, requested
-, to be informed about Sir P. Musgrave
-, displeased at the illkeeping of the lists of ships in the Downs
-, to be informed of the distressed English soldiers at the Brill
-, the Lord Treasurer moved for payment of order of. for intelligence.
-, requested to move his Majesty
-, to make representations to the Swedish Resident
-, requests that, be spoken to
-, Lord Carlisle and Sir C. Musgrave to be heard by
-, arrears of, in the Exchequer
-, office of, documents received from
-, request for entering caveat in
-, meeting to be held at
-, lodgings of, at Newmarket
-, servants of, to be allowed their letters free
-, See also Coventry, Henry; Finch, Sir Heneage, Lord Finch, Lord Keeper; Jenkins, Sir Leoline.
-, Margaret, sister-in-law of, letter of
-, George, husband of, deceased
-, cousin of, letter of, mentioned
-, Leonard, grant of denization to
-, Nathaniel, letter of
-, Robert, of Lincoln's Inn, warrant for grant to

Williecleugh, lands and barony of, warrant for charter of

Willoughby, Col. Francis. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Hugh, alias Revell, grant of letters of administration to escheated estate of
-, Jo., letter of.

Willson, Richard, prisoner in Newgate, warrant for reprieve of

Wilmot, John, Earl of Rochester
-, letter to
-, caveats at the desire of
-, request by
-, difference between, and the Earl and Countess of Lichfield about the rangership of Woodstock Park referred
-, and William Chiffinch. grant to, of Mastership of the Hawks

Wilson, Gideon, periwig maker in Edinburgh, memorial of protection to
-, Thomas and Edward, justices in the barony of Kendal
-, , gun fired from house of
-, , collections of proceedings in Parliament out of

Wilton, letter dated from, and letter sent to
-, warrant to preserve the game within 10 miles of
-, House, person going to

Wiltshire, appointment of Lord Lieutenant of.
-, approbation of deputy lieutenants for, requested
-, granted
-, appointment of keeper of the game in
-, Earl of. See Paulet, Charles, Earl of Wiltshire.

Wimbledon, letter dated from

Wimborne, letter dated from

Winchelsea, surveyorship of the customs at

Winchester, Magdalene fair at, bailiwick of
-, the Dean and Chapter of, letters to
-, College, former child of
-, See also Oxford, University of, New College.
-, St. Cross Hospital at, mastership of, to be held in commendam
-, dispensation for holding
-, Bishop of. See Morley, Dr. George, Bishop of Winchester.
-, Marquis of. See Paulet, Charles, Marquis of Winchester.

Winchilsea, Earl of. See Finch, Heneage, Earl of Winchilsea.

Windebank, Sir Francis, former servant of

Windsor, Thomas, Lord Windsor, caveat on behalf of
-, letter recommending
-, William. See Daniell, John.

Windsor, letters dated from
-, mentioned
-, warrants dated from
-, statement dated from
-, grant of precedence dated from
-, appointment dated from
-, references or recommendation dated from
-, grant dated from
-, royal assent dated from.
-, pardon dated from
-, dispensation dated from
-, passes dated from
-, prebend and canonry of, dispensation for holding in commendam
-, the king intending for
-, daily post appointed to, and from, during his Majesty's stay
-, furniture of Dr. Isaac Vossius to be conveyed to
-, prebend at, caveat concerning
-, memorandum concerning
-, request for entering
-, visit of the king to
-, the Dean and Chapter of, letter to
-, Dean of. See Ryves, Dr. Brune, Dean of Windsor.
-, Castle, letters dated from
-, warrants dated from
-, commission dated from
-, protections dated from
-, report dated from
-, instructions dated from
-, caveat dated from
-, foot company in garrison in, commission in
-, outwalls and other buildings at, to be pulled down and altered
-, bulwark at east end of terrace at, to be pulled down
-, 20,000l. yearly reserved out of the farm of the Irish revenue to be employed in the buildings at.
-, stone to be dug in the manor of Frimley for buildings at
-, Forest, appointment of agistors in
-, caveat concerning grants of walks in
-, Great Park, sum paid for empaling

Wines, Acts for impositions on (19 & 20 Car. II., c. 6, and 22 Car. II., c. 3)
-, sums lent on security of, and commissioners appointed for putting in execution
-, proclamation for fixing the prices of
-, order in Council for publishing

Wingfield, Folliott, Viscount Powerscourt, petition of
-, petitions of, referred
-, reports on petitions of, and further references of petitions of and of reports thereon
-, warrant for grant to
-, Harbottle, appointed clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Port Royal, Jamaica
-, Peregrina. of Salop, felo de se warrant for grant of personal estate of

Winnington, Sir Francis, SolicitorGeneral, memorandum of letter to
-, references to, and reports by
-, references to
-, report by, mentioned

Winter, John, printer, deceased
-, Owen, John West, Abel Owens, William Coast and William Dixy, sentenced to death for piracy, warrant for pardon to
-, Major, commission in place of

Winterbourne St. Martin's, Dorset, warrant for grant of fairs at

Wirksworth, Derbyshire, lease of lead mines in wapentake of, requested

Wise, Richard, petition of, and statement of the case of
-, pardon to
-, Capt., of the Tunis Merchant

Wiseman, Dr. Robert, office of Advocate General surrendered by

Witham or Wytham, Henry, prisoner in the Fleet
-, warrant for bringing before Secretary Williamson
-, examination of
-, Elizabeth, wife of
-, letter to, mentioned
-, warrant for bringing before Secretary Williamson
-, examination of
-, mother of, letter of, mentioned

Withypoole, Dorothy and Lucy, alleged creditors of the late Earl of Cleveland

Witney, Oxfordshire, presentation to rectory and vicarage of

Witt, Jacques de, of Belle in Flanders, condemned and cast into prison in Flanders for debts of his testator
-, and Katherine, of London, widow, executors of Louis de Witt, petition of

Witter, Dr. Daniel, Bishop of Killaloe, deceased

Woburn Abbey, letter dated from

Woeyt, Gerrard, grant of denization to

Wolgate, Sergeant, information of

Wolliacks or Walliacke, lands of, parcel of the Forest of Inglewood, lease of, requested
-, report concerning
-, warrant for lease of

Wolrych, Mr., of Shropshire, patron of Payne Fisher

Wolsley, Hellen, Col. Pretty, Col. Hene, Major Lorimer, Capt. Bell and other loyal indigent officers, petition of, referred

Wood, Alexander, warrant for charter on resignation of
-, Benjamin, dispensation to
-, Sir Edward, envoy to Sweden, letters of, mentioned
-, James, memorial of protection to
-, John, one of the Regents of the College of Edinburgh. warrant for charter to
-, Sir John, of Bonnietowne, warrant for charter to
-, William, and Josiah Ricroft, certificate by
-, Mr., of the University of Oxford, letter recommending
-, Quarter-Master, of the Duke of Monmouth's regiment
-, Major

Woodbridge, vessel with recruits for Holland expected at
-, haven, privateer at

Woodman, Thomas

Woodstock, caveat concerning the place of lieutenant or ranger of
-, grant of rangership of, mentioned
-, grant of lieutenancy and other offices of, mentioned
-, difference between the Earl of Rochester and Lord Lovelace and the Earl and Countess of Lichfield concerning
-, petition and report concerning lieutenancy of

Woodward, Edward, to be omitted in commission appointing commissioners for licensing hackney coaches
-, John, porter to the Nantwich carriers, examination of
-, John, son of, letter sent by, from his father to Mr. Barker
-, Dr., Warden of New College, death of

Wool seized on the Borders rescued and carried off into Scotland
-, proposal for a restraint of the manufacture of, in Ireland for exportation
-, reasons against the exportation of English or Irish, offered to the House of Commons
-, finest English, grown about Leominster
-, reasons offered to the House of Commons in favour of a limited exportation of

Woollhouse, Thomas, letter of
-, son of, taken into Williamson's service
-, father of. a sequestered and plundered minister

Woolwich, petition for appointment as commissioner of

Wootton or Wotton, Stephen, and Thomas Venterman, seamen, arrested for spreading false reports
-, order in Council concerning, mentioned
-, sent up to London
-, warrant for bringing before the Council.

Worcester, letters dated from
-, person who conducted the king from, to Whiteladies
-, prebend at, promised
-, caveat concerning
-, memorandum concerning
-, request for entering
-, funeral knell rung for the Bishop at
-, escape of the king from
-, the battle of
-, bishopric of, royal assent to election to
-, the hospital of St. Oswald near, dispensation for holding
-, the Dean and Chapter of, cong d'live and letter missive to
-, letter to.
-, Bishop of. See Blandford, Dr. Walter; Fleetwood, Dr. James, Bishops of Worcester.
-, Marquis of. See Somerset, Henry, Marquis of Worcester

Works, the officers of the, warrant for grant of allowances to

Worthin, Shropshire, living of, promised
-, presentation to

Worthington, Joseph. See Banistre, Christopher.

Wren, Sir Christopher, warrant to
-, plan for Greenwich Observatory to be furnished by
-, grant of surveyorship of the works to, recited
-, Dr.

Wrenham, Francis, arrear of rent due from

Wright, Thomas, warrant for pardon to.
-, William, letter of

Wriothesley, Thomas, Earl of Southampton, deceased

Wroth, John, of Houghton Hall, Essex, petition of, referred
-, Sir Thomas, ancestor of, advowson granted to, by Edward VI.

Wyche, Sir Peter, petition of
-, grant of copyright to
-, pass for

Wylde, Sir William, Justice of the King's Bench, person convicted before

Wyndham, Sir Edmund, Knight Marshal
-, petition of, referred
-, warrant for new grant to, of offices of Knight Marshal and Marshal of the Marshalsea
-, grant of office of Knight Marshal in reversion after
-, Thomas, son of, Groom of the Bedchamber. See Armstrong, Sir Thomas, Howard, Henry. and Wyndham, Sir Francis.
-, Sir Francis, of Trent, M.P. for Milborne Port, memorandum of letter to
-, illness of, at Bath
-, and Thomas Wyndham, petition of, referred
-, Sir Hugh, Justice of the Common Pleas, opinion of, about coffee-houses
-, Mr., of Queen's College, account of progress of

Wynne. Sir John, high sheriff of Merionethshire, licence to

Wyvill, John, of Osgodby, charge against, of speaking treasonable words, and certificate in favour of
-, services of, in the civil wars
-, Roger, father of, services of
-, William, eldest son of, cupbearer to the king when Prince of Wales, services of


Yarbrough, Edmond, commission to

Yard, Robert, Williamson's clerk
-, letter to
-, mentioned

Yarmouth. Great, letters dated form
-, vessel of, lost
-, vessels of
-, complaints by, of capers
-, carried into Algiers on suspicion of having Dutch goods on board
-, vessels from, or for
-, vessel lost near
-, Iceland fleet of, arrived
-, convoys for the herring fishery at
-, Nonconformists at
-, endeavours at, to make Sir R. Kempe knight of the shire
-, engine brought from London to deepen harbour of
-, soldiers of Lord George Douglas' regiment landed at
-, preparations for Lord Yarmouth's reception at
-, accounts of Lord Yarmouth's reception at
-, letters concerning grant of freedom of
-, goodness of the herring fishery at
-, grant of freedom of
-, inquiry ordered by the Bishop of Norwich concerning the numbers of communicants and of Popish Recusants and other Dissenters at
-, approximate numbers of communicants and Dissenters at
-, those who endeavoured to suppress conventicles at, discouraged by Lord Townshend
-, Bailiffs and burgesses of, the, letter to
-, Bailiffs of, the letter to
-, Viscount. See Paston, Sir Robert, Viscount Yarmouth.
-, Roads, English ship plundered by caper off
-, vessel in

Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, packets received from Williamson at
-, dinner of the king at
-, Capt. Roche fled to

Yate, Robert, Thomas Earle and Robert Henley, merchants of Bristol, order in Council on petition of

Yates, Richard, petition of, recommended
-, father of, conductor of the king from Worcester to Whiteladies, hanged
-, Dr. Thomas, Principal of Brasenose College
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, See also Fell. Dr. John

Yeates, Mr., rector of Crayford, letter on behalf of

York, case concerning the election at
-, Lord Mayor of. See Ramsden, William.
-, Archbishop of. See Sterne, Dr. Richard, Archbishop of York.
-, Duke and Duchess of. See Stuart, James and Mary Beatrice, Duke and Duchess of York and Albany.

York Town in Virginia, vessel from

Yorkshire, castle of Lord Loftus in, held against, the king's forces
-, fee-farm rents in, petition concerning
-, fellowship at St. John's College, Cambridge, for natives of

Yorke, William, Mayor of Limerick, letter of, mentioned, and vessel of, taken by a Dunkirk caper

Young, Alexander, Bishop of Edinburgh, to censure the leaders in dangerous motions at the late synod
-, See also Sharp, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews
-, William, warrant for revocation of grant to, of the custody of Hampton Court, and for a new grant to, in trust
-, Mary, wife of, to be sworn seamstress and laundress to the king in reversion


Zante, vessel for

Zealand, person from
-, person to go to
-, privateers of, English vessel taken, by
-, with Brandenburg commissions, Swedish vessels captured by
-, more privateers of, with like commissions, coming out
-, Admiralty of, the, lading of English vessel condemned by
-, fruitless applications to
-, English goods on Swedish ship captured by privateer of, with a Brandenburg commission
-, East Indiamen in
-, men-of-war of
-, See also Holland.

Zetland. See Orkney.