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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Taaff, Laurence and Katherine, his wife, and Edward and Henry Dowdall, her sons, warrant for grant to

Taaffe, Theobald, Earl of Carlingford, pension of, mentioned
-, Nicholas, son of, Lord Taaffe, going to Holyhead
-, at Holyhead

Taffaletta, Prince, said to be entertained by the Jews
-, arrival of, from London at Deal
-, embarkation of

Talbot, Sir Gilbert, Master of the Jewel House, letter of, and business of, in Ireland
-, letters to
-, petitions of, referred
-, going from Chester to London
-, caveat on behalf of
-, and Robert Paton, stewards of the Archers, dinner given by
-, and Bernard Grenville, petition of, referred
-, Sir William, letter of, mentioned
-, petition of, referred
-, landed at Chester with the Lord Lieutenant

Tangier, vessels for, or from
-, passengers to
-, packets for
-, Lord Inchiquin said to have been sent to, at the Duke of York's request
-, person employed as schoolmaster at
-, attempts of the Spaniards to hinder the growth of, and landing of English goods from, prohibited in Spain
-, bad news from
-, disaster to party at
-, Lord Inchiquin's secretary sent to give account of
-, reported sale of
-, daily communication to, from Cadiz
-, warrant for delivery of arms and ammunition for garrison of
-, regiment at, commissions in
-, the Government of, letter of, mentioned
-, the Lords Commissioners for, letter to, mentioned
-, order by, and extract from letter to
-, summons to sitting of
-, request that letter of, should not be sent till the arrival of Lord Inchiquin's secretary
-, the Prize Commissioners at, vessel bought from
-, and Rochelle, vessel met between

Tannytallow. See Mount Charles.

Taunton, warrant signed for settling a regulated corporation in, stopped

Taylor, Capt. Silas, storekeeper at Harwich, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, accounts by, of the packet-boats and of soldiers brought over by them
-, sum due to, from the Commissioners for Prizes
-, illness of
-, See also Langley, Capt. Thomas.
-, Simon, alderman of Lynn, candidate for Lynn
-, defeated
-, elected mayor of Lynn
-, Mr., statement by, on behalf of keepers of coffee-houses

Taylour, John. account of money received by, for patents, privy seals and signets, and receipts for moneys paid by
-, Nicholas, letter of, and letter of, mentioned

Tees, the, vessels from
-, vessels wrecked in, or off
-, caper come into
-, the mouth of, vessel lost near

Tempest, Col. John, successful candidate for Durham county

Temple, Col. James, appointed guardian of Calcot Chambre's daughter
-, Alexander, son of, marriage of, to Calcot Chambre's daughter
-, and his wife, suits by, against William Eyre
-, Sir John, Solicitor-General for Ireland, letter to
-, references to, and reports by, mentioned
-, grant of lands to, ordered
-, warrant for
-, a chief favourite of the Lord Lieutenant
-, landed at Chester with the Lord Lieutenant
-, Capt. John, commander of the Dartmouth, packets of Williamson delivered to
-, John, of the Six Clerks' office
-, warrant for securing, and bringing, before Williamson, and examination of
-, Sir William, ambassador at the Hague.
-, letter of, extract from, mentioned
-, letters of
-, mentioned
-, notes of
-, letters to, ordered
-, mentioned
-, query as to date of
-, notes of
-, to be solicited in Mr. Boeve's business
-, further instructions to, about Prince William of Furstenberg unnecessary
-, acceptance by the French of Nimeguen signified to
-, reprieve of English soldiers in the Dutch service procured by
-, case to be recommended to
-, what function to have as to the treaty, &c.
-, the two difficulties in the Treaty Marine entrusted to care of
-, the States General induced by, to agree to declaration about trade from enemy's port to enemy's port
-, passports to be put in the hands of
-, M. de Pomponne ordered to write direct to
-, passes to be sent to
-, to be written to
-, opinion of the commissioners about revisions to be sent to
-, and his lady and sister, the Prince of Orange attended by, during his illness
-, and Sir L. Jenkins, instructions to, mentioned
-, See also Jenkins, Sir Leoline.

Tempsford, Bedfordshire, rectory of, caveat concerning

Tenby, vessel put into

Tenceiras, the, vessels from

Tereeso, Francisco, and Theodore Jacobsen, merchants in London, order on petition of
-, moneys attached at Hamburg, which had been ordered for satisfaction of

Terherna, village near Sneek in Friesland, native of

Terrie. See Mull.

Terry, Thomas. See Bolt, John.
-, Capt., Williamson's packets delivered to

Terveer, Swedish vessels condemned at
-, Swedish ship with English goods on board carried into

Test, the bill for the, proceedings of the House of Lords on
-, form of, agreed on

Test Act, the (25 Car. II. c. 2), abstract of a bill for the explanation of
-, arguments as to the king's power to dispense with

Teviotdale, disorderly communions kept by indulged ministers in

Texel, the, vessels from
-, the Dutch Smyrna fleet gone into
-, Dutch man-of-war at
-, delays of the Dutch menof-war on their voyage from, to Cadiz

Thames, the, or the River, vessels from
-, vessels for
-, bill for the better government of watermen on

Thanet, the Isle of, cheapness of mackerel in

Thaxter, Edmund, and Thomas Bradford, bailiffs of Yarmouth, letter of
-, letter to be addressed to

Thetford, interests of the Earl of Norwich at

Thienin. See Diest.

Thirsk, cases relating to the election at

Thistlewayte, Alexander, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire.
-, John, senior scholar of Winchester, recommended for New College

Thomas, Capt. Gilbert, provost marshal of Westminster and Middlesex, petition of
-, patent to
-, and Richard Turner, surrender of the portership of the Mint by
-, Sir Robert (?)
-, William, clerk of the cheque to the Band of Pensioners, warrant for grant to

Thomeguer, Abraham, grant of denization to

Thompson, Sir Henry, case of concerning the York election
-, John, an Independent preacher at Bristol, imprisonment and death of
-, narrative of
-, John, bill of
-, Richard, less powerful in the City than he supposed
-, See also Player. Sir Thomas.

Thomson, Mr., his Majesty's order to be procured by, concerning his bounty to the Isle of Man

Thornburgh, Mr., person presented by, to Redriffe parish

Thornbury. Gilbert

Thornell, Mr.

Thornhill, Johanna, relict of Col. Richard, daughter of Sir Bevil Grenville, warrant for grant of precedency to
-, Robert, petition of, referred.

Thornton, Robert, warrant for grant to
-, Capt. Thomas, address of, requested
-, letter to, mentioned

Thorold, Anthony, surveyor of the customs, Lyme, letters of

Throwgood Mr., merchant of London, plundered by Ostenders

Thumper, a racehorse

Thurland, Sir Edward, Baron of the Exchequer, reference to, and report by

Thynne, H., letter of
-, Thomas, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire.

Tildesley, Edward, occupier of Merscough Park
-, petition of, mentioned
-, or Tilsley, John, late vicar of Deane, Lancashire, petition of, and letter concerning
-, case and opinion concerning
-, case concerning
-, warrant for entering a nolle prosequi on information against
-, the said nolle prosequi promised to be withdrawn

Tilliard, Col., regiment of, former officers of

Tilly, Nathaniel, petition of, mentioned

Tilson, Thomas, craner, &c., in the port of Dublin, grant in reversion after

Timahoe, lands of, and other lands in the Queen's County, grant of, recited

Tipperary, lands in, belonging to Katherine Butler, alias Cantwell

Tippetts, John, commissioner of the Navy, knighted

Titchburn, Sir Henry, late governor of Drogheda

Titchburne, White, letter to

Titchfield, Hampshire, dinner of the king with Mr. Noel at

Titus, Col. Silius, groom of the Bedchamber, appointment in place of
-, the Attorney-General much in with Player, Thompson and
-, what, told Lord O'Brien

Tiverton, the mayor and capital burgesses of, petition of
-, warrant for charging the day of the market at

Tixall, near Stafford, letter dated from

Tobacco, increase of duty on, suggested

Todeske, Catherine, pass for

Togood, Thomas, patent to

Toll, Edward, warrant for reprieve of

Tollar Wilme Downs, parish of Corscombe, Dorset, petition for a fair at, referred
-, verdict of inquisition concerning proposed grant of fair at
-, grant of fair at

Tollymore, lands of, request for erection of, into a manor
-, warrant for creation of manor of

Tomkyns, Dr. Thomas, canon residentiary of Exeter, and chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, work licensed by
-, death of
-, formerly sent by the Archbishop to Williamson

Tonnage duties, bill for appropriating, to the use of the Navy

Tonning, hoy of

Topsham, vessel for
-, vessel of
-, lost
-, weaving instruments at, to be transported to Ireland, destroyed by weavers from about Exeter

-, letter dated from
-, Dutch merchant man carried off by French men-of-war from
-, Dutch ship chased ashore in
-, English ship for Bilbao carried away from, by French man-ofwar
-, vessel sailed from
-, English ship boarded off, by Ostender

Tories in Ireland, proclamation that no further protections should be granted to

Torriano, George. See Wescombe, Richard.

Tottenham High Cross, horse stolen at

Toul in Lorraine, letter addressed to

Toulon, the French fleet returned to
-, passengers to, taken

Toulouse, possibility of, opposing the new taxes

Tour d'Auvergne, Henri de la, Vicomte de Turenne
-, engagement between, and General Montecuculi expected
-, said to be much straitened by the Imperialists
-, killed
-, reported defeat of
-, certainty of defeat of, by Montecuculi

Tower, the, letters dated from
-, prisoners in
-, request for office of under-keeper of the records in
-, persons committed to
-, warrants for release of persons from
-, answer to the Lord's address for removing the lieutenant of
-, warrants for appointment of constable of
-, person commanding in, to command the militia there and in the Tower Hamlets
-, Hamlets, the, want of activity in the militia of
-, the militia and train bands to march into
-, militia of, the, to be commanded by the person commanding in the Tower

Townesend, Richard, petition of
-, warrant for grant to

Towneson, John. See Dickon, Thomas.

Townshend, Horatio, Lord Townshend, letter of
-, at Lynn
-, supporting Sir R. Kempe as candidate for Norfolk
-, caveat on behalf of, and request by, for
-, removal of, from the lord lieutenancy of Norfolk
-, intended
-, churchmen and loyalists discouraged and Nonconformists favoured by

Trade, proposal for the establishment of a committee for, in London
-, the Committee for, and Foreign Plantations, letter to
-, orders of
-, minutes of
-, the Composition trade to be discussed before
-, order or command of, mentioned
-, paper to be communicated to
-, inquiry by, for Acts transmitted from the Plantations, and whether the governors have taken the oaths required
-, Act for the Encouragement of (15 Car. II. c. 7)

Traffell, Edward, auditor of the Dean and Chapter of Winchester, deceased

Trapps, Capt., company of, commission in
-, Capt. Graham's company to be united with

Treason, Act concerning (21 Rich. II.)

Treasury, the, the late Commissioners of, warrant of, mentioned
-, clerkship of, caveat concerning

Tredegar, letters dated from

Tregonnell, John, licence to, for holding fairs and markets

Trelanne, Cornwall, letter dated from

Trelawney, Sir Jonathan, M.P., letter of
-, memorandum of letter to
-, son of
-, Capt., warrant for delivery of arms and ammunition to

Trevanion, Capt., of the Dartmouth

Treves or Trier, defeat of Marchal de Crqui near
-, the governor of, death of
-, besieged by the Prince of Orange and the Imperialists
-, inhabitants of, hanged by the French
-, report that the Germans insisted on the surrender of the French at, as prisoners of war
-, taken by the Germans
-, soldiers of Lord Douglas' regiment from

Tripoli, packets of Williamson for
-, report of war with
-, ships sent to join Sir J. Narbrough against
-, ships of, fired in harbour by Sir J. Narbrough
-, supposed man-of-war of, men taken out of English ship by
-, English captive seamen sent to
-, the late consul at, packets for
-, agreed to make peace with, on terms offered by them
-, treaty with, mentioned
-, persons taken by ship of, and carried into

Trott, Robert, warrant for the reprieve of

Troutbeck and Trostbrick, Westmorland, farms, &c. in, now in jointure to the Queen, lease of, requested

Trumball, Ralph, M.A., presentation of

Trumbull, Dr. See Exton, Dr. Thomas.

Trumpington, Cambridgeshire, horse in pound at

Truro, letters dated from
-, accident at meeting of Quakers near
-, Quaker meetinghouse near
-, storm at

Tuam. See Athenry.
-, Archbishop of. See Parker, John, Archbishop of Tuam.

Tubman, William, letter on behalf of

Tuchet, James, Earl of Castlehaven, gone to Nieuport
-, warrant for grant of pension to, and petition of, mentioned

Tucker, Walter and Samuel, ship made free at request of

Tufton, Sir John, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Thomas, letter for admitting to a six clerk's place

Tuite, Capt., appointment in place of
-, to have the second vacancy

Tulip, Sir Richard, of Amsterdam, grant of baronetcy to

Tullie or Tully, Dr. Thomas
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, reported as successor to the deanery of Ripon
-, endeavours to secure the Margaret Professorship for
-, illness of
-, hopes of, that his brother might succeed him
-, death of

Tunis, Sir J. Narbrough gone to negotiate at
-, pass for vessel employed to transport round shot to
-, treaty with, mentioned

Tuogonela and Inishcaltra, parishes of, barony of Tulla, Clare, warrant for grant of lands in

Turberville, Thomas, petition of
-, George, brother of, deceased, pretended will of
-, and Mary Duke, sister of, cause between

Turenne, M. de. See Tour d'Auvergne, Henri de la, Vicomte de Turenne.

Turkey, vessels from, or for
-, Company, the, to entertain boys from the mathematical school of Christ's Hospital
-, present from, to the Earl of Winchilsea

Turkish man-of-war, provisions and wine taken by
-, men-of-war
-, off the Land's End and Scilly
-, civil behaviour of
-, English ship chased by

Turks, the, English ship taken by

Turner, Archibald, John Robertson, Andrew Cant, and John Hamilton, ministers removed from their ministry, case of, referred to the two archbishops and the Bishop of Edinburgh
-, warrant for taking off the confinements of, and for liberty to, to wait on the archbishops and the Bishop of Edinburgh
-, restraints on, to be taken off
-, Sir Edward, Lord Chief Baron, opinion of, about coffee-houses
-, See also Finch, Sir Heneage, Lord Finch, Lord Keeper.
-, Dr. Francis, Master of St. John's College, Cambridge, fromalities of Dr. Brval's degree performed by the care of
-, Richard. See Thomas, Capt. Gilbert.
-, Sir W., letter to
-, Mr., promised a prebend at Worcester
-, Mr., English merchant at Smyrna, English slave ransomed by

Turnor, Thomas. See Child, Robert.

Tuscany, the Grand Duke of, contract of King James with, before his accession
-, ship of, pass for

Tutbury, Castle Hay and Hanbury, Staffordshire, manors and parks of, petition concerning
-, caveat concerning

Twigge, Capt. Charles, letter in favour of

Twirling Board, the, dispute whether a game or a lottery
-, included in grants of lotteries

Twisden, Roger, warrant for licence to, to enclose a highway

Twiss, William, mayor of Dorchester, letter of
-, treasonable letter to
-, note of letter to

Tyler, Evan, printer

Tynemouth Bar, vessels for, or from
-, haven, prize taken by a Dunkirker sent into

Tynnaffs. See Coldaires.

Tyrone, Earl of. See Power, Richard, Earl of Tyrone.

Tyrrell, Sir Timothy, pension of

Tyssen, Francis, merchant of London


Ulfelt, Cornifis, Count, petition of, referred

Ulster, the Society of Governor and Assistants, London, of the new plantation in, petition of, recited

Underdowne, John, order on petition of
-, pardon to

Uniformity, the Act of (14 Car. II. c. 4)

Up Ottery, Devon, rectory of

Upman, Stephen, Fellow of King's College, preceptor to the king's natural sons
-, letter in favour of

Ushant, vessels met off
-, French ships taken off

Utterstowne, Barnehouses, Oxendean and Ryssiebrigs, lands of, in the Earldom of March, Berwickshire, warrant for charter of

Utting, Robert, lessee of the plaintiff, James Percy

Uvedale, Mr., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, letter on behalf of

Uxsade, Marquis, duel between, and an Irishman in the French army


Vaen, John, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Van Beuningen, Mynheer, Dutch Ambassador to England
-, letters of
-, mentioned
-, pressing the English ambassadors to depart for the treaty
-, intercession of, for a condemned prisoner
-, difficulties raised by, about the Treaty Marine
-, unable to promise the States' good offices for Prince William of Furstenberg
-, person sent at instance of, to inform about the design against the Dutch man-of-war at Gravesend
-, memorial of, against those of Boston in New England mentioned
-, order in Council on memorial of

Van Beverning, Mynheer
-, question of first visit raised by

Van Campen or Camper, Henry, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Van de Kerckhove. Francis, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Vandevell, Andrew, grant of denization to

Vande Viner, Adrian, grant of denization to

Vanden Berg. Matthias, grant of denization to

Van Doren or Dorne. Creyn, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Van Haen, Vice-Admiral, in Portland Road

Van Haren, Mynheer

Van Horne, Grave Jan, regiment of

Van Rooy, Matthys, grant of denization to

Van Tromp. Vice-Admiral Cornelius Martinus, arrival of, in Holland
-, copy of the preamble of the patent of baronetcy to

Vane, Thomas, son of Sir Henry, successful candidate for Durham county
-, supported by all the sectaries
-, death of
-, suggestion that on death of, Sir James Clavering be returned as elected
-, Christopher, brother of, manager of the election for his brother
-, probable candidate instead of his brother
-, said to be supported by the Bishop and most of the gentry
-, unopposed return of

Vannes, Brittany, vessel from

Varenius, a geographer, translation from works of

Vaudemont, the Comte de, at the siege of Treves

Vaughan, Richard, Earl of Carbery, the king informed by, of the scarcity of books in Welsh
-, John, Lord Vaughan, son of, Governor of Jamaica, letters to, requested
-, gentleman sent by, to the Havana

Vaux, Sir Theodore de

Veatch, John, younger, of Dawick, warrant for gift to

Vega, Guillermo, grant of denization to

Veitch, William, warrant for gift of the escheat and forfeiture of

Velaer, John de, grant of denization to

Venden, William, of Egham, information against of having killed a hind calf
-, warrant for apprehending and bringing before the Council

Vendosme, the Chevalier de, pass for horses for

Venice, vessels for

Venterman, Thomas. See Wootton, Stephen.

Verbarne, Henry, grant of denization to

Verdioles, Domingo de, master of the Stars of Spain, petition of, mentioned

Verdoes, Bastian, grant of denization to

Vere, Aubrey de, Earl of Oxford, troop of, commission in
-, former officer under
-, proxy of
-, persons seen on staircase of
-, commission to, as lord lieutenant of Essex vacated, and new commission to, as joint lord lieutenant of Essex
-, prebend requested by
-, regiment of. See Army, the.

Verman, Hugh, quarter-master of Capt. Edwin Sandys' troop, licence of absence to

Vernon, Col. Edward, grant to, recited and lands of, to be erected into a manor
-, caveat on behalf of
-, Sir Henry, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Verrer, Anthony, a freeman of Limerick, master of the New Exchange

Verrio, Antonio, grant of denization to

Versailles, yachts built at Portsmouth for the French king at

Vervins, the congress at

Vic, Sir H. de, secretary to Sir Thomas Edwards in 1629
-, or Vique, or Viques, Baron de. See White, Ignatius, Baron de Vic.

Vicarages, bill for augmentation of, quotations from law books concerning

Vienna, Bevil Skelton going as envoy to

Vieuar, Alexandre, minister of the gospel, examination of

Villeneuve, Jaque Roupphario de, statement by
-, Monsieur de, letter of

Villiers, Edward, licence to, and grant to, recited
-, and Sir Edward, his son, warrant for grant of office of Knight Marshal in reversion to
-, George, Duke of Buckingham, leave to, to bring in a bill for the ease of Protestant Dissenters
-, speeches of, mentioned
-, suggestion of trying
-, George, Viscount Grandison, and Edward Villiers, grant to, ordered

Vincon, Richard, servant of the Duchess of Cleveland, arrest of, referred to the Committee of Privileges

Vine, the, Hampshire, letter dated from

Virginia, vessels for
-, vessels from
-, bad crop in
-, hurricane at
-, crops destroyed by squirrels in
-, quarrel with the secretary of the Council of
-, tobacco from
-, good condition of
-, failure of Indian corn and tobacco and deaths of beasts in
-, governor of. See Berkeley, Sir William.

Vitry, M. de, pass by people of, demanded

Vivonne, Monsieur, governor of Augusta in Sicily beheaded by
-, with the fleet under his command, returned to Toulon

Vogelaer, Peter, grant of denization to
-, States. grant of denization to

Vosse, Patrick, pensioner, deceased

Vossius, Dr. Isaac, letter of

Vowles, William, of Panborough, Somerset, warrant for reprieve of, if found guilty

Vyner, Elizabeth, letter of
-, Thomas, son of, letter of
-, Sir Robert, Lord Mayor of London
-, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, petition of, mentioned, and illness of
-, referred
-, intention of, not to call any Common Council
-, attendance of, before the Council
-, scolded by the Lord Keeper
-, to be entertained by Sir N. Herne