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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1682. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1932.

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C., J., pamphlet printed for

Cabreath, William, minister at Marboth, warrant for presentation of, to kirk of Jedbergh

Cadiz (Cales), Spain
-, French men-of-war to lie near
-, paper signed by Consul and merchants of, mentioned
-, money and plate from
-, Bay of, order to Sir John Berry (q.v.) to sail into
-, letter written from, mentioned

Cadman, Richard, Jurat of Rye, riotous proceedings of

Caherassey, co. Limerick, lands of, warrant for imparking part of

Cahirmuehill. See Bourke, John, of Cahirmuehill.

Cairnefield. See Irving, Richard, of Cairnefield.

Cairnes, Captain, insolence of soldiers in company of
-, to be arrested
-, David, portioner of Luthrie, warrant for charter of lands to

Caithnessshire, disorders in
-, See also Ross, Sutherland and Caithness.

Calais, France
-, arrival of packet-boat from

Cales. See Cadiz.

Caliator's wood, necessity of, for dyeing

Callaghan, Owen, sums laid out on

Callander, Earl of. See Livingston, Alexander, second Earl of Callander.

Calveley (Caulveley), Cheshire

Camaret (Cameret), France

-, "scandalous letter" from, mentioned
-, order to be taken in, for a good Mayor
-, alteration in panel of
-, University, degrees to be conferred at
-, Caius College, Master of, letter to
-, Master and Senior Fellows of, letter to
-, fellowship to be conferred by
-, Fellows of. See Green, Christopher; Spencer, William.
-, King's College, Provost and Electors of, letter to
-, Trinity College, grant of bedesman's place in
-, petition about fellowship at
-, Chancellors of. See Moncke, Christopher, second Duke of Albemarle; Scott, James, Duke of Monmouth; Villiers, George, second Duke of Buckingham.
-, Vice-Chancellor of, letters to
-, and Senate of
-, letter to
-, mentioned


Camden (Campden), Viscount. See Noel, Edward, and Noel, Wriothesley Baptist, Viscounts Camden and Earls of Gainsborough.

Cameret. See Camaret.

Cameron, Alexander, late minister at Rosneth
-, John, and fort of Carnbulg

Campbell, coat of arms of name of
-, , of Crunan, memorial of protection to
-, , of Inverawe (Inverraw), and fort of Carnbulg
-, Anne (Anna), late Countess of Argyll, warrants for grant of rents to
-, Lady Anne, eldest daughter of the late Earl of Argyll and spouse to Richard Maitland of Duddop, warrant for grant of rent to
-, Archibald, late Marquess [eighth Earl] of Argyll, grants in trust for creditors of
-, Archibald, late [ninth] Earl of Argyll
-, seditious papers found in chamber of
-, warrants for disposal of forfeiture of
-, warrant for grants to trustees of
-, said to have been seen in Ferguson's company
-, warrant for rehabilitation of sons and daughters of
-, information about escape and concealment of
-, new trustee appointed for
-, Archibald, late Lord Lorne [afterwards first Duke of Argyll], warrant for reservation of land to
-, and brothers and sisters, warrant for rehabilitation of
-, Archibald, writer in Edinburgh, deceased, warrant for gift of escheat of
-, Sir George, commissioner for purchase of land in America, King's letter in favour of
-, Hugh, Sheriff of Nairne, petition of (to take the test), mentioned
-, Lady Jane, second daughter of late Earl of Argyll, warrant for grant of land to
-, John, first Earl of Breadalbane, commissions in militia to
-, John, second son of the late Earl of Argyll, warrant for grant of land to

Campveer, Holland
-, Scots staple at, King's letter in favour of
-, Magistracy and Common Council of, representation from, mentioned
-, Conservator at. See Kennedy, James.

Canary merchants, said to have been seized


Canford Magna, Dorset, visitation of church of

Cann, Sir Robert
-, letter to

Cant, , memorial of protection to

Canterbury, Kent
-, letter dated at
-, activities of Nonconformists and Whigs in
-, house of Burmote in
-, parish of St. George the Martyr in
-, Archbishops of. See Sancroft, William; Sheldon, Gilbert.
-, canonry of, petition for
-, Mayor, Recorder and Justices of
-, Mayors of. See Enfield, Captain Thomas; Wraight, Jacob.
-, Recorder of. See Barret, .
-, Sheriff of. See Enfield, Captain Thomas.

Canterland. See Scott, John, of Canterland.

Capel, Arthur, first Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, letters to, mentioned
-, order of, mentioned
-, approves of John Fitzgerald's informations
-, to be removed from office of Custos Rotulorum of St. Albans
-, visits the Duke of Monmouth
-, libel to be presented to
-, Elizabeth, Countess of Essex

Caper, Mr., treasonable words spoken by

Capildrae, lands of, warrant for charter of

Caprara, Mons., goes to Constantinople

Captives, money for redemption of
-, warrant for privy seal for payment of

Carberry. See Blair, Sir Adam, of Carberry.

Carden. See Stirling, , of Carden.

Cardiff, information from
-, Bailiffs of, sworn
-, See also Richards, John; Yeomans, Mr.
-, Grand Jury at, bill found by

Cardinal, the. See Bouillon, Cardinal de.

Cardross (Cardrosse), Lord. See Erskine, Henry, third Lord Cardross.

Care, Henry, writer of Impartial Protestant Mercury

Carew, George, warrant to arrest vessel set out by, mentioned
-, commission of reprisals granted to
-, commissions of reprisals from, mentioned
-, threat of action by
-, Mr.
-, Mr., of Crocombe

Carey, Robert, sixth Lord Hunsdon, certificate by, in favour of Hester Bird (q. v.)

Cargill, Donald [or Daniel], Covenanter, followers of (Cargillists)

Caribbee Islands, outrages by Indians in
-, See also West Indies.

Carleton, Guy, Bishop of Chichester, letter to
-, reference on petition of
-, Samuel, letter to
-, information of

Carlingford, Earl of. See Taaffe, Nicholas, second Earl of Carlingford.

Carlisle, Ellen, petition of (for reconsideration of former petition)

Carlisle, Earl of. See Howard, Charles, first Earl of Carlisle.

Carmarthen, letters dated at

Carminster, Dorset, parsonage house of, etc., petition for grant of

Carnarvon Castle, Constables of. See Robartes, Charles Bodvile, Viscount Bodmin; Robartes, Robert, Viscount Bodmin.

Carnarvonshire, address to the King from, mentioned

Carnbulg, house of, report for delivery of, approved by Scots Privy Council
-, fort of

Carne, Edward, Bayliff of Cowbridge, letter from
-, letter to

"Carnegie," pseudonym for a countess (unnamed)

Carnegie, Charles, Lord Carnegie, son of Robert, Earl of Southesk, warrant for constituting him Shireff Principal of Forfar in reversion
-, David, second Earl of Northesk, resignation of lands by
-, David, first Earl of Southesk, warrant for gift in consideration of services of
-, James, second Earl of Southesk, warrant for gift in consideration of services of
-, Robert, third Earl of Southesk, warrant for admitting into Privy Council of Scotland
-, warrant for constituting him a Commissioner for plantation of kirks, etc.
-, warrant for constituting him Shireff Principal of Forfar
-, warrant for constituting him a Commissioner to inquire into Mint, etc.
-, commission in militia to
-, warrant for constituting him Commissioner of Exchequer of Scotland

Carnegy, Alexander, warrant for constituting him Shireff Depute of Forfarshire
-, warrant for charter of new infeftment to, in remainder
-, James, of Balnamoone
-, warrant for charter of new infeftment to

Carney. See Kearney.

Carnwath, Earl of. See Dalzell, James, fourth Earl of Carnwath.

Carolina, North America, purchase of land by Scots colonists from lords proprietors of
-, Scots conventiclers transported to

-, Captain
-, Henry, to be lieutenant of militia
-, Henry, indicted for libel, and pleads to informations
-, Mr., of Etall, connected with one not well affected to Government
-, Sir Robert, Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster, warrant to
-, horse belonging to, runs at Newmarket
-, Samuel, information of

Carretto and Grana, Otto Henry, Marquis di
-, letter from
-, mentioned
-, letter to
-, mentioned
-, arrives in England
-, leaves London
-, raises siege of Luxemburg
-, to command Spanish forces in Netherlands
-, made Governor of Spanish Netherlands.
-, courier sent to Paris by
-, generosity of
-, Prince of Orange consults with
-, his tour in Flanders

Carroll, James, letter to
-, James, discoverer of plots, information about
-, Sir James, reference on petition of heirs and trustees of

Carse, Sir Mark, military commission to

Cartagena (Carthagena), Spain, galleons driven into

Carter, Abraham, reference on petition of (for arrears due to wife)
-, Captain Richard, letters from
-, mentioned
-, commission to, to be Deputy Governor of Southsea Castle

Carteret, captains by name of, incite companies of Jersey militia to mutiny
-, Sir George, grant to (of duty from French tonnage in Ireland), mentioned
-, Sir Philip de, letter from
-, letters to
-, mentioned

Carthagena. See Cartagena.

Cary, Anthony, fifth Viscount Falkland, elected Steward of Artillery Company
-, Captain, "an old Oliverian," seditious words spoken by
-, Robert, sixth Viscount Baltinglass, will of
-, William, military commission to

Casale, Italy, garrison of, numbers of
-, money for maintenance of

Caschau, Hungary, prisoners taken by rebels at

Cashel, Archbishop of. See Price, Thomas.

Cason, John, letter to

Cassillis, Countess of. See Kennedy, Susanna, Countess of Cassillis.

Castellion, Dr. John, Dean of Rochester, certificate by (in favour of Capt. Thomas Enfield)

Castle Connell, Lord. See Bourke, Thomas, sixth Lord Bourke of Castle Connell.

Castle Elizabeth. See Elizabeth Castle.

Castlehaven, Earl of. See Touchet, James, third Earl of Castlehaven.

Castlehill. See Lockhart, Sir John, of Castlehill.

Castlehill, Lord [? foregoing], payment in satisfaction of pensions to be made to

Castlemaine, Earl of. See Palmer, Roger, Earl of Castlemaine.

Castlemaines. See Crichton, James, of Castlemaines.


Catherine of Braganza, Queen of England
-, health of
-, accusations against
-, grant by, mentioned
-, railed against
-, threats against
-, prayer for, omitted in service at Chester
-, goes to Newmarket
-, returns from Newmarket
-, plan to represent her as discontented with King
-, alleged to be privy to Godfrey's murder
-, alleged, with her friars, to have plotted fire of London
-, pension granted during life of
-, plan to impeach
-, dresser to. See Sheldon, Anne.
-, Master of the Horse to. See Lumley, Richard, first Lord Lumley.

Catterall, John, letter from

Caulfield, Anne, Viscountess Charlemont, pass for
-, William, second Viscount Charlemont, pass for

Caulveley. See Calveley.

Cavadall, Duke of, Portuguese admiral, present from Duke of Savoy to

Cavendish, Elizabeth (Percy), Countess of Ogle, wife of Thomas Thynne (q.v.) letter from
-, letter to
-, at the Hague
-, Lord Anglesey's advice to
-, defends her conduct
-, Mr. Sidney designs to court
-, arrives in London
-, Henry, second Duke of Newcastle, letter from
-, letters from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, to remove to Nottingham Castle till disorder there be over
-, King's approval of
-, Thomas, account of voyages of, mentioned
-, William, third Earl of Devonshire
-, William, Lord Cavendish, letter to, mentioned
-, desires to fight Knigsmarck
-, writ of ne exeat regnum against

Cayley, Sir Arthur, his commission to raise volunteers mentioned

Cecil, George, pass for
-, James, third Earl of Salisbury
-, pass for
-, John, fifth Earl of Exeter, Recorder of Stamford
-, Lady Katherine, pass for
-, Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, death of
-, pass for
-, (Cecill), Colonel William, government of Culmore Fort purchased by

Cellier, Elizabeth, scandalous letter suspected to be by
-, intends to make further discovery of Popish Plot
-, indicted for high treason
-, petition of (for remission of fine)

Chalgrove and Berrick, Oxon., certificate by rector and inhabitants of

Challenger, William, false information against

Chamberlain (Chamberlaine, Chamberlen), , a leading Whig
-, Dr. Hugh, physician in ordinary to the King (in reversion)
-, revocation of grant to
-, Mr., King's poulterer, windows of his house broken by rioters

Chamberlain, Lord Great. See Bertie, Robert, third Earl of Lindsey.

Chambord, France, French King leaves

Champante, Sir John, Deputy ViceTreasurer in Ireland
-, reference on petition of (for satisfaction for money advanced, etc.)

Chancellor, John, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, warrants for gifts of escheats to

Chancellor, Lord. See Finch, Heneage, first Earl of Nottingham.

Chancery, Court of, warrant for filling one of the Six Clerks' places in

Chandos, Lord. See Brydges, James, eighth Lord Chandos.

Chapeau Rouge, Newfoundland, French ships to sail to

Chapelizod (Chapel Izard), co. Dublin, highway from Dublin to, warrant for letters patent relating to

Chapel Royal, Gentlemen of, warrant for payment to

Chapman, Mr., goldsmith of Chester, tried for clipping

Chappell, John, military commission to

Chard, Somerset, conventicle at
-, warrant for grant of new charter and fair to
-, information on testimony of two men of

Charlemont, Viscount. See Caulfield, William, second Viscount Charlemont.
-, Viscountess. See Caulfield, Anne, Viscountess Charlemont.

Charles V. Emperor

Charles I, late King of England
-, sums advanced by Earls of Southesk to
-, Ormonde's vindication of, against Anglesey's book
-, grant to City of London from, mentioned
-, resolution by Lords of Council that Anglesey's book is a scandalous libel on
-, petition from Rye for murder of, mentioned
-, effigy of, at Worcester, damaged

Charles II, King of England, passim.
-, letters from
-, mentioned
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, anonymous letters to, mentioned
-, commissions from
-, warrants from
-, mentioned
-, orders of, for establishing order and government in his Household
-, addresses to
-, mentioned
-, petitions to
-, mentioned
-, in suit with Mayor and Aldermen of Oxford
-, intended reservations by, in charters
-, his memorial to French King about Luxemburg, etc.
-, threat to kill
-, treasonable and scandalous words against
-, his nuptials at Portsmouth
-, his lodging at Rochester
-, gives jewel to Russian Ambassador
-, ostriches presented to
-, Presbyterian paper against, at Lanark
-, at Duchess of Portsmouth's lodgings
-, said to have been married to Monmouth's mother
-, his entertainment of Oxford petitioners
-, "humble Address of the Ladies of Honour to,"
-, going to Windsor and Newmarket
-, his interest in maps
-, mentioned in sermon
-, and the Irish farm
-, medal with portrait of, to be cast
-, memorial from States General presented to
-, at Newmarket passim.
-, conversation of, on foreign affairs
-, horses of, run at Newmarket
-, opinion of, on negotiations with Morocco
-, dissatisfied with Order in Council about Bristol Dissenters
-, reference of differences between France and Spain to
-, King of Spain's answers on
-, French memorial on
-, requires Lord Mayor not to entertain Monmouth, Shaftesbury, etc.
-, removes Monmouth from Chancellorship of Cambridge
-, accepts invitation to dine with Artillery Company
-, reconciles Duke of Norfolk and Prince de Ligne
-, will not alter charter of East India Company
-, to visit London
-, illness of
-, satisfaction at his recovery
-, on affairs in France
-, said to desire a Popish Parliament
-, Monmouth said to be lawful son of
-, nicknames for
-, presents King of Morocco with powder and musket barrels
-, recovers money out of concealed Jesuits' lands
-, alleged plot to assassinate
-, Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, etc., appear before
-, conspiracy against
-, sups at Lady Portsmouth's
-, views of, on election of Sheriffs of London
-, hawks for
-, talk of new plot against
-, charitable intentions of, towards distressed seamen and widows of Tower Hamlets
-, going to Winchester
-, declares he will stick to his old friends
-, desires news of Wallasey horse races
-, his voyage down the river
-, hunting and hawking
-, going to Newmarket
-, prophecy concerning
-, Lord Mayor and Aldermen wait on
-, his intentions towards Norwich
-, sends for Monmouth, but does not see him
-, summons Lord Mayor and Aldermen
-, on affairs of City
-, goes to Newmarket
-, views of, as to general treaty
-, approves Middlesex Justices
-, his horse Dragon beaten
-, opinion of, on Cheshire affairs
-, his opinion of Whitaker (q.v.)
-, date of his return to London
-, on affairs of Stafford
-, charged with being a Papist and endeavouring to stifle the Plot
-, returns from Newmarket
-, hears business of deputy governorship of Chester Castle in Council
-, plot to seize
-, new Lord Mayor presented to
-, his mourning for Prince Rupert
-, pressed to mediate general peace of Europe
-, warrant for providing for defence of
-, indictments for libels against
-, health drunk by men in pillory
-, and recordership of Bristol
-, returns to town
-, States General expect answer from
-, discourse on trade presented to, mentioned
-, declaration about foreign Protestants by, mentioned
-, and Quo warrantos
-, chaplain in ordinary to. See Bradford, John.
-, chirurgeon in ordinary to. See Tilbourne, Cornelius.
-, clerk of stables in ordinary to. See Collins, John.
-, cook to. See Sayer, John.
-, cosmographer to. See Morgan, William.
-, falconers in ordinary to. See Daniel, Abel; Daniel, Thomas.
-, fishmonger to. See Wise, Mr.
-, Geographer for Scotland to. See Sibbald, Sir Robert.
-, Historiographer in Scotland to. See Crawford, James; Fall, ; Turner, William.
-, joiner to. See Kinward, Thomas.
-, Lord Chamberlain of Household of. See Bennet, Henry, first Earl of Arlington.
-, master cook to. See Marshall, Thomas.
-, Master Falconer in Scotland to. See Nasmith, James.
-, Master of Horse to, Commissioners for executing place of
-, Master of the Leash to. See Compton, George, fourth Earl of Northampton.
-, perfumer to. See Boldsworth, .
-, physicians to. See Scarburgh, Sir Charles; Talbor, Sir Robert; Warner, Dr. Edward.
-, physicians in ordinary to. See Brady, Robert, M.D.; Chamberlain, Dr. Hugh; Hinton, Sir John.
-, physician in ordinary in Scotland to. See Sibbald, Sir Robert.
-, poulterer to. See Chamberlain, Mr.
-, printer to. See Newcombe, Thomas.
-, Privy Chamber, Gentleman of. See Clerk, Sir Francis.
-, Sub-Almoner to, robbery of
-, Treasurer of the Chamber to. See Criffin, Edward.
-, trumpeters to, petition of (for payment of liveries)
-, serjeant of. See Pierce, Jervas.
-, Vice-Chamberlain to. See Savile, Henry.
-, writer, flourisher and embellisher to. See Royer, Gideon.

Charles II, King of Spain (his Catholic Majesty), letter from, mentioned
-, men-of-war built in Amsterdam for
-, terms offered by Louis XIV to
-, money due to Duke of Mantua from
-, proposal to refer differences between France and, to King of England
-, his answers concerning
-, warrant for raising volunteers for Irish regiment in service of
-, dismisses English envoy
-, refuses arbitration of England in his differences with France
-, is content to accept it
-, Louis XIV sets time limit for acceptance of his proposals to
-, presses Charles II to mediate general peace of Europe

Charles XI, King of Sweden, petition for letters to
-, very inclinable to war

Charles, Prince, of Lorraine, illness of

Charleton (Charlton), Sir Edward
-, Francis, letter to
-, goes bail for Sir S. Marow
-, Sir Job, Justice of Common Pleas, trial before
-, petition referred to
-, Mr., of Shropshire, attends Monmouth on his northern journey
-, Mr., sen., visits Duke of Monmouth
-, Mr., jun., accompanies Monmouth on his northern journey

Charletons, two, attend Monmouth on his northern journey

Charley, John, Alderman of Liverpool, Monmouth lodges with

Charlotte Maria, Princess, daughter of Duke of York, illness and death of
-, burial of

Charlton. See Charleton.

Charmouth, Dorset, letter dated at

Charterhouse (Sutton's Hospital), petition for scholar's place in
-, petition for pensioner's place in
-, Governors of, letters to
-, letter to, mentioned
-, minister of. See Griffith, .

Chase, Mr., demands poll at election of Sheriff

Chatham, Kent
-, Chest at, money to be applied to
-, Charles II. going to
-, ships at

Cheek (Cheeke), Captain Thomas, Lieutenant of the Tower
-, letters from
-, bill found against
-, leave of absence to

Chelmsford, Essex
-, court of Custos Rotulorum to be held at
-, assizes at

Chelsea, Middlesex, letter dated at
-, hospital to be built at, lands assigned to

Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Governor of. See Nicholas, Captain.

Chertsey, Surrey, manor of, petition relating to coppices in

Cheshire (county palatine of Chester)
-, Earl of Derby's regiment in
-, muster-mastership in
-, Whigs in
-, gentry from, attend Duke of Monmouth
-, ammunition of, removal of
-, information from (about Monmouth)
-, quarter sessions of
-, resolution of (about Papists and Dissenters)
-, commission of oyer et terminer for
-, commission of peace for, proposed new
-, omissions from
-, Custos Rotulorum of. See Booth, Henry.
-, deputy lieutenancy of
-, Deputy Lieutenants of, list of
-, and Justices of, letter to, mentioned
-, Grand Jury of
-, address of abhorrence from, mentioned
-, address propounded to
-, approved by King
-, charge to, mentioned
-, Justices of, letter from
-, Lord Lieutenant of. See Stanley, William George Richard, ninth Earl of Derby.
-, militia of, desirability of mustering
-, names of officers of

Cheshunt, Herts. See Smith, James.

-, letters and documents dated at
-, damage by storm at
-, quarter sessions at
-, unlawful meetings at
-, nonconforming preachers at
-, militia at
-, disloyalty in
-, Monmouth at
-, riots at
-, Ignoramus jury on
-, commission of oyer et terminer on
-, bills of indictment before
-, expiration of
-, trained band at
-, Judge Jeffreys arrives at
-, legacy to preaching ministers at
-, King's opinion on affairs of
-, charter of
-, possible forfeiture of
-, compared with that of London
-, privileges under
-, Quo warranto on, required
-, Bishop of, order signed by, mentioned
-, Chief Justice of. See Jeffreys, Sir George.
-, Clerk of Penthouse at, office of
-, Dean of. See Arderne, James.
-, Grand Jury at
-, address of abhorrence from
-, Justices of, letter from
-, new commission of
-, Mayors of. See Edwards, Alderman; Mainwaring, George.
-, candidature for, and election of
-, and Aldermen of, dispute among
-, Recorder of. See Williams, Sir William.
-, Sheriff of. See Pindar, Sir Peter.
-, election of
-, Castle
-, letters dated at
-, reinforcement of garrison of
-, ammunition removed from
-, soldiers of, said to be all Papists
-, Deputy-Governor of. See Shakerley, Peter.
-, Governors of. See Shakerley, Sir Geoffrey; Shakerley, Peter.
-, Cathedral, petition for almsman's place in
-, bells of, do not ring for Duke of Monmouth
-, Feathers in Bridge Street, Monmouth at
-, Forest Street
-, Red Lion in Forest Street, letter dated at
-, St. John's Church, rabble break into
-, St. Peter's Church
-, bells of, do not ring for Duke of Monmouth
-, riots against, etc.
-, person committed to prison for
-, vicar of. See Thompson, Prebendary.

Chester, county palatine of. See Cheshire.

Chesterfield, Earl of. See Stanhope, Philip, second Earl of Chesterfield.

Chetwynd (Chettwind, Chetwind), Charles, visits Duke of Monmouth
-, Walter, M.P. for Stafford
-, letter from
-, letters to
-, letter to, mentioned
-, blooded by the Mayor of Stafford

Cheyne, Viscount [? Charles, first Viscount Newhaven and Lord Cheyne], letter to

Chicheley, Sir Thomas, warrant for grant of office of Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster to

Chichester, Sussex
-, Archdeacon of. See Pleydell, Josias.
-, Bishop of. See Carleton, Guy.
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, controversy between Mr. Woodward (q.v.) and
-, Mayor of. See Peckham, Henry.
-, Hospital, Master of. See Edes, Dr.
-, South Gate

Chichester, Margaret, Countess of Donegall, pass for

Chidley. See Chudleigh.

Chiffinch (Chiffins, Chivins), Will.

Child, Sir Josiah, Chairman of East India Co., letters to
-, supports East India Co.'s charter
-, warrant for delivery of gunpowder to
-, Leonard, tax collector, certificate by
-, Mr., objection against election of, to Common Council
-, Thomas, military commission to

Chili, account of

Chinnor, Oxon.

Cholmeley, Sir Thomas, letter to
-, letter from, mentioned

Cholmondeley (Cholmondely), Thomas, of Vale Royal
-, letters from
-, letter from, mentioned
-, letters to

Chorley, Alderman, Duke of Monmouth lodges with

Christchurch, Hants., Customs officer at. See Imber, John.

Christian V, King of Denmark, letter from, mentioned
-, differences between Duke of Holstein and, adjusted

-, Mr.

Chudleigh (Chidley), Thomas, Envoy Extraordinary to the States General
-, letters from, mentioned
-, memorials presented by, mentioned
-, delays his journey
-, goes to Newmarket
-, despatched to Holland

Chumbley, Mr., lawyer

Churchill, Captain, commander of the Falcon
-, Charles, military commission to
-, George, military commission to
-, Colonel John, afterwards Lord Churchill of Eyemouth (Aymouth) [and Earl and Duke of Marlborough], his late lodgings in Holyrood House
-, warrant for grant of peerage to
-, Sir John, recommended to be Recorder of Bristol
-, elected Recorder of Bristol
-, Sir Winston

Cinque Ports
-, assertion of privileges of
-, Admiralty of, commission of oyer et terminer for
-, session of oyer et terminer for
-, Court of Chancery of, office of Steward of
-, first regiment of, commissions in
-, second regiment of, commissions in
-, Speaker of, letter to
-, mentioned

Cirencester, Gloucs.
-, Half Moon at, treasonable words spoken at

Cittell (? Settle), Mr., statement concerning

Citters, Heer van, Ambassador Extraordinary from the States General
-, at Newmarket

Civell, Madam, late wife of Abraham Carter (q.v.)

Clackmannan. See Bruce, , of Clackmannan.

Clackmannanshire. See Stirling and Clackmannan.

Clancarty, Countess of. See MacCarthy, Helena, Countess of Clancarty.

Clapham, Sir Christopher
-, recommended as Sheriff of Lincolnshire

Clare, co., Ireland, preparations for rebellion in

Clare, Earl of. See Holles, Gilbert, third Earl of Clare.

Clarendon, Earls of. See Hyde, Edward, first Earl of Clarendon; Hyde, Henry, second Earl of Clarendon.

Clarges, Sir Thomas, proceedings at election of

Clark, Thomas, deceased, warrant relating to outlawry of

Clarke, Benjamin, milliner
-, George, warrant appointing him Advocate General or Judge Martial of troops
-, James, references and reports on petition of (for office of warehousekeeper in Ireland)
-, James, the Duke of Ormonde's comptroller, letter to, mentioned
-, Captain John, letter from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, (Clerk), Samuel, merchant, petition of (for an order permitting import of hemp)
-, report on
-, reply to enquiry of Committee of Trade by
-, Sir Samuel, his company in first regiment of Foot Guards
-, Sir William, late Secretary at War, services and death of
-, See also Clerk, Clerke.

Claverhouse. See Graham, John, of Claverhouse.

-, John, his lease of gold and silver mines

Clayton, , Alderman of Liverpool
-, Sir John, surrender of patent for erecting lighthouses by
-, Sir Robert, Alderman of London
-, information taken before
-, mentioned
-, to be summoned before Council
-, certificate by
-, to be put out of commission of peace for Surrey
-, action against
-, Sir Thomas, letters from
-, letter to

Cleave, in Offwell, Devon

Cleaver, Sir Charles, recommended to be J.P. of St. Albans

Cleland, Alexander, in Dormontside, deceased
-, John, military commission to
-, William, now of Foskin, warrant for charter of lands to
-, William, of Foskin, deceased, resignation of

Clements, Elizabeth, convict in Newgate, warrant for pardon to
-, John, petition of (for patent to supply Mint with farthings)

Clergymen, corporation for relief of widows and children of, abstract of charter erecting

Clerk, Captain
-, Sir Francis, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, case of
-, Thomas, jun., tolls of corn sold in Hereford market to be demised to

Clerke, Captain John, letter from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, Mr., of Swainswick, letter from, mentioned
-, letter to
-, Sir Samuel, information concerning
-, See also Clarke.

Cleveland, Archdeacon of. See Lake, John.

Cleveland, Duchess of. See Palmer, Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland.

Clide, John de la, sea captain, petition of (for support)

Clifford, Henry, late Earl of Cumberland
-, Thomas, first Lord Clifford of Chudleigh

Clinkard (Kinkard), Archibald, Sheriff of Kent, dispensation to
-, to be Deputy Lieutenant of Kent

Clinton, Edward, fifth Earl of Lincoln, objects to being -subpna'd

Clipping (coins), trials for


Clogher, Dean of. See Tenison, Richard.

Clondagad (Clondegad), co. Clare

Close, Jane

Clowes, John

Cloyne, Bishops of. See Jones, Edward; Sheridan, Patrick.

Clyde, River

Coates, James

Cobham, John, Mayor of Rochester, letter from
-, letter to
-, mentioned

Cochran, Sir John, commissioner for purchase of land in America, King's letter in favour of

Cochrane, William, first Earl of Dundonald, to enquire into a slaughter

Cockaine. See Cokayne.

Cockburn, , younger, of Langton, commission in militia to

Cockburnspath (Cockburnespeth), Berwickshire, ministers of. See Barclay, John; Stirling, David.

Cocket, Thomas, porter of Spur inn, Southwark

Coddan, Philemon, false oath against

Coe, James, sentenced for murder, petition for pardon of
-, reprieve of

Coish, , actor

Cokayne (Cockaine), Brien, second Viscount Cullen
-, Charles, to be Deputy Lieutenant of Leics.
-, to be J.P. of Leics.

Coke (Cook), Captain, proposed candidate for Norfolk
-, Robert, Lord Danby's sonin-law

Colbert, Jean Baptiste, reported quarrel between Louvois and

Colchester, Essex
-, rebels at

Colchester road

Colchester, Viscount. See Savage, Richard, Viscount Colchester.

Coldinghen (? Kolding), Denmark

Cole, Mr., letters from, mentioned
-, William, treasonable talk in house of

Coleman, Edward, elegy on, mentioned

Colepeper (Culpeper), Thomas, second Lord Colepeper
-, petitions of (for the King's pardon and favour)
-, to go to Virginia

Coleraine, co. Londonderry, customs of

Coleshill, Warwicks.
-, letter dated at
-, Monmouth at

College (Colledge), Stephen, the Protestant joiner
-, strange illness of foreman of jury on

Collinges (Collings), John, D.D., one of the chief disaffected in Norwich

Collingwood, John, petition of (for payment of money)
-, (for rehearsal of case)

Collins, Freeman, printer, information of
-, John, clerk of stables in ordinary, warrant for payment of allowance to
-, Mr.

Collintoun. See Foulis, Sir James, of Collintoun.

Collum, Captain Richard

-, magistrates of, desire protection against French
-, memorial presented to Assembly of States of the Empire by Envoy from

Colt, John Dutton, M.P. for Leominster, information concerning, etc.
-, Duke of York's suit against, his movements and treasonable actions

Colzean. See Kennedy, Archibald, of Colzean.

Combe, J., letter from

Combermere, Cheshire

Combes (Combs), John, chosen Sheriff of Bristol

Combrey, minister at. See Robison, Patrick.

Comiestoun, Lady, memorial of protection to

Comins, Eustace, deprived of pension

Common Pleas, Court of, suits in
-, Lord Chief Justices of. See North, Sir Francis; Vaughan, Sir John.

Comotayder, co. Radnor, warrant for grant of stewardship of manor of

Compton, George, fourth Earl of Northampton, and recordership of Coventry
-, praised by the King
-, to be Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire
-, appointed Master of the Leash
-, Henry, Bishop of London
-, letter from
-, letters to
-, letter to, mentioned
-, suit of
-, reports by
-, illness of
-, petition referred to
-, royal letter desired by
-, James, third Earl of Northampton, Recorder of Coventry

Conant, Dr. John, of All Saints, Northampton

Congleton, Cheshire, Monmouth at
-, Mayor of

Conigseck. See Knigsegg.

Coningsby (Coningesby, Conyngesby), Mistress Anne
-, Thomas [afterwards Earl Coningsby], of Hampton Court, Herefords., M.P. for Leominster, letters from, mentioned
-, information concerning, etc.
-, dubious attitude of
-, goes to London for Parliament
-, Colonel Thomas, of Marsh Maund, Herefords
-, letter from
-, letters from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, letter to, mentioned

Coningsmarck. See Knigsmarck.

Conquest, Richard, M.D., Recusant, warrant for apprehension of

-, Ambassador at. See Brydges, James, eighth Lord Chandos.
-, French Ambassador at, guard set upon
-, Grand Vizier of, and English merchants
-, Pashas [?] at, incited by French to revolt
-, Patriarch of

Conventicle Act, "contrary to the law of God,"

Conventicles. See Meetings.

Conway, Edward, first Earl of Conway, Secretary of State
-, letters from
-, mentioned
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, petition referred to
-, declaration by
-, report by
-, report that he would lay down being Secretary of State
-, grant and orders by, mentioned
-, ignorance, etc., of
-, Elizabeth, Countess of Conway
-, Henry, military commission to

Conyngesby. See Coningsby.

Cook (Cooke), John reference on petition of (for nolle prosequi)
-, John (2), of Secretary of State's office, letter from
-, mentioned
-, letter to
-, mentioned
-, statement by
-, John (3), letter from
-, Mr., land surveyor of London Custom House, paper addressed to
-, Richard, Serjeant of the Court of Admiralty of the Cinque Ports, warrants to
-, William, Dissenting preacher at Chester, law to be enforced against
-, payment ordered to
-, See also Coke.

Coombes, Bartholomew ("Bat."), Mayor of Sandwich
-, letter to
-, See also under Sandwich.

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, first Earl of Shaftesbury
-, letter from, mentioned
-, Association found in closet of
-, writ issued by
-, action threatened by
-, conversation of
-, discharge of
-, actions brought by
-, answer to letter of, mentioned
-, medal engraved for, and [Dryden's] satire on
-, Lord Mayor to entertain
-, riot at trial of
-, invitations to
-, entertained by Sheriffs of London
-, and the City clubs
-, conversation between Lord Scudamore and
-, and Batty the apprentice
-, visits Duke of Monmouth
-, "a great Earl,"
-, absconds
-, speech of (libel), referred to
-, said to have been seen in Covent Garden
-, said to be at his house
-, alleged attempt to make him responsible for Popish Plot
-, said to have been seen at Rotterdam
-, praise of, etc.
-, health of, drunk
-, information concerning
-, concerned in Second Part of the Growth of Popery
-, health drunk by men in pillory
-, at Amsterdam
-, "my lord," "his lordship"
-, praise and dispraise of, by wits of Holland
-, steward of. See Stringer, Thomas.

Copley, Captain Lionel, of first Foot Guards

Coppercullin, co. Limerick, lands of, warrant for imparking part of

Corbet (Corbett), Arthur, military commission to
-, Sir John
-, attends Monmouth on his northern journey
-, Sir Richard, late captain of militia in Salop
-, attends Monmouth on his northern journey
-, Sarah (Morton, afterwards Lee), Viscountess Corbet, death of

Cork, letter dated at
-, assizes at
-, peaceable and flourishing condition of
-, plan to seize
-, Governor of. See Boyle, Francis, Viscount Shannon.
-, titular Bishop of
-, St. Finbar's church in, prebend of Desartmore in, warrant for grant of

Cork county, Grand Jury of
-, address from, mentioned
-, Sheriff of

Cornard Parva. See Cornearth Parva.

Cornearth [? Cornard] Parva, Suffolk, presentation to rectory of

Cornewall. See Cornwall.

Cornish, Alderman [Henry], candidate for Mayoralty of London
-, votes cast for

Cornwall, office of surveyor of tin blowing houses in
-, service on petty juries in
-, Sheriff of. See Bellott, Christopher.

Cornwall (Cornewall), Captain Henry
-, military commissions to

Cornwallis, Captain, his company to be transported to Hull

Corporations, observations concerning charters to
-, Act for regulating, mentioned

Cory, , Town Clerk of Norwich
-, a leader of the Tories

Cosgrove (Cosgrave), Northants

Coshma, co. Limerick, barony of, warrant for imparking land in

Cosin, John, deposition of

Coste, , a Frenchman, warrant for arrest of

Cotter, Colonel James, petition of (for pension)

Cottereau, Jean, French merchant, petition of (for passport and commission in France)

Cotterell, Sir Charles, letter to, mentioned
-, son of

Cotton, Charles, military commission to
-, Sir Robert, of Combermere, bart., Deputy Lieutenant and J.P. of Cheshire
-, attends Monmouth on his northern journey
-, to be left out of commission of peace
-, Samuel, to be Deputy Lieutenant of Leicestershire

Council Chamber, letters dated at

Council, Privy
-, letters from, mentioned
-, Orders in
-, petitions to
-, mentioned
-, petition referred to
-, warrant signed by, mentioned
-, send orders to Paris
-, Sheriffs of London before committee of
-, Quakers appear before
-, Act of Parliament for regulating
-, complaint to
-, opinion of, on deputy governorship of Chester Castle
-, plot to seize
-, Lord Mayor, etc., summoned before
-, Clerk of. See Gwyn, Francis.
-, Lord President of. See Robartes, John, first Earl of Radnor.

Couper, William, indweller in the Canongate, Edinburgh, memorial of protection to

Courland, trade of ports of
-, Duke of. See James, Duke of Courland.

Courthope, Brian, clerk to Recorder of London, letter from

Courtrai, Flanders, Spanish Procuror General at

Covell, Thomas, letter from

Coventry, Warwicks.
-, letters dated at
-, volunteer company to be raised in
-, addressers from
-, list of persons who refused to sign address at
-, conventicles and preachers at
-, Duke of Monmouth at
-, riots at
-, rebellious temper of
-, quarter sessions at, indictment of rioters at
-, Common Council of
-, coroners of. See Burton, Humphrey and Simon.
-, magistrates of, letter from, mentioned
-, Mayor of
-, letter from, mentioned
-, letter to
-, King's approval of
-, Mayor, Bailiffs and commonalty of, letter to
-, Recorders of. See Compton, George, fourth Earl of Northampton; Compton, James, third Earl of Northampton.
-, recordership of, dispute about
-, Sheriffs of
-, Steward of. See Hopkins, Sir Richard.
-, election of

Coventry, Henry, late Secretary of State
-, letter from

Coward, Mr., Recorder of Wells, subtle and canting insinuations of

Cowbridge, Glamorgan, Bayliff of. See Carne, Edward.

Cowes, Isle of Wight, arrival of ship at

Cox, Dr., a leading Whig

Coxe, Mr., bookseller, taken into custody

Crabb, John, commander of guard boats at Portsmouth, reference on petition of (for restoration or allowance)
-, order on

Cradock (Craddock, Cradocke), , mercer in Pater Noster Row, appointed to examine lists of livery companies
-, Mary, petition of (on behalf of condemned felon)
-, Mr., action against
-, affidavits for, against Lord Shaftesbury
-, orders for
-, Thomas, letter from

Craigforth, lands of, to be erected into a barony

Craighlaw (Craichlaw). See Gordon, James, son of William Gordon of Craighlaw.

Craighouse. See Dick, Sir Andrew, of Craighouse.

Craigie, Ayrshire, minister at. See Walterson, William.
-, See also Wallace, , of Craigie.

Crake, James, pass for

Cranfield (Cranfeild), Edward
-, to be Lieut.-Governor and Commander-in-Chief of New Hampshire
-, warrant for payment to
-, provisions for voyage of

Cranmer, Benjamin, petition of (for grant of fines)
-, Joseph, appointed attorney to Sheriffs of Lincolnshire

Craven, William, first Earl of Craven
-, letter from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, commission to, to be Lieut.-General and Commander of forces in London and Westminster
-, executor of Prince Rupert's will
-, certificate by, mentioned
-, Sir William, warrant for grant of fairs to

Crawford, James, D.D., deceased, late King's Historiographer in Scotland

Crawley, Francis, Cursitor Baron of Exchequer, speech by, mentioned
-, Captain, letters to

Cr[? eagh], , Popish priest, warrant to search for

Creichton, alias Murray, Sir Robert, protection to

Cremnitz, Hungary, capture of

Crqui, Marchal de, letter to, mentioned
-, numbers of army of
-, gone to renew blockade of Luxemburg

Crew (Crewe), Sir John, of Utkinton, J.P. of Cheshire, attends Monmouth on his northern journey
-, to be left out of commission of peace
-, Nathaniel, Bishop of Durham

Crichton, Francis, warrant for pardon to
-, warrant for protection to
-, James, of Castlemaines, warrant for gift of escheat and life rent of
-, William, third Viscount Frendraught

Crieff (Criefe), Perth, warrant for presentation to church of

Crislington, Cheshire, Monmouth at

Crispe, Henry, Common Serjeant of London
-, letters from
-, letter from, mentioned
-, letter to
-, takes part in election of Sheriffs
-, paper from, mentioned

Croatia, reported battle in

Crocombe, Somerset

Croft, Herbert, Bishop of Hereford

Croissy, Mons. de

Cromarty, disorders in

Cromlix (Cromlichs). See Drummond, Lieut.-General William, of Cromlix.

Crompton, William, of Stone Park, attends Monmouth on his northern journey

Cromwell, Oliver, Lord Protector
-, horse races and cock matches forbidden by
-, chaplain to. See White, .
-, Richard. See Gwilliams, Sir St. John.
-, Thomas, third Earl of Ardglass
-, Vere Essex, fourth Earl of Ardglass, warrant for admitting him Privy Counsellor in Ireland

Croome, George, printer, warrant out against
-, indicted for libel

Crosby, , pirate

Crosse, Mr., appears against persons accused of conspiracy at Macroom

Crossingham, William, evidence of, in murder trial

Crouch, Thomas, Mayor of Rye, his differences with Thomas Turney (q.v.)
-, informations taken by
-, petition of (for relief from vexations)

Crowch, Charles, recommended to be J.P. of Herts.

Crowder, Thomas, military commission to

Crown Office, remissness in
-, King's Clerk in. See Ward, Mr.

Crowther, Dr., prebendary of St. Paul's, dispute between Sir Thomas Draper and

Crump, Sir Richard, Alderman of Bristol, petition of (for removal of Recorder)

Crumstane. See Spotswood, Alexander, of Crumstane.

Crunan. See Campbell, , of Crunan.

Cuckfield, Sussex, conventicle preacher at. See Agates, Henry.

Cullen, Nicholas, Mayor of Dover, letters from
-, re-elected Mayor

Cullen, Viscount. See Cokayne, Charles, second Viscount Cullen.

Cullingham, Cheshire. See Mainwaring, .

Culmore Fort, Londonderry, warrant for grant of purchase money of government of

Culpeper. See Colepeper.

Culross, Fife, regality of, proceedings ordered against conventicles, etc., in

Cultoun, minister at. See Meek, George.

Culvennan. See Gordon, , of Culvennan.

Cumberland, royal approval of Deputy Lieutenants of

Cumberland, Duke of. See Rupert, Prince Palatine, Duke of Cumberland.

Cumberland, Earl of. See Clifford, Henry, Earl of Cumberland.

Cunningham, John, eleventh Earl of Glencairn, to enquire into slaughter.

Curtis, Elizabeth, affidavit by, mentioned
-, Jane, indicted for libel, and pleads to informations
-, Langley, printer
-, committed for printing false news
-, summoned before Council

Cusack, Adam, Judge of Common Pleas in Ireland, death of

Custom House
-, letter dated at
-, pictures stopped at
-, petition for tidewaiter's place at
-, officers of, letter from
-, dismissed as Dissenters
-, accounts received from
-, suspended, ships seized by
-, dyewood, etc., seized by
-, waiter of. See Parker, Nicholas.

Customs, Commissioners of
-, letters from
-, letters to
-, facts concerning seizure of Swedish ship to be examined by
-, warrant for order to (to suffer certain bells to be shipped to Ireland)
-, refuse to let certain goods be landed
-, division of quays into districts by

Cutler, Sir Thomas, letter from

Cutts, Mr., of Cambridgeshire, attends Monmouth on his northern journey
-, at Duke of Monmouth's