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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1682. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1932.

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Dalbettie, Kirkcudbright, lands of, warrant for gift of non-entry of

Dalhousie, Earls of. See Ramsay, George, fourth Earl of Dalhousie; Ramsay, William, third Earl of Dalhousie.

Dalkeith and East Calder, regality of, warrant for gift of office of baylie within

Dallison, Sir Robert, Recusant, warrant for apprehension of

Dalmahoy, Sir John, of that ilk, commission in militia to

Dalzell (Dalyell), James, fourth Earl of Carnwath, memorial of protection to
-, Sir Robert, commission in militia to
-, Lieut.-General Sir Thomas, Commander-in-Chief in Scotland, warrant to (for seizing murderers)
-, warrant for orders to (for reduction of forces, etc.)
-, orders to
-, his regiment of dragoons

Damascene, Alexander, French Protestant, petition of (for denization)
-, certificates in favour of

Danby, Countess of. See Osborne, Bridget, Countess of Danby.
-, Earl of. See Osborne, Thomas, first Earl of Danby.

Daniell, Abel, surrenders place of falconer in ordinary
-, Colonel, Mayor of Wigan
-, letter from
-, letter to
-, mentioned
-, Lieut.-Colonel, deceased
-, Mr. Deputy, chosen Alderman of Bridge ward
-, Thomas, warrant for constituting him falconer in ordinary

Danvers, Colonel Henry, Baptist
-, treasonable words spoken by
-, information concerning

Danzig, trade of

Darcy, Conyers, Lord Darcy and Meinill, afterwards first Earl of Holdernesse, warrant for grant of earldom to

Darnhall (Darnewall), Cheshire. See Lea, Mr.

Darrington, Mr., Mr. Hall's deputy

Dartmouth, Lord. See Legge, Colonel George, afterwards Lord Dartmouth.

Dashwood, George, of Hackney, warrant for grant of baronetcy to

Dauphin. See Louis, Dauphin of Frnce.

Dauphiness. See Maria Christina of Bavaria, Dauphiness of France.

Davenant, Dr., Commissioner of Excise, information concerning

Davenport, , of Bromhall, J.P. of Cheshire, attends Monmouth on his northern journey
-, to be left out of commission of peace
-, , of Woodford, attends Monmouth on his northern journey

Davers, Robert, of Rougham, warrant for grant of baronetey to

Davidson, , military commission to
-, Ensign Thomas, reference on petition of (for relief)
-, Roderick, servant to Sir George Mackenzie of Tarbet, warrant for constituting him Macer before Lords of Council and Session

Davies, Conway
-, Frances, letter from
-, John, murder committed by
-, (Davys), Sir John, Secretary of State for Ireland
-, Mutton
-, Robert, petition for grant to

Davis, Henry, Deputy Lieutenant and J.P. of Cheshire, letter from, mentioned
-, letter to
-, Lieut., appointed town major of Tangier

Davys, Andrew, summoned as witness against conspirators at Macroom
-, See also Davies.

Dawes, Sir Robert, pass for

Dawnay, John, first Viscount Downe (Downs), J.P. of Yorks. (W.R.)
-, letter to

Dawney, Major, said to be governor of college for Nonconformists

Deal, Kent
-, letters from, mentioned
-, ambassador from King of Fez expected at
-, prosecution of non-churchgoers at
-, conventicle at
-, Castle, command of
-, under-porters of

Dean, Josias, vicar of Dunchurch, reference on petition of (for remission of tenths)

Deane, Mr., chosen Mayor of Macclesfield
-, John, pass for
-, Richard. See Browne, alias Deane, Richard.
-, Thomas, letter from
-, Thomas, petitions of (for surgeon's place in Army)
-, William, pass for

Deasy, Thomas, pass for

Deedes, Captain Julius

Deering. See Dering.

Degge (Degg), Sir Simon, steward of manor of Peverill, petition of (for place to hold court)

Delafaye, Lewis, churchwarden, certificate by

Delamere, family of

Delamere, Forest of, Cheshire, loyal meeting in

Delamere, Lord. See Booth, George, first Lord Delamere.

Delapierre, alias Peters, Katherine and Peter, warrants of denization for

Delaval (de la Vall), Captain Ralph

Delegates, Court of, cause (Hide v. Emerton) heard before

Denbigh and Montgomery, counties of, offices of prothonotary and clerk of the Crown for, petition for grant of

Denbigh, Earl of. See Feilding, William, third Earl of Denbigh.

Denen, Mr., comes to King to decide difference about Mayors of Dover

Denew, Mr.

Denham, , landwaiter in port of London
-, Mrs.

Denmark, military preparations of
-, King of. See Christian V, King of Denmark.
-, Envoy from. See Lente, Mr.
-, Envoy Extraordinary from, to States General. See Petkum, Mons.

Dennis, Benjamin [? Bernard], Dissenter, bill against, thrown out
-, Bernard
-, petition of (for protection against Earl of Shaftesbury)
-, release of, from prison

Dennys, John, military commission to

-, Clerk of the Survey's place at, recommendation to

Derby, letter dated at
-, charter of, offer to surrender old and terms desired in new
-, surrender of
-, new
-, assizes at, conviction at
-, part of Corporation waits on Jenkins
-, Mayor of. See Walker, Edward.

Derby, Earl of. See Stanley, William George Richard, ninth Earl of Derby.

-, visitation for
-, militia of, account of pay of
-, Sheriff of. See Meynell, Godfrey.
-, and Justices of, certificate of, mentioned

Dereham, Sir Richard, letters to
-, Sir Thomas, going to Savoy as Envoy Extraordinary
-, instructions to, mentioned

Derham, Henry, Serjeant-at-Arms, takes Sheriffs of London into custody

Dering (Deering), Captain Daniel, commander of the Dover
-, letter from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, Sir Edward, second bart.
-, letter from, mentioned

Derry, Bishop of. See Hopkins, Ezekiel.

Derryvoglie, Ireland, seneschalship of manor of

Desartmore, prebend of. See Cork, St. Finbar's church.

Devon, proceedings against Dissenters in
-, loyalty of gentlemen of
-, disloyal Baptists in
-, news sent to Dissenters in
-, information of treason from
-, Grand Jury of, presentment of, in favour of laws to protect religion, etc.
-, mentioned
-, thanks Justices for order against Dissenters
-, order of, against Dissenters
-, loyalty of, commended
-, Sheriff of. See Pole, Sir Courtenay.
-, See also Exeter.

Devonshire, Earl of. See Cavendish, William, third Earl of Devonshire.

Dew, R., paper printed for

Dewar, David, advocate, warrant for charter of lands to

Dewy, James, letter from, mentioned
-, letter to

Dick, Alexander, deceased
-, Sir Andrew, of Craighouse
-, Andrew, steward of the stewardry of Orkney and Zetland, late tacksman of Orkney
-, warrant for abatement to
-, Sir James, late Lord Provost of Edinburgh, warrant for appointing him Commissioner to inquire into Mint, etc.
-, Sir James, of Prestonfield, warrant for gratuity to
-, Sir William, of Braid, deceased, contract between him, his sons (Sir Andrew and Alexander, vide supra) and their creditors, mentioned

Dickenson, William, warrant for appointing him Commissioner of Revenue of Ireland

Dickinson, John, report by

Dickson, George, of Buchtrig, advocate, warrant for gift to

Dieppe, France, arrival of ship from

Digby, , pass for

Dilks, Lady, robbery of


Dillon, Colonel Cary, Master and Worker of Mint in Ireland, place and salary of
-, petition of (for new grant of forfeited lands)
-, report on
-, warrant for grant in accordance with
-, warrant for grant of office of Commissary General of Horse in Ireland to
-, Cornet Robert, son of foregoing, petition of (for grant of father's place)
-, report on
-, Wentworth, fourth Earl of Roscommon, lodgings lately possessed by

Dilston, Wilts., newsletters addressed to. See Radcliffe, Sir Francis.

Dinant, Flanders, army at

Dismore, , baker

Dissenters. See Protestant Dissenters.

"Dissenters and persecuted sincere Christians," paper addressed to

Dixon, Ann, condemned prisoner, petition of (for pardon) and certificate in favour of
-, Robert, warrant for admitting him K.C. in Ireland

Dobbie, James, merchant, warrant for gift of escheat and life rent of

Dobree, Peter, bill given by
-, Samuel, brief on behalf of
-, William, money promised to

Dodson, Sir William
-, elected Steward of Artillery Company
-, affidavit by, mentioned
-, appointed to examine lists of livery companies

Dodsworth, , visit to meeting house of

Dolben, John, Bishop of Rochester, letter from
-, (Dolbin), Rowland, petition of (for poor knight's place at Windsor)
-, grant in accordance with
-, Sir William, Justice of King's Bench
-, refuses bail to Monmouth
-, gives charge to Grand Juries of Middlesex

Dolbin. See Dolben.

Domville, Sir William, Attorney General of Ireland
-, covenant prepared by
-, report by
-, mentioned

Doncaster, Earl of. See Scott, James, Earl of Doncaster.

Donegall, Countess of. See Chichester, Margaret, Countess of Donegall.

Donn, Captain Daniel, warrant for admitting him to poor knight's place at Windsor

Donymulmichel. See Macnamara, .

Dopping, Anthony, Bishop of Kildare, afterwards Bishop of Meath, recommended for bishopric of Meath
-, warrant for translation of
-, claim of, against Earl of Drogheda

Dorchester, James Harris (q.v.) at

Dorchester, Earl of [?], son of, likely to be made a duke

Dorking, Surrey, quarter sessions at


Dorrell, Sir John, animates disaffected party at Rye
-, Lady

Dorset, disloyal Baptists in
-, news sent to Dissenters in
-, Grand Jury of, declares abhorrence of bill of association

Dort, Holland, Scots staple at

Dottell, Shropshire. See Forrester, William.

Douallie. See Stewart, Neil, of Douallie.

Doubling Ordinance

Douch, Rev. James
-, letter from

Dough, Philip, Recusant, warrant for apprehension of

Doughty, Mr., case of, mentioned
-, Philip, pass for
-, Robert

Douglas, Alexander, of Mortoun, memorial of protection to
-, George, Earl of Dumbarton, regiment of
-, in Ireland
-, James, Earl of Arran, Gentleman of Bedchamber, warrant for pension to
-, petition of (for grant of an estate)
-, warrant to swear him Gentleman of Bedchamber
-, James, second Marquess of Douglas
-, sherifdome of Lanrick bestowed on
-, recalled from
-, commission in militia to
-, James, Earl of Angus, King's concern for education of
-, James, Earl of Drumlanrig (Drumlangrig), commission in militia to
-, James, twelfth Earl of Morton
-, warrant for payment to
-, James, of Harnislaw, writer to Privy Seal, warrant for gift of escheat of
-, Colonel James, commander of Scots Regiment in service of States General
-, warrant for warrant to (for recruiting)
-, warrant for grant out of rebels' estates to
-, insolences committed on
-, Sir James, of Kelhead, military commission to
-, Mary, relict of John Johnston of Wamphray and spouse of James Crichton of Castlemaines, life rent provision of
-, John, of Stenhouse, warrant for gift of lands, etc., to
-, Robert, Dean of Glasgow and parson of Hamilton, afterwards Bishop of Brechin, recommended for bishopric
-, warrants for presentation, etc., to bishopric of Brochin
-, Robert, merchant in Leith, warrant for constituting him clerk of Leith
-, William, third Duke of Hamilton, Heretable Keeper of Holyrood House
-, letters to
-, warrants to
-, warrant for admitting him Commissioner for plantation of kirks, etc.
-, warrant for appointing him a Commissioner to inquire into Mint, etc.
-, warrant for admitting him to Scots Privy Council
-, restoration of offices to
-, commission in militia to
-, expected in London
-, William, eleventh Earl of Morton
-, decreet obtained against, mentioned
-, money bestowed on, in consideration of pretentions to earldom of Orkney and lordship of Zetland (Shetland)
-, William, third Earl, afterwards first Marquess of Queensberry, Lord Justice General, afterwards High Treasurer, etc., of Scotland
-, letters from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, warrants to
-, warrant for making him marquess
-, royal approbation of
-, warrant for addition to arms of
-, warrant for appointing him Commissioner to inquire into Mint, etc.
-, warrant for constituting him High Treasurer and Treasurer Principal of Scotland
-, warrant for pension to
-, warrant for lodging for
-, commission in militia to
-, warrant for new commission to
-, instructions to
-, warrant for constituthim Governor of Edinburgh Castle, etc.
-, to represent King's interest at meeting of Society of Fishing

Doun, town and lands of, warrant for charter of

Doune (Doun), Lord. See Stuart, James, Lord Doune.

Dove, Dr. [? Henry, King's chaplain], sermon preached by
-, Mistress Hide committed to care of

Dover, Kent
-, letters dated at
-, prosecution of non-churchgoers at
-, reception of Duke of York at
-, thieves hanged at
-, two Mayors elected at
-, Lord Feversham lands at
-, reconciliation of differences at
-, Quo warranto against
-, master of packet-boat at, letter addressed to
-, Mayor and Jurats of, letter to
-, Mayors of. See Cullen, Nicholas; West, Captain George.
-, Registrar of
-, Serjeant of the Admiralty of
-, Castle
-, boader and serjeantat-arms of, appointment of
-, Governor of. See Strode, Colonel John.
-, Lieutenant of
-, Penniless Bench in, trial for piracy at
-, Road

Dowart. See Duart.

Dowdall, Edward, priest, information about

Dowling, John, Roman Catholic, suspicious conduct of
-, recommendation of
-, to suffer the law
-, Mr., and Andover charter

Dowly, Bishop

Down, co., survey of
-, county plate to be set up in

Down, Dean of. See Sheridan, William.

Downe (Downs), Viscount. See Dawnay, John, first Viscount Downe.

Downes, Mr., of Shrigley

Downey, Murtagh (Mortough), informer
-, protections for
-, to remain in gaol
-, book of documents relating to
-, Tiege

Downing, , pass for

Downs, The
-, letter dated in
-, storms in

Doyley, Thomas, Engineer of the Mint, reference on petition of (for licence to make farthings)
-, Sir William, petition about lands of

Drake, Sir Francis, account of voyages of, mentioned

Draper, Cresheld, reference and report on petition of (for patent for making harbours and docks)
-, warrant for patent to
-, Giles, instructions to
-, Mr., sworn Bailiff of Cardiff
-, Sir Thomas, differences between Dr. Crowther and

Drew, Major William, J.P. of Devon
-, his clerk, information obtained from

Drewry, John, Irish conspirator

Dreyden, Benjamin, mercer, reference on petition of (for discharge of recognisances)

Drogheda, co. Loath, letter dated at

Drogheda, Countesses Dowager of. See Moore, Alice and Isabella, Countesses Dowager of Drogheda.
-, Earls of. See Moore, Charles, second Earl of Drogheda; Moore, Henry, first Earl of Drogheda; Moore, Henry Hamilton, third Earl of Drogheda.

Droitwich, Worcs., Bayliff and Burgesses of, letter to
-, Corporation of
-, loyalty of

Dromiller, co. Down

Dron, Perth, warrant for presentation to church of

Droningholme ship, seizure of

Drumcairne. See Murray, Sir John, of Drumcairne.

Drumcoltran (Droncotram), Kircudbright. See Maxwell, John, of Drumcoltran.

Drumlanrig (Drumlangrig), Earl of. See Douglas, James, Earl of Drumlanrig.

Drummond, James, fourth Earl of Perth, Justice General of Scotland
-, letters to
-, warrant for admitting him a Commissioner for plan tation of kirks, etc.
-, warrants for admitting him a Commissioner of Exchequer of Scotland
-, warrant for appointing him a Commissioner to inquire into Mint, etc.
-, warrant for appointing him Justice General
-, warrants for pensions to
-, commission in militia to
-, warrant for admitting him extraordinary Lord of Session
-, warrant for lodgings for
-, warrant for payment of charges of his journey to England, etc.
-, returns to Edinburgh
-, commission to (to be Captain and Governor of the Bass)
-, John, of Lundin [afterwards first Earl of Melfort], MasterGeneral of Ordnance in Scotland, afterwards Treasurer Deput, warrants to
-, warrant for admitting him Commissioner to inquire into Mint, etc.
-, warrant for admitting him Commissioner of Exchequer of Scotland
-, warrant for appointing him Treasurer Deput
-, warrants for pension and lodgings for
-, warrant for payment of charges of his journey to England, etc.
-, warrant for clearing accounts of
-, returns to Edinburgh
-, payment to be made to
-, Sir John, of Machanie, warrant for gift of land to
-, warrant for delivery of bond to
-, Lieut.-General William, of Cromlix (Cromlichs), Master General of Ordnance in Scotland, etc.
-, order and warrant to
-, warrant for admitting him a Commissioner for plantation of kirks, etc.
-, warrant for admitting him a Commissioner to inquire into Mint, etc.
-, warrant for admitting him of Scots Privy Council
-, sworn of Privy Council
-, warrant for appointing him Master General of Ordnance in Scotland
-, warrant for pension for
-, instructions to
-, warrant for continuing allowance to
-, expected in London, and to be commander of forces in Scotland

Drummorall. See McCulloch, Alexander, of Drummorall.

Drumtochtie [? Drumtochty, Kincardineshire]

Dryden, Erasmus Henry ("Mr. Dryden's son"), to be admitted a child of the Charterhouse
-, John (author of Absalom and Achitophel), his "very severe satire" on medal engraved for Lord Shaftesbury [The Medal]

Duart (Dowart), Mull, house of, report for delivery of, approved by Scots Privy Council
-, See also McLean, , of Duart.

-, letters and documents dated at
-, King's Guards in
-, rising of prentices against French Protestants in
-, proposed ballast office in
-, highway to Chapelizod from
-, butchers of, charter of
-, new incorporation of
-, report on state of harbour of
-, theatre built and company of actors settled in
-, Archbishops of. See Parker, John; Marsh, Francis.
-, archbishopric, exility of
-, City of, address from, mentioned
-, Lord Mayor of
-, and Corporation of, petition of, concerning the King's concession to
-, Recorder of
-, Castle, letters dated at
-, Christ Church, Dean of. See Moreton, William.
-, deanery of
-, Council Chamber, letters and documents dated at
-, port of, office of storekeeper of
-, St. Patrick's, treasurership of, granted to Archbishop
-, Trinity College, Provost and Senior Fellows of, letter to

Dubois, John, Sheriff of London
-, chosen Sheriff of London by Whigs
-, papers in favour of
-, mandamus granted on behalf of
-, petition in favour of, presentment against

Duckenfield, Colonel Robert, "the old Colonel,"
-, Sir Robert, attends Monmouth on his northern journey

Duddop. See Maitland, Richard, of Duddop.

Dudley, Sir Matthew, to be J.P. of Northants

Duely, John, false information against

Duffus, Lord. See Sutherland, James, second Lord Duffus.

Duffy, Owen (also called Con Magennis), petition of (to have information taken)
-, examination of
-, petition of (for grant of charges, etc.)

Dugdale, Dorothy, petition of (on behalf of husband)
-, Stephen
-, his conduct in relation to Shaftesbury
-, challenge sent by
-, petition of (for payment of bills)

Duloe, Cornwall, rector of. See Forbes, James.

Dumaresq, Richard, minister, certificate by

Dumbar, , of Machriemore, forfeiture of
-, James, minister at St. Bathans

Dumbarton, disorders in
-, Castle
-, shirefship of, warrant for gift of

Dumbarton, Earl of. See Douglas, George, Earl of Dumbarton.

Dumblane, Lord. See Osborne, Peregrine, Viscount Osborne of Dumblane.

Dumfermline. See Dunfermline.

-, Provost of. See Irving, John.

Dumfriesshire, commissions in militia foot and horse in

Dunblane, Bishop of, to be Bishop of Dunkeld

Duncam. See Duncombe.

Dunchurch, Warwicks., vicar of. See Dean, Josias.

Duncombe (Duncam), Charles, elected Steward of Artillery Company
-, demands poll at Sheriffs' election
-, takes oaths of allegiance and subscribes declaration
-, Stint, military commission to

Dundalk, co. Louth, barony of, warrant for annexation of lands in

Dundee, Surveyor of Customs in. See Steward, Francis.

Dundonald, Earl of. See Cochrane, William, first Earl of Dundonald.


Dunfermline (Dumfermline), Fife, lord of regality of warrant to

Dunfermline, Earl of. See Seton, James, fourth Earl of Dunfermline.

Dungan, Colonel, kills Governor of Scilly in duel

Dungannon gaol, co. Wexford, Bryan McGuirke in

Dunglass(e), Haddingtonshire. See Ruthven, Sir William, of Dunglass.

Dunham, Dunham Massey, Cheshire, Lord Delamere's house
-, letters dated at
-, Monmouth's entertainment at

Dunkeld, Bishop of. See Bruce, Andrew.

Dunkirk, France

Dunkswell, Devon

Dunleer, co. Louth, warrant for incorporation of

Dunolly (Dunolich) Castle, Argyll

Dunscore, Dumfries, warrant for presentation to kirk of

Dunster, John, mercer, information of
-, mentioned

Dupias, Sieur de, pass for

Dupuie. See Dupuy.

Dupuy (Dupuie), Mons., alleged statement about Godfrey's murder by

Durant, John, "the bell-wether of the Independent faction

Duras, Louis de, Earl of Feversham
-, lands at Dover
-, mission of, to France
-, place of Gentleman of Bedchamber said to have been given to

-, letters dated at
-, address from, mentioned
-, assembly of fanatics at
-, Archdeacon of. See Grenville, Dennis.
-, Bishop of. See Crew, Nathaniel.
-, Dean of
-, Mayor of. See Hutchinson, John.

Dutch Army, increase of
-, Navy, increase of
-, damage to, by storm
-, memorandum about (1666)
-, prize brought into Woodbridge river
-, ship, seizure of

Dutch East India Company
-, additional dividend of

Dwyer, John, of Dundrum, recommendation of case of

Dyers' Company, certificate of


E., Mrs.

Earle, Sir Thomas, Mayor of Bristol
-, letters from
-, letter from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, difference between Sheriff Knight and
-, complaint about conduct of

Earlshall. See Bruce, , of Earlshall.

Earlston. See Gordon, Alexander, of Earlston.

East. See Eston.

East Calder. See Dalkeith.

East Craig, Haddingtonshire, warrant for charter of new infeftment of

East India Company, letter to
-, French Protestants to be allowed to buy stock of
-, ships of
-, French King's declaration concerning
-, sale of goods by
-, list of members, etc., of
-, business between Turkey Company and
-, King upholds charter of
-, stock of, doubled
-, gunpowder to be exported by
-, declaration about payments by
-, Governor of. See Child, Sir Josiah.

East Indies
-, condition of export of bullion from France to

East New Jersey, government of

Easton. See Eston.

Eastwicke, John, clerk, reference on petition of (about frauds)

Eaton, Herefords

Ecclesiastical Affairs, Commissioners of
-, petition referred to
-, report by

Ecclesiastical Promotions (Preferments), Lords for (Commissioners of)
-, petition to
-, petition referred to
-, Secretary to

Eccleston, Edward, bookbinder. deposition of
-, information of

Eclesmachan, Edinburgh, warrant for presentation to parish church of

Edenburgh. See Oedenburg.

Edes, Dr., Master of Chichester Hospital

Edgar, Miles, searcher
-, letter from

Edge, Ralph ("Brother Edge)," Alderman of Nottingham
-, diligent in King's interest

Edgware, Middlesex, want of Justices about

Edinburgh, passim.
-, letters and documents dated at
-, letters from, mentioned or quoted
-, Solemn League and Covenant burnt at
-, Convention at
-, merchant adventurers in wines at, incorporation of
-, company of soldiers to be levied and maintained in
-, Act relating to
-, process against magistrates of
-, riot at
-, commissions in militia foot regiment in
-, "sweet singers" brought to
-, Bishop of. See Paterson, John.
-, and Dean of, rent payable to
-, Dean of, to be Bishop of Dunblane
-, Lord Provosts of. See Dick, Sir James; Fleming, Sir James; Stuart, Sir James.
-, and Bailies of, commission to
-, Bailies and Town Council of, letters to
-, town-major of. See Johnstone, Robert.
-, Canongate (Cannongate)
-, Castle
-, Governor of. See Douglas, William, first Marquess of Queensberry.
-, Lieut.-Governor of. See White, Major Andrew.
-, foot company in garrison of
-, minister of. See Barclay, John.
-, College of
-, Holyrood House
-, ground near, to be surveyed
-, warrant for payment for repairs at
-, Heretable Keeper of. See Douglas, William, third Duke of Hamilton.
-, heretable keeping of
-, King's High Street
-, Market Cross, prorogation of Parliament proclaimed at
-, Provost's Close
-, Royal College of Physicians at, warrant for grant of arms to
-, Tolbooth

Edinburgh Principal or Midlothian, shirefdome of, warrants for gift of

Edinburghshire, commissions in militia foot regiment in

Edmonstoun. See Wauchop, John, of Edmonstoun.

Edmonton, Middlesex, money discovered near
-, hundred of, Grand Jury of, sworn

Edram, warrant for presentation to church of

Edwards, Alderman, elected Mayor of Chester
-, Sir James, late Lord Mayor of London
-, waits on King
-, Captain Philip, postwarrant to
-, Tree v.

Edwin, Mr.

Egerton, John, third Earl of Bridgwater, letters from
-, mentioned
-, letters to
-, Sir Philip, Deputy Lieutenant and J.P. of Cheshire, letter from, mentioned
-, letters to
-, letter to, mentioned
-, windows of his house broken
-, his boy
-, William, late brigadier and lieutenant of King's troop of Horse Guards

Eggle. See Lindsey, , of Eggle.

Egglismaldie, warrant for erection of burgh of barony of

Eglesgrieg (Eglisgreig), Kincardineshire, warrants for charters of lands in

Eglismachen, warrants for charter of lands in and patronage of kirk of

Elbe, River

Elgin, disorders in
-, and Forres, shires of, warrant for gift of shirefship within
-, and Nairn, shires of, and part of Invernessshire, commissions in militia foot and horse in

Elibank, Lord. See Murray, Patrick, third Lord Elibank.

Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, creditors of, memorial by

Elizabeth, Queen of England
-, laws of, against Recusants, cited

Elizabeth Castle (Castle Elizabeth), Jersey, letters dated at
-, state of garrison at
-, French peasants, etc., come to
-, new powder tower building at

Elkins, John Martins, ships wool contrary to charter
-, to attend King in Council

Ellams, Samuel, attorney, suspicions against
-, warrant for taking into custody

Ellesdon, William, J.P. of Dorset
-, letter from
-, letters to, mentioned
-, bribes taken by
-, remissness of

Ellferick, Thomas, military commission to

Elliott, Mr. (Dr.), clergyman
-, brings action and writes pamphlet against Oates
-, action brought against

Ellis, John, appointed to examine lists of livery companies
-, and others, petitions of (about Sheriffs of London)
-, John, warrant for appointing him secretary to Commissioners of Revenue of Ireland
-, John, J.P. of Herts, and St. Albans, to be put out of commission
-, William, soldier, examination of

Elphinstone (Elphingston, Elphingstoune), Stirling, barony of
-, lands and barony of, warrant for gift of

Elphinstone (Elphingstoune, Elphinstoune), John, eighth Lord Elphinstone, alienation of lands by
-, commission in militia to
-, Richard, of Airth, warrant for gift of lands to

Else, William, Mayor of Northampton, petition signed by

Elsick. See Bannerman, Alexander, of Elsick.

Elson, Mary, wife of John, petition of (for redress against informers)

Elthorne, Middlesex, hundred of, Grand Jury of, sworn

Elwood, Major

Ely Cathedral, petition for bedesman's place in

Ely, Isle of, commission of peace for

Elyot, Thomas, reference on petition of (for payment for building at Newmarket)

Emerton, Mr., cause between Mistress Hide and

Emperors. See Charles V; Leopold I.

Empire, the, ripe for war
-, Duke of Holstein's quota for service of
-, alliance between Holland, Spain and
-, Prince of Orange's offers to
-, Assembly of States of, memorial to
-, College of Electors of
-, See also Imperial, Imperialists.

Enfield, Captain Thomas, late Sheriff and Mayor of Canterbury, case of, and petition thereon

England, Captain Thomas, unseemly language of
-, William, petition of (about Lord Ranelagh's debts)

Englisby. See Ingoldsby.

Enoch. See Menzies, James, of Enoch.

Ensley, John, minister at Hopkirk, warrant for presentation of, to kirk of Oxnam

Eresby, John, clerk, memorandum about conviction of Quakers by

Erith, Kent, Duke of York at

Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, letter to

Errington, Edward, statement by

Erroll, Dowager Countess of. See Hay, Katherine, Dowager Countess of Erroll.
-, Earl of. See Hay, John, twelfth Earl of Erroll.

Erskine, Charles, twenty-sixth Earl of Mar, to proceed against conventiclers
-, regiment of. See under Army.
-, company of
-, Henry, third Lord Cardross, protection to
-, James, seventh Earl of Buchan, deceased

Esmond, Sir Laurence

Esselborne, John, to attend King in Council

Essex, court of Custos Rotulorum to be held for
-, commission of peace for

Essex, Countess of. See Capel, Elizabeth, Countess of Essex.
-, Earl of. See Capel, Arthur, first Earl of Essex.

Essex, Daniel, soldier, examination of

Eston (East, Easton), Captain Thomas, Mayor of Bristol, letters to
-, recommended to be Mayor of Bristol
-, chosen Mayor of Bristol
-, petition of (for removal of Recorder)
-, (and six Aldermen), letters from
-, letter from, mentioned

Estrees, Cardinal d'
-, Marchal d'

Etall [? Northumberland]


Eton, Bucks., stables built by King near
-, College, Provost and Electors of, letter to

Eustace, Edward and Oliver, petition of (to be clerks of informations of Excise Act)
-, Sir Maurice, late Lord Chancellor of Ireland
-, Sir Maurice, debt of, to King
-, references on petition of (about profits of Portlester)
-, reference on petition of (about undue practices of Michael Tempest)
-, Maurice, son of foregoing, stolen or inveigled away
-, Oliver. See above, Edward.

Evans, Edmund, usher of free school of Monmouth, information of
-, George, Surveyor of Meltings and Clerk of Lieutenancy, reference on petition of (for increased salary)
-, reference on petition of (for payment of money disbursed, etc.)
-, George, junior, licence to impark granted to
-, Mr., of co. Limerick, draft letter in favour of

Everard, , a priest, going to Ireland disguised
-, perhaps identical with James Vandeven, alias Everard (q.v.)
-, Edmond, of Gray's Inn, witness against Justice Warcupp
-, information of
-, information about
-, Edward, letter from
-, Ensign Hugh
-, Mr., pretends discovery of Dissenters' plot

Ewelme Hospital, Oxon., land belonging to
-, petition for almsman's place in

Exchequer, Barons of, entertained by Sheriffs of London
-, Chamber, presentation of Sheriffs of London in
-, Court, of
-, Lord Chief Baron of. See Montagu, Sir William.
-, Treasurer and Barons of, letter to

Excise, Act for settling, petition relating to

Exclusion Bill

Exeter, Devon
-, letters and documents dated at
-, extract of letter from
-, quarter sessions at
-, order of Grand Jury at, for executing laws against Dissenters
-, witches tried at
-, presentment from, mentioned
-, Bishop of. See Lamplugh, Thomas.
-, Bell inn, story of murder and ghost ("spectrum") at

Exeter, Earl of. See Cecil, John, fifth Earl of Exeter.

Explanation, Act of

Eyre, Anthony, Deputy Lieutenant and J.P. of Cheshire, letter from, mentioned
-, letter to

Eyton, Sir Kenrick
-, Kenrick, son of foregoing, petition of (for new grant of offices of prothonotary, etc., in Denbigh and Montgomery)
-, Captain and Major William, military commission to