Charles II: Addenda, 1668-70

Pages 729-736

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Addenda, 1668-70

1668. [Jan.] Advertisement for recovery of a bag of writings, two of which were references of the King and Council, to be delivered to Mr. Billingsley, bookseller, in Clifford's Inn. [Ibid. No. 117.]
[Feb. 4.] Edward Panton to the King. I lament the great corruption in manners of the youth of the nation, for want of suitable education; as your Majesty has appointed one constant mode or fashion for the outward habits of the kingdom, it will be a still greater honour to frame suitable habits to their minds, as a pillar to support your throne and a pyramid to your name. I have an opportunity of erecting a Royal Academy in Piccadilly, and offer you a model thereof. [Ibid No. 118.] Enclosing,
Proposals for the above Academy, for supplying at home the education usually sought with expense and hazard abroad. [Ibid. No. 118i. See Calendar 1667–8, p. 212.]
Feb. 27. [Proposed] Act to regulate the abuses in collecting the duty of hearth-money. [48 sheets. Ibid. No. 119. See Commons' Journals, Vol. IX., p. 57.]
Feb. 27.
St. Malo.
Thos. Browne to Col. Thos. Middleton. I desire you to receive the hemp aboard a vessel sent, and to advise receipt thereof; I have a quantity of hemp to send you, but cannot find vessels. Let me know how State affairs govern with you, as it is reported here that there is likely to be another breach betwixt England and France. [Ibid. No. 120.] Enclosing,
Bill of lading for 22,400 [lbs.?] of hemp, shipped for the Navy Commissioners at St. Malo, on board the Peter of Lyme, for Portsmouth.—St. Malo, 27 Feb. 1668. [Printed form, filled in. Ibid. No. 120i.]
[March 3.] Petition of Dame [Eliz.] Cornwallis to the King, for the remaining half, undisposed of, of the moneys collected for the distressed Protestants in Piedmont, but still remaining in private hands. [Draft by Williamson. Ibid. No. 121.]
March 3.
Reference of the above petition to the Treasury Commissioners. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 18, p. 288.]
March 5.
Patent granting permission to Sir Eliab Harvey, who is seized of the mansion of Rolls, in Chigwell Parish, Essex, to build a granary, dovehouse, and other offices thereon, and also construct an apple orchard. Also whereas in 1667 leave was given him to inclose in his grounds Loughton Lane, Chigwell parish, leading to Epping, provided he opened another road as good and long, this right is confirmed to him. Leave is also granted him to erect and maintain any other buildings he pleases on the said lands, and to make and stack fish pools and dovecotes, any previous non obstante notwithstanding. [Latin. 17 sheets. S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 122.]
[March 5.] Petition of Edmund Smith, B.A., of Queens' College, Cambridge, to the King, for a dispensation to stand for a fellowship in his college, although the number from the county where he is born is filled up. [Ibid. No. 123.]
March 6. Dispensation for Dan. Cox, late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, to take his M.D. degree, on paying his fees and performing his exercises; directed to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 27, f. 146.]
March 12. Wm. Hutchinson [Deputy Prothonotary in Chancery] to [Williamson ?]. I came to show you, as directed, the enrolment of several treaties and leagues, but missing you, will wait on you at my return to town. Meantime Mr. Martin, jun., who sits next me in the Prothonotary's place, will order a dispatch in my absence. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 124.]
April 4.
Letter of news [from Rob. Francis] to the Mayor of Bodmin, Cornwall. On 31 March the House gave leave to bring in a Bill for the better repair of churches, and the Bill for preventing thefts and robberies was to be engrossed. The Bill for raising 100,000l. upon wines and brandies was referred to a committee of the whole House, who have power to consider how they may fix the whole sum of 300,000l. upon wines, with interest, and to enlarge the time of 18 months.
April 1, the Chimney Bill passed, and the whole 300,000l. was ordered to be laid upon wines and brandies for 2 years; if the sum be not then raised, the rest is to be paid by an imposition at the Custom House, not exceeding 4l. per tun, to continue for a year, the Commissioners appointed giving an account from time to time of their proceedings.
Sir Wm. Penn and several other commanders have gone to Chatham, in order to equipping and setting forth the fleet, carrying money with them to pay all charges. Fifty ships are expected to be ready next month, as well with men as necessaries, and as an encouragement, it is said, his Royal Highness will again hazard his own person, under whose conduct England was rendered so glorious in their first undertaking.
The Hungarians are more jealous than formerly of the proceedings of the Turks, who have built stables about New Housell for many thousand horses. The French have burnt Bruine Castle and several houses belonging near Brussels, of which there can be no restitution made; nor do they look for any justice from the French, but rather insolence, as being only such a kind of dalliance as the cat gives the mouse, to lose her awhile out of her paw with an intention to catch her again. Most of the family of Don Juan were on the 23 March on their way to the Corunna, where his Highness intended going, an express having come from Cadiz that the squadron which was to receive him there had put to sea.
The House dismissed the petition of Lady Stonehouse and her children, and gave leave to bring in a Bill in behalf of John, Dorothy, and Mary Stonehouse, for their relief. A committee was appointed to inspect the Act touching the Militia, and to consider its defects, and bring in a Bill to redress the abuses. The committee concerning Lord Gerard and [Wm.] Carr was received, and a clause for preventing the charging of wines referred.
Sir Thos. Allin gives an account of the French fleet being of the same number as the Western letters make it, and that they were steering south-west, by which it is judged they intend meeting Don Juan nearer his home. Sir Edw. Spragg met Capt. Shaw, who assured him of Sir John Harman's departure from Barbadoes for England 29 Feb. Prince Rupert will attend his Royal Highness in the Summer Expedition as vice-admiral; as he resolves to go in the Victory, it causes an alteration of the ships formerly allotted to particular captains. The Yarmouth frigate and Great James have been launched at Chatham, and the Victory, Rupert, and Greenwich have sailed. At Leghorn the condition of Candia is doubted, as 60,000 fresh Janizaries have been shipped in French ships against it. The Bishop of Munster has proclaimed war at Brockholt against the Elector of Cologne. [3½ pages. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 124a.]
July 5. Letter for Rob. Tatnall, M.A., of Cambridge, to be made D.D. on recommendation of the Lord Chamberlain. Minute. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 27, f. 133.]
July 5.
Dispensation for George Odger, B.A., of Jesus College, to take his M.A. degree, although within the time according to the statutes; granted on recommendation of the Earl of Manchester [Lord Chancellor of the University.] [Ibid.]
July 13. The King to the President and Fellows of Magdalen College, Oxford. On the death of — Dare, B.A., late Fellow of your college, we recommend Grandison Turner, kinsman to Sir Edw. Turner, speaker, of whose "learning and laudable endowments" we have ample testimony, to the vacant fellowship. [Ibid. f. 134.]
July 13. The King to the Warden and Electors of Winchester College. At request of Sir Thos. Morgan, Governor of Jersey, and for his great merits, we recommend his son Henry to a scholar's place. [Ibid. p. 135.]
July 16.
Sir Wm. Morice to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate of Cambridge. I have received your eloquent letter, and no one wishes more heartily than I do the glory and increase of your academy, and I wish for the integrity of your laws and discipline. The Tatnall about whom you write is unknown to me, and I did not commend him to the King; but he got a mandate, which I had to obey, not to dispute. Whoever commended him is subject to censure. The King frees you from all blame, and thinks you worthy of high favour for compliance in this matter, and promises not to request degrees out of order in future. I promise you all help in preservation of your privileges. [Latin. Ibid. f. 137.]
Aug. 17. The King to [the Master and Fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge.] Hearing of the piety and endowments of Lancelot Bulkeley, B.A., of your college, and of his right to one of Dr. Wynne's fellowships—being nominated by Col. Hugh Wynne, in whom the power is vested by descent—and of your willingness to admit him, we dispense with the clause in your statutes, requiring you to have only one fellow from one diocese, you having already a Fellow from Bangor diocese to which he belongs, and authorize you to admit him. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 27, f. 138.]
Aug. 19. Minute of a letter to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate of Cambridge, to make Wm. Lee an M.A., he personally subscribing in the common form, paying the customary fees, and performing the acts and services required by statute, or giving security to perform them when required. [Ibid.]
Aug. ? Intelligence [for the Gazette ? by Williamson] that the LordGeneral is cured of his distemper by 19 pills of Will. Sermons, eats and sleeps well, his swellings gone, &c. Also that [the Duchess of Ormond] landed at Milford Haven on Monday, was well entertained at Sir Hugh Owen's and the Earl of Carberry's, and goes on to Oxford, where the Duke will meet her. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 125. See Calendar 1667–8, p. 559.]
Sept. 1.
Court at Whitehall.
The King to [the Warden and Fellows of New College, Oxford.] Our old servant Rich. Marsh has sued to us to recommend his grandchild, John Fowkes, now Winchester scholar, for a fellowship in your college. We grant him our letters, on account of Marsh's services to our late father and ourselves, and of the " learning and laudable endowments of the grandchild," and beg that he may be chosen at the next election. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 27, f. 139.]
Sept. ? Petition of Rob. Bond, M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, to the King, for presentation to the rectory of East Mersey, in the island of Mersey, Essex, void by death of George Woodward, his parents residing at Colchester, and much impoverished by their loyalty; the living is rated above value, and the air unhealthful. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 126.]
Oct. 28.
The King to the Master and Fellows of University College, Oxford. We recommend John Saville, B.A., scholar of your college, of whose learning and loyalty we hear well, for the next vacant fellowship. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 27, f. 142.]
Nov. 6. The King to the Master and Fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge. Wm. Hughes, one of your senior Fellows, and college preacher, is obliged by statute to preach two sermons yearly in your college, or lose his fellowship. This he cannot do, being distant and dangerously sick. We therefore grant him our dispensation for the time of his sickness, and request you still to allow him all the benefits of his fellowship. [Ibid. f. 144.]
Nov. 13.
Court at Whitehall.
The King to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate of Cambridge. We hear that Edw. Alston, B.A., of Sydney Sussex College, has performed the exercises required for his M.A. degree, but it is refused him, because of an unhappy accident. We have had a particular account thereof, and being satisfied, we request you to admit him to his M.A. degree. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 27, f. 143.]
Dec. 7.
Court at Whitehall.
The King to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate of Cambridge. Rich. Herring, though qualified to take his M.A. degree last year, was hindered by sickness. On recommendation of your chancellor, the Earl of Manchester, we require you to admit him to his M.A. degree, with the same seniority as if he had taken it last year, he giving security to perform all the exercises. [Ibid. f. 145.]
Petition of George Alsop to the King, for presentation to the vicarage of Walpole in Marshland, Norfolk. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 127.]
Petition of Edward Lord Blayney to the King, for his Majesty's right in the forfeitures of John Fowler, of Ash, co. Kent, who has lately killed himself. [Ibid. No. 128.]
Petition of Sir Francis Dodington to the King, for a grant of 1,500l. in exchange for the place of Commissioner of Appeals of the Excise, granted him in the name of Wm. Coward, and worth 200l. a year, that he may pay his debts; and meanwhile for an order that the salary may be paid to himself and not to Coward. With reference of the former part of the petition to the Treasury Commissioners, and grant of the latter. [Ibid. Nos. 129, 130.]
Petition of Col. Henry Stanihurst to the King, for relief and maintenance. Left a considerable establishment in France on the beginning of the last French war, served afterwards in France, but was recalled to serve as lieutenant-colonel to the Earl of Chesterfield, and is now brought low by the peace between the crowns. [Ibid. No. 131.]
Licence to Lord Brian of Ibrakan, at his request, to come over to England on private business. [Draft by Williamson. Ibid. No. 132. See Calendar 1668–9, p. 629.]
Treasury Commissioners to Visct. Fanshaw, Remembrancer of the Exchequer. Having appointed Sir Edmond —, ReceiverGeneral of Norfolk and Hunts, during the suspension of Chris. Jay, late receiver, we authorize you to take his bond for due execution of his office. [Damaged. Ibid. No. 133.]
[Jan. 20.] Petition of Henry Thomas, John Norton, and Peter Carew, to Lord Arlington, for a few words to the Treasury Commissioners to despatch the business relating to their lease of Darley. [Ibid. No. 134.]
Jan. 29. The King to the Warden and Electors of Winchester College, and of New College, Oxford. We recommend John Hayes, Winchester scholar, for whom suit has been made to us, to be chosen to the first place in New College at the next election. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 27, f. 139.]
[Jan. 30.] Petition of Alice, wife of Rob. Calcot, late of Oulton, co. Chester, to the King, for leave for her husband to return to England, he being convicted of the death of Hen. Banister, but his punishment changed to transportation to Tangiers, where he has conducted himself well, but is unable to subsist there. Pleads his loyalty and that of her father, Sir Fras. Gamull, late governor of Chester. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 135.]
March 4. The King to the Master and Fellows of Queen's College, Cambridge. Wm. Bedingfield petitions that there is a fellowship void in your college to which he cannot be elected, because of a statute that two persons of the same county shall not hold fellowships. At his request, we grant a dispensation from this statute, and request his admission, he being otherwise well qualified. [S.P. Dom., Entry Book 27, f. 140.]
March 4. The King to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate of Cambridge. Rich. Vaughan has diligently studied civil law several years, and is qualified for a bachelor's degree, which is approved by the Earl of Manchester, your chancellor. We request you to admit him thereto, paying the customary fees and performing the usual exercises. [Ibid.]
March 24. The King to the Master and Fellows of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. We have good testimony of the learning and virtue of Sam. Ball, a junior fellow on a late foundation, and therefore grant him a dispensation needful for his election to one of the fellowships on the first foundation, and request you to elect him thereto. [Ibid. f. 141.]
March 25. The King to George, Bishop of Winchester. We have considered your report on our reference of the petition of Grandison Turner, demy of St. Mary Magdalen's, Oxford, about the election of [Rich.] Russell to a fellowship of the college to which Grandison pretended, by virtue of our letters. We approve the regular proceedings of the President and Fellows in electing Russell, and we cannot but express our dislike of those who have so unjustly accused him. We leave it to you, as visitor of that college, so to proceed as that the President may be supported in the exercise of his authority, and the observance of the statutes secured for the future. [Ibid. f. 145.]
March 29.
Letters patent appointing Capt. John Cox, by advice of Lord Admiral the Duke of York, a Commissioner of the Navy, salary 350l. a year, with allowance of such clerks and other rights and privileges as are enjoyed by other Navy Commissioners. [Copy. 3 pages. S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 136.]
May 9. Receipt by Geoffrie Hudson, [Queen Henrietta Maria's dwarf], from [Fras.] Tunstall and [Edw.] Christian, of 5l. due of a pension given him from George, Duke of Buckingham, [Ibid. No. 137.]
[May 21.] Petition of Eliz. Needham, late wife of Rob. Wallop, prisoner in the Tower, to the King, for a more effectual reference on her case to the Lord Keeper, Lord Ashley, and Sir Hen. Vernon. On her request for provision out of the estate of her late husband, they assigned her 100l. a year from his English estate, and a third of his estate in Ireland, 12 months ago, but she has received no benefit, and even her clothes are in the Tower, because her husband was indebted for food, &c. [Ibid. No. 138.] Annexing,
Statement on the above case, that the reason of the delay is that Sir Hen. Vernon did not agree with the other two referees, and that Jas. Nutley of the Inner Temple, long an agent of the estate, kept back the deeds, &c., through self-interest; the remedy is a new reference, with power to the two lords to act without Sir Hen. Vernon; Lord Arlington should summon Nutley to deliver up all the accounts by a certain day, or all references will be but waste paper. [S.P. Dom. Car. II. 450, No. 138i.]
May ? Petition of Matthew Sharpe and Abraham Hosmer, Tunbridge, Kent, to the King, for further reprieve for John Sharpe, till they have passed his pardon, now resting at the Privy seal, through the Great seal. He was convicted for murder of George Whitfield, shot when casually in his company. [Ibid. No. 139. See Calendar 1669, pp. 241, 386.]
[July 26.] Petition of John Cateshy, Sudbury, Suffolk, to the King, for approbation of his election as town clerk, and clerk of the peace for that borough. [Ibid. No. 140. See Calendar 1668–9, p. 428.]
Oct. 17.
Privy seal license granting to John Seymour, for services during the late troubles and since the Restoration, the sole leave to print numerous Latin and Greek works specified, unless otherwise granted, and also all almanacks and prognostications, for 41 years; prohibiting any others from printing the same, and giving him power on suspicion to search and seize any printed by others, which are declared forfeit. With proviso excepting the privileges of the Universities, as to printing any of the said books. [3 pages. Ibid. No. 141.]
[Nov. 3.] List of persons nominated [for the King's selection] as sheriffs for the year 1670, 3 from each county. [Ibid. No. 142.]
[Nov. 3.] Draft list, with many differences from the preceding. [Ibid. No. 143.]
[Nov.] Petition of Sir Edmund Turner to the King, for a grant to himself and Phil. Marsh, of the office of Surveyor of the Customs in the out ports, on surrender of 2 former grants to Sir Abraham, Sir Thomas and John Dawes, and to Lord Cornwallis in reversion, of both of which grants he has obtained the interest. [Ibid. No. 144.]
[Dec.] 24. Sir Thos. Allin to Williamson. I have been cruising two months on the Algerine coasts, and so curbed them that few of them dare venture out to sea. The wind separated my fleet, and 4 of their ships getting out, I sent 3 men-of-war to watch them, and secure trade about Spain. I am putting into Minorca for repairs. I have met with a prize going to Algiers, but they fired her, so that little is saved. She was one of our Newfoundland men, who venture all to get the first market. [Ibid. No. 145.]
Petition of Sir Fras. Dodington to the King, that Wm. Coward of Lincoln's Inn, appointed on his behalf commissioner on appeals on excise, may be continued in that place, reserving to himself 50l. a year of the profits; the rest to be for the benefit of the family of the petitioner, who is at the point of death. [Ibid. No. 146.]
Petition of Col. Kingsley to the King, to fulfil his promise to Cols. Philips and Titus on his behalf, and give him 100l. now, not having wherewith to cover his nakedness, and his family starving; also to order Lord Robartes to give him the first vacant military commission in Ireland; served the late King in the Isle of Rhé, Rochelle, and against the Scots, and spent 500l. a year in raising a troop of 500 horse for him in the war. [S.P. Dom., Car. II. 450, No. 147.]
List of sealed pay-books delivered by Pepys from the Navy Office, with notes, February to May 1669, and lists ordering or relating to their delivery. [10 papers. [Ibid. Nos. 148–157.]
[March 24.] Petition of John Webb to Lord Arlington, for admission of his son John to the Charterhouse; has served 40 years in the privy kitchen. [Ibid. No. 158.]
[March 30.] Warrant to the Ordnance Commissioners to pay 600l. to Katherine, widow of Geo. Clarke, clerk of deliveries in the Ordnance Office, and his two sons George and Richard, his fortunes having been much impaired by many years' loyal service to the late and present King. [Ibid. No. 159.]
1670 ? Petition of Capt. James Cotter to the King, for payment of his arrears, for 2½ years; has received nothing since his appointment to a foot company in the Holland regiment, although he was sent to the West Indies, taken, and imprisoned 8 months; is thus worse off than if he had stayed at home and lost his employment. [Ibid. No. 160.]
Reasons why Mr. Ball and Mr. Marriot, who, with Prince Rupert's leave, have purchased from Mr. Tayleur his offices of surveyor of works and receiver of revenue of Windsor Castle, desire to have the said offices granted to them for life. [Ibid. No. 161.]
March 7.
Court at Whitehall.
Order in Council on petition of the Ordnance officers, that their wages be henceforward paid at rates specified according to the new establishment, that they may be debarred from embezzling provisions or decayed stores for their maintenance. [2 pages. Ibid. No. 162.]
April 29.
Court at Whitehall.
Order in Council for a Privy seal for payment of 2,000l. for provisions, to be made by the Navy Commissioners and sent to Jamaica, for perfecting Cagway fort. [Ibid. No. 163.]
Statement by the Earl of Denbigh of his debts when on his embassy in Venice, and of his assets, including a diamond chain given him by the French King, Louis XIII. Also of the arrears due to him on his embassy, and on a pension granted him by the late King, total 13,157l. 6s. 8d., of which he has only received 1,500l. He proposes that his Majesty should, out of the arrears due to him, redeem his pictures, 160 in number, which are in pawn in Venice, and accept them as a present; that his Majesty should also redeem his plate, returning him only what belonged to his grandmother, the Countess of Buckingham, and take the debts on himself, whereon the Earl will give a release of all remaining arrears. [4½ pages. Ibid. No. 154.]