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Pages 856-866

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Waddingham St. Mary, co. Lincoln, rectory of
-, St. Peter, co. Lincoln, living of

Wade, Lady Anne
-, daughter of
-, Benj., signature of
-, Wm.

Wadlow, John, letter of

Waert, M. de

Wagstaffe, John, letter of
-, Sir Jos., petition of

Wainwright, Jas.

Waith, Rob., Navy paymaster
-, letters of

Wakefield, co. Yorks, place near

Wakeman, Wm., letters of

Walcup, Edw.

Wales, Princes of

-, castles in, cannon, &c., in
-, Commissioners of Excise in
-, garrisons or troops in
-, the King in
-, Marches of, Council of
-, clerks and secretary to
-, President or Governor of, see Vaughan, Earl of Carberry.
-, deputies to
-, M.P.'s for, list of
-, towns and counties of, collectors for
-, North, prothonotary for
-, Receiver for
-, silver in
-, Surveyor-General for
-, troops in
-, North and South, lead ore in

Walker, Alex, or John
-, examination of
-, Ant.
-, Clement, book by
-, Sir Edw., Garter King-at-arms
-, case delivered by
-, Isaac, letter of
-, John
-, Stuart
-, Winifred, widow of, petition of
-, father of, see Cobb, Sir Wm.
-, Sir Walter

Wall Wood, Essex

Wallace, David

Walldo, John

Waller, Edmond
-, Sir Hardress
-, Thos.
-, Sir Wm.

Wallingford, co. Berks, burgess for
-, corporation of, letter to

Wallop, Rob.
-, Elizabeth, widow of, see Needham, Eliz.

Walmer Castle, Kent
-, Commander or deputy-governor at

Walpole-in-Marshland, Norfolk

Walrond, Chas.

Walsh, Sir Rob., petition of
-, Capt. Thos., see Welsh.

Walshingham, Thos.

Walshingham Park, co. Durham

Walter, David, Lieutenant-General of Ordnance
-, wife of, see Dacre, Elizabeth, Lady.

Walters, Major or Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, company of
-, Wm.

Waltham, Bishops, Hants, letter dated from
-, Forest, Essex
-, officers of
-, warrant to

Walthew, Hen.

Walton, Mr.

Walton, Derbyshire, manor, &c., of
-, Surrey, lands in
-, Leigh, Surrey, manor of
-, on Thames, Surrey, residents at

Wandesford, John, M.P., letter of
-, Wm., case of

Wapping, Middlesex, letters dated from
-, residents at
-, certificate by
-, workmen from

War, or Rebellion, the late, alluded to
-, Council of, alluded to
-, Treasurers at, see Lawson, John, and Nelthorpe, Jas.

Ward, Rich.
-, Seth, Bishop of Salisbury
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

Wardour, Lord Arundel of, see Arundel.

Wardour, Wm., Clerk of the Pells, certificate and note by
-, letters to


Wards, Court of, abolition of, alluded to

Ware, Thos., petition of

Ware, Middlesex

Wares, Bay of [Torre ?], ship at

Waring, Edmond

Waristoun, Scotland, residents at

Wark, Baron Grey of, see Grey.

Warminster, Wilts

Warner, Amy, petition of
-, John, petition of
-, Mr.
-, news-letters to

Warre, Sir John, letter and petition of

Warren, Wm.
-, Sir Wm.
-, contract with
-, letters of
-, letters to

Warrington, Lord Stanhope of, see Stanhope, Charles.

Warsaw, Poland, news from

Warwick, Giles
-, Sir Phil.
-, note by
-, petition of

Warwick, Earl of, see Rich.

Warwick, assizes at
-, Castle, Governor of
-, letter dated from

-, residents in
-, sheriff of

Wase, Chris., letters of
-, Henry, cousin of
-, father of
-, John, certificate by

Wassenaer, Baron de, see Van Vonssenaer.

Waterford, Bishop of, see Atherton, John.

Waterford, Ireland, ship from

Waterman, Ald. Sir George

Waters, Ann, see Gray, Ann.
-, Roger

Watford, Herts, place near

Watkins, Edw., petition of
-, Wm., petition of
-, family of

Watson, Fras.
-, Capt. Fras.
-, Isaac
-, Rich., petition of
-, Thos., London
-, Thos., mariner
-, Mr., nonconformist

Wattkinson, Capt.

Watts, Geo.
-, John, contract with
-, Rich.
-, articles by
-, letters of
-, petitions of
-, father and brothers of

Waybridge, Surrey, lands in

Wayles, Sarah, petition of

Wayte, Edw., letter of

Weaver, Thos.

Web, Mr.

Webb, John
-, petition of
-, John, son of
-, other children of
-, John, gamekeeper, warrant to

Webster, John

Wedgnock Park, co. Warwick, letter dated from

Weekes, John, letter to
-, Luke

Weeks, Geo.
-, Mr.

Weeton-cum-Preeze, co. Lancaster

Weighton, co. York, prebend of

Welbeck, Notts, Earl of Newcastle at
-, letter dated from

Welch, Isaac, see Welsh.

Weld, George
-, relations of
-, Hum., petition of

Wellingore, co. Lincoln, letter addressed to
-, resident at

Welloe Priory, co. Lincoln

Wells, Bath and, bishopric of, see Bath.

Wells Cathedral
-, Chancellor of
-, Chapter of, declaration by
-, Chapter House of, letters dated from
-, Dean of, see Creighton, Dr., and Bathurst, Dr. Ralph.
-, Deanery of

Wells, letter addressed to
-, letter dated from
-, Recorder of

Wells, Mr.

Welsh, or Welch. Isaac
-, widow of
-, Jas., Rye, letters of
-, or Walsh, Capt. Thos.
-, Mr., see Wilkins, Bishop.
-, pirate


Welton, co. York, vicarage of

Wem, Salop, rectory of

Wembury, Devon, house at

Wenman, Rob.

Wentworth, Thomas, first Earl of Strafford
-, William, second Earl of Strafford, his son
-, petition of
-, Thomas, Earl of Cleveland
-, Thomas, Lord Wentworth, his son
-, Philadelphia, widow of
-, letter of
-, petitions of
-, daughter of

Werden, Edm.

Werden, Col. Rob., letter of
-, petition of
-, Capt. Rob., letters of
-, Mr., envoy to Sweden

West, Charles, Lord De la Warr, Anne, wife of

West, John
-, Capt. Thos.
-, Mr., Moorfields

West, the, ships bound for, see also England, West of.
-, letters from

Westarbe, George

Westbury, Wilts, resident at

Westerlow, Marquis of

Westerman, Joshua
-, petition of

Westerne, Thos.

Western Islands

Westgate Bay, Kent

West India Company, Royal, of France

West Indies
-, French possessions in
-, ships in, to, or from

Westminster Abbey, or St. Peter's Church
-, Dean of, see Dolben, John.
-, Dean and Chapter of, petition of
-, prebends in

-, bills of mortality, &c., in
-, Commissioners at
-, Company of Pattenmakers in, see London, Companies of.
-, conventicles in
-, Courts of Law at
-, letter addressed to
-, letters dated from
-, licence to repair to, or remain in
-, J.P.s in
-, Mayor of the staple of
-, residents in
-, lists of
-, wards in
-, streets, places, &c., in, viz.:
-, Almsroom
-, Banquetting house, see Whitehall.
-, Church Yard
-, Clarendon House
-, Cockpit
-, letter dated from
-, College, almsmen of
-, Gatehouse, see Gatehouse.
-, George Yard
-, letter dated from
-, Great Almonry
-, Great Sanctuary
-, Green Mews
-, Herald's Office, see Herald's Office.
-, Horse Ferry
-, Horse Ferry House
-, Horse Guards
-, House of Correction
-, Ivy Bridge
-, King Charles Hospital
-, Mews
-, letter dated from
-, New Palace Yard
-, Old Palace at
-, Palace, letter dated from
-, Court at, letter dated from
-, St. Ann's Lane
-, St. James, letter dated from
-, St. James Park
-, St. Margaret's Church
-, parish
-, poor of
-, Scotland Yard
-, Commissioners for
-, letter dated from
-, Stephen's Court, letter dated from
-, Still Yard at
-, Theving Lane, letter dated from
-, Tilt Yard
-, Tothill Fields
-, almshouses in
-, Street
-, Walsingham House
-, Westminster Hall
-, Whitehall, see Whitehall.

Westmonia (North Sea), ships trading to

-, nonconformists in
-, residents in
-, troops in, officers of, list of

Weston, Jerome, second Earl of Portland

Wexford county, Ireland, lands in

Weymouth, co. Dorset
-, or Sandford Castle
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Whaplode [co. Lincoln ?], manor of

Wharell, Capt. Ed.

Wharf, Rich.

Wharton, George, paymaster of the Ordnance
-, letters of
-, payments to
-, warrant to
-, Mary, letter of
-, Michael
-, Sir Ralph
-, Mr., Southampton

Wheake, Capt. John, signature of

Wheeler, Sir Charles
-, Wm., petition of

Whetston, Mr.

Whinyard, Rich.
-, petition of
-, wife and children of

Whistler, Henry

Whitaker, Chas., note by
-, preacher
-, wine commissioner

Whitby, Rich.
-, Thos., letter of

Whitby, co. York
-, letters dated from
-, nonconformists and conventicles at

Whitby-Strand, head constable of

Whitchurch, co. Salop, conventicle at

White, Arthur, petition of
-, Chas., petition of
-, Ignatius
-, Rich., contract with
-, Rob., certificate of
-, Rob.
-, petitions of
-, Thos., Dover, letter of
-, Thos.
-, Major Thos., letter to
-, J.P.

Whitecombes, co. Chester

Whitehall, Rob., letter of

-, Banquetting House at
-, Chapel, organ in
-, Charles I. at
-, Council Chamber at, see Privy Council, Chamber of.
-, Court at, letters dated from
-, doorkeeper at
-, gallery, keepers at
-, petitions of
-, gates of, guards at
-, King and Court to or at
-, King's backstairs at
-, letter addressed to
-, alluded to
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, Office of State Papers at
-, Palace, letter dated from
-, porter's lodge at
-, Privy Chamber Lodgings at
-, robberies at
-, travellers to
-, Treasury Chambers in, see Treasury Chambers.

Whitehand, Thos., letter of

Whitehaven, Cumberland, collector's place at

Whitehorne, Jane, petition of

White Ladyes, co. Worcester, the King at

Whitelock, Sir Bulstrode
-, Willoughby, son of

Whitfeld, Nath., letter of

Whitfield, George

Whitford, Col. Walter, petitions of
-, family of

Whithrey, co. Hereford, rectory of

Whiting, Bedford, letter of

Whitley, Thos.

Whitly, Cornet

Whitney, George

Whittell, Sam., papers by

Whittington, Chas.
-, letters of
-, letters on behalf of, see Bourne, Luke, letters of
-, father of
-, Luke, letter of

Whittlewood Forest, co. Northampton
-, lieutenant and keepers of
-, timber in or from

Whittsan, France, traveller to

Whorwood, Wm., petitions of

Wiat, Henry, petition of
-, John

Wicherley, Dan., B.D. and D.D.

Wickham, J., messenger, warrant to

Wickham, Hants, letter dated from
-, timber at

Widdrington, William, Lord Widdrington
-, petition of

Widdrington, Edw.

Wiez., Edw., see Wise, Edw.

Wigg, John

Wiggens, Thos.
-, servant of

Wight, Isle of
-, Carisbrooke Castle in
-, letters dated from
-, garrisons or troops in
-, Governor of, see Holmes, Sir Rob.
-, late, see Colepepper, Lord.
-, Militia company in
-, places in
-, Prize Office in
-, ships off, to or from

Wilbraham Parva, co. Cambridge, letter dated from

Wild, or Wylde, Capt.
-, Mr., Chatham

Wilde, Sir Wm., Justice of Common Pleas, order to
-, auditor of the Exchequer

Wildgress, see Willgress.

Wildman, John
-, wife and son of

Wildmore Fen, co. Lincoln

Wilkes, Rich., contract with

Wilkings, Mr.

Wilkins, Dr. John, Bishop of Chester
-, as " Mr. Welsh,"

Wilkinson, Capt. Fras.
-, Rich., London, letter to
-, brother of
-, Rich., soldier
-, information, &c., by
-, letter of
-, Thos.

Willgress, or Wildgress, Capt. John, certificate by
-, letters of

Williams, Dr. Griffith, Dean of Bangor
-, John
-, Lawrence
-, Mr.

Williamson, Jas., petition of
-, Jos., M.P., secretary to Lord Arlington
-, as keeper of State Papers
-, warrants to
-, as "Tacitus,"
-, bribe offered to
-, dedication to
-, influence of, asked for
-, journal notes of
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, news-letters of, alluded to
-, notes, drafts, endorsements, &c., of
-, other papers addressed to
-, office of
-, petitions of
-, petitions to
-, power of attorney to
-, robbery of
-, clerks of and see Ball, Henry, and Yard, Rob.
-, messenger of
-, George, brother of
-, letters of
-, sister of, see Robinson, Anne.
-, cousin of
-, Thos.
-, letters of
-, Sir Thos., Bart., petition of
-, father of

Willingale, co. Essex, rectory of

Willis, Thos.
-, letter, &c., by
-, Dr., of Oxford

Willoughby, William, sixth Lord Willoughby of Parham

Willsbey, Wm.

Willys, Nath., B.D., petition of

Wilmot, Henry, Lord Wilmot, and first Earl of Rochester
-, servant of
-, Anne, widow of
-, John, second Earl of Rochester, his son, letter of
-, Henry, Viscount Wilmot of Ireland

Wilmot, Mr.

Wilson, Edm.
-, Henry, petition of
-, Hugh
-, John, storekeeper at Chatham
-, letters of
-, [John], messenger, warrant to
-, Wm., petitions of
-, Ant., brother of
-, petition of
-, Mr.

Wilton, co. York

Wiltshire, Faith
-, husband of

-, conventicles and nonconformists in
-, residents in
-, sheriff of

Winchcomb, co. Gloucester, troops at

Wincheap, Canterbury, resident at

Winchelsea, Earl of, see Finch, Heneage.

Winchester, or Winton, Bishops of, see Morley, George; Duppa, Brian; and Montague, James.
-, bishopric of
-, Cathedral of Holy Trinity at
-, statutes of, alluded to
-, Chapter Acts of, book of
-, churchyard of
-, close of
-, visitor of
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, deanery of, rectories of
-, diocese of

-, assizes or sessions at
-, Castle
-, College, wardens and electors of, letters to
-, letter to, alluded to
-, scholars of
-, Mayor, &c., of, petition of
-, parishes and churches in
-, residents in
-, town clerk of

Winchurst, Thos., sen.
-, letter of

Wind, state of, lists of

Winder, John, Mayor of Southampton
-, affidavit by

Windham, see Wyndham.

Windmil, Eliz., petition of

Windsor, Lord, see Hickman.

Windsor, Berks
-, King to
-, poor knights of
-, travellers to
-, workmen of, petition of

Windsor Castle
-, Constable of, see Rupert, Prince.
-, Feast of the Garter or St. George at
-, Governor of, see Mordaunt, Viscount.
-, King's gate in
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, officers of
-, Queen Elizabeth's tower in
-, repairs at
-, Round Tower at
-, St. George's Chapel, or Chapel Royal at
-, prebends and prebendaries, or canons of
-, stalls of the Garter at

Windsor Forest
-, Commissioners for
-, Great Park at
-, Paddock Walk and Lodge in
-, New
-, Avelin's Grove in
-, Old, tenements in

Windsor Herald, see Ashmole, Elias.

-, Acts concerning, alluded to
-, Commissioners for
-, duties or tax on, alluded to
-, farming and farmers of
-, for the King, see Charles II., wines for.
-, ships laden with
-, Bordeaux
-, Canary
-, Flemish
-, French
-, Frontignac
-, Rhenish
-, Spanish

Wingate, Edw.

Wingfield, John, York Herald, petition of
-, wife and children of

Winter, John

Winterborough, Duke of, see Wurtemberg.

Wintour, Sir John
-, Charles, son of, secretary to the Queen Mother

Wise, or Wiez, Edw., storekeeper at Windsor Castle
-, letter of
-, Rich., and Lucy his wife, petition of
-, Rob., son of

Wiseman, Sir Rich., letter of
-, Sir Rob.

Wisnowitsky, General Demetrius


Witchels, Arthur
-, father of

Witherington, alias Withington, George

Withers, John

Withypool, Sir Edmund
-, Francis, wife of
-, Anne and Lucy, daughters of

Witt, John de, Grand Pensioner of Holland

Wiveliscombe, co. Somerset, prebendary of

Wivell, Edw.
-, Rob.

Wivenho, Essex, resident at

Wodds, Giles

Wolfenden, Anna

Wollard, Abel

Wolsey, Cardinal, lands of

Wolstenholme, Sir John, Bart.
-, letters of
-, petitions of
-, report by
-, son and brother of

Wood, Clara, petition of
-, father and brother of
-, Edw.
-, Edw., London, letter of
-, Sir Henry, Bart., treasurer of the rents of the Queen Mother
-, warrants to
-, Mary, wife of
-, Jas., petition of
-, John
-, Capt. John, of the "William and Thomas,"
-, petition of
-, Nich., letter of
-, Seth
-, Thos., Canterbury
-, Dr. Thos., Dean of Lichfield
-, Justice Wm., timber merchant
-, letters of
-, tenders by
-, Capt., of the "Henrietta,"
-, Lady

Wood, see Timber.

Woodall, Wm.

Woodbridge, co. Suffolk
-, letter dated from

Woodcock, Anne, letter of
-, Jane
-, petition of
-, family of

Woodfield, Thos.

Woodford, Essex
-, Wilts, resident at

Woodhouse, Thos., King's messenger, warrants to

Woodman, John

Woodroffe, Benj., M.A.
-, John, J.P.

Woodstock, co. Oxon, bailiwick of, Lord Warden of
-, manor of, lieutenant, &c., of
-, Park, deer in
-, keepers of

Woodward, George
-, Rob., letter of

Woodyard, Fras.

Woof, Wm.
-, brother of

-, exportation of
-, ships laden with

Woolaston, Rich., petition of

Woolrich, John, certificate by

Woolwich, Kent
-, the King at
-, letters dated from
-, Mr. Stafford's yard at
-, ships or boats at, to, or from

Woolwich Dockyard
-, clerk of the cheque at, and see Sheldon, Wm.
-, master attendant at, see Hannam, Willoughby.
-, officers of
-, certificate by
-, letter of
-, ships building at
-, ships fitting or laid up at
-, storehouse at
-, storekeepers at
-, stores at, for, or from
-, timber at or for
-, workmen at, for, or from
-, wives of, petition of
-, Ropeyard at
-, letters dated from
-, workmen in

Wootton, co. Oxon, hundred of

Worcester, Marquis of, see Somerset.
-, Earl of [temp. Edward IV.], see Tiptoft.

Worcester, Bishop of, see Skinner, Dr. Wm.; Earle, Dr. John.
-, bishopric of
-, prebend of

-, Battle of, alluded to
-, King's escape after, see Charles II., escape of.
-, Drapers' Company in
-, certificate by
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of (in 1651)
-, Mayor and aldermen of
-, sheriff of

Worcester Park, Surrey

-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, letter to
-, Lord Lieutenant of

Works, comptroller of, see May, Hugh.
-, officers of
-, paymaster of, warrant for payment to
-, surveyor of, see Wren, Dr. Christopher.

Worlaby, Baron of, see Belasyse, Lord.

Wormshead, S. Wales, ship near

Worplesdon, Surrey

Worsley, Dr. Ben.

Worth, Mr., news-letter to

Worts, Wm., M.A.

Wotley, , warrant to

Wrangel, General, son of

Wraxall, South Wilts

Wray, Sir Bourchier
-, Sir Chichester
-, Joseph, petition of
-, Thos., letter of
-, grandchildren of
-, Sir Wm., Bart
-, widow of, see Tufton, Olympia.

Wren, Dr. Christopher, surveyor of the Works
-, Mat., secretary to the Duke of York
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, petition to

Wrenthorp, co. York, letter dated from

Wrexham, co. Denbigh, traveller to

Wright, Charles, M.A.
-, Henry
-, children of
-, John
-, letters of
-, report by
-, John, Cambridge receiver, deposition of
-, John (murdered)
-, John (groom), petition of
-, Lan., certificate by
-, Rob.
-, petition of
-, Thos.
-, Tobias
-, Counsellor

Wrightson, Thos., M.A.
-, petition of

Wriothesley, Thomas, Earl of Southampton, Lord Treasurer
-, certificate to
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, orders or warrants to, alluded to
-, references to and reports of
-, signature of
-, steward of
-, Frances, widow of

Wriothesley, Henry

Wroth, Sir Henry

Wrtemberg, or Winterborough, Duke of

Wyat, Wm., B.D.

Wyberton Manor, co. Lincoln

Wyborne, John, certificate by

Wye, Edw., petition of

Wyke Regis, co. Dorset, resident at

Wylde, Chas., letter of
-, Capt., see Wild.

Wynch, Sir Humphrey
-, John, certificate by

Wyndham, or Windham, Sir Charles
-, Sir Edmond, Bart., Knight Marshal
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, warrant to
-, Carolina, daughter of
-, Col. Fras.
-, Major Fras.
-, Sir Hugh
-, Thos.
-, Eliz., wife of
-, Thos., equerry
-, Cornet Thos.
-, Judge [Wadham]
-, Mr.

Wynn, or Wynne, Hen.
-, as Clerk of the Council of Wales
-, petition of
-, Col. Hugh
-, Maurice
-, Rob.
-, certificates, &c., of
-, Thos., petition of
-, Griffith, son of
-, Wm.
-, Rich., son of
-, Dr., fellowship founded by
-, Mr.


Yard, Rob., Williamson's clerk, letters of

Yardley, Capt. Rich., letter to
-, Rob.
-, letter of

Yarmouth, Great, Norfolk
-, aldermen and common council of
-, bailiffs of
-, bailiffs, burgesses, aldermen, and commonalty of, petition of
-, burgess for
-, church books of, alluded to
-, churchwardens of
-, conventicles, meetings, or nonconformists at
-, cordage
-, corporation of
-, government of, paper on
-, justices or magistrates of
-, the King to
-, letters dated from
-, letter addressed to
-, residents at or near
-, ships of, to, or from
-, train bands of
-, Major of

Yarmouth Roads, ships in, to, or from

Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, fortifying of

Yarmouth, North, ship of

Yarnfield Manor, co. Stafford (?)

Yatton, co. Somerset (?), prebendary of

Yeamans, Sir Robert
-, letters of
-, letter to

Yerbury, H., letter of

Yoakley, Michael, sen. and jun., petition of

Yong, Ant., petition of

York, Lady

York Herald, see Wingfield, John.

York, Archbishop of, see Frewen, Dr. Accepted; and Sterne, Dr. Rich.
-, diocese of
-, Minster, thanksgiving service in
-, prebends or prebendaries of
-, sub-dean of

-, assizes at
-, Castle, prisoners to or in
-, Charles I. at
-, letters dated from
-, Lord Mayor and aldermen of
-, residents at
-, St. Mary's Court and Manor house at
-, travellers to

York River, New England

-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, engagement, papers relating to
-, Commissioners for
-, High Constable of
-, lands or estates in
-, M.P.s for
-, nonconformists and conventicles in
-, places in
-, plot or insurrection in
-, rebels in
-, rectories or vicarages in
-, residents in
-, sheriffs of
-, towns in, list of
-, travellers to
-, North Riding of
-, East Riding of
-, deputy-lieutenants for
-, places in, list of
-, West Riding of, J.P.s for

Young, Capt. Ben.
-, letters of
-, George, seaman
-, John, petition of
-, Sir John
-, Rob., petition of
-, relations of
-, Sarah, petition of
-, husband of
-, John, son of
-, Thos., petition of
-, Wm., Hampton Court
-, Col.
-, Mr.
-, Mr. (dyer?)

Younge, Wm.

Younger, Capt. Wm., letter of

Ypres, Fort Royal of
-, Governor of


Zamback, Signor

Zante, Island of
-, consuls at
-, ships of, to, or from

-, ships of, or Zealanders
-, States of

Zouch, Thos., jun.