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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Taafe, Theobald, Earl of Carlingford
-, letter of

Tabarca, Tunis

Taber, Wm.

Tacitus, allusion to

Tadcaster, Yorks

Taffaletta or Tafilet, King of
-, kinsmen of

Talackrey, co, Flint, resident at

Talbot, Capt. Edw.
-, Fras.
-, Sir Gilbert, Master of the Jewel House
-, letter of and to
-, Sharrington, brother of
-, letter of
-, son of
-, John, B.A.
-, petition of
-, Sir John
-, letter to
-, Wm.
-, Col.
-, Mrs.
-, husband of
-, thief

Tamworth, co. Warwick

Tangier, or Tangiers
-, chaplain at
-, Commissioners for
-, English troops or garrison at
-, Governor of, see Middleton, Earl of.
-, ships at, to, or from
-, letter dated from
-, travellers to
-, Road, ship lost in

Tanton, John, and his wife

Tarante, Prince de

Tarifa, Spain

Tarlton, Mr., Westmoreland

Tartars, designs of


Tarthall House, Middlesex

Tasburgh, John, letters of
-, letter to

Tatnall, Rob., M.A.

Tattenbache, Count

Taunton, Wm.

Taunton, Somerset
-, Archdeacon of

Taxes and assessments
-, three months'
-, six months'
-, eleven months'
-, collector of, abuse of
-, refusal to pay

Taxis, Count

Tayleur, Wm.

Taylor, George
-, petition of
-, Capt. John, Navy Commissioner
-, contract with, and tender of
-, letter of
-, Mary, widow of, petition of
-, John, son of
-, children of
-, Dr. Joseph, letter to
-, Rich.
-, petition of
-, wife of
-, Capt. Silas, storekeeper at Harwich
-, certificate by
-, letters of
-, Thos., report by
-, Mr.

Teddington, Middlesex, manor of

Temple, Sir John, Solicitor-General for Ireland
-, Sir Peter, Bart.
-, sister of
-, Sir Rich., son of
-, letter of
-, Wm., letter of
-, Sir Wm., ambassador to Holland

Templer, Capt. Thos., signature of

Tenby, co. Pembroke
-, rectory of

Tercera, Island of

Terrall, John
-, petition of

Terry, Rich.

Tertudos, Island of

Testaments, Old and New

Tetuan, Morocco, ship from
-, Bay, French consul at
-, ships to or from

Texel, the, Dutch fleet in

Teynham, Lord, see Roper.

Thames, the, or the River
-, King to
-, projected bridges over
-, Queen and Court on
-, ships in
-, ships to or from
-, water from


Thaxter, of Yarmouth

Theobalds, Herts, King's house at

Thetford, co. Norfolk
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of
-, Recorder of
-, travellers to

Thircrosse, Dr. Tim.

Thirlby, Chas., certificate by

Thistleworth, Middlesex

Thomas, Capt. Gilbert, Provost Marshal, warrant to
-, Henry, petitions of
-, Sieur Kerguelin
-, Rich.
-, Wm.
-, Mr. (feigned name)

Thomond, Earl of, see O'Brien.

Thompson, Fras.
-, Henry
-, John, High Sheriff of co. Bucks
-, Rob.
-, Ald. Sir Wm.
-, Col.

Thomson, Anne, letter of
-, late husband of
-, George, letter of
-, Maurice
-, letters of

Thornbury, co. Gloucester, markets and fairs at

Thornebury, Wm., petition of
-, Tim. and Dan., sons of

Thornton, Jeremiah
-, Lancelot

Thornton, co. York, prisoner to

Thorold, Ant., surveyor at Lyme Regis
-, letters of

Thoroughgood, plotter

Thorp, Surrey, manor of

Thrasher, Thos.

Threshfield, co. York, letter dated from

Throckmorton, Sir Baynham

Throgmorton, of Coventry

Thruston, Mr.

Thurgarton-upon-Lee, co. Notts

Thurland, Sir Edw.

Thwenge, Thos.

Tichfield, Hants, timber at
-, letter addressed to

Tickhill, co. York, manor of

Tilbury, Essex, forts of, Governor of

Tildesley, Mr.

Tilston, Jo., genealogy by

-, for the Navy, see also Chatham, Deptford, Portsmouth, timber at or for; and Alice Holt, Stockwith, Whittlewood, Dean, and New forests, Ireland, and Norway, timber from.
-, ships laden with
-, tenders or purchase of, see also the various dockyards.
-, alluded to

Timbrell, Mistress

Timone, Signor Demetrasco


Tindell, ship's master

Tinker, Capt. John, master attendant at Deptford
-, letters of
-, list and certificate by

Tippetts, Capt. John, master shipwright at Portsmouth, and Navy Commissioner
-, agreement with
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, memoranda, &c., by

Tiptoft, John, Earl of Worcester [temp. Edw. IV.]

Tireman, John, B.D., petition of

Tithes, Statute for, alluded to

Titus, Silius, Silvius, or Silas
-, Col. or Capt.

Tiverton, Devon, resident at

-, duties on
-, ships laden with, see also Virginia, ships from, laden with tobacco.

Todd, Mr.

Tokay, Hungary

Tokefield, Mr.

Tollemache, Elizabeth, Countess of Dysart
-, father of, see Murray, Wm., Earl of Dysart.
-, children of

Tolson, Mr.

Tombs, Wm.

Tomkins, Sarah, petition of
-, David, brother of

Tomlin, George
-, petition of

Tomlins, Mr.

Tomlinson, Thos.

Tompson, John, London

Tomson, John, Ratcliffe, letter to

Tong, Shropshire, residents at

Tonge, Ezerell, D.D.
-, petition of

Tooke, Edw.

Toomes, Thos., and Jane his daughter, Portsmouth
-, of co. Northampton
-, nonconformist


Topsham, Devon
-, ships of or from

Torbay, letter dated from

Torey, Stephen

Torpichen, Lord, see Sandilands, Walter.

Torre, Conde de

Torre, Bay of (?), see Wares.

Torrellshall, letter dated from

Totnell, John

Tottenhall Court, Middlesex, manor of

Tottenham, Middlesex, manor of

Touchet, James, Earl of Castlehaven

Touchett, Peter, petition of

Toulon, France, ships to or from
-, travellers to

Tower, the (London)
-, Governor or Lieutenant of, see Robinson, Sir John.
-, late (Sir Allan Apsley)
-, deputy of, and see Rainsford, Fras.
-, letters dated from
-, lions at
-, officers at
-, Ordnance Commissioners at
-, Ordnance clerk at
-, prisoners committed to
-, provisions or charges for
-, Records at
-, clerk of, see Ryley, Wm.
-, keeper of, and see May, Sir Algernon.
-, deputy
-, registrar of
-, stores, guns, &c., in or from
-, troops at or from
-, warders of, salaries of

Tower Wharf, ships at

Towers, Wm., letter of

Towlert, bailiff

Townshend, Horatio, Lord Townshend
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk
-, letter of and to

Townshend, Sir Rob.
-, Thos., letter of
-, Isle of Wight

Tracey, Capt.
-, Squire

Trade or commerce, casual notices, passim.
-, state of
-, to the East Indies
-, treaties of, alluded to

Traveraro, ships to

Travers, John
-, Jos., petition of

Trea, Count de, see Estrees, de.

Treasurer, Lord, office of
-, late, see Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton.

Treasurer of the Chamber, see Griffin, Sir E.
-, of the Household, see Clifford, Sir Thos.
-, former

Treasury of the Exchequer, chief officers of
-, King to
-, Lords Commissioners of
-, letters of, see also Downing, Sir George, letters of.
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, other papers of
-, other papers to
-, references on petitions to, and reports of
-, revocation of powers of
-, warrants or orders to
-, alluded to

Treasury Chambers, Whitehall, letters dated from

Tregonwell, John, M.P.

Treherne, Philip

Trelawny, Sir Jonathan
-, Major

Trendle, John, petition of
-, wife and children of

Trent, the King at
-, the river
-, Justice in Eyre north of
-, Justice in Eyre south of
-, Royal forests north of
-, Royal forests, &c., south of

Trerise, Lord Arundel of, see Arundel.

Treswell, Col. Dan., petition of
-, Rob., petition of
-, Mrs., see Cresswell.

Trevor, Marcus, Lord Dungannon

Trevor, Sir John, Secretary of State
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, licences from
-, office of
-, reference to
-, warrants of
-, Sir Wm.

Trimer, Edmund, petition of

Trinder, Charles
-, daughter of

Tring, co. Herts, resident at

Trinity House, London
-, Masters of
-, certificate by
-, replication and report by
-, Master and wardens of
-, officers of
-, pilots from
-, at Hull, see Hull.
-, at Newcastle, see Newcastle.

Triple Alliance, alluded to

Triplett, Dr. Thos.

-, Admirals of
-, Bashaw of
-, people of, or Tripolese
-, ships of, or Tripolines
-, ships to, from, or off

Tripp, John, letter of

Trippleton, co. Hereford, resident at

Tropp, John

Trotter, Justice

Troutbeck, Dr. John

Trowbridge, Wilts

Truro, Cornwall.
-, letter dated from
-, Mayor and burgesses of
-, Penryn in, see Penryn.

Trussell, Edw.
-, Col. Edw.

Trye, John

Tubman, Wm., deposition of

Tudman, John

Tufton, or Tupton, Olympia
-, late husband of, see Wray, Sir Wm.
-, Chris., son of

Tugwell, Chris.

Tullie, Dr. Thos., letter of

Tunbridge, Kent
-, waters

-, Bay of
-, French blockade of
-, natives of, or Tunisians
-, ships of, to, or from

Tunstall, Fras.

Tupton, see Tufton.

Turenne, Marshal

Turges, Counsellor

-, palace at

Turkey, Sultan or Grand Seigneur of (Ma homet IV.), or the Great Turk
-, as the Bashaw
-, Grand or Prince Vizier of

-, ambassadors from
-, ambassador to, see Harvey, Sir Dan.
-, Bashaws and Cadi of
-, Company, see Levant Company.
-, leather
-, ships for or in, or Turkey fleet
-, ships of, or Turks
-, Vice-Admiral
-, men-of-war
-, fight with
-, ships or men-of-war of, reported to be in the Channel
-, reported to be off the Irish coast

Turks, the
-, captives taken by
-, cruel treatment of
-, designs of
-, ships chased or taken by
-, ships taken from

Turkish language
-, letters, alluded to
-, mariners
-, prisoners, exchange of

Turner, Judge, or Sir Chris.
-, warrant to
-, Edmond
-, Sir Edmond, petition of
-, Sir Edw., Bart., Speaker of the House of Commons
-, speech of
-, as Solicitor-General
-, letter to
-, orders or warrants to
-, reference to
-, alluded to
-, Grandison, kinsman of
-, John, B.A.
-, Thos., storekeeper at Deptford
-, account by
-, certificates by
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, Thos., co. Lincoln
-, Tim.
-, Sir Tim.
-, Wm., petition of
-, Ald. Sir Wm.
-, Serjeant, brother of
-, Mr.
-, nonconformist

Turton, Mrs.

Tuscany, Prince or Grand Duke of, Ferdinand II.
-, widow of
-, Cosmo de Medici, son of
-, ambassadors from

Tutbury, cos. Derby and Stafford
-, castle of, constable of

Tweeddale, Earl of, see Hay.

Twickenham, Middlesex
-, Brick Closes in

Twistleton, Sir Phil., Bart.

Twyford, Berks, resident at

Twysden, or Twisden, Sir Roger
-, Sir Thos., warrant to

Tyler, John, London
-, John, Redriff

Tyne, the river
-, survey of

Tynemouth bar, ships to
-, Castle
-, Governor of, see Villiers, Col. Edw.

Tyrell, Rob.
-, letter of
-, Sir Thos.

Tyreman, Ald.

Tyrwhitt, Capt. John, list by

Tyte, Capt.

Tywarnhaile, co. Cornwall, tin from


Uby, or Huby, John

Uffington, co. Lincoln, rectory of

Ugbrooke, letters dated from

Ulishaven, Scotland, barony of

Underhill, Sir Wm.

Underwood, Alice, reprieve of
-, brother of
-, Edw., note by

Ungar, of Whitechapel

Uniformity, Act of, alluded to

United Provinces, see Holland.

Universities, the two and see Oxford and Cambridge.

Upchurch, Kent, resident at

Uphall, Norfolk, manor of

Uploman, co. Devon, rectory of

Upnor Castle, Kent
-, Captain of
-, Governor of, see Harrison.

Upton, Hugh, letter of

Upton, co. Warwick, letter dated from

Urlin, Marm.

Urre, Rob., certificate by

Urrie, Sir John, widow of, petition of

Ushant, France, ships off

Usurpation, Usurpers, rebels, or Parliament party, or "the late troubles," see also War, the late Civil.
-, army of, see Army, the old.
-, committee men and sequestrators of
-, committees of, list of

Uthred Mackayn, Scotland, lands of

Uthwat, J., clerk of the survey at Deptford
-, certificate by
-, letters of


Vagrants, order concerning

Vaile, Guernsey, parish of

Vaivodes, the (Poles)

Val de Reys, Conde de, Captain-General of the Algerines

Valenciennes, France, preparations at


Vale Royal, co. Chester, resident at

Van Beuningen, envoy from Holland

Van Buckhoven, General Major Philippus Albertus
-, petition of
-, wife and children of

Vane, Lady
-, servants of

Van Ghent, Dutch Admiral

Van Heemskirk, Capt. or Sir Lawrence
-, petitions of
-, family of

Van Helmont, M.

Vann, the, co. Glamorgan, resident at

Van Reid, Hen., petition of
-, Capt. Hen., father of
-, Capt. Adrian, uncle of

Van Ruven, Theodore, petition of
-, wife of

Vantelet, Monsieur de
-, Madame Henriette de

Van Vonssenaer, Herr, or Wassenaer, Baron de

Van Wyck, Heer

Van Wyckewoort, John, jun.

Vardes, M. de.

Varenne, La, Madame

Vaucourt, Sieur de [Jean Francois de Briselance]

Vaughan, Richard, second Earl of Carberry, President of the Council of the Marches of Wales.
-, certificate by
-, letter to
-, reference to
-, warrant to

Vaughan, Charles
-, John and Hugh, sons of
-, Sir John
-, as Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas
-, order to
-, Sir John (prisoner)
-, Rice, registrar of Sequestration Committee
-, Rich.
-, Capt. Roger
-, Dr., Bishop of Killaloe

Vauxhall, the Queen to

Vavasour, Col. Wm.
-, nephew of

Veal, Col.
-, sons of

Velasco, Don Francesco de, son of the Constable of Castile

Venables, Peter, Baron of Kinderton

Vendome, Duke of

Venetians, the

-, ambassadors from and see Moccinigo, Seignor.
-, ambassadors to, and see Belasyse, Viscount Fauconberg.
-, state entry of
-, ships of, to, or from
-, travellers to and from

Venman, Hen.

Venner, Thos.

Veraguas, Duke de

Vere, Aubrey de, Earl of Oxford
-, declarations by
-, petition to
-, regiment of
-, statement to

Veres Earls of Guisnes and Oxford, genealogy of

Verena, see Farina.

Vernatti, Heer

Verney, Rich.

Vernon, Edw.
-, proposal by
-, Fras.
-, Sir Henry
-, Major

Vic, Sir Henry de, Chancellor of the Garter, letter to
-, payment to

Victoria (character in play)

-, travellers to

Vigne, Baron de, letter of

Vigo, Spain, ships to

Villa Franca (Spain ?), ships to

Villiers, George, second Duke of Buckingham
-, as Master of the Horse
-, as "Mr. Gorgis,"
-, grants to, or money for
-, petition of
-, chaplain of
-, servants of
-, Mary, wife of
-, Lord Francis, brother of
-, William, second Viscount Grandison
-, daughter of, see Palmer, Barbara, Countess of Castlemaine.
-, George, fourth Viscount Grandison, warrants to

Villiers, Col. Edw., Governor of Tynemouth Castle
-, Capt. [Edw.]
-, Col., and his wife

Vincent, Sir Fras.
-, John
-, Nath.
-, Anna wife of
-, petition of
-, Thos.

Vines, George

-, Governor of, see Berkeley, Sir Wm.
-, news from
-, ships of, from, or to
-, laden with tobacco
-, York River in

Vivanne, Count de

Vivartz, or Vivaretz, mountaineers or rebels of, or the Vivarais

Vivyan, D. (?), letter of

Vlie, the, burning of Dutch ships in

Vyall, John

Vyner, Ald. Sir Rob., Bart.
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, Thos., B.D., brother of
-, brother-in-law of