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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Sackville, Richard, Earl of Dorset
-, Charles, Lord Buckhurst. his son
-, letter of

Sacrament, the, absence from

Sadler, Hen.
-, Theodore

Safety, Committee of (late), alluded to

St. Albans, Earl of, see Jermyn.

St. Albans, Herts

St. Andrews, Archbishop of, see Sharpe.
-, College, Provost and Masters of

St. Asaph, Bishop of, see Barrow, Dr. Isaac.
-, appointment of
-, late Bishop of, see Glenham, Henry.
-, Cathedral of, prebend of Llanyfidd in
-, Chapter House of, letter dated from
-, Dean of, see Lloyd, Humphrey.
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, letter of
-, archdeaconry of
-, diocese of

St. Asaph, traveller to

St. Aubins, Jersey, forts at

St. Aubyn, Mr.

St. Breock, Cornwall, rector of

St. Burian, Cornwall, deanery of

St. Catherine's, co. Gloucester, resident at

St. Christopher's, Island of, West Indies
-, French in
-, Governor of

St. Cloud, death of Madame at, see Orleans, Duchess of.

St. Cross, Hants

St. Davids, diocese of

St. Domingo, West Indies, French at

St. Ethelred, co. Suffolk, liberty of

St. George, feast of

St. George's Day

St. Germans, Cornwall, resident at

St. Germains, France

St. Helen's Road, ship in, letter dated from

St. Heliers, Jersey
-, letters dated from

St. Ives, Cornwall

St. John, Lord, of Basing, see Paulet, Charles.

St. John, Mr.

St. John's Bay, France, French forces at

St. Lorence, seamen for

St. Lucar, Spain, ships to or from

St. Malo, France
-, letters dated from
-, ships of, to, or from

St. Mary Cray, Kent, resident at

St. Mary's, Cape, Portugal

St. Mary's Creek, Kent

St. Michel, B., muster master at Deal
-, letters of

St. Martin, Cape, Spain, ships off

St. Neots, co. Hunts

St. Nicholas, co. York, residents at

St. Omer, or Omer, Flanders

St. Ouen, Jersey, residents at

St. Paul, Cape, Spain, ships off
-, letter dated from

St. Peter's Port, Guernsey, letters dated from

St. Quentin, France, French King at

St. Thomas, Governor of

St. Vincent, Cape, Portugal, ships off

Salcomb, Devon, ship of

Salee, see Sally.

Salem, New England, ship of

Salesbury, Capt. Hugh
-, certificate by
-, letters, &c., of
-, letters on behalf of, see Collier, Chas., letters of.

Salisbury, Earls and Countess of, see Cecil.

Salisbury, Bishop of, and see Duppa, Brian; and Ward, Seth.
-, Dean of, see Brideoke, Dr. Ralph.
-, late
-, diocese of
-, prebendary of

Salisbury, or Sarum, Wilts
-, gaol, prisoner in
-, letters sent to

Salkeld, Ralph
-, petition of

Sally, or Salee, Morocco
-, ships of, or Sally men
-, ships at, to, or from

Salmon, Edw., Cambridge, petition of
-, Edw., prisoner

Salonica, Turkey, traveller to

-, duty or excise on
-, farming of
-, foreign
-, Scotch, see Scotch salt.
-, ships laden with
-, wells

Salter, Thos.

Saltcrofts, Great and Little, co. Lincoln, lands of

Sambre, river, Flanders, troops near

Sambrooke, Peter, letter of

Sampson, John

Samuel, Wm.
-, estimate by

Sancroft, Dr. Wm., Dean of St. Paul's
-, papers by

Sanctacilla, Lucien
-, Anne, widow of

Sanderson, Robert, Bishop of Lincoln
-, Sir Wm., petition of
-, Lady
-, petition of

Sandford, Rich.

Sandford, co. Somerset, resident at
-, Castle, see Weymouth Castle.

Sandham Fort, Isle of Wight

Sandilands, Walter, Lord Torpichen

Sandown, Kent, Beach Street in
-, Castle
-, deputy Governor of

Sandsfoot Castle, co. Dorset

Sandwich, Earl of, see Montague.

Sandwich, Kent
-, letter addressed to
-, Mayor of
-, nonconformists or fanatics at
-, St. Bartholomew's Hospital at

Sandy Chapel, Surrey, resident at

Sandys, Sir Edwin
-, Sir Rich.
-, wife and children of
-, Col. Sam., M.P., letter to
-, wife and daughters of
-, Capt. Sam., son of
-, letter of
-, Sir Thos.; Bart.
-, petition of

Sanson, Rear-Admiral
-, Mary, widow of, petition of
-, children of

Santa Crux, Morocco (?)

Saperton, co. Gloucester, resident at

Sardinia, island of

Sariffo, ship from

Sartan, Capt. Stephen
-, contract by

Sarum, see Salisbury.

Sasse, M.

Saumarez, John, Dean of Guernsey
-, appointment of
-, petition of

Saumarez, Jersey

Savage, Thomas, third Earl Rivers, petition of
-, Richard, Lord Savage, his second son (?)
-, younger son of

Savage, Sir Edw.
-, Hen., D.D., petition of
-, statement by

Savannah, soldiers for

Savile, John

Saville, John, B.A.
-, Mr.

Savoy, Duke of [Victor Amadeus]
-, envoy of [Count Maffei]
-, envoy to [Lord Fauconberg]
-, papers concerning, alluded to

Savoyards, broils of

Sawyer, George

Saxby, co. Lincoln, rectory of

Saxony, Elector or Prince of

Say and Sele, Lord, see Fiennes.

Sayer, Sir Edm.

Sayers, , petition of
-, family of

Sayes Court, Kent, letter dated from

Scanderoon, Levant

Scarborough, Chas., letter of
-, Edm., brother of

-, Castle
-, Governor or Constable of
-, deputy-governor of

Scarsdale, Earl of, see Leke.

Scattergood, Mr.

Scawen, Rob.
-, Wm., letters to


Schomberg, Comte de
-, family of

Scilly, garrison of, or troops in
-, ships to or near
-, wreck near

Sclater, Sir Thos., Bart.

Scot, officer of old army

-, banishment from
-, Bishops of
-, Charles II. in
-, College of Justice in, President and senators of, letter to
-, conventicles and nonconformists in
-, Act against, alluded to
-, Council or Privy Council of
-, letters to
-, member of
-, Covenant in
-, Earl Marshal of, see Keith, George.
-, Exchequer in
-, officers of, letter to
-, General Monk in or from, see Monk, George.
-, Great Seal of, warrants for charters, patents, &c., under
-, Highlands of
-, Kings of
-, knight baronet of
-, laws and customs of
-, Levellers in
-, Lord Advocate of, see Nisbett, Sir John.
-, Lord Chancellor of, see Lesly, Earl of Rothes.
-, Lord Commissioner of, see Middleton, John, Earl of Middleton, and Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale.
-, Lord Privy Seal of, see Keith, Wm.
-, Lord Registrar of, see Primrose, Sir Archibald.
-, Lords of Session in.
-, nobility of
-, North of, clans of
-, traveller to
-, Parliament or Estates of
-, Acts of, papers in
-, letter to, from the King
-, alluded to
-, speech to
-, the late
-, places in
-, Privy Seal of
-, residents in
-, Secretary of State for, see Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale.
-, ships of, see Scottish ships.
-, travellers to
-, treasurer of, deputy
-, Treasury of
-, Commissioners of
-, warrants to
-, troops in
-, union of, with England, see England.
-, Commissioners for, Scotch
-, lists of
-, proposals or statements by
-, request to
-, secretary of
-, university in, see Aberdeen, university of.
-, West of, conventicle in

Scots, Scotch, or Scottish
-, army at Newcastle
-, men
-, money
-, regiments
-, salt
-, ships or Scotchmen

Scott, James, Duke of Monmouth and Buccleuch
-, certificate by
-, grant to
-, letter of
-, title of, discussed
-, troop of, see Army.
-, yacht of
-, apothecary of
-, quarter-master to
-, Lady Anne, his wife

Scott, Sir Edw., petition of
-, George
-, Rob.
-, letter of
-, alias Allison, Thos.
-, confession by
-, Col.
-, Mr.

Scotter, co. Lincoln, rectory of

Scouler, Mr.

Scrimgeour, John, Earl of Dundee
-, heirs and ancestors of

Scriptures, quotations from

Scrivener, Rob., letter of

Scudamore, James, Lord Dromore

Sculthorpe, Edw., letters of

Scutt, John, page to Princess of Orange

Seabright, Sir Edw.

Seale, Mat.

Seaman, Wm.

Seamen, see Mariners.

Seaport, Scotland, Barony of

Seaton, Charles, second Earl of Dumfermline

Seaton, Northumberland, sluice at
-, Delaval, Northumberland
-, North, Northumberland

Sebenico, John

Secretaries of State, see also Bennet, Lord Arlington; Trevor, Sir John.
-, office of, and see Lord Arlington, office of.
-, order to
-, reference to
-, former, see Nicholas, Sir Edward.

Sedascue, Major George

Sedgefield, co. Durham, rector of

Segar, Thos.

Selcock, John

Selkirk, Earl of, see Hamilton, William.

Senius, Jean (?), letter of
-, wife of

Senne, Wm. de

Sept Isles, the

Sequestered lands, committee for sale of, at Derby House
-, papers of, alluded to
-, registrar of

Sequestration Committee at Camden House
-, officers of

Serini, Count Peter
-, daughter of



Serle, John

Sermons, Will

Serres, Lieut. Chas., petition of

Servela, Count de

Seven Provinces, see Holland.

Seville, Spain

Sewell, Rob., letter of

Sewers, Commissioners of

Seyle, Mr.
-, Ann, wife of, petition of
-, children of

Seymer, Rob., petition of

Seymour, Hen., keeper of Hampton Court
-, Hen., Hanaper Office
-, John
-, Ensign
-, Mr.
-, letters of

Shadforth, Thos., signature of

Shadwell, co. Middlesex
-, letter dated from

Shadwell Chapel, Yorks, conventicles at

Shaen, Sir Jas.

Shaftesbury, Dorset, letter addressed to

Shafto, Sir Rob., signature of

Shagfer, Wm.

Shakerley, Sir Geoffrey, Governor of Chester Castle
-, letters of

Shales, Capt. John
-, Mr.

Shalford, resident at

Sharland, Capt. Jas.
-, letters of

Sharpe, Henry
-, Dr. James, Archbishop of St. Andrews
-, John
-, Matthew, petition of
-, Sir Wm.
-, Mr.

Sharpin, John

Shaw, Sir John, Bart.
-, Capt.

Shaw farm, Windsor

Shears, Wm.

Sheepshed, co. Leicester, vicarage of

Sheere, Surrey, residents at

Sheerness, Kent
-, Fort
-, Governor of
-, lieutenant, &c., of
-, ships at or from

Sheffield, John, third Earl of Mulgrave
-, letter of
-, ancestor of
-, Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Mulgrave (wife of Sir John Bennet)

Sheldon, Frank
-, wife and child of
-, Gilbert, Archbishop of Canterbury
-, letter, &c., to
-, references to, and reports of
-, Ald. Sir Jos.
-, Wm., clerk of the cheque at Woolwich, letters of
-, order to
-, Capt. Wm., Lieut. - Governor of Guernsey
-, commission to
-, letter to
-, "brother,"

Shelela, Ireland, woods of

Shelley, Sir George
-, daughters of
-, servants of

Shelton, Edw., certificate by

Shemonds, Thos., petition of
-, son of

Shenley, Bucks, resident at

Sheppard, Rich.
-, petition of

Sheppy, Isle of, Kent

Shepton Mallet, co. Somerset, resident at

Sherard, Bennet, Lord Sherard

Sherbrooke, Rob.
-, servant of

Sherburne, Capt. Edw., Ordnance officer, letters of
-, letter to

Sheriffs, see under the various counties.

Sherley family, memoranda on

Sherrant or Sheron [Charente ?] river, ships at, of, or from

Sherwood, co. Notts, letter dated from
-, Forest, co. Notts, timber in or from

Shetland, ship cast away near

Shieldon, Edw.

Shields, South, co. Durham

Shiloh [Bible term]

Shingay, co. Cambridge, resident at

Shipdham, Sam

Shipman, Sir Abra.

Ships (shipping, navy, vessels, boats, &c.) casual notices passim; see also Fleet and Navy.
-, accounts, particulars or reports of
-, alluded to
-, Acts relating to, alluded to
-, Admiral
-, books of, alluded to
-, building of, see also the various dockyards.
-, estimates of
-, carriage of letters by
-, chaplains of
-, commanders or captains of
-, complaints against
-, death of
-, execution of
-, imprisonment of
-, letters of, passim.
-, fights by
-, fireships, and see Francis, Little Lion, Orange, and Victory.
-, foreign see also the various countries.
-, saluting by and to
-, taking of
-, guard, summer
-, lists of and see Downs, ships in, lists of.
-, materials for, inventory of
-, medicines for
-, men-of-war
-, foreign, see also under the various countries and ports.
-, merchant
-, foreign, see also under the various countries and ports.
-, miscarriage or loss of
-, mutiny on
-, officers of
-, pilots for, and see Trinity House, pilots from.
-, pleasure boats or yachts, see Charles II., pleasure boats of.
-, saluting of
-, stores and provisions for
-, complaints of
-, lists or accounts of
-, alluded to
-, wanted
-, surgeonsfor
-, taking or plundering of
-, victualling and see Bantam.
-, wine for

Ships, names of, viz.:
-, Abraham
-, Achilles
-, Adam and Eve
-, Adventure
-, of London
-, of Plymouth
-, of Ramsgate
-, from Virginia
-, Advice
-, letters dated from
-, Albemarle, see Holmes.
-, Alice
-, Amity
-, of Falmouth
-, Angel
-, Angel Gabriel
-, Ann of Plymouth
-, Ann Clear
-, Anne
-, Anne (Duke of York's yacht)
-, Anne of Bristol
-, Appeal
-, Arke
-, Arms
-, Assistance
-, of Bristol
-, of London
-, Assurance
-, Bachelor of London
-, Bantam
-, letters dated from
-, Barbabella
-, Bear
-, Beckoroffe
-, Bendish.
-, Bermudas Merchant
-, Bethesda
-, Bezane
-, Bideford
-, Bideford Merchant
-, Blackamore
-, Black Cock
-, Black Spread Eagle
-, Blessing
-, Blue Boar
-, Bonadventure
-, of Weymouth
-, Boom
-, Booreta
-, Boston
-, Boston Merchant
-, Bristol
-, letters dated from
-, Britannia
-, Brothers
-, Cambridge
-, Carmeline
-, Castel Rodrigo
-, Castle
-, Cat
-, Centurion
-, Charity
-, of Bristol
-, of London
-, of Lyme
-, Charles, King's ship
-, the old
-, fireship
-, of Dartmouth
-, of London
-, Charles V.
-, Coaster
-, Colchester
-, Concord
-, of Lyme
-, of Rotterdam
-, Consent
-, Constance
-, Constant
-, John
-, Katherine
-, Warwick
-, Content of Fowey
-, of London
-, Convertine
-, Coronation
-, Coronation, letter dated from
-, Count of Amsterdam
-, Crown
-, of Plymouth
-, Dartmouth
-, Date Tree
-, Dauphin
-, David of Scotland
-, of Weymouth
-, David and Judith
-, Defiance
-, Delight
-, Deptford
-, Diamond
-, Diligence
-, of Fowey (?).
-, of Havre
-, Dolphin
-, Dorothy
-, Dove
-, Dover
-, Dragon
-, Duke of York
-, Dunkirk
-, Eagle
-, ketch
-, Eaglet ketch
-, letters dated from
-, Edgar
-, Edward and Mary
-, Elias
-, Elizabeth
-, hoy
-, of London
-, of Lyme
-, of Weymouth
-, Emsworth
-, letters dated from
-, Endeavour
-, Estridge
-, Exchange
-, Expedition of London
-, of Lyme
-, Experiment
-, Falcon
-, Fame
-, Fanfan
-, letters dated from
-, Faro
-, Fellowship (the old)
-, of Lyme
-, Figtree
-, of Akerstell
-, Florentine
-, Flower Pot
-, Flying Eagle
-, Hart
-, Foran
-, Foresight
-, Forester
-, Fortune of Falmouth
-, Fountain
-, Francis, or Little Francis
-, fireship
-, of Lyme
-, of Portsmouth
-, French Victory
-, Friendship
-, Friesland
-, Frog, prize
-, Garden
-, Garland
-, George of Dublin
-, of London
-, of Londonderry
-, Gift
-, packet-boat
-, Gilt Rose
-, Gloucester
-, Golden Faleon
-, Fleece
-, Fortune
-, Fox
-, Hand
-, letters dated from
-, Lion
-, Rose
-, Salmon
-, Wheatsheaf
-, Good Fame
-, Hope, see Hope.
-, of Newport
-, Grace and Mary
-, Great Eagle
-, James
-, Greenwich
-, letters dated from
-, Greyhound
-, Guernsey
-, Guild de Ruyter
-, Guinea
-, Half Moon
-, Hamburgh Merchant
-, Hampshire
-, letters dated from
-, Hannah
-, Happy Entrance
-, Return
-, Hardareen
-, Harp
-, Have-at-all
-, Hector
-, Helverstone
-, Henrietta (King's yacht)
-, Henry
-, Hercule
-, Hester
-, Hind
-, Holmes, late Albemarle
-, letter dated from
-, Hope, or Good Hope (flyboat)
-, pink
-, of Bristol
-, of Flushing
-, of Hamburg
-, of London
-, of Lyme
-, Hopewell
-, Horseman
-, House of Peace
-, Hunter
-, Industry
-, Jacob
-, James
-, hoy
-, letters dated from
-, of London
-, Jane of Lyme
-, Jane of Weymouth
-, and Betty
-, Jersey
-, letters dated from
-, John of Conquet
-, of Dover
-, of London
-, of Newfoundland
-, of Plymouth
-, of Rochester
-, of Topsham
-, and Frances
-, and Sarah
-, and Thomas
-, John Bonadventure
-, John's Adventure
-, John's Advice
-, Jonas
-, Jonathan
-, Judith
-, Katherine
-, King's yacht
-, of Boston
-, of Bristol
-, of Dublin
-, of Falmouth
-, of London
-, Kent
-, King Charles
-, David
-, of Sweden
-, King's merchant
-, Kitchen
-, Laurel Tree
-, Leopard
-, Lewis
-, Lily
-, Lily Rose
-, Limetree
-, Lion
-, Lisbon Merchant
-, Little England
-, Francis, see Francis.
-, Lion, fireship
-, Rose
-, Victory, see Victory.
-, London, or Loyal London
-, London Arms
-, Love
-, Loyal London, see London.
-, the old
-, Lucretia
-, Lucy
-, Mackerel
-, Macklier
-, Madagascar
-, Maidenhead
-, Margaret of Barnstaple
-, of Lyme
-, Marmaduke
-, Martin
-, Mary
-, or Maria, King's yacht or pleasure boat
-, letter dated from
-, prize
-, of Conquet
-, of Hamburg
-, of London
-, of Lyme
-, of Middleburg
-, of Plymouth
-, of Weymouth
-, and Margaret
-, and Martha
-, Bonadventure
-, Marygold
-, Maryland
-, Maryport Merchant
-, Mary Rose
-, letter dated from
-, Mayflower
-, Merchant's Adventure
-, Delight
-, Merlin
-, letter dated from
-, Mermaid
-, prize
-, Milford
-, Minion
-, Moel Trump
-, Monmouth
-, yacht
-, Montague
-, Morlaix Merchant
-, Neptune
-, Newcastle
-, letter dated from
-, Nicholas
-, Nightingale
-, Noble Catherine
-, Nonsuch
-, Norfolk
-, Norwich
-, Notre Dame de Mont Carmel
-, Oak
-, Old James
-, Olive Branch
-, Orange, frigate
-, fireship
-, Tree
-, Ormond, or Ormond Merchant
-, Osborne
-, Panther
-, Paradox
-, Patience
-, Pearl
-, of Bristol
-, Pelican
-, Pembroke
-, Penryn Merchant
-, Peter of Lyme
-, of Plymouth
-, Philip
-, Phnix
-, Plymouth
-, Polebear
-, Polly
-, Portland
-, letter dated from
-, Portsmouth, frigate
-, ketch
-, sloop
-, letter dated from
-, Post Horse
-, Prince William
-, Princess
-, letter dated from
-, Prophet
-, Prosperous of Dover
-, of Falmouth
-, of Lyme
-, Providence of Apsom
-, of Lyme
-, of Plymouth
-, of Topsham
-, fireship
-, Punny
-, letter dated from
-, Queen
-, Rainbow
-, Rebecca
-, Red Lion
-, Reserve
-, Resolution
-, letters dated from
-, Return
-, Revenge
-, letters dated from
-, Richard and James
-, Richmond
-, Roe
-, Roebuck
-, letter dated from
-, Rose of Lyme
-, prize
-, and Elizabeth
-, Royal Duke
-, James
-, Katherine
-, Oak
-, Sovereign, see Sovereign.
-, Sun
-, Royalty
-, Ruby
-, Rupert
-, Ruth
-, Sable Merchant
-, St. Andrew
-, St. Christopher
-, St. David
-, St. George
-, of London
-, St. Jacob
-, St. John the Baptist
-, St. Katherine
-, St. Mary
-, St. Michael
-, St. Peter of Amsterdam
-, of Dunkirk
-, St. Stephen
-, Salvator
-, Samaritan
-, Samuel and Mary
-, Sancta Maria
-, Sapphire
-, Sarah of Lyme
-, of Plymouth
-, of Topsham
-, Scipio
-, Sea Flower
-, Shepherdess
-, Society
-, Sodalis, or Suadades, the Queen's yacht
-, Solomon
-, Sovereign, or Royal Sovereign
-, Spaniard
-, Sparke
-, Speed
-, Speedwell
-, of London
-, Spread Eagle
-, Spy
-, letters dated from
-, Stadthaus of Haarlem
-, Suadades, see Sodalis.
-, Submission
-, Success
-, (the old)
-, of London
-, Summer Island Merchant
-, Sun
-, prize
-, Supply, hoy
-, of Chester
-, of Hull
-, Susan of Falmouth
-, of London
-, Swallow
-, of London
-, Swan
-, Sweepstakes
-, Tangier Merchant
-, Thomas of Hull
-, of Lyme
-, and Barbara
-, and Edward
-, and Elizabeth
-, and Francis
-, and Mary
-, and William
-, Tiger
-, Algerine
-, Tinker
-, Town of Algiers
-, of Flushing
-, Topsham
-, Trades Increase
-, Trial of Bristol
-, of Chester
-, True Love
-, Tunisian
-, Turkey Merchant
-, Two Brothers
-, Unicorn
-, Unity
-, of Plymouth
-, Vale
-, Victory, or Little Victory, fireship
-, Vine
-, Vintry
-, Violet
-, Vrede of Hamburg
-, prize
-, Walsingham
-, Warwick, see Constant Warwick.
-, Welcome
-, letters dated from
-, of Bristol
-, from Bantam
-, Weymouth, pink
-, Merchant
-, White Dove
-, Rose
-, Wildman
-, William of London
-, of Plymouth
-, and Jane
-, and John
-, and John of London
-, and Katherine
-, and Mary
-, and Peter
-, and Thomas
-, Willing
-, Willoughby
-, Windsor
-, Wivenho
-, Woodworth
-, Yarmouth
-, Zante
-, Zealand

Shirley, Ezra

Shish, Jonas, master shipwright at Deptford
-, certificates, &c., by
-, letters of
-, John, assistant of
-, letter of

Shorter, Capt. John
-, Mr.

Shottesham, Norfolk

Showell, Arthur

Shropshire, or Salop
-, residents in
-, sheriff of

Shurbrand, H., letter of
-, Jas., brother of, letter to

Shuttleworth, Col. Nich.
-, servants of

-, ships near, off, or to

Sidle (captain in Cromwell's army)

Sidon, Levant, false money to

Signet, the
-, Office
-, clerk of
-, warrants or letters to
-, writer to the (Scotland)

Signets asked for

-, ships laden with

Silver, extracting, &c., of

Silverwood, John

Silvester, Edw.
-, letters of
-, petition of

Silvius, Lady

Simball, Henry

Simonds, Ursilla, petition of
-, family of


Singleton, Thos.

Sion, Middlesex, manor of

Sittingbourne, Kent, troops at

Skelton, Sir John, deputy-governor of Plymouth
-, letter of

Skidby, co. York, manor of

Skinner or Jones, John
-, Dr. Wm., Bishop of Worcester
-, Mr., York

Skipton, co. York, letter addressed to

Skipwith, Sir Fulwar

Skrimpsher, Col. Chas.

Sladden, Rich.

Slate, Scotland, resident at

Slaughter (duellist)

Slaves, or captives
-, Christian
-, Englishmen, and see Algiers, English slaves at.

Slingsby, H.
-, letter of
-, Sir Thos., Bart.
-, Col. Walter, letters, &c., of
-, letter to
-, brother of
-, family of

Sloman, John, Devon

Slowman, John, Dover, petition of
-, Charles, son of

Smaly, Rob.

Smith, Edm., B.A., petition of
-, Edw., London
-, father-in-law of
-, Edw., Kent
-, Fras.
-, Henry, or Sir
-, letters of
-, Sir James
-, or Smyth, Sir Jeremy, Vice-Admiral of the Blue
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, order by
-, squadron of
-, John, Commissioner of Sewers
-, John, J.P., co. Gloucester
-, John (killed)
-, John lessee of lighthouses
-, John, Margate, letter of
-, Jonathan
-, Jos., certificates by
-, Neh. or Nath.
-, Nich.
-, Rich.
-, Rob.
-, servants of
-, Rob., mariner
-, Roger
-, Simon
-, Thos., Oxford, letter of and to
-, Thos., boatswain
-, Thos., ship's master
-, deposition of
-, Wm.
-, petition of
-, son of
-, or Smyth, Sir Wm., Bart.
-, Capt.
-, Dr.
-, Mr.
-, Mr., Chatham
-, sheriff of London
-, steward
-, Isle of Wight

Smithsby, George
-, Wm.
-, Rabsey, daughter of, case of

Smithson, Major

-, English consul at, see Ricaut, Paul.
-, factors of
-, Levant treasurers at, see Langley, Rich., and Hardy, Rich.
-, ships to or from, or Smyrna fleet

Smyth, Miles, letter of
-, Sam.
-, petitions of
-, Sir Wm., see Smith.
-, clerk of the passage at Deal, letter to

Snape, Mr.

Snaylewell, co. Cambridge, living of

Snelling, George, petition of

Sobietsky, General

Sodor and Man, Bishop of, see Barrow, Dr. Isaac.

Solby, George, letter of

Soldiers, and casual notices of, passim; see also Army.
-, Act for relief of, alluded to
-, for or in the fleet
-, lists of
-, maimed, sick, or wounded
-, treasurer for
-, muster rolls of, alluded to
-, surgeons for, see Army, surgeons for.
-, transport of

Solicitor-General, see Finch, Sir Heneage, and Turner, Sir Edward.

Solres, Conde de

Somerford, co. Chester, resident at

Somerset, Edward, second Marquis of Worcester
-, Henry, third Marquis of Worcester, his son
-, heirs of

-, assizes in
-, Commissioners in
-, conventicles in
-, lands or estates in
-, residents in

Somersham, co. Huntingdon, park and chase of

Somerville, Mrs.

Somerwell, Wm.

Sorlings, the, Portsmouth, letter dated from

Sosnaneski, Chatellan

Sotherne, J., letter of

Sound, the, ships to or in

Soundings, the, ships to

South, Dr. Rob.

South, the, ships to or from

Southampton, Earl of, see Wriothesley.
-, Countess of, see Palmer, Barbara.
-, Earl or Marquis of, see Fitzroy, Charles.

Southampton, or Hampton, Hants
-, Custom House at
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of, see Winder, John.
-, residents in
-, ships of or at
-, sub-commissioners of prizes at
-, timber at

South Bailey Walk, see Enfield.

Southby, Thos., certificate by

South or Southern Cape, ships off or to

South Carns, ship to

Southcote, John, petition of

Southerne, Peter, letter of

Southesk, Earl of, see Carnegy.

Southey, Rob.
-, Mary, daughter of, petition of

-, assizes at
-, conventicles, nonconformists, or seditious persons in
-, Lord Lieutenant of, see Craven, Earl of.
-, places in:
-, Bank side
-, Farthing Alley
-, George Inn
-, Horsleydown
-, Martial Yard in
-, King's Bench prison, see King's Bench prison.
-, Marshalsea, Court of
-, prison, keeper of
-, warrant to
-, letters dated from
-, prisoners in
-, St. Mary Overy

Southwell, Rob.
-, Sir Robert, envoy to Portugal
-, as Clerk of the Privy Council, petition of
-, accounts of
-, letters of
-, clerk of
-, father of
-, son of

Southwick, Hants
-, letter dated from

Southwold, or Sole, Suffolk, fleet at
-, Bay

Southwood, Peter

Sowerby, Mat.
-, father of

Sowton, Sam., tenders by

Spackman, And. Nich., account by
-, letter of

Spain, King of (Charles II.)
-, armies or troops of
-, Court of
-, ship of
-, stores of
-, Queen Regent of
-, Council of
-, guards of

-, ambassadors to
-, ambassadors from, and see Molina, Conde de.
-, Earl of Bristol in
-, genealogical history of
-, Governors and Viceroys of
-, in connection with France, see France.
-, Ministers (of State) of
-, royal and noble houses of
-, ships to or from
-, subsidies from
-, travellers to and from
-, treaties with
-, Vice-Admiral of
-, war with, alluded to

Spalding, co. Lincoln

-, in the Netherlands
-, in the West Indies

Spanish Alguacils, or bailiffs
-, ambassadors, see Spain, ambassadors of.
-, commission
-, fleet, or men-of-war
-, goods
-, magistrates
-, merchants
-, Netherlands, see Netherlands.
-, nobility
-, posts
-, prisoners
-, ships, or Spaniards
-, territories
-, wines, see Wines.

Spark, Thos., poems by

Sparkes, Thos.

Sparre, Count

Sparrow, Ant., Bishop of Exeter

Spartel, Cape, Morocco, sea fight near

Speaker, the, see Turner, Sir Edw.

Specke, General

Specott, Capt.

Speed, Sam., M.A.

Speght, Peter, petition of

Spelman, C., signature of
-, Henry, Registrar of Charterhouse
-, paper by

Spence, Nathaniel
-, examination of

Spencer, Robert, Earl of Sunderland
-, licence to

Spencer, Edm., petition of
-, Dr. John, Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
-, letter of and to
-, Thos.
-, Wm., letter of

Spender, John

Spendluff, Mr.

Spindler, Albert, letter of

Spire [or Spires], Germany, Chamber of

Spithead, ships at
-, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Spragg, Sir Edward
-, as Admiral of Mediterranean Fleet
-, certificates, &c., by
-, letters of
-, ships commanded by

Sprat, Dr. Thos.

Sprigge, Fras., clerk of the Victualling Office
-, accounts by
-, affidavit of

Spurn, the, co. York, lighthouse for

Stacey, John
-, account by
-, tenders by
-, Capt.

Stafford, Viscount, see Howard.

Stafford, Henry
-, shipbuilder

-, letter dated from

-, lands in
-, sheriff of

Stagg, Mr.

Staines, Thos.

Stainmore, Westmoreland

Stainton, co. York, resident at

Staires, Lord, see Dalrymple, Sir Jas.

Stallard, John

Stamford, Earl of, see Grey.

Stamford, co. Lincoln, letter dated from

Stanbury, Roger, petition of

Standish, Eliz., petition of

Stanes, Geo., letter of

Stanhope, Philip, second Earl of Chesterfield
-, Elizabeth, third wife of
-, relative of, see Stanhope, Thos.
-, Katherine, Countess of Chesterfield (wife of Dan. O'Neale)
-, Charles, Lord Stanhope of Warrington

Stanhope, Alex.
-, Thos., M.A.
-, Mr.

Stanihurst, Col. Hen, petition of

Stanlake, Mr.

Stanley, James, seventh Earl of Derby
-, Charlotte, widow of
-, Charles, eighth Earl of Derby, Lord of Man, Lieutenant of Cheshire
-, certificate by
-, grant to
-, petitions of
-, ancestors of

Stanley family, the, title of, to the Isle of Man

Stanley, John
-, receipt by
-, Wm.
-, Cornet

Staplehill, Gilbert, letters to

Stapleton, co. Gloucester, J.P.s at

Star Chamber

Starenberge, Count

Starismore, Ensign Thos.

Starkey, John

Starling, see Sterling.

Starlings, Stephen, petition of

Stashbury, Thos.

State, see Government.
-, Act of, alluded to
-, money for the
-, officers of, list of
-, secretaries of, see Secretaries.

Statutes of the Realm, bills printed in

Staveley, Derbyshire
-, letters dated from

Stayner, Sir Rich.

Steane, Thos.

Stegg, Capt.

Stent, John, bond of

Stephanus, Carolus

Stephens, John, letter of
-, Valentine, information by

Stephenson, John
-, John, purser
-, Judith, widow of, petition of

Stepney, Middlesex
-, Collier Row in
-, manor of
-, parish church of
-, residents in

Sterling, or Starling, Sir Sam., Lord Mayor and Commissioner of Lieutenancy for the City of London
-, informations before
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, petition of
-, report by
-, warrants to
-, marshal of
-, servant of

Sterne, Dr. Rich., Archbishop of York
-, as Bishop of Carlisle
-, letters to
-, petition to

Stevekins, Mr.

Stevens, John, petition of

Steventon, John
-, St. John, clerk of the cheque at Portsmouth
-, letters, &c., of

Stewart, as name of royal family
-, Rob.
-, Rob., Norfolk
-, petition of
-, Sir Rob.
-, letter of
-, Col. Wm., petition of

Stewkley, John, J.P.

Steyne or Steynes, Thos., petitions of
-, family of

Still, John and Mary

Stillingfleet, Dr. Edw.

Stint, Fras.

Stirling, garrison at

Stisted, Edw.

Stittenham, co. York, letters dated from

Stocden, co. York, letter dated from

Stockdale, Ralph, petition of

Stockholm, Sweden, pitch from
-, ships of or from

Stockman, Isaac
-, letter of

Stockport, see Stopford.

Stockton, co. Durham, Easington Ward in

Stockwith, co. Notts, letters dated from
-, ships to or from
-, timber at or from

Stoddard, Rob.

Stodert, Ma.

Stoford, co. Somerset, resident at

Stoke Bruern, co. Northampton, rectory of

Stoke Orchard, co. Gloucester, resident at

Stone, Barth., jun.
-, Fras.
-, Peter
-, Sir Rob.
-, Marg., daughter of, see Lowden, Marg.

Stonehouse, John, Dorothy and Mary
-, Lady
-, children of

Stonehouse, co. Gloucester, rectory of

Stony Close, co. Herts

Stony hill, Scotland, resident at

Stopford [Stockport ?], co. Chester, alderman of

Stores, Wm., contract with

Stormont, Viscount, see Murray.

Story, Thos.

Stoughton, Sir Nich.

Stourton, William, Lord Stourton

Stowe, co. Bucks
-, Cornwall, traveller to

Stradling, Mansell, petition of

Strafford, Earl of, see Wentworth.

Straits, the, of Gibraltar see also Gibraltar.
-, mouth of
-, ships or fleet bound for
-, ships or fleet in or near
-, ships in or for, foreign
-, ships or fleet from

Strangeways, Jas.

Stratford, co. Wilts., resident at
-, upon-Avon, co. Warwick
-, Mayor, aldermen, &c., of, petition of
-, Dean, co. Wilts, manor of
-, Longthorne, Essex

Stratton, Lord Berkeley of, see Berkeley.

Streater, John

Streaton, Thos., contract with
-, tender by

Street, Rob.

Strickland, Capt. Roger
-, letter of
-, Sir Thos., Commissioner of Privy Seal
-, Walter, petition of
-, of Somerset House

Strode, George, signature of
-, Joan
-, signature of
-, sons of
-, Col. John
-, letters of

Strother, Wm.

Stroud, Kent

Stroud, Navy stores to

Stroude, Mr.

Stuart, James, first Duke of Richmond and fourth Duke of Lenox
-, Mary, widow of
-, Charles, third Duke of Richmond and sixth Duke of Lenox
-, as Lord Lieutenant of co. Dorset
-, letter of
-, Margaret, second wife of
-, Frances, third wife of

Stuarts, the, and see Stewart.

Stubbin, Josiah

Stubbs, Hen., letters of
-, family of

Sturges, John

Sturton, Little, co. Lincoln, resident at

Suckling, Lionel
-, Rob.

Sudbury, Suffolk
-, All Saints' Church and parish in
-, letter dated from
-, Mayor of

Suffolk, Earl and Countess of, see Howard.

-, Commissioners in
-, divisions of
-, places in
-, receiver or collectors in
-, residents in
-, sheriff of

-, ships laden with

Suley, Mr.

Sumner, John, messenger, warrants to

Sunderland, Earl of, see Spencer, Robert.

Sunderland, Thos. or Hugh

Sunderland, co. Durham


Surgeons, ships', see Ships, surgeons of.
-, Company, see London, Companies of, Barber-Surgeons.

Surinam, South America
-, English subjects at
-, ships to or for

-, assizes in
-, Earl of Holland's rising in (1648)
-, justice of assize for
-, Lords Lieutenant of
-, places in
-, residents in
-, sheriff of

Surveyor-General, see Harbord, Sir Chas.

Sus, Morocco, army to

-, Lords Lieutenant of
-, rectories in
-, sheriff of

Sutleback, Mathias
-, children of

Sutton, Robert, first Baron Lexington
-, children of

Sutton, Eliz., letter of
-, Thos., son of
-, Capt. Thos.

Sutton Pool, Devonshire

Sutton's Hospital, see Charterhouse.

Swaddell, John, secretary to Lord Arlington
-, letters of

Swale, Sir Solomon, Bart.

Swan, Wm.
-, Sir Wm.
-, purser
-, wife of

Swanley, Rich.

Swansea, co. Glamorgan
-, letters dated from
-, ships of or to

Sweden, King of [Charles IX.]
-, ministers of
-, Crown of
-, Queen of

-, ambassadors or residents of
-, ambassadors or envoys to
-, army of
-, ships of or from

Sweeting, Hen.

Swerston, Essex, manor of

Swift, Ant.
-, Thos.
-, Godwin, son of
-, petition of
-, Dean (nephew of Godwin)

Swill Bullocks, co. Lincoln, lands of

Swinfield, Hum.

Swiss soldiers

Switzerland, cantons of

Sydenham, Sir Edw.
-, Sir Ralph
-, Rich.
-, Capt.

Sydney, Col. Rob.

Sykes, Sam., account by

Symmons, Sam.

Symon, Thos.

Symonds, Will
-, letters to

Symons, Sam., minister

Syriac, professor of