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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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P. E., letter of
-, brother of

P. F.

Packer, Mary
-, Phil., paymaster of the works
-, letter of
-, Rob., note by
-, Wm.
-, John, son of

Packet-boats, see also Dover, Harwich, and Holland, packet-boats to and from.

Packington, Mr.

Padua, letter dated from

Page, Fras.
-, contracts with
-, Gregory
-, John
-, Rachel
-, child of
-, Rob., petition of
-, Capt.

Paget, Wm., Lord Paget, letter of

Pakenham, Norfolk, manor of

Palatine of the Rhine, Elector of, Charles Lewis
-, as Rheingrave and Governor of Maestricht
-, brother of, see Rupert, Prince.
-, Princess
-, son in law of, see Hanover and Brunswick, Duke of.

Palemon (character in play)

Paley, Fras., contract with

Palmer, Roger, first Earl of Castlemaine
-, ancestors of
-, Barbara, Countess of Castlemaine, his wife (mistress of Charles II.)
-, as Duchess of Cleveland, Baroness of Nonsuch and Countess of Southampton
-, sons of, see Fitzroy, Charles and George.
-, children of

Palmer, Ant.
-, Ensign Chas., signature of
-, Sir Geoffrey, Attorney-General
-, death of
-, letters to
-, references on petitions to, and reports of
-, warrants to
-, Sir Henry, Bart.
-, petition of
-, Sir Thomas, father of
-, Jas.
-, John, petition of
-, Sam., son of
-, Thos., letter of

Palmes, Clement
-, Wm., M.P.
-, letter of

Palos, Cape de, Spain

Palsgrave, Hants (?), timber from

Pamplin, Nath.

Panta Larea (Pantellaria), island of

Panton, Edw., letter of

Paper Office, see Whitehall, Office of State Papers at.

Papers, State, Clerk of, see Williamson, Jos.
-, suggested publication of

Papists, see Roman Catholics.

Parham, Lord of, see Willoughby.

-, ambassador at, see France, ambassador to.
-, letter dated from
-, massacre [of St. Bartholomew] at, alluded to
-, news from
-, residents at
-, travellers to

Parke, Wm.

Parker, Capt. Abr., muster-master
-, letters, &c., of
-, petition of
-, Jas.
-, John, B.D.
-, Capt. John, signature of
-, Josias, petition of
-, Nich.
-, Peter
-, Thos., bond of
-, Wm.

Parliament, see also Usurpation, the; Lords and Commons, Houses of; Scotland, Parliament of.
-, Acts of see also
-, Brandy
-, Conventicles
-, Cornwall, Duchy of
-, Corporations
-, Excise
-, Fee-farm Rents
-, Five Miles
-, Ireland
-, London, rebuild -ing of
-, Navigation
-, Oblivion
-, Poll Money
-, Post Office
-, Printing
-, Royal Aid
-, Uniformity
-, Wines
-, Acts relating to.
-, Acts of, or Bills in, alluded to
-, adjournment, proroguing, or rising of, alluded to
-, clerk of
-, Committee of, for Accounts, see Accounts, Committee for taking.
-, Committee of, for Grievances
-, committee of, petitions to
-, members of
-, list of
-, names of
-, election or choice of
-, proclamation to
-, opening or meeting of, alluded to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, papers addressed or sent to
-, proceedings in, alluded to
-, notes of
-, processions of sovereigns to
-, sittings or sessions of, alluded to
-, speeches to, see Charles II., speeches of; and Bridgman, Sir Orlando, speeches of.
-, two Houses of, see Commons in connection with the Lords.

Parliament (Commonwealth), orders of, alluded to
-, recital of
-, the Rump
-, the Convention
-, [Richard Cromwell's], defection of the Army from

Parnassus, archives of

Parrett, Martha, petition of
-, family of

Parrott, see Perrott.

Parry, Fras.
-, Peter

Parsons, Rob.
-, Wm.

Partridge, Mr.

Pasker, ship's master

Passaro, Cape, Sicily, ships off

Passports, passes, or licences to travel, asked for, or alluded to
-, clerkship of
-, for dogs
-, for horses, see Horses.
-, beyond seas
-, to England
-, to France
-, to Guernsey
-, to Holland or Flanders
-, to Italy
-, to Russia

Patent Rolls, alluded to

Paterson, Hugh

Patrick, Father, see Ma Ginn.

Paul, St., alluded to

Paul, Cape, see St. Paul, Cape.

Paulet, Charles, Lord St. John of Basing
-, letter of

Paulet, Fras., J.P., warrant to

Paulett, Hercules

Paw, Derick Peterson

Pawlett, Chidiock
-, petition of

Peace, clerks of, case of
-, justices of, see Justices of peace.

Peachell, Rich., petition of

Peachy, G., letters of
-, or Peachey, Thos., information by
-, letter of
-, brother of

Peake, Ald. Sir Wm.

Pearce, or Peirce, Capt. John
-, letter of

Pearl, Thos.

Pearle, John
-, Rich.
-, Rich., late
-, family, pedigree of

Pears, Edmund

Pearse, James, Surgeon-General
-, Dr. Wm., see Pierce.

Pearson, John, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, petition of
-, Mary
-, Dr. Rich.

Pease, Rich.

Peckham, Serjeant

Pedigrees or genealogies

Pedro, Don

Peers, House of, see Lords, House of.
-, creation of, alluded to
-, pedigrees of, see Pedigrees.

Pein, Phil. le

Peirce, Capt. Jeffry, see Pierce.
-, Capt. John, see Pearce.

Peirs, Dr. Wm., certificate by

Peirse, John, ship's master, contract by

Peivas [Privas], France, inhabitants of

Pelham, Rob. and Mary

Pell, Mr., Yarmouth

Pelletier, M.

Pells Office, see Exchequer.

Pellum, Rob.

Pembroke, Earl of, see Herbert.

Pembroke, letters dated from
-, resident at

Pembrokeshire, rectories in

Pendennis, Cornwall
-, Castle, letters dated from
-, letters dated from
-, ships of, to, or from
-, troops or garrison at

Pendragon Castle, co. Westmoreland

Pendrell, George
-, the five brothers

Pendrill, Wm.
-, petition of
-, son of

Peneystone, Sir Thos., Bart.

Penn, Ensign Wm., clerk of the cheque at Kinsale, letters of
-, Sir Wm. or General, Navy Commissioner
-, petitions to
-, Wm., Quaker, his son
-, letters of

Pennicott, Sebastian, letters of

Penning, Deputy

Pennington, Dr. Allan
-, letters of
-, kinsman of
-, Richard, brother of
-, Sir John
-, Miles

Penon-de-Velez, Morocco, siege of

Penrith, Cumberland, resident at

Penryn in Truro, Cornwall

Pensioners, see Gentlemen Pensioners.

Pensions, Exchequer
-, petitions, &c., for, or concerning
-, alluded to
-, warrants, &c., concerning, or grants of
-, alluded to

Penzance, Cornwall, ship to

Pepys, Sam., Navy Commissioner and Clerk of the Acts
-, certificate by
-, clerk of, see Ewers, Wm.
-, letters to
-, list by
-, notes of
-, shorthand

Perchord, Dan.

Percival, Sir John, Bart.

Percy, Algernon, tenth Earl of Northumberland
-, Joceline, eleventh Earl of Northumberland
-, as Lord Percy
-, death and funeral of
-, Elizabeth, widow of
-, daughter of
-, relatives of
-, ancestors of
-, Henry [Joceline?], Earl of Northumberland

Perich, Mr., see Perwich.

Perincheif, Dr. Rich.

Perone, Signor Antonio

Peronne, French army to

Perrin, Dr. (Henry)
-, Thos., shipwright
-, Mr.

Perrott, or Parrott, Charles, clerk to Williamson
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, note by

Perry, Thos.
-, Capt. Walter, letters of

Persall, Sir Wm.

-, Bishop of
-, Emperor or King of
-, ships to

Persivall, Wm., petitions of

Perwich, or Perich, Mr.

Pescod, Nich.

Peterborough, Earl of, see Mordaunt.

Peters, Thos., letter of
-, Wm.
-, Capt.

Petersheim (diocese of Cologne)

Peterson, Rowland

Petham, Kent, manor of

Petit, Rene, petition of
-, wife of, see Green, Margaret.

Pett, Christopher
-, certificates by
-, Peter, Navy Commissioner at Chatham
-, letter of
-, warrant by
-, Phineas, master shipwright at Chatham
-, contract with
-, letters of
-, Phineas, muster master and clerk of the cheque at Gravesend
-, letters of
-, servant of
-, Sam., Chatham

Petty, Sir Wm.
-, Mr.

Petworth, Sussex, Earl of Northumberland's funeral at

Pevensey, Sussex, manor of
-, Level, Sussex, marsh lands in

Peyton, Sir Algernon, Bart.
-, Sir John

Phalzbourg, see Phillysburg.

Phelips, Rob.

Phelps, Mr., registrar of the Committee of Plundered Ministers

Philipoyle, see Phillysburg.

Phillips, Sir Edw., late Master of the Rolls,
-, Hector
-, John
-, nephew of
-, John, King's footman, petition of
-, Mary, letter of
-, Rob.
-, Col.
-, Mr.

Phillysburg, or Philipoyle [Phalzbourg ?], French at

Philmor, Justice

Phnix Park, Ireland, chief ranger of

Physicians, and see Medicine, Doctors of.
-, College of

Pibus [Hum.]


Pidwilliston, co. Dorset, chapel at

Piedmont Protestants
-, Commissioners for

Pierce, or Peirce, Capt. Jeffrey
-, letters of
-, Dr. Thos., Principal of Magdalen College, Oxford
-, letter to
-, or Pearse, Dr. Wm., late Bishop of Bath and Wells

Pierrepoint, Henry, Marquis of Dorchester, report, &c., of

Pierrepoint, Mr.

Pight, Rich., petition of

Pignerol, Savoy, traveller to

Pikulline, Scotland, resident at

Pilkington, John

Pill, co. Dorset, letter addressed to

Pinchbeck, co. Lincoln, lands in

Pinckard, Wm., petition of

Pindar, Sir Paul

Pinfold, Thos.

Pinkney, customs officer

Pipon, John, petition of

Pitcarlie, Scotland, resident at

Pitfield, Mr., J.P.

Pitsford, co. Northampton, rectory of

Pitt, Hen.
-, John, clerk of control at Portsmouth
-, letters of
-, Rich., letters of
-, letter to
-, Rob.

Plague, the see also London, plague in.

-, Committee or Council of
-, President of
-, ships to
-, transportation to

Platt, Susanna, certificate by

Plaw, Rich.

Play, portion of a

Player, Sir Thos., Chamberlain of London
-, letters of
-, letter to

Pleuvier, Isaac

Pley, Constance, letter of

Plomer, Sir Walter, Bart., letter to

Plowman, Rob.
-, examination by
-, wife and children of

Plume, Thos.

Plummer, John

Plundered Ministers, Committee of
-, registrar of, see Phelps, Mr.

Plunkett, Luke, Lord Fingall

-, Catwater at, see Catwater.
-, citadel of
-, Governor of, see Grenville, Earl of Bath.
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of, letter of
-, Navy officers at
-, postmaster at, see Blackborne, Jas.
-, residents at
-, letter of
-, ships at
-, letter dated from
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to

Plymouth Sound, ships in or from
-, letters dated from

Plympton, Joan

Pocock, John
-, letters of
-, John, New Forest, petition of
-, ancestors of
-, Wm.
-, memorandum by

Pointer, Thos.
-, account by
-, certificate by

Poitiers, battle of

-, King of
-, Diet of

Poley, Wm.

Polhill, John
-, contracts with

Poll Acts alluded to
-, money

Pollard, Sir Hugh, Comptroller of the Household
-, as Governor of Guernsey

Polly, Rob.

Pompone, M.

Pont-a-Mousson, France, taking of

Pontefract, co. Yorks
-, Castle, garrison for the King at
-, Governor of, see Morris, Col. John.

Pont Escoulant, Mons. du

Pool, co. Montgomery, letter dated from

Poole, Sir Hen.
-, Anne, wife of
-, parents and sister of, see Withypool.
-, daughter of, see Livingston, Anne, Lady Newburgh.
-, Math.
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Wm.
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, report of

Poole, co. Dorset
-, letter from

Poore, Dick

Pope, the, Clement IX.
-, election of successor to, alluded to
-, Clement X.
-, Nuncio of
-, Secretary of State of
-, nephew of [Cardinal Paluzzi Altieri]

Pope, Jas.

Pordage, S., letter of
-, Mrs.

Porey, Dr. Rob.

Porta Fararoe, see Porto Ferraio.

Portego, ship from

Porter, Chas.
-, George, request by
-, Tubal Cain, petition of
-, of Oxford

Portland, Earl of, see Weston.

Portland, Isle of, co. Dorset, resident in

Port Louis, ship from

Port Mahon, Minorca
-, castle of
-, Governor of
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, stores or provisions at or for
-, victualling agent at, see Gibson, Rich.

Portmountgomery, Scotland

Porto Carero, Cardinal

Porto Ferraio, or Porta Fararoe, Elba
-, Verena, see Farina, Porto.

Portpatrick, Scotland, lands of

Portrush, Ireland, timber to

Portspitel, Scotland, lands of

Portsmouth, Hants
-, Custom House at
-, garrison of, or troops at
-, Governor of, letter to
-, Governor, Lieutenant or Deputy, of, see Honeywood, Sir Philip, and Halsey, Col.
-, harbour of, chain for
-, letter dated from
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, master attendant at, see Hubbard, Capt.
-, Mayor of
-, Navy Commissioners at, see Tippetts, J., and Middleton, Col. Thos.
-, residents at
-, ships at see also Spithead, ships at.
-, letters dated from
-, ships of, to, or from
-, Sorlings, the, near, see Sorlings.
-, travellers to or from

Portsmouth Dockyard, buildings in, repair of
-, clerk of the cheque at, see Steventon, St. John.
-, clerk of comptrol at, see Pitt, John.
-, late, see Knight, Sam.
-, clerk of the survey at, see Salesbury, Hugh.
-, letters dated from
-, master of attendance at, and see Ansley, Capt. Abr.; Hubbard, Capt.
-, deputy of
-, master carver at
-, master shipwright at
-, Navy stores, &c., at, for, or from
-, contracts for
-, embezzlement of
-, wanted
-, officers of
-, ropeyard at
-, letters dated from
-, workmen in
-, ships building at
-, ships fitting or repairing at
-, storekeeper at, and see Johnson, Capt. Ben.
-, timber for, at, or from
-, victualler's agent at
-, workmen at or for

Portugal, King of (Alphonso VI.)
-, chief minister of
-, chief secretary of
-, Court of
-, viceroy of
-, Queen of
-, Prince of
-, reported death of
-, envoy from, see Portugal, ambassadors from.

-, admiral and vice-admiral of
-, ambassadors or envoys of
-, secretary of
-, ambassadors to, and see Southwell, Sir Rob.
-, English officers serving in
-, natives of, see Portuguese.
-, ships of
-, captains of
-, capture of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to

-, name (given to a ship).

Pory, John, case of

Post labels

Post, letters first sent by

Postmaster-General, see Bennet, Lord Arlington; O'Neale, Dan.
-, deputy, see Bennet, Sir John, and Ellis, Andrew.

-, complaints against, for negligence or miscarriage of letters
-, petitions of
-, order to

Post Office, or Letter Office, Bishopsgate Street
-, at Gresham College
-, Act of Parliament concerning, alluded to
-, clerk of, see Hickes, Jas.
-, Farmers of
-, letters dated from
-, proclamation relating to
-, profits of
-, settled on the King
-, service or servants of

Post stages
-, warrant

Posts, conveyance of
-, in Scotland, see Scotland, posts in.

Potts, John, messenger, certificate by
-, warrant to
-, John, postilion, petition of
-, Thos., or Wm.
-, Charity, wife of
-, petition of

Poulter, John
-, information by

Poultney, Sir Wm., see Pulteney.

Poure, Milo, letter to

Povey, Capt. Wm., ordnance officer

Powel, Tegg (?), letter of

Powell, John, South Wales, letters of
-, John, Navy surgeon
-, Mary
-, Ralph.
-, Sir Rich., K. B.
-, petition of
-, Rowland, guarantee by
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Wm., signature of
-, alias Benson, Sir Wm., Bart.
-, Mary, wife of
-, grandfather of
-, Capt., or Major (Guernsey)

Power, Lord (? Powerscourt)

Power, Capt., see Coaha.

Prelates, see Bishops.

-, in London, King's transactions with

Press, the, state or reform of
-, by-laws for regulation of
-, Surveyor of, see L'Estrange, Roger.
-, deputy, see Jeffreys, Rich.

Press warrant asked for

Preston, John

Preston, co. Lancaster, corporation of
-, Mayor and bailiffs of, declaration by

Prestwich, Sir Thos., Bart., petition of

Prestwich, co. Lancaster, rectory of

Prettyman, John
-, Sir John, Bart., son of
-, petitions of
-, Sir George, Bart., son of

Price, Ben., certificate by
-, Gervase
-, Sir Herbert
-, letter of
-, Rich.
-, Sam.
-, Mrs.

Prideaux, Edm.
-, Hum.
-, Peter
-, petition of
-, Peter, father of
-, Peter, Commissioner of Appeals

Priest, Simon, information by

Primrose, Sir Archibald, Lord Registrar of Scotland

Prince (character in play)

Princes, foreign, see Foreign princes.

Princess Royal, the (late), see Orange, Mary, Princess of.


Printing, Act for, alluded to
-, presses, &c., private or unlicensed

Prisoners, and see Chester and York; also Fleet, Gatehouse, King's Bench, Newgate, and Tower prisons, prisoners in.
-, list of
-, petitions, &c., of
-, transportation of, see Plantations, transportation to.
-, at war (English)
-, (foreign)
-, exchange of

Pritchard, Thos.

Privy Council, or Council Board
-, act of, alluded to
-, adjournment of
-, attendance on
-, books, entries in
-, alluded to
-, catalogue of
-, Chamber (Whitehall)
-, door of, letter dated from
-, Clerk of
-, Committees of see also Admiralty, Foreign Affairs, Navy, and Trade, Committees, for.
-, names of members of
-, King in, see Charles II. in Council.
-, matters or business before
-, notes of
-, meetings of, alluded to
-, members or Lords of
-, list of
-, nomination of sheriffs by
-, Office, books in
-, orders in
-, alluded to
-, papers, &c., read in, or sent to
-, persons summoned or brought before
-, petitions to
-, alluded to
-, register of, alluded to

Privy Purse
-, keeper of, see May, Baptist.
-, payments from, alluded to or asked for

Privy Seal, Lord, see Robartes, Lord.

Privy seals
-, alluded to
-, clerk of
-, Commissioners of and see Strickland, Sir Thos.
-, payments on, warrants for

Prize goods
-, treasurer of

Prize Office, officer of
-, in the Isle of Wight, see Wight, Isle of, Prize Office in.

Prizes (ships, &c.)
-, naturalization, or making free of, warrant for
-, sale or purchase of, alluded to
-, treasurer for, see Cooper, Anthony Ashley, Lord Ashley.

Prizes, Commissioners of
-, accountant to
-, letter to (?)
-, warrant to

Proclamations, see Charles II., proclamations of.

Progers, Edw., Groom of the Bedchamber
-, Col., list by

Protestant Cantons of Switzerland
-, ministers
-, religion

-, massacre of
-, of Piedmont, see Piedmont Protestants.

Provost Marshal, see Thomas, Capt. Gilbert.

Puay, Marquis

Public accounts, see Accounts.
-, notaries

Puckle, Jas.

Pugh, Jas.
-, Morris, petition of

Pulham Manor, co. Norfolk

Pulman, Anne

Pulteney, or Poultney, Sir Wm.

Punnett, Mr.

Puntall, ships at

Purbeck, island of, co. Dorset, Browne's Pit in

Purcell, Eliz., petition of
-, children of

Puriton-cum-Crandon, co. Somerset, manor of

-, Bluemantle
-, Rougecroix, see Dethick, Hen.

Pury, Thos.

Putney, Surrey

Pye, Sir Edmond
-, Sir Rob.

Pyend, Stephen, contract with
-, Capt.


Quakers, or Friends
-, declaration by
-, register of, alluded to

Quarry, Rich.


Queen, the, see Catherine of Braganza.
-, Mother, the, see Henrietta Maria.

Queens, household officers for, notes of

Questonbury, Sam., bond of

Quetteville, de, certificate by

Quin, John, petition of
-, Ann, widow of, petition of

Quinboro', or Konigsberg, Prussia

Quinn, Chas.

Quit rents and renters


Radcliffe, Fras., letter of

Ragland, co. Monmouth, surrender of

Ragley, or Ragley Lodge, co. Warwick, goods sent to
-, letters addressed to

Ragotski, Prince
-, wife of
-, mother of

Rails Head, Middlesex, bridge at


Rainsford, Lieut. Fras., deputy-lieutenant of the Tower
-, or Raynsford, Sir Rich.

Raintell, Oliver de

Raleigh, Capt. George
-, Sir Walter

Rampton, Notts (?), letter dated from

Ramsey, Hen., receipt by

Ramsgate, Thanet, ships of or to
-, deputy of
-, letter of
-, letter dated from
-, resident at, letter of

Rand, Capt. Wm., master attendant at Chatham
-, accounts, &c., by
-, letters of

Randall, Capt. Sam., certificate by
-, Ald

Randolph, of Derbyshire

Rands, Israel

Ranelagh, Lord, see Jones, Richard.

Rantzow, Graf, see Guldenlew, Count.

Raper, Mr.

Rastull, Thos.
-, son of

Ratcliffe, co. Middlesex

Rathley-cum-Cackmore, co. Bucks, resident at

Raughley, Chris.

Ravens, Ald. or Capt. Thos.

Rawden, co. York, inhabitants of, petition of

Rawdon, Sir George
-, wife of (?)

Rawlings, Rob.
-, petition of

Rawlins, Mr.
-, father of
-, engraver

Rawson, Capt. Thos., petition of

Raymond, Thos., letters of
-, son of

Rayner, Edm.

Raynsford, see Rainsford.

Read, Col.

Reade, Edw., petition of
-, Capt. Jas., petition of
-, family of

Reading, Berks
-, gaol, prisoner in

Rebel party, see Usurpation, the.

Redbridge, Hants
-, timber at or to

Redderith, see Redriff.

Redhall, Scotland, lands of

Redmayne, John, affidavit by

Redriff, or Redderith (Rotherhithe), Surrey

Redvers, Baldwin de, former Earl of Devon

Reeve, John, letter of
-, Mat., brother of, letter to
-, Anne, cousin of
-, Mr., Lord Mayor's Marshal

Reeves, Capt. Wm.

Regnier, Hen., request by

Rentown, Bessie

Requests, Master of

Reresby, Sir John

Rerisby, Ensign

Restoration, the, see Charles II., restoration of.

Retford, Notts, travellers to

Retz, Marquis de

Reusner, Col. Andrew, and family

Revenue, frauds connected with
-, Commissioners, order by

Reves, Capt.

Reymes, Col. Bullen, Surveyor of the Wardrobe, letter, &c., of
-, letter to

Reynell, George

Reynolds, Edw., Bishop of Norwich, letter to
-, Wm.

Rhe, Isle of

Rheinberg, cession of

Rheingrave, the, see Palatine, Elector.

Rhenish wines, see Wines.

Rhine, the, French on

Rhodes, Sir Edw.
-, Sir Fras., Bart.
-, petition of

Rhone, the river

Ricaut, Paul, consul at Smyrna
-, letters to
-, Peter

Riccard, Sir Andrew, Governor of the Levant Company
-, certificate by

Rich, Henry, first Earl of Holland
-, Robert, second Earl of Holland
-, steward of
-, wife of
-, children and servants of
-, Charles, Earl of Warwick, warrant to

Rich, Hon. Hatton
-, Sam., B.A.
-, petition of
-, Mr. (clerk)

Richards, Evan, children of
-, J.
-, letter of
-, John, Usher to the Queen, petition of

Richardson, John
-, John, servant
-, Melchisedec
-, Ald., York
-, Mr., Lancaster (?)
-, forger

Richmond, Duke of, see Stuart.

Richmond, Surrey
-, Duke and Duchess of York at
-, gallery keeper at
-, Green, letter dated from
-, New Park of, horses, &c., to
-, co. York, letters addressed to
-, M.P. for

Riddlesworth, Norfolk, manor of

Rider, Ant.
-, Rich.
-, Mr. (Council Office)

Rider, or Ryther, co. York, rectory of

Ridge, Rich.
-, contract with
-, Wm.

Ridge, co. Herts, resident at

Riding, co. Lincoln, marsh ground at

Ridley, Fras.
-, Capt.

Riga, Russia, masts, hemp, &c., from

Rigby, Alex., letters of
-, petition of

Riggs, Edw., letter of

Rind, Capt. Rob.

Rivers, Earl, see Savage.

Rivers, cleansing of

Rives, Ald. Sir Rich.

Roach, Hen.
-, Sarah, widow of

Road, co. Somerset, resident at
-, Common, meeting at

Roaper, Randolph

Robartes, John, Lord Robartes
-, as Lord Lieutenant or Viceroy of Ireland
-, recall of, alluded to
-, as Lord Keeper of the Privy seal
-, as "Mr. Blewett,"
-, Lady Letitia, daughter of, see Moore.

Robbiano, M.

Roberry, John, and Mary his wife

Robert, Prince, see Rupert.

Robert (servant to Lord Conway ?)

Roberts, George, journal by
-, letters of
-, Gerrard
-, John, postmaster
-, Thos., receipt by

Robin Hood

Robins, Jas., letter of
-, John, letter of

Robinson, Henry
-, petition of
-, wife and family of
-, John, letter of
-, John (scholar at Oxford)
-, Sir John, Bart., Lieutenant of the Tower and alderman of London
-, as Lieutenant of the Tower Hamlets
-, as Lord Mayor of London
-, company of
-, informations before
-, letters, &c., of
-, letter to
-, warrants to
-, officer of
-, Anne, wife of, sister to Jos. Williamson
-, letter of
-, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, Thos.
-, Dr.

Robson, Simon
-, Wm.

Rochelle, France
-, ships at
-, ships of, to, or from

Rochester, Earl of, see Wilmot.

Rochester, Bishop of, see Dolben, John.
-, Archdeacon of, see Lees, Dr.
-, Cathedral church of, lands held from
-, Dean of, see Hardy, Dr. John, and Mews, Dr. Peter.
-, Dean and Chapter of [temp. Hen. VIII.]

Rochester, Kent
-, letter dated from
-, residents at
-, soldiers at

Rochester Point

Rocke, John, jun.
-, declaration and petition of
-, father of

Rockingham Forest, co. Northampton

Rocottelliat (rebel leader)

Rodway Fitzpayne, co. Somerset

Roehampton, Surrey, the Queen to

Roery, chemist

Roettiers, Phil.

Roger, James, letter of

Rogers, Edw.
-, Fras.
-, Lieut. Fras.
-, Hen.
-, John
-, John, London
-, Thos.
-, Wm.
-, Dr.
-, Mr. (feigned name)
-, Mr., Remembrancer of First Fruits
-, nonconformist

Rohan, Duke of

Rokeby, Jane, letter of

Rolfe, Wm.

Roll, Fras.

Rolls, the, Master of, see Grimstone, Sir Harbottle.
-, Master of, late, see Phillips, Sir Edw.
-, at the Tower, see Tower, records at.

Rolls, Essex, mansion of

Roman Catholic cantons of Switzerland
-, priests

Roman Catholics, Romanists, or Papists
-, burlesque against
-, religious houses of

Rome, Church of, arguments against
-, convert to, see York. Duchess of.

-, commonwealth of
-, election of a Pope at, see Pope.
-, travellers to or from

Romford, Essex, auditors at

Rood Ashton, Wilts, resident at

Rooth, Capt. Rich.

Roper, Christopher, Lord Teynham, death of

Roper, Chris.
-, petition of
-, Fras., petition of
-, Hen.
-, Warden of Stationers' Company

Roscarrock, Capt. Edw.

Roscommon, Earl of, see Dillon, Wentworth.

Rose, Thos.

Rospigliosi, family of
-, Albert Felix
-, Fra Vincenzo

Ross, Thos., petition of

Ross, Ireland, ship from
-, Scotland, barony of

Rotherhithe, see Redriff.

Rothes, Earl of, see Lesly.

Rotterdam, Holland
-, Admiralty of
-, letter dated from
-, ships of, to, or from
-, Vice-Admiral of

Rouen, France
-, ships of, to, or from

Rous, or Rowse, Mr.

Rousillon, France

Rovre, De

Row, Dr.

Rowlandson, Rich., M.A.

Rowles, Pet., certificate by

Rowse, Mr., see Rous.

Royal Academy for education proposed
-, Aid
-, Act for, alluded to
-, collectors of
-, Commissioners for
-, petition of
-, Company, see African Company.
-, Family, see Charles II., family of.
-, Oak, knights of
-, Society
-, accountant of
-, books published by
-, Council and members of, list of
-, letter concerning
-, President of, see Brouncker, Lord.

Royer, Gideon

Royley, Fras.
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, papers by

Roys, Francois de, petition of

Rudd, John
-, proposal by

Rudley Copse, New Forest

Rudston, John, petition of

Rudyard, John
-, Thos.

Ruffana, Pedro

Ruffhead, John
-, contracts of
-, letters of

Rugeley, Dr.

Rugeley, co. Stafford, letters dated from

Rumbold, Henry

Rumney, Thos.

Rumney, Kent, Customs officer at

Rumsey, Lieut.-Col.
-, nephew to Sir Thos. Morgan

Rundall [Edw.]

Rupert, or Robert, Prince Palatine of the Rhine, cousin of the King
-, as Constable of Windsor Castle
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Berks
-, as Commander of the Fleet
-, grants to
-, letters to
-, secretary of, see Hayes, James.
-, mother of, see Bohemia, Elizabeth, Queen of.

Rushbrooke, Suffolk, resident at

Rushin Castle, Isle of Man

Rushout, Sir James, Bart., petition of

Rushworth, Mr., order to

Russell, William, Earl of Bedford
-, William, second son of
-, heirs of

Russell, Sir Fras.
-, Henry
-, John, purveyor of timber
-, letters of
-, John, of co. Cambridge
-, Col. John
-, letter to
-, regiment of
-, Rich.
-, Rich., of Oxford
-, Sir Wm.

Russia, Czar or Emperor of

Russia, or Muscovy
-, Duke and Patriarch of
-, travellers to

-, Mr.

Ruthven, Patrick, Earl of Forth and Brentford
-, Joan, daughter of, see Forrester, Lady Joan.

Rutland, Earls of


Rutt, Abr.

Rydal, Westmoreland, letter dated from

Ryder, John, and Jane his wife, Whitby
-, John, London

Rye, Sussex
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor and jurats of
-, Princess Anne to
-, ships at, to, or from
-, travellers to

Ryley, Wm., deputy-keeper or clerk of Tower Records
-, as Lancaster Herald
-, letters to
-, list by
-, request by
-, father of

Rymer, Ralph

Rymes, Dan., tender by

Ryther, co. York, see Rider.

Ryves, Brune, D.D., Dean of Chichester, petition of