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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Maastricht, Governor of

Mabb, Mr.

Macassar, defeat of

McCarthy, Charles, Viscount Muskerry

Macarthy, Donogh, Earl of Clancarty
-, wife of

M'Clair, Geo.

Macclesfield, co. Chester
-, Mayor, aldermen, &c., of
-, Forest, Master Forester and High Steward of

MacDonald, Sir Donald
-, daughter of

MacGinn, Patrick

Mackemath, John

Mackie, Wm.

Mackreth, Wm.
-, Marg., widow of, petition of

Madagascar, ships to

Madden, John

Maddockes, Rob.
-, letter to
-, memorandum by
-, John, brother of, letters of
-, tender by
-, Rich., brother of

Maddox, Edw.

Madeira, mutiny in
-, ships to or from

Madox, Phil., letter to

-, ambassadors at, see Spain, ambassadors to.
-, bull-fight at
-, Plaza Mayer in
-, travellers to

Mcenas, allusion to

Maffei, Count

Magee, Wm.

Magenis, Con.
-, receipt by

MaGinn, Father Patrick

Magna Charta

Mahometan religion

Maiden Bradley, co. Wilts

Maids Morton, Bucks, resident at

Maidstone, Kent
-, gaol, petition dated from
-, prisoners in
-, letters dated from
-, residents at

Mails, arrival and departure of, alluded to see also Posts, and France and Flanders, mails to and from.

Mainston, Wm., letter of

Maitland, John, Earl of Lauderdale
-, as Lord Commissioner to Scotland
-, as Secretary of State for Scotland
-, letter of
-, speech of
-, servants of
-, Anne, wife of

Maitland, Chas., Laird of Haltown

-, letter dated from

Major-Generals, the, alluded to

Makerness, Wm.

Malaga, Spain
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Malaga Road, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Mall, Thos.

Mallet, Judge [Thos.]

Malmesbury, co. Wilts, parish of

Malta, island of
-, Knights of
-, letters dated from
-, ships of or to

Malton, co. Yorks
-, letter dated from

Man, Cornelius, see Manley
-, Capt. John, letters of

Man, Dukes of

Man, Isle of
-, Bishop of, late, see Barrow, Dr.
-, Governor and General of, see Musgrave, Sir Phil.
-, Lord of, see Stanley, Earl of Derby.

Manby, Wm., certificate by
-, Lieut.-Col., London, signature of

Manchester, Earl of, see Montague.

Manchester, collegiate church of, fellowships in
-, Warden and fellows of, letter to

Manden, Rich., letter of

Mandeville, Viscount, see Montague, Robert.

Mandit, Jasper, news-letter to

Manfeild, Rob.

Manley, or Man, Cornelius
-, Fras.
-, petition of
-, Rich., J.P.
-, Capt. Rob.

Mansell, Sir Edw., Bart., M.P.
-, Phil.

Mansfield, Nath.
-, Capt. Thos.
-, warrant to

Mantanella, ship to

Manton, nonconformist

Maplesden, Gervase
-, contract with

March, Rich., Ordnance officer, letter of

March, Isle of Ely, market at

Marchant, Le, James
-, Thomas
-, petition of
-, Eleazar, brother of

Marcine, Count

Marden, alias Mawarden, co. Hereford, manor of


Margam, co. Glamorgan, resident at

Margate, Kent
-, letters dated from
-, Road, men drowned in

Marihaus, Dr. Blasius Nunes, letter of

Mariners, or seamen
-, clothes for
-, bills of
-, desertion of
-, discontent or ill conduct of
-, drowned or slain
-, foreign
-, impress of
-, protection from
-, list of
-, payment or wages of, alluded to
-, wanted
-, prisoners
-, sick and wounded
-, Commissioners for
-, tickets of pay for
-, alluded to
-, complaints concerning
-, wanted or asked for
-, victuals for, see Ships, victuals for.
-, wives or widows of
-, children of

Markendale, Rob.

Market Bosworth, co. Leicester, rectory of

Markets, see Fairs.

Marks, of Hampshire

Marlay, or Marley, Sir John
-, letter of
-, wife of

Marlborough, Earl of, see Ley.

Marlow, John
-, Thos., messenger of the chamber

Marque, letters of
-, alluded to

Marre, Jaques de la

Marriot, Rich.

Marseilles, France
-, ships at, to, or from

Marsh, Barth.
-, John, clerk of Committee of Arrears
-, Phil.
-, Rich.
-, grandchild of
-, Thos.
-, petition of
-, Col. John, father of

Marshall, Mr.

Martel, M. le Marquis de
-, merchant, certificate by

Martin, or Martyn [Burrage]
-, letter of
-, Wormley, son of
-, letters of
-, Fras.
-, family of
-, John, collector, letter of
-, John, pilot
-, Capt. John
-, Sam.
-, letter, &c., of
-, Thos.
-, Mr., ship's master
-, Mr., jun., Chancery

Martinique, Island of, Governor of
-, ships to or from

Martinsthorpe, or Mastrup, co. Rutland

Martyn [Burrage], see Martin.
-, Thos.
-, certificate by

Mary, Queen, Council books of, alluded to

Maryland, New England, ships from

Mascall, Jonas, letter of

Mason, Jane, deposition of
-, John, timber merchant
-, contract with
-, letters of
-, son of
-, Col. John, Governor of Jersey, account by
-, order to
-, Rich.
-, Major Thos., petition of
-, Sir William, petition of
-, Capt.

Massachusetts, New England, colony of

Massey, Sir Edw.
-, Jo.

Massie, Wm.

Mastrup, see Martinsthorpe.

Mather, Cornwall, native of

Mathews, Andrew
-, Jas., estimate by
-, letter of
-, John
-, letter of
-, Phil
-, Sir Phil., Bart.

Matignon, M. de

Matson, John, Mayor of Dover
-, declaration of
-, letters to

Mattersey Bridge, Notts, timber to or at

Matthew, Fras., pamphlet by
-, Rob., letter of

Matthewes, Mr.

Maukes, Ant., petition of

Maurice, Prince

Maurice, John, letters of

May, Adrian
-, Sir Algernon, Keeper of Records in the Tower
-, letter of
-, son of
-, Baptist, keeper of the Privy Purse
-, Hugh
-, letter of
-, Capt.

May Day

Mayhew, Thos.
-, Margery, widow of, petition of

Maynard, Ant.
-, Thos., consul at Lisbon
-, letter of

Mayne, Simon

Mayors, Rob., purveyor for the Navy
-, letters, &c., of

Mazarin, Duchess of

Mead, Capt. [Wm.]
-, brother of

Meadows, Sir Thos., J.P.
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, wife of
-, nephew of, see Godfrey, Mr.

Meads, Thos., certificate by

Meadwell, Mr.

Meakins, Joan

Mearne, Sam.
-, letters, &c., of

Measures, Act for regulating, alluded to

Meath, Earl of, see Brabazon.

Medicine, Doctors of
-, student of

Medina de los Torres, Duke of
-, son of
-, brother of, see Gusman, Don.

Mediterranean Sea, pirates in
-, ships or fleet for or in

Medley, alias Methley, co. York

Medway, the, or Chatham river
-, clearing or raising of wrecks in
-, draft of, alluded to
-, Dutch in, see Dutch fleet.
-, ships in
-, list of

Meetings or meeting-houses, see Conventicles.

Meghims, Scotland, resident at

Mein, Rob., letter of

Meldrum, Sir John

Melger, Conde de

Mello, Don Francisco de

Melmoth, Thos.
-, letters of

Melo, Cape, Italy, ships near

Mendez, see Mordez.

Mennes, Sir John, Navy Comptroller and Commissioner
-, letters, &c., of
-, letter and petition to
-, Capt.

Merchants, English see also London, merchants of.
-, certificate by
-, goods of
-, ships belonging to

Merchant Adventurers, articles of agreement of
-, charter of, alluded to
-, interlopers on
-, petitions of



Merry, Thos.
-, Sir Thos.
-, grandchildren of
-, cornet

Mersey, Essex, island of
-, East, rectory of

Merston, Kent, minister of

Messengers, and see Buxton, ; Dixon, Thos.; Potts, John; Summer, John; Wickham, J.; Wilson, John; see also Charles II., messengers of the chamber to; Great Seal or Exchequer, messengers of.

Messina, Sicily, guns sold at
-, ships to or from

Mesurier, M., statement by

Metcalfe, John

Methelin, Marg.

Methley, see Medley.

Metz, soldiers for

Meuse, the, French forces near

Mew, Michael

Mews, Dr. Peter, President of St. John's College, and Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University
-, as Dean of Rochester
-, certificate by
-, letters of

Mexico, money of

Meynell, Isaac

Micklethwaite, Dr.

Middleburg, Netherlands, ships of or from

-, Brick Lane in
-, J.P.'s for
-, lands or estates in
-, Lords Lieutenant of, see Monk, Duke of Albemarle, and Craven, Earl of.
-, residents in
-, sheriffs of
-, officer of
-, warrant to

Middleton, John, Earl of Middleton, as Lord Commissioner for Scotland
-, as Governor of Tangiers

Middleton, Capt. Chas.
-, Col. Thos., Navy Commissioner and Surveyor
-, as late Commissioner at Portsmouth
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, order by
-, alluded to
-, other papers of
-, clerk to
-, Col. Wm.
-, petition of
-, wife and children of
-, Capt.
-, Mr., King's operator

Middleton, Westmoreland, resident at

Middlewich, co. Chester, justices at

Milan, Dukes of

Milanese, Signor Francesco

Milbankes, Mr.

Milborn, Wilts, letter dated from

Mildmay, see Fitzwalter.

Mildmay, Col. Hen.
-, Mr.

Mile End, Middlesex

Miles, "Brother,"

Milesent, John

Milford, John, letter of

Milford, Milford Haven, or Milford Harbour, co. Pembroke
-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Militia, and see London, Militia of.
-, Act for, alluded to
-, commission for, alluded to
-, money

Miller, Sir Humphrey
-, Major John
-, Thos.

Millett, Capt. Henry
-, Jeffry

Millington, Dr.
-, prisoner

Mills, Andrew
-, Wm.

Milton, case of

Milward, Thos., certificate by

Mimms, South, Middlesex, borough of

Minehead, co. Somerset, letters dated from
-, ships of, to, or from

Minorca, Island of, inhabitants and jurats of
-, letters dated from
-, ships at or to

Minors, marriage of

Minshall, Rich., information by

Minsted, New Forest, letter dated from

Mint, the
-, Master of
-, officers of, proposal by
-, list of

Mitchell, Col. Dominick
-, Susanna, widow of, petition of
-, Hen.

Moccinigo, Seignor, Venetian ambassador

Modyford, Sir Jas., Bart., petition of
-, Sir Thos., Governor of Jamaica

Moherstein [Pole ?]

Mohun, Lady Philippa

Molenack, near Plymouth, residents at

Molescroft, co. York, rectory of

Molestone, co. Pembroke, lands at

Molesworth, Col. Guy, petitions of

Molina, Conde de, Spanish ambassador

Molino, Cavalier, Venetian ambassador to Turkey

Molroyen, Capt.

Moluccas, the

Monckton, Sir Phil., Bart.

Monday, Thos.

Monk, George, first Duke of Albemarle
-, as Lord General of the Forces
-, as Commander of the Fleet
-, as High Steward of Hull
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex
-, in or from Scotland
-, agreement by
-, army of
-, death of, alluded to
-, guards of, see Army.
-, lying in state of, and funeral
-, chaplain to
-, servants of
-, relatives of
-, Christopher, son of, second Duke

Monke, Hen.

Monkton Farleigh, Wilts, travellers to

Monmouth, Duke of, see Scott, James.

Monmouth, betrayal of

Monmouthshire, place in

Monro, Lieut. Col. Alex.

Mons, Flanders

Monson, Sir John, Bart., K.B.
-, letters of
-, petitions of

Montague, Edward, second Earl of Manchester, Lord Chamberlain of the Household
-, as Chancellor of Cambridge University
-, marriage of, with Lady Elizabeth Leigh
-, reports, &c., by
-, Robert, son of, Viscount Mandeville
-, Edward, Earl of Sandwich, Master of the Wardrobe
-, as Lord Montague, General of the Fleet
-, note by
-, warrants to
-, Edward, Lord Hinchinbroke, his son

Montague, Chas.
-, Jas.
-, James, former Bishop of Winchester
-, Ralph, as ambassador to France
-, Abbot Walter, almoner to the Queen Mother
-, Lieut.

Montarcis, see Baudouin.

Montbrun, Marquis de [Charles Henri de Bellegarde]
-, letter of
-, son of
-, nephew of

Monte (Algiers ?)

Monte Christo, ships near

Montego, Cape, Portugal, ship off

Monterry, or Monterri, Conde de

Montespan, Madame

Montgomery, Earl of, see Herbert.

Montgomery, town of
-, Scotland, barony of

Montgomery, county of
-, sheriff of

Montivier, Don Lewis

Montpelier, France, Commissioners from

Montserrat, Island of

Moorcock, Capt. Edw.
-, or Morecock, John
-, Rob., contract by

Moore, Edward, Earl of Drogheda
-, Charles, Lord Moore, son of
-, Lady Letitia, wife of

Moore, Eliz., petition of
-, husband and father of
-, John
-, contract with
-, memorandum by
-, Jonas, Ordnance officer
-, letters, &c., of
-, Lady

Moor End Farm, co. Northampton

Moorhouse, or Morehouse, John
-, letters of
-, wife of

Moors, the
-, captives

Moray, Sir Rob.

Mordaunt, John, Viscount Mordaunt, Governor of Windsor Castle, warrant to

Mordez, or Mendez, Francesco

Morea, the, Greece
-, consul at

Morecock, John, see Moorcock.

Morecroft, John

Morehouse, John, see Moorhouse.

Moreland, Sir Sam., Bart.
-, arguments by
-, Sam., son of

Morgan, Lady Anna
-, Blathey
-, Capt. Edw., petitions of
-, family of
-, Pierce
-, Capt. [Rob.]
-, Sir Thos., Bart., Governor or Commander-in-Chief of Jersey
-, commission, instructions, or warrant to
-, letters, &c., of
-, letters, &c., to
-, Henry, son of
-, nephew of

Morice, Sir Wm. (Secretary of State)
-, letter of and to

Morinville, M. de, letter to

Moriscoe, Charles

Morlaix, France, Castle of, Lieutenant-General of
-, news from
-, ships to and from

Morley, George, Bishop of Winchester
-, letters, &c., of
-, letters, &c., to

Morley, Cuthbert
-, Ann, daughter of
-, Lady Kath., petition of
-, Thos.
-, Col.

Morocco, Emperor of, and King of Fez
-, ambassador to, see Howard, Lord Henry.

Morocco, escape to

Morrice, John, petition of
-, Thos.
-, Capt. Wm.

Morris, John
-, Col. John, Governor of Pontefract for Charles I.
-, Sam.
-, Capt. Thos., letter of

Mortality, bills of, alluded to

Mortlake, Surrey, resident at

Mortmain, statute of, alluded to

Morton, Earl of, see Douglas, William.

Morton, Sir Wm., Justice of the King's Bench
-, letters of
-, reference to, and report of
-, warrants to
-, family of

Morveale, Spain, ships off

Moryson, Fras., letter of


Mosdell, Wm., Marshal of the King's Bench, warrant to

Moseley, co. Worcester (?), letter dated from

Moselle, Epinal-sur- see Epinal.

Mosley, Joane, petition of
-, husband of

Mostyn, Edw.

Mote, Kent, letter dated from

Mothemire, Le


Moulsey, East, Surrey, manor of

Moulson, Lady Ann

Moulton, Capt.

Moulton, co. Lincoln, lands in

Mounteney, Rich.

Moye, Mr.

Moyle, Sir Walter, letter to

Muddiman, Hen.
-, news-letters of
-, alluded to
-, note by

Mulattoes, ship manned by

Mulgrave, Earl and Countess of, see Sheffield.

Mulgrave, co. York, manor of

Mullins, John

Mundon, Much, co. Hertford, rectory of

Munnings, Hen., information by

Munster, Bishop of

Murray, John, Earl of Athol
-, William, first Earl of Dysart, and Lord Huntingtower
-, Eliz., daughter of, see Tollemache.
-, David, Viscount Stormont

Murray, George

Murry, soldier

Muscle or Mussel Bank, Kent

Muscovy, see Russia.

Musgrave, Sir Phil., Bart.
-, as Governor of Isle of Man
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, Christopher, or Chit, son of
-, letters of
-, Wm.
-, Dorothy, widow of, petitions of
-, Anne, daughter of
-, Wm. and Geo., uncles of
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

Musgrave, Westmoreland, letter dated from
-, Great, Westmoreland

Muskerry, Viscount, see McCarthy.


Musson, John, letters, &c., of

Mustapha [commander]

Mustapha Aga, Turkish Minister

Muster masters. and see Pett, Phineas; Parker, Abra.; St. Michel, B.

Musters, Commissaries of, and see Howard, Sir Cecil and Henry.

Mynors, Mr.


Namur, Netherlands, rumoured attack on

Nancy, Lorraine

Naneby, co. Lincoln, rectory of

Nanfan, Thos., certificate by

Nantes, France, place near
-, ships of, to, or from

Nantwich, co. Chester
-, postmaster of

Napier, John
-, Rich., letter of
-, Col. Thos.
-, letters, &c., of
-, Dorothy, wife of

Naples, ships to

Narberth, co. Pembroke, markets at

Naseby, battle of

Nassau, Count of, see William Henry, Prince of Orange.

Navigation, Act of, alluded to

Navy, the
-, account of the state of
-, accounts relating to
-, Act or Bill for
-, alluded to
-, bills, alluded to
-, chaplains, see Ships, chaplains of.
-, Chest
-, surgeon of
-, clerks
-, Clerk of the Acts in, see Pepys, Sam.
-, Controller of, see Mennes, Sir John.
-, clerk of
-, creditors
-, debts of
-, dockyards see also Chatham, Deptford, Harwich, Portsmouth, and Woolwich, dockyards at.
-, officers of
-, expenses of
-, materials for
-, messenger for
-, money for use of
-, Office, Seething Lane
-, attendance at
-, barge
-, books or papers of
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, alluded to
-, officers of
-, paper picked up in
-, porter of
-, officers of
-, lists of
-, paymaster of, see Waith, Rob., and Hutchinson, R.
-, clerk of
-, privy seal
-, purveyor for, see Mayors, Rob.
-, Secretary
-, ships of, see Ships.
-, list of
-, storekeepers
-, stores and provisions for and see under various dockyards and ports.
-, accounts, estimates, or lists of
-, alluded to
-, carriage of
-, embezzlement of
-, instructions concerning
-, alluded to
-, tenders for
-, wanted
-, Surveyor of, see Middleton, Col. Thos.
-, tickets, see Mariners, tickets for.
-, Ticket Office, clerks of
-, timber for, see Timber.
-, Treasurer of, see Annesley, Earl of Anglesey, and Carteret, Sir George.
-, Treasurers of see also Osborne, Sir Thos., and Littleton, Sir Thos.
-, house of
-, officers of
-, order to
-, payments to
-, recommendation to
-, during the Commonwealth
-, Treasury Office (Broad Street)
-, door of, paper on, alluded to
-, payments to or from, alluded to
-, victualler of, or Surveyor-General of Marine Victuals and see Gauden, Sir Denis.
-, victuallers of
-, agents of
-, victualling of
-, victualling accounts
-, alluded to
-, Victualling Office
-, clerk of, see Sprigge, Fras.
-, letters dated from

Navy or Admiralty Board, or Commissioners see also Batten, Sir Wm.; Brouncker, William, Viscount; Mennes, Sir J.; Middleton, Col. T.; Penn, Sir Wm.; Pepys, Sam.; Pett, Peter; Taylor, Capt. John; Tippetts, John: Navy Commissioners.
-, at Chatham
-, appointment of
-, attendance at
-, bills of, alluded to
-, cases before
-, certificates to
-, clerk of, see Hayter, Thos.
-, contracts, &c., with
-, alluded to
-, house, &c., used by
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders or warrants of
-, minute of
-, alluded to
-, orders or warrants to, alluded to
-, other papers addressed to
-, papers read before
-, persons appearing or summoned before
-, petitions to
-, alluded to
-, recommendation by
-, reference to
-, tenders to
-, alluded to

Neagh, Lough, Ireland

Neale, John
-, Major John
-, Thos., Shadwell
-, Thos., Sheere, information by
-, Mr.

Neath, co. Glamorgan, resident at
-, Ireland

Nebuchadnezzar, the King compared to

Needham, Eliz., see Wallop.
-, Rob.

Needwood Forest, co. Stafford, lieutenant of
-, Park, co. Stafford


Nelson, Wm.

Nelthorpe, Jas., Treasurer at War
-, receipt by

Ness, the, see Dungeness.

Neston, co. Chester, traveller to

Netherbury, co. Dorset, vicarage of

Netherlands, or Low Countries see also Holland and Flanders.
-, or Flanders, French King to
-, French designs on, see France in connection with Holland, &c.
-, Spanish
-, or Flanders, Spanish, Governor or Constable for

Neuburg, Duke of, see Newburg.

Neustadt, residents at

Nevile, Thos.

Neville, Mary (?) Countess of Abergavenny, or Abergany
-, son and servant of

Neville, Col. Thos., signature of

Newark-on-Trent, Notts
-, Corporation of, proposals by

Newbold Hall, co. Warwick

Newburg, or Neuburg, Duke of

Newburgh, Earl of, see Livingstone, James.

Newburn Kirk and Mill, Scotland

Newbury, co. Berks, first battle of
-, gaol, prisoner in
-, traveller to

Newbyth, Lord, see Baird, Sir John.

Newcastle, Duke of, see Cavendish.

-, aldermen of, signatures of
-, answers, reasons, &c., from
-, alluded to
-, assizes at
-, deputy-lieutenants for
-, Guildhall of, letter dated from
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, Lords Lieutenant of
-, Mayor of, and see Davidson, Thos.
-, Recorder of, signature of
-, residents at
-, sheriff, &c., of, warrants to
-, ships to or from
-, siege of, by Scots army
-, Trinity House at, masters and pilots of, certificate by

Newcombe, T.

Newcourt, Rich.

New England
-, masts from
-, places in, see Boston, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Salem.
-, ships of, to, or from

New Forest, Hants
-, letters dated from
-, places in
-, timber in or from
-, woodward and verderers of

-, fishing or fisheries at
-, ships of, to, or from

Newhall, Essex, travellers from

Newhaven, Sussex, ship to

New Housell (Neuhausel), Hungary, Turks at

Newington, Wm.

Newington (Middlesex ?), resident at

Newington Barrow, see Highbury.

New Jersey, North America

Newland, Ben., jun.
-, contracts by
-, Chas.
-, George, Isle of Wight
-, Mr., Portsmouth

Newman, Justice

Newmarket, co. Cambridge
-, Court at, letters, &c., dated from
-, King and Court to or at
-, letters addressed to
-, letters dated from
-, Queen to
-, races at
-, travellers to or from
-, Vere Street in

Newnham, co. Warwick, chapel at

Newport, Francis, Viscount Newport, Comptroller of the Household

Newport, Andrew, petition of

Newport, Isle of Wight
-, petitions from
-, co. Monmouth

Newquay, Cornwall, ship wrecked at

New River, the, Governors and Company of, petition of

News-books, alluded to

News-letters see alsoWilliamson, Jos., and Muddiman, Hen., news-letters of
-, alluded to, or asked for

Newspapers see also Gazette, and under Books.

New Spain, ships from

Newstead, co. Notts, priory of

Newte, Hen., letter to

Newton, George
-, Sir John, Bart., letters of
-, son of
-, Thos.

New York, forts and garrisons at
-, ships of or to

Nibley, co. Gloucester, resident at

Nicholas, Sir Edw., late Secretary of State
-, declaration by
-, letters, &c., to
-, notes, &c., by
-, signature of
-, John, son of, declaration of
-, John, barber, petition of

Nicholls, J.
-, letters of

Nicholson, Wm., Bishop of Gloucester
-, letter and certificate of

Nieuport, Flanders
-, Governor of
-, letter dated from
-, packet-boats to or from

Nipho, M.

Nisbett, Sir John, Lord Advocate of Scotland

Nix, Swift

Nobility, precedence of

Noble, Capt.

Noel, Hon. Edward, M.P., letter to

Noell, Sir Wm., letter of

Noke, Rich., petition of

Nolborow, Peter

Nonconformists, conventiclers, dissenters, fanatics, or sectaries see also Bristol, Chester, Hull, London, Yarmouth, conventicles and nonconformists in.
-, Acts or laws against, alluded to see also Conventicle Act.
-, imprisonment of
-, letter defending
-, ministers or preachers

Nonsuch, Baroness of, see Palmer, Barbara.

Nonsuch Heath, Surrey
-, Great Park
-, Worcester House at

Norcott, John

Nore, Buoy of, letter dated from
-, ships to

-, deputy-lieutenant of
-, J.P.'s for
-, Lord Lieutenant of
-, receivers for
-, residents in
-, sheriff of

Norman, James
-, servant of
-, Mary, widow of, petition of
-, Mr., news-letter to

-, ships from
-, troops in or to

Norris, Troth
-, estimate by
-, Dr.
-, Wm., son of

Norrison, Wm.

North, Dudley, treasurer of the Levant Company at Constantinople
-, letter, &c., to
-, Mr., J.P.

North, the, see England, North of.

Northampton, letter dated from
-, travellers to

-, knights, burgesses, and inhabitants of
-, rectories in
-, sheriff of
-, travellers to or from

North Cape, ships off or from

North Church, co. Hertford, rectory of

Northeast, Mr.

North Foreland, Kent

Northlew [Northleigh ?], co. Devon, rectory of

North Sea, places in

Northumberland, Earl of, see Percy.
-, [titular] Duke of, see Dudley.

-, deputy-lieutenants for
-, Lords Lieutenant of
-, receivers for

North-West Passage, ships to search for

Norton, John, petition of
-, John, Tower warder, petition of
-, Col. Rich.
-, letter of
-, Wm., petition of
-, Major
-, letters to
-, Mr.
-, Mr., letter to

Norton Canons, co. Hereford, living of
-, Davy, or Green's Norton, co. Northampton
-, Fitzwarren, co. Somerset, parish of

Norway, Kings of
-, ships to or from
-, timber, masts, &c., from

Norwich, Sir John
-, Sir Roger, Bart., his son

Norwich, Earl of, see Goring.

Norwich, Bishop of, see Reynolds, Edw.
-, Deans of, see Crofts, Dr., and Astley, Dr.
-, diocese of

-, assizes of
-, charter of, confirmation of
-, the King to
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor, aldermen, &c., of
-, letters to
-, persons summoned to
-, residents at
-, St. Stephen's parish in
-, travellers to

Nosworthy, Edw., M.P.

Nottingham, chantries in

-, residents in
-, sheriff of
-, Sherwood Forest in, see Sherwood Forest.

Nowell, Alexander
-, Edw.

Nugent, Sir Rob.

Nun, Mrs.

Nutley, Jas.


Oatlands, Surrey

Oblivion, Pardon, or Indemnity, Act of, alluded to
-, exceptions from

O'Brien, Murrough, first Earl of Inchiquin
-, William, Lord O'Brien, his son
-, Henry seventh Earl of Thomond
-, Sarah, second wife of
-, Henry, Lord O'Brien of Ibrakan, his son, letter of
-, licence to
-, Katherine, wife of
-, family of

O'Brien, Col. [D. ?], letter of

Ockleford, John

Odger, George, B.A

Oedipus, allusion to

Oekes, Minne

Officer, or Official, Tim.

Officers, reduced, see Army.

Official, see Officer.

Offley, Fras.
-, Dr. Gabriel

Oglander, Sir Wm., Bart.

Ogle, Earl of, see Cavendish.

Ogle, Rich.

Ognate, Sir Mark de

Okehampton, co. Rutland, traveller to

Okey, Col. John

Old, Rich.

Oldfield, Somerford

Oliver, Dr. John
-, W., letter of

Omer, see St. Omer.

O'Neale, Dan., groom of the Bedchamber
-, as Postmaster-General
-, letters to
-, wife of, see Stanhope, Katherine, Countess of Chesterfield.
-, of the Post Office, letter of

Oneby, John

Only, Nich.

Opie, John

Oporto, ships to or from

Orange, William Henry, Prince of, and Count of Nassau, nephew of the King
-, visit of, to England talked of
-, in England
-, gentlemen attending
-, harangues to
-, Mary, Princess of, or Princess Roya daughter of Charles I.

Orby, Sir Thos., petition of

Ordnance, the
-, artillery garden of
-, founders and foundry of
-, Lieutenant-General of and see Legg, Col. Wm Dallison, Sir Roger; Walter, Davi
-, Master of, and see Chicheley, Sir Thos., and Compton, Sir Wm.
-, letter to
-, Office
-, clerks of
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, treasure belonging to
-, officers and see March, Rich.; Moore, Jonas; and Sherburne, Edw.
-, reference to
-, quarter-books, alluded to
-, small gun office in
-, storehouse
-, stores (cannon, arms, ammunition, &c)
-, treasurer and paymaster of, and see Wharton, George.
-, treasurer (late) of, see Legg, Col. Wm.

Ordnance Commissioners or Board
-, letters to
-, orders or warrants to
-, alluded to
-, reference to
-, request by
-, revocation of patent of

Orkney, ship cast away near

Orleans, Philip, Duke of, or "Monsieur" (brother of Louis XIV.)
-, nurse of
-, Henrietta Anne, Duchess of, or "Madame," his wife (sister of Charles II.)
-, visit of, to England, or to the King
-, death of
-, servants of
-, Margaret, Duchess Dowager of

Ormond, Duke of, see Butler.

Ormskirk, co. Lancaster, fairs at

Orpheus, allusion to

Orrall, Thos., petition of

Orrery, Earl of, see Boyle.

Orson, Nicholas

Ortington [Germany ?]

Orton, Wm.

Orwell, co. Cambridge, rectory of

Osborne, Major John
-, L., letter of
-, Lawrence
-, Capt. N., affidavit by
-, Sir Peter
-, John, eldest son of, petition of
-, Henry, son of
-, petitions of
-, Sir Thos., Bart., Navy Treasurer
-, letters to
-, warrant to
-, wife of

Ossory, Earl of, see Butler.

Ossuna, Duke de

-, Admiralty judges at
-, English prisoners at
-, petition of
-, ship of, or Ostender
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Otley, Sir Rich.

Oudart, Nich.
-, Col.

Oulton, co. Chester, residents at

Ousley, Chris.

Ousley Bay, fleet to

Outram, Dr. Wm.

Overton, Hen.
-, John
-, Nath.
-, Col. Rob., petition of
-, children of

Owen, Sir Hugh
-, John, clerk of the ropeyard, Chatham
-, letters of
-, Sir John, Wm. son of
-, Wm. brother of
-, Mr., London
-, nonconformist

Oxenden, Sir Hen.

Oxenstern, Lord, Swedish envoy to Portugal

Oxford, Wm., tenders, &c., by

Oxford, Earl of, see Vere.
-, Bishop of, and see Blandford, Walter.

Oxford Act (against conventicles), alluded to

Oxford (City)
-, Act for
-, assizes at
-, the Court at, letters dated from
-, East gate of
-, High Street of
-, the late King at
-, letter addressed to
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, Mayor, &c., of
-, prisoners at
-, surrender of, alluded to
-, travellers to

Oxford University
-, [Bodleian] library at
-, Chancellor of, see Butler, Earl of Ormond.
-, Convocation at
-, degrees taken at, see also Arts, Masters and Bachelors of.
-, doctors and professors of
-, expulsion from
-, Jew at
-, Lady Margaret professorship at
-, nonconformists at
-, paper dated from
-, Prince of Orange at
-, St. Mary's Church
-, schools at
-, Sheldonian Theatre at
-, Vice-Chancellor of, and see Mews, Dr. Peter.
-, office of
-, Vice-Chancellor and Convocation of, letter to, from the King
-, Colleges of, viz.:
-, All Souls, fellows or fellowships of
-, founder of
-, letter dated from
-, Warden of, see James, Dr. Thos.
-, Warden and fellows of
-, letters to
-, petition of
-, Baliol
-, Master of (Dr. Savage)
-, Brazenose
-, Christ Church
-, Dean of, see Fell, Dr. John.
-, letter dated from
-, Exeter
-, Master of, letter to
-, scholars of
-, Lincoln
-, Magdalen
-, demi's place in
-, fellows or fellowships at
-, President or Principal of, see Pierce, Dr. Thos.
-, late
-, President and fellows of
-, letters to
-, steward of
-, Merton
-, letter dated from
-, New
-, Warden and fellows of, letters to
-, Oriel
-, Queen's
-, founders' day, or Commemoration Feast at
-, speech at
-, letters dated from
-, Provost of, see Barlow, Dr. Thos.
-, St. Alban's Hall, letter dated from
-, St. John Baptist's
-, President of, see Mews, Dr. Peter.
-, President and fellows of, letter to
-, Trinity, member of
-, University, Master and fellows, letter to
-, Wadham

-, estates in
-, rectories in
-, residents in
-, sheriff of
-, warrants to

Oxley, Fras.

Oxton, co. Notts, residents at