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Pages 798-807

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Lacey, John

La Chapelle, France, burning of

Lacy, Thos.

Lagos Bay, Portugal, ships in
-, Governor at

Lake, John, D.D.
-, Mr.

Lallam Bridge, co. Northampton

Lamb, Wm.

Lambe, Thos.

Lambert, Col. or Major-Gen. John
-, wife of
-, family of
-, daughter of
-, kinswoman of
-, cook of

Lambeth, Surrey
-, Palace of
-, letter dated from

Lambley, Hants, horses at

Lamplough, Ald., York

Lamplugh, Dr. Thos., Oxford
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, Mr., Windsor

Lancashire, County Palatine of
-, forces in, Commander of
-, nonconformists in

Lancaster, Duchy of
-, Chancellor of, see Ingram, Sir Thos.
-, estates belonging to
-, officers of

Lancaster Herald, see Ryley, Wm.

Lanchester, co. Durham, Deaneririe of
-, children of

Landguard Fort, Suffolk
-, Point, Suffolk

Landrecies, France, French King at

Land's End, Cornwall, ships off
-, wreckage at

Landulph, Cornwall, rector and rectory of

Lane, Dan.
-, Col. John
-, Thos., son of
-, petition of
-, Rich.
-, Rich., King's servant, petition of
-, Thos.
-, Mr.

Langais, Thos.
-, petition of

Langbaine, Eliz., letter of
-, Gerard, son of
-, Dr.

Langdale, Marmaduke, Baron Langdale
-, petition of

Langham, Sir Jas., daughter of

Langley, George
-, Rich., treasurer of the Levant Company at Smyrna
-, letters to
-, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of
-, John brother of
-, Ensign

Langrack, John
-, Mary, widow of, petition of
-, children of

Langsdale, Edw.

Langston, Capt. Ant.
-, account by
-, letters of

Langton, Warren, certificate by

Langton, Yorks, rectory of
-, -juxta-Partney, co. Lincoln, manor of

-, insurrection or rebels in

Lannoy, Benj., consul at Aleppo
-, letter to

Lansdowne, co. Somerset

Lanyon, John
-, letters of

Larkin, George, and his wife

Last, Rob.
-, certificate by

Latin language, books in
-, documents in
-, secretary
-, verse

Laton, Mr.

Laud, Dr. Wm., late Archbishop of Canterbury

Lauderdale, Earl of, see Maitland.

Laugharne, Anne, petition of
-, husband of

Launceston, Cornwall, letters addressed to

Laurence, Edm.
-, widow and children of
-, or Lawrence, Jos.
-, letter of
-, Thos., certificate of

Laverton Farm, co. Somerset

Law, Civil, Doctors of
-, Professorship of

Lawne, Mr. de

Lawrence, Ald. Sir John (Lord Mayor in 1665)
-, certificate by
-, Jos., see Laurence.

Lawson, John, Treasurer at War
-, receipt by

Laycock, Wilts, letter dated from
-, resident at

Layfeild, Jacob

Layton, Fras.

Lea, Mr.

Lead ore
-, ships laden with

Leadman, John

Leak, Mr.

Leake, or Leke, Sir Fras., Bart.
-, petition of

Lean, Abraham

Ledston, Yorks, letter dated from

Lee, Sir Chas.
-, Edw.
-, Sir Henry
-, Anne, wife of
-, Eleanora and Ann, daughters of
-, Rich., D.D., petition of
-, Rob., power of attorney by
-, Wm., M.A.
-, of Leghorn

Leech, John, registrar of Committee for Compounding

Leeds, Kent, prior and convent of

Leeds, Yorks
-, Briggate, in
-, Mayor and clothiers of, petition of

Leeke, Thos.

Lees, Dr., Archdeacon of Rochester

Leeward Islands, ship to

Leez [Leighs ?], Essex, game at

Legatt, Capt.

Legg, or Legge, John
-, Col. Wm., Lieutenant and Treasurer of Ordnance, and Master of the Armoury
-, petition of
-, warrants to
-, Capt. George, son of
-, petition of
-, Mr.
-, Mrs.

Leghorn, or Livorno, Italy
-, consul at
-, English merchants, &c., at
-, Governor of
-, letters dated from
-, ships of, or Leghornese
-, ships at, to, or from
-, travellers to or from
-, Mould, ships careening in
-, Road, letter dated from

Legree, Chas.

Leicester, Earl of, see Dudley, Robert.


-, rectories, &c., in
-, sheriff of
-, letter to
-, deputy

Leigh, Lady Elizabeth

Leigh, Rob., letter of
-, Thos.
-, Serjeant

Leigh, North, Devon, living of

Leighs, Essex, see Leez.

Leighton, Sir Edw.
-, Sir Ellis
-, Rob., Bishop of Dumblane

Leith, Scotland

Leithes, Adam, letter of
-, family of

Leke, Francis, first Earl of Scarsdale
-, daughter of, see Morley, Lady Kath.

Leke, Sir Fras., see Leake.

Lely, Sir Peter, certificate by

Lemprire, Michael

Lenborow, co. Bucks, resident at

Lendale, Capt. Rob.
-, Margaret, daughter of, petition of

Lenox, Duke of, see Stuart.

Lent preachers
-, sale of meat in

Lenthall, John
-, petition of
-, parents of
-, Sir John, petition of
-, wife of
-, Wm., Marshal of the King's Bench, warrant to

Lenye, Scotland, resident at
-, Over and Nether, barony of

Lerie, John, letters of

Lesley, Rob.

Lesly, John, Earl of Rothes, Lord Chancellor of Scotland

Lester, Sydrach

L'Estrange, Roger, Surveyor of the Press
-, letters, &c., of
-, letter to
-, order or warrant to

Letter carriers

Letter Office, see Post Office.

Letters, carriage of, proclamation concerning
-, miscarriage or delay of

Levant, the

Levant or Turkey Company
-, chaplains or ministers of
-, factors or factory of
-, Governor of, see Riccard, Sir Andrew.
-, letters, &c., of
-, secretary of, see Evans, M.
-, treasurers of, see also Hardy, Rich.; Hedges, Wm.; Hunt, Thos.; Langley, Rich.; North, Dudley.
-, in London


Lewin, Edm.
-, petition of

Lewis, Edw.
-, mother of (late Duchess of Richmond)
-, Edmund, guardian of
-, Edw., Glamorgan
-, Thos.
-, letters, &c., of
-, Sir Wm.

Lewys, Sir John, letter of and to
-, daughters of

Lexington, Lord, see Sutton, Robert.

Ley, James, first Earl of Marlborough, Jane, widow of, see Ashburnham.

Leyonberg, Monsieur H. de, letters of

Leytonstone, Essex, wood at

Libraries, public, proposals for

Lichfield and Coventry, Bishop of, see Hacket, John.
-, appointment of
-, Dean of [Dr. Thos. Wood]

Lichfield, co. Stafford

Liddell, Capt. George, letters of

Lidgold, Marion, petition of
-, Charles, son of
-, father and brother of

Lige, Netherlands, Chapter of

Lierre, Netherlands
-, letter dated from

Lieutenants of counties, Lord and Deputy, see under the several counties.

Lightfoot, John or Rich.
-, warrant to
-, Rich.
-, Capt.
-, Buckingham's master of horse
-, officer at Rye


Lignere, Frances
-, petition of
-, sister and grandfather of

Lilburne, or Lilborne, Col. John

Lille, France

Lilley, co. Hertford, resident at

Lillingston, Col. Hen., petition of

Limerick, Lord, see Fitzroy, Charles.

Limerick, Ireland

Lincoln, Earl of, see Clinton.

Lincoln, Rich., and Frances his wife
-, Rich., Thetford, letter of

Lincoln, Bishops of, see Sanderson, Rob., and Fuller, Wm.
-, Cathedral, prebend of Castor in.
-, Dean and archdeacons of
-, diocese of
-, ecclesiastical court of

-, lands or estates in
-, rectories in
-, residents in

Lindrick, Carlton in, see Carlton.

Lindsay, John, Earl of Crawford and Lindsay

Lindsey, Earl of, see Bertie.

Lindsey, John

Lindsey, co. Lincoln, chantries in

Linen cloth
-, ships laden with

Lion, Rich.

Lionne, M. de

-, English consul at, and see Maynard, Thos.
-, letters dated from
-, packets for
-, ships at, to, or from
-, stores, &c., at, to, or from

Lisle, Sir George
-, Mary, sister of
-, petition of
-, father and brother of

Lisle, French King at

Lissant, Phil., certificate by

Lister, Sir Martin
-, Sir Mathew
-, [Thos.]

Little, David
-, John

Littleton, Dr. Adam, letter of
-, Sir Chas.
-, certificate by
-, letters to
-, regiment of
-, Lieut. George, signature of
-, Jas., Navy Treasury Office
-, Capt. Thos., petition of
-, Sir Thos., Bart., Navy Treasurer
-, warrant to
-, Sir Tim., Judge of Assize, warrant to

Livada, Sir John de


Livingston, James, Earl of Newburgh
-, death of
-, Anne, second wife of
-, parents of, see Poole.

Livorno, see Leghorn.

Lizard, the, Cornwall
-, ships off

Llandrinio, co. Montgomery, rectory of

Llandynam, co. Montgomery, resident at

Llanyfidd, prebend of

L.L.D., degree of

Lloyd, Sir Godfrey
-, petition of
-, Hum., Dean of St. Asaph, declarations, &c., by
-, procuration of
-, John, see Hickes, John.
-, Kyffen, letter of
-, Nich., licence to
-, Sir Rich., certificate by
-, Wm., M.A.
-, Capt.

Loader, or Loder, Henry
-, contract with
-, petition of

Lochiel, Evan Cameron of, proceedings of

Lock, Thos.

Lockhart, Rich.
-, petitions of
-, Wm., jun.

Lockyer, Nicholas

Loddington, co. Leicester, manor of
-, co. Northampton, letter dated from

Loder, see Loader.

Lodge, Morgan
-, letters of
-, list of ships by, see Downs, ships in, list of.

Loe, Martin, letters to

Loe, Scotland (?), resident at

Loggon, Lieut.

Lombez, Governor of

London, Rich., certificate by

London, Bishop of, and see Henchman, Humphrey.
-, late, see Juxon, Dr. Wm.
-, Dean of, see St. Paul's, Dean of.
-, diocese of

London, or the City
-, aldermen of see also Lord Mayor and aldermen.
-, Court of
-, orders to
-, proposed letter to
-, apprentices of
-, rising of, papers respecting
-, archers of
-, auxiliaries of, companies of
-, address to, from the King
-, officers of
-, bills of mortality, burials and christenings in
-, Chamber of
-, clerk of
-, Chamberlain of, see Player, Sir Thos.
-, citizens or freemen of
-, City of, Society of
-, City Companies of, viz.:
-, Founders
-, Goldsmiths' Hall, Commonwealth Committee at, see Compounding, Committee for.
-, Grocers' Hall
-, Haberdashers' Hall, Commonwealth Committees at
-, Mercers, Committees of
-, letter to
-, tenant of
-, Painters, Hall of
-, Parish Clerks, papers by
-, Pattenmakers, incorporation of
-, master and wardens of
-, Shipwrights' Hall, letter dated from
-, Stationers'
-, court of
-, Hall, entries at
-, laws or rules for
-, alluded to
-, master and wardens of
-, Tinplate or Wire-workers, charter for
-, master, wardens, &c., of
-, Watermen
-, masters of
-, Rulers of, petitions of
-, society of
-, coining of farthings in
-, Commissioners of Customs in, see Customs.
-, Commissioners of Sewers for
-, Commissioners of Wines in
-, Common Council of
-, Court of, vote of
-, common Hall of
-, common seal of
-, Constables of
-, Consul appointed to
-, Conventicles or meetings in, see Nonconformists in.
-, Corporation of City of
-, disputes of, alluded to
-, dues or tolls of
-, invitation by
-, loan by
-, Custom House at, see Custom House.
-, disturbances in, feared or reported
-, Dutch church in
-, Exigenter's Office in
-, Farmers of Customs or Excise in
-, receipts of
-, fire of
-, buildings destroyed by
-, detailed description of
-, losses occasioned by
-, fires in
-, French church in, and see Savoy, the.
-, French residents in
-, Gazette, see Gazette.
-, guards for
-, hackney coaches in
-, King, visits of, to
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, alluded to
-, letters addressed to
-, licence to remain in, or come to
-, asked for
-, Lieutenancy of, Commissioners for
-, letter of and to
-, meetings of
-, Lord Mayor of see also Sterling, Sir Sam., and Ford, Sir Rich.
-, letter to
-, Lord Mayors, former, see also Laurence, Sir John; Robinson, Sir John.
-, Lord Mayor and aldermen of
-, letters to, from the King
-, petition of
-, loyal officers in
-, magistrates or justices of
-, mails, posts, &c., to and from
-, mariners from
-, M.P.s for
-, merchants of
-, certificates of
-, ships belonging to
-, militia of
-, officers of
-, warrants, &c., to, journal of
-, ministers in, Bill for maintenance of, alluded to
-, money from, or to be paid in
-, nonconformists, sectaries, conventicles, or meetings in
-, parishes in, tithes of
-, uniting of
-, park in
-, parochial churches of, rebuilding of
-, persons absent from
-, persons in or about
-, plague in
-, poor in
-, port of
-, officers in
-, Presbyterians in, see Presbyterians.
-, Prince of Orange in
-, prisoners in
-, Proclamation ordering persons to leave
-, alluded to
-, public works in
-, rebuilding or repair of
-, Acts for
-, alluded to
-, Commissioners for
-, seal for
-, Recorder of, and see Howell, John.
-, residents in, or townsmen of
-, certificate by
-, exercising and arming of
-, sheriffs of
-, warrants to
-, ships of, or Londoners
-, ships at, to, or from
-, stores or provisions to or from
-, streets, parishes, &c. in:
-, Aldersgate Street
-, Aldgate
-, Compter, prisoner in
-, Minories Without, see Minories.
-, St. Botolph's Without, see St. Botolph's.
-, All Hallows, London Wall
-, Artichoke Lane
-, Artillery Ground
-, Arundel House, letters dated from
-, Austin Friars
-, Barbican
-, White Horse Inn in
-, Bartholomew Lane
-, Bear Quay
-, Bear Street
-, Bell Alley
-, Yard
-, Bell Inn in
-, Berkshire House
-, Bishops Court
-, Bishopsgate
-, Dunnings Alley in
-, Gun Yard in
-, Bishopsgate Street
-, Post Office in, see Post Office.
-, Without, Devonshire House in, see Devonshire House.
-, Blackfriars
-, Old Wardrobe in
-, Blackwell Hall
-, Blue Anchor Alley
-, Booby Lane
-, Bridewell Dock
-, Broad Street
-, Navy Treasury Office in, see Navy Treasury Office.
-, Brooke House, Holborn, Commissioners at, see Accounts, Commissioners of.
-, letter dated from
-, Camden House, Commonwealth Committee at
-, Cannon, or Canning, Street
-, Chancery Lane
-, Chandos Street
-, Charing Cross
-, Charterhouse, see Charterhouse.
-, Yard
-, Charteris [Charterhouse ?] Yard
-, Cheapside
-, Chiswell Street
-, Clerkenwell
-, Clifford's Inn
-, Cobblers' Hall
-, Compters, the
-, Cornhill
-, Fleece Tavern in
-, Covent Garden
-, fruit and flower market at, warrant for
-, King Street in
-, Piazza in
-, St. Paul's Church in
-, York Street in
-, Cripplegate, St. Giles in, see St. Giles.
-, Cross Lane
-, Custom House, see Custom House.
-, Denmark House, see Somerset House.
-, Derby House, Commonwealth Committees at
-, Devonshire House
-, Drury House, Commissioners at
-, Duke's Place
-, Emperor's Alley
-, Essex House
-, letters dated from
-, Exchange, see Royal Exchange.
-, the New, Strand
-, Farringdon Without, ward of
-, Fenchurch Street
-, St. Gabriel's church in
-, parsonage, &c., of
-, Fetter Lane
-, Finsbury Fields
-, Fish Street Hill
-, Fisher's Folly
-, Fleet Prison
-, prisoners in
-, Fleet Street
-, Friday Street
-, Furnivall's Inn
-, Goring House
-, Goswell Street
-, Gracechurch Street
-, Whitehorse Yard in
-, Gray's Inn
-, Readers and Benchers of, letter to, from the King
-, Lane
-, Walks, Tavern in
-, Gresham College
-, Professorship of Civil Law in
-, Guildhall
-, letter dated from
-, Hatton Garden
-, Herald Office, see Herald Office.
-, Hermitage
-, Holborn
-, Bridge
-, Middle Row in
-, Hosier's Lane
-, Houndsditch
-, Hyde Park
-, Inns of Court
-, Ivy Lane
-, Leadenhall
-, Street
-, Leicester Field
-, Leicester House
-, Letter Office, see Post Office.
-, Lime Street
-, Limehouse
-, letters dated from
-, Limehouse Bridge, letter dated from
-, Lincoln's Inn
-, Fields
-, letter dated from
-, Little, theatre in
-, Little Old Bailey
-, Lombard Street
-, London Bridge
-, London Wall, All Hallows in, see All Hallows.
-, Long Acre
-, Lothbury
-, Ludgate Hill
-, Lukenor's Lane
-, Mark Lane, letter dated from
-, Meeting-House Alley
-, Minories Without Aldgate
-, Little
-, Moorfields
-, Little
-, Mugwell Street
-, New Street
-, Newgate Market
-, Prison
-, prisoners in or to
-, petition of
-, Street, letter dated from
-, Old Street
-, Old Bailey, convictions at
-, sessions at
-, Old Gravel Lane
-, Old Jewry, letter dated from
-, Pall Mall
-, Park, the
-, Paul's Wharf
-, Petty France
-, Piccadilly
-, Post Office, see Post Office.
-, Poultry Compter, keeper of
-, Scalding Alley in
-, Pudding Lane
-, Queen Street
-, Queen Hythe
-, Red Cow Tavern
-, Royal Exchange
-, St. Bartholomew
-, church, rectory, &c., of
-, Hospital, letter to
-, physicians at
-, porter for
-, President and Governors of
-, parish of
-, Lane
-, St. Bartholemew-the-less, parish of
-, St. Botolph's Without Aldgate
-, St. Dunstan's [in the West]
-, St. Giles, Cripplegate
-, St. Giles in the Fields
-, St. Helen's, parish of
-, letter dated from
-, St. James's
-, letter dated from
-, Gate
-, Park
-, St. John's Street
-, St. Lawrence Jewry, parish of
-, St. Martin's in the Fields
-, churchwardens and overseers of
-, petition of
-, poor of
-, St. Martin's Lane
-, St. Mary Matfellon, see Whitechapel.
-, St. Mary Stainings, rectory of
-, St. Pancras, parish of
-, St. Paul's, Dean of, and see Sancroft, Dr., Wm.
-, Dean and chapter of
-, letter to
-, officer of
-, prebend or prebendary of
-, Queen Elizabeth to
-, rebuilding of
-, Commissioners for
-, St. Faith's under
-, Churchyard
-, St. Sepulchre's, parish of
-, Savoy, the
-, brother of
-, church of
-, French church and congregation in
-, Hospital
-, letter dated from
-, master of
-, Savoy Gate
-, Serjeants' Inn, letters dated from
-, Sessions House
-, Shoe Lane
-, Shoreditch, messuages in
-, Smithfield
-, Bars
-, West
-, Somerset House (alias Denmark House, alias Strand House)
-, letters dated from
-, Southampton House, letters dated from
-, Southampton Square, letter dated from
-, Spitalfields
-, Spring Gardens
-, letter dated from
-, Squire's Building
-, Stanhope House (?), letter dated from
-, Staple Inn
-, Star Alley
-, Stillyard
-, Strand
-, Denmark or Somerset House in, see Somerset House.
-, New Exchange in, see Exchange, New.
-, Swan Inn in
-, Sutton's Hospital, see Charterhouse.
-, Temple
-, Inner
-, King's Bench Buildings in
-, Middle
-, Temple Bar
-, Thames Street
-, Tower, the, see Tower.
-, Tower Hamlets
-, lieutenant of, see Robinson, Sir John.
-, Wapping
-, Wardrobe, the
-, Whitechapel
-, or St. Mary Matfellon, parsonage of
-, parish of, Rosemary Lane in
-, Whitecross Street
-, White Hart Yard
-, Wood Street, insurrection in
-, suburbs of, magistrates of
-, surveyors of
-, timber to or from
-, town clerk of, see Avery, Mr.
-, tradesmen of
-, train-bands of and see auxiliaries of.
-, travellers to or from
-, woods belonging to
-, workmen to or from
-, lists of

Londonderry, ships of or from

Lone, or Lune, Luke

Long, Capt. Hen.
-, Jas.
-, Sir Rob., Bart.
-, letters, &c., of
-, Walter
-, Aud. Wm., letter to

Longbredy, co. Dorset, parish of

Longland, Chas.
-, and Co.
-, letter to

Long Reach, ships in or to

Longueville, Wm.

Looe, Cornwall

Lord, Mr.

Lords, or Peers, House of, see also Parliament.
-, bills before
-, cases before, or appeals to
-, committals by
-, in connection with the Commons, see Commons.
-, journals of, papers printed in
-, erasures from
-, the King at
-, reference to
-, summoned to attend the King
-, summons to, alluded to

Lords Lieutenant, see under the several counties.

Lorraine, Charles, Prince or Duke of
-, wife of
-, sister of, see Orleans, Duchess Dowager of.
-, Madame

Lorraine, France in connection with
-, three bishoprics of [Metz, Toul, and Verdun]
-, traveller to

Lothian, Earl of, see Kerr.

Lotteries, Plate, for indigent officers

Loughton Lane, Essex

Louvay, or Louvoys, M. de

Louvignes, M. de

Love, Edw.
-, John
-, [Wm.]

Lovelace, John, second Baron Lovelace
-, letter of
-, Ann, wife of
-, John, third Lord Lovelace, his son

Lovelace, Mr.

Lovell, Amb., petition of

Loving, Wm.
-, Mr.

Lovingland, island of (co. Norfolk ?)

Low, John

Low Countries, see Netherlands, the.

Lowden, Marg., petition of
-, children of
-, father of, see Stone, Sir Rob.

Lowe, Rob.

Lowenmuth, Heinrich Saurer, Baron de, petition of

Lowestock [Lowestoft ?], Suffolk

Lowman, John, keeper of Marshalsea Prison, warrant to

Lowry, or Kedmund, Gavin
-, letter of

Lowther, Fras.
-, Sir John
-, Mr. (Chancellor of Carlisle)

Lubbick, Geo.

Lubornicski (Pole ?)

Lucas, Fras.
-, letter of
-, Rich.

Luce, Rawlin, petition of
-, Mrs.

Lucy, ship-master

Ludlow, from Ireland

Ludlow Castle, Salop

Lukeson, Jacob

Lumley, Richard, Viscount Lumley

Lune, Luke, see Lone.

Lunenburg, or Luneburg, Dukes or Princes of
-, Minister of
-, people of, or Lunenburghers

Lunt, Capt. Peter

Luther, of Woolwich

Lutterell, Jane

Luxemburg, troops in

Lydcott, Giles

Lydd, Kent

Lydney, co. Gloucester, Navy stores at

Lyme Regis, co. Dorset
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of
-, and burgesses of
-, and magistrates of
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, Bay, ships in

Lynch, Step.

Lyndhurst, Hants

Lynn Regis, or King's Lynn, Norfolk

Lynne, Capt. John
-, petition of

Lysons, Thos.