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Pages 785-798

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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H. G., letter of

Haach, Mr.

Haarlem Gazette,
-, ship of

Habeas corpus, writs of, alluded to

Hacker, John
-, Tobias

Hacket, Dr. John, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry

Hackney, Middlesex, resident at

Hackney coachmen, Commissioners for licensing

Haddenham [Bucks ?], manor of

Hadderwick, Scotland, lands, &c., in

Haddington, Earl of, see Hamilton, Charles.

Haddington, Scotland, constabulary of

Haddingtonshire, militia of

Haddock, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of
-, brother-in-law of

Hagedot, Peter, letter of

Haggett, W., letter of

Hague, the
-, ambassadors to, and see Holland, ambassadors to.
-, Charles II. at
-, Gazette at
-, Princess of Orange at
-, travellers to and from

Haight, Capt., and his wife

Hainault, alarm in

Haines, R., pamphlet by

Halbord, Edw.

Hales, Edw., letter of
-, John, Chas., and Thos., sons of
-, Sir John
-, or Hale [Sir Mathew], Lord Chief Baron

Halford, Ant.

Halfway-tree, ships at or to

Hall, Charles
-, Harry (messenger ?)
-, Henry, Bishop of Killala and Achonry
-, Henry
-, Jacob
-, John
-, John, J.P., letter of
-, warrant to
-, John, Quaker
-, Capt. Rob.
-, Marion, widow of, petition of
-, children of
-, Capt., Deptford
-, Mr., Cambridge

Hall, co. Devon, game near

Halleley, Chris.

Halsall, James, petition of

Halse, Richard

Halsey, Col., deputy-governor of Portsmouth

Halsted, Matthias

Halton, Tim., letters of

Haltoun, Lord, or Laird of, see Maitland, Charles.

Ham, West, Essex, resident at

Ham Creek, reed from

-, City and Senate or State of
-, English consul at
-, English residents or merchants in
-, Resident from
-, residents at
-, ships of, or Hamburghers
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Hamfields, Surrey, gamekeeper at

Hamilton, William Douglas, alias Hamilton, Earl of Selkirk and second Duke of Hamilton
-, Charles, Earl of Haddington
-, Sir John, Lord Belhaven
-, Margaret, wife of

Hamilton, Sir George
-, James, Bishop of Galloway
-, James, envoy to Florence
-, James, Groom of the Bedchamber
-, James, jun., Edinburgh

Hammond, Wm.
-, tenders, &c., by

Hamond, Mr., Yorks

-, County Commissioners for
-, New Forest in, see New Forest.
-, places in
-, rectories, &c., in

Hampton, see Southampton.
-, Court, Middlesex
-, King to
-, letters dated from
-, Middle or North Park at
-, privy lodgings at, keeper of
-, the Queen to

Hanaper, see Chancery.

Hanbridge, co. Chester

Hanby, C., letter of

Hancock, Dancer

Hand, John
-, daughter of

Handsworth, co. Stafford, lands in

Hannam, Capt. Willoughby, master attendant at Woolwich
-, letters of

Hannum, Wm., Newport, petition of

Hanover and Brunswick, Duke of

Hanslope Park, co. Bucks, resident at

Hansom, Ald. Sir Rob.

Harbord, Sir Charles, Surveyor-General
-, letters, &c., of
-, references to

Harby, Sir Clement
-, letters to
-, kinsman of

Harcourt, Prince or Chevalier de

Harden, Jane

Harding, John, petition of
-, Rob. (clerk), son of
-, Rob., attorney
-, Dr., see Hardy, Dr. Nath.

Hardingham, co. Norfolk, residents at

Hardress, Mr.

Hardway, the, Kent, ship to

Hardwich, Surrey, manor of

Hardy, John le, King's Advocate
-, statement by
-, or Harding, Dr. Nath.
-, Rich., Levant treasurer at Smyrna
-, instructions to
-, Mr., Hull

Harell, Christian, petitions of

Harlech Castle, co. Merioneth

Harley, Sir Edward

Harlots, order concerning

Harman, Sir John, Rear-Admiral of the West Indian Fleet

Harper, Thos., storekeeper

Harrald, John

Harrington, Wm.
-, letter, &c., of

Harris, George, notice by
-, Henry
-, petition of
-, John (sailmaker)
-, letters of
-, Wm.
-, Mr., of Hamburg

Harrison, James, letter of
-, petition of
-, John, Hull
-, letters of
-, John, Cheshire
-, Sir John
-, Mich., letter of
-, Thos.
-, late Governor of Upnor Castle
-, nonconformist

Hart, Capt. John, letter of
-, Wm., warrant to
-, Mr.

Harthill, co. York

Hartlib, Mr.

Hartop, Sir John, Bart.

Hartridge, Rob., contract with

Harvey, Sir Dan., ambassador to Turkey
-, letter to
-, chaplain of
-, Edw., receipt by
-, Sir Eliab
-, petition of
-, servants of
-, Capt. Thos.
-, ironmonger
-, murderer

-, chief magistrate of
-, clerk of the passage at
-, letters dated from
-, packet-boats to or from
-, residents at
-, ships of or at
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to

Harwich Dockyard
-, master shipwright at, see Deane, Anthony.
-, storehouse, &c., at
-, storekeepers of
-, timber or masts at or for

Hascard, Gregory
-, Rachel, wife of, petition of

Haselrigge, Sir Arthur

Hasler, Peter
-, contracts by

Haslewood, John

Haslewood, co. York, resident at

Hastings, Ferdinando, Earl of Huntingdon
-, Lucy, widow of

Hastings, Hen.

Fastings, Sussex, letter dated from
-, Mayor and jurats of, letter of
-, travellers to

Hatcher family, the

Hatfield, Herts, prisoners taken at

Hatherwick, Michael, and his wife

Hatton, Christopher, first Lord Hatton, Governor of Guernsey
-, grant to
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, warrant to
-, Christopher, second Lord Hatton, his son, Governor of Guernsey
-, commission or grant to
-, letter and warrant to

Hatton, Capt. Rob., signature of

Haughton, John

Haugsdone [Hogsden, or Hoxton]

Haverfordwest, co. Pembroke, lands at

Havering atte-Bower, Essex

Haviland, James
-, daughter of

Havre de Grace, France
-, Governor of
-, ships to or from

Haward, Mr.

Hawkes, John, letter of

Hawkins, Peter

Hawley, Francis, Lord Hawley, M.P.
-, letter to

Hawley, Col.

Hawton, Long, co. York, resident at

Hay, John, second Earl of Tweeddale

Hay, Sir George
-, Capt. John
-, Sir Peter
-, Monsieur de la

Hayes, James, secretary to Prince Rupert
-, Ald. Jas.
-, Sir James
-, John
-, Mr.

Hayles, Edw.

Haynes, Rich., summons by

Hayter, Thos., clerk of Navy Commissioners
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, clerk of

Hayward, Capt.

Head, Mr.

Headley Heath, Hants

Heald, Sir Thos., J.P.

Hearon, Chas., see Herne.

Hearth or Chimney money
-, Acts for, alluded to
-, farmers of
-, payments from, alluded to
-, receivers or collectors for

Heaselwood, John

Heath, Sir John, attorney of the Duchy of Lancaster
-, Sir Rob.

Heaton, Capt.

Heaton Norris, Cheshire

Heaver, Dr. John

Heber, Thos.

Hebrew language
-, professor of

Hector, allusion to

Heddon streams, Northumberland

Hedges, Wm., Levant treasurer at Constantinople
-, letter to

Heightub, Capt.

Heister, Major-General

Helby, Moses

Helford, Cornwall, ship to

Hellen, or Helling, Capt.

Helmesley, co. York, fairs, &c., at

Helston, Cornwall, Mayor and burgesses of

Helvoetsluys, fort at

Hemel Hempstead, Herts
-, bailiff, &c., of, petition of

Hempson, Wm.

Hempston, Broad, co. Devon, ship of

Henchman, Humphrey, Bishop of London and Chief Almoner
-, chaplain of

Hendley, Sir Walter, Bart.

Hendon, Serj. [Edw.]

Henley-on-Thames, co. Oxford, residents at, certificate by

Henrietta Anne, see Orleans, Duchess of.

Henrietta Maria, Queen Mother
-, death of, alluded to
-, debts of
-, dwarf of, see Hudson, Geoffrie.
-, funeral of
-, Commissioners for
-, goods of
-, administrators of
-, jointure of
-, trustees for
-, report of
-, lands or revenues of
-, legacies of
-, mourning for
-, officers of, letters of
-, Solicitor-General of
-, Household of:
-, Comptroller of, see Bond, Sir Thos.
-, Treasurer of rents, see Wood, Sir Hen.
-, Chamberlain
-, Almoner
-, First woman of the bedchamber
-, Pages
-, Secretary
-, Master of the Horse
-, Master of the Game
-, Auditor
-, Waterman
-, Servants

Henry V., at Oxford
-, uncle of, see Beaufort, Cardinal.

Henry VI., coronation of

Henry VII., reign of

Henry VIII.
-, Council books of, alluded to

Henry, Prince, Duke of Gloucester

Henshaw, Ben., citizen of London
-, Ann, widow of, petition of
-, Major (Ben.)

Heralds-at-arms, fees for
-, petition of

Heralds' Office

Herault, Louis, harangue by

Herbert, Philip, fourth Earl of Pembroke and first Earl of Montgomery
-, Anne, widow of, Countess Dowager of Dorset, Pembroke, and Montgomery
-, Philip, fifth Earl of Pembroke and second Earl of Montgomery, death of
-, William, his son, sixth Earl of Pembroke and third Earl of Montgomery

Herbert, Capt. Arthur
-, letters of
-, Sir Edw., Attorney-General
-, Sir Henry, letter of

Hercules, allusion to

Hereford, Dean and chapter of
-, letter to
-, canons of, petition of

Hereford, Market Cross of, letter addressed to
-, resident at

-, J.P.'s for, letter to


Herinx, of Paris

Herne, or Hearon, Chas.
-, Nath.
-, letter of

Heron, Sir Cuthbert

Herring, Rich.

Herring fishery

Herrings, ships laden with, or Herring fleets

Herriott, George
-, petition of

Hertford, conventicles in
-, Mayor and burgesses of

-, Commissioners for
-, conventicles and nonconformists in
-, lands, houses, &c., in
-, residents in
-, sheriff of

Hesilgrave, Capt. John
-, letter of

Hessam Moor, battle of

Hesse, or Hussia, Landgrave of

Hewest (Hewer ?), Wm.

Hewson (collector ?)

Hey, Piercy

Heydon, of Deptford

Heyes, John
-, petition of

Heylin, Dr. Peter

Heyton, Rob., petition of
-, father and family of

Hickes Jas., clerk of the Post Office
-, letters and notes of
-, letters to
-, letters to, alluded to
-, petitions of
-, wife of
-, other relatives of
-, John, alias Lloyd

Hickman, Thomas, Lord Windsor
-, Sir Wm.
-, letter, &c., of
-, cousin of

Hicks, Sir Wm.

Higgons, Sir Thos., petition of

Higgs, Dr.

Highbury, or Newington Barrow, Middlesex, manor of
-, Wood, Middlesex

High Park, co. Derby

High Peak, co. Derby, hundred of


Highways, bill concerning, alluded to
-, Commissioners for

Hildyard, Hen., J.P.

Hill, or Hills, Edw., contracts with
-, John
-, Thos.
-, Thos., prebendary of Salisbury, letter to
-, Thos., M.A., chaplain to Lord Ormond
-, Dr. Thos.
-, Mr.

Hilliard, Wm.

Hinchinbroke, Viscount, see Montague.

Hinchley, Mr.

Hingham, co. Norfolk, resident at

Hingiston, John

Hispaniola, island of, ships near

Hoare, James, jun.

Hoaster, Chas., letter of

Hobbs, Stephen, petition of
-, Thos., book by

Hobson, John
-, Lancelot

Hoby, Sir Posthumas

Hoddesdon, co. Herts, auditors at

Hodgekin, Eliz.

Hodshon, R., letter of

Hodson, John, examination of

Hogsdon, see Haugsdone.

Hogue, Cape de, France

Holcroft, Sir Wm.

Holden, Thos., letters of

Holdenshire, or Howdenshire, co. York, wapentake of

Holderness, co. York

Holditch, Capt.

Holehaven, letters dated from
-, ships to or at

Holland, Earl of, see Rich.

Holland, J., letter of

Holland, United States, Low Countries, Seven Provinces, or United Provinces
-, ambassadors from, or from the States-General of
-, ambassadors to, or to the Hague or States-General
-, consuls of
-, Council of State of
-, Dutch Company in
-, goods in, to, or from
-, in connection with England
-, in connection with France, see France.
-, King's advocate in
-, mails, posts, or letters to or from
-, natives of, see Dutch.
-, packet-boats to or from, or Dutch packet-boats
-, passes for, see Passes.
-, ships built in
-, ships of, or Hollanders, see Dutch ships.
-, ships to or from
-, States-General of
-, Commissioners of
-, deputies of
-, travellers to or from
-, states of, Burgomasters of
-, war with, alluded to
-, war of, with France, see France in connection with Holland.

Holland regiment (English), see Army.

Holland, co. Lincoln, chantries in

Holles, Denzil, Lord Holles, letter of

Hollier, Thos., letter of

Hollis, Sir Frescheville
-, letter of

Hollyway, prisoner

Holm, co. York, rectory of

Holmes, Lieut.-Col. George, petition of
-, Capt. John
-, letters of
-, Rob.
-, letter of
-, Ann, wife of, petitions of
-, Rear Admiral Sir Rob.
-, as Governor of the Isle of Wight
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, Sam.
-, wife of
-, envoy to Russia

Holman, Rich., jun.

Holt, Thos., declaration by

Holt Forest, see Alice Holt.

Holyhead, Anglesey
-, letters dated from
-, travellers to or from

Holy Island, deputy-governor of

Holyrood House, Edinburgh

Home, John, petition of
-, children of

Homero, Paulo
-, Panarett, brother of

Homewood, Edw., clerk of the survey at Chatham
-, letters of

Honeywood, Chas.
-, letter of
-, Phil. or Sir Phil., lieutenantgovernor of Portsmouth
-, letters to

Hoofart, Adam, petition of

Hooker, Ald. Sir Wm.

Hope, Ralph
-, letters of

Hope, the, or Tilbury Hope, ships at, to, or from
-, letters dated from

Hopkins, Sir Rich.
-, Rich., son of

Horde, Sir Thos.
-, Thos., son of
-, Barbara, wife of
-, children of

Horne, ship of

Horneby, Mr.
-, Thos., highwayman

Horner, Malachi

-, Flanders, see Flanders.
-, to France, see France.
-, passes or licences for
-, alluded to or asked for
-, ships bringing

Horsey, Adam, petition, &c., of

Horsham, Suffolk, rectory of

Hosier, F., late muster master at Gravesend
-, letters of

Hoskins, T.

Hosmer, Abra., petition of

Hough, Germane
-, John, certificate by

Houghton, Rob.

Hounckes, or Hunks, Anna Sophia, petition of
-, father of

Hounslow Heath, game on

Household, the, see Charles II., Household of.

Houseman, Jas.
-, letter of

Houston, Sir Patrick

Howard, Alathea, Countess of Arundel [widow of Thomas, 23rd Earl]
-, William, Viscount Stafford, younger son of Thomas, 23rd Earl of Arundel
-, Mary, wife of
-, Charles, second Earl of Berkshire
-, Charles, Earl of Carlisle
-, certificates, &c., by
-, James, Earl of Suffolk
-, wife of
-, Earls of Suffolk
-, Lord Henry, Baron Howard
-, as ambassador to Morocco
-, retinue of
-, sons of
-, William, Lord Howard of Escrick

Howard, Lady Catherine
-, husband of, see Digby, John.
-, Sir Cecil, Commissary-General of musters, letter to
-, warrant or order to
-, Henry, Commissary-General of Musters, letter to
-, warrant or order to
-, Phil.
-, Capt. Philip
-, Sir Philip
-, Sir Rob.
-, Thos., household
-, Capt. Thos.
-, petition of
-, Col. Thos.
-, Ensign Thos.
-, servant of
-, Wm., Lincoln's Inn

Howdenshire, see Holdenshire.

Howe, John, certificate by

Howell, Sir John, Recorder of London
-, letter to
-, report of
-, warrants to
-, Dr. Wm.

Howen, Mary, petition of
-, family of

Howpert, Fred., letters of
-, family of

Howting, John, porter
-, petition of

Hoxton, see Haugsdone.

Hubbard, Capt., master attendant at Portsmouth

Hucknall, co. Notts, place near

Hudson, Geoffrie (dwarf of the Queen Mother), receipt by
-, Nich.
-, Rich.

Hudson's Bay Company, ordnance for

Hueldburg, M. de Voet, letter of
-, cousin of

Hugeson, Sir Wm.
-, Major, son of

Hugh, doorkeeper at Whitehall

Hughes, Hatton
-, Wm.

Hulk, Geo.

Hull, Kingston-upon-
-, aldermen of
-, chief church of
-, Commissioners at
-, certificate by
-, conventicles and nonconformists at
-, Custom House at, master of
-, drawbridge and gates at
-, garrison of
-, Governor of, see Belasyse, Lord.
-, High Steward of, see Monk, Duke of Albemarle, and Belasyse, Lord.
-, letters dated from
-, magistrates or J.P.'s of
-, Mayor of
-, Mayor, aldermen, &c., of
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, Myton gate at
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, South House at
-, timber to, at, or from
-, travellers to or from
-, Trinity House at

Humber, the

Humble, Sir Wm., Bart., order to

Hume, Alexander, fourth Earl of Hume

Humes, Major

Humphries, Hugh
-, father of
-, Rob.

Hungarians, the

Hungary, revolt in
-, Upper, place in

Hungerford, Sir Edw.
-, letter of
-, warrant of
-, Dr. Lawrence

Hunks, see Hounckes.

Hunston, Thos.

Hunt (?), Josh., letter of
-, wife of
-, brother of
-, Roger
-, Thos., treasurer of the Levant Company at Aleppo
-, instructions to
-, Thos.
-, mother of
-, Mr.

Huntingdon, archdeaconry of

-, sheriff of

Huntington, Rich., J.P.
-, wife of
-, Rob.
-, chaplain of the Levant Company

Huntingtower, Lord, see Murray, William.

Huntley, Thos.

Hunton, Thos., petition, &c., of

Hurel, Rich. du

Hurley, Berks, letter dated from

Hurst, Thos.
-, Mary, wife of

Hurst Castle, Hants

Hussia, see Hesse.

Hutchings, Rob.

Hutchinson, George
-, John
-, Col. John
-, R., Navy paymaster
-, letter of
-, Wm., letters of

Hutton, Rich.
-, Wm.
-, Wm. (Devonshire clerk)
-, Will, Quaker

Huybert, Dr. Adrian, petition of

Hyde, Edward, Earl of Clarendon, late Lord Chancellor
-, letters of
-, order or licence to
-, reference to and report by
-, Henry, Viscount Cornbury, eldest son of, Lord Chamberlain of the Household to the Queen
-, Laurence, second son of, Master of the Robes

Hyde, Edw., petition of
-, father of
-, Sir Rob., Lord Chief Justice of King's Bench


Iceland fishery
-, ships to

Ilchester, co. Somerset, gaol at, prisoner in

Ilfracombe, co. Devon, wrecks near

Imber, Wilts, manor of

Imprest, bills of, alluded to

Inchiquin, Earl of, see O'Brien.


India, see East Indies.

Indian chests, &c.

Indigo, manufacture of

Ingham, see Engham.

Ingleton, co. York, letter dated from
-, residents at

Inglish Caton, resident at

Ingram, Sir Arthur
-, Thos. (constable), return by
-, Sir Thos., Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
-, letter to and of
-, reference to
-, warrant to


Inventions, or Inventors

Inverlochy, Scotland
-, Governor of

Ipswich, Suffolk
-, letter dated from
-, priory
-, residents at
-, travellers to or from

Irby, Sir Ant.

Ireland, Thos.

-, Act for, alluded to
-, army or troops in
-, bishoprics in
-, coast of, ships on or to
-, Council of
-, Council of Trade for
-, estates or lands in
-, halbadier guard in
-, letters from, alluded to
-, Lord Chief Justice of, see Booth, Sir Rob.
-, Lord Lieutenant of, see Robartes, John, Lord Robartes, and Berkeley, Lord John.
-, late, see Butler, Duke of Ormonde.
-, Lord Deputies, late, see Butler, Thomas, Earl of Ossory, and Fleetwood, Chas.
-, Lord President in
-, North of
-, Palatinate Court of, Attorney-General of
-, Phnix Park in, chief ranger of
-, revenues of Act of Settlement of, alluded to
-, payments from
-, rivers of
-, service in
-, ships of, or Irishmen
-, ships to or from
-, Solicitor-General for [Sir John Temple]
-, timber in or from
-, travellers to or from
-, Treasurer of War for, see Carteret, Sir George.
-, West of, ship to

Iremonger, Rich., contract with

Irish affairs
-, committee for
-, goods
-, men
-, merchants
-, officers
-, petition of
-, rebellion or war
-, regiment

Iron, or ironwork
-, ships laden with
-, Spanish, see Spanish iron.

Isleham Hall, co. Cambridge, resident at

Isola, Baron de

Ispahan, person expelled from

Israel, children of


Italian master
-, nation

-, passes to, see Passes.
-, ships of or for

Islington, Middlesex, St. Mary's parish in

Iter, clerks of

Iversey [Ivica ?], ships to

Ives, Wm.

Ivey, Edw.


Ivy Bridge, see Westminster.

Izard, Fras.


Jackson, Thos., petition of
-, Dr. Wm.
-, Capt.

-, Cagway fort in
-, Governor of, see Modyford, Sir Thos.
-, ships at, to, from, or of, or Jamaicamen

Jambie, Sumatra, information from

James I.
-, Act of
-, coronation of, alluded to
-, grants, &c., of, alluded to
-, servant of
-, Anne, wife of, page to

James, Duke of York
-, as Lord High Admiral
-, attendance of, on the King
-, attendance on
-, attorney and solicitor of
-, audience of
-, grants to, or money for
-, influence with, asked for, or alluded to
-, letter of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, from the King
-, notes of remarks by
-, order of
-, orders or warrants of, alluded to
-, personal notices of
-, petitions to
-, alluded to
-, plate of, robbery of
-, regiment of guards of, see Army.
-, yacht of, and see under Ships, Anne.
-, chaplain to, see Doughty, Thos.
-, gentleman of the Bedchamber to
-, Anne, Duchess of York, his wife
-, letters to
-, mother of the maids to
-, father of, see Hyde, Earl of Clarendon.
-, daughter of, see Anne, the Lady.
-, children of
-, governess to

James, John, contracts with
-, John, officer
-, Sir John
-, Dr. Thos., letter of

Japan cabinets
-, trade with

Jarrow Slyke, co. Durham
-, ballast shore for

Jasper, John Baptist

Jay, Chris.

Jefferys, Rich., deputy-surveyor of the Press
-, information of

Jeffreys, or Jeffries, Capt. Herbert
-, letter of
-, Capt.

Jekill, or Jekell, John

Jemmett, Warham, letter of
-, Mr., jun.

Jenison, Ralph

Jenkins, John, letter to
-, Sir or Dr. Leoline
-, letter to
-, Wm.

Jenkinson, of Hamburg

Jenks, Capt.

Jennens, see Jennings.

Jenner, Humphrey
-, John, son of, petition of

Jennett, Edw.

Jennings, or Jennens, Thos.
-, Sir Wm.
-, letters of
-, or Jennins, surgeon
-, wife of


Jermyn, Henry, Earl of St. Alban's
-, as Governor of Jersey
-, letter, &c., of
-, letter to
-, warrants to

Jermyn, Thos.
-, as Governor of Jersey
-, brother of, letter of
-, Sir Thos.
-, Capt.
-, Mr.

-, bailiff of
-, bailiff and jurats of
-, letters or order to
-, castles or fortifications in
-, commander-in-chief in
-, Courts of Justice or Court Royal in
-, court martials in
-, garrison of, or forces in
-, petition of
-, officers of
-, stores for
-, Governors of, and see Morgan, Sir Thos; Jermyn, Henry, Earl of St. Albans; Mason, Col.; and Jermyn, Thos.
-, government of
-, grant of
-, governors, lieutenant or deputy
-, in connection with France, see France in connection with the Channel Islands.
-, King in
-, King's Advocate in
-, places in:
-, Bowling Green
-, Castle Elizabeth, see Elizabeth Castle.
-, Castle Mont Orgueil
-, letter dated from
-, New Castle
-, Percage or waste lands in
-, prisoners in
-, procurator for
-, residents in
-, ships to or from
-, States of, order in
-, travellers to or from

Jerusalem, destruction of

Jervoise, Thos.


Jesus, King

Jewel House, see Charles II., Household of.

Jewish Professor, conversion and baptism of

Jew, money claimed by

Jews' goods

Joanes, Mr.

John, Sir

Johns, Walter
-, Maister

Johnson, Capt. Ben., storekeeper at Portsmouth
-, death of
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, petitions of
-, George, Devon
-, George, Wilts
-, Hen., letter of
-, Jas., petition of
-, Wm.
-, Dr.
-, Mr., see Berkeley, John, Lord.
-, Mr., Yarmouth
-, printer

Johnston, Arch.

Joliffe, Jo.
-, John, certificate by

Jolly, Mr.

Jonaway, Mr.

Jones, Richard, third Viscount Ranelagh
-, Elizabeth, wife of

Jones, Edm.
-, Sir Henry
-, servants of
-, Hum., account by
-, John, see Skinner.
-, Capt. John
-, Rich.
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

Joynes, Wm., letter to

Juan, Don, of Austria, see Austria.

Judges or justices of assize see also Exchequer, Barons of; and King's Bench and Common Pleas, justices of.
-, reference to, and report of

Juice, fleet at

Julian, Rob., letter of
-, wife of

Juliers, cession of

Jumper, Wm., letter of

Juniper, Capt.

Jury, Grand, complaint of

Justice, Courts of
-, Lord Chief, temp. Henry VII.

Justices of assize, see Judges.
-, of peace
-, notice to

Juxon, Wm., as Bishop of London
-, as Archbishop of Canterbury
-, treasurer to
-, Sir Wm., heir of


Kallender, Mr.

Kasan, King of

Kedge, Rich.

Kedmund, see Lowry.

Keeper, Lord, see Bridgeman, Sir Orlando.
-, late, see Finch, Sir John.

Keith, George or William, eighth Earl Marshal of Scotland
-, as Lord Privy Seal of Scotland
-, Mary, wife of

Keith, George

Kellsy, or Kellsy, Capt. John
-, certificate by
-, letters of

Kelynge, Sir John, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench
-, letters to
-, orders or warrants to

Kemp, Sir Rob.

Kempsey, co. Warwick, Levellers at

Kempthorne, Rear-admiral or Capt.
-, certificate by
-, son of

Kendal, John, Thetford
-, Mr.

Kendal, Westmoreland
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of

Kennedy, Edw.

Kenrick, Wm.

Kensington, Middlesex

Kent, John
-, Jos.
-, Rich.
-, Lieut. Thos., letters of

-, Commissioner (for Wine Act) in
-, lands or estates in
-, Lord Lieutenant of, see Finch, Earl of Winchelsea.
-, places in
-, receiver in
-, residents in
-, sheriff of, warrant to
-, Upnor Castle in, see Upnor Castle.

Kentish, Mr.

Kentish Road, posts on

Kerle, Lieut.-Col.

Kerr, William, Earl of Lothian

Kerrigydridion, N. Wales, rector of

Kesteven, co. Lincoln, chantries in

Ketchrell, John

Kettle, Mr., letter to

Kettleby, Dr. Fras., petition of
-, family of

Keynes, Hen.

Kidderminster, co. Worcester, making of serge at

Kidlington, co. Oxon, letters dated from

Kiffin, Mr.

Kilbryde, Scotland, barony of

Kildare, Ireland, traveller from

Kilkenny, Ireland, travellers to

Killala and Achonry, Ireland, bishopric of

Killalough (?), Ireland, bishopric of

Killencryngen, Scotland, lands of

Kilhgrew, Thos., Groom of the Bedchamber and Master of the Revels
-, petition of
-, Sir Wm.

Killlultagh, Viscount, see Conway.

Kilmarnock, Earl of, see Boyd, William.

Kilton, co. York, resident at

Kimber, Jas., petition of

Kincardine, Earl of, see Bruce, Alex.

Kinderton, Baron of, see Venables, Peter.

King, the, see Charles II.
-, the late, see Charles I.

King, Sir Andrew
-, Henry, late Bishop of Chichester
-, John
-, Rob.
-, Thos., Coventry
-, Thos., Portsmouth, certificate by
-, Col.

Kingdon, Rich.

Kinge, of Oxford

Kingorn, Earl of

Kings-at-arms, petition of

King's Bench, Court of, cases or trials in
-, Custos Brevium in
-, fines in
-, justices of, and see Morton, Sir Wm.
-, Lord Chief Justice of, and see Kelynge, Sir John; Foster, Sir Rob.; Hyde, Sir Rob.
-, marshals of
-, prison, Southwark, prisoners in

Kingsberry, Augustine

King's Clere, co. Hants, residents at

Kingsey [Bucks ?], manor of

Kingsley, Capt. Thos.
-, petition of
-, son of
-, Col, petition of

King's Lynn, see Lynn Regis.

Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey

Kingswood, co. Gloucester, chase of
-, foresters and cotters of
-, ranger of

Kinsale, Ireland
-, fort at, Governor of
-, letters dated from
-, ships of, to, or from
-, stores, &c., at or for

Kinsey, Capt. Rich., petition of

Kirbie, Wm.

Kirby, co. Warwick, church of

Kirk, Sir Lewis, petition of
-, John, brother of
-, Piercy

Kirkby, or Kirky, Col. Rich.
-, letter of

Kirkby, co. Northampton, resident at

Kirke, Chas.
-, George
-, Mr., Cambridge, letter to

Kirkenberry, Scotland, traveller to

Kirkheaton, co. York, rectory of

Kirton, Mary, see Carleton, Mary.

Kitchell, John, letter of

Knight, John
-, John, serjeant-surgeon
-, commission to
-, Sir John
-, letter of
-, Ned
-, Sir Ralph
-, Sam., late clerk of comptrol at Portsmouth
-, widow and children of
-, servant or clerk of
-, Valentine
-, Capt. Val., petition of
-, John, kinsman of
-, Mr.

Knightley, T., letter of

Knighton Wood, Essex

Knights, creation of, alluded to

Knolls, Mr.

Knowler, Edw.

Konigsberg, Prussia, and see Quinborough.

Koningsmark, Count

Kymer, Harrison, petition of