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Pages 781-785

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Gaboret, Sieur


Gainsborough, co. Lincoln, lands at

Galata, see Goletta.

Galicia, traveller to

Gallery, Jean de Capmas de, petition of

Galley Greek, Kent

Gallipoli, Turkey, agency at
-, ships to or from

Gallois, Peter, letter of

Galloway, Bishop of, see Hamilton, James.

Galloway, ship to

Gamarha, Don Estevan de

Gambia Company, petition of

Gamble, Capt. J. letter of

Game, the King's, see Charles II., game of.

Gamull, Sir Fras.

Gannocke, Mr.

Gapes, Mr.

Garboldsham, Norfolk, manor of

Garde, M. Jacques de la

Gardiner, John, contract with
-, Rich., soldier, petition of
-, Dr. Rich.
-, Capt.
-, Dr.
-, Mr. (purser)

Gardner, John

Gargrave (horse), race run by

Garmons Guards (Spanish)

Garner, Mr.

Garratt, John, letters of

Garret, Wm., petition of
-, daughter of
-, Mr. [Lord Conway's late steward ?]

Garrett, Joseph, steward to Earl of Holland

Garrisons and forts
-, chief engineer of
-, Governors of

Garter, Order of the, book relating to
-, ceremonies of, see Windsor, ceremonies of the Garter at.
-, chapter of
-, insignia of
-, King-at-arms, see Walker, Sir Edw.
-, knights of

Gascoigne, or Gascon, Sir Bernard (?)
-, petition of
-, Wm., Tangiers

Gaselee, Stephen
-, petition of

Gaskin, vintner

Gata, Cape de, Spain

Gatehouse, Westminster, keeper of
-, warrants to
-, letter dated from
-, prisoners committed to

Gateside, co. Durham, persons at

Gauden, Sir Denis, victualler of the Navy
-, as alderman of London
-, accounts of, see Navy, victualling accounts of.
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, clerks of
-, Ben., son and deputy of
-, certificates by

Gauden, Sir Denis and Co.

Gaunt, Flanders, news from

Gauntlett, John, Salisbury, letter to
-, Mr., letter to

Gayland, General

Gazette, the London
-, advertisements or news sent or to be sent to
-, printer of
-, sending or receipt of
-, French and Dutch, see French Gazette, and Dutch Gazette.

Geffery, John

Generals, the

Genoa, Italy
-, ambassador at
-, arsenal at
-, Duke of
-, fort or castle at
-, natives of, or Genoese
-, news from
-, Senate of
-, ships of, to, or from
-, Road, ships in

Gentlemen Pensioners
-, Captain of, see Belasyse, Lord.
-, Lieutenant of, see Bennet, Sir John.
-, paymaster of

Genvey, Wm., letter of

Georgio, Signor
-, son of

Gerard, Charles, Lord Gerard of Brandon
-, petition to
-, wife of

Gerard, Sir Fras.
-, wife of
-, Sir Gilbert, clerk of the Duchy of Lancaster
-, Thos.

Gerbier, Sir Balthazar

Germany, Leopold I., Emperor of, or his Imperial Majesty
-, ministers of
-, officer of
-, rebels against
-, Charles V., Emperor of

Germany, Empire of
-, army or forces of
-, in connection with France
-, princes of
-, travellers to, from, or in

German traveller

Gey, Philippe de, signature of

Geyt, Noah le

Ghent, of Wapping

Gibbon, John
-, petition of
-, Col. Rob.
-, letter to

Gibbs, John
-, Capt.

Gibraltar, or Giblatore, straits of, ships to or from, and see Straits, the.

Gibson, Sir John
-, Rich., agent at Port Mahon
-, letters of
-, letter to

Giffard, Ch., certificate by

Gifford, Peter, petition of
-, Mr., warrant to

Gilby, Ant.
-, Col. Ant., letters of
-, letter to
-, Sir Theophilus

Gildersome, co. York, letter dated from

Giles, John, paper by

Gill, Thos.

Gillam, Capt. Zachary

Gillingham, Kent
-, ships at, to, or from

Gladwin, Thos., contract with


Glanville, Ben., letters of
-, [Jos.]
-, book written by

Glasgow, Archbishop of, see Burnet, Alex.
-, archbishopric of
-, magistrates and council of, letter to
-, Provost of

Glasney, letter dated from

Glasse, nonconformist

Glassey, Scotland, barony of

Gleave, Sir Peter

Gleed, Thos.

Glenham, Dr. Hen., late Bishop of St. Asaph
-, chaplain to

Glentworth, co. Lincoln, letter dated from

Gloucester, Bishop of, see Nicholson, Wm.
-, diocese of

-, disturbances at
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of
-, Mayor, aldermen, and council of
-, letters to

-, Lord Lieutenant of
-, residents in
-, sheriff of
-, officers of
-, treasurer for maimed soldiers in

Glyde, Mr.

Glynne, Mr.

Gobbat, Major

Godfrey, Sir Edmund
-, Rich.
-, Stephen, signature of

Godolphin, Fras.
-, petition and letter of
-, John, D.C.L., letter to
-, Sydney
-, Sir Wm.

Godolphin, Cornwall, letters dated from

Godrey, Mr.

Godwin, Lieut. John

Goffe, Col. Wm.

Goffright, Geo., tender of

Gold, John

Goldegay, Mr.

Goletta, or Galata, Tunis, French fleet at

Gomme, Sir Bernard de, Engineer-General

Gomorrha, Don Esteran de

Good, Dr. Thos, petition of

Goodale, Chris.
-, receipt by

Goodlad, Wm.

Goodman, Geo.
-, Rebecca

Goodrich, Sir John

Goodwin, Arthur
-, John
-, Charles, brother of, examination of
-, apprentice of
-, Sam.
-, nonconformist

Goodwin Sands, ships on or near

Gorges, Richard, Lord Gorges

Gorgis, Mr., see Villiers, Duke of Buckingham.

Goring, George, first Earl of Norwich
-, Charles, second Earl of Norwich, his son
-, letter of

Gorsuch, Wm., petition of
-, son of

Gosfield, Essex, traveller to

Gosport, Hants, residents at

Gossage, carter

Gostwick, Sir Edw.
-, Sir Edw son of
-, Sir Wm., son of
-, Mary, wife of

Gothem, Capt.

Gottenburg, Sweden, masts from
-, ships of, to, and from

Goudhurst, Kent, resident at

Gould, Thos.
-, contract with

Gourdon, Dr.

Government or State, the
-, abuse of
-, disaffection to, or disturbance of

Gower, Thos.
-, Sir Thos., Bart., J.P.
-, letters, &c., of
-, letter to

Graces, Essex, resident at

Grafton, co. Northampton

Grafton Underwood, co. Northampton

Grain, see Corn.

Grammont, Count de

Grandison, Viscount, see Villiers, George.

Granger, Gregory
-, felon

Grant, David, account by

Grantam, Thos.

Grantham, co. Lincoln, travellers to

Grascombe, Nath.

Gravener, Joan

Graves, Mr.

Gravesend, Kent
-, Blockhouse of, Governor of
-, clerk of the cheque at
-, clerk of the passage at
-, customs officers at
-, forts or garrison at
-, the King to
-, King's Arms at, letter dated from
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of
-, muster-master at and see Pett, Phineas.
-, late, see Hosier, F.
-, packet-boats to
-, ships at, to, or from
-, travellers to or from

Gravett, Roger
-, widow of

Gray, alias Waters, Ann
-, petitions of

Great Britain
-, United Parliament for

Greathead, Joshua, letter of

Great Seal, grants or writs under, alluded to
-, messengers of
-, petitions of
-, office of writer or engrosser to
-, pardons under, alluded to

Greek language, books in

Green, or Greene, Capt. Emondes
-, letters of
-, assistant of
-, John, certificate by
-, Margaret
-, husband of, see Petit, Ren
-, Rich.
-, Thos., letter of
-, Capt. (Straits fleet)
-, Mr. (timber)

Greenaway, John, contract with

Greencloth, Board of
-, clerks of
-, letter dated from
-, letter and order of
-, master of
-, reference to
-, warrants to

Greenhalgh, Capt.

Greenhill, Mr.

Greenhithe, Kent, dock or dockyard at
-, work at
-, Navy Commissioners to
-, ships to or of

Greenland, ships of

Green's Norton, see Norton Davy.

Greenwich, Kent
-, hospital of
-, founder of
-, letters dated from
-, palace of
-, under-keeper of
-, White House in
-, tilt yard at
-, vicar of
-, workmen, &c., at
-, East, manor of
-, resident at
-, Hill

Gregory, Edw., clerk of the cheque at Chatham
-, letters, &c., of
-, warrant to
-, John (servant)

Grenville, or Granville, John, Earl of Bath, Governor of Plymouth, Groom of the Stole, and first gentleman of the Bedchamber
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Devonshire
-, reference to
-, warrant to

Grenville, Bernard, M.P.
-, petition of
-, Ann, wife of
-, Denis
-, Sieur de

Greville, Mr.
-, father-in-law of

Grey, Henry, Earl of Stamford
-, Anne, wife of
-, John, Leonard, and Lady Jane, children of, petition of
-, William, Baron Grey of Wark
-, Wm. Grey, son-in-law of

Grey, Edw.
-, Ralph
-, Thos.
-, Col.
-, widow

Griffin, Sir Edw., Treasurer of the Chamber
-, warrants to
-, Wm., letters of

Griffith, Sir John
-, Owen

Grimes, Mr.

Grimston, Wm.

Grimston Garth, co. York, resident at

Grimstone, Sir Harbottle, Master of the Rolls
-, letter to

Grindal, of Oxford

Gringaud, Charles

Grittleton, Wilts, letter dated from

Gromerville, Sieur de

Groote, M. de

Grosvenor, Sir Thos., Bart.

Grove Ferry, Kent, ship built at

Grover, James

Growden, John

Gruchy, Phil.

Gruibert, Scotland, residents at

Grymett, Fras.

Guadaloupe, island of, ship from

-, bailiff of
-, letter to
-, deputy
-, Castle Cornet in, see Cornet Castle.
-, castles or forts in
-, church and clergy in
-, Commander-in-Chief in
-, Court of, decrees of
-, Dean of, see Saumarez, John.
-, deanery of
-, conventicles or nonconformity in
-, Governors or commissaries of and see Atkins, Sir Jonathan; Hatton, Lord; Osborne, Sir Peter; Pollard, Sir Hugh.
-, office of
-, grant of
-, petitions for
-, governors, lieutenant or deputy, of
-, office of, grant of
-, petition for
-, inhabitants of
-, islands of
-, jurats of
-, letters to
-, letters dated from
-, militia and train bands of
-, money from, or taxes in
-, notes on
-, officers in
-, prisoners in, and see Cornet Castle, prisoners in.
-, provosts of
-, provost marshal of
-, St. Martin's in, rector of
-, St. Saviour's parish
-, ships of, to, or from
-, travellers to and from
-, troops for or in

Guerrarra, Marquis of

Guildford, Surrey, assizes at

Guinea, Africa
-, Company, see African Company.
-, ships to and from

Guiseley, co. York, parish of

Guisnes, Earls of, see Vere.

Guldenlew, Count de, Danish ambassador
-, as Graf Rantzow

Gumble, Dr. Thos., letters, &c., of

Gunfleet, the, fleet at

Gunman, Capt.

Gunning, Dr. Peter
-, as Bishop of Chichester

-, Plot, alluded to

Gunston, co. Stafford, resident at

Gurdott, Wm., note by

Gusman, Don Domingo
-, brother of, see Medina, Duke of.
-, servant of

Guterres, Jacob Mendes

Gutteridge, Capt.

Guy, Henry
-, Mr.

Gwernevel, co. Brecon, resident at

Gwyn, Capt. John, petition of

Gwynn, Auditor Wm., letters to