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Pages 776-781

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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F., Mr.

Faber, Albertus Otto

Fabvolire, M. de

Fachen, John, contract with

Fagge, Sir John, Bart.

Fairbrother, Wm., D.C.L.

Fairfax, Capt. Chas.
-, letter of
-, William, son of
-, Sir Thomas

Fairs and markets

Falconer, John

Falesberry, John, contract with

Falkland, Viscount, see Cary.

Falla, Raulin, and Jenette his wife

Falmouth, co. Cornwall
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor and justices of
-, nonconformists at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Faloe, Thos.

Fanatics, see also Nonconformists.

Fane, Sir Fras., K.B.
-, George, M.P.

Fanshaw, Thomas, Viscount Fanshaw, letter of
-, letters to

Fanshaw, Sir Rich.
-, widow of, petition of
-, Sir Rich., son of
-, Sir Thos., clerk of the Crown
-, Mr.

Fareham, Hants, timber from

Farina, or Verina, Bay of
-, Porto

Farley, Erasmus, certificate by

Farmer, Edw.
-, Hen.

-, letter dated from

Faro, Portugal, ships to

Faron, Thos.

Farr, Thos.

Farrar, Dr., physician in ordinary
-, Eliz., widow of, petition of

Farrey [Faroe ?], traders to

Farvacks, of London

Fusby, Capt. Wm., letters of

Fassett, Rich.

Fauconberg, Lord, see Belasyse.

Favan, Ant.

Faversham, Kent, residents at

Fawley, Hants, living of

Fee-farm rents
-, Act relating to
-, alluded to
-, Commissioners or Trustees for
-, warrant to

Fell, Dr. John, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford
-, letters of
-, Philip, B.D.

Felltham, C., letter of

Felton, Hen., paper by

Fenn, Jack
-, John
-, Thos.

Fennie, Capt.

Fenwick, Rob.
-, Sir Wm.

Ferdinand, M, letter of

Fernandez, Don Francesco

Ferne, Dr. [Hen.]
-, Dr. [physician]

Ferrari, M.

Ferrarius, Philip, book by

Ferrers, John
-, petition of
-, children of
-, Hen., ancestor of
-, Mr., M.P.

Fettiplace, of Oxford

Fettiplands, Alex., certificate by

Fevre, M. Nicasius Le

Fez, Morocco
-, King of, see Morocco, Emperor of

Fiall, ship lost near

Fielding, Basil, Earl of Denbigh
-, statement by
-, wife of
-, grandmother of

Fielding, Dr.

Fiennes, William, first Lord Say and Sele

Fiennes, Fras., see Clinton.

Fife, sheriffdom of

Fifth Monarchy men

Fillingham, co. Lincoln, rectory of

Finch, Thomas, first Earl of Winchelsea
-, Heneage, second Earl of Winchelsea, his son, Lord Lieutenant of Kent
-, letters of
-, letters to

Finch, Fras.
-, Sir Heneage, as Solicitor-General
-, references to, and report of
-, as Attorney-General
-, letters to
-, references to, and reports of
-, warrants or orders to
-, Dan., son of, letter of
-, John, petition of
-, children of
-, John, beadsman
-, John, mariner
-, Sir John
-, statement by
-, Sir John [brother of Sir Heneage], Resident at Florence
-, letter to
-, Sir John, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal to Charles I.

Fingall, Earl of, see Plunkett.

Firbank, Laten

First Fruits and Tenths
-, receivers of
-, records of
-, Remembrancer of

-, for the Household
-, ships laden with

Fisher, Mr.

Fisheries and fishing, and see Newfoundland, and Herring Fisheries.
-, pamphlet concerning


Fishmongers, petition of, alluded to

Fisherton Anger, Wilts, gaoler of

Fitzgerald, Capt.

Fitzharding, Viscount, see Berkeley.

Fitzherbert, Jo., letter of

Fitz James, George
-, Capt. Henry

Fitzroy, Charles, Lord Limerick and Earl of Southampton
-, George, his brother

Fitzwalter, Benjamin Mildmay de, Baron Fitzwalter

Fitzwalter, Rob. [temp. Edward I.]

Fitzwilliams, Wm.

Five Miles Act, alluded to

Flamborough Head, ships off

Flamerine, M.

-, Burgomasters of
-, Fiscal or Privy Council of
-, French King to, see Netherlands, French King to.
-, in connection with France, see France in connection with Holland and Flanders.
-, mails to or from
-, packet-boats from
-, passes to, see Passes.
-, Procurator-General of
-, Secretary of
-, service or English soldiers in
-, ships of, see Flemish ships.
-, Spanish Governor in, see Netherlands, Spanish Governor of.
-, towns and citadels of
-, travellers to or from

Flawe, Wm., journal by

Fleet, the English, see also Ships and Navy.
-, chaplains of, see Ships.
-, commanders of, see James, Duke of York; Monk, Lord Albemarle; Montague, Earl of Sandwich; and Rupert, Prince.
-, General of

Fleetwood, Charles, late deputy-lieutenant of Ireland, chaplain to
-, Dr. James, J.P., Provost of King's College, Cambridge

Fleming, Dan., letters of

Flemish merchant
-, ships

Fletcher, Benj.
-, Sir George
-, [Thos.]
-, Wm.

Flight, Rich.
-, Rich. and Wm., contracts with

Flint, or Flynt, Serjeant [Thos.], M.P.
-, widow of
-, son of

Flintshire, resident in
-, sheriff of

Florence, Court at
-, Duke's palace at
-, English merchants at
-, English Resident at (Sir John Finch)
-, Lord Fauconberg to
-, travellers to or from

Floyd, Sir Godfrey
-, Katherine, widow of
-, children of

Flushing, ships of or to

Flynt, see Flint.

Foley, Rob.
-, letter, &c., of

Folio, Mr.

Folkestone, Sussex, resident at

Fontainbleau, French King to

Forbes, Mr.

Force, Mary
-, Hester, daughter of, petition of

Ford, John
-, Alderman Sir Rich.
-, letters, &c., of
-, letters to
-, as Lord Mayor
-, letters of
-, Sam., son of, letter of

Fordwich, Kent, place near

Foreign Affairs, Committee for
-, minute of proceedings in
-, Kings
-, Plantations, see Plantations.
-, Princes
-, ships, see Ships; also French and Dutch ships.

Foreigners, see Aliens.

Foreland, North and South, lighthouses on

Formentara, Island of, ships to or at

Forrest, Thos., account by

Forrester, James, Lord Forrester
-, Lady Joan, wife of

Forster, Lady Anne, petition of
-, Charles son of

Forster, Rich., letter of
-, S., receipt by
-, Thos.
-, Sir Wm.

Forterye, Mr.

Fortescue, John

Forth and Brentford, Earl of, see Ruthven.

Forth, Wm.
-, Alderman, sen. and jun.

Forths, the

Fortrey, Sam., Ordnance clerk

Foster, Sir Rob., Lord Chief Justice of King's Bench, petition to

Foston, Ralph

Foston, co. York, resident at

Fouke, Alderman [John], London

Foulis, Capt. Thos., letter of

Fountaine, Peter

Fowell, nonconformist

Fowey, Cornwall, ships of

Fowke, Lieut.-Col. Chas., signature of
-, John Stafford

Fowkes, John, Winchester

Fowlder, Ant.

Fowler, Dr. Hen.
-, John, letter of
-, John, Kent
-, Thos.
-, Mr., Reading

Fownes, Wm.
-, letters, &c., of

Fox, Eliz.
-, George, Quaker
-, Sir Stephen, Army Paymaster
-, warrants to
-, Lady

Foxcroft, Mr.
-, Mrs.

Foxley, Sam.

Foy, Cornwall, ship of

Framington, co. Devon, vicarage of

Framlingham, Suffolk, letters dated from

Frampton, Ro.
-, letter to

France, Kings of: Francis I., Henry II., Charles IX., Henry III., and Henry IV., as Knights of the Garter
-, Louis XIII., present from
-, Louis XIV., or His Christian Majesty, King of
-, army of, see French army.
-, Court or grandes of
-, edict of, alluded to
-, journeys of, alluded to, or talked of
-, ministers of
-, officer of
-, orders of, alluded to
-, preparations of, for war
-, presents from
-, sale of Dunkirk to
-, Scots regiment in service of
-, subjects of
-, surgeon to
-, treaties of
-, Queen of, Maria Theresa
-, Dauphin, the, son of
-, Princes of
-, Princess of

-, ambassadors, envoys, or residents of or from, and see Colbert, Monsieur.
-, ambassadors or envoys to, or in Paris
-, and England, arms of, see England.
-, church in, heads of
-, English manufactures in
-, frontiers of
-, horses to
-, in connection with England
-, in connection with the Channel Islands
-, in connection with Holland, Flanders, or the Netherlands
-, in connection with Spain
-, in connection with other countries
-, Intendent of Justice in
-, letters from, or news from, alluded to
-, money in, see French money.
-, preparations for war in, and see France, King of, preparations by
-, Protestants of
-, rebels or rebellion in, see also Vivaretz.
-, Royal West India Company of, see West India Company, French.
-, ships building in, and see Brest, ships building at.
-, ships to or from
-, trade with or of
-, travellers to or from
-, war with, alluded to
-, wars with [temp. Edw. III.]

Francis, John, petition of
-, Rob., clerk to Williamson, letter to
-, news-letter from
-, Mr.

Frangipani, Count

Franintelsi [Cardinal ?]

Franklin, Sam., King's Proctor
-, letters to
-, Mr.

Frary, Ralph, petition of

Frederick, Alderman Sir John
-, letters of
-, letter to

Freeman, George
-, petition of
-, mother of
-, Rice
-, letters of

French, Mr.
-, of Deptford
-, Mr.

French, the
-, army, troops, or soldiers
-, church in London, see London, French church in, and Savoy.
-, colonies or plantations
-, commission (for ship)
-, consul
-, Court, see France, Louis XIV., King of.
-, East India Company, see East India Company, French.
-, fleet
-, Admiral or Commander of, and see Beaufort, Due de.
-, Vice-Admiral of, see Estrees, Count de.
-, garrisons
-, Gazette, or Gazette de Londres
-, goods
-, duties on
-, Governor of Martinique, see Martinique.
-, in the Levant
-, in Tunis, &c.
-, in other places
-, King, see France, King of.
-, language
-, letters or papers written in
-, letters, see France, letters from.
-, maistre de camp
-, mariners
-, men
-, in England
-, jury of
-, merchants
-, paper by
-, money
-, nobles
-, packet-boats
-, Parliament
-, ports
-, prisoners
-, Royal Company, see African or Royal Company, French.
-, shipping, duty on
-, ships, or Frenchmen
-, ships, men-of-war
-, ships taken by
-, ships, taking of
-, tariffs
-, territories
-, tonnage
-, wines, see Wines.

Freschville, John, Baron Freschville
-, letters of
-, letters to

Freshford, Somerset, resident at

Fretter, Thos.

Freville, Nich., signature of

Frewen, Dr., [accepted] Archbishop of York

Friends, see Quakers.

Fries, Jacob de

Friesland, goods to

Frimley, Surrey, game at

Frith, John

Fritzay, co. Somerset

Frome, Somerset

Frost, Gualter

Frowde, Sir Philip
-, Philip, son of, secretary to Lord Berkeley
-, letters of


Fulcher, John

Fuller, Sir Douce
-, John
-, Dr. Thos.
-, Dr. Wm., Bishop of Lincoln
-, letters, &c., of
-, servant of
-, Dr. Wm., late Dean of Durham

Fullerton, John

Fulwood, co. Notts, coal mine at

Furlong, Wm.

Furster, Hen., certificate by

Furzer, Dan.
-, estimates by
-, letters and petition of
-, family of

Fusard, of Redbridge