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Pages 767-776

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Dacosta, Joseph

Dacre, Francis, Lord Dacre
-, Elizabeth, widow of
-, petition of
-, second husband of, see Walter, David.

Dacres, Sir Thos.
-, Dr. Arthur, son of

Dafforn, Mr.

Dalbier, Col.

Dale, Sam.

Dallison, Martin, registrar of the Committee for Compounding
-, Sir Roger, late Lieutenant of Ordnance
-, Sir Thos.

Dalrymple, Sir James, Lord Staires

Dalton, Sir Wm., paper by

Damascene, Jean Baptiste, King's physician

Damme, Holland, fortress of

Daniell, Sir Thos., petition of
-, Col.
-, Mr.

Danish men-of-war

-, ships of, to, or from

Danvers, Hen.
-, Col.

Darcy, Capt.

Dare, B.A.

Darell, Capt. Nath., deputy or lieutenantgovernor of Guernsey
-, grants to
-, information to
-, letters of
-, petitions of
-, father of

Darrell, Major Nath.

Darley, co. Derby, tithes of

Darnall, Ralph, and his son, petition of

Dartmouth, Lord

Dartmouth, Devon, letters addressed to
-, ships of

Dashwood, Alderman

Daubreville, examination of
-, wife of

Daukes, Sam.
-, letter of
-, sister of

Dauphine, France

Davenant, Ralph.
-, Sir Wm.

David, John

Davidge, Kath.

Davies, Alex.
-, widow of
-, daughter of
-, Thos. and Wm., brothers of, petition of
-, James, petition of
-, father of
-, Alderman Sir Thos.
-, Wm.
-, Capt. Will., letter of
-, Mrs.

Davis, Hen.

Davison, Ralph, signature of
-, Thos., Mayor of Newcastle, papers signed by
-, Sir Thos., signature of
-, Wm.
-, Thos., son of
-, Bridget, wife of
-, children of

Davys, Alderman Jonathan

Daw, Rob., petition of

Dawes, Alderman
-, Sir Abraham, Sir Thos., and John

Dawpool, travellers to or from

Dawson, messenger, warrant to

Dawtry, Ja., letter of and to

Day, Capt. John

Deal, Kent
-, Castle
-, Governor of
-, deputy-governor of
-, clerk of the cheque at
-, clerk of the passage at
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, men or mariners of or from
-, muster-master at
-, nonconformists or fanatics at
-, pilots of
-, residents at
-, ships or boats of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, surveyorship at
-, travellers to and from
-, North sands at

Dean, Forest of, co. Gloucester
-, timber in or from

Dean and chapter lands, Commonwealth committee for sale of
-, registrar of

Deans and chapters, see under the various dioceses.

Deane, Capt. Ant., master shipwright at Harwich
-, contracts with
-, letters of
-, Eliz.
-, postmaster
-, wife of

Debrow, near Watford, letter dated from

Dee, river, Bill concerning

Degge, Sir Simon

Deladale, Mr.

Delamere, Lord, see Booth, Sir George.

Delamere, Isaac

Delamere Forest, co. Chester
-, officers of

Delaval, Sir Ralph, Bart.

Delavall, Lady Eliz.

Delawarr, Lord, see West, Charles.

Dell, fanatic

Denbigh, Earl of, see Fielding.

Denham, Sir John, surveyor of works
-, memorial of
-, Dr.

Denization, grants of, to aliens
-, alluded to

Denmark, Frederic III., King of
-, death of
-, Christian V., son of
-, as Prince of Denmark
-, as Knight of the Garter

-, ambassadors from and see Guldenlew, Count.
-, ambassadors to
-, ships of, see Danish men-of-war.
-, travellers to and from

Denny Walk, New Forest

-, Globe tavern at
-, iron house at
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, the Queen to
-, ships or boats at, to, or from

Deptford dock or dockyard
-, buildings in
-, clerk at
-, clerk of the cheque at
-, clerk of the comptrol at
-, clerk of the survey at, see Uthwat, J.
-, letters dated from
-, master attendant at, see Tinker, Capt. John.
-, Navy stores at, for, or from
-, embezzlement of
-, officers of
-, letter of
-, porter of, letter of
-, ships building and launched at
-, ships fitting or laid up at
-, shipwrights at
-, storekeeper at, see Turner, Thos.
-, timber or masts at, for, or from
-, watchmen at
-, workmen at, for, or from

Derby, Earl of, see Stanley.

Derby, excise of

-, estates or lands in
-, places in
-, residents in

Dering, Chas.
-, Edw., letter of
-, Sir Edw.

Derry, Lough of, Ireland

Des Arts, Baron

Desborow, Col. John

Des Marces, Sir Ant., Bart., petition of

Dethick, Hen., Rougecroix pursuivant-atarms
-, Thos., and Co.

Dethwick, Mr. (tutor)

Devellette, Claudius, petition of

Devereux, Robert, Earl of Essex

Devizes, co. Wilts

Devon, former Earl of, see Redvers, Baldwin de.

Devonshire, Earl and Countess of, see Cavendish.

-, excise in
-, Lord Lieutenant of, see Grenville, Earl of Bath.
-, places in
-, rectories, &c., in
-, residents in
-, treasurer for

Dew, Thos.
-, contract with

Dewsall, co. Hereford, resident at

Dichley, Oxon, letter dated from

Dick, Andrew

Dickenson, Mr.

Dickinson, Fras., petition of
-, Ald. Thos., York
-, [Wm.], Kent
-, Wm., York
-, petition of
-, of Southampton

Dicksee, Thos., petition of
-, wife and children of

Dickson, Thos., warrant to

Dieppe, France
-, ships of or from
-, travellers to or from

Digby, John, first Earl of Bristol
-, George, second Earl of Bristol, his son
-, letter of
-, as Lord Digby
-, Anne, wife of
-, John, eldest son of (?), Governor of Deal Castle
-, Francis, second son of
-, family of

Digby, Sir John
-, Sir Kenelm
-, John, son of, case of
-, petitions of
-, wife of, see Howard, Lady Catherine.

Diggs, Edw.

Dilladale, Morrice, petition of

Dillon, Wentworth, fourth Earl of Roscommon
-, wife of
-, Charles, Viscount Dillon

Dillon, Col. Jas.

Discoverers, see Informers.

Ditcheridge, co. Wilts, conventicle at

Divinity, Bachelors of
-, Doctors of

Dixmude, Flanders

Dixon, Simon
-, certificate by
-, Thos., brother of
-, T., Oxford, speech by
-, Thos., messenger, warrants to

Dobbs, of Deptford

Dobson, Edw.

Doddington, or Dodington, Sir Fras.
-, petitions of
-, widow of
-, John, eldest son of
-, petition of
-, James, second son of
-, nephew of, see Coward, Wm.
-, family of
-, Hester, letter of
-, husband and family of
-, Mr., Resident at Venice
-, letter of
-, ship's captain, letter of

Doddington, letter dated from

Dodsworth, John, letters of

Doelittle, Mr.

Dogget, John

Dolben, John, Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster
-, reference to

Dolins, Abra.

Dolman, Sir Thos.

Dongan, Capt.

Dorchester, Marquis of, see Pierrepoint, Henry.

Dorisensko, General

Dormer, Charles, Earl of Carnarvon
-, Elizabeth, daughter of

Dorney, Hen.

Dorrell, falconer

Dorset, Earl of, see Sackville, Richard.

-, Lord Lieutenant of, see Stuart, Duke of Richmond.
-, deputy-lieutenant of
-, places in
-, residents in
-, sheriffs of

Dort, Netherlands
-, ships to or from

Douglas, William, Earl of Selkirk and Duke of Hamilton, see Hamilton.
-, William, Earl of Morton
-, Lord George, regiment of
-, Lord

Douglas, Capt. Jas.

Dove, John
-, John, clerk
-, Thos., executor of

Dover, Kent
-, Admiralty Court of
-, bailiff of
-, burgess for
-, Castle
-, Governor or Lieutenant of, letter to
-, Marshal of
-, clerk of the passage at, and see Carlile, John.
-, Common Council of
-, letter to
-, conventicles and nonconformists at
-, Court at
-, letters dated from
-, Customs' officers at
-, harbour or port of
-, Act for, alluded to
-, memorial concerning
-, officers of
-, treasurer of
-, jurats of
-, letter to
-, the King to or at
-, letters addressed to
-, letters dated from
-, Madame at, see Orleans, Duchess of, visit to England.
-, mails or posts to
-, Mayor of
-, disputes concerning
-, letter to
-, packet-boats to and from
-, postmaster of
-, residents at
-, ships at
-, letters dated from
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, stores or provisions from or for
-, travellers at, to, or from
-, victualler at
-, Road, ships in

Dowcett, Abra.
-, Abra. and John, sons of

Dowghty, Thos., M.A., chaplain to the Duke of York

Downes, Rich.

Downhall, Dr. [Hen.]

Downham, Norfolk, letter dated from

Downing, Sir George
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, anchorsmith

Downs, the
-, letters dated from
-, ships in or near
-, men-of-war or King's, and merchants, lists of, by Morgan Lodge
-, ships to or from

Dowson, Mr.

Doyley, Edm., petition of
-, Sir Wm.
-, letters of
-, son-in-law of


Dram (Norway ?), ship from

Draper, Sir Thos.

Draperijs, Signor Nicolo

Draycott, Phil., letter of

Drayton, Middlesex, letter dated from

Dringhouses, co. York, resident at

Drinkwater, Capt.

Dromore, Lord, see Scudamore, James.

Drumclery, Scotland, town and lands of

Drury, John
-, Sir Rob., Bart.
-, Sam

Dryden, Sir Rob., Bart.

-, Alderman of
-, Castle Street in
-, Company of Bricklayers in
-, letters dated from
-, ships of, to, or from
-, travellers to or from
-, victualler's agent at

Ducket, Rich.
-, letter of
-, Wm., M.P.
-, news-letter to

Dudley, Robert, Earl of Leicester
-, Charles de Nelta, titular Duke of Northumberland

Dudley [Edmond], Chief Justice, tempo Henry VII.
-, .

Duke (character in play)

Dulwich, Surrey, God's Gift College at, Master, Fellows, &c., of, letter to
-, Warden of

Dumaresq, Henry
-, widow of
-, Philip, son of, petition of
-, other children of
-, Benj., Jersey

Dumaresque, M., London

Dumbarton, garrison at

Dumblane, Bishop of, see Leighton, Rob.

Dumfermline, Earl of, see Seaton, Charles.

Duncan, Lieut.-Col. Thos.
-, Mr., of Cadiz

Duncombe, John and George
-, Sir John, Bart
-, letter of
-, report of
-, Thos.

Dundee, Earl of, late, see Scrimgeour, John.

Dundee, lands of

Dungan, Lieutenant-General of Algerines

Dungannon, Lord, see Trevor.

Dungeness, or the Ness, Kent, ships at or from
-, Road, ship in, letter dated from

Dunkirk, France
-, Governor of
-, sale of, alluded to
-, ships of, to, and from
-, treasurers for

Dunne, Field

Dunskey, Scotland, resident at

Dunstan, Giles

Duppa, Brian, as Bishop of Salisbury, certificate by
-, as Bishop of Winchester
-, Mr.

Durazzo, Gio. Agostino

Durel, Dr. John
-, petition and letter of

Durham, Bishop of, see Cosin, John
-, Archdeacon of
-, Cathedral
-, College, prebendal house in
-, Dean of, see Fuller, Dr. William
-, Dean and chapter of
-, letters to
-, prebendary of
-, prebends of

Durham, city of
-, County Palatine of
-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, Receiver-General for

Dutch, the, Hollanders, or the enemy
-, ambassadors, see Holland, ambassadors from
-, church in London
-, Company in Holland, see Holland, Dutch Company in.
-, director in Persia for
-, fleet
-, Admirals and Commander of
-, in the Thames or Medway
-, victory over, epigram on
-, Gazette
-, in connection with England, see Holland
-, in connection with France, see France.
-, in connection with the Prince of Orange.
-, in Africa
-, in the East Indies
-, in Leghorn
-, mariners
-, news-books, alluded to
-, packet-boats, see Holland, packetboats to and from.
-, preparations by
-, prisoners in England
-, ships, Hollanders or Dutchmen
-, ships, East India, see East India Company, Dutch.
-, ships, fishing
-, ships, men-of-war
-, ships, merchantmen
-, ships taken prize or burnt
-, ships burnt by
-, trade of or with

Duteil, Baptista

Duties, see Customs

Dutton, Sir Ralph

Duval, Claude, highwayman

Dycer, Sir Rob., Bart.

Dye, Fras., petition of

Dyke, lands of

Dysart, Earl of, see Murray, William.
-, Lady, see Tollemache.

Dyson, Mr. (timber)


Eades, Mr.

Ealing, Middlesex, residents at

Earle, Capt. John
-, relatives of
-, Dr. John, Bishop of Worcester

Earl Marshal, office of, Commissioners for

Easington Ward, co. Durham

Eason, Rob.

East, the, countries in, traveller to
-, ships to or from

Eastbrook, Thos.

East Country, ships from

Easterhaills, Scotland, lands of

Easter Lumbenny, Scotland, lands of

East Indies, or India
-, passage to, see North West Passage.
-, ships of, to, or from, or East Indiamen

East India Company
-, contract of
-, ships of
-, stock

East India Company, Dutch
-, ships of
-, French

Eastland Company

Eastry, Kent, resident at

Eastwell, Kent, letters dated from
-, letter addressed to

Eastwood, John
-, [Roger ?]
-, Thos.
-, letters, &c., of

Eaton, Capt.

Eaton Boat, co. Chester, resident at

Ecclesfield, co. York, vicar of

Eccleston, John

Eckington, co. Derby, rectory and manor of

Ecring of Blackfriars

Eddowes, John, letter and petitions of
-, Rob.

Edenhall, see Ednall

Edesbury, John

Edgcumbe, Ph., letter of

Edgehill, battle of

Edhill, Mr.

-, Castle, soldier at
-, college of, senators of
-, garrison at
-, letters dated from
-, Tolbooth prison, prisoner in

Edmond, Sir (?)

Edmonds, Wm. affidavit of

Ednall [Edenhall], Cumberland, letter to and from

Edward III.
-, Queen Philippa, wife of
-, son of, see Black Prince.

Edward IV.

Edward VI., Council books of, alluded to

Edwards, Fras., Levant
-, Henry
-, John, petition of
-, Mark, contracts with
-, Rich
-, Mr., see Conway, Viscount.
-, Mr. (Navy ?)
-, Mrs.
-, sheriff of London

Egerton, John, Earl of Bridgewater

Egerton, Sir Philip

Egham, Surrey, manor of

Eglesfield, Rob.

Eglingham, Northumberland, resident at

Egyptians, the

Ekin, Ben., contract with

Elbe, English ships in
-, English ships burnt in

Elchiell, Fort, Hungary

Elcock, Dr. Ant.
-, Edw., petition of

Eldred,, letter to

Elis, Jacob, see Ellis.

Elizabeth, Queen

Elizabeth Castle, Jersey
-, Governor of
-, letters dated from

Elliff, W., certificate by

Elliot, Jas.
-, Thos., Master of the Harriers
-, or Eliott, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of
-, letters to

Ellis, Andrew, deputy postmaster
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, order by
-, or Elis, Jacob
-, John
-, petition of
-, Thos. (killed)
-, Thos., co. Lincoln
-, Thos., co. York
-, information, &c., of
-, petition of
-, Mr.

Ellsworth, Rich., statement by

Elmet, Barwick in, see Barwick

Elrington [John]

Elwes, Sir Jo., letter of
-, cousin of

Elwick, co. Durham, letters dated from
-, living of

Ely, Thos
-, Bridget, daughter of

Ely, Isle of

Emarton, Mr.

Embry, Wm.

Emden, Prussia, ship of

Emilia, Duchess (in play)

Empire, the, see Germany, Empire of

Empringham, Geo.

Empson, Sir Rich. [temp. Hen. VII.]

Emsworth, Hants, timber at

Enfield, Middlesex, resident at
-, Chase, Middlesex, lodge in
-, South Baylie Walk in

Engham, or Ingham, Sir Thos.

Enghien, Netherlands, Prince of Orange to

-, and France, combined armies of
-, castles and garrisons in
-, Governors of
-, cities or boroughs of
-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, clothiers of, petition of
-, Constable of [temp. Edw. IV.]
-, counties of
-, county courts of
-, Lords Lieutenant of, letters sent to, alluded to
-, warrants by
-, deputy-lieutenants of
-, Parliamentary Commissioners of
-, officers of
-, sheriffs of
-, designs of France and Holland towards, see France and Holland in connection with England.
-, foreign residents in
-, justices of, see Judges and Justices.
-, Kings of
-, Mayors of, notice to
-, nobility and gentry of
-, postmasters in, see Postmasters
-, Princess of Orange in
-, prisoners in, see Prisoners.
-, sheriffs of, lists of
-, ships to and from, passim.
-, ships, foreign, made free of, see Ships.
-, trade of, see Trade
-, travellers from, or persons going beyond seas
-, licences for, see Passes.
-, travellers to
-, union of, with Scotland, alluded to
-, Commissioners for
-, English
-, Scotch, see Scotland Commissioners from
-, articles agreed on by
-, heads of treaty of
-, message or order to
-, proceedings of
-, Universities of, see Oxford and Cambridge.
-, North of
-, four counties of
-, ships to or from
-, Northern Circuit of
-, South of
-, East of
-, West of
-, cloth of or from
-, counties and towns of
-, ports of
-, ships to, or from

English, Fras.

English ambassadors, see Ambassadors.
-, consuls, see Consuls.
-, garrisons, see Garrisons.
-, goods, passim.
-, in Ireland
-, in Spain
-, in Tripoli
-, language, translations into
-, massacre of, rumoured
-, monarchy
-, nation, welfare of
-, plantations, see Plantations.
-, renegado
-, ships, see Ships.
-, trade, see Trade.
-, traveller

Epinal-sur-Moselle, castle of, Lorraine

Epping, Essex
-, letter dated from
-, Forest, claims on

Erith, Kent, ship to

Erwin, Dame Mary

Esher, Surrey, lands in

Esquiers, Mary le

Esse (Hungary ?), troops at

Essex, Earl of, see Capel, Arthur, and Devereux, Robert.

Essex, Wm.
-, Anne, mother of, petition of
-, father and brothers of

-, places in
-, residents in
-, sheriff of

Estcourt, John, letter of

Estrades, M. de

Estrees, or De Trea, Count de, French ViceAdmiral

Estrillay, Sieur de

Etherick, Ant.

Eton, College of St. Mary the Virgin at
-, fellows or fellowships at
-, Provost of
-, Provost and fellows of
-, letters to
-, Vice-Provost and fellows of

Europe, consuls in

Euston, Suffolk, the King to
-, letters from, alluded to
-, the Queen to

Euston Hall, letters dated from

Evans, David
-, Herbert
-, wife and children of
-, Humphrey
-, M., secretary of Levant Company, letter of

Evelyn, John
-, made Latin secretary
-, diary of, alluded to
-, letters, &c., of
-, verses by

Everton, co. Notts, house at
-, letter dated from

Evertsen, Dutch Vice-Admiral

Every, Sir Henry, Bart.
-, son of

Ewbancke, Col. [Harry]

Ewell, Zacheus, petition of

Ewelm, co. Oxon, hospital at

Ewers, or Hewer, Wm., Navy Office
-, letter to
-, note by

Exchange, bills of, alluded to

Exchange, the, see London, Royal Exchange in.

Exchequer, the
-, attorney of
-, auditors of
-, warrant to
-, Bar
-, Barons of
-, certificate to
-, Lord Chief
-, revocation of powers of
-, books of, erasure from
-, Chancellor of, and see Cooper, Lord Ashley.
-, lists, alluded to
-, messengers of
-, petition of
-, officers of
-, warrant to
-, offices of, cleaning of
-, payments from, alluded to, or asked for
-, payments to, alluded to
-, accounts of
-, Pells Office in, clerk of, see Wardour, Wm.
-, pensions, see Pensions.
-, receipts of
-, Remembrancer of
-, stationery, &c., for
-, suits, &c., in
-, tallies in, writer of
-, tellership in
-, treasury of, see Treasury.

Excise, the, and see Beer, excise on.
-, Act relating to
-, alluded to
-, auditor of
-, Commissioners of
-, Commissioners of Appeal for
-, Farmers of
-, farming of
-, grants or payments from
-, alluded to, or asked for
-, officers of

Exe, river

Exeter, Earl of, see Cecil, John.

Exeter, Bishop of, see Sparrow, Anthony.
-, Cathedral of, canon of
-, diocese of
-, prebends of

-, chamber of
-, customs or excise officers at
-, gaol, prisoners in
-, Hele's hospital for
-, letters dated from
-, Lieutenant of
-, Mayor of, letter of
-, Mayor, aldermen, &c., of
-, letter to
-, residents at

Exton, Mr.

Eyre, Ant.
-, letter of
-, John, J.P.
-, letters of

Eyre, Justices in

Eyte, Mr.

Eyton, Kenrick