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Pages 752-767

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Cadbury, Hump.
-, letters of

Cadiz, Spain
-, agent at
-, Bay, or Road, ships in
-, letters dated from
-, common justice of
-, letters dated from
-, prisoners at
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to

Caen, Normandy, ship from

Cage, Phil.
-, Alice, wife of
-, Thos., son of
-, Thos., London

Cagliari, Sardinia, ships to

Cain, M. du

Calais, France
-, castle of
-, letters dated from
-, packet-boat to and from
-, ships of, to, and from
-, travellers to or from

Calcot, Rob.
-, Alice, wife of, petition of
-, father of

Calimachus, Lord (character in play)

Callington, see Calweton.

Calmer (purveyor?)

Calshot Castle, Hants

Calthoff, Caspar
-, Martha, request by

Calvert, Cecil, Lord Baltimore

Calvert, Fras.
-, Thos.
-, Mr.

Calweton, alias Callington, Cornwall, Mayor, &c. of, petition of

-, letters dated from
-, mails to
-, St. Botolph's parish in
-, University
-, beadle of
-, Chancellor of, see Montague Earl of Manchester.
-, degrees at see also Arts, Masters and Bachelors of.
-, Jew at
-, members of
-, proctors of
-, Regius Professorship of Divinity at
-, Vice-Chancellor and Senate of
-, King's letters or mandamuses to
-, alluded to
-, letter to
-, warrant, &c., to
-, colleges of, heads of
-, Colleges of, viz.:
-, Christ's
-, fellows or fellowships of
-, Master of, see Cudworth, Dr. Ralph.
-, Master and fellows of, letters to
-, Corpus Christi, or Bennet's
-, fellows of
-, fellowships at
-, letter dated from
-, Master of, see Spencer, Dr. John.
-, Master and fellows of, letter to
-, Emanuel, fellows or fellowships at
-, Master and fellows of
-, letters to
-, Gonville and Caius
-, Jesus, fellows of
-, letter dated from
-, Master of, see Boldero, Dr.
-, students, &c., of
-, King's, Provost of, see Fleetwood, Dr.
-, fellows or members of
-, Pembroke Hall, fellows or fellowships at
-, Master of (Dr. Rob. Mapletoft)
-, Master and fellows of, letter to
-, Peter House, or St. Peter's College
-, Master of, see Beaumont, Dr. Jos.
-, Master and fellows of, letter to
-, Queens'
-, Master and fellows of, letter to
-, St. John's
-, Master, &c., of, letters to
-, petition from, report on
-, St. Mary Magdalen, fellowships at
-, Master and fellows of
-, letter to
-, Sidney-Sussex
-, Trinity, fellows or members of
-, Master and fellows of, petition of

-, County Commissioners of
-, sheriff of

Cameron, Evan, see Lochiel.

Cammas river, Northumberland

Campeachy, Bay of

Canaries, the, merchants trading with
-, ships to or from, or Canary fleet

-, Grand Vizier of

Cane, And.

Canisa, siege of

Cann, Sir Rob., Bart.

Canterbury, Archbishop of, see Juxon, Dr. Wm., and Sheldon, Gilbert.
-, Cathedral of, or Christ Church, beadsman's place in
-, fire at
-, great library of
-, prebend in
-, Dean and chapter of, letter to
-, see of, palaces of

-, the King to
-, King's Bridge at
-, Mayor of, signature of
-, Recorder of
-, residents in or near
-, travellers to

Capel, Arthur, Lord Capel
-, Arthur, Lord Capel, Baron of Hadham, and Earl of Essex, his son
-, grant of earldom to
-, Elizabeth, wife of

Capel, Sir Henry

Capell, Edw., petition of

Caper, of Nantwich

Caple, King's, co. Hereford, rectory of


Carab (Jew)

Caracena, Marquis of

Carberry, Earl of, see Vaughan, Richard.

Cardiff, co. Glamorgan
-, Castle, constable of

Cardiganshire, sheriff of

Cardinal Patron


Cardonnel, Peter de
-, Katherine, widow of, petition of
-, father of
-, Philip de, petition of

Cardonnell, Adam

Careby, co. Lincoln, letter from

Carew, Edw.
-, Peter, petition of
-, Dr.

Carewes, Mr.

Carey, Sir Hen.
-, petition of
-, Nich.
-, wife of
-, Peter
-, Madame

Caribbee Islands

Carisbrooke Castle, see Isle of Wight.

Carkass, Jas., letters, &c., of

Carleton, Dr. Guy, Dean of Carlisle
-, alias Kirton, alias Blacke, Mary

Carlile, or Carlisle, John, clerk of the passage at Dover
-, letters of

Carlingford, Earl of, see Taafe.

Carlisle, John, see Carlile.

Carlisle, Earl of, see Howard.

Carlisle, Bishop of, see Sterne, Dr. Rich.
-, Chancellor of
-, Dean of, see Carleton. Dr. Guy.
-, Dean and chapter of, letter to

-, Governor of
-, guards and garrison of
-, letters dated from

Carlos, W., certificate by
-, Col.

Carlton, John

Carlton in Lindrick, co. Notts, rectory of

-, letter dated from

Carnagie, David
-, Sir John

Carnarvon, Earl of, see Dormer.

Carnarvon, castle of, constable and major of
-, county of, attorney for
-, prothonotary for

Carnegy, James, Earl of Southesk

Caron, Mr.

Carr, Ralph
-, Rob.
-, Sir Rob., Bart.
-, letters of
-, E., wife of
-, letter of
-, Rob., son of, petition of
-, mother and niece of
-, Tim.
-, Wm., Carlisle
-, Wm.
-, Col., letter to

Carpenter, Rob. and John

Carrant, Edm.

Carrig, Mr., see Butler, Duke of.

Carslake, or Caslicke, Capt.

Carstaires, John

Carter, Edw.
-, John
-, Ann, wife of
-, information of
-, Martha, petition of
-, Mary
-, Nath.
-, Rich., or Ralph, messenger of the Chamber, warrants to
-, Rich., letters of
-, W., letters of
-, servant of

Carteret, Edw. de
-, information by
-, petitions of
-, Gideon, uncle of
-, Sir Edw., gentleman usher
-, Sir George
-, as Vice-Chamberlain of the Household
-, as late Treasurer of the Navy
-, references to, and reports of
-, warrant to
-, Helyer de
-, Philip, or Sir Philip
-, petitions of
-, Sir Philip de, sen.
-, petition of
-, Monsieur de

Carthagena, ships to or from

Cartwright, Fras., letters of
-, John
-, Capt. Rich.
-, Dr., request by

Carver, Sir George

Carvile, Mr.

Cary, Harry, third Viscount Falkland
-, Anthony, fourth Viscount Falkland, his son
-, petition of

Cary, Mrs. Simona

Case, Mr.

Cashio, co. Herts, hundred of

Caslicke, see Carslake.

Castell, Rob.
-, W.
-, letter, &c., of

Castile, Constable of [Don Rodrigo]
-, son of, see Velasco, Francesco.
-, attendants, &c., of
-, Prince of

Castle, Rich.
-, Dr.

Castle Camps, co. Cambridge, rectory of

Castlehaven, Earl of, see Touchet, James.

Castlemaine, Earl and Countess of, see Palmer.

Castlemaine, Ireland, ship at

Castor, prebend of, see Lincoln Cathedral, prebend in.

Castre, M. de

Catesby, John, petition of

Catherine of Braganza, Queen of Charles II.
-, carriages of
-, chapel of
-, council of
-, letter of, alluded to
-, marriage of, alluded to
-, personal notices of
-, portion or jointure of
-, portrait of
-, ship of, see under ShipsSodalis.
-, stables of
-, trustees of
-, Household of
-, Commissioners of
-, Chaplain
-, Lord Chamberlain, see Hyde, Henry, Lord Cornbury.
-, Dressers and women of the chamber
-, Gentleman usher
-, Maids of honour
-, Pages of honour
-, Physician
-, Surgeon
-, Surveyor

Catholic communion and faith
-, King, see Spain, King of.

Catholics, see Roman Catholics.

Catwater, Plymouth, ships in, letters dated from

Cauliere, Peter, J.P.

Caveats, clerk of, notice to

Cavendish, William, Duke of Newcastle
-, letter of
-, army of
-, Margaret, wife of
-, Henry, son of, Earl of Ogle
-, William, third Earl of Devonshire, Elizabeth, wife of

Cawfield, or Caulfield, William, Lord

Cawsham, Hants, resident at

Caxenes, Cape [Algiers?]

Cecil, John, fourth Earl of Exeter, licence to
-, Margaret, Countess of Salisbury
-, family of

Cecils, the, Earls of Salisbury

Celebes, island of

Centurione, Hippolito


Cercelli [Algiers ?], ships off

Ceremonies, Master of, see Cotterell, Sir Chas.

Certain, Chevalier de

Ceuta, ships to

Ceylon, King of

Chaldee, Professor of

Chaldfield, Wilts, soldiers for
-, West, or Little, Wilts, letters dated from
-, residents at

Chalton, Hants, advowson of

Chamber, messengers of, see Charles II., Household of.
-, Treasurer of, see Griffin, Sir E.

Chamberhouse, co. Berks, resident at

Chamberlain, Lord, of the Household and see Montague, Edward, Earl of Manchester.

Chamberlain, Dr. George
-, Hugh, King's physician
-, or Chamberlen, Dr. Peter, King's physician
-, petition of

Chambers, Rob., letter of
-, Thos., contract with

Chambert, French King to

Champion [John]

Chancellor, Lord, see Hyde, Earl of Clarendon.

Chancery, Court of
-, bills or suits in
-, decrees in, alluded to
-, Hanaper Office in
-, prothonotaries in

Chandler, Rich.

Channel, the
-, ships in
-, Turkish, see Turkey, ships of.
-, Islands and see Jersey and Guernsey.

Chapel Royal, officers of; see Charles II., household of.

Chaplain, Ald. Sir Fras.

Chaplin, Wm., certificate by

Chapman, Livewell

Chappell, Thos., petition of

Chappelle, Monsieur de

Charente and see Sherrant.

Charleroy, leagues formed near

Charles I., or the late King
-, Clerk of Greencloth to
-, execution of, alluded to
-, furniture, plate, &c., of
-, sale of
-, Commissioners for
-, clerk of
-, grants, &c., of, alluded to
-, letters of, alluded to
-, master of the games to
-, ministers of
-, money or plate given or lent to, or raised for
-, picture of
-, revenues, money, or goods of
-, ring of
-, servants of
-, services or loyalty to, or sufferings for
-, works of, alluded to
-, wife and children of, see Charles II., relatives of.

Charles II., or the King also casual notices of, passim.
-, as Prince of Wales
-, during his exile
-, during his expedition to England and Scotland
-, as Knight of the Garter
-, as "Mr. Church,"
-, action of, during fire of London
-, Acts of Parliament relating to
-, addresses to
-, advocates of
-, agents of
-, allegiance to, oath of, see Allegiance.
-, allowances by
-, ambassadors or envoys of and see Ambassadors.
-, appointments by
-, arms of
-, assent or approval of
-, alluded to
-, audiences of, or attendance on
-, auditors of, expenses of
-, birth of, alluded to
-, birthday and anniversary of restoration of
-, bounties of, on Maunday Thursday
-, carriages of
-, case of, with the Farmers of Excise
-, churches, indexc, in gift of
-, commission by
-, alluded to
-, congs d'lire by
-, warrant for
-, coronation of, account of
-, counsel at law of
-, counsellors of
-, crown of
-, debts of
-, lands assigned for
-, trustees of, letters to
-, debts or moneys due to
-, declarations by
-, deer for
-, displeasure of
-, alluded to
-, dominions of, banishment from
-, enemies of
-, escape of, after the Battle of Worcester, alluded to
-, express or special envoy to
-, family of, or Royal family
-, speech against
-, favour or regard of
-, fidelity or loyalty to, or friends of
-, sufferings or losses for
-, flag of
-, forests of, or royal forests
-, game of
-, gifts and grants of
-, asked for, or alluded to
-, book of accounts of
-, Guards of, see Army.
-, health of, drinking of
-, houses or palaces of
-, hunting of
-, ill-affection to
-, in connection with France
-, in connection with Parliament
-, in Council
-, almanacks for, alluded to
-, orders of
-, alluded to
-, papers to be presented to, alluded to
-, persons appearing or summoned before
-, petitions to
-, alluded to
-, influence with, asked for
-, information for
-, intentions of
-, jewels for
-, journeys of
-, kitchen of, oven, &c., for
-, knighthood conferred by
-, lace and linen for
-, lands or rents of
-, lands held from
-, letters of reprisal granted by
-, licence from
-, loans to, or payments for
-, message from
-, alluded to
-, ministers of
-, money for
-, pardons by
-, asked for, or alluded to
-, pensions from, see Pensions.
-, personal notices of
-, plate of
-, robbery of
-, pleasure boats or yachts of and see under ShipsMary, Katherine, and Henrietta, King's yachts.
-, plots, designs, or conspiracies against
-, portraits of
-, prayer for
-, predecessors of
-, presents or donations to
-, account of
-, proclamations of
-, alluded to
-, proctor of
-, promises of, alluded to
-, recommendations by
-, alluded to
-, references to, or arbitration by
-, report to
-, alluded to
-, restoration of, alluded to
-, anniversary of, see birthday.
-, revenues of
-, receivers or collectors of
-, ring for
-, sale of fee-farm rents by, see Fee-farm rents.
-, servants of see also Household of.
-, list of
-, warrant for payment to
-, service of or to
-, money for, or expended in
-, secret
-, signatures of
-, alluded to or wanted
-, book of
-, speeches of, to Parliament
-, alluded to
-, speeches, &c., against
-, speech to
-, subjects of
-, supplies for, or settlements on
-, tenths due to
-, treaties of, alluded to
-, visit of the Duchess of Orleans to see Orleans, Duchess of.
-, ward of
-, wine for
-, wishes or pleasure of, alluded to
-, certificate by, alluded to

Charles II., certificate to
-, letters or mandamuses of
-, holographs
-, alluded to
-, letters patent of, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, orders of
-, alluded to, or asked for
-, other papers addressed or referred to
-, alluded to
-, petitions to
-, alluded to

Charles II., Household of
-, diet of
-, expenses of, money for
-, fees of honour for
-, fish for
-, officers of, petition of, reference of
-, places in, caveat concerning
-, wages for
-, Lord Steward's department, viz.:
-, Lord Steward, see Butler, James, Duke of Ormond.
-, Treasurer of the Household, see Clifford, Sir Thos.
-, Cofferer of the Household, see Ashburnham, Wm.
-, Comptroller of the Household, see Newport, Lord; Pollard, Sir H.
-, Board of Greencloth, see Greencloth.
-, Keeper of the Privy Purse, see May, Baptist.
-, Carver
-, Clerk of the kitchen
-, Servant in the privy kitchen
-, Groom of the scullery
-, Clerk of the market
-, Yeoman of the Acatry
-, Lord Chamberlain's Department:
-, Lord Chamberlain, see Montague, Edward, Earl of Manchester.
-, Vice-Chamberlain, see Carteret, Sir George.
-, Treasurer of the Chamber, see Griffin, Sir E.
-, Messengers of the Chamber, see Bradley, John; Marlow, Thos. Carter, Rich.; Woodhouse, Thos
-, petition of
-, Footmen
-, Yeomen footmen
-, Gentlemen ushers
-, Yeomen ushers
-, Gentlemen of the privy chamber
-, Gentleman usher of privy chamber
-, Grooms of the chamber
-, Sewer of the great chamber
-, Yeoman usher of the great chamber
-, Bedchamber, first gentleman of, see Grenville, John, Earl of Bath.
-, gentlemen of
-, grooms of
-, pages of
-, Pages of honour
-, Master of the Ceremonies, see Cotterel, Sir Chas.
-, Master of the revels
-, Musicians
-, Chief painter and designer
-, Engraver
-, Italian master
-, Latin secretary
-, Rope dancers, master of
-, Physicians in ordinary, see
-, Chamberlain, Hugh.
-, Chamberlain, Dr. Peter.
-, Damascene, Jean Baptiste.
-, Farrar, Dr.
-, Surgeons
-, Serjeant-surgeons
-, Apothecaries and chemists in ordinary
-, Yeomen of the guard
-, petition of
-, Gentleman-at-arms
-, Bargemaster
-, Chapel Royal, children of
-, master of
-, gentlemen of
-, Chaplains
-, Chief Almoner, see Henchman, Humphrey, Bishop of London.
-, Master of the Wardrobe's department:
-, Wardrobe, Master or Keeper of, see Montague, Earl of Sandwich.
-, debt transferred to
-, officers of
-, payments to, or moneys for, alluded to
-, warrants to
-, Groom of the Stole, see Grenville, Earl of Bath.
-, Robes, Master of, see Hyde, Laurence.
-, clerk of
-, servants of
-, tailor of
-, Sewer in ordinary
-, Jewel House, master of, see Talbot, Sir Gilbert.
-, Master of the Horse's department:
-, Master of the Horse, see Villiers, Duke of Buckingham.
-, Equerries
-, Grooms, petition of
-, Padman
-, Purveyor of horses
-, Stables
-, servants of
-, Master of the Hawks, see Apsley, Sir Allan.
-, Yeoman Pricker of the Harriers
-, Harbinger
-, Harbourer
-, Arquebuster
-, Cormorant-keeper
-, Mole-taker
-, Ostringer
-, Tradesmen:
-, warrants for payment to
-, Embellisher, &c.
-, Laundress
-, Linendraper
-, Mercer

Charles II., relatives of, wife of, see Catherine of Braganza.
-, mother of, see Henrietta Maria.
-, brother of, see James, Duke of York.
-, sisters of, see Orange, Princess of; Orleans, Duchess of.
-, nephew of, see Orange, Prince of.
-, cousin of, see Rupert, Prince.

Charles, John
-, contract by

Charleton, Sir Job
-, warrant to

Charleville, Ireland
-, letter dated from

Charlton, Abr., petition of
-, Sir Edw.

Charlton, co. Oxon, rectory of

Charnilly, Sieur de

Charterhouse, the, or Sutton's Hospital, fellows of
-, Governors of
-, order by
-, letter dated from
-, letters to
-, master of
-, petitions for or grants of admittance as pensioners
-, petitions for or grants of admission as scholars
-, preacher to
-, registrar of, see Spelman, Hen.
-, trustees of

Charvell, John
-, Lucretia, wife of, petition of

Chase, John

Chatham, Kent
-, Commissioner at
-, the Dutch at, alluded to
-, letters, &c., dated from
-, parsonage of
-, letter dated from
-, residents at
-, river at, see Medway.
-, ships at
-, letters dated from
-, proposals concerning
-, ships or boats to or from
-, sickness at
-, travellers to and from
-, wreck at

Chatham dock or dockyard
-, the old
-, buildings in, repair of
-, chest
-, clerk of the cheque at, see Gregory, Edward.
-, clerk of the survey at, see Homewood, Mr.
-, late
-, letters dated from
-, master of attendance at and see Brooke, Capt. John.
-, master shipwrights at and see Pett, Phineas.
-, assistant to
-, Navy Commissioner at, see Pett, Peter.
-, Navy Commissioners to, see Navy Commissioners.
-, Navy stores and provisions at, for, or from
-, Commissioner for
-, contracts for
-, embezzlement of
-, wanted
-, officers of
-, porter at
-, ships building at
-, ships fitting or repairing at
-, storehouse at
-, storekeeper at and see Wilson, John.
-, timber in, for, or from
-, victualler's agent at
-, workmen at or for
-, list of
-, pay for, wanted
-, petitions of
-, ropeyard at
-, clerks, &c., of and see Owen, John.
-, letters dated from
-, ropemakers at
-, petition of
-, stores in or for

Chatham Hill House
-, porter at

Chaulnes, Duke de

Chaussey Island, English Channel
-, Governor of

Chaworth, Sir Rich.
-, certificate by

Chayney, Wm., certificate by

Cheddar, co. Somerset, vicarage of

Cheek, Thos., warrant to

Cheeke, Thos.

Cheles, see Chyles.

Chelmsford, Essex

Chelsea College, prisoners of war at
-, Marshal-General at
-, house at
-, letter dated from
-, residents at

Cheltenham, Mr.

Chepstow Castle, co. Monmouth

Cherbourg, France

Chernock, Rob., letter of

Chertsey, Surrey, manor of, and lands in

Cheshire, or Chester, County Palatine of
-, chief justice of
-, King's attorney for
-, lands, &c., in
-, M.P.'s for
-, places in
-, receiver for
-, residents in
-, sheriffs of

Cheshunt, Herts, parish of

Cheslett, Wm., letter to
-, summons by

Chester, Capt. Thos.

Chester, Bishop of and see Wilkins, Dr. John.
-, cathedral church of Christ and the Virgin Mary
-, almsmen of
-, Dean of, see Bridgman, Henry.
-, Dean and chapter of, letter to

-, Castle
-, assizes or sessions at
-, Governor of and see Shakerley, Sir Geof.
-, letters dated from
-, prisoners in
-, comptroller of customs at
-, conventicles and nonconformists at
-, letters dated from
-, magistrates or justices of
-, Mayor of
-, Mayor and aldermen of
-, Recorder of
-, residents at
-, ships of
-, travellers to or from
-, Road, mails on
-, Water, ship to

Chesterfield, Earl of, see Stanhope.

Chetwynd, Wm., letters of

Cheyne, Chas., petition of
-, wife of (Dame Anna Morgan)
-, Wm., son of, petition of

Chicheley, Sir Thos., Master of the Ordnance
-, letters to
-, warrants or orders to

Chicher, John

Chichester, John

Chichester, Bishop of, see Gunning, Dr. Peter, and King, Dr. Henry.
-, appointment of, alluded to
-, bishopric of
-, Canon of
-, Chapter House of, letter dated from
-, Dean of, see Ryves, Dr. Brune, and Crew, Dr. Nath.
-, Dean and chapter of, letter of
-, conge d'elire to
-, letter to

Chichester, Sussex

Chiffinch, Thos., petition of
-, warrant to
-, Wm.
-, receipt by

Chigi, Cardinal

Chigwell, Essex

Childers, Rob.

Children, spiriting of, Bill to prevent, alluded to

Chillenden, Capt. Edm.
-, letters of

Chillingworth, Chas., deposition of

Chilly Green, lands at

Chilton, Berks, living of

Chimney Money, see Hearth Money.

China, trade with

Chipping Ongar, Essex, rector of

Chisley, Sir John

Chiswick, Middlesex, letter dated from

Chiverton, Ald. Sir Rich.

Choke, Major John

Cholmley, Sir Hugh
-, wife of
-, family of
-, Marmaduke, petition of
-, Wm.

Cholmondeley, Robert, Viscount Cholmondeley
-, letter of

Cholmondley, Thos., M.P.
-, Mr.

Cholwell, Capt. Nich.
-, certificate by

Christchurch Twineham, co. Hants

Christian, Edward
-, Wm.
-, wife of
-, Mr.

Chudleigh, Thos.
-, petition of
-, family of

Church, Percy
-, Mr. (the King called)

Church of England, and see Guernsey, Church, &c., in.
-, Articles, &c., of, collection of
-, conformity or loyalty to
-, ill-affection to
-, last rites of
-, liturgy of
-, non-attendance at
-, sacraments and holy-days of
-, statutes of, alluded to

Churches or Parishes, Act for uniting, alluded to

Churches and chapels, repairs of
-, Bill for, alluded to

Churchill, Sir Winston
-, Mr.
-, servant of

Chyles, Nat.
-, or Cheles, S.
-, letter of

Cinque Ports, Commissioner for (for wine duties)
-, Warden of, see James, Duke of York.
-, deputy of

Civita Vecchia, travellers to

Civitt, Madame

Clancarty, Earl of, see MacCarthy.

Clanricarde, Earl of, see Burgh, Richard de.

Clap, Capt.

Clapham, Luke

Clarendon, Earl of, see Hyde.

Clarges, Sir Thos.
-, letters, &c., of

Clark, John, of Enfield

Clarke, Ann
-, Sir Fras.
-, or Clerk, George
-, Catherine, widow of
-, George and Richard, sons of
-, Capt. Hen., letter, &c., of
-, John, postmaster of Plymouth
-, letters of
-, John, Northumberland
-, Mat., petition of
-, Capt. Rob., letter of
-, Wm., letter of
-, Capt. Wm., petition of
-, Capt. Wm. (Yarmouth)
-, letter to
-, petitions of
-, Capt.

Clavell, Rob.
-, letter, &c., of
-, Walter

Clayton, Rob.
-, Thos., petitions of

Cleanthes (character in play)

Clear, Cape, ships off

Cleeves, Rob., letter of
-, tender by

Clement, John, clerk of the kitchen, petition of
-, sister of
-, John, alien
-, Sara

Clements, John, letter of
-, Nich.
-, contracts, &c., by

Clergy, Benefit of, Act for restriction of
-, secretary for
-, tithes of

Clerk, George, see Clarke, George.
-, John

Clerke, Sampson

Cleve, Kent, rectory of

Cleveland, Earl of, see Wentworth, Thomas.
-, Duchess of, see Palmer, Barbara.

Cley, co. Norfolk, inhabitants of, petition of

Cleypoole, Mr.

Clifford, Lord

Clifford, Ant.
-, Sir Thos., Treasurer of the Household
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, reference to
-, Thos., son of
-, Mr., Prize Office

Clifford (co. Somerset?), resident at

Clifton, Sir Clifford
-, Lady

Clinton, Theophilus, fourth Earl of Lincoln, Bridget, widow of

Clinton, or Fiennes, Fras.

Clobery, Sir John

-, ships laden with

Clothier, John

Club, John, M.A.
-, petition of

Clutterbuck, Sir Thos.
-, letters of

Coahe, or Cogha, Capt. Teige, alias Power

Coak, Edw.

Coal mines or collieries

-, duty on
-, price of
-, ships laden with, or colliers and casual notices of, passim.

Coates, Edm., B.A.

Cobb, Sir Fras.
-, petition of
-, Sir Wm.
-, daughter of, see Walker, Winifred.

Cobham, Surrey, lands in
-, Park, timber in
-, Hall, Kent
-, river, co. Berks, fishing in
-, Island of, Suffolk (?)

Cock, John, Thetford, letter of
-, John, Whitby

Cocke, Capt.

Cockermouth, Cumberland

Cockes, Thos., contract with

Cockrell, Mr.

Coddington [Surrey ?], manor of

Coe, Wm.
-, petition of
-, wife of

Cofferer of the Household, see Ashburnham, Wm.

Cogan, Wm.

Cogha, see Coahe.

Coghlean, Jas., petition of

Coinage, and see Mint, coinage at.
-, coining or clipping of
-, false

Coke, Judge

Colbert, M. Jean Batiste, French minister
-, Mons., French ambassador to England
-, wife of

Colbrook, Devon (?), letter dated from

Colchester, Essex
-, Earl of Norwich at
-, letter addressed to

Cole, or Coles, Chris., junr.
-, contract with
-, letters of
-, Paul
-, Thos.
-, letters to
-, Wm., letter of

Coleing, Richard

Coleman, Fras.
-, Hen., petition of
-, Capt.

Colepepper, or Culpeper, Thomas, Lord Colepepper
-, as Governor of the Isle of Wight
-, letter to
-, note by

Colepepper, Sir Thos.

Coleraine, Ireland

Coles, see Cole.

College of Arms, MSS. in

Collerine, Scotland, resident at

Collier, Charles, letters of, on behalf of Hugh Salesbury

Collingwood, Dan., deputy-governor of Holy Island
-, Lieut. Dan.

Collins, Major George, petition of
-, John, proposition by
-, Rich., York
-, Thos.

Colly, Mr., Cheshire

Cologne, Bishop and Elector of
-, city of
-, diocese of

Colombe, France, travellers to

Colonies, the, Governors of and see Barbadoes, Jamaica, Newfoundland, Plantations, and St. Christophers.

Colston [Hum.]
-, letter to
-, J., letter of

Colt, George
-, John Dutton, son of
-, Thos., brother of

Colvill, John

Comande, Chevalier de

Combe, Capt. Hen., petition of
-, Thos., petition of

Comenge, , pass for

Comes, Rob.

Commander, Hercules

Commerce, see Trade.


Common Pleas, Court of
-, attorney of
-, chirographer to
-, Clerk of the Recognizances of
-, Justices of
-, Lord Chief Justice of, see Vaughan, Sir John.
-, office of King's silver in

Common Prayer, Book of

Commons, House of see also Parliament.
-, adjournment of
-, Bills passed by, alluded to
-, clerk of
-, Committees of
-, in connection with the Lords
-, journals, papers printed in
-, alluded to
-, erasures from
-, members of
-, order in
-, alluded to
-, petitions to
-, proceedings in, notes for
-, notes or account of
-, rules concerning
-, Speaker of and see Turner, Sir Edward.
-, summoned to meet the King

Composition moneys

Compositions alluded to

Compounding, Committee for, or Goldsmiths' Hall Committee
-, officers of
-, papers of, alluded to

Compton, William, first Earl of Northampton
-, Spencer, second Earl
-, James, third Earl, petition of
-, George, Lord Compton, son of

Compton, Sir Charles, petition of
-, Sir Fras.
-, Dr. H., letters of
-, cousin of
-, John, beadsman
-, John, purser
-, Sir Wm., late Master of the Ordnance

Compton Valence, co. Dorset, resident at

Concord Road, see Conquet Road.

Conde, Prince of

Conde, Flanders, country near

Connell (thief)

Conquet, France, ships of
-, or Concord Road, ships in or from

-, ambassador at, see Turkey, ambassador to.
-, consul at
-, Levant treasurer at, see Hedges, Wm., and North, Dudley.
-, travellers to

Consuls, English, abroad and see under the several towns and countries.

Conventicle Act (1670), draft of
-, alluded to
-, pamphlets against, alluded to
-, (1664), alluded to
-, Scotch, alluded to

Conventiclers, see Nonconformists.

Conventicles, meeting houses, or meetings and see Bristol, Chester, Coventry, Dover, Guernsey, Hull, London, Somerset, Wilts, and Yarmouth, conventicles at.
-, letter to the King concerning
-, seditious, declaration against, by the Quakers

Convocation, member of

Conway, Edward, Viscount Conway and Killultagh
-, as "Mr. Edwards,"
-, certificate by
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, servant of
-, steward of, letter to
-, Anne, wife of
-, letters to
-, daughters of
-, brother of
-, brother-in-law of
-, nephew of
-, Katherine, Countess Dowager of

Conway, quartermaster

Conyers, Toby or Tobias

Cook, or Cooke, Henry, petition of
-, Jas., petition of
-, Jo.
-, letters of
-, Col. John
-, Dr. Ralph
-, Ralph, junior
-, Capt. Rob.
-, Sir Thos.
-, Will
-, Capt.
-, Mr., Chandos Street
-, of Dover

Cookham, co. Hants, resident at

Cookman, Thos.

Cooling, Mr.

Coomes, Mr., J.P.

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, Lord Ashley, Treasurer of Prizes
-, order by
-, orders or warrants to
-, reports of
-, as Chancellor of the Exchequer
-, letters of

Cooper, John
-, petition of
-, John (Somerset ?)
-, Joseph, letter of
-, Mr.
-, wife and brother of
-, of Yorkshire

Copenhagen, traveller to

Copley, Sir Godfrey
-, request by
-, Mr., J.P.

Corbet, Miles

Corbyn, Thos.

Corfield, Chas., and Marg., his wife

Corie, Thos.
-, letters of

Corinthians, Epistle to, alluded to

Coriton, Sir John, Bart.

Cork, Ireland
-, ships of, to, or from

Corn or grain, ships laden with

Cornbury, Lord, see Hyde.

Corneleston, Rich.

Cornelius, Edw.
-, informations by

Cornell, Chas., and his wife

Cornet, Castle, Guernsey, garrison at
-, Governor or Commissary of
-, Lieut.-Governor of
-, letters dated from
-, prisoner in

Cornwall, Hum.

-, Duchy of, Act relating to
-, alluded to
-, auditors of, order to
-, estates belonging to
-, payments from
-, rents or revenues of
-, receivers of
-, warrant to
-, county troops of
-, Lord Lieutenant of
-, places in
-, rectories in
-, residents in

Cornwallis, Frederick, first Lord Cornwallis
-, Elizabeth, widow of
-, petition of
-, Charles, second Lord Cornwallis

Cornwallis, Chas.
-, Sir Wm.
-, daughter of, see Withypool, Frances.

Cornwell, co. Oxon, resident at

Corporation Act, alluded to

Corsham, co. Wilts, letter dated from

Corsica, island of

Corso [Italy ?], ships at

Corunna, Spain, travellers to

Cosin, Dr. John, Bishop of Durham
-, letters to

Cossacks, rebellion among

Cottenham, co. Cambridge, resident at

Cotter, Capt. Jas., petitions of

Cotterel, Sir Chas., Master of the Ceremonies
-, letter of
-, Fras.

Cottesmore, co. Rutland, rectory of

Cottington, Sam., letter to

Cotton, ships laden with

Coudre, Capt. John, see Cowdrey.

Coughlan, John

Council, the, see Privy Council.

Coursey, John

Court, the
-, families
-, ladies of
-, sins of

Courtin, , pass for

Courtney, Mary
-, Sir Wm., petition of

Couteur, Philip le

Covell, John, M.A.
-, letter to
-, Thos., letter to

Covenant, the
-, renouncing of

Coventry, Harry
-, Sir Wm.
-, letter to
-, notes by
-, butler to
-, Serjeant

Coventry and Lichfield, Bishop of, see Hacket, John.

-, Chilsmore estate in
-, conventicles and nonconformists at
-, cross at
-, Leather Hall in
-, letters dated from
-, Mayor of
-, M.P.'s for
-, residents in

Covert, Lieut. Rich.

Covert, engagement at

Coward, Wm., Recorder of Wells, letters to
-, Wm. (nephew to Sir Fras. Doddington)

Cowdrey, or Coudre, Capt. John
-, letter and petition of

Cowes, Isle of Wight
-, Castle, letter dated from
-, Road, ships in or to
-, ships to or from

Cowland, John, petition of

Cowley, Thos.

Cox, Dan., M.D.
-, Dan., Registrar of the Committee for Compounding
-, John, Berks
-, letters to
-, Capt. John, Navy Commissioner
-, appointment of
-, contracts with
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, family of
-, Nich.
-, statement by
-, Wm., Kent
-, Wm., co. York
-, Capt., London

Cozens, Wm., contract with

Crabb, Jos.

Cradock, John, letter to
-, Thos.
-, petition of
-, Wm., father of
-, Dr. Zachary

Craig, Scotland, resident at

Crane, John

Cranfield, co. Bedford, resident at

Cratford, C., letters of

Craven, William, Earl of Craven, Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex and Southwark
-, certificates, &c., by
-, commission to
-, letter of
-, regiment of

Crawford, Earl of, see Lindsay.

Creed, Wm.
-, (Major)

Creighton, Prebendary Rob.
-, certificate by
-, Dr. Rob., Bishop of Bath and Wells
-, as (late) Dean of Wells
-, petition of

Crenit, George

Crequi, or Crocqui, Duke of

Cressett, Edw.
-, Capt., letter to

Cressy, Thos.

Creswell, Rich.
-, petition of
-, or Treswell, Mrs.

Crewe, John, sen. and jun.

Crispe, Thos.

Crissman, Fras.

Crocqui, Duke of, see Crequi.

Croe, of Southampton

Crofts, William, Lord Crofts

Crofts, Dr., Dean of Norwich
-, of Algiers

Croisic, or Crosick, France
-, ships at, to, or from

Croke, Hen.

Crompton, Mr.

Cromwell, Oliver, Protector, Usurper, &c.
-, army of, see Army, the old.
-, followers of
-, orders of, recital of
-, wife of
-, Rich., his son

Cronenburg Castle, Governor of

Croney, George
-, bond of

Crookdake, co. Cumberland, lands in, or manor of
-, resident at

Crooke, Mr.

Crooke Haven, Ireland

Crooked Oak, Cornwall, field called

Crosland, Henry
-, Sir Jordan

Crosser, Major, signature of

Crossman, Capt.

Crow, or Crowe, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of
-, petition of

Crowe (co. Chester?)

Crowle, Alderman, J.P., Hull
-, wife of

Crowmarsh, co. Oxon, church of

Crown, the
-, clerks of
-, fee-farm rents of, see Fee-farm rents.
-, lands, houses, &c., belonging, conveyed, forfeit, or reverting to
-, committee for sale of, registrar of
-, money or rents due or forfeit to
-, Office

Croydon House, Surrey

Croudd, Sam, contrct with

Crudd, Sam, contract with

Crundall, Mr.

Cuckfield, Sussex, market at

Cudworth, Dr. Ralph, Master of Christ's College, Cambridge, letters of

Culhorne, Wilts, residents at

Cullen, Elizabeth, Viscountess Cullen

Cullen, Mrs.

Culmer, John
-, letters of

Culpeper, Lord, see Colepepper.

Culvagh, Cumberland, resident at

-, magistrates or J.P.s of
-, sheriffs of
-, troops in
-, officers of, list of

Cuningham, lands of

Cunningham, Wm., certificate by

Curle, John

Curtis, Sam, carpenter
-, petition of
-, Mr.

Curtius, Sir Wm., letter of

Curtois, John, Oxford

Curwen, Cuthbert, petitions of

Curzon, Sir John, Bart., receiver for the Duchy of Lancaster

Custom House, London
-, at Hull, see Hull.
-, books of
-, keepership of
-, land searcher of
-, letters dated from
-, smack

Customs or duties see also Coals, Salt, Timber, and Wines, customs or duties on.
-, assignments on, or payments from
-, cashier of
-, Commissioners of
-, Farmers of see also London, Farmers of Customs in.
-, letters of
-, letters or warrants to
-, references to, and reports of
-, ship of
-, the old
-, executors of
-, freedom from
-, officers of
-, strangers
-, Treasury of, receipts and payments from

Cutloe, Mr.

Cyprus, island of
-, ships from