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Pages 741-752

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1670 With Addenda 1660-70. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Baber, Sir John

Backwell, Barth., attestation by
-, Alderman Edw.
-, letter of

Bacon, Sir Hen.
-, Wm.

Baetson, Hen., certificate by

Baggott, Arden

Bagnold, Mr.

Bagshaw, Mr.

Bagshot, Surrey

Bagwell, Mr.

Bailie, Dr. Rich.

Bailman, George

Baily, Lewis

Baird, Sir John, Lord Newbyth

Baird, Mrs.

Baker, Capt. Jacob, letter of
-, John
-, Sir John
-, Dr. Sam.
-, Thos.
-, J. P.
-, registrar

Balantine, Dorothy
-, Wm.

Balcasky, Scotland, resident at

Balcirstie, Scotland, town and lands of

Balcormo, Scotland

Baldero, Dr., see Boldero.

Baldocke, Mr.

Baldovan, Scotland, lands of

Baldutho, Scotland

Baldwin, Mr.

Bales, Justice

Balglass, Scotland, barony of

Ball, Hen., clerk to Williamson
-, letters of
-, John
-, Sir Peter
-, Sam., Cambridge
-, Sam., milliner, petition of
-, Mr., Windsor Castle

Ballantyne, Sir John, and Anne his wife, petitions of

Ballard, Michael, letter of
-, family of

Ballidon, Over, co. Derby, resident at

Ballow, Dr.

Baltic, timber from

Baltimore, Lord, see Calvert, Cecil.

Bampfield, George, petition of
-, ancestors of

Banckes, Thos., letter of

Band, Thos.

Bangor, Dean of, see Williams, Dr. Griffith.
-, deanery of
-, diocese of

Banister, Hen.
-, Wm.

Banks, Sir John, late Attorney-General
-, Sir John, Bart.
-, Sir Ralph
-, widow of
-, Thos.
-, Eliz. widow of, petition of

Bann, river, Ireland

Bannister, Major

Banstead Downs, Surrey, game on

Bantam, letter dated from
-, ship from

Bantock, Hugh

Baptists, see Anabaptists.

-, Bridgetown in, see Bridgetown.
-, ships of, to, or from

Barbarino, Francisco, Cardinal

-, coast of, ships at, to, or from

Barber, Chas.
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

Barclay, Rob.
-, James, son of

Barcroft, John, Guernsey
-, John, Norfolk (?), petition of
-, son of

Bard, Lord

Barden, constable

Bardou, Jeanevive de, petition of

Barker, Chris.
-, Dan., letter of
-, Dr. Edm.
-, Wm.
-, Wm., purser

Barking, Essex

Barkman, Mr.

Barknowe, co. Lincoln, house at

Barkouski (Pole)

Barlee, Haines

Barley, Rich.

Barlow, Dr. Thos., Provost of Queen's College, Oxford

Barnaby, Bryan

Barnard, see Bernard.

Barnardiston, Sir Sam., Bart., petition of

Barnes, Mr., of Newcastle

Barnstaple, letters dated from
-, officers of customs in
-, ships of
-, ships to

Baron, Lieut.-Col. Benj.
-, Capt. Hartgill
-, petition of
-, Mr.


-, creations of
-, alluded to

Barr, Peter

Barrett, George

Barrington, Abr., letter of

Barrow, Dr. Isaac, Bishop of Man
-, as Bishop of St. Asaph's
-, petition of
-, Thos., petition of

Barr's Court, co. Gloucester, letter dated from

Barry, Hen.

Barton, Fras.

Bartram, Sam.
-, family of
-, Thos., brother of

Barwick in Elmet, co. York, rectory of

Basing, Lord St. John of, see Paulet.

Baskervile, James, letters of
-, Wm.
-, petition of

Baskerville, Lawrence, petition of

Bass, Mr.

Basset, John
-, Sir Wm.
-, petition of
-, father of

Batavia, Java

Batchellor, John

Batchelour, Eucharist

Batchlor, Rich., receipt by

Bateman, John, certificate by
-, Sir Wm.

Bates, Capt.
-, Mrs.

Bath, Earl of, see Grenville, John.

Bath, Knights of the

Bath and Wells, Bishop of, see Pierce, Dr. Wm., and Creighton, Dr. Rob.
-, bishopric or diocese of
-, Dean and chapter of, cong d'lire to
-, deanery of

Bath, Somerset

Bathurst, Dr. Ralph, Dean of Wells
-, order by

Batten, Hugh
-, Sir Wm., Navy Commissioner
-, order by
-, Mr., Chatham

Batteville [Battailh ?], M. de

Battison, Hen.

Battle, Sussex, cattle market at

Battle in Maradine, Essex, resident at

Baudouin, alias Montarcis, Wm.

Bavaria, Ferdinand, Elector or Duke of

Bawtry, York and Notts
-, timber at, to, or from

Baxter, R., recantation of book by

Bayes, widow

Bayhall (Kent ?), letter dated from

Bayles, Thos., letter of

Bayley, Thos., registrar of the Committee for Compounding

Bayly, Abr.

Baynard, John, certificate by
-, Walter, receipt by

Bayne, John

Baynham, Thos., letters of
-, petition of

Bayonne, France, troops to
-, ships to or from

Beach, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of

Beachy [Head], ship to

Beacon, co. York

Beadell, Hen.

Beake, Rich.
-, Sam., letter of

Beale, auditor

Beaminster, co. Dorset

Beamish, co. Durham, letter dated from

Beane, Hum.

Beare, Capt. Amos
-, certificates by
-, letter, &c., of
-, letter to

Beare Forest, Hants, timber in

Beauchamp, Thos.

Beaufort, Cardinal [temp. Hen. V.]
-, Due de (Franois de Vendosme), French admiral

Beaulieu, Hants, resident at

Beaumont, Hammond, petition of
-, John, petition of
-, James, brother of
-, father and uncles of
-, Jo., co. York
-, Dr. Joseph, Master of Peter House, Cambridge
-, Mr., attorney

Beauvoir, Peter de, paper by
-, Wm.

Beccles, Suffolk, division of

Beckford, Thos., petition of
-, Major Thos.
-, letters, &c., of

Bedborough, Wm., petition of

Bedells, Gabriel
-, Rebecca wife of
-, children of

Bedford, Earl of, see Russell.

Bedford, Hospital of St. John Baptist in
-, Fast, Middlesex, manor of

-, sheriff of
-, letter to

Bedingfield, Sir Hen.
-, Wm.

Beeby, Mr.

Beely, Wm.

Been, John

Beer and ale, brewing of
-, excise or duties on
-, for ships

Belasyse, John, Lord Belasyse, Baron of Worlaby, Captain of the Band of Pensioners
-, as Governor of Hull
-, as High Steward of Hull
-, letter of
-, letters to
-, nephew of
-, Thomas, Viscount Fauconberg, ambassador to Venice
-, letter of

Belasyse, John

Belhaven, Lady, see Hamilton.

Bell, Capt. Phil.
-, petition of
-, Wm.

Bellefonds, Marshal de

Belle Isle, ships at

Bellenden, William, Lord Bellenden

Bellizan, M.

Bellot, Fras., letters of

Benbow, Rob. and Thos.

Bence, Sir Alex.
-, Mr., see Bennet, Lord Arlington.

Benet, see Bennet.

Benjamin, tribe of

Bennet, Henry, Lord Arlington, Secretary of State
-, as Sir Hen. Bennet
-, letter to
-, as Secretary of State
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, notes and other papers by
-, reference to
-, as Postmaster-General
-, petition of
-, as Governor of the Charterhouse
-, as "Mr. Bence,"
-, articles of agreement by
-, attendance on, or appearance before
-, bribes to
-, certificate by
-, horses of
-, influence of, asked or wished for
-, influence with, requests for
-, information for
-, the King to visit
-, messages to
-, office of
-, personal notices of
-, secretary of, see Williamson, Joseph.
-, letters of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, licences, &c., by
-, notes and other papers by
-, orders and warrants of
-, alluded to
-, orders to
-, alluded to
-, papers, &c, for or sent to
-, petitions or requests to
-, alluded to
-, signature of
-, servants of
-, wife of [Isabel of Nassau]
-, petition to
-, relative of
-, servant of

Bennet, Sir John, deputy postmaster, brother of Lord Arlington
-, letters, &c., of
-, deputy of
-, wife of, see Sheffield, Eliz., Countess of Mulgrave.
-, Sir John, K.B., Lieutenant of the Gentlemen Pensioners
-, Capt. Thos.
-, as Commissioner at Hull, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Wm.
-, Capt., brother of Lord Arlington

Bennington, co. Northampton, rectory of

Benny, see Bining.

Benson, Edw.
-, contract by
-, Rob.
-, letter of
-, Sir Wm., see Powell, Sir Wm.

Bentham, Dr. Jo., letters of
-, Godfrey, son of

Bentham, co. York, advowson of

Bentley, co. Stafford, resident at

Benyon, George
-, father of

Bergen, Norway, tar from

Bergerac, Baron of

Berkeley, Sir Charles, Viscount Fitzharding
-, letter to
-, George, Lord Berkeley of Berkeley
-, John, Lord Berkeley of Stratton
-, as Commissioner of Ordnance
-, as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
-, warrant to
-, as "Mr. Johnson,"
-, secretary of, see Frowde, Phil.
-, servant of (Mr. Aldridge)
-, steward of

Berkeley, Edw., letter to
-, Sir Maurice
-, Sir Wm., Governor of Virginia
-, Capt.
-, Lady, letter to

Berkeley Castle, co. Gloucester

Berkenhead, highwayman

Berkhampstead, Herts

Berkshire, Earl of, see Howard.

-, Lords Lieutenant of
-, receivers for
-, residents in
-, sheriff of

Bermondsey, Surrey, church, &c., in
-, St. Mary Magdalen, parish of

Bermudas, ships from

Bernard, Sir Edw.
-, or Barnard, Nath.
-, purser

Berney, Rich.

Berry, Capt. John
-, Thos.

Bertie, Montague, Earl of Lindsey
-, letters of

Bertie, Rob.

-, castle of
-, troops or garrison in

Bery, serge de

Besanon, Burgundy, natives of

Besselsleigh, co. Berks, resident at

Best, Mathew
-, Rich.

Bethesda, Pool of

Betteridge, Thos., petition of

Bettle, John

Beverley, co. Yorks, resident at

Beverning, Herr

Bexet, place in

Bezon, M. de

Bideford, co. Devon, ship of

Bilbao, Spain, ships to or from

Billers, Wm., petition of

Billhay, or Billow, Sherwood Forest

Billires, Monsieur de
-, letter of

Billing, Edw.

Billing, co. Northampton
-, letter dated from

Billingsley, nonconformist?
-, Mr., bookseller

Bilton, John, petition of

Binche, Netherlands, French King at

Binckes, Jos., letters of

Bining, or Benny, Alex.
-, petition of

Binne, Wm.

Binning, Sarah, see Brand, Sarah.

Birch, John, wine commissioner
-, Mr., tailor

Bird, Arthur
-, John
-, Nath.
-, Capt. Randall, signature of
-, Rob.
-, petition of
-, children of
-, Anne, daughter of, petition of
-, felon

Birke, or Birkland, Sherwood Forest

Birkenhead, Sir John, certificate by

Birthby, John

Biscay, Bay of

Biserta, Africa, ships to


Bishop, Sir Cecil
-, Rob.
-, Col.


Bishops or prelates
-, licence from, alluded to

Bishop's Waltham, Hants, resident at

Bisson, Nich.
-, petition of
-, family of

Blackborne, Jas., postmaster at Plymouth, letters. &c., of
-, letters on behalf of, see Brangwin, John.
-, Rob.
-, letter to


Blackcombes, co. Chester, lands called

Blacke, Mary, see Carleton, Mary

Blackett, Wm.

Blackman, Capt.

Black Prince, the

Black Stakes, ships to

Blackston, Sir Wm., petition of

Blackwall, Rich.

Blackwall, Middlesex, resident at
-, co. Derby, manor of

Bladen, co. Oxford, rectory of

Blair, Jas.
-, John, son of
-, Jean Agnew, wife of
-, Eliz. and Agnes, daughters of
-, Hugh and Patrick, sons of

Blake, George
-, Hum.
-, Capt. Jas.

Blakeney, co. Norfolk, inhabitants of, petition of

Blakeston, Walter, M.A.
-, Capt.

Blanchard, Thos.

Bland, Adam
-, Jo., letter of
-, Mr.

Blandford, Walter, Bishop of Oxford
-, letter of
-, licence from, alluded to
-, note by
-, references to and reports of

Blaney, or Blayney, Mr.

Blanquefort, Marquis de [Louis de Duras]
-, order to
-, petition of

Blasden, John, information by

Blaydes, Jos.
-, letter of
-, father of

Blayney, Edward, Lord Blayney, petition of

Blayney, Mr., see Blaney.

Blewet, boatswain

Blewett, Mr., see Robartes, Lord

Blind House, Kent

Blois, France, travellers to

Blondeau, Mr.

Blood, or Allen, Wm.

Blower, Thos.

Bludworth, Sir Thos.
-, letter of
-, father in-law of

Blundell, Jo., warrant to
-, Mr.

Blunden, Mr.

Blunt, Rob.

Blyth, Serjeant

Bocock, Thos.
-, petition of

Boconock, co. Cornwall, rectory of

Bodenham, Rob., letter of
-, father of

Bodham, Wm., clerk of Woolwich ropeyard
-, letters of

Bodmin, Cornwall, Mayor of

Bodney, co. Norfolk, letter dated from

Bodville, Hen., letter of
-, Col. John

Body, George
-, letter of
-, tender by

Bohemia, Elizabeth, Queen of

Bohemia, revolt of

Boitott, Peter

Bold, Henry
-, Canon Henry

Boldero, or Baldero, Dr. Edmond, Master of Jesus College, Cambridge
-, testimonial by

Bolton, Lancelot, letter of

Bombelles, Capt. Anthoine de, petition of

Bona, Cape, Africa

Bonamy, of Guernsey

Bond, Capt. Giles, letters of
-, Rob., M.A., petition of
-, parents of
-, Thos., letter to
-, Sir Thos., Bart.
-, letter of
-, Mr.

Bondale, Alli

Bonelly [Cardinal ?],

Bonner, Mr.

Bontein, Major Hugh

Books, tracts, pamphlets, &c.
-, almanacks
-, burlesque
-, catalogues of and see Mercurius Librarius.
-, grammars, primers, psalters, &c.
-, Latin and Greek
-, love verses
-, play
-, printing of, licence for
-, rules for
-, scandalous, seditious, or unlicensed
-, committee for examining authors of
-, titles of, viz.:
-, Antipharmacum saluberrime
-, Bible, Polyglot
-, Character of a True and False Shepherd
-, Come hither, Topham, come
-, Common Prayer, Book of, see Common Prayer, book of.
-, Cosmography, or Chorography
-, Declaration from the people of God called Quakers, &c.
-, Dictionarium Historicum, Geographicum, Poeticum
-, Divers Titles of the letter K.
-, Dwelling with God, or a New Habitation
-, Englishman, the
-, Geographical Lexicon
-, History, the
-, History of Independency
-, Holy Commonwealth, or Politica Aphorisms
-, Immediate Revelation
-, Institution, Laws, and Ceremonies of the Most Noble Order of the Garter
-, Kingdom's Intelligencer
-, Leviathan
-, Lexicon Heptaglotton
-, Mediterranean passage, &c.
-, Mene Tekel
-, Mercurius Librarius
-, Method of Government, &c. (for almshouses)
-, Murder Will Out
-, Phnix
-, Plus Ultra
-, Poetical Dictionary
-, Queries upon the late Act against Conventicles
-, Reformatio legum Ecclesiasticarum
-, Royal Fishing revived
-, Sure, 'twas a Dream
-, Synopsis Criticorum
-, Trap ad crucem
-, True and perfect narrative of the government of Great Yarmouth


Boors Island, ship wrecked near

Booth, Sir George, Lord Delamere
-, rising of, alluded to

Booth, Sir John
-, Sir Rob., Lord Chief Justice of Ireland

Bordeaux, France
-, ships to or from

Bordes d'Assigny, Madame Henriette de

Boreel, see Borrell.

Boreman, Thos.
-, Sir Wm.
-, petition of

Borneof, France, ship from

Bornieu, Wm.

Borough Bridge, co. York, fairs at

Borrell, or Boreel, Sieur or Myn Heer

Boschar, Alex.

Boston, New England, ships of, to, or from

Bosvill's chantry, co. York

Boteler, Sir Phil.
-, Mary, daughter of

Bouch, Ant.
-, letter of
-, son of

Bouchier, Dr. [Thos.]

Boulden, Lewis
-, Margaret, wife of, petition of

Boulogne, France
-, letter dated from

Bourby, Mr., letter to

Bourke, Chas., petition of

Bourne, Luke, letters of
-, Major

Boutwell, Dan.
-, letter of

Bovey, Sir Ralph, Bart.

Bowder, John

Bowen, Fras.
-, Capt.

Bower, Richard
-, letters of

Bowers, Mr., letter to

Bowes, Joshua
-, letter and petitions of
-, Anne, wife of
-, petition of
-, family of

Bowler, servant

Bowles, Wm. and Mat

Bowman, Fras.

Bowyer, Kath., petition of

Boyan, Col.

Boyce, or Boys, Rich.
-, letter, &c., of

Boyd, William, Earl of Kilmarnock

Boyd, Scotland, barony of

Boyes, Thos., petition of
-, Lieut.-Capt.

Boyle, Roger, Earl of Orrery
-, pardon for
-, Roger, Lord Broghill, his son


Boys, Lieut.-Col. John
-, Rich., see Boyce.

Brabant, Hen.

Brabant, guards in
-, ticks

Brabazon, Edward, Earl of Meath

Bradbourne, John

Bradenham, Capt.

Bradenham, Bucks, resident at

Bradfield [Essex ?], letter dated from

Bradford, Wilts

Bradley, John, messenger of the Chamber
-, warrants to
-, Dr., York
-, Mr.

Bradley, North, Wilts, conventicle at
-, Yorks, resident at

Bradninch, co. Devon, houses at

Bradshaw, Sam., receipt, &c., by

Braems, or Breames, Walter
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, father of

Brafferton, co. York

Braintree, Essex, auditors at

Braman, John
-, Rose, widow of, petition of

Bramley, David

Bramsheere, Hants, resident at

Branch, Mr.

Brand, Alex.
-, Sarah Binning, wife of

Brandenburg, Frederick William, Elector or Duke of
-, ambassador from

Brandon, Lord Gerard of, see Gerard.

Brandon, co. Norfolk, river at
-, East, co. Durham

-, duties or excise on
-, Act settling
-, ships laden with

Brangwin, John, letters of (for Jas. Blackborne)

Bransby, Rob., letters of

Bransdon, Peter

Branthwaite, Capt.

Brawne, Edw., petitions of
-, Thos., son of
-, sons of

Bray, Edm.
-, Jas.
-, Lodowick, petition of

Brazil, sugar from

Breacks, Thos.

Breames, Sir Arnold
-, Walter, see Braems.

Brecon, co., deputy-lieutenant for

Breda, treaty of, alluded to
-, Commissioners at

Brent, Mr.

Brent, Devon, persons at

Brentford, Earl of, see Ruthven

Brentford, Middlesex, battle of
-, New, Middlesex

Brereton, William, Lord Brereton

Brereton, Geo., letter of

Brest, France
-, seamen in or to
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships building or fitting at

Bretagne, see Brittany

Breton, Dr. Rob.
-, certificate by

Breton ships, see Brittany, ships of

Brett, Major John
-, Capt. Rich.
-, petition of

Breval, M. Francis Durand de
-, letters, &c., of

Brewster, Sir Fras.

Brickhill, Bucks, letters dated from

Bridekirk, Cumberland, letter dated from

Brideoke, Dr. Ralph, Dean of Salisbury
-, letter to

Bridge, see Bridges
-, Mr., see Bridgeman, Sir Orlando

Bridgeman, Henry, Dean of Chester
-, papers by
-, son-in-law of
-, Sir Orlando, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal
-, as "Mr. Bridge,"
-, letters, &c., of
-, letter, &c., to
-, references on petitions to, and reports of
-, speeches of, to Parliament
-, alluded to

Bridgeman, Wm.
-, letters of
-, letters to

Bridges, Jas.
-, Sir James
-, Col. John
-, Rob.
-, Sir Tobias
-, Justice
-, Mr., preacher
-, son-in-law-of

Bridgetown, Barbadoes, rebuilding of

Bridgewater, Earl of, see Egerton

Bridgewater, co. Somerset
-, ships of

Bridlington, or Burlington, co. York

Bridport, co. Dorset, bailiffs, &c., of, grant to
-, harbour, &c., of

Brighton, Sussex, ships of

Brill, the, Netherlands

Brinson Manor, co. York

Brisach, Wurtemberg, fort at

Brisco, Edw., statement by
-, Walcot

Bristol, Earl of, see Digby

-, aldermen of
-, common council of
-, conventicles and nonconformists at
-, letters dated from
-, magistrates or J.P.'s of
-, Mayor of
-, Mayor, aldermen, and common council of, King's letter to
-, Newgate in
-, quay at, letter dated from
-, recorder of
-, residents in
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, ships to be built or building at
-, town clerk of

Brittany, or Bretagne, King's agent in
-, ships of, or Bretons
-, troops in

Broadwater, Sussex, rectory of

Brockholt, Bishop of Munster at

Broderick, Wm.

Broghill, Lord, see Boyle

Broman, Wm.

Bromhall, Thos., petition of

Bromley, T.
-, letters of
-, Capt. Thos.
-, (suicide)

Brommay (?) Moor, near Leeds

Bronsdon, or Brunsdon, Peter
-, letters of

Brooke, or Brook, Henry
-, Capt. John, master attendant at Chatham
-, letters, &c., of
-, Mr., Newcastle

Brookes, Thos.
-, letter of

Broomfield, see Brumfield.

Broomhall, Thos., registrar
-, Mr.

Brothers, Thos.

Brough, Westmoreland

Brougham Castle, co. Westmoreland

Broughton, Capt. Arthur
-, Sir Brian, information by
-, Sir Edw.
-, Lady

Brouncker, William, Viscount Brouncker, Navy Commissioner
-, as President of the Royal Society
-, letter and order of
-, letters to
-, clerk of

Brouncker, Chris., see Bruncker.
-, Henry
-, letter to
-, Mr.

Brown, or Browne, George
-, Sir George
-, wife of
-, John, spy
-, John, Thetford
-, John, York
-, John, jun., co. Lancaster
-, Mat., M.A.
-, Sir Rich., Bart.
-, letter of
-, Sir Rob.
-, Thos., petition of
-, Mat., son of
-, Thos., butcher
-, Thos., Norwich, certificate by
-, Thos., prisoner, petition of
-, wife and children of
-, Thos., St. Malo, letter of
-, Dr. Thos. [canon of Windsor], petition of
-, Wm.
-, Cornet Wm.
-, Capt.
-, renegado

Browning, of Exeter

Broxbourne, Herts, manor or estate of
-, Bury, co. Herts (?), letter dated from

Broye, Chris., petition of

Bruce, Robert, Earl of Ailesbury or Aylesbury
-, letter of
-, Diana, wife of
-, son of
-, daughter of
-, Alexander, Earl of Kincardine
-, grant to

Bruce, Sir Wm.

Bruen, Jonathan

Bruges, Flanders
-, letters dated from

Bruine Castle, near Brussels

Brumfield, or Broomfield, John or Sir John
-, father of

Bruncker, or Brouncker, Chris.
-, contract with
-, letters of

Bruneau, Sieur

Brunetti, house of

Bruningham, Sam., see Burningham.

Brunsdon, see Bronsdon.

Brunswick, Duke of, see Hanover.

Brunswick, John, petition of

Brush, Alderman

-, Commissioners or Council at
-, English Resident at
-, travellers to

Bryan, Jacob
-, John
-, Dr.

Bryant, Wm.

Brydall, Alderman

Bubb, Wm.

Bucannon, John

Buccleuch, Duke of, see Scott, James.

Buck, Wm., letter of
-, Mr., Cambridge

Buckerell, co. Devon, resident at

Buckhurst, Lord, see Sackville.

Buckingham, Duke of, see Villiers.

Buckingham, parish of

-, hundreds of
-, sheriff of
-, warrant to

Buckley, Ant.

Bucknall, Alderman or Sir Wm.
-, petitions of
-, warrant, &c., to

Buckwell, James

Bude Bay, Cornwall, wrecks in

Bulkeley, Robert, second Viscount Bulkeley, letter of
-, brother of

Bulkeley, Lancelot, B.A.

Buller, Major Ant.
-, Fras., M.P., letter to
-, Mr., see Butler, Lord Ossory.

Bulley, Wm.
-, parents of

Bullman, Capt.

Bullock, John
-, information by
-, brother of

Buloigne [Bouillon ?], Duke of

Bunce, Sir James, Bart.
-, petitions of
-, Stephen, petition of

Bundock's Wharf, ships at

Bunnington, Nich.

Burcot, or Burkett, timber at, to, or from

Burges, Col. Fras.
-, Eliz., wife of, petition of
-, Nich.

Burgh, Richard de, Earl of Clanricard

Burgh, Edw.

Burgh Castle, Suffolk

-, Cross of
-, Duke of Lorraine to

Burham, see Burrome.

Burkett, see Burcot.

Burlamachi, Philip

Burleigh, co. Northampton, resident at

Burley, Hants, bailiwick of

Burlings, the, ships near

Burlington, co. York, see Bridlington.

Burneby, Eustace

Burnet, Alexander, Archbishop of Glasgow

Burnett, John

Burningham, or Bruningham, Sam
-, contract with

Burningham, co. Norfolk
-, letters dated from

Burnt Island, Scotland, ship of

Burrell, John, letter of

Burrome [Burham?], Kent, resident at

Burroughs, John
-, or Burrows, Thos.
-, contract by
-, Mr.

Burrowes, Thos., Kinsale, letter of
-, Mr., engineer

Bursledon, Hants, resident at

Burton, Eliz.
-, deposition of
-, Dr. Hezekiah
-, Rich.
-, letter of
-, Rob.
-, petition of
-, Wm.
-, Capt.
-, Major

Burton, co. Bucks, resident at

Bury, Mr.

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
-, coffee house in, letter dated from

Busby, Dr. Rich.

Bushell, Mr.

Bushy Park, Surrey

Butleigh, co. Somerset, rectory of

Butler, James, Duke of Ormond
-, as Chancellor of Oxford University
-, as Lord Steward of the Household
-, as "Mr. Carrig"
-, attempted assassination of
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, attorney-general of
-, chaplains to
-, Thomas, Earl of Ossory, Lord Deputy of Ireland, his son
-, as "Mr. Buller,"
-, Amelia of Nassau, wife of
-, children of

Butler, Caradock
-, Dan
-, John
-, Nich., M.D.
-, petitions of
-, Pr., certificate by
-, Thos., contract by
-, Thos., clerk, letter of
-, father and family of
-, Major-General
-, Mr., Exeter
-, (plotter)

Button, Fras.
-, Wm., see Essex, Wm.

Buxton, messenger, warrant to

Byfleet, Surrey, manor of

Byland, Edw.
-, letters of

Bynan, Barth.

Bynion, Sir George

Byron, Richard, Lord Byron

Byron, Sir Rob., letter to

Bywater, Major Thos.