Letters and Papers relating to the Navy.

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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1651-2. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1877.

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Letters and Papers relating to the Navy.

Date. From To Subject. References.
1651. Vol.XVII.
Nov. 27 Abra. Woofe, clerk of the cheque. Muster paper of the Fortune of Yarmouth, from 21 Feb. last 110
Dec. 5 Admiralty Com. Order that the Navy Commissioners attend on Monday, to confer about building two or three small nimble vessels, to ply amongst the flats and sands. 111
" 9 Robert Coytmor Navy Comrs To consider a letter from a gentleman residing at Malden in Surrey, complaining of damage to his property by men carting away timber by a horse way. 112
" 13 Capt. Rich. Badiley, Paragon, Downs. [Mr. Blackborne.] Is just sailing. Sends a letter to his wife; has written the Navy Committee 113
" 15 Admiralty Com. Order that the Navy Commissioners allow timber for making three butts at Woolwich, for trial of ordnance by Gen. Blake and the Ordnance officers, and pay the workmen for making them. 114
" 16 Council of State Navy Comrs To order the Fellowship to be converted into a careening hulk for the yards at Deptford and Woolwich, and to fit out the Greyhound for sea. [Also I. 97, p. 26.] 115
" 22 James Clarke Contract for hire of the Concord of Yarmouth, 100 tons, for six months, at 150l. a month 116
" 23 Robert Coytmor John Holland. Asks whether the Comrs. have given order for building the three small frigates, and if so, to whom, and whether out of the State's timber. 117
" 27 Col. Robert Blake, Whitehall. " To give order for paying off the Truelove frigate at Portsmouth, and to fit her out for the summer guard. 118
1651 ? John Simon Note of Dantzic and Queensbury oars to be delivered at Deptford 119
Thos. King Receipt for tallow from the Speaker, and request by Gen. Rich. Deane for payment if approved 120
Rich. Fearmes and Hen. Piggott. Navy Comrs Survey of provisions, some of which are unfit for use 121
" " " " from the Happy Entrance, biscuit and meat good, but fish bad 122
[Giles] Barrow List of 29 ships of the winter and summer guard mustered in the Hope, 1650 and 1651 123
Lewis Ayres, clerk of the check. Muster of the Robert pink employed between Harwich and Woolwich, April to Nov. 1651 124
1652. Vol. XXVII.
Jan. 2 Admiralty Com. Navy Comrs Have received from Gen. Blake the estimate for the summer guard, but want that for the Southern and West India ships, that the Council of State may present it to Parliament. 1
" 4 Thos. Wilkes, Elizabeth prize, Holkham Bay. " Has taken a Jersey man-of-war and two vessels of Leith and Boston, and delivered them to the Prize Commissioners at Yarmouth. Wants victuals. 2
" 5 John Owen Bill for candles at 6s. per dozen pound for the Speaker frigate, 22l. 0s. 8d.; with receipt of candles, and two letters ordering them, 19 and 27 Jan. 1561. 3–5
Jan. 6 Col. Rob. Blake, Whitehall. Navy Comrs To victual the Cignet for 80, her service as convoy for Hull being important for trade 6
" 10 Thos. Horth " Contract for hire of the James of London, 347 tons, for eight months, at 317l. a month 7
" " Ordnance officers Ordnance Com. Samuel Lawes has been employed in the Ordnance Office in proving and oiling swords 20 days; his furbisher's salary was settled at 30l. per annum; he has had 20l. from the Council of State; his continuance in office is needless. 8
" 13 Col. Rob. Blake, Whitehall. Navy Comrs Wants an order for 70 men for the Weymouth pink, the clerk of the check at Deptford refusing to enter more than 60. 9
" 14 Council of State " If the Lady frigate and Golden Sun were victualled, as alleged, by Fras. Holt and Hugh Salisbury, their accounts are to be allowed. [Also I. 97, p. 64.] 10
" 15 Col. Blake, Whitehall. " Asks victuals for the Elizabeth, which convoys victualling crafts; also an account of victuals on the new contract at Harwich and Yarmouth. 11
" 21 Col. Rob. Blake, Whitehall. " To order the tallowing, calking, and victualling at Deptford of the Galliot hoy, that she may continue about Guernsey and Jersey; also payment of part wages, lest the men prove refractory for want of clothes. 12
" " " " For payment of the wages of John Beale, boatswain of the Elizabeth frigate, stopped without cause; with letter from the captain, Jonas Reeve, to Blake, on his behalf, 12 Dec. 1651. 13, 14
" " " " Commends the petition of Abraham Hyatt and Wm. Kelly, discharged mariners, who have long served on the Swiftsure. 15
" 22 Thos. Gill, Crockham Pill. Customs' Comrs. Complaint and depositions against John Pinne, for preventing by violence the search of his vessel, which was exporting money. 16, 17
" 26 John Woolvers Contract for the Mayflower of Sandwich, 100 tons, 6 guns, for six months, at 150l. a month. 18
Feb. 3 Council of State Navy Comrs To hire the Rebecca ketch as a man-of-war for six months. [Also I. 97, p. 109.] 19
" " " " To order the building of two 20-oar shallops, and the repairing and fitting out of the Falcon, Sovereign, and Speaker for the summer guard. [Also I. 97, p. 111.] 20
" 4 Col. Rob. Blake, Whitehall. " Wants the Eagle, which has been long out, refitting at Deptford. The State should be cased of the charge of the Sun flyboat, taken prize by the Swiftsure in Ireland, and employed for 12 months on account of the army there. 21
" " " " Recommends — Fuller as clerk of the check in one of the ships taken up for convoy to Newfoundland. 22
" 10 " " Capt. Moulton is paying off the Lion prize. Is content that David Rogers take the place of Heyward, boatswain in the Unicorn, suspended for embezzlement. 23
" 19 " " To hasten the fitting out of the Foresight at Woolwich, and the Nonsuch, Pelican, and Star 24
" 21 Ordnance officers " To certify when the frigate building at Ratcliffe by Mr. Pett will be ready for her guns 25
Feb. 23 Admiralty Com. Navy Comrs To order a review of the defects of the Vanguard, Peter Pett, master shipwright at Deptford, conceiving the present proceedings in her repair much to her prejudice. 26
" 24 Jno. Hosier " Contract for the Magdalen of London as a man-of-war, 194 tons, 20 guns, for six months, at 255l. a month. 27
" 25 Capt. Robert Land " " Seven Brothers of London, 300 tons, 26 guns, for six months, at 310l. a month 28
" 27 Col. Robt. Blake, Whitehall. " To order six days' extra victuals for the Lily frigate at the Hope, as she is going with a convoy to Ostend. 29
" 29 Council of State " To give order to Mr. Tippetts, master shipwright at Portsmouth, to proceed with the building of a careening hulk for that port, 96 ft. by 33. 30
Mar. 1 Thomas Smith " Contract for hire of the Crescent of London, 326 tons, 28 guns, as a man-of-war for six months at 345l. per month. 31
" " William Bullock and Rich. Grumwell. " " " Richard and Mary of Bristol, 240 tons, for six months, at 255l. per month. 32
" " Admiralty Com. " To resurvey the Concord of Yarmouth hired for the service, and if it is found that she can carry 17 guns instead of 10, to supply her accordingly, as petitioned by the merchants of Lynn and Yarmouth. 33
" " " " To pay off the crew of the Convert frigate, hired for the service and lately arrived at Portsmouth from Ireland. To add 10 more men each to the Recovery and Concord at Portsmouth. 34
" " Capt. John Crampe " Contract for the hire of the George Bonadventure as a private man-of-war, 239 tons, 20 guns, for six months, at 235l. a month. 35
" " Thomas Smith " " " Lucie of London as a private man-of-war, 164 tons, 20 guns, for six months, at 330l. a month. 36
" " Robert Wyard " " " Adventure of London as a private man-of-war, 257 tons, 24 guns, for six months, at 300l. a month. 37
" " Capt. Thos. Jones " " " Ann and Joyce of London as a private man-of-war, 388 tons, 32 guns, for six months, at 350l. a month. 38
" " Capt. Doughty Wormell. " " " Merchant frigate as a private man-of-war, 200 tons, 24 guns, for six months, at 260l. a month. 39
" 2 Gen. Robt. Blake, Whitehall. " To contract with John Price for the hire of the Rebecca ketch for Scotland, to supply the place of White's boy, cast away. 40
" 3 Council of State " When the Speaker is launched out of Woolwich dock, the Swiftsure is to be repaired, if fit. [Also I. 97, p. 173.] 41
" " " " The Sun prize at Portsmouth, lately employed on the coast of Ireland, is to be fitted for one of the summer guard. [Also I. 97, p. 114.] 42
" 4 Gen. Robt. Blake, Whitehall. " To bestow the usual gratuity upon Capt. Cadman, who rendered good service at the taking of Jersey, and complains that it is denied him. 43
Mar. 5 Gen. Robt. Blake, Whitehall. Navy Comrs To order the victuallers to supply the Lily with extra victuals, as she is detained with her convoy by an easterly wind. 44
" " " " " To give order for paying the crew of the Elizabeth frigate, now at Gravesend, but coming to Deptford, having been out six months, and for her refitting. 45
" 6 " " " To order 28 days' victuals for 80 men to be sent to the Greyhound in the Hope, she going as a convoy with some vessels bound for Morlaix. 46
" 8 William Fenn, Lynn Col. Wauton Account of brass ordnance at Lynn ready to be shipped for London 47, 48
" 11 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs To hasten forth the Ruby, Diamond, James, and Marigold, and the three frigates that came in from the South, and also all the rest of the summer guard. 49
" 12 John Sherwin " Contract for hire of the Richard and Benjamin, 300 tons, 26 guns, as a private man-of-war, for six months, at 310l. per month. 50
" 15 Gen. Blake, Chatham To order 10 supernumerary men to be added to the Recovery, Concord, and Sun prize, with provisions for them. Capt. Stoakes to be reimbursed for money expended in sails and rigging for his squadron. The Briar frigate, just come into Portsmouth very leaky, to be paid off and repaired. 51
" 18 Denis Bond, Whitehall. " Recommends Henry Maybor as prickmaster or clerk of the check in one of the merchant ships 52
" 20 Capt. Jas. Odey, Mary ketch. Account for victuals received and issued since 15 Nov. 1651, certified by Rob. Manley and Thos. Wilson. 53
" 23 Col. Barkstead Account of brass and iron ordnance and other stores in Ludlow, Denbigh, and Chester castles, and in Stafford and Carnarvon. 54
" 24 Robt. Coytmor John Holland. Mr. Bond again recommends Henry Maybor for a prickmaster's place in one of the ships about being taken up. 55
" 25 Gen. Robt. Blake. Downs. Navy Comrs Returns a list of ships in the Downs and of those expected. Has ordered their commanders to take on board their extra men, and desires victuals for them at Dover. 56, 57
" 26 Capt. Robert Clarke, Bristol. " The ordnance and other habiliments of war for the Reserve are shipped into the lighters, but foul weather has prevented getting them on board. When that is done, will ply to Portsmouth. 58
" " Gen. Robt. Blake, Downs. " To order payment of 4l. to Nicholas Whetstone, postmaster of Deal, for making fires for a year upon the beach, to give notice to the ships when any packet arrives. 59
" 28 " " " Will continue the Entrance and the four frigates with Capt. Penn abroad for two months longer, and has caused victuals to be ready at Dover. Has sent the Victory into Lee Road, and the Nightingale and Nonsuch ketch to the coast of Suffolk, to press men, being very short. Desires they will hasten away the Sapphire and others in the river. 60
Apr. 1 Council of State " To order the fitting out the Fortune lately taken by Capt. Peacock, as one of the summer guard. Damaged. 61
Apr. 1 Gen. Robt. Blake, Downs. Navy Comrs Will represent the condition of the Fairfax, Centurion, and Adventure as soon as he can. Damaged. 62
" 2 Council of State " To order the Navy Victuallers to provide only for 8,000 men instead of 10,000 formerly ordered 63
" 5 Gen. Robt. Blake, Downs. " To order the refitting and victualling the Mary flyboat for six months, as she must be hastened back to Scotland; also to make allowance to Capt. Younger, her commander, late of the Convertine. Damaged. 64
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " The Marmaduke and Sampson have sailed from Plymouth to Portsmouth, with 100 barrels of powder and some shot from Pendennis Castle. The Fortune, being mended and victualled, will sail for Ireland, and the Lily is taking in her stores. Begs leave of absence to come to town on urgent private affairs. 65
" 7 Capts. Jno. Limbrey [jun.], and Anth. Earning. Contract for hire of the Reformation of London, 444 tons, 36 guns, as a private man-of-war for six months, at 400l. per month. 66
" 8 Peter Pett and Jonas Shish. Navy Comrs To order 52 Danzic oars for the two shallops building at Deptford and Horseydown 67
" 9 Council of State " Approve their contract with Peter Pett for building the frigates at Deptford, one of the dimensions of the Sapphire and another of the Diamond. Damaged. 68
" " Capt. Henry Toope " Contract for the hire of Giles of London, 281 tons, 30 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 330l. a month. 69
" 12 Capt. Jno. Sherwin " " " Richard and Benjamin, 308 tons, 30 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 330l. a month. 70
" " John Whitworth " " " Convert of Liverpool, 180 tons, 20 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 250l. a month. 71
" " Capt. Jarvis Russell " " " Katherine of London, 270 tons, 24 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 290l. a month. 72
" " Capt. Zach. Browne " " " Hercules of London, 480 tons, 34 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 410l. a month. 73
" " Capt. John Cole " " " John of London, 400 tons, 34 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 375l. a month. 74
" " Capt. Geo. Swanley " " " Providence of London, 275 tons, 24 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 290l. a month. 75
" " Capt. Jno. Jefferson " " " Thomas and William, 444 tons, 36 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 400l. a month. 76
" " Capt. Eustace Smith " " " Richard and Martha, 500 tons, 40 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 490l. a month. 77
" " Capt. Jno. Limbery [sen.] " " " Loyalty, 440 tons, 34 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 400l. a month. 78
Apr. 12 Capt. Jno. Barker Navy Comrs Contract for the Prosperous of London, 600 tons, 44 guns, as a man-of-war for six months, at 565l. a month. 79
" 14 Council of State " To contract for two ketches to serve on the coast of Scotland, under Major-Gen. Deane. Damaged 80
" " Admiralty Com. " To order a survey of the galliot hoy at Portsmouth, by Capt. Moulton and Mr. Tippetts, and her fitting out. 81
" " Robt. Coytmor " To certify whether the Francis was bilged by neglect of the agents of the Collectors for Prize Goods; also to return the names of the two fire-ships at Portsmouth, that warrants may be issued for the appointment of their officers. 82
" 15 Council of State " To order the press-masters to discontinue pressing men out of outward-bound ships, the masters and owners having petitioned that the shipping is thereby endangered by the enemy at sea. 83
" 26 Admiralty Com. " To certify whether Wm. Young, late commander of the Tenth Whelp, has received his wages, and if not, what is due. 84
May 1 J. B. Mr. Smith To pay off the remainder of the 1,200l. due to Mr. Gaywood by warrant of 19 April last 85
" 3 Rich. Alford Navy Comrs Contract for the hire of the Golden Dove, 251 tons, 24 guns, as a private man-of-war for six months, at 265l. a month. 86
" 5 Gen. Robt. Blake, Downs. " To send provisions for the Southern fleet by the President frigate to Plymouth. To hasten the ketch to sea to check pickeroons on the coast, and to consider the demands of the carpenter of the Triumph for stores, &c. Damaged. 87
" 7 Commissioners for removing Obstructions in the Sale of Lands, Worcester House. " To certify by whose warrant certain trees have been marked and felled for the use of the navy by Jas. Hogg, navy surveyor, at Beamond Hall, co. Herts, purchased by Col. Goffe and the officers and soldiers of his regiment. Damaged. 88
" 19 Robt. Coytmor " To attend the Admiralty Committee this afternoon on business of great importance. Damaged 89
" " " " On behalf of Hen. Packes, master of a small vessel, whose men have been pressed. " 90
" " Major Bourne " Was in command of the Andrew to the date of his commission as Rear Admiral, viz., from 13 March to 19 May 1652. Damaged. 91
" " Council of State " To certify as to the expediency of keeping the mariners on ships in the river on board wages 92
" " " " Have ordered the victuallers to distribute the victualling of the 1,000 men to be added to the 7,000 amongst the ports of London, Dover, and Portsmouth, in such proportions as the General of the fleet shall appoint. 93
" 20 Saml. Hewett Account of stores delivered to the carpenter of the Foresight, on her going to sea 94
" 22 Robt. Coytmor Navy Comrs To certify whether they approve of Capt. Haddock, junr., as master of the Resolution, which Peter Pitt reports now rigged and fitted, and taking in her victuals. To press and send 300 or 400 watermen to Chatham. 95
" " Council of State " To survey all the provisions in the stores, and if found insufficient, to contract for a further supply 96
May 22 Council of State Navy Comrs To contract for two ketches to be employed off the Land's End, to warn English ships homewardbound of the Dutch fleet, so that they may put into Plymouth. 97
" 23 " " To hasten down the gunners' and boatswains' stores for furnishing the fleet under General Blake 98
" 24 " " To order the hastening the Golden Dove and Convert, taken on for the summer guard, to sea 99
" 25 " " To order the fitting out the Old Warwick or Marigold, as convoy to ships with provisions for Scotland. 100
" 26 Capt. Ant. Earning and Thos. Starling. Certify the service of Step. Pearce as pilot of the Reformation, from the Downs to Harwich and back, 8–26 May. 101
" " Council of State Navy Comrs To provide two fire-ships for General Blake, as the Dutch much rely upon their skill in that way of execution; also to impress the five merchant ships they refer to, and hasten the fitting out of the others. 102
" 27 Account of gunner's stores received on the Old Warwick frigate 103
" 29 Adm. Com. Navy Comrs Ask a list of the ships hired by them as private men-of-war, with their burthen, number of guns, and names of commanders. 104
" 31 Gen. Robt. Blake, Downs. " Recommends Joseph Tatum as clerk of the check, in any of the merchant ships fitting out for the service. 105
" " Council of State " To take off the restraint laid upon the Recovery, Dover Merchant, Angel, Mayflower, and St. Lucas, merchant ships in the Thames, and allow them to proceed on their voyage, the Council of State being satisfied with what their masters offer in their petitions. 106
June 1 Thomas Rivers Account of carpenter's stores supplied to the Warwick 1
" " Robert Coytmor Navy Comrs To report what merchant ship in the Thames is most ready for a voyage to Holland and back for the service. 2
" " Council of State " To supply seamen required by Gen. Blake for manning the fleet 3
" " Robert Coytmor " To report what ship is ready in the Thames to carry Mynheer Nieuport, one of the Dutch Ambassadors here, to Holland. 4
" 2 " " To stay the Old President in the Hope or Lee Road, that she may carry the Dutch Ambassador to Holland, Council being much troubled that there is not a ship ready. 5
" " Richard Hart, Laurence Steele, and Geo. Cooper. Contracts for timber in Clarendon Park, co. Wilts, value 6,096l. 6s. 1½d. and 2,853l. 17s. 9d. 6, 7
" 4 Col. Christ. Whichcot Account by John Harrison, gunner and storekeeper, of powder and shot remaining in store at the garrison of Windsor. 8
" " Lieut. Saml. Larke and Robert Dobell, storekeeper. Account of powder and shot in Plymouth Fort, the Island, and Mount Batten 9
June 4 Jos. Drake, storekeeper. Account of powder and shot in the magazine of Kingston-upon-Hull and Southsea Castle 10, 11
" 5 Council of State Navy Comrs To take up four more ships and fit them as fire-ships; the Ordnance officers will supply materials. Also to give order for fitting out the Marmaduke, brought into Plymouth from Prince Rupert's fleet. 12
" 6 William Burton, Yarmouth. " To direct the Navy Treasurer to pay his bills of exchange in favour of Jacob Boeve and Hen. Church; also to give order as to buying 40 cwt. of hemp from France, of which he has the "nay-say," and as to taking up ships as victuallers. 13
" 7 William Morley Account of powder and shot in the garrison of Arundel, co. Sussex 14
" " G. Crompton C.O.S " " " in Tilbury Fort, with 20 barrels received from the Tower 15
[June 7] Phil. Jones " ordnance, powder, shot, &c. in the garrison at Cardiff 16
" " Lieut.-Col. Geo. Joyce, governor. " powder, shot, &c. in the castle at Portland 17
" 8 Council of State Navy Comrs To report what guns, &c. are required by the merchant ships hired for the service 18
" " Robert Coytmor " To certify the names and condition of all the merchant ships hired 19
" 10 Council of State Comr Peter Pett. Send a warrant for Severne to be master of the Resolution, which is to go to the Downs to the General, who can put in another if he pleases. 20
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor, Chatham. Navy Comrs Recommends John Littlejohn for employment 21
" " Account of powder, shot, &c. in Carisbrook, Cowes, and Yarmouth Castles, and Sandham Fort, Isle of Wight. 22
" 11 Plymouth Appraisement of the Marmaduke, certified 24 May 1854 23
" " Thomas Birch Account of powder and shot in the castle at Liverpool 24
" 12 Thos. Day, bricklayer Bill receipted for repairing the range and furnace on the Fairfax 25
" 16 Hen. Condell Account of boatswain's stores received and expended on board the James Admiral, between 7 May and 16 June. 26
" 17 Council of State Navy Comrs To give order for victualling three Dutch men-of-war that are being fitted out by General Blake, as also those on the coast of Scotland. 27
" " John Owen, steward Account of the crew of the Mousenest, and of the provisions received and expended from 6 May to 17 June 1652. 28, 29
" " John Mildmay Account of the provisions on board the Nonsuch frigate victualled at London for 160 men 30
" " William Pickering Inventory of carpenter's stores on board the Nonsuch on her going to sea, 22 April, and of those spent since. 31
" 18 Richard Hodges, gunner. Account of stores received and remaining on board the Fairfax, from 20 October 1650 to 18 June 1652. 32
June 21 Robert Coytmor Navy Comrs Sends a list of the Scotch guard. Desires them to furnish Gen. Deane with a ketch; also to order the victualling of the ships on the Scotch coast at Hull, where there is enough for 1,000 men, and those about Dumbarton, the Frith, and Ayr, at Chester or Ireland, Liverpool being visited with the sickness. 33
" 22 General Robt. Blake, Dover Road. " To order the revictualling of the Eagle frigate, sent with a convoy to the Thames 34
" 23 Jno. Falkener Account of guns and gunners' stores on board the Anthony Bonadventure, with certificates of Chris. Pett, Jonas Shish, Thos. Scott, and Rich. Tyler, in relation thereto, 1, 9, and 17 March 1653. 35–37
" 25 [Sir ?] Chas. Coote, Ballymote. Navy Comrs Capt. Cobham has delivered the provisions at Galway. As he has rendered good service in reducing the enemies' holds there, recommends him for employment in some other ship or frigate. 38
" 28 Council of State " To see that the merchant ships in the river taken up for service are sufficiently manned, and hastened to Sir Geo. Ayscue in the Downs; the commanders of the Vanguard, Success, and Pelican, have received orders to hasten thither. Also to attend the Ordnance Committee as to supplying guns. 39
" 30 " " To give order for victualling the Sovereign and furnishing her with stores, that she may be hastened to the fleet. 40
" " " " To contract with Alderman Gore and Mr. Harrington for 50 tons of Riga hemp, which they offer at 10s. per cwt. less than the market price. Send an order to enable them to import hemp for the service, in fulfilment of their contract. 41
" 30 Capt. Anth. Young, Worcester. " To sign a ticket for the wages of William Holland as gunner of the President, from 3 July 1651 to 3 Jan. 1652, when he was put on shore at Portsmouth by Capt. Moulton, for falling out with the boatswain, but is now yeoman of her powder room. 42
[June] " John Rockwell Account of stores left in the Triumph by Thos. Jacobs, 3 June, and of what is since expended 43
July 2 Council of State Navy Comrs To order vessels to attend at Whitehall Bridge, to carry soldiers on board the merchant ships in the river taken up for the service. 44
" 3 Thomas Newberry " Account of iron shot and stores at Portsmouth, brought from Southampton 45
" 4 Adm. Com. " To certify whether it will be convenient to allow the Little President 90 men instead of 80, and the Bryer 70 instead of 60, they being appointed for the summer guard. 46
" 13 Council of State " To issue a warrant to Capt. Stephen Rose, appointed to command the Convert at Hull lately taken from the Dutch, to impress men, and to order the victuallers at Hull to victual her for four months. 47
" " " " To return a list of the Dutch men-of-war lately taken, what guns and men they can carry, and where they are. 48
" " Robert Coytmor " To order the clerk of the check to enter 60 men, engaged by Capt. Nixon, on board the Antelope 49
" " John Tippetts, Fras. Lucas, and William Beard, Portsmouth. " Have surveyed the galliot hoy, which is more fit to transport timber than to be employed as a man-of-war. 50
July 14 Capt. Robt. Clarke, Kinsale. Navy Comrs Has delivered the artillery at Galway, revictualled for six weeks, and intends plying along the Irish coast to suppress pirates. The Providence, Expedition, and Sun have been tallowed and supplied with necessaries, and John Chudleigh has drawn three bills, amounting to 63l. 2s., which he desires may be paid. 51
" 17 Council of State " To send the names of three persons, that the Council of State may select one as master of the Sovereign. 52
" 20 Robt. Coytmor " To attend the Admiralty Committee about a report touching two orders from the Council of State 53
" " Council of State " To send a list of the number of men to be put on board the ships fitting out; 20 volunteers, able seamen, are to be taken on board the Sovereign for her greater security, one half of whom are to receive masters' and the other half mates' pay, and Capt. Read will command her. 54
" 21 " " To give order for fitting out the Peter of Rotterdam and the Golden Lion of Middleburg, Dutch prizes, for the service. Have desired the Navy Committee to contract with the victuallers for supplying 829 men for six months. 55
" 30 Account of carpenter's stores wanted for the Resolution 56
Aug. 3 Gilbert Keate, John Crowder, & Co. Depositions of several persons on their claim to the Marmaduke, which was taken by Prince Rupert off Alicant, on her voyage from Russia to Leghorn, 1 Nov. 1650, but was freed by her company and brought to Plymouth, where she now is. 57
" 5 Council of State Navy Comrs To order the fitting out the Peter, Golden Lion, Oak, Hound, Advantage, Fortune, Marmaduke, and Falmouth as men-of-war; have directed the Collectors for Prize Goods to deliver them up, with all their guns, tackle, &c. 58
" 9 Nath. Andrewes and Thos. Alderne, victuallers. " Ask insertion in their contract of warrants to take up ships and vessels, and to demand help in carrying provisions to Hull, Boston, Yarmouth, Harwich, Ipswich, Dover, and London, for 12,000 men for 28 days, which they are to supply at 8½d. per man per day, to be paid in six months after delivery. With exceptions to the proposed contract. 59, 60
" 12 Council of State " To appoint press-masters to attend at the Trinity House on Saturday, to choose and impress 300 men for the Sovereign and Antelope, as the committee of the Trinity House have orders to summon all mariners by beat of drum to appear at that time. 61
" " " " If the petition of the wife of the surgeon of the Nightingale be true, advance her 5l. on account of her husband's wages. 62
" 13 Robert Coytmor " To see that two mariners, sent up as prisoners by Capt. Read of the Sovereign, are secured and punished. 63
" 19 Council of State " Send a letter from the Mayor of Lynn, with a list of the seamen impressed there, of whom they are to dispose as they have need. Capt. Read of the Sovereign must be supplied with oatmeal, sugar, and spices for the sick. 64
" " " " Enclose an order to the Commissioners for sale of Dutch prizes, to deliver provisions mentioned; ask when the ships last appointed will be ready to sail. 65
Aug. 20 Council of State Navy Comrs To take up 8 or 10 boats to attend the Sovereign, so as to prevent her being fired 66
" 25 Capt. Robert Moulton, Portsmouth. " Sends certificate of the survey of the Clare galliot hoy, and estimate of the charge of refitting her, either for a man-of-war or to carry timber. Desires order as to some ground for a ropeyard at Portsmouth. Six ships have arrived at Portsmouth to wash, tallow, and revictual, for reinforcing Sir Geo. Ayscue's fleet. 67
" 30 Jno. Thurloe " Sends an order of Council for procuring seamen for the fleet in the Downs at 20s. per head, in lieu of press and conduct money. 68, 69
" 31 Thomas Paulson, Yarmouth. " Has lain in Yarmouth Roads since the 22nd, expecting orders by the Lion; when she arrives, will sailitowards the Eastland. The Colonel has taken 30 of our men, but we have pressed fresh ones. 70
Sept. 2 Council of State " To appoint 130 men to the Peter prize, commanded by Capt. Wm. Purefoy 71
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Mr. Cole and Major Bull have provided for the relief of the sick and wounded at the Isle of Wight 72
" 3 Geo. Jones, Plymouth Navy Comrs Sends accounts for supplies to ships at Plymouth; desires payment to John Moore and Thos. Jones, his brother. 73
" " Council of State " They are not to pay the soldiers employed in ships, as that will be done by the Treasurers-at war, but to see that they are supplied with hammocks, clothes, &c. Also to send the names of two boatswains for the frigates building at Deptford, and to supply timber from Windsor Forest for finishing them. 74
" 4 Capt. Peter Motham, Star frigate, Whitepool. " Has arrived from Hull at Whitepool, where the rest of the northern squadron are waiting the arrival of Capt. Peacock, their present admiral. 75
" " Capt. Robert Moulton, Portsmouth. " The six ships sent into Portsmouth by Gen. Blake to revictual, &c. have sailed to Sir Geo. Ayscue, but very badly manned, as many of the crew have run towards London. The building of the great frigate progresses, but it wants deals and masts, as also a painter. Asks orders as to the Clare galliot hoy, and the ground for a ropeyard. 76
" 5 Fras. Allen, Hull " Begs payment to Francis Watson of his account of 15l. 9s. 4d. for washing, tallowing, and revictualling his ship, ordered to attend the squadron under Capt. Peacock. 77
" 6 Capt. Nich. Read, Sovereign, off Dungeness. " Recommends Thos. Streaton, master of a ketch that brought cables from Chatham for the Sovereign, for additional allowance, for following him from the Lee Road to Dungeness. 78
" 7 Peter Pett, Chatham " Asks an order for provisions demanded by the storekeeper at Chatham; also that 50 mariners may be impressed for the Fairfax and Happy Entrance. 79
" " Capt. Pestle, Satisfaction, Leith Road. " The Major-General having ordered the Satisfaction to keep out until next summer, and to go to Newcastle to be graved, desires a supply of stores, and six months' pay. 80
" " Capt. John Soamau, Fox, Plymouth Sound. " Has arrived with the ordnance from Chester for the Tower, but the inhabitants would not send teams to draw down those from Liverpool Castle to the water-side, the sickness being so lately in the town. Met Sir Geo. Ayscue and his fleet, and is kept to go with him. 81
Sept. 8 Council of State Navy Comrs To treat with others than the victuallers on better terms for victualling 8,000 men for the winter guard; send a list of the ports where the 3,000 men's victuals are to be provided. Their letter concerning money will be reported to Parliament, and that concerning the Fairfax, Centurion, considered. With note of the ports. 82, 83
" " Geo. Pley, Weymouth. " For payment of 10l. to Thos. Weaver, for disbursements for sending out two scout boats from Weymouth. 84
" " John Franckland, Yarmouth. " Arrived with 21 sail, 15 of which were left at Wells, and six brought to Yarmouth; were chased several times by Flemings and Hollanders, but escaped after spending some shot. Is bound for Harwich to wash and tallow, and wait further orders. 85, 86
" 9 Capt. Robert Moulton, Portsmouth. " Will send the survey of the Dutch ships lately taken and brought into Portsmouth and Cowes. Thanks for their promising to move the Council of State respecting the galliot hoy, and the ground for the ropeyard. Blackledge has arrived with provisions from Deptford, but left the masts at Dover, which Coledicke could bring if ordered. 87
" 10 " List and note of merchant ships to be taken up for the winter guard, with their captains and number of men and guns. 88, 89
" " Robert Coytm or Navy Comrs To certify what sum will be requisite for paying off the State and merchant ships now in the service. 90
" " Commissioners for Dutch Prizes. " For repayment of 4l. paid for piloting the Seven Brothers, as convoy to eight prizes sent to London. 91
" " Peter Pett, Chatham " To sign the warrant for impressing men for the Fairfax and Happy Entrance 92
" " Geo. Price and Thos. Corbett, London. " For a convoy to their ships outward and homeward bound, the North Seas being infested with Dutch men-of-war. 93
" 11 Roger Grainger, Portsmouth. " For the same privileges and allowances as his predecessor, as boatswain of Portsmouth Dockyard. 94
" " Robert Coytmor " To attend the Admiralty Committee, to confer as to building 30 frigates lately ordered, and as to the petition of the surgeons. 95
" 13 " " To send an estimate of the whole charge of the fleet that is to be paid off by order of Council. 96
" " Commissioners for Dutch Prizes. " For an account of the guns and ammunition received out of the Dutch prizes, at Chatham or elsewhere. 97
" " Council of State " To survey all Dutch and French ships taken prize, and certify how many can be fitted out as men-of-war for the winter guard, in lieu of some of the merchant ships ordered. 98
" 15 Thos. Green " To hasten down the furnaces, guns, &c. for the Hound and Fortune, and not to pass the bill of exchange for provisions out of the prizes there, as they have not been delivered according to contract. Is in great want of men and money. 99
Sept. 16 Capt. Robert Wyard, Harwich. Navy Comrs Was ordered by Capt. Ball to stay in Yarmouth Roads for some vessels in Yarmouth Haven, but they could not get out through contrary winds. Intends to tallow and re-victual at Harwich. Asks a letter of credit for his imprest money. 100
" " William Burton, Yarmouth. Smith & Thomson. Neither the Bunch of Blackberries, the Hope, nor the Star of Rotterdam, are fit to be converted into men-of-war. 101
" 21 Capt. Edw. Barrett, Lily. J. Holland Has been ordered by Gen. Blake to take charge of the Hunter, a French frigate, and shift his company of 50 men, but as she carries 24 pieces of ordnance, wants more men, and an order for victualling. 102
" " Capt. Robert Wyard, Ipswich. Navy Comrs Has received their order for re-victualling his ship, and sent up Mr. Franklin for two months' imprest. 103
" " Capt. Robert Clarke, Reserve, Dublin Bay. " Landed the Commander-in-Chief at Passage with the rest of the officers; also the 49,000l. The General went for Kilkenny. Desires some stores may be sent for the ships on the Irish coast. Is going to the south of Ireland to clean his ship. 104
" 22 Council of State " To order the repair of the Swiftsure, and the fitting out of the Fairfax, Entrance, Centurion, and Adventure, as part of the winter guard. 105
" " John Green, Portsmouth. " Two of his family died last week, and his master this morning. The Worcester, Laurel, Sapphire, and the three Dutch prizes, Princess Maria, Arms of Holland, and Dolphin, have come in to be refitted; the Fox has brought in some brass guns from Chester for the Tower; as she is to be paid off and fitted for the winter guard, the storekeeper of the ordnance here will take charge of them. 106
" " Capt. Nich. Read, Sovereign, Downs. " Particulars of his voyage with the fleet under General Blake from the Downs to France and back. The two smacks and shallop ordered to attend the Sovereign have neglected their duty, and left the Downs. 107
" 24 Rich. Field, Portsmouth. Rob. Thompson. Details of embezzlement on board the Dutch prize Dolphin. Begs to be exchanged to some other frigate. 108
" " William Neale, Plymouth. Navy Comrs The 100l. received of Mr. Jennings at Falmouth not sufficing to supply the Falmouth frigate, was furnished with the rest by Anthony Skinner; has given him a bill for 111l. 8s. 10d. Desires they will pay it. 109
" 25 Samuel Windis, Chester. " Capt. Legerd, of the Nicodemus, has arrived, and having been out nearly two years, is in great want. 110
" " Capt. John Taylor, Portsmouth. " As no progress has been made towards his dispatch, being prevented by the rains, and the spring tide being lost, thinks his ship should now be careened, if Mr. Tippets thinks fit. 111
" " Council of State " To contract for the re-hire for three months of the Elizabeth ketch, employed in conveying provision ships from the coast of Essex and Suffolk to the Thames. 112
" " " " To contract with the owners of the merchant ships now in the service for their hire to the end of October, as also for any needed for the winter guard. To see that the wants of the fleet in the Downs are supplied with speed. 113
Sept. 27 Robert Coytmor R. Hutchinson. To send a list of the widows whose husbands served in the John, lately paid off. 114
" " Richard Newberry, Swan, Dover Pier. Navy Comrs Was bringing up his ship to Chatham, but the Flemings approaching so near the Downs, prepared to go to the General there, was prevented by foul weather, and will now bring up his ship to her place. With Order of Council, 21 Sept., to bring the Swan to Chatham; and certificate, 22 Aug., that Susan Ball entertained Edw. Crouch, carpenter of the Swan, when he fell sick on 10 Aug. 1652 115–117
" " Thomas Bartram " Certificate that there is not hemp in the storehouse at Woolwich to make the ropes ordered 118
" " Jonathan Hide, Dover. " The Hound frigate is nearly fitted, and as soon as she receives her sails, guns, and stores will be ready to sail. Seamen are very scarce, and unless ordered from the ships coming in, she will be weakly manned. 119
" " Capt. Rich. Badiley, Leghorn. Sends copy of an agreement between Charles Longland, agent at Leghorn, and John Wood, for the hire of the Peregrine for the service for six months. 120
" 28 Capt. Nich. Read and three other officers, Sovereign. Depositions of John Thomas and others as to complaints made against Capt. Thos.Taylor, master gunner, for want of powder, when engaged with the Dutch fleet. 121–23
" " Roger Marten, Diamond, Catwater. Navy Comrs To pay 58l. 6s. to Anthony Skinner, for provisions supplied to him; also to send down cables, sails, and masts. 124
" " Capt. Fras. Tatnell, Portsmouth. Rob. Quaithmore For an order to Mr. Tippets to supply him with caulkers and carpenters for refitting the Francis, hired for service; also for payment of arrears due on his contract with Capt. Moulton. 125
" 29 Geo. Dickins, Advice, Hoseley Bay. Navy Comrs For a supply of anchors and cables, having lost those he had on the Goodwin, while looking after the Dutch fleet in the Downs. 126
" " Rich. Dermott, Westchester. " Sends muster books; the Lucy, Nicodemus, and Primrose, have all arrived from Ayr, and the Nicodemus has returned thither, with more provisions. Details of ships. The victualler has been constrained to pay the seamen in harbour their short allowance, on account of their tumultuous carriage. 127
" 30 John Green, Portsmouth. " Repairs of ships. The Fortune fire-ship has arrived at Spithead from Plymouth 128
" " John Bowen " Receipt of 5l. 13s. on an order of Gen. Rob. Blake of 20 Sept., for expenses in attending a Flemish captain, sent by Tromp to the Council of State. 129
" " Council of State " To order the repair at Harwich of the Advice frigate, damaged in a storm while engaged by Gen. Blake in gaining intelligence. 130
Oct. 1 Capt. Thos. Wilkes, Elizabeth prize, Dover. " For directions as to paying off or re-victualling his ship, having been ordered into Dover by the General who is off the North Foreland. The Dutch fleet have run away in terror. 131
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell and Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. " For an order for unlading cordage, &c. in the Marie of Plymouth 132
Oct. 2 John Green, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs The Sapphire, Laurel, and Worcester, and the three Flemish ships, will be careened and ready for sea next week. 133
" " John Tippetts, Portsmouth. " To like effect. Note of stores required, as there will be much business this winter. Wants an order to purchase some deals just arrived. 134
" 3 Capt. John Pearce, Providence, Cork Harbour. " Has put in, being damaged in a storm, and wanting clothes and provisions. Details of ships. There are only two or three pickeroons on the Irish coast, but they cannot be taken without assistance. 135
" 4 Capt. Phil. Holland, Cignet, Downs. " Wants a cable, having lost his in a storm, and a boat, oars, and mizen-mast, lost in an engagement with the Dutch. 136
" " John Taylor, Chatham. " Account of survey of ships. Wants timber and other necessaries 137
" 5 Giles Barrow, Gravesend. " Has been on board all the ships in the Hope. When Capt. Bodily comes up as ordered, there will be only the Peter, Charles, and Richard and Benjamin. Sends a note of what they can carry. 138
" " Capt. G. W. Dakins, Advice, before Harwich. " Will haul on shore to-morrow to clean and take in three months' provisions. Capt. Wiers has lent him a cable. 139
" " John Bonner, Plymouth. " Wants cables, ammunition, &c. for the Marmaduke, ordered to ply westward 140
" " Capt. John Sherwin, Primrose, Liverpool. " Wants pay, clothes, and necessaries for his sick and naked men, being kept out by an order of the Council of State, on account of a company of barking whelps that mind their prey more than the welfare of their dam; hopes he may not hang like Mahomet's tomb, or between hope and despair, for want. 141, 142
" 6 Robert Coytmor J. Holland Asks what course has been taken for supplying the Satisfaction and Falcon, and other vessels on the Scotch coast, with stores, that they may answer Gen. Deane's desires. 143
" 7 Capt. Rob. Clark, Reserve, Waterford Bay. Navy Comrs Having spent his fore topmast, has put into Waterford to mend it, and will get a new one at Kinsale. Hears the Tenth Whelp and Expedition have had new mainmasts, &c., and hopes that bills drawn on the Navy Treasurer will be paid. 144
" 8 Wm. Purefoy, Peter, The Hope. Mr. Barrow Note of provisions that he can receive on board. With note by Giles Barrow of what the Charles, and Richard and Benjamin, can stow. 145
" 9 Robt. Thomson, Deal. Navy Comrs Has gone down to see the defects of the fleet, and endeavour their supply, but there are no provisions in the stores. The Sovereign wants a mainyard, and the Vanguard a cable. 146
" " John Greene, Portsmouth. " All the ships fitting out have been washed and tallowed, and are off the ground, and the Sapphire and Laurel are taking in victuals. The General has sent to the captains to hasten to the Downs, but the Dutch prizes will take some time longer. The master shipwright has taken off all the men building the new frigate to assist in fitting out the others. Has paid off the Fox, and will proceed with the Worcester and dockyard. 147
Oct. 9 John Tippetts, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs The six ships in harbour have been graved, and are fitting out, and the work on the three frigates performed. The three Dutch prizes have been allowed 390 men, viz.: Princess Maria, 150; Holland Arms, 120; and the Dolphin, 120. Wants men from London, also a press warrant, and stores, as none are to be had but for ready money. 148
" " Thomas Marriott, Bristol. " Wants an order to re-victual there, as it is not to be done at Kinsale or Cork, where he was ordered to go by General Fleetwood and Capt. Clarke. 149
" " St. John Steventon " Sends accounts of Eastwood and others for timber, &c. delivered into the stores. Wants an order to put the three Dutch prizes into petty warrant. 150
" 11 Saml. Betts, the Falmouth, Falmouth. " Has captured a Flushing man-of-war and her prize, laden with sugar and Brazil wood, and brought them into Falmouth. Has served the State as a master in Sir Geo. Ayscue's fleet for two years, and been in the service for five years; desires the command of the said frigate. 151
" 12 Ordnance officers " Ask a list of the ships appointed for the winter guard, that they may make timely provision 152
" " Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. " The Mary hoy, with the provisions, has not arrived. Has furnished the Marmaduke with cables, cordage, mainmast, and sails; she wants powder, which he could supply at 5l. per barrel. Has sent up a bill for 200l. on account of the Marmaduke. The Falmouth frigate has taken a Dutch man-of-war of six guns, and her prize, a Portuguese. 153
" 13 Thos. Greene, Dover " The Hound and the Oak have left Dover for the Downs; sends up their muster books. Will hasten out the Fortune. The Advantage has come in to be refitted, as also the Dutch prizes formerly employed as men-of-war. Desires money by the wagons who come twice a week, and will bring it for 5s. the 100l. insured. 154
" " James Puttiford Muster of the Rebecca ketch, from 20 Mar. to 14 Oct. 1652. Total wages due, 178l. 3s. 5d. 155
" 14 Peter Pett, Chatham Navy Comrs Will send two hoys with cordage for the fleet in the Downs forthwith, but the masts and yards will not be ready for some days. The Entrance will soon be ready; the Fairfax is waiting for her victuals, which the victuallers ought to send down. 156
" 15 Rich. Langford, Burlington. And. Ball Wants an order for victualling if kept out, being appointed to the Elizabeth, to secure the trade of the North coast. 157
" 16 Thos. Paule, Burlington Bay. Navy Comrs Has arrived from the Eastland. The King of Denmark detained the ships, and the Antelope went ashore on a bay near the Holmes at Yeatland, and was lost. Has taken a Dutch dogger boat of 50 tons, called Peter Creen. 158
" " Capt. Phil. Holland, Cignet, Downs. J. Smith Asks a cable, having lost his in a storm before he engaged with the Dutch fleet. The General has sailed westward with the fleet. 159
" " Fras. Barham, Hannibal, Humbermouth. Navy Comrs Has arrived with nine dogger boats, one of which belongs to Holland, and has 105 barrels of cod and ling. Supposes they have heard of the loss of the Antelope, as ill news goes fast. Capts. Sandford and Coll had an engagement with three Holland men-of-war, but were stopped by the night. 160
Oct. 17 Rich. Johnson, Convert. Navy Comrs The vessels with the gunners' stores for the fleet having arrived at Tilbury Hope, I shall convoy them and the other vessels laden with provisions to the fleet. 161
" " Hen. Maber, Portsmouth. As the George Bonadventure is ordered to Portsmouth to fit for the winter guard, sends up his muster books to be compared with those of Mr. Remer, his predecessor. 162
" 19 Thos. Adams, Paul, Humber, near Hull. R. Coytmor Asks an order to re-victual, being ordered by Capt. Peacock to convoy some ships thence to London. 163
" " Saml. Windis, Chester. Navy Comrs Certificates of the services of Corporal Wm. Jellit and Lancelot Bold, minister, omitted when the muster was taken. 164
" " Capt. Hen. Hastell, Plymouth. R. Thomson. Major-Gen. Desborow is willing to land the provisions out of the hoy. The Hunter frigate requires a sheet cable therefrom. She has brought in a ship from France with salt, brandy, wine, and two horses which they pretend belong to the Prince of Condé. The service much requires one of you here. 165
" 20 Capt. John Taylor, Chatham. Navy Comrs Has surveyed the Mermaid, and finds she may be dispatched at once; but if she is to have a deck built, will require a warrant. The provisions desired have not been supplied, and there is a great want of plank and deals. 166
" 22 Rich. Hill R. Thomson. Begs an interview for Capt. Nich. Lucas, commander of the Society frigate at Deptford 167
" " Robt. Coytmor Navy Comrs The petition of the mariners of the Adventure against Capt. Wyard was recommended to them by the Council of State, and the Admiralty Committee has transferred their letter and the papers to the Council of State. 168
" " Arthur Hawkes, Mayor of Harwich, and four others. Certify that although Capt. Wyard offered to pay the mariners of the Adventure two months of their arrears, and enter into a bond for the remainder, they deserted the ship, and thus occasioned her long stay in the harbour. 169
" 23 Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. R. Thomson. Repairs of ships. The Dutch prizes cannot go forth for want of provisions. The room at the yard will not hold the stores of ships in harbour, and thus the State must suffer. 170
" " Thos. White, Dover " Account of weight of lead at Sandwich, for which he has drawn a bill 171
" 25 Phineas Pett Navy Comrs Measurement of the Rebecca ketch 172
" " John Hammon Adm. Com. Petition for a master gunner's place in one of the ships now building; served on board the Ruth under Capt. Edw. Thompson, and in the fleet under Sir Geo. Ayscue, against Scilly, Barbadoes, Holland, &c., with certificate of Capt. Thompson and seven others on his behalf. 173, 174
" 26 William Redgacke Navy Comrs Contract for the Katherine of London, 140 tons, 20 guns, for six months, at 225l. a month 175
" " Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. " Survey of the Duchess of Rochelle, the Gift of God, and the Hunter of St. Malo. The Rotterdam may be fitted out at little charge. Is taking ashore the cables and other stores out of the Mary hoy. Has drawn a bill for 220l. 176
Oct. 26. Chas. Walley R. Thomson. Capt. Sherwin has sailed for Dublin as convoy to several merchantmen, and will ply in the Channel. There are no cables to be bought that will suit his ship. The Truelove and Nicodemus are expected in, and will want re-victualling; Saml. Windis, purser of the Primrose, will undertake it, if ordered, at 7½d. a day. 177
" " Thos. Adams, Paul, Humber near Hull. Navy Comrs Will take on board as much victuals as he can stow, and sail with such ships as are ready for London. Will wait for orders at Yarmouth or Harwich, where he expects to meet Capt. Peacock. 178
" " Saml. Windis, Chester. " To send down a cable by a waggon coming up from Chester with cheese. Emanuel Smith, Lancelot Bold, minister, and Corporal Jellit, served faithfully, but were not mustered. 179
" " Job Throckmorton " Contract for the Fleece of London, 600 tons, 44 guns, for six months, at 565l. a month 180
" " Robert Coytmor J. Holland To enter Mr. Slaney as a prickmaster in one of the merchant ships, and Mr. Bulstrode in the ship he was purser of. 181
" " Jonathan Hide, Stokes Bay. NavyComrs For a chain pump and sails for the Hound frigate in the Downs. Has brought in to Stokes Bay a Hamburgher of 20 guns, laden with several commodities. Wants sails. 182
" " Capt. Robert Wyard, Harwich. " Is waiting for a wind to sail to the Yarmouth Roads, as are Captains Clinton and Smith. The mariners from London not having come down, counts them as runaways. 183
" " Fras. Conyers, Middle Temple. Mr. Smith Commends a poor kinsman, a minister's son, for a place in the present expedition 184
" 27 Dutch prize officers Navy Comrs To order a view whether the Encreasing Moon, lying at Newcastle at great charge, is fit for service; ask whether they may take possession of the six Dutch prizes in the river. 185
" " John Browne, Chatham. " Wants tar for the stores 186
" " Peter Pett, Chatham " Has given order for fitting out all the ships at Chatham. The Fairfax and Swan are waiting for victuals. There are three hoys laden with cordage for the Downs; will not send them until the fleet arrives, as there is only the Henrietta to convoy them. 187
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " The General has gone to sea in the Laurel with 20 sail more. The fleet at Portsmouth wants victuals. A prize has been brought in, with 600 barrels of tar and 300 of pitch; as there is much need of them in the stores, desires an order for their purchase. Is paying off ships and hastening the winter guard. 188
" 28 Capt. John Pearce, Providence, Cape Clear. " Wants of his ship; has met with a Plymouth ship from the West Indies, with 250 tons of goods, sugar, indigo, ginger, &c., which he will take to Kinsale or Cork. The Reserve has gone to Kinsale for provisions. The Expedition, Hector, Sun, and Whelp are about Galway and Limerick. 189
" " Wm. Tatnell, Dover " For some old ordnance as ballast for his ship [the Fortune], also an order for entry of his surgeon 190
" " Capt. John Goulding, Dover. " For an order to Thos. Greene to supply necessaries required for fitting out the Waterhound frigate, taken from the Dutch. 191
Oct. 29 John Edwin, Tilbury Hope. Navy Comrs For a bower cable, and boat with five or six oars. Is ready to sail 192
" " Thos. Adams, Paul, Hull. " Has victualled for three months. There are 12 or 13 ships at Hull laden with lead, which he and Capts. Langford and Allen are to convoy to London. Will wait for orders at Harwich. 193
" " Geo. Strelley and four others, Plymouth. " Sends surveys of the Duchess of Rochelle and the Gift of God of Havre de Grace, two French prizes. The Marmaduke has taken six prizes from Malaga, all pretending to be Hamburghers. 194–96
" " John Hayward, Gillyflower, Harwich. " Has arrived at Harwich from the Sound; wants victuals, sails, and stores 197
" " Capt. Fras. Allen, Hull. " Came to the Humber to stop a leak; is to convoy the Hull ships to London, and then return to Capt. Peacock in Yarmouth Roads. Took two doggers with fish, and delivered them to the prize-master at Hull. As his ship is very much worn, desires an English built frigate. 198
" 30 Capt. Barth. Yate, Falcon fly-boat, Hull " Asks whether they will pay at London the money he may disburse in fitting out and victualling his ship for six months, as ordered by General Deane; is to sail to Newcastle for timber for the citadel at Inverness. 199
" " Capt. Joseph Jordan, Pelican, Spithead. " Having lost his masts, was ordered to Portsmouth by the General, and is bringing in a pink seized by one of our frigates; met three fly-boats with wine, sugar, &c. from Hamburg, France, and Holland, and detained them until further order. Wants repairs. 200
" 31 Barth. Yate, Hull " For allowance for a pilot from Hull to Lynn and back. Sent the sea book of the Falcon a month since, and will send up the tickets of the men who were taken from him for other ships. When victualled, will sail to Newcastle and discharge 12 or 14 men and get better ones, and will then not trouble them with any more tickets this winter. 201
" " " Bills and receipts for minor expenses connected with the navy from 6 August to 16 October 1652 202–206
" " Gen. Rob. Blake Hugh Powell, deputy treasurer of the fleet. Orders for payments of small sums for the expenses of men and ships, from 10 May to 20 October 1652, some with the bills prefixed, and all receipted. 207
Vol. XXIX.
Nov. 1 Capt. Rich. Langford, Hull. Navy Comrs Is detained with 12 or 13 ships by foul weather. Wants orders whether to continue in the present service or come home, and if the former, an order to re-victual. 1
" " Capt. Thos. Adams, Hull. " Is still stayed for a wind, but will sail the first opportunity with the ships laden with lead for London, and touch at Yarmouth or Harwich for orders. 2
" 2 Capt. Doughty Wormell, Merchant Adventure, Harwich. " Saw all the Iceland fleet safely to North Yarmouth, where were vessels laden with timber for London, but they could not get out through the foul weather. When victualled, will sail for London. There are eight sail here in the service. 3
Nov. 2 Thos. Greene Navy Comrs The prize officers will deliver the oil after appraisement. Wants 200l. sent down to Dover by John Edwards, the town post, to pay for work in fitting out the Dutch prizes. Asks that his bills drawn on them may be paid. The Fortune is waiting for her guns. 4
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. R. Thomson Mr. Strelley is fitting out the two French men-of-war at Plymouth. The Gift requires a forecastle. The Old President wants tallowing. There are ugly things committed here and at Falmouth by private men-of-war, to the dishonour of our nation, and the prejudice of those in amity with us. 5
" " Barth. Yate, Falcon, Hull. Navy Comrs Will set men to work on his fly-boat, and will require the money for fitting her at Newcastle. Will send account of her stores. 6
" " Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. " Is getting the French vessels ready for sea; wants some officers hastened down, and orders as to the guns and stores. Has charged a bill upon them for fitting out the Marmaduke. The Old President has come in, and must tallow, being ordered as convoy for Ireland. 7
" 3 Peter Pett, Chatham " The Fairfax is taking in her victuals, and will be ready for sea in eight days, if men can be found, and her sails and beer sent down, and the Swan and five others will be got ready as early as possible, but the Little Elizabeth is unfit for service this winter. Encloses the master shipwright's demand for timber and masts. Asks the price of tow and hemp, deep sea lines, and marlines. 8
" " Capt. Robert Clarke, Reserve, Kinsale Harbour. " Has victualled for two months. The Expedition, Hector, Tenth Whelp, and Sun are on the west side of the Irish coast, between Cape Clear and Enisbovin, a small island which the enemy holds. Our ships have regained a West Indiaman and others that were taken, but are too heavy for their small frigates. The Providence is in bad condition. John Chudleigh, shipwright, has supplied all the ships with materials, or they could not have subsisted. Has drawn a bill for 155l. 1s. 2d. therefor. 9
" 3 Giles Barrow, Gravesend. " Sent a man into the Hope and to all the shipping near with their order. Capt. Edwin has sailed with the Oak. Capt. Hosier is bound as a convoy for Hull, Capt. Limbrey is victualling, and the Happy Entrance wants men. 10
" " Rich. Dermott, Liverpool water. " Sends up the muster books of the Nicodemus and Truelove; the former is bound to London, with guns from the garrisons, and the latter with provisions and merchant ships to Dublin; 23 men are wanting in the Truelove. 11
" 4 Capt. John Goulding, Dover. " Mr. Greene has surveyed the Waterhound; begs they will hasten down her necessaries, and also change her name, as the General has ordered her to be set forth with all speed. 12
" " Capt. Philip Holland, Cignet, Downs. " For an order to Mr. Tearne for 30 or 40 seamen; also for a supply of cables and sails, being appointed to secure the fishery. 13
" " Barth. Yate, Falcon flyboat, Hull. Gen. Deane. Will try to sail on Saturday, and convoy a vessel with cheese to Dundee. Wants cables, anchors, sails, and powder, as also money to fit up his ship. 14
Nov. 4 Phineas Pett, Chatham. J. Turner To insert Peter Browne and Thos. Billton in the certificate for conduct money from Scarborough, the same as the rest received who were sent down by Capt. Lawson. 15
" 5 Capt. Hen. Southwood, Greyhound, Harwich. Navy Comrs For a supply of cables, sails, &c. to be sent to him in the Downs 16
" " Jonathan Randall, Liverpool. " Sends his muster book, not being there when Mr. Dermott attended to muster his ship, the Nicodemus, and others. 17
" " Thos. Lewis, Deal J. Turner For a warrant from the Navy Commissioners for a boatswain's place for—Cogswell 18
" " Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. NavyComrs Will hasten the fitting out of all ships that come in, and appraise the two now setting forth; wants stores, and orders as to the arms on their stern; also a warrant for Barth. Cock as boatswain of the Gift. 19
" 6 Capt. Rich. Grumwell, Richard and Mary, Bristol. " On warrant from Lieut.-General Fleetwood, Commander-in-Chief of Ireland, has brought over the Major-General of Ireland, Colonels Clarke and Lawrence, and Dr. Carteret, with many other officers. Shall put to sea with the first opportunity, according to his first instructions. 20
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. " Survey of the Fortune of Flushing; she will carry 34 guns, and her fitting out will cost 400l. 21
" " W. Purefoy, Peter, Shields. " The Convert, Adam and Eve, Briar, and Paragon have arrived. Wants an order for girdling his ship. 22
" " Phineas Pett, Chatham. J. Turner Has entered 197 men on the Fairfax, 11 on the Mermaid, and 33 on the Swan 23
" 9 Peter Pett, Chatham NavyComrs Has taken up a vessel for transporting the 50 tons of hemp out of the stores, but as there will be only 100 tuns left, will require a fresh supply, as also some tar. 24
" " Capt. Thos. Greene " Asks that 80l., the amount of his four bills to the postmaster at Dover, may be remitted. The Fortune will sail to-day. 25
" " Major-Gen. Deane, Dalkeith. Sir H. Vane, jun. For six months' pay for the Satisfaction, and three months' for the Falcon fly-boat. Capts. Haddock and Knox came in yesterday, with several ships in convoy; shall dispatch Haddock with several ships for London. 26
" " Capt. Thos. Penrose, Nonsuch, The Hope NavyComrs Has brought the four plate prizes he took into the Thames; asks an order for docking and revictualling his frigate. With certificate of her six officers as to her condition and wants. 27, 28
" 10 Rich. Langford, Eliz. and Ann of London, Harwich. " Was one of the squadron for the north trade under Capt. Peacock, and while convoying some ships from the Sound, was forced into Harwich. The owners of his ship have contracted for her to serve six months longer; having but eight or nine days' provisions, shall be compelled to re-victual here. 29
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Thanks for stores received; is in a sad condition for want of cordage and masts. Has ordered a survey of the great ships. 30
Nov. 10 Thos. Paulson, Ipswich. NavyComrs Has arrived safely at Harwich, and his commander has gone to London. They delivered up their prize with fish at Yarmouth. 31
" " John Tatnell, Dover " For payment of bills for refitting shallops, amounting to 46l.; also for an order to keep carpenters and caulkers to their duty, as the merchants offer them 6d. a day more than the State allows. 32
" 11 Edm. Chapman, Entrance, Hope. " For an order to the press-master to impress for him 30 men out of the ships to be paid off, being ready except for men. 33
" " Capt. Fras. Allen, Recovery, Harwich. " Sends certificate of the defects in his ship; desires order for her speedy repair and re-victualling, having to go to the General with the rest of the squadron. 34
" 13 Wm. Ledgant, Chester. " For payment of a bill of exchange for 13l. 17s. 6d., to Alderman John Jonson of Chester, for cordage for his frigate. 35
" " John Whitworth, Convert, Chester. J. Holland For advice whether to petition the Commissioners for money to pay off his men, and whether his ship will be required for further service after the eight months. 36
" 15 Dutch prize officers NavyComrs To send a person to survey the Sancta Maria at Blackwall, the Morning Star at Deptford, and the Fortune of Flushing at Bristol, and to certify whether they are fit for the service. 37
" 16 Jas. Webe Account of money expended in impressing 26 men at Yarmouth, Harwich, and Ipswich, and received of Capt. Jno. Hayward and Capt. Hen. Fenn. Total 5l. 7s. 38
" " Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. NavyComrs Sends names of persons fit for officers, &c. on the Gift, Duchess, and James 39
" " Phineas Pett, Chatham. J. Turner Note of men entered on board the Fairfax, Swan, Mermaid, Mary prize, and Amity, fitting for sea 40
" " John Mildmay Certificate of the damage done to the Vanguard in the late engagement 41
" 17 Phineas Pett, Chatham. J. Turner For an order whether to pay conduct money to the men who come down to the Mermaid, commanded by Capt. Stayner. Many volunteers come here, but refuse to serve unless they may have conduct money. 42
" " Capt. John Taylor, Chatham. NavyComrs For a supply of timber and other stores 43
" " " " List of six ships now ready to serve in the squadron for the Straits. The Rainbow can soon be got ready. Wants long plank. 44
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " For an order to unlade the pitch and tar out of the Hamburg prize. Recommends young Mr. Leverland for employment. 45
" 18 John Sherwin, Primrose, Dublin Bay. " Has taken a ketch of 3 guns and 27 men, which came from Brest. The captain, Rich. Green, is the first captain that ever had a commission from Charles, Stuart; it is from the titular Duke of York. Hopes to have another prize ere long, hearing of two more to the southward. Is bound with 24 sail to several ports, and wants stores and cables; his provisions will be expended in three weeks, when he expects to be at Liverpool. 46
Nov. 19 Rich. Langford, Eliz. and Ann, Harwich. Navy Comrs For payment of four to five months' arrears of wages due to his men in the last voyage 47
" " Thos. Smith, Wanstead. J. Turner Wrote to the General and Mr. Willoughby, concerning the order as to the Straits' fleet 48
" " Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. Navy Comrs Proceedings in setting forth the Gift and Duchess. Guns wanted. Those sold from the Marmaduke might be repurchased for 6l. profit. Asks employ for Capt. Blagg, who would bring men. Advises a magazine of stores there. 49
" 20 Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Has received their list of the ships ordered for the Straits. Has only the Portsmouth, Ruby, and Hercules to get ready, and the latter, with the Foresight and Dolphin, have now gone to Spithead. Will observe their order as to the pitch, tar, &c. in the Hamburgher. 50
" " Edw. Penfold " Certificate of cordage delivered and to be delivered into the stores by Davy Davison. Mr. Wood will deliver no more for want of money. 51
" 21 Rich. Stayner " For an order to replenish the surgeon's chest of the Mermaid frigate, as she will be ready to sail next week. 52
" 22 William Tatnell, Fortune, Downs. " For a boat, chain pump, and sails. Left Dover on the 19th 53
" " Geo. Dewy Mr. Smith Was recommended to the Navy Commissioners by Lord Commissioner Lisle, Jno. Dove, Nich. Love, and Mr. Coytmor for a purser's place, and has attended 14 months. Can buy victuals for the navy at more reasonable rates, and at 10 percent. less than they have them at Portsmouth. His nephew, Jas. Dewy, is secretary to Lord Commissioner Lisle. 54
" " Thos. Scott Navy Comrs There is great scarcity of seamen, and the Concord lost a fair wind for want of them. The Raven is at Deptford. The Welcome is to be brought on shore at Woolwich, where there is much work. Is going to meet Christ. Pett at Blackwall, to survey the St. Mary. There are now 16 ships here [Chatham], so can bring in no more. Wants a piece of ground for a smith's forge. The Nightingale has all her provisions on board, but the boatswain is sick. 55
" " Barth. Yate, Falcon fly-boat, Shields. " For an order for 100l. towards alterations and repairs on his ship; also for cables, anchors, and sails. 56
" " William Crispin, The Hope. J. Turner Mustered Capt. Lawson's men on the Fairfax, and found more landsmen and boys than upon any of the State's ships for the last 10 years; has discharged 18, and signed their tickets. Sent down 180 men to the Fairfax in the Hope, but when they arrived and saw the landsmen, 100 would not go, but went to other ships. 57
" " Peter Pett, Chatham Navy Comrs Tar, &c. and 100 seamen much wanted. Has contracted with Scoles of Stroud for one ton of tallow, ready money, but he refuses to supply more unless the clerk of the check will make out his bills for what has been served. Wants half a ton of tallow from London. 58
" " Capt. Robert Sanders, Assurance, Lee Road. " Has brought his ship into the river for repairs. Has nine sail under his charge, which pretended for Hamburg, but which the General did not think fit to leave in the Downs; shall bring them up above the blockhouses next tide. 59
Nov. 22 Capt. Jno. Sherwin, Primrose, Passage. Navy Comrs Took Green, a pirate, with 3 guns and 27 men. Has lost his maintopmast, and his bowsprit is cracked; if his cables could speak, they would inform more. Dares not venture to sea without help. Hopes to be in Liverpool in three weeks. 60
" 23 Capt. Anth. Young, Worcester, Downs. " Wants 20 or 30 men. Took in some masts at Portsmouth, but they are too small, and as he is going there to rendezvous, will put them on shore again. Is setting sail with five others to ply at sea for two or three days, and if he misses the General, will follow him to Stokes Bay. Damaged. 61
" " Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. " For orders as to disposing of the old masts of the Gift and Duchess, and procuring muskets and other arms. Men are deterred from coming to work from fear of being impressed. Begs that a bill of exchange for 200l. on the Navy Treasurer may be paid, and that the list of officers presented by him may be appointed, as it would facilitate the work in hand, and encourage the seamen. 62
" 24 Capt. Hen. Collins " Contract for the Malaga Merchant, 364 tons and 32 guns, for six months, at 370l. a month 63
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. J. Turner Asks the price of train oil and tallow 64
" " " " Navy Comrs Is unlading the pitch, tar, hemp, and deals from the Hamburgher. Will send a bill of particulars. Mr. Goodfellow and Mr. Portman refuse to pay any bills under 20l. for stores, on account of the hazard in carrying them to London, and will not meddle with any above 20l. on account of the trouble and charge in getting them signed and passed. Men would rather sell to any than to the State. Can buy cordage for 28s. and 32s. per cwt., but has no ready money. Wants masts for the great ships, and three or four suits of sails; the ships for the southward will need more than the stores can supply. The Foresight and Dolphin have sailed for the Downs. Has paid the Speaker in the road for 6 months, and is paying the Ruby and Portsmouth. 65
" " Christ. Pett, Woolwich. " For an order whether to sheathe the Welcome; the stores need furnishing with timber for the works on the Swiftsure; wants a warrant for making a floating stage, as the one sent from Deptford is wanted back again. 66
" 25 Peter Pett, Chatham " Particulars of the Mermaid and eight other ships. Seamen are much wanted. None to be had here. 67
" " Henry Robinson, London. Mr. Smith Recommends Edgar, a shipbuilder of Yarmouth, known to Col. Walton; he will undertake the business upon easier terms than others. 68
" 26 Capt. Fras. Peacock, Tiger, Harwich water. Navy Comrs His ship has been tallowed and taken in two months' victuals, and will sail to Tilbury Hope or Gravesend for anchors, cables, and sails. 69
" " Robert Coytmor Mr. Turner Asks whether any money was paid for the hire of the Grace, Nich. Lee of Bristol, commander, employed on the Irish coast in 1642. 70
Nov. 26 Thos. Greene Navy Comrs Certifies that Mr. Starling carried cordage and cables from Chatham to the Triumph and six other ships named. 71
" 27 Phineas Pett, Chatham. J. Turner Account of the men entered on board the Mermaid, Amity, Mary prize, and Assistance. Wants an imprest of 20l. for their conduct money. 72
" " Wm. Redgacke, Katherine, South Foreland. Navy Comrs Found the General with the whole fleet in the Downs; spied a fleet of Hollanders, supposed to be 300 sail; received orders from the General to ride about the South Foreland to discover them, but has not as yet done so. 73
" 29 Ordnance officers " Not to pass the accounts of the captains of the Dove and the Convert of Liverpool, until they return the same quantity of gunners' stores as were delivered to them at Portsmouth, for which they stand engaged. 74
" " Henry Ferret, Samuel, Downs. [J. Turner] Wants an officer with a warrant to bring him to London, to give evidence as to the embezzlement of 17 barrels of powder from the ship in the Downs. Can prove many embezzlements of officers in the fleet, but is kept close, being suspected of wishing to discover their doings. 75
" " Capt. Nich. Lucas Navy Comrs Contract for the Society of London, 312 tons, 30 guns, for six months, at 345l. a month 76
" 30 Thos. Greene, Dover " Has distributed the stores from Deptford and Chatham amongst the fleet. The Fortune and Waterhound have sailed. General Blake is now in engagement with the Holland fleet of 117 menof-war, our fleet being 46, small and great. The dispute is very hot, in regard of the odds, but we have the weather gage of them. The Speaker has brought in a very rich prize. 77
" " Geo. Strelley, Plymouth. J. Turner Asks the appointment of persons named as officers to the ships fitting out; wants powder and ordnance stores. The Success and Falmouth are under sail, and the latter brought in a prize laden with wine, vinegar, &c. The Marmaduke and Little President have gone as convoys to Ireland. The Lily is in port, unlading. Pitch has risen from 20s. per cwt. to 24s.; tar from 35s. per barrel to 40s., and cordage from 36s. per cwt. to 40s. The Dutch pink brought in some time since might be made useful at a small charge. 78