Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: April 1654

Pages 468-484

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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April 1654

Date From To Subject References.
Vol. 81.
April 1 John Greene, Deptford. Thos. Turner, clerk to the Navy Comrs. As he is making up his books, desires instructions as to allowing certain charges mentioned. With notes of reply. 1
" " Capt. Jno. Geffery, Bristol. Adm. Com. The 4th rate frigate building at Bristol will not be ready for 6 months, Mr. Bayley has gone to procure more timber. If a commander is not provided for the 5th rate frigate now launched, will be glad to spend the summer in her. 2
April 1 Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Navy Comrs The works upon the new frigate have been performed beyond his expectation. Begs that the money certified by Mr. Bayley to be due may be paid. Sends up Wm. Serjeant's warrant and recommends him for employment. 3
" " Major Wade Account of the expense incurred in making a ton of iron at the forge in Dean Forest. Total, 3l. 10s. 4
" " Commissioners for sick and wounded, Little Britain. Adm. Com. Charged the money due on the Dover accounts for sick and wounded there upon the Commissioners for Prize goods, and abated the 400l. advanced; desire order to the treasurer thereon. Granted a bill of 10l. to Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Johnson, cook of the Phœnix, upon the certificate of Capt. Nich. Foster that he lost his life in attending on the sick and wounded, and recommend her for 10l. more. 5
" " Major N. Bourne, Maldon. " The frigate building at Maldon will be ready in a month. Is going to Colchester and Harwich, and will meet the officers respecting the Newcastle on Monday. Shall be glad to hear of the conclusion of the long expected peace with the Dutch. 6
" " Jno. Falkener, Ordnance Office. Mr. Creed Sends the weight of three brass sakers belonging to Jas. Boeve, and desires order to make him out a debenture for them. 7
" " Thos. White, Dover Navy Comrs Has victualled and fitted out several frigates, but has no cables, of which the Pearl and Drake are in great want, and as cordage is 50s. per cwt., cannot buy any. 8
" " Capt. Abra. Algate and Thos. Freeman, Dover Road. " Have been plying between Dover and Calais, and their cables being worn out, came in for a fresh supply. As there are none to be had, desire two may be sent down to Mr. White. 9
" " Gilbert Roope, Capt. and Robert Wooltens, purser of the Mary. List of the men entered 3 Dec. 1652 in the Mary, hired for the service, and discharged 28 May 1653. 10
" " Nich. Foster, Phœnix, Yarmouth Roads. Adm. Com. Is waiting for a wind, when he will sail with the Assurance and Amity. The Assurance wants repairs and provisions. 11
" " Chas. Taylor, surveyor, Bristol. Navy Comrs Particulars of two frigates building there 12
" " John Edwin and 3 others. Certificate, &c. to the valour and ability of Erasmus Predmore, master carpenter of the Little Charity. 13
" 2 Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Yarmouth Roads Adm. Com. Came in with the Red Hart pink, and is going for Newcastle with 50 light ships; hopes they will be mindful of his pinnace, as he has much need of it. 14
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, Preston frigate. Navy Comrs Received the cables, anchors, and part of the stores, and sends a list of those still wanting. Wishes to pass his accounts. 15
April 2 Jno. Poortmans, Swiftsure, Ellen's Road. Gen. Geo. Monk, Whitehall. The Reserve has brought in a Dutch vessel with indigo and paper, bound from St. Malo to Amsterdam. Lieut.-Col. Lilburne has arrived at Portsmouth for transportation to Jersey in the Expedition. Are in much expectation what the treaty with the Dutch will produce; it was thought it would not have hung so long on hand. 16
" 3 Jas. Powell, Bristol Col. Jno. Clerke, Whitehall. Surveyed the new frigate lately launched, and find she will be ready for the carpenters in 16 days, and the other now in hand for 50 or 60 carpenters in less time. Mr. Bayley, the builder, is a clever and honest man. 17
" " Jonas Shish, Walderswick. Navy Comrs Will launch the frigate next week, but not one of the 8 shipwrights pressed at Aldborough last Feb. have appeared, though all received press and conduct money, and the constables have been a great hindrance therein. Hopes the hoy of timber has arrived at Deptford; is loading two 300 loads more at Yarmouth, and desires a convoy. 18
" " Capt. Jno. Wetwang, Sparrow, Burlington Bay. Adm. Com. Came out of Yarmouth Roads with 150 colliers, but was forced into the bay by the storm; will sail for Tynemouth. Hopes they will be mindful of his long services in an inconsiderable frigate, and remove him to one of those now building. 19
" " John Arthur, Weymouth. " Received Lieut. Wm. Reap's letter, stating that Capt. Mills of the Falmouth seized a ship, which he brought into Portland Road through fonl weather, and upon inquiry, find it came from Bristol, and belongs to Wm. Yeamens and other merchants there, and is bound for Rochelle. Has sent her papers to the Prize Commissioners, and expect she will soon be cleared. 20
" " Navy Comrs. " Certify on Capt. Naylor's petition that the State having contracted to find munition for the ketches taken up by him, they directed the Ordnance officers to examine his accounts and make all due allowances, but the officers cannot do it without the Admiralty Committee's order. 21
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Delivered the warrant to the clerk of the check; hopes they know the demands for stores of all sorts, and particularly anchors and cables, as the fleet is putting into Portsmouth continually, and the ships coming from London and Chatham, after waiting there 2 months, are but half fitted. Has built 30 new boats and 12 more are wanted. 22
" " Wm. Donn, Walderswick. " The builder is performing the works on the new frigate satisfactorily; he has 35 men employed, and expects to launch her the end of the month. 23
" 4 12 or 13 shipmasters in Dover. Adm. Com. Petition that Capt. Tatnell may convoy them to Rouen, being laden with merchants' goods; having lain 3 weeks waiting a convoy, they are losing their markets. 24
" " Capt. Valentine Tatnell, jun., Rosebush, Dover Road. Robt. Blackborne. Has come from the fleet in the Downs with a convoy, and asks an order to convoy some vessels bound for France, as there is no other man-of-war in the Roads. 25
" " Capt. Ben. Blake, Limehouse. " Has entertained John White aboard the Gloucester frigate as ordered 26
" " Capt. Thos. Sankey, Adviser Pink, Harwich. Adm. Com. Sailed from Harwich with 10 or 12 hoys and other small vessels; while riding in the Naze, an enemy's shallop took a collier of Yarmouth; chased him over the Sands, and recaptured her. 27
April 4 Wm. Knowles, Liverpool. Navy Comrs Sends muster books; has come in to repair, tallow and revictual, having been out all the winter 28
" " Capt. Rich. Badiley, London. Mr. Creed, Adm. Office. Asks him to search for and deliver to the bearer a parchment bound book, being an account of his disbursements while in the Mediterranean. 29
" " Capt. Mat. Browne, Wren, Kinsale. Adm. Com. On his arrival from Waterford, delivered a copy of his instructions to the Governor of Kinsale, and desired him to communicate them to the Commander-in-chief in Ireland, that he might have a supply before going to sea. 30
" " Capt. Edm. Thompson, Advantage, Liverpool. " Has come in to victual and to take victuals for the Hare Pink, and will then ply about Cantyre and Dumbarton, according to the General's orders. 31
" " Capt. John Parker, Liverpool. Navy Comrs On orders from the Commissioners in Dublin, accompanied the Fox and Lord Hen. Cromwell to Beaumaris, and then sailed to the Isle of Man, and thence to Cantyre Mull, but has been storm-tossed, and at last forced to bear for Chester Bar, being short of provisions, out of repair, and wanting a boat. His furnaces are so bad that there is a fear of firing the frigate. Asks an order to take up money to supply his wants. 32
" " Capt. Edm. Thompson, Advantage, Liverpool. " Has come in to victual by order of the General, and will then ply between Fair Foreland, Cantyre, and Dumbarton and return to his station. Desires they will pay bills drawn for fitting out his ship and procuring stores. 33
" " Capt. Rich Stayner, the Plymouth, Burlington Bay. Adm. Com. Has been plying with Capt. Smith and others on the North coast, but did not meet with any of the enemy, or any ships from which he could procure seamen. Supplied the Assurance with some victuals, to save her coming into harbour. 34
" " Capt. Peter Foote, Brier, Burlington Bay. " Has been plying between the Spurm and Tynemouth, but did not hear of any Dutch pirates. Will observe their instructions received from Capt. Wetwang of the Sparrow, but has only 8 days' provisions; if they cannot be had at Tynemouth, will procure them from the Sparrow, who has 3 months' provisions on board; his hold, however, can only stow away sufficient for 6 weeks. 35
" " Capt. Anth. Spatchurst, Paul, Plymouth. " Sends an account of what was on board the Dolphin prize, of Camphire, which was delivered by his Lieutenant to the Prize Commissioners. Knows nothing of any woollen cloth or serge, as most of the plunder was sold at Calais, but the Lieutenant might have done more to prevent embezzlements. When the ship surrendered, her masts were shot away, and she was a perfect wreck, and had they not cried for quarter, all would have been sent to the bottom; was forced to tow her at his stern for 10 days before he could get into any port, and broke his cable twice. 36, 37
" " Martin Browne and Laurence Loe, Barber Surgeons' Hall. Navy Comrs Received the surgeon's bills of the Vanguard, and appointed Walter Thomson surgeon, paying him the free gift and impress money, 17l. 10s., which was less than he expended on his chest. Think themselves more competent judges of the capacity of surgeons than the commanders. Thomson is more fit for the service than the man who would have been appointed; the money was paid prior to hearing from Capt. Badiley, or his desire might have been complied with. 38
April 5 Fras. Baylie, Bristol Adm. Com. As the lesser frigate will be ready by the end of the week and the larger one in August, asks their favourable construction of his endeavours to perform his contract. 39
" " Capt. Jno. Gefferye, Bristol. " Progress of a 4th rate frigate building by Mr. Baylie. The 5th rate frigate is launched, and the work well done, but a commander is wanted to hasten things. 40
" " Navy Comrs. " The Selby frigate building at Wapping by Capt. Jno. Taylor will be ready to launch next Monday 41
" " Capt. Jno. Sherwin Primrose, Leith Road. " Has been cruising with the Duchess about the Orkneys, by order of his Highness, to intercept Middleton, and is to victual for 2 months. Begs 2 or 3 more frigates to ply upon the coast to keep down the Brest men-of-war, the Union, Sun, &c. having gone in to victual. 42
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. " Begs acceptance of a bill for 500l. drawn on Mr. Hutchinson, for fitting out the lesser frigate building by Mr. Baylie. 43
" 6 Jno. Bromfield " Petition for an order for his pay to the time he came to England. Was in the Bonadventure when blown up in the engagement with the Dutch in the Straits, when he was seriously wounded in the leg, was laid up 10 months at Leghorn, and is now in Little Bartholomew's hospital. With certificate of Hum. Fox and Rob. Smith of his favour. 44, 45
" " " Navy Comrs Petition to like effect 46
" " Christ. Pett and Wm. Acworth, Woolwich. " Ask an order to sell Saml. Waterton some cast iron dross in the stores, as ballast for a pleasure boat. 47
" " Adm. Com. Capt. Robt. Taylor of the Gainsborough. Instructions to receive such money as the Treasurers-at-war shall send for payment of the forces in Scotland, and then to sail to Leith. With note by the treasurers, that having sent 4,000l. they desire his receipt, and he is to deliver the amount to their deputies in Scotland. 48
" " Major N. Bourne, Ipswich. Adm. Com. Repairs, &c. of ships. The steward of the Newcastle is very tame now he is in hold, but is a ranting loose fellow; asks how to dispose of him. 49
" " " Navy Comrs To like effect 50
" " Thos. Adames, the Maidstone. " Has had the frigate on shore to tallow, and is endeavouring to get men. Major Bourne has been down. 51
" " Capt. Jas. Abelson, Mermaid, Bridlington. " Has been plying on the coast according to their orders, but has not heard of any private men-ofwar thereabouts. 52
" " Jno. Cruso, Yarmouth. Robt. Blackborne. The Providence, Raven, and other ships have sailed northwards. Capt. Browne Thomas has brought in a flyboat, the St. Peter of Dantzic, laden with salt, sugar, oranges, &c. 53
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Tynemouth Bar. Adm. Com. Came in with the Hart, Sparrow, and a fleet of light ships, and will wait for those laden and coming out. Account of ships. 54
April 6 Capt. Saml. Dick inson, Gift, Tilbury Hope. Adm. Com. Has endeavoured to impress men to complete his complement, but has only 80, as most of the masters of ships have protection warrants, and the others send all those they can spare to remote places on shore, to prevent their being pressed. 55
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. " Received warrant for launching the Selby, as also for sheathing the Gloucester and Lanport. Wants materials for launching at Wapping; desires the Master Attendant at Woolwich may be ordered up with what help he can procure. 56
" 7 Capt. Thos. Thompson. Certificate that Rowland Hebron served under him in the Crow for two years, was in two engagements with the Dutch, and is fit for the place of quartermaster or midshipman. With certificate of Capt. John Limbery and 3 others in his favour. 57, 58
" " Capt. Rich. Cowel, Cat Pink, Kinsale. Adm. Com. Would have reached Kinsale earlier had he not been forced into Milford Haven by the storms. Has delivered a copy of his instructions to the Commander-in-chief of Ireland. 59
" 8 Navy Comrs. Officers of the Gainsborough. To release Nich. Osborne, one of the sailors of the Watermen's Company, and some men he had pressed for the Victory; also to appear at the Navy office with Osborne to settle their differences. With certificate of Hen. Framingham, boatswain, and 4 other officers, April 9, that they detained Osborne and certain men in a boat with him for insolence. 60, 61
" " Capts. Hen. Southwood and Thos. Bunn, Leith Road. Adm. Com. Have convoyed in 15 merchantmen and a vessel with ammunition, and will now return to their station. 62
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. " Is fitting out the frigate, but waiting for the masts. Recommends the builder, as no ship was ever built better, and she will carry more guns than was expected. Asks 32 for her. 63
" " Capt. Peter Foote, Brier, Hull. " Sent to the mayor of Newcastle for his orders, which were to convoy their fleet for Hamburg, but as they had sailed, proceeded southward leaving the Sparrow at Tynemouth. Put into Hull for provisions, but as there are none to be had, will go to Harwich and convoy some merchant ships there bound for London. 64
" " Navy Comrs. " Recommend the sheathing of the Selby frigate building at Wapping by Capt. Taylor, as she is a nimble vessel and fit to join those appointed for the southward. 65
" 9 Capt. Fras. Cranwill, Hare. " Sent account of his voyage to Ayr in Scotland, and hopes they will defray the charges incurred there for carpenter's work and stores, which were paid for by Eliazer Branche, a loyal Commonwealth man, and master of the ordnance or master gunner in the port there. Is running short of provisions, having lent some there by the Governor's orders. 66
" 10 Capt. H. Maddison, Mary prize. " Having seen the Hull fleet into the Humber, came with the light colliers to Tynemouth. Met 3 Dutch men-of-war, but could not overtake them; also the Assurance and Amity bound for the Dogger to join the ships there. Wants 50 men and could not get on shore to procure them through the storms. 67
April 10 Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. The Raven and Providence have sailed for Scotland, as also Capt. Drew. All the Iceland fishermen will sail within 10 days, having already gone to Newcastle to take in their salt. The ships they name as appointed for Iceland are otherwise engaged; recommends Capt. Robt. Coleman who has been a fisherman. As regards the peace with the Dutch, has given notice to the merchants not to be too hasty in putting to sea. Has caught a severe cold, and almost lost his speech in working day and night. 68
" " " " Navy Comrs Received the warrants, and will send up the receipts. Will not buy any more hemp, cordage, or yarn until further order. Has drawn a bill on the treasurer for 500l., payable to Dan. Farrenton, merchant of Jersey, and hopes it will be met. The tar sent was 10¼ barrels deficient. 69
" " Capt. Thos. Bunn, Providence, Leith Road. Adm. Com. Sends a letter from the Commander-in-chief. Hopes to have the goods on board to-morrow, when he will sail for the Hope and then wait upon them; the Raven has sailed. 70
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, the Preston. " Has tallowed the frigate, is taking in guns, &c. and hopes to sail on Monday, but wants men. Asks whether to go to Ouseley Bay for them. Begs orders to Deptford to send down the stores, or will apply to Major Bourne for some when he arrives from Yarmouth. 71
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton " Hears the Navy Commissioners have ordered the victualler at Bristol to victual him for only 90 men; these will not man a ship with 32 guns and which can carry 36; desires orders for 100 men, also a carpenter. 72
" " Thos. White, Dover Navy Comrs Has shipped the masts for the Bristol frigate on board the Adam and Eve, to be convoyed to Portsmouth. 73
" " Capt. Rich. Badiley, Vanguard, Lee Road. Robt. Blackborne. Is sorry he was deprived of his company at the Commissioner's through illness. Recommends his kinsman Mr. Farewell for a place in the Custom House; he lived in good quality for 30 years, and is reduced in his old age by the ill dealings of wicked people. 74
" " Major N. Bourne, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Has been on board the Yarmouth at the Haven's Mouth, and will survey the stores required for the frigates fitting out at Walderswick and Wivenho. Hears nothing of the boatswain for the Fagons about to be launched. Will see to her measurements and then go to Walderswick to survey the ships there, and then to Harwich to dispatch the Woodbridge frigates, and settle other matters. Will hasten the hoys with ammunition to Harwich. 75
" " " " Navy Comrs To the same effect. Appointed Jonas Shish and another to assist him in the survey 76
" " Capt. Philip Gethings, Preston frigate. " Has taken up 100l. of Mr. Wright of Ipswich, and desires it may be repaid. Is taking in his guns, beer, &c. and hopes to sail in 10 days, but wants order for other stores. 77
" " Thos. Collingwood, Yarmouth. Thos. Spreg, Navy Office. The 13,000 deals for which he gave bond are ready; desires they may be disposed of so as to ease his charge. 78
April 10 John Manby Navy Comrs Asks an order for payment of the last instalment due on his contract for building the Maidstone, having spent more than is covered by the contract, and being far from home. 79
" " Rich. Light, Plymouth frigate, Dogger Bank. Col. Thos. Kelsey. Account of the ill conduct of Mr. Bellamy, the victualler in London, and his agent at Gravesend, in charging him with goods not received, with boat hire, &c.; also certificate of Capt. Rich. Stayner in verification. 80
" 11 Navy victuallers Adm. Com. Ask whether to victual the Union employed on the Scotch coast, which has come into Newcastle, as the Navy Commissioners decline giving an order on the warrant of Col. Lilburne, which she brings. 81
" " J. Fowler, advocate Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Sends copies of the sentence of a council of war held on Joshua Hunt, steward of the Katherine. General Penn is taking coach to London. 82
" " Capt. Wm. Cockraine, Old Warwick, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Has victualled and is hastening to his station. The rest of the squadron is at sea 83
" 12 Capt. Jno. Clifton, George, Ellen's Road. Navy Comrs Sends duplicate of his last muster book. Has 325 men in good condition, and is in company of the fleet hereabouts. 84
" " Capt. Rich. Stayner, Plymouth, Dogger Bank. Adm. Com. Victualled and put to sea, and convoyed a fleet of light colliers to Newcastle to get men. Capt. Holland having 12 in prison at Scarborough, he and Capt. Pack have gone to fetch them. Met 4 Dutch men-of-war, and chased one, but lost her. There are 200 or 300 ships off the Texel, with several men-of-war bound for the Sound, and 28 coming from Zante. There are no Holland fishermen, but our privateers plunder all they meet with. 85
" " Capts. Hen. Pack and Phil. Holland, Amity, Dogger Bank. " Sailed from Harwich with the Phœnix for Bridlington, then to Scarborough for men, and afterwards to their station. Took a ship of Amsterdam with ballast, bound for the Sound, and sent her in, as also a Frenchman with 25 lasts of tar and pitch, which was taken by the Assurance. 86
" " Navy Comrs. " Want a boatswain sent down to Yarmouth, for rigging the Colchester 87
" " " " Desire order to take possession of a storehouse at Rochester, for stowing boatswains and carpenters' stores; also a warrant for building a new one in the dockyard at Chatham, so that it may be ready before the return of the fleet, and thus ease the charge and give greater security to the stores. 88
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Asks an order for 500 clove boards, taken out of a prize, for supply of the stores. The 12 cables have arrived, but Coledicke is not yet heard of. 89
" 13 Capt. Jas. Abelson, Mermaid, Scarborough Road. " Has been plying to and from his station, and gave chase to two private men-of-war, but they escaped. 90
April 13 Wm. Horne, mayor of Southampton. Certificate of the truth of an account of Thos. Cornelius, late mayor, for the expenses of 3 wounded men in Southampton, from May to Oct. 1653, provided by order of the Council of State. Certified by Capt. Fras. Willoughby, 25 April 1654. 91
" " Rich. Ford and Nath. Manton. Navy Comrs Certificate that the 19 bales of Noyals canvas, delivered into the stores at Portsmouth by John Wheeler, are a portion of the goods they have contracted to deliver. 92
" 14 Wm. Knowles, clerk of the check, Liverpool. " Being bound for Dublin, asks for 6 months' necessary money for the sick and wounded 93
" " Capt. Joseph Cubitt, Portsmouth Frigate, Plymouth Souud. Adm. Com. Particulars of a cruising voyage with the Middleburg and Falmouth. Engaged a fleet of 48 merchant vessels from St. Malo, and after several broadsides, two were sunk and 4 taken, others making their escape. Has not lost a man and only two hurt. The Middleburgh and Falmouth are in Fowey with the prizes; the Paul, Old Warwick, and two others will be ready to sail in a few days. 94
" " Rear-Adm. Rich. Badiley, Vanguard, Downs. " Is waiting for a wind to hasten to the fleet. Three ships have come in from the Canaries, and others from Zante with currants, having lost one, which was chased on shore at Scilly by the French. They were also chased in the Mediterranean by the Turkish frigates of Tripoly and Tunis, who much infest those seas. The Pearl and other frigates are here upon their station. 95
" " Capt. Rich. Newbery, Victory, Hope. " Will sail to the fleet as ordered, and desires a warrant to press men out of any ships that may be ordered in. 96
" " Capt. Rich. Potter, Constant Warwick, Plymouth Sound. " While cruising off Ushant, chased and took a Brest man, called the Bedy, commanded by Capt. Morgan Joanes, but he had thrown his guns, boat, and oars overboard to lighten his ship. One of the prisoners is named Brame, and has been a commander for the Royal party. Has come in to dispose of the prisoners, and to obtain a new pump. 97
" " Major N. Bourne, Ipswich. Robt. Blackborne. Has been to Yarmouth and Walderswick, to hasten the Preston and Maidstone, which will soon be ready to sail, and is now going to Colchester, and thence home, as his wife is ill. Hopes in less than a month to see 6 new frigates at Harwich, when some person of trust ought to be there to look after things. Has seen much that might be improved. Would be more quiet in spirit if he could wink at things. 98
" " Symon Crabb, Tilbury Hope. Adm. Com. Delivered their letter to General Penn, who ordered him to go on board the Swiftsure for his commission, but could not procure a boat. Is now in the Mary Rose, and if she is to be continued in the service, desires his commission may be made out for her. 99, 100
" " Ordnance Officers " Have examined the account and papers of Lieut. Edw. Dennett, for gunners' stores supplied to the Leopard and Bonadventure at Leghorn, by order of Capt. Rich. Badiley, and find they amounted to 1,729 dollars, 11 sol. 4 den., or 453l. 19s. 9d. 101
" " Major N. Bourne, Ipswich. " Will send the steward of the Newcastle a prisoner to the General of the fleet, with the necessary proofs. Details of ships. 102
" " Com. Peter Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. Desires his influence with the Admiralty Committee on behalf of 6 persons lately laid aside on account of their age, as they have certificates testifying their good affection. 103
April 15 Capt. Robert Taylor, The Gainsborough. Adm. Com. Has gone on board and will discharge the trust, but desires instructions as to taking any Dutch he may meet; also a warrant for the person recommended by Capt. Hare as master and pilot. 104
" " Capt. Nich. Foster, Phœnix. " Particulars of his proceedings with the Assurance and other ships. Took a prize called the Love of Malqueren, in Friezland, laden with deals, tar, buckskins, &c. Sends an inventory of her contents; her boat deserted her with 5 men. Renoard Simpson, her skipper, according to his own confession, has served the King of Spain, as also Charles Stuart, and done much damage to the commonwealth; he was once taken by the Greyhound and imprisoned in Norwich Gaol, from whence he escaped. Is going with the prize to Harwich, where he will clean and revictual. 105, 106
" " Navy Comrs. " Received their order on the petition of the owners of the Loyalty, taken up to reinforce the fleet under Capt. Badiley, and find she commenced pay on 11 March 1652–3, was taken up for 6 months and arrived at Woolwich 3 Aug. following, making 5 months and 6 days; as she came home 22 days before the 6 months, think it reasonable to allow the freight for these 22 days, in recompense for the loss and damage the owners pretend to. 107, 108
" " Capt. Roger Jones, Chester. Adm Com. The vessel he is to take charge of has none of her lading, and the boats to carry the provisions on board cannot reach her until next week, but as he has received the 1,000l. for the forces in the Isle of Man, and a month's provisions, asks leave to sail, and leave Capt. Thompson, who is at Liverpool, and bound for the same port, to bring the provisions. 109
" " Capt. Ben. Sacheverell, Pearl, Dover Road. Navy Comrs Has been plying between Dover and Calais, and as his ship is in danger for want of new cables, desires two may be sent to Mr. White at Dover. 110
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. Adm. Com. Is fitting his ship, but waiting for the masts which are at Gloucester and the guns. Desires a carpenter may be sent down, or an order to engage one. 111
" " Thos. White, Dover Navy Comrs The captain of the Pearl has been on shore for new cables, being afraid to trust his ship without them, and the captain of the Drake has great need of cables. 112
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Fox, Dublin Bay. " Acquainted them with his landing Lord Cromwell. Since then, has received and delivered goods for the army. Went to look after a Brest man-of-war, one Turner, but could not meet with him. Is going to convoy some vessels with corn, ammunition, &c., for the West of Ireland. 113
" " Capt. Jas. Abelson, Mermaid, Whitby. Adm. Com. Plying upon his station, took a private man-of-war, which formerly belonged to England, and was taken by the Dutch. Wants beer. 114
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. " Geo. Aldridge, steward of the Heartsease, has embezzled the ship's stores and absconded. If the stores at Portsmouth are not replenished, the fleet must go elsewhere for a supply. The ships with the cables and masts have arrived. A Galiot hoy, from Amsterdam, has been brought in, having 4 cables in her. Asks whether Mr. Hempson, judge advocate, the marshal, and other officers, who receive salaries, are also to be borne on the sea books as ordinary seamen, as they bring tickets upon shifting into other ships. Noted that no tickets are to be paid at Portsmouth, except in case of discharge for sickness, and that those officers are not to be paid as common men. 115
April 16 Saml. Ingram, Spithead. Navy Comrs Sends the muster book, and hopes two formerly sent have been received 116
" " Jas Perrott, Maldon. Major Thomson, Navy Comr Particulars of surveys by Capt. Taylor and others on the ship building at Maldon, which will not be completed for two months. 117
" 17 Capt. Phil. Gethings, Preston frigate. Adm. Com. Has shipped the guns and provisions, and when the rest of the beer arrives, will sail to Hoseley Bay, to get men, and then follow his instructions. Has changed his cook by order of Major Bourne, for misdemeanors. 118
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. " Mr. Purser, the blockmaker, having contracted to supply blocks for two years, he is the most fit to survey those supplied by himself and others; therefore begs to decline the office. 119
" " Commissioners for sick and wounded. " Referred the certificates of John Staneen, surgeon of the Harry Bonadventure, for attending sick and wounded seamen 14 days, to Mr. Trapham, surgeon of the Savoy, who advises that 7l. should be paid to him. 120
" " Capt. Jas. Abelson, Mermaid, Flamborough Head. " Has sent the privateer he took to the prize masters at Whitby; having several guns disabled, replenished himself out of her. 121
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, The Preston. Navy Comrs Received 100l. of Thos. Wright, of Ipswich, for payment of his men and disbursements for the ship, and hopes the bill of exchange he gave in return will be met. Desires the stores formerly asked for may be sent, as he is ready to sail to Hoseley Bay, where he hopes to procure his complement of men. 122
" " Philip Breda Adm. Com. Petition for additional pay or satisfaction. Served in the Gift from Jan. to Sept. 1653, when he was sent on shore sick, and had to support himself at his own cost, after which he joined the Essex, where he now is. With certificates of Jno. French, Hercules Richards, and others. 123–125
" " Capt. Thos. Adames, the Maidstone. Adm. Com. Has tallowed, and is taking in guns and provisions, and when the 15 tuns of beer arrive, will sail to Hoseley Bay to get men. 126
" " Navy Comrs. " To appoint a convoy for the Hopewell hoy, of London, laden at Deptford, with masts and cordage for Portsmouth. 127
" " " " Examined Mr. Carey's vouchers for provisions delivered from the army in Scotland; those delivered amount to 539l. 18s. 7d.; more paid for stores 143l. 17s. 11d. He also demands 504l. 5s. 1d. for other provisions, which cannot be allowed until the parties chargeable own it. The provisions out of the navy stores of victuals amount to 1,392l., besides other sums stopped and received for the army, which should balance all such pretences; if paid again, cannot see where the Receiver can be charged. 128
April 17 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Ask whether they will be present at the launching of the new frigate, built by Phineas Pett, at Ratcliff, on Monday next. 129
" 18 Capt. Rob. Mill, Plymouth. " Has come in to refit, and as soon as the carpenters have completed their work, will make all speed to his station. 130
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Sends the estimate of decayed provisions, which ought to be sold; wants 40 pieces of brass ordnance for the great frigate, as her works are progressing. 131
" " Edw. Stisted Robt. Blackborne. Asks for a commission for Mr. Boone, as clerk of the check at Aldborough, or if he cannot procure one, a certificate. 132
" " Sub.-Comrs. for prize goods, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Details of goods found that have been embezzled from prize ships—cables, pepper, lead, canvas, &c. —with names of the chief delinquents. Also depositions of Rich. Tapson and 10 others, respecting stores embezzled and sold to persons named, residing at Plymouth and Stonehouse, co. Devon, taken out of the Royal James of Brest, the Dolphin, Satisfaction, and another prize, and brought into Plymouth. 133, 134
" 19 Capt. Rich. Newbery, Victory, Tilbury Hope. " Received a warrant to remain where he is; if ordered to the fleet, desires order to take 10 or 12 men out of each merchant ship in the Hope, as he has but 200. 135
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. There are no ships in the roads, but expects the Plymouth, and if she does not come in will send a ketch to the ships on the Dogger Bank; the Tarenton is gone to the Rolling Grounds to set his bowsprit, and get his anchors, broken in taking the East Indiaman. 136
" 20 List of all the ships, being 90 in number, on the out stations, 64 with the fleet, and 17 new frigates not ready. 137
" 20? Fair copy of the above 138
" " List of ships, noting some as sold or laid up, and some on out stations 139
" " Like list, noting the disposal of the several ships 140
" " Like list, adding lists of ships on foreign stations, of those laid up in harbour, and of those to be sold. 141
" " List of ships to be laid up or intended for out stations 142
" 20 Capt. Abra. Algate Adm. Com. Plying in the Narrow, took a vessel of Flushing with 6 cases of glass shipped at Dieppe, and delivered her to the prize officers at Dover. 143
" " Capt. H. Maddison, Mary prize, Tynemouth Bar. " Has been cruising between Coquet Island and Whitby, but has not met with any of the Dutch fleet; hears ours is on the Scotch coast. The Crow and her convoy are at Tynemouth Bar, as also 300 sail; will convoy them as far as he is able. 144
" " Andrew Burrell Robt. Blackborne Desire favour in relation to his petition to the Admiralty Committee for payment of 100l. for wages as a master shipwright; it was delivered to Col. Kelsey, with recommendation by the now Lord Protector, which had availed had it not been obstructed by Denis Bond and John Holland. 145
April 20 John Cruso, Yarmouth. Robt. Blackborne. The Paragon and Plymouth came into the roads, having taken the Rose of Amsterdam, bound for the East Indies, which they have sent to London, and sailed again southward. The Raven and several merchantmen have been taken about Scotland. 146
" " Capt. Rich. Pettock, Swan, Harwich. " Saw the convoy from Hull to Hamburg, where were 8 Newcastle ships; convoyed 3 Dutch ships richly laden by our merchants for London; met some East Indiamen on the way, but was unable to deal with them; being short of victuals, was forced to put his men on half allowance. Will hasten to get the frigate ashore to wash and tallow, and take in provisions, and then ply between Yarmouth Roads and Tynemouth Bar. 147
" 21 Wm. Fox, clerk of the check, Swan, Harwich. Navy Comrs To like effect as the preceding 148
" " John Bond, Minehead. Adm. Com. Sent the 6 iron guns from Taunton Castle to Mr. Shewell at Bristol, by order of the Ordnance officers, and as he signed an indenture when he received them, desires a discharge. 149
" " Capt. Lionel Lane, Sovereign, Stokes Bay. Navy Comrs Sends account of disbursements in impressing men for the Triumph and Sovereign, and desires payment of the balance. Only saw 3 of the 50 men ordered to be sent from Watermen's Hall, and can hear of no others. 150
" " John Robinson Robt. Blackborne Desires dispatch to the business concerning the Loyalty, being half owner of her, and the Navy Commissioners having made their report. 151
" " Capt. Rich. Cowes, Cat Pink, Kinsale. Adm. Com. Delivered a copy of his instructions to the deputy governor, the governor being at Dublin, and has been since cruising on his station; after taking in ballast, will proceed there again. 152
" " Fras. Mason, Geo. Mason, Thos. Lewis. Major Bourne. London. Desire a favourable report to the Generals, that they may obtain their liberty and arrears of pay, having been imprisoned in Landguard Fort 5 weeks on a false charge of mutiny, and of threatening to blow up his house. 153
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Have conferred with Capt. Rob. Swanley, late of the Harry Bonadventure taken by the Dutch, respecting his accounts, as also with Capt. Cox and others, but find so much difference in their testimonies as to when the ship entered the service, and the number of men she carried, that though they judge his sufferings have been great, they can make no satisfactory report. 154
" " Capt. Joseph Cubitt, the Portsmouth, Plymouth Sound. Robt. Blackborne. Sent an account of his scuffle with the French, but hears from Captains Godfrey and Mill that there were one or two more ships sunk than he mentioned. The Middleborough and Falmouth received much water between decks; his own ship was put to her lower tier after the 5th broadside, and his masts have each a fish on them. 155
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham Dock. Navy Comrs Is glad the storehouse at Rochester is not sold, as it will be of great use being removed into the yard. Did not intend putting Mr. Ellis upon the great frigate's sails until ordered. Asks orders for Wm. Royall, employed in collecting and marking timber lost out of the Blessing of London, and found drifting in the river, as it has been seized by the lord of the manor. 156
April 21 Capt. Philip Holland, Assurance, Burlington Bay. Adm. Com. Sent in a prize, the Golden Star of Amsterdam, also the Katherine of Havre de Grace, with pitch and tar from Norway. Surprised a ship of Memblick bound for Greenland, and took a Danish bark with deals, which had been taken eight days before by a Hollander, and has brought them into the Bay. Lost the company of his squadron; will sail to Yarmouth Roads for orders. 157
" " Theop. Sacheverell, the Plymouth, Scarborough. Navy Comrs Sends two muster books. Took the Rose of Amsterdam, bound for the East Indies, and having some silver on board, and sent her to the Thames. Also took the Rose of Enchuisen of 4 guns and 23 men, and a smack which had been taken by another private man-of-war, and belonged to Barking. Put the prisoners on shore at Bridlington, and is sailing north with other frigates. 158
" 22 Capt. Rich. Stayner, Plymouth, Scarborough. Adm. Com. Went to Scarborough to deliver his prizes, and found the Amity, Assurance, and Mermaid there, the two former having taken a Hollander bound for Greenland, and a Dane that had formerly been taken by a Dutchman. A fleet has gone out of the Texel in company of 10 men-of-war bound for France and Portugal, and 6 great ships were lately seen on the Dogger bank. Will return to his station and annoy the enemy. 159
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. Navy Comrs As the boat built for him is too large, desires it may be given to Capt. Geffery for a long boat, and that the builder may make him another skiff fashion, as he is only allowed one. 160
" " " " Col. Thos. Kelsey, Adm. Comr. Recommends Mr. Bryant as clerk of the check in the Islip, of which he is going commander, although a warrant has been given by Gen. Monck to Wm. Sergent. 161
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Robt. Blackborne. Sends copy of Gen. Monck's warrant of 10 Nov. 1653, appointing Wm. Sargent a clerk of the check, as the captain is endeavouring to oust him in favour of one Bryant. As Sargent was recommended by Lord Whitelock and Nath. Ingelo, desires he will report favourably of him to the Admiralty Committee. 162, 163
" " Thos. White, Dover Navy Comrs Vice-Admiral Lawson has passed with his fleet of 13 frigates and 2 ketches towards the North Seas. As the Adam and Eve is coming in to victual, she might carry some spare masts to the fleet at Portsmouth. 164
" " Capt. Ben. Sacheverell, Pearl, Dover Road. Adm. Com. The Nonsuch ketch has gone to Vice-Adm. Lawson, but her captain is left on shore sick. Plying on the French coast, chased 4 vessels and took two, one belonging to Rotterdam with pitch, tar, and deals, and the other a French ship with ballast, and has delivered them to the Prize Commissioners at Dover; Capt. Algate of the Drake has brought in a French ship. Hears that 80 Dutch merchant ships have sailed homeward from Bordeaux. 165
" 23 Capt. Rob. Wilkinson, the Weymouth Holy Island Road. " Has come in with the Providence and Sparrow, and 7 laden merchantmen bound for London, and will proceed to his station and attend the colliers coming to sea. Hears there are many Holland capers off Berwick and Holy Island, but has not seen any. 166
April 23 Margery Dinnison NavyComrs Sends an account due to her late husband for shipping stores at Chester, and for money expended thereon, and desires consideration, as she is left destitute and cannot get a bill from Mr. Ackworth. 167, 168
" " JohnMorris, Gravesend. " Sends note of Arthur White, postmaster at Gravesend, that Mich. Miles, steward of the Entrance, has been restored to his ship by order of Gen. Blake, and his father has returned to London. Asks whether the Victory shall attend the victualling ships who are coming down. The Gainsborough has sailed to Lee Road. 169, 170
" " John Maidstone, Whitehall. Adm. Com. Begs the steward's place on the Phœnix for Phil. Mead, son in-law to Mr. Sandford, justice of peace for Essex, who will speak for his ability and integrity. 171
" 24 Capt. Jno. Taylor, the Lizard, Kinsale River. " Left Plymouth Sound on the 20th, and chased a ship, but she proved to be an Englishman 172
" " Capt. Jas. Abelson, Mermaid, Flamborough Head. " Plying on his station, met a private man-of-war, who had taken a vessel belonging to Boston. Also met the Plymouth and the Assurance, which had pnt her into Scarborough. There are some Hollanders upon the east coast. Wants beer. 173
" " John Cooke Robt. Blackborne Attended Gen. Penn for a certificate to David Dove's petition for prize money, but he knew nothing of it; must refer to Gen. Blake, but hopes the enclosed petition will prevent further trouble, as the order directed to the Commissioners authorises them to make payment upon the certificate of two navy captains. 174
" " Capt. Jer. Smith, Torrington. Adm. Com. Vice-Admiral Lawson, being at sea, sent to Harwich yesterday, but the two new frigates, the Preston and Maidstone, are still there, having only 80 men and boys apiece. Other ships named are also there victualling, &c., but most will be ready this week. Has got in his bowsprit, and will sail with the first wind. 175
" " Navy Comrs. " As by an Ordinance of 31 March last for repair of the highways, carts are limited to 5 horses each, and as it will be necessary to use from 10 to 15 in each team in bringing timber to the water side, desire the purveyors may have liberty accordingly; also for those teams used in bringing iron ordnance from the founders in Kent. 176
" " " " Desire an order to the lord of the manor at Whitstaple to restore 120 planks which drifted on shore there from a hoy wrecked between Colchester and Southampton, which he has seized; this will prevent "the like Pagan practices for the future." 177
" " " " Have examined the witnesses and papers touching the men's wages belonging to the Harry Bonadventure, commanded by Capt. Robert Swanley, and find she had 75 men from 7 Dec. 1652 to 20 April 1653, and from thence to 25 June, when she was taken, 110 men, which will amount to 965l. 10s., part of which the captain paid, but how much neither he nor they can state, and few of the company are now at home. 178, 179
April 26 Capt. Robt. Mill, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Is hastening to get to his station. The Nonsuch and Old President have come in to press men; the Middleborough will be ready to sail with him. 180
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Tynemouth Bar. " Came in with the Providence, and found the Mary prize and the Crow there. Received General Monck's order to convoy the ships now in Tynemouth harbour bound for Leith, and will await their coming. 181
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughy, Portsmouth. " Sends certificate of David Lucas and Peter Marden that they have surveyed 300 trees in Carisbrook Park, and estimate that they will produce 250 loads of timber, and are worth 317l. 16s. as they stand; recommends the purchase. Is sheathing the Dover, and wants nails. The many sick seamen sent on shore much increase disease and mortality this hot weather. 182, 183
" " " " [Navy Comrs.] Wants 150,000 nails for sheathing the Dover frigate. Begs they may be sent by land 184
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. Adm. Com. Is sorry he is not more forward with the rigging, but has been waiting for the masts from Gloucester; wants an order to the Ordnance officers to hasten down the guns and stores. 185
" " Kenrick Steventon, Convertine. Navy Comrs Sends a muster book and solicits employment as a clerk, wishing to leave the sea 186
" 27 Alex. Farly, Walderswick. Adm. Com. The frigate was launched yesterday, and as soon as her rigging arrives from Yarmouth, and her officers from London, will hasten her out. 187
" " Capt. H. Maddison, Mary prize, Tynemouth Bar. " The Providence and Weymouth have arrived, and the Sparrow is expected, and as they will all return to Scotland, himself and the Red Heart will be the only two left on the coast. Is waiting for the colliers to come out, and will then convoy them as ordered. 188
" 28 Capt. Robt. Taylor, the Gainsborough, Hoseley Bay. " Asks whether to accompany the Phœnix to Adm. Lawson who is gone northward. Will proceed to Harwich for instructions. 189
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Has only received 7,000 sheathing nails for the Dover frigate, and has been waiting a week for more; as the Swiftsure, Lion, and Lamport, built at Southampton, are also to be sheathed, will want 500,000 more, as also some deals; also a mainmast for the new frigate. Asks the price of hair. 190
" " " " Adm. Com. Has given order for sheathing the Swiftsure, and will use all expedition with the Lion and Lamport when they come in, but cannot do anything for want of nails. 191
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. " Asks leave to add the old iron room to his residence in the yard, it being only 2 rooms, very small and inconvenient, and to run up another chimney, as it will be but a small charge. Left a good house at Ratcliffe to come to Deptford. 192
" " Rob. Coytmor, jun., London. Deposition that the stores named were not all that was received by Anth. Atkins, late boatswain of the Wildman fireship, from Thos. Green, for perfecting the rigging of the ship. 193
April 29 Chris. Pett, Woolwich. Certificate that the works on the wharves at the State's new dock have been substantially performed by Mr. Ewell, according to contract. 194
" " Commissioners for sick and wounded. Adm. Com. Allowed Susan, wife of Nich. Cane, cook's mate of the Andrew, 3l. to carry her to Guernsey, and as she did not live with her husband, leads a loose life, has only herself to keep, and has more than ordinary skill in making stockings, consider it sufficient. 195
" " Capt. Thos. Sankey, Adviser pink, Harwich. " Came in to tallow, and receiving orders from Major Bourne to go to Yarmouth to impress men for the Maidstone and Preston, went there, but the bailiffs would not let him press; as the frigates had sailed northwards, sent 11 men by the Vice-Admiral Dogger boat, and is going to his former station for orders. 196
" 30 Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs The Marston Moor is now added to the ships to be sheathed, and the work is entirely stopped for want of the nails and deals. 197
" " Robt. Daines " Certifies that the Mary, Sampson, and Levant merchant entered into the State's pay at Leghorn, by warrant of Chas. Longland on 3 Dec. 1652. 198
April ? State of the Fairfax, and 10 other ships named with Vice-Adm. Lawson, as regards their victuals on board. 199
" Henry Southwood and 4 others. List of the officers and men on board the White Raven, when she was surprised by the Dutch on 11 April last. 200
" Note of payments in the [Navy] office from 21 to 26 April for navy stores, 3,639l. 6s. 9¼d.; also 250l. imprest to Augustine Aldridge, Wm. Badiley, and Thos. Scott, and 6,000l. to Capt. Thos. Alderne. 201
" Tench Young Receipts by Edw. Langford from Young of 40l., 30 May 1653, and Christ. Andrewes of 60l., 23 Feb. 1654, for timber delivered at Woolwich; also 4 notes from Wm. Piggott, Rich. Webb, Peter Thorne, and Wm. Ham to the Navy Commissioners, for Young to receive all money due to them for timber delivered by them at Deptford and Woolwich, 12 and 13 April 1654. 202–207