Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: May 1654

Pages 484-500

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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May 1654

Date. From To Subject. References.
Vol. 82.
May 1 Mathew Chafe Navy Comrs Is ready to go on with the sheathing, having deals, and hopes to launch in 3 weeks. Asks whether to pay the sheathing all over with rosin and brimstone before tallowing. With note of directions. 1
" " John Greene, Deptford. Thos. Turner. Begs influence with the Admiralty Committee to appoint two officers to assist him in his duties at the yard. 2
" " Capt. Rich. Newberry, Victory, Nore. Adm. Com. Waited in the Hope until the 28th ultimo for the ships bound for the fleet, but only two victuallers arrived, and a hoy with provisions for the frigate built at Southampton; as those laden at the Tower and Deptford have not come, will proceed to the Downs. 3
" " Capt. Robert Wilkinson, Weymouth pink, Newcastle. " Has been forced in by bad weather, but will proceed to Major Burton at Yarmouth. Wants a pinnace. 4
May 1 Commissioners for sick and wounded, Little Britain. Adm. Com. Examined the account of Thos. Biggs, surgeon, for attendance and medicine to 218 sick and wounded men at Deptford, and referred the same to the master, &c. of Surgeons' Hall, who think he ought to be allowed 120l. Major Robert Thomson, Navy Commissioner, has agreed to become trustee, and to give a bond for 140l., to secure the 140l., and two houses in the Strand to secure 560l. for the 5 orphans of Capt. Thos. Graves, late of the Andrew. 5
" " William Donn, Walderswick. Navy Comrs The frigate was launched last week, and ought to be sheathed at Harwich, as this is is a bad place, and she has no ballast. Mr. Shish being in London will speak with them. 6
" 2 Capt. Jos. Cubitt, the Portsmouth, Ushant. Adm. Com. Having received orders from General Blake on 27 April to intercept a Dutch ship from Marseilles bound to St. Malo, ordered the Paul and other vessels to ply about for securing trade. Rescued two vessels taken near Lundy by one Sadelton. Hears there are 5 Brest ships out. Has just received the proclamations of peace. 7
" " Capt. Hen. Pack, Hull. " Particulars of his proceedings with the squadron under Capt. Stayner. Took a Dunkirk hoy, laden with various goods pretended for Norway, on suspicion that she was bound for the north of Scotland, to relieve the fugitives in hostility there, and has delivered her to the Commissioners for prize goods. Will convoy the ships bound for London. 8
" 3 Commissioners for sick and wounded, Little Britain. " Referred the account of Arnold Dessella-nove, surgeon, for attendance and medicine for 111 seamen at the Isle of Wight, to the wardens of Surgeons' Hall, who certify that he deserves 30l. 9
" " Capt. Jere. Smith, Torrington, Scarborough. " Sent an account from Harwich of the money delivered to the governor of Landguard Fort. Came from Harwich with the Newcastle and others, and hearing that Vice-Adm. Lawson is 15 or 20 leagues distant, will make all speed to him. 10
" " Alex. Farly, Walderswick. Navy Comrs Asks that the rigging for the new frigate may be hastened down, and orders as to whether he shall take her to Harwich or the river. 11
" " Capt. Robt. Taylor, Harwich. Adm. Com. Has been detained by contrary winds. The Phœnix has sailed; will shortly follow her, and the Gainsborough will then be the only ship at Harwich. 12
" " Fras. Baylie, Bristol Navy Comrs Sends certificate of a survey made by Charles Taylor, surveyor, of the ships building by him; begs an order to enable him to pay his workmen more than 2s. per day, without being liable to the penalty of 10l. and 10 days' imprisonment, ordered by the mayor of the city to those who give more. Has lost many men thereby. 13, 14
" " Thos. White, Dover Book of accounts of money received and disbursed for fitting ships at Dover, Jan.-April 1654, total 303l. 16s. 4d., signed and passed. 15
" 4 Capt. Rog. Jones, Dublin. Adm. Com. Convoyed the vessel with provisions for the garrison at Ayr, as also that with the money for the Isle of Man, and on returning to Dublin, received their instructions which he will observe, as also those of Lord General Fleetwood. 16
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Has put up some of the proclamations in the public places of the town, and sent the rest on board the ships. 17
May 5 Major R. Elton, deputy governor of Hull. Adm. Com. Published his Highness' proclamations in the town by beat of drum, and sent messengers to Whitby, Burlington, Scarborough, and Grimsby, for the same purpose. 18
" 5 Thos. Scott, Deptford. Thos. Turner. Desires an order for the speedy repair of the old iron room or house in the yard, as it is being much damaged by the wet, &c., and has been surveyed. 19
" " Jonas Shish, Ambrose Dinnison, and Wm. Hayward. Navy Comrs Endeavoured to purchase the East Country timber and plank, taken prize, but the proprietors asked more than it was worth. Demanded the 10ths, but were put off until the best was disposed of, when the remainder was offered for 10ths, but refused as being unfit for the service. 20
" 5 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Adm. Com. Sent their letters to Captains Cubitt and Heaton. Has ordered in the Mathias and Portland to be fitted, and will put their provisions into two of the Dutch prizes. Desires a supply of deals from Portsmouth, which may be brought in the Little Charity with the masts. Will publish the proclamations, and has sent some to Fowey, where there are 4 private men-of-war, as also to the ships at Falmouth. Sold some of the prize goods which which were perishable, and is preparing for the sale of the remainder. Has had a survey of the 152 pieces of ordnance, but only 20 are fit for the State; will order the rest to be sold. 21
" " " " Navy Comrs To like effect. Wants masts and deals 22
" 6 Geo. Roper, gunner, Little Charity. Adm. Com. Petition for the place of master gunner, having served 12 years, and been in the engagements against the Dutch. With certificate of Capts. Wm. Whitehorn and Thos. Wilkes in his favour. 23, 24
" " Capt. Jas. Abelson, Mermaid, Yarmouth Roads. " Has been plying on his station and forced in by contrary winds, and is short of provisions and beer. Met a private man-of-war on the 23rd ultimo, which he subdued. The Newcastle, Preston, and Maidstone have gone northwards. 25
" " Adm. Com. Navy Comrs To examine the claim made to the Marmaduke, and report 26
" " [Ordnance officers] Note that there are 450 pickaxes and 200 shovels and spades in the Tower stores 27
" " Wm. Johnson, Newcastle. Navy Comrs Desires payment of a balance of 15l. 13s. for hemp delivered for the State 28
" " Capt. John Taylor, Chatham. " Mr. Mapstone, having bought several bargains of timber, plank, &c. for the stores, desires an imprest of 500l.; he deserves encouragement. Requests that the 5 horses limited by the Ordinance to waggons for drawing timber to the waterside may be increased to 8 or more, as some very heavy plank and masts have to be brought down for the works on the Resolution. 29
" 7 Capt. Phil. Gethings, Preston frigate, Newcastle. Adm. Com. Received orders from Vice-Admiral Lawson to follow him with Capt. Adames; in sailing northward to man his ship, took a Holland dogger boat. Put into Burlington Bay through contrary winds, and then went to Newcastle for men, where there are 400 sail and 3,500 men, but the masters would not grant 100, and the officers have protections from being pressed, which are much abused. Will follow the Tarlington and 3 other ships to the Frith. 30
May 7 Capt. Wm. Ledgant, Little President, Scilly. Robt. Blackborne. Having orders from General Blake to leave the Fleet and coast between the Land's End, Milford, and Scilly, sends account of his proceedings, being forced in by contrary winds. A bark of Tynemouth has also come in, which was taken and plundered by a Brest man-of-war, who has two more of his consorts off the Land's End. Having only 3 weeks' provisions, will go to Plymouth to revictual. 31
" 8 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Have examined the accounts of Mr. Green, the agent at Dover, and find he has been guilty of several breaches of trust by overcharging the State 26l. 8s. 6d., and other sums, for carpenters' work on the ships which was not performed, and accounting for cordage and other provisions which were not used but embezzled; leave the matter to them, not being desirous of encouraging the guilty or condemning the innocent. 32, 33
" " Capt. William Cockraine, Old Warwick, Falmouth. " Has come in with 11 prisoners taken in 2 Brest men-of-war. Two vessels of Plymouth and Barnstaple were retaken, but the former foundered. Will return to his station between the Land's End and Scilly. 34
" " Capt. Rich. Cowes, Cat pink, Kinsale. " Left account of his proceedings at sea to the 26th ultimo with the governor of Kinsale; took in ballast but could not sail by contrary winds. The Nicodemus, with his assistance, has taken a ship richly laden, which he hears by Capt. Gookin, commander of Timilege Castle, is from Guinea, and belongs to the Duke of Courland. Asks supplies as he cannot obtain any unless he purchases them. 35
" " Fras. Baylie, Bristol " Regrets the frigate is not further advanced, but has been delayed for want of timber, and the proclamation that no carpenters should receive above 2s. a day, or they would be impressed if they took more, caused many to forsake their work; timber now arriving daily, and having leave to pay as before, hopes to have the ship launched and finished by the end of August. 36
" " Capt. Peter Foote, Briar, Lynn. " Came in the 26th ultimo, but the ship he was to convoy for Portsmouth had not received her provisions, and as the weather was rough, brought her before the town for more security. Will take in 14 days' victuals and sail with the first wind. 37
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Sent away the letter for New England. The Dover is sheathed, and the Swiftsure in hand. Gen. Blake has gone with the Fleet to the Downs; will send the letters to him by the Little Charity, now loading provisions. 38
" " Matthew Chafe Navy Comrs Asks orders as to proceeding with the sheathing of the frigates. Has got the Winsby into the roads. 39
" " Fras. Baylie, Bristol " Wrote Mr. Roche respecting the dimensions of the yards for the lesser frigate, and sends his answer. 40
" " Prize officers, Plymouth. Capt. Wm. Kendall. To take charge of Wm. Hebditch, John Dorrell, and Paul Roch, and deliver them to such person as the Generals shall appoint, being enemies to the commonwealth. 41
" " Jas. Wilson, Cadiz Debtor and creditor account respecting ships and goods received from Vice-Admiral Penn, and sold by him, total 8,497l. 6s. 7d.; also note of moneys paid into the treasury of the Tower, and paid out for mariners, and for soldiers' prize money in the fleet, total, 19,723l. 6s. 6d. 42
May 8 Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Sent the articles of peace received from Mr. Creed to the ships in the Roads, and Capt. Stayner and the Mermaid are waiting in the Roads for orders. Has got the Winsby frigate into the Roads, and will get out the other. Asks orders as to sheathing the small frigate. 43
" " " " Navy Comrs To like effect. Sent the rigging to Colchester, and Walderswick, and has given a bill upon the treasurer for 500l.; desires it may be met. 44
" " Capt. Jno. Taylor, Lizard, Kinsale. " Chased one ship, which proved to be an Englishman bound for Galloway, and afterwards a Brest man-of-war with a prize. Took the latter, which belongs to Limerick, and is bound for St. Malo, and has brought her into Kinsale. 45
" " Capt. Rich. Newbery, Victory, Downs. " Stayed in the Hope until the 28th ultimo for the vessels bound for the Fleet, and two having arrived with provisions, departed for the Downs. Has had rough weather, but will sail again next tide. 46
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. The petition of the shipwrights who built the late frigates upon the usual contract for an additional allowance, in regard to the enlarged dimensions, is not against the rules of equity; they ought to be reimbursed what they expended therein, although the frigates are not according to tonnage measurement. 47
" 9 Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. " Has nearly rigged his ship, and will hasten to Hunger Road to take in the provisions; desires the guns may be sent down. 48
" " Navy Comrs. Generals of the Fleet. Certify that Edw. Hunt, jun., entered into a bond to produce his son Joshua on 6 Aug., and that he and his father are about to enter into another for payment of such money as shall be found due to the commonwealth, according to a previous order of a court-martial. 49
" 10 Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Has received 300,000 nails and expended them in sheathing the Dover, Swiftsure, and others, and as much has still to be done, requires more. Has received a great parcel of sails from Deptford, although more have been demanded, while other things required are not sent. Asks the price of hair. 50
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. " Mr. Shewell has provided all necessaries for the Islip frigate, except an anchor and cable, for which an order is desired. 51
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Send a letter from the navy victuallers, and desire they will give order therein 52
" " Navy victuallers Navy Comrs Desire order as to victualling the fleet just arrived in the Downs 53
" " Capt. Rob. Wilkinson, Weymouth pink, Yarmouth Road. " Received their instructions from Major Burton, and will sail to Harwich for 2 months' provisions. Is in great want of a pinnace and oars. 54
" " Robert Arthur, midshipman of the Raven. Deposition as to the manner in which his ship and company were surprised and taken by 6 Hollanders and carried to Shotland, where the men were put ashore. The Weymouth and Sparrow pinks promised to assist, but as soon as the enemy came up, they ran away for Leith. 55
" 11 E. Hayward, Chatham. Navy Comrs Particulars of the distribution of canvas by the boatswain of the Resolution 56
May 11 Capt. Nich. Foster, Phœnix, Bridlington Bay. Adm. Com. Sent their letter and the packet from Major Burton to the Vice-Admiral; will proceed to his station with the first wind. 57
" " Col. Rt. Overton and Major Rich. Elton. Account of Geo. Brooke of Kingston-upon-Hull, for fitting out a vessel by order of Elton to carry letters to the Fleet, amounting to 9l. 58
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Adm. Com. Sent their letter for Vice-Admiral Lawson by the Amity. The Plymouth and Mermaid have sailed, and the Winsby is in the Roads, ready to take in her ballast. 59
" " Commissioners for sick and wounded, Little Britain. " Thos. Jemmett, surgeon of the Oak, fired by the Dutch last July, lost his chest, books, and surgical instruments, value 30l.; recommend him for a gratuity of 15l. 60
" " Robt. Thomson Robt. Blackborne. Asks him to present and forward the following petition 61
" " " Adm. Com. Petition for an advance of 600l. on account of freight due, as also upon a discovery he has made worth 1,400l. Has advanced the State 1,000l. without any consideration, but has now urgent occasion for 600l. With note of his discovery of money in the hands of Capts. Crandley, Batten, and others, amounting to 1,450l., besides 24,000l. which Capt. Batten has to account for. 62, 63
" 12 Capt. Jer. Smyth, Torrington, Bridlington Bay. Adm. Com. Has been upon the North and South Frith but cannot find Vice-Admiral Lawson. After taking in water and ballast, will sail for Harwich, where he hopes to be discharged from his frigate, that he may repair to his command in Scotland, according to the order of General Monk. 64
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Robt. Blackborne. The Sapphire has come in for water. Some Dutch ships meeting the western squadron lowered their topsails and changed their colours, and manifested great pleasure at the peace. 65
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Ask an order to make allowance to such pursers and stewards as supplied the army in Ireland and Scotland with provisions, casks, &c. out of their ships' stores in times of emergency. 66–68
" " Thomas Shewell, Bristol. " Delivered their letter to Capt. Tarleton. The guns have not arrived for the Islip; she will be ready in 14 days. Can supply the shovels at 2s. 3d. and pickaxes at from 1s. 2d. to 2s. each. 69
" " Capt. Thos. Bunn, Providence, Hope. " As the ships he was to convoy for Hull had gone for Harwich, and those he was to bring back had also sailed, has returned to victual and receive orders. Particulars of ships. 70
" " Anthony Wells " Petition for the place of steward or clerk of the check in an East Indiaman lately taken, having so served in the Hannibal. With certificate of Capt. Rich. Badiley and two others in his favour. 71, 72
" " Navy Comrs. " Ask whether they are to pay the soldiers turned over as common men from merchant ships to the State's ships, as the men complain, and the commanders are unwilling to continue them. 73
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Wants 2,000 deals for the stores. The Paul has come in to repair and victual and will sail to-morrow. The surveying will be completed on Tuesday. With shorthand note that he is to cail the ships to him, as the Brest men-of war molest trade. 74
May 12 Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Navy Comrs To like effect. Will write Mr. Willoughby. 75
" 13 Edw. Witten, labourer, and John Harrison, innholder, Dover. Depositions before Edw. Prescott, mayor of Dover, that when the Golden Cock, a Dutch prize, was being fitted out in Dover harbour, as a man-of-war for the service, by Thos. Greene, Theop. Scott, the boatswain, embezzled large quantities of the rigging and stores. Signed by Rich. Raworth, town clerk. 76, 77
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. Adm. Com. Has fallen down a mile beyond Bristol, where he will stay until the spring tides, when he will go to Hunger Road. Hopes to have all his stores, provisions, and guns on board by Tuesday next. 78
" " Capt. Fras. Willoughby, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Has sheathed the Swiftsure and Grantham, but is waiting for nails to put an end to that dirty work. 79
" " " Robt. Blackborne. To like effect. Forwards two letters sent to Gen. Blake, as his fleet cannot be found 80
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Gave warrant for surveying the John Baptist fireship, and received the surveyor's certificate that she is now only fit for a victualler, and will cost 600l. to rig, besides wages. 81
" 14 Capt. Robt. Sansum, Adventure, Falmouth. " Being on the French coast with the Dragon, met 25 Frenchmen from Havre de Grace, bound for Rochelle, and took 3; the others running amongst the rocks could not be had. Has brought one into Falmouth. Hears there are 6 frigates at St. Malo laden with cloth, which will put to sea on the 20th. 82
" 15 Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Has given order for sheathing the small frigate. The Mermaid has gone to Hoseley Bay with the Plymouth; will forward their orders. A ship with 180 tons of ballast is alongside the Winsby, waiting fair weather to ship it. Asks whether his letter respecting the two chests of silver arrived. Two other vessels are waiting for a wind to sail. With note that any of the Vice-Admiral's squadron are to hasten to Hoseley Bay. 83
" " Capt. Rich. Stayner, the Plymouth, Hoseley Bay. " Convoyed the vessels from Yarmouth to Hoseley Bay. Sent the packet for the Vice-Admiral by the Amity, but he could not be found; it is reported that he is in the South Firth. Capt. King has also a packet and is going northwards. Had one at Yarmouth and hears there is another at Aldborough, which he has sent for. The Mermaid being without victuals, has had to supply her for 8 days. 84
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Has ordered the sheathing of the frigate on the stocks. The sea is so high that the Winsby cannot take in her ballast; has ordered her masts to be struck. The boatswain of the frigate at Walderswick is not fit for his place, and neither carpenter, steward, nor the victuals have arrived. Gave the crew of the Crow's boat 22s. to keep them from starving, and to follow her to Scotland. Thanks for dispatching his bill for 500l.; wants money. Asks the price of tar. Will send all ships that come in to Southwould Bay. 85
" " Phineas Pett " Will launch the frigate now in his charge on the 22nd instant 86
" " Capt. Peter Foote, Brier, Lynn. " Is waiting a large wind to convoy the ships out, this channel being so difficult and dangerous, it is impossible for any ship of ordinary burden to get away without it. 87
May 16 Capt. Jno. Seaman, Dragon, Plymouth Sound. Adm. Com. Plying off Alderney with the Adventure frigate, met a Frenchman which had been taken by an Ostender, and being laden with English merchants' goods, sent her to Weymouth for examination. Plying off Dartmouth, met 3 barks of Lyme, and convoyed them to Morlaix. Also met 25 Frenchmen bound for Rochelle for salt, and then to Newfoundland, and after a long chase, took 3. Also met 13 Hollauders under convoy, who saluted with 3 guns. 88
" " Robert Orchard, Woolwich. Navy Comrs The bill made out to Edw. Webb was for bringing ballast from Greenwich for the Bear; it was a fair price; has not wronged the State therein. 89
" " Henry Robinson Robt. Blackborne Dorothy Harman having received a letter for the Commissioners which may secure her 6l. or 7l. for the loss of her husband, who was master's mate of the Diamond, asks him to get the amount raised to 10l. or more. 90
" 17 Thos. Shewell, Bristol. " The Islip being ready to sail, desires the indentures for the carpenter and boatswain; also an order to supply her with more stores. 91
" " Capt. Edw. Blagg, the Portland, Plymouth. Col. Jno. Clerke, Navy Com. The Generals having removed his lieutenant into the Speaker, desires Jos. Budley to be appointed in his place. 92
" " Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Harwich. Adm. Com. Has taken in 2 months' provisions by order of Major Burton and will sail to Yarmouth. There are 30 or 40 sail of fishermen in the Pier there waiting a fair wind. 93
" 18 Capt. Robert Saunders, the Essex, Downs. Navy Comrs In pursuance of their order prohibiting ministers in the navy officiating after May without warrant from the Generals of the fleet, has discharged Thos. Ball, his minister, and given him a ticket. 94
" " Edm. Poortmans Thos. Turner. Begs that the wife of Mr. Page, surgeon of the Guinea, may receive the balance of his arrears. With note by Turner in reply that it will be paid upon his satisfying the Commissioners why he detained 4l. given the surgeon at Harwich, and how the State will be righted therein. 95
" " Capt. Fras. Parke, Great President, Aldborough Bay. Adm. Com. Received order from Gen. Blake to sail with the Elizabeth for Hamburg, to transport Ambassador Whitelock, and to go down to Hoseley Bay to see if there were any merchant ships there bound for that port, and deliver an order to the Phœnix; but as they were not there, has weighed, and will proceed on his voyage. 96
" " Capt. Robt. Drew, Plover, Harwich. " Received order from Capt. Smith of the Torrington to hasten the fitting out of his ship and attend Vice-Admiral Lawson. Sailed from Harwich to Tynemouth Bay, and plied about with the Maidstone and Preston, but hearing the Vice-Admiral had gone out of the Frith, returned southward, where he met Capt. Smith bound for Harwich, who sent him in. 97
" " Capt. Joseph Cubitt, Plymouth. " The Constant Warwick has come in to revictual and repair. Other ships are plying about Ushant, Scilly, and the Lizard. Hears of 5 vessels of Brest out pillaging. Has seen no French ships lately, but met several Dutch, who were "very respective." Will hasten out again. 98
" 19 Navy Comrs. " Want a boatswain for the Tredagh, built by Mr. Pett at Ratcliff, as she will be launched next Monday. 99
May 19 Ordnance officers Adm. Com. Have sold the broken and unserviceable guns upon Tower Wharf to Jer. Johnson at 4l. 13s. 4d. per ton, and desire a warrant for a sufficient number of horses to draw them to his furnaces. Have surveyed the unused guns on the wharf not required for the service, and send particulars. 100
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Care is taken to prevent the Brest men-of-war doing mischief, and to endeavour their surprisal. The Sapphire and 5 others are to the westward, about the Land's End, and the Dragon and Adventure on the French coast. The Portsmouth and Constant Warwick have come in to clean and victual. 101
" " Capt. Joseph Cubitt, Plymouth. " To like effect. 5 Brest frigates are out pillaging. Met several Dutch, one of which with 40 guns was very respective. 102
" " Capt. Robt. Taylor, the Gainsborow, Yarmouth. " Could not get to sea through adverse winds. Left the Plymouth and others in Hoseley Bay, and the Great President and Elizabeth in Aldborough Bay. Took in a pilot at Yarmouth, and having a fair wind, will endeavour to reach his post. 103
" " Capt. Hen. Maddison, Mary prize. " Convoyed some colliers to the Humber. Hearing there was a pirate of 8 guns at sea, sent the Red Hart to lie between the Spurm and Norfolk to prevent his doing any mischief; will lie himself between the Spurm and Tynemouth Bar to clear the coast of all such pirates. Desires an order to Newcastle to supply him with a boat. 104
" " Capt. Rich. Brooke Col. Kelsey and other Adm. Comrs Settled a writ served upon him from the sheriff's office for 100l.; desires protection from arrest until he has waited upon them on their summons; having served his country 12 years, fears not to appear before them. 105
" " Capt. And. Eburne, 10th Whelp, Lynn. Navy Comrs Is sorry they are displeased with his carelessness in not finding out his steward's knavery; was imposed upon as well as the other officers by his smooth lies. Major Burton declined to supply him with victuals, but lent him 3l. Desires orders as to victualling at Yarmouth. 106
" 20 Thos. Shewell, Bristol. " Mr. Baylie has fitted the yards to the sails, and will proceed with the great frigate. The cordage supplied the Islip was of the best hemp, and the ship is the best of her rate in England, but her shrouds must be changed, being too small. Will supply what is necessary at the cheapest rate. 3 ships are expected from Dantzic with hemp. Can buy cordage as cheap at Bristol as London, but wants dimensions. 107
" " Charles Thorowgood, Portsmouth. " The Great Charity and Discovery have gone for the Downs. Has sheathed 3 others. The guns have arrived, but no order to make their carriages. 108
" " Capt. Edw. Moorcock, Portsmouth. Adm. Com. The Dover is completed, all but men and victuals, and will be ready to sail when ordered 109
" " John Lambert, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Will commence to sheathe the Lion next Monday. As his victuals were all put on board the Discovery, desires order to the victualler to replenish him. 110
" " Capt. Jonas Poole, Swiftsure, Portsmouth. " Has received order from Gen. Wm. Penn to bring his ship into the Downs, but wants order to revictual, or cannot proceed. 111
May 20 John Packwood, Woolwich. Navy Comrs Will make notes of all merchant ships employed by the State which arrive or pass by, and send an account. The Industry has arrived at Long Reach, the Swan has gone to Deptford, and there are others in the Hope who are coming up. 112
" " Prize Comrs. Adm. Com. Report on the petition of Thos. Pinder,—as to some iron brought on shore by the mariners of the Black Raven prize, seized by the Customs' officers for non-payment of duty, and taken to the Custom House, where it still remains,—that a bill was filed for its condemnation, but they are trying to clear it. The prize did not fight the ship that took her. Recommend an order to the Commissioners of Customs for discharge of the iron from seizure, to save time and expense. 113
" " Capt. Jas. Ableson, Mermaid, Harwich. Navy Comrs Has come in to set his masts, to tallow, and victual. 114
" " Edw. Boweles, carpenter of the Mayflower. " The ship was tallowed, but he has pumped every 4 hours 2½ feet of water, ever since. Gave the Captain a list of his wants, and has been lying in King's Road since the 22nd inst. Asks order. 115
" " Capt. Thos. Benn, Providence, Gravesend. " Expects to have the ship off the ground on Tuesday. Desires order for the victuals, but can only stow enough for 4 months. 116
" " Capt. John Bourne, Marston Moor, Portsmouth. " The sheathing of this ship is completed; will fit her for sea, but wants order for victuals and 100 men. 117
" " Rich. Woollaston Robt. Blackborne. Will leave the settling of his salary to the gentlemen; although the other officers have their 50l. extraordinary quarterly, his is paid yearly; he has also neglected to take perquisites, choosing rather to have what was judged meet. 118
" 22 Thos. Scott, Deptford. " The Selby is being launched and will be taken to Deptford to receive her victuals. She will require as much as the Pearl. 119
" " Thos. Turner, navy clerk. Certificate that the Navy Commissioners gave a warrant to Hen. Bigge, surgeon, to attend on certain sick and wounded soldiers and seamen sent up from the Fleet, until they recovered, or were disposed of. 120
" " Capt. Thos. Elliot, Wivenho. Adm. Com. The Fagons Frigate is launched; is ordered by Major Bourne to fit and rig her, and bring her to Harwich in 14 days. 121
" " Walter Marks, Bristol. " Delivered 54 barrels of powder to Thos. Shewell according to contract, and desires payment of 210l. 12s. Has 20 more barrels ready; asks whether he shall supply monthly portions, and receive payment accordingly, as there is 288l. 12s. due. Hopes Capt. Fleetwood has reported its goodness. 122
" " Thos. Pointer, Sovereign, Downs. " Sends list of officers of the Fleet with particulars. Has dispersed the orders and instructions to stewards and clerks of the check, but with little effect; it would be a great benefit if able and qualified men were employed for clerks. 123
May 22 Capt. Thomas Sankey, Harwich. Adm. Com. Has been plying between Lee Road and Orfordness, but has not met with any shallops 124
" " Capt. Jno. Smith, Hector, Spithead. Gen. Blake, Whitehall. Convoyed the ships to St. Malo, and intended following the fleet into the Downs, bat will now take in the 40 brass ordnance for the Naseby, and carry them to Woolwich. 125
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Rob. Blackborne Could not execute the Commissioners' orders, as the Hector had sailed for the Downs. Blackborne's brother follows his business carefully; hopes he will be a credit to him. 126
" " Capt. Hen. Pack, Amity, Hoseley Bay. Adm. Com. Has sent an account of his proceedings between the Dogger Bank and the Riff; waits orders 127
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell; Plymouth. Adm. Com. The Hector sailed three days since with the Success and several vessels under convoy for the Downs. Repair, &c. of ships. The Nonsuch has sent in a French vessel to Falmouth laden with wheat. 128
" " Capt. Wm. Ledgant, Little President, Plymouth. " Since he lay off Lundy, has been chasing Brest men-of-war, but they escaped. Has come into Plymouth, but is not permitted to tallow. 129
" " Capt. Rich. Stayner, Plymouth, the Hosley Bay. " Particulars of ships. Capt. King has gone to seek the Vice-Admiral. Is compelled to put his men on shore daily through sickness. 130
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. " The vessel has arrived with the guns; will try to be ready by the time fixed. Could not deliver their commands to the captain of the Recovery to stay in Bristol, as he left the vessel at Scilly, and she was conducted to Bristol by the Old Warwick. 131
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " The Yarmouth is waiting for a westerly wind. The frigate at Walderswick was damaged in launching. The Marigold has sailed from Wells with the Iceland men, and the Weymouth. Pink to the North Seas. Will send the 10th Whelp to Woolwich, and the Vice-Admiral's squadron to Hoseley Bay. 132
" " Wm. Johnson, Mayor of Newcastle. " Could not deliver the packet to the commander of the 10th Whelp, as she had sailed 4 days 133
" " Capt. Wm. Cockraine, Old Warwick. " Convoyed a ship with guns and ammunition to Bristol; chased a small ship that would show no colours into St. Mary's Sound, and after exchanging some guns, secured her. 134
" " Capt. Robert Seddon, Mayflower, King's Road. Navy Comrs Sends proceedings in convoying vessels between Kings Road and Kinsale. Defects of his ship 135
May 22 Simon Arrowsmith, clerk of the check, Taunton, Hoseley Bay. Adm. Com. The sudden departure from Portsmouth prevented his sending the muster books before. Has been plying northward. 136
" 23 Capt. W. Vessey, Plymouth. Navy Comrs Has been plying between the Land's End and Milford Haven. Came in to victual and then went to Fowey for a French prize of 300 tons. Is going out again for 10 days, and will then want tallowing, having been off the ground 13 weeks. 137
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Will deliver their orders to the captains of the Little Charity or Fortune if they put in. Will supply the Middleburgh with masts, and dispatch the Portland and Mathias. 138
" " Capt. Thos. Daniell, Hope. " The Wildman is in Tilbury Hope, waiting for orders and seamen. Has 13 men and boys, but only 5 are useful; had 7 or 8 able men, but as they were not on board when the steward came, they had no victuals, and have since left. There are no men to be had here. 139
" 24 Robert Hayes Robt. Blackborne. Sends a letter from the Commissioners for sick and wounded, recommending the payment of 15l. to Margaret, widow of Thos. Thompson, pilot of the Heartsease, which was returned to them by the Admiralty Committee for particulars of the death. 140
" " Vice. Adm. Jno. Lawson, Fairfax, Hoseley Bay. Adm. Com. Sent an account of his arrival with his squadron in Aldborough Bay. Arrived here on the 22nd, as did also 6 ships from London richly laden bound for Hamburg, who said there were two convoys appointed for them. Heard that the Elizabeth and Great President had enquired for them, and then gone for Whitelock, the ambassador; so sent the Reserve to see them to the northward of the Flye. 141
" " " " Has just received their orders and will repair with his squadron to the Downs. The Advice, Centurion, and Preston have not arrived from the north. 142
" " Rich. Brooke Navy Comrs Will not trouble them further respecting the difference with Capt. Newdigate, and if he will admit he was either drunk, or in prison, or not of age, or was not the first proposer that the writing should be drawn, or was forced to anything against his will or the law, will consent to his discharge; being himself a poor man and a prisoner, only wants his due. Particulars of the case. 143
" " Capt. J. Lightfoot, the Grantham, Portsmouth. " Having been removed from the Falcon flyboat to the Grantham, and the gunner of the Grantham sent for to the new frigate at Maldon, desires the gunner of the Falcon may be appointed in his place. 144
" " Major N. Bourne, Harwich. Robt. Blackborne Does not perceive by the Commissioners' letter whether anything more than ordinary is intended as to repairing and fitting the frigates; if any time should be lost, or complaints made concerning defects, it should be remembered that he knew nothing more than what is requisite for these seas. 145
" " " Adm. Com. Sent their packet to the Vice-Admiral and will dispatch the ships when they come in. The Mermaid is in hand, and the Plover ready to sail. Will ascertain the state of the victualler's business at Ipswich, and allot to the ships their usual proportion. If the ships need extra repairs, for service in remote places, wishes to know, that he may provide carpenters, as little help is to be had there. The Fagons frigate has been launched at Wivenho. The ViceAdmiral has arrived at Hoseley Bay. 146
May 24 Capt. John Gefferey, Bristol. Navy Comrs Being sent down to hasten the building of the frigate, found when he came down that the shipwright had much negleeted his work the last two months, and only had 9 or 10 men employed; he will be 2 years completing her if not pressed. 147
" " " " Robt. Blackborne. To like effect. Asks whether the Commissioners wish her hastened 148
" 25 Alex. Farly, Walderswick. Navy Comrs The frigate is rigged and heaved down to the first shoal, but is delayed by contrary winds. Desires a carpenter may be sent down, as the surveyor has broken his leg. 149
" " " Adm. Com. To the same effect 150
" " Jas. Morgan and Jno. Powell. " Have viewed the 1,000 pair of shoes supplied by Jno. Armiger for Ireland, and find them agreeable to pattern. 151
" " Major N. Bourne, Harwich. Navy Comrs Desires 20 caulkers to carry on the work required in 9 or 10 frigates sent in, also stores formerly demanded, or will not be able to proceed with the work. 150 sick men have been sent on shore from the frigates, and he does not know how to provide for them; requests the Admiralty Commissioners' opinion thereon, as also about the allowances to be made to some officers in the yard. 152
" " " Adm. Com. To the same effect. The Plover has arrived, and is more fit to carry coals than guns 153
" " Capt. Thos. Bunn Mr. Sprigg. Desires he will send down provisions for 4 months for the Providence, and give the steward a note to complete the beer and bread at some other victualling port. 154
" " John Cruso, Yarmouth. Robt. Blackborne. Arrival and departure of ships. The two frigates built at Yarmouth are ready to put to sea 155
" " John Falkener, Ordnance Office. Adm. Com. Desires a convoy for the Rebecca of London, laden with gunner's stores for the Colchester at Yarmouth. 156
" " John Every, the Worcester, Harwich. Navy Comrs Sends amended muster books with explanations, and desires those formerly sent may be laid aside 157
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Will dispatch the ships ordered with all speed; desires order as to paying the men. The upper deck of the great frigate at Woolwich is laid, but wants some spruce deals. Asks if he shall dispose of a ton of old bolt ropes at the same price as those formerly sold. 158
" " R. Halford Account of provisions and goods taken out of the Red Rose of Amsterdam, and landed at the Bridge House and other places. 159
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Received their notice to hasten the cleaning of the Great Charity and Elias, which are to be sent up to Gravesend; but Mr. Willoughby writes that the former was cleaned and tallowed a fortnight since at Portsmouth. 160
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Will dispatch the two great ships and 3 frigates now at Quinborow. The great frigate building at Woolwich is progressing; hopes to keep to the time prefixed for her "nuptial ceremonies with Thamesis," but she should be decked with 70 pieces of brass ordnance. 161
May 26 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne. Sends certificate of Thos. Turner, clerk to the Navy Commissioners, that Edw. Rands was employed for 7 months last year as clerk of the check in the Merchants' Delight, and as he conducted himself properly and passed his accounts, is fit for employment. 160
" " Vice-Adm. John Lawson, Fairfax, Hoseley Bay. Adm. Com. The frigates mentioned in the letter have arrived at Harwich; the Assurance being defective and out of victuals, has ordered Capt. Holland to sail to Gravesend. Will make all speed to the Downs. The Advice has arrived, and the Preston has sailed. 161
" " " " Capt. Phil. Holland. To sail with the Assurance to Gravesend, and to give notice to the Navy Commissioners, that order may be sent as to where she is to be refitted. 162
" " List of 14 ships appointed to ply between the Isle of Wight and the Narrows, with their several stations and duties. 163
" " Capt. Edw. Blagg, Plymouth. Col. Jno. Clerke. Thanks for the appointment of Mr. Badley as his lieutenant, but a Mr. Catts has arrived, and states he was appointed by Gen. Penn in the Downs as lieutenant of the Portland; begs that he may be otherwise provided for. 164
" " George Smith, London. Robt. Blackborne. Sends by Capt. Swanley the petition of the owners of the Harry Bonadventure to the Admiralty Committee, and desires it may be presented when Col. Rouse is present, as he will second it. 165
" " John Powell Note of delivery of 1,000 pair of shoes, 100 tents, and 30 bundles of tent poles for the service of Ireland, to Roger Dening, of Temple Gate, Bristol, carrier, for Thos. Shewell, collector of customs there. 166
" " N. Lucas, Deptford Navy Comrs Hen. Lane was pressed as carpenter for the Society, and being turned over to the Gloucester, gave him a ticket, not doubting they would clear him, for he was taken into slavery by the Turks and ransomed by Thos. Jones, whom he is engaged to refund. He is an able workman, and will be much prejudiced if not paid the 23s. a month when he might earn 40s. 167
" " Capt. Robt. Taylor, the Gainsborough, Leith. Adm. Com. Arrived the 23rd, but has not been able to deliver anything on account of the wind. Hears he will have to go to Inverness with part of the money; will repair to the fleet the first opportunity. 168
" 27 Geo. Bilton, S. Drywood. Receipt for 40 boxes of silver containing 40,000l., from Capt. Robert Taylor of the Gainsborough, for pay of the forces in Scotland. 169
" " Francis Rosington, surgeon. Receipt for 33 boxes, 4 surgeons' chests, and 2 cases of medicaments, from Capt. Robt. Taylor for the army in Scotland. 170
" " Capt. Thos. Sparling, Assistance, Chatham. Robt. Blackborne Thanks for favours; desires he will present his letter to the Commissioners asking leave to come to London for two days. Is getting out the guns, and will be ready to allow the first tide. 171
" " " " Adm. Com. Has come up by order of Gen. Penn to repair, tallow, victual, and receive further orders. Asks leave to come to London for 2 days on private affairs. 172
" " " " — Guging, Adm. Comr. Begs influence to obtain this request 173
" " Wm. Rand, clerk of the check, the Preston, near Harwich. " Sends check and muster books from 9 Jan. to 29 Mar. last 174
May 27 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Adm. Com. Particulars of ships. The Convertine went on ground a little below the castle; hopes she is not damaged. Asks for 2 days' leave to go to Woolwich. 175
" " Capt. Edw. Tarleton, Bristol. " Has taken all the provisions, guns, and stores on board, and is only waiting orders 176
" " Capt. Math. Browne, Wren pink, King's Road. " Has come in to revictual, having only sufficient for 2 days. Could not take in his full proportion of bread and beer, and upon applying to the victualler at Kinsale for the remainder, was refused, unless he would take other provisions in proportion. Not having received further orders from the Commander-in-chief in Ireland, is observing theirs. 177
" " Sy. Beckley and 5 others. " Certificate that certain pig oak timber, felled by Rich. Brookes, Wm. Austen, and Wm. Cook, in April 1653, stood in the parish of Bray, within Windsor Forest, and not in the parish or manor of Warfield. 178
" 28 Capt. Phil. Holland, Assurance, near Gravesend. Navy Comrs Has come in by direction of Vice-Adm. Lawson, and desires further order. His foretopsail is split, the victuals spent, and many of his men sick, of whom 18 have been put on shore at Harwich. 179
" 29 Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Major Bourne wants an order for payment of salaries of a shipwright, master attendant, and storekeeper employed at Harwich. Refer the case to them, judging it beyond their own line to settle such matters. With note to postpone the case till Bourne comes up. 180
" " Capt. Phil. Gethings, Downs. Navy Comrs Was ordered for Scotland before he had received all the stores allowed, and has neither staysail nor shallop, though one was sent to Harwich after he was gone. Desires a boat may be sent to him at once, or the boat he has will drown some of his men, which has lately happened to some in the fleet. 181
" " Vice-Adm. Lawson Fairfax. Downs. " Gave Mr. Poortmans an account of the frigates that came in his company from the General, and another will be sent to the Admiralty Commissioners. 182
" " Thos. Bodle, Vanguard. Capt. Archer, Fox's Lane, London. Is now under Capt. Rich. Badiley; hopes Archer will consider of the wages due to him from the Fortune, and excuse him for leaving her, as he had very bad health while on the Irish coast; was in her during the Dungeness and Portland fights. 183
" " Chris. Pett, Woolwich. [Navy Comrs.] Sends dimensions and burden of the Swiftsure 184
" " Capt. Robt. Vessey, Fox, Milford Haven. Robt. Blackborne. Left Dublin Bay by order of Lieut.-Gen. Fleetwood and the Commissioners there, intending for Galway, but has been forced in by the storms; the Greyhound came out with him but parted. Will sail for Galway to see if he can meet with any rogues on the coast; desires order to come home before Sept., as his ship wants repairing, and being the best sailer upon the coast, she ought to be rebuilt. 185
" 30 Walter White Adm. Com. Petition for relief, having lost his right leg in service at sea, and been discharged from the hospital as incurable. With certificate of Hum. Fox, steward of the Bear, that he was admitted into St. Bartholomew's Hospital on 7 Sept. 1653, and discharged 22 May 1654. 186, 186a
May 30 Capt. John Parker, Truelove, Liverpool Water. Navy Comrs Has come over by order of the Commissioners at Dublin to revictual, and to carry over Col. Hewson, but he has not yet arrived. Desires order to Mr. Walley to supply him with money to buy a boat. Will return to Dublin with speed. 187
" " " " Adm. Com. To like effect. His gunner having died, has put Phil. Cook in the place, and begs a warrant for him. 188
" " James Perrott, Maldon. Major Thomson and Navy Comrs The hoy with the rigging for the new ship has arrived, but as there is no place to store it, nor any person to take care of it, or to discharge the master for what he delivers, desires some one may be sent down at once, as also an order to engage a carpenter. 189
" " Capt. John Wetwang, Sparrow, Leith Road. Navy Comrs Sends the check books; desires Nich. Loraine may be appointed clerk of the check, his clerk having been cast away. Has been plying northward, and is going to convoy a vessel with ammunition from Ireland for the forces in Scotland. Hears the Highlanders are plundering to and fro. 190
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Sends notes of supplies given to ships from the West, as some of them might be called in and paid off. The Falmouth has been driven in with unserviceable masts and bowsprit, which he will supply, as also a suit of sails. 191
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. " Mr. Davies says he had a warrant to send the rigging to Maldon for the Jersey, to secure her safe launching. Could furnish all the rigging required, if he could have some spun yarn, as stuff to make it. 192
" " John Morris, Gravesend. " Has seen the lieutenant of the Elias as to getting her on shore to wash and tallow, but will want lighters from Woolwich to receive her guns and provisions, as also order as to disbursing the necessary money. 193
" " Major N. Bourne, Harwich. " Received 62l. of Thos. Waterhouse, and has drawn a bill on the treasurer for it. Received 200l. of Geo. Gosnall and gave him a similar bill, and desires they may receive dispatch, being on account of the commonwealth. 194
" " Account of the condition of the Fairfax and 7 other ships named, when they came to the fleet under Vice-Admiral Lawson. 195
" " Capt. Jno. Barnes, Guinea, Folkstone. Adm. Com. Received orders from the Generals to ply off the North Foreland among the mackerel boats, for their security, and did so until relieved by the Gillyflower; then went to the Downs, and has been plying with the Merlin between Dungeness, Dover, and the coast of Flanders, and searched all vessels met with. 196
" " Capt. Wm. Whitehorn, Pelican, Dungeness. " Received orders from the Generals to ply between Dungeness and Beachy and examine all suspicious vessels. Saw several vessels from France, but cleared them; chased several others who stood in for Rye, fired, and brought one by the lee; the rest standing in, sent the pinnace with the lieutenant after them, but he has not yet returned, and it blowing very hard, has been compelled to come to anchor. 197
May 30 Capt. Anth. Earning, the Bridgwater, Dungeness. Adm. Com. Has been plying between Dungeness and Beachy by order of Gen. Penn, in company of the Pelican and Half Moon. Spoke with several vessels and French shallops, and made strict search, but has not found anything as his instructions led him to expect. Has been compelled to come to an anchor through the high winds, but will renew the search the first opportunity. 198
" " Nath. Ashbie and Isaac Preston, bailiffs of Great Yarmouth. Deposition that Thos. Hughit of Great Yarmouth, master, and Trustram Calloway, master's mate of the Trial of Yarmouth, came before them and deposed that their ship was taken up for the State on 19 Aug. last, to carry beer from London to the fleet, at 6s. 6d. a ton if discharged in Aldborough Bay, but if not then to be paid for as a victualler. That they took in 75 tuns and 2,000 wood and sailed to Aldborough Bay. Gen. Monk being under sail with the whole fleet for Holland, they received orders to follow, and on the voyage, delivered 10 tuns to each of 5 ships named; but a storm coming on, they lost the fleet, and were compelled, by the loss of the mainsail and rudder, to put back to Yarmouth Roads, where the residue of the beer, being 47 butts, 10 puncheons, and I hogshead, was surveyed, and being found defective, was thrown overboard. 199
" 31 Major N. Bourne, Harwich. Adm. Com. Cannot dispatch the ships fitting in port by the time limited, as many have a large quantity of victuals, guns, and stores which have to be removed. Carpenters and caulkers are wanted, and masts, &c. Has heard nothing from the Commissioners for sick and wounded concerning the 160 men sent on shore, but has procured them quarters, and taken their names and time of entrance, so that the State may not suffer loss by the people that entertain them, who would reckon fast enough. 200
" " Navy Victuallers Navy Comrs Received their order to provide 6 months' victuals for 6,000 men for the summer's service, over and above the proportion formerly ordered, and have provided for 4,500 at Portsmouth, and for 1,500 at Plymouth, but desire a contract for payment; beg that what has been already issued may be understood as part thereof. 201
" " Capt. Wm. Cockraine, Old Warwick, Bristol. Adm. Com. Convoyed the vessel with guns and ammunition to Bristol, but being prevented gaining his station by rough weather, and losing some of his cables, was compelled to come in. Asks order for a fresh supply and some provisions. 202
" " Capt. Nich. Barnes, Paradox, Chester Water. Navy Comrs The muster master has been on board and mustered his men; sends the book. Having come over to revictual, by order of the Commissioners in Ireland, and then to put to sea again, desires order for a supply. 203
" " Wm. Acworth, Woolwich. " Cannot receive the provisions for the Marmaduke, as the store room is used for the carved works for the great frigate, and all the other storehouses are full. 204
" " Fras. Baylie, Bristol Adm. Com. The goods not arriving, could employ but a small number of men, but has now 20 at work daily, besides 20 more preparing the timber; therefore desires a favourable construction on his endeavours to dispatch the frigate. 205
" " Phineas Pett Edw. Hayward. Accounts of board wages for seamen employed in rigging vessels, from 27 Feb. 1653–4 to 20 May 1654. [10 papers.] 206–15