Letters and Papers relating to the Navy, &c.: June 1654

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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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June 1654

Date From To Subject References.
Vol. 83.
June 1 Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Has launched the Colchester, but she broke her rudder. The Winsby stays for a wind. Cannot get the Yarmouth out for want of water; there have not been such poor spring tides for 20 years. The hoy with the guns, &c., has arrived. 1
" " Robt. Rawlings, Barbers Surgeons' Hall. " Particulars of supplies to Rob. Woodroffe, surgeon, first of the Worcester and then of the Diamond, and of his superseding Jno. Smith, in the Diamond. Have stopped two orders enclosed, from the Navy Commissioners to the treasurer, to pay the master and wardens of Barber Surgeons' Hall 3l. 10s. imprest, and 5l. free gift towards furnishing Woodroffe's medicine chest, Smith having been paid for the Diamond's chest. 2–4
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. The Gloucester has been launched some time, and has not received her anchors; owing to the great supplies of cables and anchors sent to the fleet, could neither keep cordage nor anchors in store for the new frigates. There is a difficulty in making such great anchors, some having proved defective after being put on board, but all haste has been and will be made. 5
" 2 John Packwood, Woolwich. Mr. Turner. Sends the muster books of 9 ships named. The Richard and Martha has gone to London; the Marmaduke being paid off, asks whether to put her on harbour wages, and what number of men she is to bear. 6
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford [Navy Comrrs.] Understands that after the Tredagh has come down, she is to be fitted for the dock; if done this spring tide, nothing will be wanting, but if the Newbury is launched, will hardly be able to attend her launching and bring her down to Deptford, and dock the other also. The beer for the Selby has been sent down, and she has her sails; if she waits for her provisions it will be the fault of those at Deptford. 7
" " " " " Received their warrant to make a survey, with Boatswain Ansdall, of the remains of victuals in the ships in port, and of others which may come in. There are the Swan and 9 other Dutch ships, whose guns, sails, cordage, &c. have to be landed and housed, and no men left to do it, as over much work has driven them away; has only 6 left. Details of ships. Several hoys are at the quay with provisions, and the quay is full of the Dutch ships' provisions, and no time to house them. Received warrant to fit and rig the Jersey, but wants men to do it, and some one to look after the victuals. A hoy is laden with cordage for Harwich; hopes to have another soon ready for Maldon. Is in action from morning until night, and wishes he were able to perform more. 8
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Navy Comrs The Middleburg is again mustered and supplied, and will have her sails when she comes in again to victual. Is much pressed by the surgeons and clerks of the check for recruits of medicine and money; asks whether to hold to the rules as in time of war. The Portland and Mathias are ready to take in provisions, and, supposing they are going a long voyage, the boatswains, gunners, and carpenters have made smart demands; will supply what is necessary, and demur to the rest. Note of money supplied to the said ships. 9
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. The new frigate, building at Limehouse Dock, by Messrs. Graves and Read, will be launched next Tuesday. 10
June 2 John Froud, minister of the Lizard. Deposition that Capt. Taylor, while in Wales, sold some brass pans, two packs of leather hides, and other things which he took out of a prize called the Trooper, retaken by him. 11
" 3 Thos. Shewell, Bristol. Navy Comrs Has brought in the Mayflower; will survey her defects, and send an account. Demand of the captain of the Cat pink for stores. Sent Capt. Langham two certificates from Mr. Baylie, and desires the bills for payment may be sent to the Treasurer, and the amount paid to Langham; has already paid Baylie 600l. on account. 12
" " Fras. Baylie, Bristol " Ask bills for the last payment for the Islip frigate, and for the first for the great frigate to Capt. Hen. Langham, having received their value of Thos. Shewell. 13
" " Charles Taylor, Bristol. " The Islip frigate is completed according to contract, and 30 men are employed upon the largest, but the work is progressing slowly for want of timber. 14
" " Thos. Hall, waterman. Adm. Com. Petition for restoration of his son Charles, an apprentice of the Watermen's Company, who has been serving in the Sampson 14 months. Is more than 60, and not able to help himself. With certificate of the masters and rulers of the Watermen's company in his favour. 15,16
" " John Ray, master of the Rosebush. " Petition for removal from the Rosebush, which is going a voyage in which he is not acquainted, to the Basing or Bryer. With certificate by Valentine Tatnell, jun., and 4 others in his favour. 17
" 4 Capt. Phil. Gethings, the Preston. Navy Comrs Desires order for a new pinnace. Has neither staysails, iron hearth for his cook's room, nor half his compasses. 18
" 5 Thos. White, Dover " Repairs of ships. Desires payment of his bill of exchange for 100l. 19
" " Jacob Rows, late master of the Fortune. Adm. Com. Petition for employment as master of a ship, having served the State for 7 years, and been in the engagements with the Dutch; but the Fortune is called in and exposed to sale, and he discharged. With certificate of Capt. Anth. Archer, and 4 others in his favour. 20,21
" " Giles Heather, Princess Maria, Downs. Navy Comrs Sends up two muster books; sent the previous ones to Commissioner Willoughby 22
" " Mercy Wilde, Dover " Her husband cannot attend them to clear some mistakes in Mr. Green's accounts, as he has gone on a voyage to Newcastle; but what Mr. Green bought of her and her husband he paid for. 23
" " Capt. J. Humphrey, Nightingale, Dover Road. " Desires a boat may be sent to the Downs, as his other has been staved by the weather. Is plying between Dover and Calais. 24
" " E. Keling " Capt. Rob. Wilkinson, of the Weymouth, being indebted to him in 35l., assigned a bond to him for that amount, and desires it may be stopped out of his pay; asks a bill of imprest for it. 25
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Adm. Com. Particulars of ships; will be ready for the great ships when they please 26
June 5 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Navy Comrs Repair and departure of ships. They would be more quickly dispatched if the master caulker and boatswain of the yard attended their duties, but both have been absent some days, the former upon the bare pretext of pressing men, when others might be better spared; it is a mercy the Unicorn was not fired yesterday by the negligence of the caulkers. 7 or 8 vessels have arrived with beer from the Downs, and ought to be sent to the Hope, where they could empty on to the ships. Desires leave of absence for Thos. Whitton to assist Mr. Hayward in making up a great account for the chest; wishes the Ordnance officers would appoint some one permanently at the yard to see to their affairs. 27
" 6 Capt. Wm. Coppin, Adam and Eve, Downs. " Has been at sea 14 months, and ordered to stay out two months longer; his men, not having received any pay, and their wives and children being [in great want, has given some of them tickets for part thereof, and desires they may be paid, their necessities being so great. 28
" " Humph. White, Wivenho. " Desires orders as to hastening Mr. Page, the shipwright, in building the frigate; he is very slow and indifferent, although the masts are all in. 29
" " Comrs. for Prize Goods. Robt. Blackborne. Desire order as to disposing of the victuals from the Red Rose of Amsterdam, by auction or otherwise, as they are perishing. 30
" " Capt. John Smith, Hector. Col. Clerke. Thanks for setting him forth in so high a manner before the Commissioners; desires the command of a frigate, and although "Beggars must not be choosers." wishes that built at Ratcliff. Gen. Blake and Rear-Admiral Badiley are much for him. Begs to be excused attending, as it is payday at Deptford. 31
" " Charles Walley Navy Comrs Has given Capt. Parker of the Truelove 20l. to procure a new boat, and as he has drawn a bill upon the Treasurer of the Navy for the amount; desires it may be paid. 32
" " List of 11 soldiers that came on shore from the Mathias 33
" 7 Thos. Scott Navy Comrs The Tredagh is in the dock, but the builder takes no heed about setting the masts for want of men; her officers come to be entered, but are not fit to set masts. There is no convenience on board to dress meat, and if the workmen go out to get their meals, they will not hear the bell ring from dinner to work. Will sheath and get her out of dock in 14 days. 34
" " Major N. Bourne Harwich. Adm. Com. Has had more to do, both in body and mind, than he wished, owing to the dulness of others. Particulars of works on 9 ships named. Has written the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded to stop sending further help, as a great part of the sick men are in a way of recovery, and their disease being generally scurvy, a little fresh air and diet will soon effect a cure. 35
" " Robt. Seddon, clerk of the check, Bristol. Navy Comrs Sends his muster book. Is waiting in Hunger Road for orders 36
" " Capt. P. Bowen " Sends the muster book. Received order from the Generals to put 50 men in the Rainbow under Capt. Peacock, which accounts for so many discharges, and several have run. Mr. Baylie promises to complete the repairs in 10 days. Such of the crew as have served 20 months desire 10 months' pay, for the relief of their families. 37
June 8 Wm. Donne, Walderswick. Navy Comrs Particulars of work to be done on the ship building by Mr. Shish. There is not sufficient water in the Haven to get her out. 38
" " Rich, Dermott, Tranmore, Liverpool Water. " Sends muster books of the Paradox and others; having had fever and ague, employed a Customs' officer at Liverpool to collect them, but as the captains and others would not recognise him, was compelled to ride down himself. The Truelove has sailed for Dublin with Col. [Hewson] and his lady, and many more men of quality and their families. The Paradox is waiting for her provisions, and for vessels she is to convoy to Dublin by order of Gen. Fleetwood; there is great complaining on board, as the men have been drinking water a long time, and their provisions are scarce. 39
" " John Simes, boatswain of the Fortune. Deposition that the sails, masts, and rigging received from Thos. Green at Dover for fitting out the ship were mostly old; at the time of signing for what he received, he had not leisure to look over the book, the ship being ready to sail, but upon Mr. Green alleging there was nothing in it but what he had received, he set his hand. Subsequently found Green had wronged him in his indent, and in particular about a stream anchor and cable which he had not had, but Green gave him a certificate by which he received it of Commissioner Pett. 40
" 9 Thos. Scott, Deptford. Navy Comrs The purser refusing to supply any more blocks, &c, for the frigate at Maldon, will use what the stores afford, and ship the cordage when demanded, but the work is at a stand for want of seamen; if he can find sufficient to get the Newbury down to Deptford to-day, will be glad, though they come at high rates. 41
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " The Nonsuch has been cleaned, and is taking in her provisions; will dispatch her and the Falmouth with all speed; the Mathias and Portland want orders as to the quantity they are to take in. Has drawn a bill at 6 days upon their treasurer for 1,500l., and desires it may be met. 42
" " Thos. White, Dover. " Received their order to assist the successor of Capt. Ody in fitting the Nonsuch, which is ready to take in 6 weeks' provisions and sail to the Downs. Capt. King is willing to cruise in the Channel, but his ship wants a new deck, a mainsail, &c. The Rosebush has gone to the Downs, and the ketch will follow. 43
" 10 John Packwood, Woolwich. " The Hector and Success having been paid off, and ordered to be laid up, asks whether to allow more than a boatswain and his servant on harbour wages on each ship; it has been usual to bear the gunner also on ships of their rate. 44
" " John Tatnell, Dover. " Desires an order to Thos. White to purchase some pitch, tar, and Gottenburg masts, about to be sold at a low rate. 45
" " Thos. Scott and Wm. Badiley. " The remains of the victuals on board the ships lately come to Deptford cannot be properly surveyed, being stowed under platforms where a man must creep on his belly to smell at the bung; much of the beer is covered with cables, and the provisions are lying in such a nasty manner that they cannot be judged until got out and put on shore, which is a necessity, so as to repair the casks and repickle the meat. 46
June 12 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Navy Comrs Particulars of ships. Has no great want of tar, having 40 lasts in the ropeyard, and 20 in Mr. Sewell's custody. The warrant to Mr. Pulman for delivery to Mr. Dennison of all the hemp bindings supposed to be sold at the last sale at Chatham has been received, but they were not all sold, there are 3 tons left; some 1,500 cwt. too small for the service were sold, which he will deliver. Is at a stand for canvas. 47
" " Edw. Denitt " Being informed by Rear-Admiral Badiley that they promised to effect his business to-day, begs serious consideration of his condition. 48
" " John Greene, Deptford. " Has seen the new certificate given to Thos. Penny, denominating him a seaman, &c.; as there is another grindstone standing in the plank yard, and no one appointed to it, asks whether Penny shall be borne upon the books on that account. 49
" " Wm. Serjant, Islip frigate, Liverpool. " Sends muster book. Arrived from Dublin on the 7th; had 15 weeks' provisions, 9 here and 6 of Robert Moulsworth, victualler at Dublin, and encloses his indent for the latter, having left his steward behind. 50, 50a
[June] St. J. Steventon and Jno. Dymock. [Navy Comrs.] Accounts of timber purchased by Thomas Eastwood, purveyor, for the stores at Portsmouth, and received between 15 Oct. 1652 and 20 Feb. 1653–4. 51
June 12 Thos. Eastwood Account of the charge of felling and carriage of timber from Sussex, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight to the State's yard at Portsmouth, 1 Nov. to 4 Dec. 1653. Sworn to, 12 June 1654. 52, 53
" " Capt. Rich. Cowes, Cat pink, King's Road, near Bristol. Navy Comrs Has been plying between Kinsale, the Land's End, and the Isle of Lundy, for guard of those seas and intercepting the enemy, but was forced by weather to bear up for Milford. By desire of the treasurer for co. Pembroke, carried 1,800l. of the State's money to Bristol. Has been detained ever since by contrary winds, and needing provisions and stores, applied to Mr. Shewell, but was denied without their order, which he requests. 54
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Adm. Com. Cleaning, fitting out, and arrival and departure of ships named. Has ordered a forecastle to be made to the great frigate at Woolwich, and doubts not their concurrence. 55
" 13 Edw. Harris Navy Comrs Petition for the place of boatswain in the Sophia, the former one being appointed to the Tredagh frigate. Has served many years. With reference to the Navy Commissioners, and their certificate and that of Capt. Gar. Russell, Thos. Scott, and 3 others in his favour. 56–59
" " Capt. Jno. Sherwin, Primrose, Hull. Adm. Com. Has come in from his station on the coast of Scotland, with Capt. Smith in the Duchess, to repair and victual, both being much damaged by the storms. Mr. Wells, the victualler, being ready to supply them as soon as they are out of the carpenters' hands, desires an agent may be appointed at once to see to their speedy and effectual careening, that they may return to their station without loss of time. 60
" " Geo. Payler and Jno. Falkener, Ordnance Office. " Desire a convoy for the Thomas of London, with 500 barrels of powder for Portsmouth 61
" " Capt. P. Bowen, Bristol. Navy Comrs As the Mayflower will be out of the carpenters' hands next week, desires order for payment of her company; begs that those who have served 23 months may receive 10 months' pay, for the better relief of their families and the supply of their own wants. 62
June 13 Henry Bromhead, constable, and 7 others. Certificate that Margaret, widow of Jonathan Hart, late midshipman in the Worcester, slain in the engagement with the Dutch, is left with 3 small children without any subsistence but by her own hard labour. 63
" " Wm. Knowles, clerk of the check, Truelove, Liverpool. Navy Comrs Sends two muster books. The boat is almost built, they only wait a wind to go for Ireland with Col. Hewson. Wants many necessaries, the stores being spent, so will not be fit to stay out next winter. 64
" " Capt. John Parker, Liverpool. " Mr. Walley supplied him with 20l. to pay for the boat and procure necessaries. Put to sea with Col. Hewson for Dublin, but the wind coming west, was forced in again. 65
" " Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. " Repairs of ships. The want of the masts from Portsmouth delays operations. Noted that a vessel cannot be obtained to send them. 66
" " Capt. Rich. Lyons, London. " Mr. Rochester, surgeon of the Taunton, having resigned on account of a law suit, had liberty to provide another, and engaged Mr. Ward, and as he is much commended by the company, desires a warrant for supply of his chest, the ship being about to sail. 67
" 14 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Adm. Com. Details of ships. Wishes the master shipwright would attend to his duties; has not seen him since he left them in London, and the less care he takes the greater the burden upon others. Wrote the Ordnance officers to send a person to look after the gunners' stores, but has not received any answer. It is not safe for him to meddle with their duties, although constrained to do so. 68
" " " " Navy Comrs To similar effect; sends account of provisions required, and desires some persons may be appointed to see them despatched. A surgeon is wanted for the Unicorn, and if not appointed at once, the sick will suffer. 69
" " Capt. Edmund Thomson, Advantage, Liverpool. " Went to the Orkney Isles by order of the Generals, and after much tempestuous weather, in which he tore his cables to pieces, went to Ayr. As he is to wait upon the army in Scotland, asks for two new cables, a boat, &c. Noted that Mr. Walley is to supply him. 70
" " Capt. Lionel Lane, Deal. " Being in command of the Triumph in the Lee Road last Feb., the lieutenant of the White Raven came on board, and stated that Capt. Hen. Southwood, his commander, had orders to go to sea, and that they wanted 80 men and had not above 30 efficient, but hoped to get more in their voyage. Three days after the Raven sailed without obtaining more men, as the Triumph was lying below her in the river, pressing men for herself. 71
" " Joan Holbrooke, widow. Adm. Com. Petition for relief for herself and two children. Her husband, Andrew Holbrooke, was quartermaster of the Swiftsure, and in drying the ship's bread room, he met with an accident and lost his life. With certificates in confirmation from Jonas Poole and 3 others, and John Harris, churchwarden, and 3 others. 72–74
June 15 Charles Thorowgood, Portsmouth. Navy Comrs Since the Torrington has come in, most of her men have left. The steward met 60 of them in one company going for London, and being flush of money, mostly northern men, and no desire to go southward, it is doubtful if they ever return. The remainder left on board have now come on shore, and refuse to work any longer unless the others return, so has desired the assistance of the military to search for and carry them on board. Will send 20 or 30 labourers to heave up the beer and get out the provisions and guns, so that she may be careened as soon as the Laurel is done. The Essex has come in, and part of her guns are out. Asks whether he shall transfer the surplus men in the Essex, Nightingale, &c. to other ships, and whether the ships fitting out are to have more than their ordinary supply of stores. 75
" " Prize Comrs. " Received their order for delivery of the Rose of Amsterdam, alias the Indian. Also a copy of an order of the Admiralty Committee to the same effect; request the original, as that, with a receipt, is their only proper discharge. 76
" " Capt. Robt. Haytubbe, Little Charity, Deptford. Certificate that the bearers are 16 soldiers sent on board from the army 3 months ago, who have done duty ever since. 77
" 16 Capt. Jno. Tippetts, Portsmouth. Jonas Shish. Sends an account received from Mr. Steventon 78
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Navy Comrs The Bridgewater and Adam and Eve have arrived, the latter with provisions and 120 tuns of beer taken in at Dover, and as it cannot be removed without spoiling, will grave her in the dock and hasten her to the Hope, where the beer may be disposed of to other ships. Will launch the Resolution to-morrow and the Rainbow on Monday, if the provisions demanded arrive. Has sent to the victualler to forward the victuals for the 2 ships and 2 frigates in the Hope. 79
" " " " Adm. Com. To the same effect. Wants a supply of nails 80
" " " " Navy Comrs The want of sails is such that he is constrained to send Morris to bring a wherry load to Gravesend, whence he can have them carried by cart. 81
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Send a survey made by Mr. Callis of the defects in the Little Charity, and desire order as to proceeding with the repairs. 82
" " Thos. Scott, Deptford. Navy Comrs Supplied the boatswain of the Elias with provisions on demand of the captain, she being appointed for the Straits, but declined another demand without their order. Amongst other things, they want meridian compasses; cannot see any use for them in such a ship in the Straits. Will only supply them with what cannot be had, or only at extraordinary rates, where they go. The stores delivered to the Adventure, Assurance, and Constant Warwick for a similar design were very large, but if this small demand is supplied at present, it may be forgotten when a larger demand comes; if any ships are supplied, they will all look the same way. 83
June 17 Capt. Jno. Taylor, Chatham. Navy Comrs The want of the stores demanded causes great damage, for they have to saw up masts worth 20l., where fir timber worth 8l. would serve, and to drive large nails where small would do, &c. Did not think the purveyors could have been so insensible as not to let him know what he might expect; wishes they had his cares and toil. The delay is attributable to that cause alone. 84
" 19 Capt. Abra. Allgatt, Dover. " Sends the petition of Selnanes Smith and Gregory Moyses, seamen, late of the Fortune and the Essex, now in the Drake under his command, and desires that their tickets for the time they served in the Fortune may be paid, as they want clothes, and their wives and families are in a destitute condition. Has taken in 14 days' provisions, and will hasten to his station. 85
" " Capt. Phil. Holland " Desires that they will sign some men's tickets, and that Mr. Whiting may receive their money, as they are mostly dangerously ill; the perpetual sad clamor of their wives forces him to entreat consideration. 86
" " Robert Garrad and Wm. Allen, constables of Witham. Adm. Com. Send information of Stephen Gant and 4 others of Witham, that the black mare which was taken from Thos. Cottee by Rich. Swinborne, to carry letters for the State, was returned, that his wife afterwards rode to Maldon Market with it, and that Cottee offered to sell it. 87
" " Wm. Motham, bailiff of Witham hundred. " Certificate that he tendered the mare back that had been used for post to Cottee, who would not receive it. 88
" " Charles Taylor, Bristol. Navy Comrs Acquainted Mr. Baylie of the unfitness of the plank and sleepers to be wrought on account of their greenness; the timber is as good and sound as England will afford, but it is not well seasoned, which the contract ties the builder up to. 89
" " Capt. Thos. Adames, Maidstone frigate. " Sends up his accounts and desires his bills in return. Has been at Woodbridge attending the frigate from 3 Dec. to 31 Mar., when they entered into sea victuals; before that, was at great charge for 4 months, for which he desires recompense. 90
" " Jas. Jarvis, Maldon " Will get the frigate out this tide, if the builder gets a good hoy and a couple of lighters. There are 30 men on board wages, and more are expected; having passed his word for their weekly pay, desires money may be sent, or they must appoint some other man. When the frigate is where she can have her masts set, they will be 4 miles from Maldon, and there will be great neglect of business if no provisions are on board. Noted that he is to draw bills upon the Navy treasurer and they will be met. 91
" " Thomas White, Dover. " Sent to the commander of the Nonsuch ketch to bring her into Dover to be refitted, but as she was gone to Dunkirk, requested Vice-Adm. Lawson to send her in when she returns. Is daily annoyed by boatswains and carpenters of ships coming into the Road for stores; has laid out 200l., besides supplying sails to the Nightingale. Desires his bill for 100l. may be paid, and another of 5 June; is out of pocket 200l. 6s. 6d. since last payment. 92
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Adm. Com. Details of ships' repairs 93
June 19 Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. Navy Comrs To similar effect 94
" 20 " Adm. Com. Details of ships repaired 95
" " Capt. Jno. Sherwin, Hull. Navy Comrs Acquainted them of his and Capt. Smith of the Duchess' arrival from Scotland, and received their commands as to a supply for his own ship, but nothing as to the Duchess, and therefore neither Mr. Wells the victualler nor Capt. Smith knows how to act, yet Smith should accompany him, according to instructions; desires they will expedite their resolutions. Both ships are being caulked and tallowed, but as his wants her furnace and mast set, and other repairs, must lay her on the ground to escape the neap tides. 96
" " John Yeeles Adm. Com. Petition to be clerk of the check in the Cardiff, having discharged the duties during the illness of the former one, who cannot go to sea again, and is willing to resign in his favour. With certificate of Capt. Robt. Story and two others. 97, 98
" 21 Jonas Shish " Repairs of ships 99
" " Vice-Adm. Jo. Lawson, Fairfax, Downs. Navy Comrs Received theirs directed to the Generals of the fleet, with the information concerning some of the officers of the Falcon flyboat, and the business is under examination preparatory to a Courtmartial. 100
" " Thos. Phillips, sen., Speaker, Downs. Mr. Smith, Navy Comrs The tickets sent by him and having knots in them, were written by him during the illness of his son, and made so as to distinguish them from the others, but there will be no difference for the time to come, nor any reason to raise doubts. 101
" " Capt. Thos. Bunn, Providence. Navy Comrs Wrote concerning necessary money for sick men, and understood it was to be paid to Mr. Rolfe, but he never appeared, nor have any necessaries been put on board. Has expended his own money, and is daily doing so, to preserve those under his care; desires they will order Mat. Clerke, clerk of the check, to receive the money for 8 months' victuals, so that he may be reimbursed, and able to furnish on a future occasion; if they send him an order to Leith, will advance money, and call upon them for it on his return home. 102
" " Thos. Shewell, Bristol. " The refitting of the Mayflower is nearly completed; will supply her with necessaries and 6 months' pay when she is in King's Road. The Islip having had new main shrouds, and the others shifted, has sailed, and was met by Capt. Grumwell of the Richard and Mary, who reports she is the best sailer he ever saw. Encloses an estimate for rigging and sea stores for the frigate building by Mr. Baylie, and begs their decision. Will provide the best cordage that has been put on any ship in Bristol, and as cheap as in London, or not 1s. per cent. more. 103
" " John Powell, surgeon, Mayflower, Bristol. " In going out his chest cost him 40l.; has since expended 14l. for recruits of medicine. Has diligently performed his duty, been serviceable to all the frigates on his station, but was allowed nothing for supernumeraries for sick men, and his chest being again exhausted, it will cost him 24l. more. Has served 20 months without receiving a penny, and has a wife and family to maintain, yet is now to be paid off with only 6 months' wages, which will neither pay his debts nor serve his own necessities. Begs an order to receive all or at least half his wages, so that his wife and family may not want during his absence. 104
June 21 Robert Orchard, Woolwich. Navy Comrs Works upon ships. Has endeavoured to procure seamen to complete the rigging, &c., at the old rate of 1s. 6d, a day, but unsuccessfully; so to prevent any obstruction, has promised them 1s. 10d.; asks whether he is to go on at that rate. 105
" " Com. Peter Pett, Chatham. Adm. Com. Has been much obstructed in launching ships that have been graved, &c., owing to the tides. Is very full of business and working night and day; wishes the Plymouth had been sent to Woolwich. As the cook of the Convertine neglected his duties, appointed his mate to discharge them; recommends him for the place. Has much difficulty to keep seamen to their duty, and is forced to promise those that constantly attend 1s. a day out of the wages of those that neglect. 106
" 22 " " " Repairs of ships 107
" " Thos. Meech, Chatham Dock. " The stores not affording a sufficient quantity of nails for sheathing the George and Plymouth, desires 100,000 20d. nails may be speedily sent down. 108
" " Robert Sewell and Peter Ellis, Chatham. " Has received 80 bolts of Ipswich canvas from Deptford, on account of the 224 demanded, but it will not be sufficient, there being many ships waiting to be fitted out; desires the residue may be sent forthwith. 109
" " Jno. Falkener and Rich. Poulter. " There being a want of canvas for the State's ships, desire they will order 2,000 ells to be sent into the Tower stores. 110
" " Capt. Edm. Thomson, Advantage, Chester. " Has applied to Charles Walley, and drawn a 6 days' bill for 30l., payable to him, to supply necessaries for his ship; desires it may be met. Sends account of cables wanting and a boat, and hopes to be supplied with them at his next victualling. 111
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. " Desires they will hasten away one of the chain pumps to Walderswick and the other to Yarmouth. Cannot trust the smith about the 3 anchors, as he promises much and performs little. Capt. Macky is ready to sail for Harwich. Wants men to rig the frigate, and a boat's crew to press when out of the Haven, as men will not work for 9s. per week, and there are 100 sail at the quay wanting men. Has given a bill upon the Treasurer for 50l. Is shipping cordage for Harwich. 112, 113
" " Jno. Wyles, Mermaid, Downs. " Sends two muster books; wonders those sent from Hull and Harwich have not arrived. Will forward two more before going out of the Downs. 114
" " Wm. Poole Note that the Mary Rose entered into rigging wages at Woolwich on 8 Nov. 1653, and discharged at Woolwich 12 May 1654. 115
" 23 General Geo. Monck, Camp, Loch Lochy. Chas. Walley. Desires him, in case Capt. Nutton, of the Satisfaction, cannot take in sufficient provisions for victualling his ship for 6 months, to hire a vessel to carry his beer; will see that he is paid. 116
June 23 H. Kearsley Robt. Blackborne. Recommends the petition of Jas. Malun, a poor hoyman, who has suffered much damage in the State's service, and has neither experience nor friends to direct him to relief, and loses more by one day's lying still than he gets by two days' labour. 117
" " Manle Callis, Deptford. Navy Comrs Have docked and are sheathing the Little Charity; sends particulars of her defects 118
" " George Barlow, clerk of the check, Mathias, Plymouth. " Desires the ticket of Nich. Smith for 6 months' pay may be stopped, as he obtained it to send home on plea of his wife's poverty, and has since run. The rest of the men have 13 months' due, and are discontented, as their wives and families are in much want. 119
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Cannot survey the Wildman as she has gone as a victualler to the fleet, but will do so on her return. 120
" " Com. Peter Pett, Chatham. " The Foresight and Adam and Eve have sailed for the Hope, the Rosebush fallen down, the Bridgwater is launched, and the George and Plymouth docked. 121
" " Edw. Munday, Woodbridge. Navy Comrs Wrote them what timber and plank he had bought for the service, and desired acceptance of a bill for 500l. on account, but hearing they will not accept it without further advice, and an account how imprests have been discharged, sends particulars of former bills amounting to 4,829l. 2s. 11d., but thereon hopes they will order payment of his bills, that he may be able to go on with the business and not suffer in his credit. When all the timber is stored, will wait upon them. Asks whether to send a hoy with 60 loads of 4-inch plank to Chatham or Woolwich, and whether to purchase 200 loads more now offered. 122
" 24 Thos. White, Dover " The Nonsuch has come in, but has no commander; the officers allege she is not fit for sea; she wants sails, ropes, a new deck, &c. Asks leave to forbear acting therein until a commander is sent from the Generals. 123
" " Christ. Pett and 3 others, Woolwich. Adm. Com. Recommend the boatswain of the Raven for employment in the Indian, as many of her seamen are willing to accompany him. 124
" 25 Vice-Adm. John Lawson, Fairfax. Navy Comrs Has asked the Admiralty Commissioners how much victuals the ships ordered to remain out are to receive, and on their reply, will send them in to receive it. 125
" 26 Comrs. for sick and wounded. Adm. Com. Recommend 5l. for Lawrence Johnson, in whose house a sick man was entertained. [Damaged.] 126
" " Major N. Bourne Edw. Hopkins, Navy Comr. Asks that Jno. Raynes may be heard before the Admiralty Committee on behalf of the owners of the Trial of Yarmouth, respecting freight due for carrying victuals to the fleet in Aldborough Bay, and that their allowance may be considered with all speed, it having cost them much trouble and produced but little fruit. 127
" " Major Wm. Burton, Yarmouth. Navy Comrs Asks a month's provisions for 30 men of the frigate at Southwold. Sent them the same 3 weeks since, and would have done so again, but the victualler has not any. The Yarmouth frigate is waiting for a wind. Wants the chain pumps and anchors. 128
" " Wm. Hempson Account of victuals on board 18 ships named, in the Downs 129
June 26 Rich. Vinson, for Capt. Hen. Hatsell, Plymouth. Receipt for 8 iron guns and their furniture, from Thos. Goulding, gunner of the Portsmouth hulk 130
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. The Convertine, from Chatham, has been lengthened 20 feet, and not sheathed; desire directions 131
" " Send letter of Mr. White, that the Nonsuch has been brought into Dover, and certifying the repairs needed; desire directions. 132
" " John Walker " Petition for employment as cook, having served in the Great President and in the engagements against the Dutch, wherein he lost the use of his left leg, and has a wife and two children. With certificate of John Crossnib and Thos. Dower in his favour. Noted as granted. 133, 134
" " Navy Comrs. " Recommend the discharge of Thos. More, boatswain of the Adam and Eve, through impotency in his limbs, and the appointment of another. 135
" " Rich. Dermott, West Chester. Navy Comrs Sends muster books of the Advantage and Truelove, which are wind bound, and of the Paradox, which has to be victualled. Furnished Capt. Jones with 10l. to tallow and procure necessaries. Col. Hewson, with many gentlemen of note and other passengers for Ireland, are here, still waiting for a wind. 136
" " Wm. Sarjeant, Islip, Chester. " Is well manned and victualled, and the ship is an excellent sailer. Sends the muster book, and on the captain's return from Alderman Walley, will put to sea. 137
" " E. Hayward and Robt. Sewell, Chatham. [Navy Comrs.] Account of lots uncleared of the sale of old stores on the 27th ultimo, with the names of the buyers 138
" " Elizabeth Haward Vice-Adm. Gurden of the George. Begs the discharge of her husband, Thos. Haward, who has been on board 7 months, she being very ill, and having 4 children to support. 139
" " Capt. Thos. Wright, Heartsease, Tilbury Hope. Navy Comrs Sends the muster books, and desires further orders 140
" " Christ. Pett, Woolwich. " Is in great want of caulkers to fit out the ships; the master caulker pressed several in the river, but few have appeared; desires some course may be adopted to compel them. Details of ships. No time will be lost in carrying on the works. 141
" " Comr. Peter Pett, Chatham. " Details of ships. Encloses a note from Mr. Sewell as to furnishing canvas. Has used old sails for years, but there are but few left; is in great want of tar. 142
" " " " Adm. Com. To similar effect. Sends certificates recommending Rich. Johnson and Hen. Thaxter as boatswain and carpenter for the Tulip; as also another for a person to act as clerk of the check and steward of the Rosebush, neither of whom have appeared. 143, 144
June 26 Capt. Jno. Taylor, Chatham. Adm. Com. Received orders to dispatch all the ships lately come in to wash and tallow, but several want sheathing and repairs. The master shipwright should not know the State's designs, but should know into what seas ships are going, and for how long, so as to fit them. Has known 3 ships having treasure in them of the value of a good fleet of men-of-war lost for want of this. 145
" 27 Thos. Beaumont, steward of the Eastland Merchant. " Petition for the place of steward on the Tulip or Arms of Holland. Has served faithfully 4 years, and lately on a hired merchantman, which is now discharged. With certificate by Robt. Manley and Thos. Wilson. 146, 146a
" " Geo. Jones, shipwright, and 4 others. " Estimate on survey of the James by order of Capt. Hen. Hatsell; cost of repairs needed, 1,861l. 147
" 28 Geo. Kendall, Deptford. Navy Comrs Sends the appraisement of the Black Raven. Has reserved some of her anchors, cables, &c. far the use of the State. Hears there is a new hawser lost out of the Indian since he gave the prize officers a receipt for her and her stores; as they remained on board several days after, cannot say whether they conveyed it away or not. 148
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. Hearing from Mr. White at Dover that the Martin galley has come in much damaged, ask an order for her sheathing. 149
" " Wm. King Comrs. for Sick and Wounded. Sends account and papers of Charles Stamford, surgeon, for attending sick and wounded soldiers and seamen, and recommends that he be paid 20l. With certificate of Col. Barkstead and Edw. Hayward thereon. 150–152
" 29 Major N. Bourne, Deptford. Navy Comrs Wants some full-sized masts for the frigate at Harwich, and Messrs. Wood and Roche, mastmakers, have some fit for the purpose; as they would deliver them without charge beyond freighting, much would be saved to the State. 153
" " Major N. Bourne, Harwich. " Wants two tons of oakum to caulk the Winsby and Yarmouth frigates, and some for ships to carry to sea; begs that the stores formerly demanded may be hastened down. 154
" 30 Major N. Bourne, Wivenho. " Hopes next tide to get the frigate at Maldon afloat. The frigate built there has gone to Harwich, and having been supplied with necessaries, which he will pay for, has drawn a bill on the navy treasurer for 100l. Is going to Harwich, and desires they will procure a letter of credit from the army treasurers for payment of 1,000l. to him by the receivers at Ipswich. 155
" " Major N. Bourne Robt. Blackborne. To like effect. Asks whether the Commissioners adhere to their resolution that as the ships are despatched they are to go to Portsmouth, for several are ready. 156
" " Capt. Jno. Sherwin, Hull. Navy Comrs Asks an order to Mr. Wells, the victualler, to supply his ship and the Duchess with medicaments. Noted that he is to do so if the former time has expired. 157
" " Prize Comrs. " The Admiralty Judges have by their decree restored to Peter Mathews and Arnold Beake 3/12ths and 1/16th part of the Dolphin, taken prize, and since employed by the State, without any appraisement being made; as she is now at Deptford, ask whether the State has any further use for her, that they may the better observe the said decree. 158
" " Navy Comrs. Adm. Com. To the same effect 159
June 30 Capt. Robt. Wilkinson, the Weymouth, Burlington Bay. Navy Comrs Has been guarding the fishermen, who have had a good voyage and been undisturbed, some having from 35 hundred to 40 hundred fish; 50 sail of Lowestoft and Yarmouth fishermen, and some others have come here. Thinks his provisions will last another month or five weeks, when the north fishery will be ended. Has been forced into the bay with 14 of them by a storm; the Providence and many others are riding there. 160
" " Thomas Shewell, Bristol. " Has given the Mayflower's company 6 months' pay, 449l. 13s., and sends the book; has drawn a bill for it, and another for 500l. towards furnishing the Islip for sea, and desires payment. 161
" " Capt. Hum. Morris, late captain of the Fortune. Deposition that all the casks put on board the ship at Portsmouth, at her victualling in Feb. 1653, were on board when he left her, and that none were taken away or embezzled by him or by his knowledge. 162
June? Edw. Hammond, Vanity of Ipswich. Adm. Com. Petition for discharge of Chris. Welby, his officer, pressed by the captain of the Yarmouth, although he had protections for his officers. 163
" " " " Like petition for Welby and John Oullam, also pressed 164
" Accounts of ships and their ladings in the Downs, 27 Feb.–28 June 1654 165–171