Undated Papers relating to the Navy: Undated 1654

Pages 590-594

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Undated Papers relating to the Navy. i. Petitions.

1654 ? Vol. 92.
" Bandoleer makers Ordnance Com. For leave to supply 10,000 bandoleers at 12d. a girdle. Provided them during all the late war, but others have lately supplied them and brought the price to 16d. 1
" John Barfoot, mariner, Wapping. Adm. Com. For the gunner's place on the Chesnut at Deptford. Was in all the engagements with the Hollanders, and 18 months gunner in the Half Moon, but was discharged 4 months ago. 2
" Geo. Browning, gunner of the Gift. " To be gunner in a better ship. Has served many years by sea and land. Was wounded at Chichester, had his estate burned by Goring's forces at Gosport, and has served in 6 fights against the Dutch. 3
" Peter Jansey Callis " For satisfaction. Is a merchant and subject of the Duke of Holstein, who is in amity with the Commonwealth, and sole owner and legal proprietor of some ship timber taken in the 4 Brothers of Tunnick in Holstein. The ship with her lading was, by sentence of the Admiralty Court, to be restored to the owners, but afterwards the timber was appraised by the officers of the stores at Woolwich at 69l. 10s., and was put into the stores, whereas it cost him 104l. 10s. German money, and he is bound to pay 500 guilders or 50l. for the freight, amounting together to 154l. 10s. 4
" Hugh Clemens, carpenter of the Cignet. " For removal into the Stork prize. Has served 20 years, and was promised a remove to one of the new frigates by the now generals of the fleet, but was at sea when the officers were appointed. 5
" Jane Cooley, widow " For an order to Capt. Tatnell to give her a ticket for the wages of her apprentice, Jas. Boyden, whilst in the Rosebush. He has served through the wars, and is now in the Tulip, but Tatnell detains his ticket. 6
" And. Harmesey, Dutchman. Adm. Com. For wages. Was taken 3 June last, and was 8 weeks in prison; has served 5 months in the Mary Rose, and been lamed. With 4 signatures. 7
" John Haslelock, surgeon. " For the place of surgeon at Deptford and Woolwich, having long served faithfully, and been surgeon-general in the war with the Dutch. With certificates from Sir Geo. Ayscue, 6 masters in surgery, and General Blake 1649–1652, to his abilities. Also note from Gen. Monk, 7 Oct. 1653, to the governors of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, recommending him to the surgeon's place of the Lock, at their disposal. 8–13
" Wm. Hempson " For employment. Has served at sea 7 years as purser in the Laurel and Phœnix, and this last summer in the Resolution, in disposing of the victuals sent to the fleet. 14
" " " For payment of his wages, being ordered the same as his predecessor, Mr. Blundel, but the Navy Commissioners say they do not know what Blundel was allowed. 15
" John Hoskins, waterman on the Paragon, Chatham. " For discharge. Has served 9 years during all the troublous times, which being over, wishes to return to his trade and marry one to whom he has been long engaged. 16
" Joan, widow of Valentine Howard, corporal in the Sussex. The Protector. For relief for self and 2 children; her husband lost his life in the service, and she has only received 10l. from the Commissioners at Little Britain. With reference to the Admiralty Committee. 17
" Lawrence Johnson, mariner of Norway. Adm. Com. For discharge from service. Coming on a merchant voyage, was pressed a year ago into the Elias, but hears that his wife and 4 children are ready to perish for want of relief. 18
" John Musgrave, boatswain of the Bryer. " To be boatswain of the ship building at Portsmouth. Has served 13 years, 4 years being in the Bryer. With certificate by Capt. Rob. Sansum and 4 others. 19, 20
" Richard, son of Thos. Rabenet, master attendant of the Navy. " To be boatswain of the frigate building at Chatham. Has been bred to navigation; was in all the late engagements, and is now midshipman in the President. 21
" Katherine, widow of Hum. Rayment, ropemaker, Ratcliffe. " For payment to her out of the Navy treasury of ½ of 220l. due for cables, &c., delivered by her son John; her husband left her ½ of his estate, but her son has taken all the rope-making materials, which were the greatest part thereof. 22
" Nath. Rockwell, late lieutenant of the Kentish. " For travelling charges. Served on the Newcastle from 4 May to 25 June, and was then ordered to Harwich to the Kentish, whence he was discharged in Stokes' Bay on 29 Dec. last. 23
" John Rose Adm. Com. For a master's place. Was in 4 engagements with the Dutch, under Major Bourne, then lieutenant of the Exchange under Capt. Rob. Haytubbe. 24
" John Rudd " For a boatswain's place. Has served 7 years, and last under Gen Penn in the war with Holland. With certificate by Paul Bradshaw and 14 others. 25, 26
" Peter Tucker, boatswain in the Waterhound. " To be boatswain of the small frigate at Yarmouth. Was in the Bonadventure in the Straits, and at the regaining of the Phœnix, and since under Capt. Shelley in the Waterhound, now laid up. With certificate by Capt. Giles Shelley. 27, 28
" Thos. Webb, late steward of the Little President. " For allowance of servant's wages, although Captain Sparling turned his servant ashore, saying he would not have boys on board; also for passing of his accounts from Aug. 1652 to Dec. 1653, which he presented in Jan., but they have been lost. Owes 24l. for board, clothes, &c., and has been imprisoned, but released on bail. 29
" " " " To like effect. Has been waiting 8 months for his accounts; lay in prison at 12d. a night charges. 30

Undated Papers relating to the Navy, &c. ii. Letters.

" J. B. Mrs. Mathews, Gray's Inn Lane. Apologies for not waiting on her. Will meet her at Mr. Bell's on Monday 31
" J. Fowler Robt. Blackborne. Requests leave to come to town on family business, there being in harbour but the Fairfax, Tredagh, and Bristol. 32
" Jonathan Gibbons Major Bourne. Asks a letter to the commander of the Lion to discharge Major Gibbons' son, who has been pressed for that ship, and is kept at a house called the Speaker, in Shadwell, as he is not yet clear of Capt. Crane who came from New England. 33
" Sam. Hyland Maj.-Gen. Thos. Kelsey. Begs a chaplain's place at sea for — Roebotham, recommended by Mr. Roebotham, chaplain to Col. Mill's regiment. He wishes to be spared coming before the tryers. 34
" Martin Noel and Nat. Waterhouse. Adm. Com. Recommend Capt. Thos. Hale, lieutenant of the Victory. The Protector promised him a place in the life guard, but it did not fall out. 35
" Capt. Rich. Potter, Constant Warwick. " Complains of his boatswain and gunner's neglect of duty in remaining on shore for several days at Plymouth and Harwich, and after the ship had put to sea. 36
" John Purver Navy Comrs Begs order for payment of a waggon that has carried the tools of 100 discharged calkers and carpenters from Portsmouth to London, and without payment they cannot have their tools. 37
" Ralph Rountree, teacher in the Pelican. Maj.-Gen. Desborow. Asks a cook's place in a ship for Thos. Riveley. Has had a share in both sufferings and mercies in these distractions in England, and has seen the signal wonders of God. 38
" Thos. Russell, boatswain of the Peter prize. Navy Comrs Begs relief, having been long sick and at his own charge. Had a deputy on his ship, after whose discharge some stores were embezzled; is not the least guilty therein. 39
" Theo. Sacheverell, purser. " Begs that his captain may be compelled to sign his accounts, without which the victualler will not pass them. 40
" Capt. Ga. Saunders Robt. Blackborne. As they are bound to the Straits, and are to have lieutenants, begs that Mr. Aird, who lost his arm in the service, may be his lieutenant. 41
" Thos. Scott, and Manlie Callis. [Navy Comrs.] Have surveyed the Cignet, and send particulars of defects 42
" Wm. Serjeant Col. Clarke, Adm. Comr. Rich. Day, check of the Bazim frigate, who wishes to be made its purser, has 2 wives living in London. 43
" Capt. Edm. Thomson Adm. Com. The boatswain of the Plover informs that 2 anchors and the boat's grapplings were sold last voyage. 44
" Capt. Whitehorn Blackborne Has spoken with many vessels, and been within 4 or 5 leagues of Yarmouth, but can hear of no men-of-war troubling those parts. 45
" Wm. Willoughby Navy Comrs Asks where to send some wounded men, who will be long before they are fit for service. His brother has gone to see if they can get the Sovereign down. 46
" " " " Sends the surgeon to urge the clearing the town of wounded men, who will be a great charge if they stay a perfect cure. Adventures to remove more than he would, lest the last engagement should bring in others. 47
" Certificate by Jon. Harman, that Sam. Bosworth is godly, honest, and fit for employment 48
" Certificate by Phin. Pett, and 4 others, that John Brooker was cook of the Leopard when taken in the Straits, has since served in the James, and is fit for employment. 49
" Request by Hum. Blake, treasurer for prize moneys, that Mat. Scarborough may be appointed his deputy, with a salary of 80l., less than given to former sub-treasurers. 50
" Names of persons proposed for employment in the Prize Office:—John Ince, accountant and chief clerk, salary 60l.; Wm. Maxfield, surveyor, 40l.; Jas. Blackborne, deputy comptroller at Plymouth, 3d. in the pound; J. Greenwell, at Portsmouth, the same. Noted "Agreed." 51
" List of officers employed by the late comptroller of prize goods, viz.: in London, accountant, 80l.; surveyor, 60l.; tideman, 12s. a week; Plymouth, deputy comptroller, 50l., and at Portsmouth, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Dover, Deal, and Sandwich, 40l.; in each of these places a warehouse keeper at 30l.; and a tideman at 7s. or 9s. a week. 52
" Note of the Hopewell of London, bound for Cork, laden with wines for Lord Henry Cromwell and Col. Jephson, being by order of the Admiralty Commissioners convoyed to Portsmouth and there left. 53
" Note of goods delivered for the Navy by John Pitts, carpenter, value 264l. 5s. 3d. Thos. Lane, Joiner, 174l. 1s. 6d.; Mr. Browne, plumber, 129l. 15s. 5d.; Thos. Norfolk, bricklayer, 97l. 16s. 4d.; and Edw. Gudenuffe, plasterer, 51l. 18s. 6d.; total, 717l. 17s. 54
" Account of sums due to 39 vessels named, for periods from 20 to 54 month's service; total, 134,684l. 6s. 55
" Account of Eastland commodities, tar, deals, pitch, oil, &c., bought or seized for the State since 12 Dec. 56
" List by John Hubbard, Jos. Burnet, and Chas. Hawkins, of 32 seamen who are to be discharged for illness, age, wounds, &c. 57, 58
" Note of officers appointed for the Lily and Swallow, lately built at Deptford, the Hart and Rose at Woolwich, and the Pearl and Cignet at Chatham. 59
" Account of the charge for materials and workmanship in making two bolts of canvas by Jno. Elmie, in Suffolk, being 64 yards at 16d. per yard; total, 4l. 5s. 4d. If encouragement be given to the workmen, they may be able to make it 2d. a yard less. 60
" Abstract of payments made by the Navy Treasurer since 1 Nov. 1654, out of 100,000l. assigned upon the Exchequer for seamen's wages, victualling, clothes, imprests, bills of exchange, timber, stores, &c.; total, 98,802l. 0s. 9d. 61
" Accounts by Mr. Swetnam of disbursements for sick, wounded, and dead men 62–64
" Particulars of the condition of 10 ships named 65
" Note of the stations of 17 ships named 66
" List of 47 wives and widows of seamen and 5 seamen, with the amount of gratuity or pay received by many of them 67
" Certificates from the Commissioners for sick and wounded during the year, relative to the payment of gratuities to the widows and orphans of those fallen in war. Many of them much defaced. 70–119
Vol. 93.
1654 Warrants by the Admiralty Committee during the year, for the appointment of minor officers of ships, and of the State's dockyards 1–162