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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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[May.] Col. Wm. Borthwick to the Protector. As I never disputed your commands, nothing shall hinder my praying for your happiness, which is all I can do in my present condition. I will not trouble you with my sufferings, but beg you to consider how I suffer in my reputation which I value more than life. Am I alone to be excluded from your justice, and will the justest of all not only princes but men permit an innocent prisoner to perish unheard? Much rather let me seal my innocency with my blood on the scaffold. But I know that now, after 19 weeks' imprisonment, you will hasten my trial or enlargement. Had I resolved to sell my honour, I should have made an ill bargain not to get enough to eat bread. Had the bloody rebels employed one of quality to do mischief, they would long ere now have enquired after him. [Vol. 71, No. 122. See also, Dec. 1656, and March 1657.]
Aug. 8. Petition of Wm. Tasborough to Council, for restoration to his place. Is well affected, and had often adventured himself against the enemy, and though there have been various changes in late years, has always "sided with those with whom the Lord hath appeared in the conclusion," and will never join those that seek to destroy the public peace, and would venture life for his Highness. By an unhappy accident, has let an enemy escape from custody, but begs pardon and discharge, as his commitment will ruin his wife and children. [Vol. 84, No. 24b.]
Aug. 8/18.
Deposition by Sir Rich. Grenville that there is due to him from the estate of Theophilus, late Earl of Suffolk, 45,000l. sterling, principal and interest, besides costs and damages. With extract from the day book of Jas. Robinson of goods received 20 Sept. 1652, from Dutch ships on the Earl's account, viz., 2 very great coffers, 2 great flat coffers, 12 great packs of tapestry, 14 packs of Turkey carpets, worth 45,000l. Flemish, or 27,000l., taken in presence of the magistrates of Bruges, and agreed to by Mr. Noblet, the late Earl's attorney. [Vol. 74, No. 24a.]
Aug. 15. Order in Council that the Admiralty Commissioners order payment of 268l. for 203 tents and 1,000 snapsacks for Col. Pride's regiment, marching to Scotland, out of 139l. 3s. 4d. in the hands of John Powell, overplus of 1,300l. received by him from the Customs' Committee, to pay for tents and shoes provided by the Ordnance officers, and from 128l. 16s. 8d. to be paid to Powell by the collectors for prize goods. With bill for the 268l. [I. 75, p. 489; Vol. 74, Nos. 59 a, b.]
Aug. 21. Ordinance by the Protector and Council that the 1,000l. ordered to Viscount or Lady Katherine Ranelagh, for the use made of his estate in Ireland by the Parliament forces, be paid out of the moneys to come in to the treasurers at Goldsmiths' Hall from the subscribers to the Yorkshire engagement. [Vol. 74, No. 106a.]
Sept. 8. Ordinance by the Protector and Council for payment of 600l. to Edw. Elvins, alderman of Worcester, for his fidelity when mayor of the city in 1646, and when governor in 1651, for his losses by the burning of his house and plundering of his goods, and his expenses in money; to be raised from the estates of those delinquents who assisted the King of Scots in the late engagement at Worcester. [Vol. 76, No. 28a.]
Dec. ? Petition of 40 officers and seamen of the Roe ketch, under Capt. Thos. Bowrey, to the Admiralty Commissioners. We have been employed 31 to 34 months by the keepers of the liberties of England in and about the northern and eastern seas, and are in great straits and worn out for want of money and necessaries, and our conditions as "deplorable as may be expressed by many aggravations," so that we are obliged "to present before you the map of our misery" that we may obtain relief, and not be unfit to equip and deport ourselves like men, and relieve our families like Christians. Let our small salaries be paid, and our families relieved, and you will be the redressors of our grievances, and we shall hope better days; for though our government be changed, we have a reparation of it, and since God has put into your hands the opportunity to do good, we hope he will put it into your hearts to effect a matter of such consequence to us. [Vol. 77, No. 84.]
1654 ? Note [by Wm. Ryley] of the descent of Geo. Appleby from Sir Edmund Appleby, slain after Mussleborough battle in Scotland, 1 Edw. VI. His widow, Joyce, daughter of Thos. Curzon of Croxhall, co. Derby, married Thos. Lewes of Mancester, co. Warwick, and "was burned at Coventry 1557, for her constancy in religion, of whom Master Fox hath written in his book of the Acts and monuments of the martyrs."
With note of their land in Greystock manor, and their arms, argent, a cross gules. [Vol. 77, No. 110.]