General Index: B

Pages 601-608

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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B, J., letter of

Babington, Mr.


Bachelor, Geo., see Batchelor.

Backhouse, Capt. Peter

Backwell, Edw.

Badiley, Rear-Admiral Rich.
-, certificates by
-, letters of
-, Capt. Wm.
-, letters of

Bagaley, Humph.
-, petition of

Bagg, Sir James

Baggaert, Remer

Bagnall, Mr.

Bagster, Jas.

Bailey, Jas., letter of


Baily, Thos.

Baines, Capt. Adam, see Baynes.

Baker, Rich.
-, Rich., deputy marshal of the fleet
-, Roger, letter of
-, Thos.
-, Eliz., wife of
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

Bala, co. Merioneth

Baldock, Jno.
-, confession of

Bale, Gifford

Balewick, Scotland

Balfour, Sir Wm., petition of

Ball, Saml.
-, Thos.
-, Capt.
-, minister

Ballishannon, Ireland

Ballycotton, Ireland

Balthasar, Capt. Wm., petition of

Bamff, Scotland

Bamford, Capt. Rich. or Rob.
-, petition of
-, Sam.

Bampfield, Col. John

Banbury, co. Oxford
-, Castle
-, Earl and Countess of, see Knollys.

Bandoleer makers, petition of

Bankes, Sir John, late Attorney-General

-, English in
-, prisoners sent to
-, ships to or from
-, sugar


Barber, Capt. Ge.
-, Wm.
-, Dr.
-, Mr., Bedfordshire

Barber Surgeons' Hall, see London city companies.

Barbour, W., letters of

Barchel, Lord

Barclay, Col. David, petition of

Baree, David

Barfleur, Capt.

Barfoot, John, petition of


Barker, Jos.
-, Ald.

Barking, co. Essex

Barkley, Rich. or Maurice, petition of

Barkstead, Col. John, see Berkstead.
-, Mich.

Barlow, Geo., letters of

Barnard, Rich.
-, Dr.

Barnardiston, Thos.

Barners, Josias

Barners, Abr.
-, Capt. John, letters of
-, Capt. Nich., letter of
-, Rebecca, information by
-, Thos.
-, Wm., petition of
-, forger
-, Mr.

Barnham, Suffolk

-, articles
-, bay, letter dated from
-, mayor of
-, ships of

Barr, Peter
-, petition of

Barrett, Cornet Rob., petition of
-, Thos.

Barrire, M. de, petition of

Barrington, Mr.

Barron, Lieut. Hen.
-, Jas.
-, petition of

Bartlet, Wm.

Bass isle

Bass, James le

Bassano, Ant., petition of

Basse, Edward

Bassey, Anth.

Bassnett, Thos.

Batchelor or Bachelor, Geo.
-, petition of
-, John

Bate, Dr.

Bateman, Lewis, of Flushing
-, Rob.

Bates, Hen.

Bateson, Hen.

Bath, co. Somerset
-, mayor, aldermen, &c. of

Batson, Rich.
-, letter of

Batten, Capt. Wm.

Battersea, Surrey

Battevilla, Baron de

Baughey, Theop., petition of

Baxter, Ensign Arnold, petition of
-, Nich.

Bayley, Geo.
-, Capt.
-, Major

Baylie or Bayley, Fras.
-, letters of

Baynes or Baines, Capt. Adam
-, Chas.

Baynton, Sir Edw.
-, estates of
-, executors of
-, petitions of


Bayree, Chas.

Beach or Beech, Capt. Rich., pirate

Beachy Head, Sussex

Beake, Arnold
-, petitions of

Beale, Barth.
-, John, petition of
-, trumpeter

Beane, Hum.

Beare Wood, Windsor

Beaulieu, M.

-, letters dated from

Beaumont, Thos.
-, Thos., ship's steward, petition of

Beavis, Pet., certificate by

Becher, see Beecher.

Beck, Mr.

Beckley, Sy., certificate by

Bedford, Lieut.

-, Earl of, see Russell.
-, Level

-, Court of Sessions in
-, justices of peace for

Bedminster, co. Somerset

Beech, pirate, see Beach.

Beecher, Lionel
-, petition of
-, petition of

Belchamber, Rich.
-, letter of


Belhaven, Lord (Rob. Douglas)

Belke, Major

Bell, Mr.

Bell Isle

Bellamy, Col. Edw.
-, letter of
-, petition of

Bellasis, Sir Hen.
-, John
-, Henry, son of

Bellew, co, Lincoln


Belson, Austen or Augustine
-, petition of

Belvoir Castle

Bembridge, Cuthbert, petition of

Bence, Alex.
-, letter of

Bendish, Thos.
-, letter to
-, Sir Thos., Ambassador to Turkey

-, presentation to

Benet, Dr., Master in Chancery

Benn, Capt, Thos., letter of

Bennet, Thos.
-, brazier
-, Capt.

Bennett, Geo. or Jervis
-, references to
-, reports of
-, Jno.
-, petition of
-, Josh.
-, Thos., petition of
-, Capt. Wm.
-, Thomasine, widow of
-, petition of
-, Mr.

Bentlow, Mr.

Benton, Nehemiah

Benuse, merchant of Flushing

Bere, Edm.
-, Peter, petition of
-, Rich., letter of

Beresford, Rich.

Berkley, Sir Chas.

Berkshire, places in

Berkstead or Barkstead, Col. John, Lieutenant of the Tower
-, bills by
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, payments by
-, payments to
-, petitions of
-, prisoners in custody of, see Tower the, prisoners in.
-, quarter books of
-, regiment of
-, warrants to
-, alluded to

Berners, Jas.

Bernhard, Israel

Berry, Hen.
-, Col.

Bertie, Robert, Earl of Lindsey

-, bailiffs, burgesses, &c. of
-, bridge at, repair of
-, garrison of
-, Governor of, see Fenwick, Col. Geo.
-, letter dated from
-, mayor, &c. of
-, petition of
-, North
-, prisoners in
-, ships at

Bethel, Hugh, minister

Bethell, Col. or Major Hugh
-, petition of

Beverley, co. York

Beverley, Horatio

Bible, the, or Scriptures
-, concordance of
-, quotations from

Bideford, co. Devon
-, letter dated from
-, mayor of
-, mayor and justices of
-, ministers of

Bidle, John, book by

Bigges, Hen.
-, certificate by

Biggs, Seriff
-, Thos.
-, accounts by

Bight, Rich.

Bigshott Rails, Windsor

Billers, Capt. Wm., Ordnance officer

Billingsley, Thos.
-, Mr.

Bilton, Geo.

Binfield, Berks

Bingest, Rich., see Bringest.

Bingham, Col. John, governor of Guernsey
-, letters of

Bingley, Dame Agripina

Birch, Thos.

Bird, Major Wm.
-, Mr.

Birkbeck, Capt. John
-, Katherine, wife of

Birkhead, Edw., serjeant-at-arms
-, warrant to


Biscoe, Lieut.-Col., company of
-, request by

Bishop, Capt. Geo.
-, Wm.
-, Zach.

Bishop Canning's manor, co. Wilts

-, courts of
-, lands of
-, sale of, Act for
-, receiver for
-, trustees or contractors for
-, certificate by
-, orders to

Blackborne, Rob., secretary to the Admiralty Committee
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, James, brother of

Blackborow, John
-, Wm.

Blackburn, co. Lancaster

Blacklock, bookseller

Blackman, Thos.

Blackmore, Major John
-, Simon
-, certificate by

Black Raven (ship), officers of, depositions of

Blackston, John

Blackwall, Middlesex

Blackwall, Rich.

Blackwell, Jno.
-, Capt. John, jun., Treasurer-at-War
-, Wm.

Blagg, Capt. Edw., letters of
-, Col.

Blaighose, Scotland

Blaire, Alex., family of
-, petition of

Blaithwaite, Mary, petition of

Blake, Major Alex.
-, Capt. Ben., letter of
-, Hum.
-, Mat.
-, Capt. Rob., letter of
-, Col. Rob., General of the Fleet
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, squadron or fleet of
-, warrant of

Blakemore, Mr.

Blakiston, Geo., certificate by

Bland, Jno., petition of
-, Sam.

Blaw, Jno.

Blaxton, Wm.
-, father, &c. of

Blayden, Thos.

Blaydes, Jas.
-, Wm.

Blayne, Alex.

Blechingley, Surrey

Blomer, John

Blondeau, Peter
-, petition of

Blount, Mountjoy, Earl of Newport
-, Lady Anne, his daughter
-, petition of
-, Sir Hen.
-, John, petitions of
-, Mary Countess of Stirling, his wife, petition of
-, Wm.

Blowfield, Capt. Isaiah, letters of

Bludworth, Thos.
-, petition of

Blundel, Mr.

Blundell or Blunden, Frances
-, petition of

Blunt, Jno., bond of

Blythe, Capt. John, letter of

Boatmore, M. de

Bochart, Mr.

Bocket, John

Boden, Fras.
-, Wm.

Bodle, Thos., letter of

Bodley, Jeremy or Jerome
-, petition of

Bodweny, co. Merioneth

Boeve, Jas.

Bohemia, Elizabeth, Queen of (daughter of James I.)

Bolingbroke, Earl of, see St. John.

Bolles, Jno.

Bolter, Wm., letter of

Bolton Castle, co. York
-, governor of

Bolton, Major Chas.
-, Sir Rich.
-, Margaret, widow of
-, Dr. Sam., master of Christ's College, Cambridge
-, petition of
-, Theo.
-, petition of

Bonamy, Jacob

Bond, Denis
-, John, letters of
-, Dr. John
-, Nich.
-, certificate by
-, payments to

Bonnel, Benj., agent from the King of Sweden

Bonratty Castle, Ireland

Books, or pamphlets
-, muster
-, of accounts
-, of rates
-, official
-, treasonable, libellous, or seditious
-, titles of, viz.
-, Armies and navy, daily intelligence from
-, Bible, the see Bible.
-, Bidle's twofold Catechism
-, Coker's narrative of his gift of healing
-, Confusion confounded
-, Fox's Acts and monuments
-, Government of the Commonwealth
-, Moderate intelligencer
-, Reasons of Cromwell's government

Booly, Dutchman

Boone, Thos.
-, Mr.

Boones, Thos.

Booth, Sir Geo.
-, Wm., certificate by

Boothouse, Saml.

-, English at
-, ships at, to, or from

Bordeaux or Bourdeaux, M. de, French Ambassador
-, entertainments to

Borlase, Lady Alice
-, petition of
-, Col. Sir Jno.
-, petition of
-, father of (Sir John Borlase)

Bornford, Hen.

Borthwick, Capt. Wm., letter of

Bosseville, Wm.
-, petition of
-, father of
-, Col. Wm.

Boston, co. Lincoln
-, letter dated from
-, ships of

Boswell, Jas.
-, petitions of
-, Col. Wm.

Bosworth, Sam.

Boteler, Major Wm.

Boughton, John, deposition of

Boulton, John

Bourdeaux, M. de, see Bordeaux.

Bourgnuf, France

Bourne, co. Lincoln

Bourne, Capt. John
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Major Nehemiah, Navy Commissioner
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, wife of
-, Capt. Peter

Boweles, Edw., letter of

Bowen, Capt. P.
-, letters of
-, Susan

Bowers, Mr.

Bowes, Rob. and Frances, pass for

Bowrey, Capt. Thos.

Bowyer, Col. Jno.
-, Peter, letter of

Boyden, Jas.

Boyle, Richard, late Earl of Cork
-, Roger, Lord Broghill, his son
-, certificate of
-, petition of

Boynton, Sir Mat.

Boynton, co. York, inhabitants of, petition of
-, minister of

Brabazon, Walter

Braborne, Robt.

Brace Sound, see Brass Sound.

Bracey, Jno., treasurer of Ely House

Bradbury, Fras.

Bradford, co. York

Bradford, John

Bradley, Dan., deposition of
-, Nich., letter of
-, minister

Bradmead, Phil.

Bradney Rectory, co. Lincoln

Bradpole, co. Dorset

Bradshaw, John, serjeant-at-law
-, document signed by
-, letter to
-, Paul, certificate of
-, payment to
-, Rich., resident at Hamburg
-, Wm.
-, Sarah, widow of
-, petition of
-, children of

Braham, Sir Rich. or Rich.

Braine, Dr. John
-, Dorcas, widow of
-, children of
-, petition of

Bramble, Lazarus
-, orders by

Brame, prisoner

Bramston, Jno., Chief Justice of the King's Bench, opinion of

Branche, Eliazer

Brand, John

Brandenburg, Electorof(Frederick William I.)

Brandspeth, co. Durham

Bransby, Thos., petition of

Brass or Brace Sound, Shotland

Bray, Bridget
-, petition of
-, Thos.

Bray, co. Berks

Brayne or Bryan, Col. Wm.
-, instructions by
-, letters of
-, receipt by

-, governor or general of
-, ship from

Brechin, Scotland

-, county committee of
-, gentry, &c. of
-, petition of
-, M.P. for
-, recorder of
-, sheriff of

Breda, letter dated from

Breda, Phil., petition of

Bredhempson, letter dated from


Bremhill, co. Wilts

Brentford, New, Middlesex, inhabitants of, petition of
-, fight at

Brereton, Sir Wm.

Bressey, John

-, English at
-, ships, pirates, or men of war of

Bretton, Spencer, consul at Smyrna
-, letters to

Breviter, Rich., certificate by

Brewer, Mr.

Brewster, Col. Hum., petition of
-, Nath.
-, certificate by

Brewton, Wm.

Brice, Jno.

Brickley or Bricklefe, Ashley

Bridewell, London, keeper of, warrant to
-, prisoners committed to

Bridge, Thos.
-, Wm., certificate of

Bridge house

Bridlington, see Burlington.

Bridport, co. Dorset, bailiffs, burgesses, and inhabitants of, petition of
-, minister of

Brier, the (ship), officers of, certificate by

Briggs, Thos., certificate of

Brighton or Brightelmstone
-, bay, letters dated from

Brill, Holland

Bringest or Bingest, Rich.
-, petition of, committee on

Briscoe, Mich.

-, alderman of
-, county committee of
-, Earl of, see Digby.
-, fair
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, merchants of
-, minister of
-, Navy agent at, see Powell, Jas.
-, port of
-, residents at
-, petitions of
-, sheriffs of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships built at
-, ships of
-, Temple gate in
-, travellers to
-, victualler at, see Powell, Jas.

Britain, Great

British Museum
-, seas
-, subject

Brito, Domingo, Vaes de


Britten, Wm.

Britton, Thos., petition of

Broadway Manor, co. Somerset

Brocke, Jas., letters of

Brockhurst, Cornet

Broghill, Lord, see Boyle.

Brograne, Jno.
-, Pansey

Bromfield, John, petition of
-, Col. Lawrence

Bromhall, Jno.

Bromham, co. Wilts

Bromhead, Hen., certificate of

Bromley, Geo., petition of

Bromsdon, see Granger, Abr.

Brooke, Capt. Geo.
-, Capt. Rich., letters of

Brooker, John
-, Orton

Brookes, Rich.
-, Rob.

Brooks, John
-, Thos., letters of

Broome, Mr.

Brotherton, Capt.

Brough, Rob.

Broughton, Lieut.-Col. or Major Edw.
-, father and sisters of
-, Hum.
-, Mrs.

Brower, Hen.

Brown or Browne, Francis, Lord Montague
-, Francis, his son, pass for
-, Godfrey
-, Hen.
-, John, J.P.
-, John of Harwich, letters of
-, Martin, letter of
-, Capt. Matthew
-, letters of
-, Lieut. Nath.
-, Capt. Rich., navy agent at Pembroke
-, letters of
-, Thos., certificate by
-, deposition of
-, Thos., minister
-, Capt.
-, forger
-, plumber
-, prisoner

Browning, Geo., petition of

Brownsea Castle, co. Dorset

Broyle, Capt.

Brudenell, Thomas, Lord Brudenell

-, letter dated from

Brumage, Wm.

Brunt Island, Scotland

Bruntstaine, Scotland

Brussels, Court of

Bruynnigh, Leen Claessen

Bryan, Rich.
-, Col., see Brayne.

Bryant, clerk of the check

Buccleugh, Earl of, see Scott.

Buchanne, David, letter of

Buck, Thos.
-, petition of

Buckenham, John

Buckingham, Duke of, see Villiers, Geo.

Buckinghamshire, commissioners in
-, militia in
-, places in

Buckland, John
-, letter to

Budd, Edw.
-, petition of

Budley, Jos.

Bugden, resident at

Bull, Sam., letter of


Bull's bay
-, letter dated from

Bulstrode, Edw.
-, request by
-, John

Bunbury, John

Bunce, Thos.
-, petitions of
-, mother of

Bunn, Capt. Thos., letters of

Bunt, Sir Hen.

Burges, Col. Roger, governor of Cornet Castle
-, Thos.
-, letter to

Burgesses, election of, see Parliament, members of.

Burgh, Ulick de, Earl of Clanricard
-, Rob.

Burke, Col., regiment of

Burlamachy, Phil.

Burleigh, Wm.
-, certificate by

Burlington or Bridlington
-, letter dated from
-, bay
-, letters dated from

Burnet, John
-, Jos.

Burnham, Somerset

Burrell, And., letter of
-, Chris.
-, Capt. Wm., governor of Mersey Island

Burt, Thos.

Burton, Jas., petition of
-, John, letter of
-, Major Wm.
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, Mr.
-, merchant of Hull

Burton Agnes Rectory, co. York

Bury, Rich.

Bushell, Capt. Jno.

Bushrod, Jno.
-, petition of

Bushy, co. Herts., lands in

Bute, Scotland

Butler, James, Earl of Ormond
-, Col. Allan
-, Katherine, widow of
-, Col. Anth.
-, Hen.
-, John
-, Jos.
-, petition of
-, Lieut. Thos.
-, Major Wm.
-, letter to
-, Sir Wm.

Butter, Edw.

Butteresse, Thos., deposition of

Byfield, Nath.
-, Rich.
-, petition of

Byland, Edw.

Byshe, Edw., herald