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Pages 608-619

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Cade, John

Cadiz, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Cadman, Herbert

Csar, Anne, alias Levingston


Caisburne, Scotland


-, ships to or from

Caldeyroad, Ireland, letter dated from

Callingwood, co. Stafford

Callis, Manlie
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, Peter Jansey, petition of

Calloway, Tristram

Cambridge (town)
-, University
-, Chancellor of
-, Vice-chancellor of
-, masters, &c. of, petition of
-, professors in
-, colleges of, masters of also
-, Catherine Hall, master of
-, Christ's, master of
-, Corpus Christi, master of
-, Gonvill and Caius, master of
-, Emanuel, master of
-, Jesus, master of
-, King's
-, provost, bursar, and scholars of
-, Pembroke Hall
-, Peterhouse
-, master of
-, petition of
-, Queen's, master of
-, St. John's, master of
-, Sydney Sussex
-, Trinity
-, vice-president of, see Ackhurst, Alex.
-, Trinity Hall, master of

-, members of Parliament for
-, places in
-, poor in, contributions for

Campbell, Archibald, Marquis of Argyle



Canaries, the

Candler, Chas.

Cane, Nich.
-, Susan, wife of

Canne, Robt.

Cannon, Hen.
-, proposals of

-, Christchurch in


Caple, barony of, Scotland

Captives, committee for redemption of

Caravajal, Anthonio Fernandez

Cardenas, Don Flento de, Spanish ambassador, letter to

Cardiff Castle, garrison at


Carell, Sam.

Carew, Sir Fras.
-, Sir Geo.
-, Lady Thomasine

Carey, Hen.
-, Jas.
-, examination of
-, petition of
-, Jno.
-, letter to
-, Wm.
-, privateer
-, shipbuilder

Carisbrook, Isle of Wight
-, Castle
-, Park

Carlingford, Ireland

-, Earl of, see Hay.
-, garrison of

Carlisle, Roger
-, accounts by
-, answer of
-, petitions of

Carlton, Jno.


Carme, Tim., letter of

-, judges of

Carnegie, Lord

Carolos, alias Palache, Jacob
-, father of

Carre, Wm.

-, governor of

Carter, Col. And., letter of
-, Jas.
-, John
-, Col. Jno., governor of Conway
-, petitions of
-, Wm.

Casebeard, Thos.

Cass, Mr.

Cassilis, Earl of, see Kennedy.

Castell or Casteel, Mich.
-, petition of
-, Col. Rob.

Castile soap

Castle, Dr. John, certificate by
-, Lawrence
-, Mr.

Castlechurch, co. Stafford

Cate, Mr., sheriff of Oxford, letter to

Cater, Mr. Bedfordshire

Caterlow or Catherlough, Ireland, lands in

Catts, Mr.

Catwater, Plymouth
-, letters dated from

Caudwell, Mr.


Cave, Israel

Cavendish, William., Earl and Marquis of Newcastle
-, letter of

Cecil, William, Earl of Salisbury
-, petitions of

Ceconi, Alex.

Ceely, Col. Thos., petition of
-, Major

Center, Wm.

Cephalonia currants, tax on

Ceremonies, master of the, see Fleming, Sir Oliver.

Cha. [chancellor], Mr., see Hyde, Sir Edward.

Chacon, Aug. Coronel

Chadwick, Mr.

Chafe, Mat., letters of

Chaffy, Mr.

Challoner, Jas.

Cham, Wm.
-, petition of
-, wife of

Chamberlain, Wm.

Chamberlen, Capt.

Chancellor, Lord, oath for

Chancery, Court of
-, committee for
-, clerks in
-, Close Rolls in
-, cursitors of
-, decrees in
-, fees in
-, Hanaper in
-, clerks of
-, master in
-, officers in
-, registrar of
-, regulations for
-, Act for
-, sixpenny writs in
-, subpna office in

Channel, the
-, ships in
-, ships to or from
-, North

Channing, Capt. Rich.

Chapel Hainault, see Hainault.

Chaplain, Mrs.

Chapman, Livewell
-, Mr.

Charente, France

Charitable uses, commissioners for

Charles I., or the late King
-, army of
-, book of
-, children of, see also James, duke of York, Henry, duke of Gloucester, and Mary, princess royal.
-, commissions of
-, court of
-, creditors of
-, petitions of
-, debts due to
-, family of
-, goods or personal estate of
-, committee or trustees for
-, grants of
-, household of
-, houses of
-, lands of, or crown lands
-, sale of
-, trustees for
-, warrant to
-, treasurer for
-, officers of
-, party of
-, patents of
-, pensioner of
-, prerogative of
-, revenue of
-, servants of
-, committee for, reference to
-, petitions of
-, taxes of
-, transactions in his time
-, treasurer to
-, wine for
-, execution of

Charles II., the Prince, the King
-, as King of Scots
-, gifts to
-, goods of
-, trustees for sale of
-, party of
-, privateers of, see also Brest pirates or men-of-war.
-, rebellion against
-, restoration of
-, Privy Council of
-, secretary of, see Nicholas, Sir Edw.
-, servants of
-, petition of
-, service to

Charnock, Roger, petition of

Chase, Mat., letter of

-, dock, letters dated from
-, dockyard at
-, clerk of the check at, see Pett, Capt. Phin.
-, clerk of the survey at, see Hayward, Edw.
-, master attendant at, see Arkinstall, Thos.
-, master shipwright at, see also Taylor, Capt. John.
-, officers of
-, shipwright at, see Pett, Phineas.
-, hill, letter dated from
-, hill house at
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, letters dated from
-, ships at
-, ships building at
-, ships to or from
-, storehouse at
-, stores at
-, travellers to or from

Chatteris, co. Cambridge

Chaworth, merchant

Chellingworth, Thos.


Chelston, Thos.

Chepstow, co. Monmouth, governor of

Chequer, co. Bucks


-, cheese
-, county committee of
-, county court of
-, gentry in
-, justices of
-, ministers of
-, places in
-, residents in
-, petition of
-, sheriff of

Cheshunt, co. Herts

-, alderman of
-, assizes at
-, bar
-, Castle
-, commander-in-chief of, letter to
-, chief justice of
-, Common Pleas' court in
-, customs' officers at
-, dean and chapter of
-, Earl of
-, letters dated from
-, marshal of
-, minister, &c. of
-, navy agent at, see Walley, Chas.
-, prisoners at
-, plague at
-, ships at
-, ships to or from
-, stores and provisions at
-, trade in
-, water
-, letters dated from
-, ships in, to, or from
-, West, letter dated from

Chester, Thos.

Chesterfield, Earl and Countess of, see Stanhope.

Chetwind, Jas
-, petitions of

Chetwood, Thos.

-, Earl and Countess of, see Wriothes ley.
-, magistrates of, letter to

Childe, Edm.
-, petition of
-, Rich.
-, petitions of
-, Sam.

Chilman, John, letter of

Chilworth, co. Surrey

Chipp, Robt., deposition of

Chishall, John

Chislett, Wm., certificate by

Cholmley, Hugh

Cholmondeley, Robert, Viscount Cholmondeley

Christchurch, co. Hants, magistrates of, letter to


Christian letter
-, monarchies, &c.


Christmas, John

Church, Bernard

Church lands
-, livings


Cimball, Mr.

Cinque ports, warden of

City, the, see London.

Clackmannan, Scotland

Clandon, East, Surrey

Clanmell, Ireland

Clanricard, Earl of, see Burgh.

Clare, Ireland
-, Earl of

Clark, Clarke, or Clerk, Geo.
-, petition of
-, Major Hen.
-, petitions of
-, Jas., letter of
-, John
-, petition of
-, John, of the Army Committee
-, letter to
-, John, of Hitcham
-, petition of
-, wife of
-, relatives of
-, John, minister
-, Capt. John
-, letter of
-, Capt. John, of Guernsey
-, Col. John
-, letter of
-, alluded to
-, letters to
-, petition to
-, regiment of
-, report by
-, Mat.
-, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of
-, Saml.
-, Sarah, wife of
-, Thos.
-, letter of
-, Wm.
-, letter of
-, Dr. Wm., Admiralty judge
-, letters of
-, Capt.
-, Mr., of Holland

Claydon, Jno., petition of

Claye, Capt., Rob.
-, letters of

Clayson, Capt. Jno.

Clayton, Leonard

Clear, Cape

Clemens, Hugh, petition of
-, Thos.

Clement, Julian
-, petition of

Clenaught, co. Clare

Clergy, tenths of

Clerk, see Clark.

Cleveland, Earl of, see Wentworth.

Cleypoole, Mr.

Cliffe, Jno.

Clifton, Capt. John, letters of

Clinton, Theophilus, Earl of Lincoln
-, petition of

Clobry, Major



Clotworthy, Sir Jno

Cludd, Edw.

Coals, farm of, trustees of
-, impost on

Coats, Roger

Cobbet, Col. Ralph

Cobett, Lieut.-Col.

Cock, Col. Chas. Geo., Admiralty Judge
-, Col. Fras.
-, Rich.
-, orders to

Cockayne, George, payment to

Cockenny road, Scotland, letter dated from

Cockerell, John

-, castle

Cockett, Thos.


Cockraine, Capt. Wm., letters of
-, letter to

Coe, Capt. Mark

-, false or counterfeit




Coke, Sir Jno.

Coker, Mat.

Colbrand, Rich.

-, letter dated from
-, ship of

Colchester, Thos.
-, petition of

Colcoth, Thos.

Cole, And., pass for
-, Jno., minister
-, Mary, petitions of
-, husband of
-, prisoner

Coledick, Mr.

Coleman alias Rodes, Hen.
-, Capt. Rob.

Coles, Chris., letter of

Colford, Dean Forest

Colgrame, Scotland, laird of

Collections, licences for

Colley, Phil.

Collier, Hen.

Collingwood, Thos., letter of

Collins, Jerome
-, Jno.
-, Robt., certificate by
-, petition of
-, wife and children of
-, Dr. Sam.
-, Capt. Wm.
-, petition of
-, Mr., auditor

Cologne, letter dated from

Colquhoun, Capt.

Colston Bassett Rectory, co. Notts

Common Pleas, court of
-, attorney of
-, judges of see also Atkins, Edw.; Hales, Mat.
-, lord chief justice of, see St. John, Oliver.

Commons, House of, see also Parliament.
-, journals of

Commons, right of

Commonwealth, the casual notices of passim; see also State, the, and Government, the present.

Compositions, see Delinquents, compositions of.

Compton, Ant.

Concealed lands, debts, &c., see Discoveries.

Cond, Prince of (Louis de Bourbon), agent of

Coney, Wm., petition of

Congersbury rectory, co. Somerset

Conningsby, Wm.

Consett, Chris., letter of

Constable, Capt. Thos.
-, Sir Wm., sheriff of York
-, letters to
-, regiment of

-, agent at, see Lawrence Rich.
-, ambassador to, see also Bendish, Sir Thos.
-, treasurer at

Conway Castle
-, governor of, see Carter, Col. John.

Conway, Henry, Viscount Conway
-, Lady, letter to
-, Sir Edw.

Conyers, Thos., letter of

Cook, or Cooke, Cornelius
-, Edw. sen., apothecary
-, Edw. jun., M.D.
-, sons of
-, Mary, widow of, petition of
-, Cornet Ed.
-, Lucretia, wife of
-, John
-, letter of
-, Phil.
-, Thos.
-, Wm.

Cookham, Berks

Cooley, Jane, petition of

Cooper, Sir Ant. Ashley
-, as member of Council
-, letter of
-, letter to
-, Wm.
-, report by
-, Col.
-, Mr., agent for the Navy Officers
-, minister

Coote, Col. Chidley

Coppin, Capt. Jno.
-, Capt. Wm., letter of

Coquerel, Capt

Coquet island

Corbet, Miles

Corbett, John

Cork, Earl of, see Boyle.
-, lands in
-, ships to or from

Corke, Rich.

Cornelisen, Capt. Wm., deposition of

Cornelius, Capt. Lambert
-, letters of
-, Thos.

Cornet Castle, see Guernsey.

-, commissioners of
-, places in

Corunna, Spain

Cosins, Dr. John
-, Mary, daughter, and other children of
-, petition of
-, wife of

Cottee, Thos.

Cotterell, Lieut.-Col.

-, wool or yarn
-, traders in, petition of

Cotton, Joh.
-, Thos., alias Miller

Council, the Protector's see also Cromwell, Protector, and Council.
-, adjournment of
-, appearances before (March 1654)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, clerks of see also Scobell, Hen., and Jessop, Wm.
-, references to
-, declarations of
-, designs against
-, expenses of
-, guard for
-, letters of, signed by Pres. Lawrence (March 1654)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, letters of, alluded to
-, letters to
-, alluded to
-, licences of
-, alluded to
-, meetings of
-, members of
-, oath of
-, messengers of
-, petitions of
-, signatures of
-, moneys for see also Frost, G., payments to.
-, payments from see also Frost, G., payments by.
-, notes made in
-, officers of
-, order books of
-, orders and proceedings in (March 1654)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, orders of alluded to
-, papers addressed to
-, Petitions to see also Cromwell, O., Protector, and Council, petitions to.
-, alluded to
-, referred to, by the Protector (March 1654)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, president of, see Lawrence, H.
-, references of
-, references to
-, regulations for
-, reports of, alluded to
-, reports to
-, alluded to
-, requests to
-, seal of
-, secrecy in, enjoined
-, secretary of,see Thurloe, John.
-, assistant, see Frost, G.; Jessop Wm.
-, serjeant-at-arms to, see Dendy, Capt Edw.
-, servants of
-, sittings of see also Preface tables.
-, stationery, &c., for
-, thanks of
-, warrants of
-, alluded to

Council, the Protector's committees of also
-, Advance of learning
-, Assessments
-, Augier, M.
-, Bingest, Rich.
-, Blackhouse, Capt. Peter
-, Blaxton, Wm.
-, Borlase, Sir John
-, Boswell, Jas.
-, Bowen, Susan
-, Brentford, New, inhabitants of
-, Captives
-, Carter, Col. Jno.
-, Castell, Mich.
-, Charles I., creditors of
-, goods of
-, servants of
-, Child, Rich.
-, City of London companies
-, Clark, Major Hen.
-, Jno.
-, Cooke, Mary
-, Courts of Law and Chancery
-, Customs
-, Dendy, Edw.
-, Denny, William and Mary
-, Discoveries
-, Drury House surveyors and clerks, petition of
-, Dutch Ambassador's papers
-, Edmonds, Edw.
-, Elections
-, English tobacco
-, Exchequer
-, Excise
-, Farmer, Sir Wm.
-, Fens, adventurers in
-, Finlaw, Alex.
-, Forests, sale of
-, Fowke, Ald.
-, Glanvill, Serjeant
-, Gorges, Lady Jane, report of
-, Grace, Jno.
-, Greenland Company
-, petition to
-, Hamilton, Duke of
-, Hampton Court
-, Hartlib, Mr.
-, Herbert, Lord
-, Hewson, Col. John
-, Highways
-, Horton, Col. Thos.
-, Howard, Anne
-, Hume, Capt.
-, Inglish, Robt.
-, Intercourse, merchants of the
-, Irish Adventurers
-, lands
-, Ivory, Luke
-, Jephson, Col. Wm.
-, Jersey
-, Joy, Thos.
-, Killigrew, Sir Wm.
-, London, money secured to
-, Marlborough, fire at
-, Ministers, scandalous
-, Monk, Gen.
-, Moreton, Mr., and other duellers
-, Northumberland, Earl of
-, Norwich, petition to
-, Orme, Jno.
-, Petitions
-, Pitson, Major
-, Plate ships
-, Ports, persons stayed at
-, Posts
-, Potter, Hugh
-, Sarah
-, Preachers and lecturers
-, Prisons and prisoners
-, Public debts
-, Ranelagh, Visct. and Lady
-, Rigby, Jos.
-, Rock, Policarpus
-, Rogers, Jno.
-, Roseworme, Col.
-, Sadlers' Hall
-, Sarum, Bishop of, report of
-, Scotland
-, Sequestration Commissioners, co. Hants
-, report of
-, Sexby, Col.
-, Ships of the enemy
-, Smith, Capt. Jos., petition of
-, Temple, Dame Christian
-, Tithes
-, Trade and corporations
-, Trade and foreign affairs
-, Treaty with Holland
-, Universities, reformation, &c. of
-, Westminster, burgesses, &c. of
-, Willis, Thos.
-, Wilts, assessments in
-, Windsor Little Park
-, Wye river, co. Surrey
-, York, gentry of, petition of

Council of State, the late
-, dissolution of
-, messenger of
-, orders of
-, alluded to
-, passes of
-, petitions, to
-, alluded to
-, reference of
-, references to, alluded to
-, report of, alluded to
-, secretary of
-, servant of
-, warrants of, alluded to

Counsel at law

Country, Lieut. Je., letter of

County, John

Coupar, Fife, Scotland

Courland, Duke of

-, certificate at
-, order in

-, committee of
-, certificate by
-, inhabitants of
-, petition of
-, mayor and burgesses of, certificate by
-, petition of
-, minister of
-, sheriff of
-, treasurer for

Coventry, Thomas, Lord Coventry

Covet, Nich.

Covington, Hugh

Cowch, Rich., letters of
-, wife of

Cowper, John

Cowes, Capt. Rich.
-, letters of

Cowes, Isle of Wight
-, East
-, West

Cowley, Thos.

Cox, Capt. Jno.
-, Capt. Owen
-, certificate by
-, Lieut. Rich., deposition of
-, Capt.

Coxe, Rich.

Coxon, Clement

Coytmor, Rob.
-, Rob., jun., letter of

Crabb, Simon, letter of

Crabbe, Wm.

Craddock, Alderman Edm.

Cradock, Toby, petition of

Craft Manor, Kent

Craighall, R., letter of

Craisburne, Scotland

Crake, Mich.
-, petition of

Cramborne Lodge and Walk, Windsor Forest
-, minister of

Crandley, Capt. Ben.

Crane, Capt. Gilbert
-, Mr. (Scotland)

Cranfield, Lionel, Earl of Middlesex

Cranmer, Thos.
-, Ald.
-, Csar, son of, petition of

Crant, Eliz

Cranwell, Capt. Fras.
-, letters of

Crapnell, Capt. Geo., letter of

Craven, William, Lord Craven

Crawford, Earl of, see Lindsay.

Creditors and poor prisoners
-, Acts and Ordinances for
-, commissioners or judges for relief of
-, certificate by

Creech, Hen., account of
-, Wm.

Creed, Rich., secretary to the Generals, and deputy treasurer to the fleet
-, letters to
-, note by

Creel, Scotland

Creeswick, Sam., certificate by

Creighton, David, laird of Leyton

Cresset, Edw.
-, Mr.
-, proposals by

Criell, Eman. de

Crisp, Sir Nich

Crispian, Capt.

Crispin, Capt. Wm., letter of

Crocker, minister

Crockherne Pill, co. Somerset, letter dated from

Crofts, Rob.
-, Mr.

Croke, Sir Robt., petition of
-, Lady Susan, wife of, petition of
-, Capt. Unton

Cromarty, Scotland
-, letter dated from

Cromwell, Col. John

Cromwell, Oliver, Lord Protector
-, address to
-, adherence to
-, agent of
-, approval of proceedings in Council by (March 1654)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Nov.)
-, commands or desires of
-, chamber of, meetings of Council in
-, character of
-, court of
-, declarations of
-, designs against, or enemies of
-, family of
-, footmen of
-, grants of
-, guards for
-, hawks for
-, holograph notes by
-, household of, committee on
-, goods for
-, revenue for
-, houses of, repair of
-, jeweller to
-, lands, &c. purchased or provided for
-, letter of
-, letters of, alluded to
-, letters, &c., to
-, alluded to
-, license by
-, moneys for, see Maidstone, John, payments to.
-, oath taken by
-, orders of
-, alluded to
-, Ordinances of, in Council
-, alluded to
-, papers addressed to, alluded to
-, patent of
-, petitions to (March 1654)
-, (April)
-, (May)
-, (June)
-, (July)
-, (Aug.)
-, (Sept.)
-, (Oct.)
-, (Nov.)
-, (Dec.)
-, undated
-, alluded to
-, petitions to, referred to Council, see Council, petitions referred to.
-, and Council, petitions, &c. to
-, plate for
-, possessions of
-, proclamations of
-, alluded to
-, references of see also Council, petitions referred to.
-, alluded to
-, regiment of
-, representations to
-, reports to
-, returns made to
-, secretary of, see Malin, Wm.
-, servants of
-, signatures of
-, speech of, alluded to
-, speeches, &c. against
-, steward of, see Maidstone, John, and Waterhouse, Nath.
-, subjects referred to
-, tradespeople of
-, warrant of
-, warrants of, alluded to
-, watermen of
-, wine for
-, writings, &c. in favour of
-, writings against
-, writs of, alluded to
-, Elizabeth, lady Cromwell, his wife
-, Lord Richard (eldest son)
-, Col. or Lord Henry, (second son)
-, as Lieut.-General in Ireland
-, letter of

Crooke, Mr., Bedfordshire


Cross, Thos., petition of

Crossnib, John, certificate of

Crosthwaite, Thos.
-, petition of

Crowe, the

Crowland, co. Lincoln

Crown, the
-, lands of, see Charles I., lands of.
-, office
-, rents, &c.

Croxhall, co. Derby

Cruso, John, letters of

Crux Easton, Hants

Cubitt, Capt. Jas.
-, letters of
-, Jos., petition of

Cullen, Scotland

Cullen, Wm., letter of

Culmer, Mr.

Culmstock, co. Devon

Culross, Scotland

Cumberland, commissioners of
-, inhabitants of
-, petition of
-, places in

Cumminge, Robt.

Cuningham, William, Earl of Glencairn
-, Jas.

Cupid and Venus, tapestry

Curle, Capt.

Currey, Thos., petition of

Curteine, Ann

Curtis, Capt. Edm.

Curzon, Sir Jno.
-, Thos.

Cust, Rich., letter to
-, Sam., letter to

Custom House, London
-, letters dated from

Customs, imports, &c.
-, Act for
-, Commissioners for see also Navy and Customs.
-, certificate by
-, clerk of
-, letters to
-, letters of
-, references to
-, warrants to
-, reports of
-, alluded to
-, contingencies of, payments from
-, farmers of
-, officers of
-, letter of
-, warrants to
-, alluded to

Customs and excise, Commissioners for
-, warrants to
-, freedom from
-, payments from or charges on
-, payment of

Cuttance, Capt. Roger, letters of

Cuynac, Marquis de

Cypher, papers written in