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Pages 619-624

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Daines, Rob., certificate of

Daking, Dakins, or Deakin, Capt. or RearAdm. Geo.
-, letter of
-, pay of

Dalby, Wm.

Dale, Wm.
-, Lieut.

Daliell, Rob., certificate by

Dalkeith, Scotland
-, letters dated from

Dalton, Wm.

Danes, the

Danger, Wm.

Daniel, Col. Wm.

Daniell, Capt. Thos., letter of

Danish business, see Denmark, treaty with.
-, ship, see Denmark, ships of.

-, ships of

Danvers, Sir John
-, Mr.

Dare, Capt. Robt.

Darley, Rich., certificate by

Darnelly, Rich., petition of

Dartford, Kent

-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of

Daure, W., report by

Davall, Thos., and family, pass for

Davenant, Wm., or Sir Wm.
-, case of
-, petitions, &c., of

Davenport, Wm.

Davis or Davies, Gabriel
-, John
-, letters, &c., of
-, letter to
-, Thos., letters of
-, Wm., fishmonger, assignments by
-, Wm., soldier

Davye, Wm.

Dawgs, Wm.

Dawson, Geo., alderman of Newcastle-onTyne
-, certificate by
-, warrant to
-, George, treasurer of the Committee for Advance Money

Day, Rich.
-, Rob.
-, Step.
-, Cornet Wentworth
-, surgeon

Dayrell, Edm.

Deacon, Rich.

Deakins, Rear-Admiral, see Dakins.

-, Castle, governor of
-, powder for
-, letters dated from
-, minister of
-, ships at

Dean Forest
-, ironworks, &c., in
-, Little, letter dated from

Deane, John, Marshal-general
-, Capt. Jos.
-, Major-Gen. Rich.
-, Mary, widow of
-, and children of
-, Capt.
-, Col.
-, Mr.

Deans and Chapters' lands
-, sale of, Act for
-, committee, contractors, or trustees for, at Gurney House
-, reference to
-, treasurers of, or Gurney House treasurers
-, payments by
-, treasury for, or Gurney House treasury
-, payments from

Debenham, co. Suffolk, ministers at

Debentures, see Public Faith Bills.


De la Forest, Ant., petition of

Delamain, Rich.

Delaval, Thos.

De la Valle, Robt.

Delft, Holland


Delinquent landlords, see Landlords.

-, compositions of
-, commissioners for, see Haberdashers' Hall Commissioners.
-, treasurers for, see Goldsmiths' Hall Treasurers.
-, estates or lands of
-, sale of, Act for
-, payments from
-, trustees for, see Drury House Trustees.

Dell, Wm., master of Gonvill and Caius, Cambridge
-, minister

Denbigh, aldermen, &c. of
-, Castle
-, minister at

Denbighshire, justices of
-, places in
-, prothonotary in
-, sequestration commissioners in

Dendy, Capt. Edw., serjeant-at arms to Council
-, certificate by
-, deputies of
-, payment to
-, prisoners in custody of
-, troop of
-, warrants, &c. to

Denham, Jno.

Denholmes, Jno.

Dening, Roger

Denitt, Edw., see Dennett.

Denmark, King of (Christian IV.)
-, (Frederic III.), or the Dane
-, ambassador to
-, deputy of
-, treaty with
-, commissioners for

-, ships of, or Danes
-, captures by
-, taken prize

Dennett or Denitt, Lieut. Edw.
-, letter of

Dennison, Mr.

Denny, William and Mary
-, petitions of
-, Master

Dent, minister

Denton manor

-, docks at
-, dockyard at
-, master attendant at, see Scott, Thos.
-, officers of
-, letters dated from
-, residents in
-, ships at
-, ships building at
-, ships to or from
-, shipwrights at
-, sick and wounded at
-, stores at or from

Derby, Countess of, see Stanley.

Derby House Committee, London

Derbyshire, justices of peace for
-, places in
-, receiver of
-, riots in

Derifar harbour

Dermott, Rich., muster master
-, letters of

Derry, bishop of, or "my lord" (Dr. John Bramhall)

Desborow or Disborow, Isaac
-, petition of
-, Maj.-Gen. or Admiral John
-, as member of Council
-, letter of, alluded to
-, letters to

Dessella-nove, Arnold

Dethick, John

Devereux, Robert, Earl of Essex
-, Nich

Deverill, Capt. Jno., regiment of, petition of

Devilla, alias Wheeler

Devizes castle and park

Devonshire, county committee of
-, justices of peace for
-, places in

Dewart Cassell

Dewye, Josias
-, petition of

Dickinson, Capt. Sam.
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, petition of

Dickons, Jno.

-, governor of, see Montigny, M. de.
-, letter dated from
-, merchants of
-, residents in
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Digbey, John, letter of

Digby, John, 1st. Lord Digby
-, George, 2nd Earl of Bristol
-, John, brother of
-, petitions of
-, grandmother of
-, Sir Kenelm

Dike, Capt.

Dillingham, Wm., Master of Emanuel College, Cambridge, petition of

Dillon, Col. Chas.

Dimocke, Mr.

Dingley, co. Northampton

Dingwall, Scotland

Dinnison, Ambrose, letter of
-, Marg., letter of
-, husband of

Dirleton, Countess of, see Maxwell.

Disborow, see Desborow.

Discoveries of frauds, concealed lands, debts, moneys, &c.
-, commissioners for
-, Ordinance for

Dixon, John
-, Miles, letter of
-, Tobias

Dobbins, Wm., Commissary-general

Dobell, Rob.

Doctors' Commons, London, letters dated from

Dod, minister
-, Mrs.

Dodd, Wm.

Dogger, or Dogger Bank, ships on, to, or from
-, letters dated from

Dogs, export of

Dolman, Lieut.-Col.

Dolton, Wm.
-, petition of

Domvill, Nich.

Donn, Wm., letters of

Donnington Castle, co. Lincoln

Doran, Wm.

-, gaol, prisoners in

Dorindo or Dorimdo, Eman Martines

Dorislaus, Isaac

Dormer, Anth.
-, William. and Frances, pass for

Dornoch, Scotland

Dorrell, John
-, auditor

-, pirates in
-, places in

Dort, Holland

Douglas, Rob. Lord Belhaven

Dove, Capt. David
-, Elias
-, Mr.
-, Col.

Dover, the (sloop)
-, officers of

-, Castle
-, governor of, see Kelsey, Lieut.Col. Thomas.
-, letter dated from
-, clerk of the passage at
-, constable of
-, exports from
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, navy agents at, see Green, Thos.; White, Thos.
-, persons at
-, post
-, postmaster
-, prize officers at
-, residents in
-, road, letters dated from
-, shipmasters in, petition of
-, ships at
-, ships of
-, ships to or from
-, sick and wounded at
-, town clerk of
-, travellers to or from

Dowdee, prisoner

Dowding, Chris.

Dower, Thos., certificate of

Down manor

Downe, Earl of (Thos. Pope)

Downes, Edw.
-, Jas.
-, Jno.
-, Col. John
-, Wm.

Downham, Fras.
-, petition of

Downing, Geo., Scoutmaster-general
-, letter to
-, references to

Downs, the
-, letters dated from
-, ships in
-, ships to or from

Drake, Jos.

Drakeford, Wm., petition of

Draycot, Hum., petition of

Drayton, Roger

Drayton, co. Salop

Drew, Capt. Rob.
-, letters of

Driffield, Great, co. York, minister of

Drumlanerick, Lord

Drummond, Sir Pat.

Drunkenness, suppression of

Drury House, London
-, trustees at, for sale of delinquents' lands
-, registrar of
-, report of
-, surveyors and clerks of
-, petitions of
-, treasurers of
-, warrant of, alluded to
-, warrants to
-, treasury of
-, payments by
-, payment to

Drywood, T.

Dublin (city)
-, alderman of, see Hutchinson, Dan.
-, bay
-, letters dated from
-, commissioners in, see also Ireland, commissioners in.
-, commissioners at
-, garrison
-, governor of, see Hewson, Col. Jno.
-, late
-, letters dated from
-, merchant of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, troops to or from

Dublin, county, lands in

Duchy, the
-, chamber
-, court
-, or Dutchy House, London

Ducie, Capt. Rich., letters of


Duckingfield, Rich.

Ducklington, co. Warwick, rector of

Dudman, the



Duke, And., letters of
-, brother of

Dulwich College, master, &c. of, petition of

Dumaresq, John



Du Meslin, Lord

Dumoisnier, Chas.

Du Moulin, Lewis de, petition of
-, Peter

Dunbar, Scotland

Dunbar, Wm.

Duncannon, Ireland


Dunfernline, Scotland

Dunford, Josia

Dungeness, Kent
-, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Dunkin, Mark

-, Admiralty at
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of, or Dunkirkers
-, travellers to or from

Dunne, Thos.

Dunning, Edw.
-, deposition of
-, petition of
-, Jno., deposition of
-, Saml., deposition of
-, Thos.

Dunstaffnage, Scotland

Dunster, co. Somerset, letter dated from

Dunsterville, Thos.

Durette, Mdme.

Durham (city), assizes at
-, dean and chapter of
-, gaol in, prisoners in
-, justices of peace of
-, mayor of

Durham, bishopric of
-, county, high sheriff of
-, petition of
-, inhabitants of
-, petitions of
-, judges for
-, places in
-, records in, keeper of

Durie or Dury, co. Fife, Scotland

Durnford, Capt., widow of

Durnford Rectory, co. Wilts

Dury, John

Dutch, the
-, admirals
-, artisans
-, coast, see Holland, coast of.
-, colours
-, East India ships, capture of
-, fleet or men-of-war
-, engagements with
-, freebooters
-, gentleman
-, governor
-, mariners, killed or sick and wounded
-, men
-, money, taken prize
-, pirates
-, prisoners
-, allowances to
-, ships or Hollanders
-, captures by
-, captures of
-, treaty with
-, commissioners for
-, war with, see Holland.

Dutchy House, see Duchy.

Dutton, Rich.
-, Wm., petition of

Dyke, Thos., petition of

Dysart, Scotland