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Pages 624-627

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Earl Marshal of Scotland, see Keith, Wm.

Earle, Walter, order of

Earning, Capt. Ant., letters of

East country timber

Easter term, adjournment of

Eastham, co. Chester
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, minister of

East India company
-, Indies
-, ships to or from, or East Indiamen
-, Dutch, taken prize

Eastland commodities

East Lothian

Easton, Phil.

Eastwicke, or Estwick, Ald.

Eastwood, Thos.

Eaton, Jno.
-, Sam.
-, Capt., see Eyton.

Eburne, Capt. And., letters, of

Eccleston, Rich.

Eddy, Step., petition of

Edgar, Edm.
-, petitions of

Edge, Tim.

Edgefield, co. Norfolk, minister of

Edinample, Scotland, laird of

-, corporation, &c., of, petition of
-, court of justice in
-, excise on ale in
-, letter dated from
-, members for
-, merchants of

Edisbury, John

Edmonds, Edw.
-, petitions of

Edward III.

Edward IV.

Edward VI.

Edwards, John
-, Sam.
-, Wm.

Edwin, Capt. John
-, certificate of

Egham, or Red Deer Walk, Windsor

Eglinton, Earl of, see Seton.

Egyptian yoke

Elgin, Scotland

Eliott, Scotland

Elizabeth, Queen
-, Acts of

Ellen's road, letters dated from
-, ships in, to, or from

Ellinor, Dan.

Elliott, Capt. Thos.
-, letters of

Ellis, David
-, Hun., Ap Hugh Ap
-, Peter
-, letters of
-, Thos.
-, Wm., solicitor-general

Ellison, Robt., petition of

Elliston, Isaac
-, petitions of
-, John, son of
-, daughter of

Elmie, John

Elsing, Hen.
-, executors and children of
-, letter of

Elsinore, Denmark, harbour of

Elton, Major Rich., governor of Hull
-, certificate by
-, letter of

Elvines or Eluines, Edw.
-, petitions of

Ely, Bishop of, late
-, isle of, bailiff of
-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, members of Parliament for

Ely House and Savoy Hospital, London
-, committee on
-, pensions paid at
-, treasurer at
-, payment to
-, treasury at

Embleton, Cuthbert, petition of

Embree, John, surveyor of works
-, bills of
-, payments to
-, petitions of

-, consul, &c. of
-, residents in
-, ships of

Emerton, Mr.

Emery, Mr.

Emott, Launcelot
-, petition of

Emperour, Wm.

Empson, Rob.

Enchuisen, ship of

End, Step.

Enfield Parks and Chase, Middlesex

Enford, co. Wilts

Engineer-general, see Roseworm, John.

England, or the nation
-, banishment from
-, boroughs of, members for
-, coasts of
-, commissioners of
-, counties of
-, members for
-, sheriffs of
-, letters to
-, departure from
-, forces in or from, see also Army.
-, government of, see Government.
-, highways of, see Highways.
-, imports to
-, invasion of
-, kings of, see also Charles I. and II.
-, lands in
-, laws of
-, leave to remain in
-, liberties of, keepers of, see Great Seal, commissioners of.
-, master gunner of
-, merchant adventurers of, see Merchant Adventurers.
-, merchants of, see English merchants.
-, North, or northern counties of
-, Parliament for, see Parliament.
-, peace, &c., of
-, peace with
-, people of, see English.
-, persons in
-, ports of
-, officers of
-, letter to
-, persons stayed at
-, postmasters in
-, services in
-, ships of, see English ships.
-, ships to or from
-, state of, verses on
-, tobacco in, see Tobacco.
-, towns and cities of
-, travellers to or from
-, union of, with Scotland
-, West of, or the West

-, artizans
-, boys
-, captives
-, coin
-, fleet, see also Fleet.
-, gentry
-, gunpowder
-, iron
-, Israel
-, language
-, manufactures
-, mariners, see also Mariners.
-, masters
-, medicine, father of (Dr. Thos. Sydenham)
-, men
-, statement by
-, merchants
-, certificate of
-, nation
-, plantations
-, prisoners
-, protestants
-, ships see also Ships.
-, soldier
-, subsidy
-, tobacco, see Tobacco.

Ensor, Capt. George
-, Jane, widow of
-, petition of

Eppen, Peter, petition of

Epworth, co. Lincoln

Equinoctial line


Ermyn, Sir Wm.

Errington, Thos.
-, warrant to

Erskine, Alexander, third Earl of Kelly
-, petition of

Esh, co. Durham

Esmond, Laurence
-, Sir Thos.

-, circuit judges of
-, Earl of, see Devereux.
-, places in
-, sheriff of

Estwick, Sampson jun., petition of
-, Step. letter of
-, Ald., see Eastwick.

Eton College, pension to
-, scholars in

Eure, George, Lord or Major Eure
-, petitions of


Euster, Walter


Evans, Peter

Everett, Peter, certificate by

Every, John, letter of
-, Sir Simon

Evyas Hundred, co. Hereford

Ewell, Mr.
-, widow

Exchange, bills of

-, auditors of
-, Barons of see also Pepys, , and Thorpe, Fras.
-, chambers
-, charges on
-, Court of
-, decrees of
-, officers of
-, Ordinance for bringing all revenues into
-, exceptions to, allowed
-, requested
-, receipt of
-, committee on
-, payments into
-, receiver-general of, see Falconbridge, Thomas.
-, tellers of
-, treasurers of
-, treasury of, see Treasury.

-, Acts and Ordinances for
-, Commissioners for see also Customs and Excise.
-, complaint to
-, note of
-, references to
-, warrants to
-, Commissioners for appeals on, orders of
-, report of
-, money
-, freedom from, see also Customs and Excise, freedom from.
-, office
-, officers of
-, salaries of
-, payments from, or charges on
-, payment of, see also Customs and Excise.
-, revenues
-, treasury of

-, articles
-, Castle
-, letter dated from
-, Dean and Chapter of
-, letters dated from
-, merchant of
-, prisoners at

Exford (co. Wilts.)

Eyton, Kenrith
-, or Eaton, Capt., regiment of