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Pages 627-630

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Fabian, Laurence

Fairclough, Rich.

Fairfax, William, third Viscount Fairfax
-, Ferdinando, second Baron Fairfax
-, grandchildren of
-, Thomas, third Baron Fairfax, late Lord General
-, certificates of
-, letter of
-, Lieut.-Col. Fras., petition of

Fair Isle

Faith, Capt.

Falconbridge or Fauconberg, Capt. Thos., Receiver-general of the Exchequer
-, certificates by
-, papers by
-, payments by
-, payment to
-, references to
-, reports of
-, warrants to

Falkener, John, ordnance officer
-, letters of
-, letter to

Fallowfield, Rich.

-, letters dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Fanquairt, M.

Fareley, Eliz., petition of
-, husband of

Farewell, Mr.

Fargison, Mr.

Farly, Capt. Alex., letters of

Farmer, Capt. Jno.
-, Sir Wm.
-, Mrs.

Farnborough, co. Warwick

Farnham, co. Devon

Farr, Wm.

Farrenton, Dan.

Farringdon, Col.
-, Jane, wife of

Farrington, Wm.



Fauconberg, see Falconbridge.

Faversham or Feversham

Fawkard, Rowland
-, petition of
-, Anne
-, petition of

Feake, Chris.

Fearmes, Rich., certificate by

Fee farm rent trustees

Felstead, Capt. Hum.
-, letter of

Fenn, Capt.

Fenner, Sir Greg.
-, Dame Jane, widow of

Fens and marsh lands, the
-, adventurers in
-, committee on, references to

Fenwick, Col., Geo., governor of Berwick
-, commission to
-, letter to
-, Sir Jno.
-, Col. Roger
-, executors of
-, Wm.

Ferrom, Edm.

Feversham, see Faversham.

Fiall or Fyall Road
-, letter dated from

Field, Jno., accounts of
-, petitions of

Fiennes, William, Lord Say and Sele
-, Col. Jno.
-, certificate by
-, Col. Nat., member of Council
-, report of

Fife, Scotland

Filie, St. John Pierre, see Phillis.

Fimberton, rectory, co. Lincoln

Finch, Col. Chas.
-, or Fynch, John
-, Jos.

Fingston, And.

Finisterre, Cape

Finlan, Alex.
-, petition of

Firbank or Furbank, Geo.
-, answer of

First fruits

Firth, John

Firth, the, see Frith

Fisco, Marquis

-, vessels laden with

Fisher, Fitzjames
-, petition of
-, Jno., bill of complaint of

Fisheries or fishing
-, boats
-, whale, harpooners for


Fishman, Wm., petitions of

Fitch, Col. Thos.

Fitzgerald, John, Earl of Kildare
-, Woffalia, Elianor. Frances, and Elizabeth, children of, petition of
-, payments to

Fitzgerard, Rich.

Fitzwilliams, Col. Oliver
-, Lady Elianor, wife of

Flamborough Head
-, letters dated from

-, passes to
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from

Fleet, Capt. Thos., letter of

Fleet, the, and casual notices, passim.
-, Advocate of, see Fowler, J.
-, captains in
-, chaplains for, see Ministers.
-, charges of
-, designs against
-, flag officers of, pay of
-, generals or commanders of see also Penn, Wm.; Blake, Rob.; Desborow, John.
-, letters of, alluded to
-, letters to
-, orders of, alluded to
-, secretary of, see Creed, Rich.
-, money for
-, officers of
-, provisions for
-, revolt of
-, soldiers for, see Soldiers sent on shipboard.
-, treasurer of, deputy, see Creed, Rich.
-, victualling of

Fleet Prison, London, prisoners in
-, warden of

Fleetwood, Lieut.-Gen. Charles, Commanderin-Chief and Lord Deputy in Ireland
-, Sir Gerard
-, Sir Wm.
-, Capt.

Fleming, Sir Oliver, master of the ceremonies


Flemish guns
-, money
-, ships

Fletcher, Jas.
-, Thos., bond of
-, Wm.
-, Mr.

Flettvell, Mr.

Flie, the, ships in

Flintshire, justices of
-, places in
-, prothonotary for

Flower, Mrs.

-, merchants of
-, residents in
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Flyer, Fras.

Fockin, Geo.

Foliot, Hugh, Bishop of Hereford

-, letter dated from

Foote, Capt. Peter
-, certificate by
-, letters of
-, Sam. petition of
-, Ald. Thos.

Forbes, Jas.

Forces, see Army.

Ford, Sir Hen.
-, Rich.
-, certificate by
-, letter of
-, Thos., letter of

Fordham, co. Cambridge

Foreign commodities or goods
-, imposts on
-, employment
-, letters
-, ministers
-, money
-, nations
-, parts
-, plantations
-, posts, see Posts.
-, princes
-, service
-, stations
-, trade

Foreigners, see Aliens.

Foreland, Fair
-, North

Forester, James, Lord Forester

Forests, disposal, sale, or improvement of
-, Acts, &c. for
-, committee on, see Council, committees of.
-, laws for
-, survey of, commissioners for
-, four, settled for soldiers' arrears
-, Ordinance for

Forfar, Scotland

Fornes Pelhams, co. Herts

Forres, Scotland

Fortescue, Col. Rich.

Forth, frith of

Forward, Jno., certificate by

Foster, Ellen, petition of
-, husband of
-, Capt. Nich.
-, letters of

Fotherby, Sidney
-, petition of

Fouguant, Francis, Lord du Mesnil

Fountain Head

Fountaine, Mr., reference to

Fowey, Cornwall
-, letters dated from
-, ships in or to

Fowke, Alderman Jno.
-, report by

Fowkett, Mr.

Fowle, Peter

Fowler, John, Judge Advocate of the Fleet
-, letters of
-, Commissary Thos.
-, letter of

Fox, Fras.
-, Hum.
-, certificate of
-, John, Acts, &c. of
-, Peter
-, Capt. Somerset
-, letter to
-, trial of, for treason
-, Wm.
-, letter of
-, Mr.

Foxcraft, Geo.
-, Mrs.

Foy, Jas.
-, Walter

Framingham, Hen., certificate of

France, King of (Louis XIV.)
-, agent of, ambassador of
-, commissioners to treat with
-, entertainment to
-, wife of

-, admiral of
-, coast of, see French coast.
-, enmity with
-, harbours of
-, horses exported to
-, passes to and from
-, persons in
-, places in
-, ports in
-, ships of, see French-ships.
-, ships to or from
-, travellers to or from


Frauds and concealments, see Discoveries of.

Frederick, Ald.


Freeman, John
-, Thos., letter of

Freeze, Jas.

French, Dan.
-, John, certificate of

-, Admiral, see France, Admiral of.
-, ambassador, see France, King of ambassador of.
-, business
-, captain
-, coast
-, fishers
-, fleet
-, captures by
-, capture from
-, engagements with
-, forts
-, goods
-, Greenland Company
-, journals
-, language
-, documents in
-, letters of marque and reprisal against
-, men
-, merchants
-, plantations
-, prisoners
-, prizes
-, salt
-, seamen
-, ships
-, captures of
-, silks
-, subjects
-, treaty
-, wines

Friesland, East, Prince of
-, place in

Frinsbury, Kent, minister of

Frith or Firth, the
-, North
-, South

Frizel, Wm.

Frodingham, co. Lincoln, minister of

Frome Selwood forest, co. Somerset

Frost, Gualter, sen.
-, Gualter, jun., assistant secretary and treasurer to Council
-, payments by
-, payments to
-, reference to
-, report by
-, warrants to
-, alluded to
-, Jos.

Froud, John, deposition

Fugill, Joshua
-, account by
-, expenses of
-, Wm.

Fulham, Middlesex

Fuller, John
-, Capt.

Fullerton, co. Devon, minister of

Furbanke, Mr., see Firbank.

Furnes, Capt.

Fyall'Road, see Fiall.

Fynch, Jno., see Finch.