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Pages 630-634

Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Gabriel, Hipolito

Gage, Mr.

Gail or Gale, John

Gainsborough, the (ship), officers of, letter to

Gainsford, Nich., letter to

Galbreth, Capt. David
-, Lieut.-Col.

Gale, Hen.
-, John, see Gail.

Galiantes, letter dated from

Gallaspin, Mr.

Gallilee, Thos., sen., petition of
-, letters to
-, Thos., jun., son of
-, letters of

Galloway, Scotland
-, Bay

Galway, Ireland

Games, Mr.

Gant, Step.

Garbott, Mr.

Gardiner, Hen.
-, Lieut. John

Gardner, Maurice, petition of
-, Wm.
-, account by

Gargrave, Mary, petition of

Garnet, Thos.

Garrard, Rob., letter of

Garrard, Jno., certificate by
-, and Garrett, see Gerard.

Garret, J., letter of

-, governors of

Gaspy, John

Gatehouse prison, Westminster, prisoners committed to

Gatford, Thos

Gauden, Denis, Navy victualler, letter of
-, payment to

Gawen, Thos., pass for

Gay, Ant.
-, petitions of
-, Thos

Gayfor, Thos.

Gedney, co. Lincoln

Geer, Emanuel de

Geffery, Capt. John
-, letters of

Gell, Robt., letter of

Generals at sea, see Blake, Robt.; Penn, Wm.; Desborow, John; and Fleet, generals of.

Genoa, ships from

Gent, Thos
-, Timothy
-, Wm

George, And., petition of
-, Dame Jane
-, Thos

Gerard, Charles, Lord Gerard
-, or Garrard, Chas.
-, Gilbert
-, petition of
-, Mary, wife of, petition of
-, or Garrett, Jno.
-, trial of

German language, documents written in
-, Lord
-, money


-, places in

Gethings, Capt. Phil.
-, certificate of
-, letters, &c. of
-, letter to

Ghost, appearance of a

Gibbon, John, petitions of

Gibbons, Dan.
-, Chas.
-, John
-, Jonathan, letter of
-, Col.
-, Major
-, letter of
-, Mrs.


Gibson, Sir Alex.
-, petition of
-, wife and children of
-, Wm.

Giffing, John, letter of

Gifford, Ben., governor of Landguard Fort, receipt by
-, Peter

Gill, Edw.
-, Jasper
-, Peter, certificate by
-, Thos.

Gillart, Lewis

Gillaspyn, minister

Gillespie, Patrick
-, certificate by

Gillet or Gillett, Jno.

Gillingham, Roger, petition of

Gillingham, Kent

Gilmore, Edw.

Gladden or Sladden, Jas.
-, Susan

Gladman, Capt.


Glanville, John, minister
-, Sir Jno., serjeant-at-law

Glapthorne, Geo.
-, petition of
-, report by

-, inhabitants of, petition of
-, poor in, committee for
-, University in

Glencairn, Earl of (Wm. Cunningham)

Glenham, Peter
-, Sackvill

Glide, or Glyde, Rich.

-, besieging of
-, Duke of, see Henry.
-, governor of
-, letter to
-, lectures at
-, letters dated from
-, receiver-general of
-, St. Mary Crisp in

-, places in
-, sheriff and justices of
-, tobacco in
-, troops in


Glyde, see Glide.

Glyn or Glynne, John, serjeant-at-law

Glyssen, Dr. Fras.

Godalming, Surrey, letter dated from

Goddard, Dr.

Godden, Rob.

Godfrey, Lambert, report of
-, Rob.
-, Capt. Wm.
-, letters of
-, letter to

Godine, Nich.

Godolphin, Dr. Jno., Admiralty judge
-, letters of
-, Capt. John, letter of

Godschall, Jas., deposition of
-, petition of

Goffe, Col. Wm.
-, references to
-, regiment of
-, Mr.

-, lace
-, medals, &c.

Gold, Mr., see Gould.

Goldsmith's Hall, London
-, charges on
-, commissioners at
-, letters dated from
-, payments from
-, treasurers at
-, letter of
-, warrants or orders to

Goldstone, the Feathers at

Good, Thos.

Goodday, Wm.

Goodes, Hen.

Goodman, prothonotary in North Wales

Goodrich Castle, co. Monmouth

Goodrick, Mr.

Goodson, Capt. Wm., Vice-Admiral
-, certificate of
-, letter of
-, pay of

Goodwin, Jno., minister, certificate by
-, Dr. Thos.
-, Col.

Goodwin sands

Gookin, Capt. Vincent
-, letter of
-, reference to
-, report of
-, Mr.

Goose, widow

Goosnargh, co, Lancaster

Gordon, Robert, Viscount Kenmure
-, Lieut.-Col. Jas.

Gorges, Edward, Lord Gorges
-, Jane, alias Levingston, Lady Gorges
-, son and sister of
-, Sir Robt.
-, Sir Theobald

Goring, Charles, Lord Goring

Gosling or Goslynn, Mr.

Gosnall, Geo.

Gosnell, John, letter of

Gospel, the
-, commissioners for propagating
-, preaching of

Gosport, co. Hants

Goswell, Robt.
-, Anne, widow of, petition of
-, Wm.
-, Mary, widow of

Gottenburg masts
-, ship of

Gould, John
-, or Gold, Mr.

Goulding, Capt. John
-, Thos.

"Government of the Commonwealth," instrument entitled

Government, the present
-, affection, fidelity, &c. to
-, arms of
-, bonds or recognizances not to act against
-, charges of
-, designs against
-, disaffection or disservice to
-, enemies of
-, the late

Grabham, Mr.

Grace, Act of, see Scotland, Act of Grace for.

Grace, John

Grafton, Ralph

Graham, James, Marquis of Montrose
-, John
-, Sir Rob.

Grainger, Robt., mayor of Portsmouth, deposition before

Grand Seignor, the, see Turkey.

Grandison, Lord (George Villiers)

Grange, Jonas

Granger, Abr., alias Watts, Gurdian, Bromsdon, Robinson, Ralph, &c.
-, examinations, &c., of
-, letters of
-, relatives of
-, John
-, Robt., petition of
-, Rob., boatswain

Grantham, co. Lincoln

Graveley cum Chisfield, co. Herts

Graves, Capt. Thos.

-, Boar's head at
-, letters dated from
-, postmaster at
-, ships at, to, or from

Gray, Robt.

Great Seal, the
-, annuities
-, commissioners of, or keepers of the liberties of England see also also Widdrington, Sir Thos.; Whitelock, B.; and Lisle, John.
-, oath for
-, lord keeper of, oath for

Greaves, Wm., letter of

Greek language

Green or Greene, Gyles, order of
-, Capt. Hen.
-, John, letters of
-, Thos., navy agent at Dover
-, Mr.
-, Mr., of Drury House

Greenhill, Mr.

-, company, adventurers for fishing in
-, committee on petition of
-, petition to
-, letter to
-, regulations for
-, French
-, fleet
-, ships of, to, or from

Greenore Bay, Ireland

Greensmith, John

Greenway, Nich.

Greenwell, J.

-, Feather's tavern at
-, House, keeper of
-, waterman of

Greenwood, Dan.
-, Jane

Gregory, Wm.

Greinder, Ralph, account of

Grenville, Sir Rich.
-, deposition of
-, letter of

Gresham College, London, professor of

Grey, Henry, Earl of Stamford
-, Amabel, Countess of Kent
-, William, Lord Grey of Warke
-, Lord
-, Hen., deposition of

Greystock manor, Cumberland

Griffin, John, widow of
-, Thos.

Griffith, Geo., request by
-, Hugh
-, Rich.
-, petition of

Grimsby, co. York

Grindon, co. Northampton

Grosse, Chr., letter of

Grosvenor, Capt. Hen.
-, Col.

Grove, co. Berks.

Grover, prisoner

Grumwell, Capt.

Grunda, Jos.

Gruter, Lord

Gudenuffe, Edw.

-, Castle Cornet in
-, governor of, see Bingham, Col. John.
-, inhabitants of
-, letter dated from
-, ships at, to, or from

Guging, Mr., letter to

Guibon, Col.

Guildford, co. Surrey
-, mayor and corporation of, petition of
-, priory at

Guildhall, London
-, treasurers at

Guildo, letter dated from


Guise, Charles of Lorraine, Duke of
-, Wm.
-, Eliz., widow of
-, petition of
-, children of

Gunter, Hum.
-, Major Jno.
-, widow and children of

Gurdian, see also Granger, Abr.

Gurdon, Vice-admiral, letter to

Gurney House, London
-, letter dated from
-, treasury at, see Dean and Chapter lands.

Gusmond or Gusman, alias Signor Thomas, Spaniard

Gutter's hills

Gwin, Thos., certificate by

Gwynn, Wm.