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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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Habeas corpus, writs of

Haberdashers' Hall, London
-, Commissioners for Composition and Sequestration in
-, payments by
-, treasurers of
-, warrant to

Hacker, Col. Fras.
-, receipt by

Hacket, Lieut.

Hackford, co., Norfolk

Hackney coaches
-, coachmen
-, Ordinances, &c. for
-, petition of

Haddington, Scotland

Haddock, Capt.

Haggar, Sam., petition of

Haggott, John

Hague, the
-, Molle Street in

Hainault, Count

Hainault chapel, Essex
-, west

Haines, Col.

Haiter, or Hayter, Thos
-, letter of

Hale, Thos.

Hales, Mat., justice of Common Pleas
-, reports of
-, Rob.

Half Moon, ship, officers of, certificate of

Halford, R.

Hall, Fras.
-, Jno.
-, petition of
-, Ralph
-, Saml., certificate of
-, Thos.
-, Thos., waterman, petition of
-, Charles, son of
-, Wm., petition of

Halsall manor

Halsie, gunner

Ham, Wm.

Hambleton, co. Rutland, petition of inhabitants of

-, agent or resident at, see Bradshaw, Rich.
-, agent from
-, merchants from
-, passes to
-, ships of, or Hamburghers
-, ships to or from

Hamburghers, see also Hamburg, ships of.

Hamilton, James, Marquis, and first Duke of Hamilton, Master of the Horse
-, warrant by
-, daughters of
-, Elizabeth, Duchess of Hamilton, his wife
-, father of (James, Earl of Dirleton)
-, William, second Duke of Hamilton

Hamilton, co. Rutland, inhabitants of

Hammon, Capt. Wm.

Hammond, Edw., petition of
-, Rob.
-, Col. Rob.

Hampden, Rich.
-, Mr.

-, members of Parliament for
-, Sequestration or County Committee, of
-, sheriff of, order to

Hampton, Wm.

Hampton Court
-, gardens, &c. in
-, lands, &c., in

Hanchet, Edw.

Hancks, Joan

Hancock, Nath., narrative of

Handley Green, co. Stafford

Hane, Joachim

Hangings, see Tapestry.

Hanley, co. Worcester

Hanmer, co. Flint

Hanmer, Sir Chas., petition of
-, wife of
-, Wm.

Hanseatic towns

Hanwell, Middlesex

Harbin, Jas.

Harbottle, Luke

Hardcastle, Major

Hardia, Corn. Jacobs

Hardie, Rob., certificate of

Harding (? Hawarden) Castle

Harding, Major Wm.
-, gunner

Hardwick, Col. John

Hardwine, John

Hardy, Mr.

Hare, Capt.

Harker, Chris., letter of

Harley, Wm.

Harlow, Hen.

Harman, Dorothy
-, Jos., certificate of

Harmesey, And., petition of

Harper, Lieut. Edw., petition of

Harrington, Sir Jas.

Harris, Edw., petition of
-, Hen.
-, John, certificate of
-, Major

Harrison, Geo., letter of
-, John
-, Capt. Rich.
-, Thos., letter of
-, Col. or Maj.-Gen. Thomas, governor of Upnor Castle
-, Capt. Wm.

Harrold, co. Bedford

Harrowden, Lord, see Vaux, Edw.

Harry Bonadventure, the (ship)
-, owners of
-, petition of

Hart, Jonathan
-, Marg.

Hartisfield, Cornelius

Hartlib, Sam.

Hartopp, Sir Thos.

Harvey, Bridget
-, C., letter of
-, Edm., letter of
-, Fras.
-, Anne, widow of
-, John

Harvey, Sir Job

-, dockyard at, officers of
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, navy officers at
-, ships at
-, ships building at
-, ships to or from
-, stores and provisions at
-, travellers to and from
-, water, letter dated from

Haslelock, John, petition of

Haslerigg, Sir A., see Hesilrigge.

Hasleton, Chas., deposition of

Hassard, Hen.

Hasteville, Sir David
-, petition of
-, wife and family of

Hastings, John
-, petitions of
-, receipt by
-, Martin
-, certificate by
-, Mr.

Hatcher, John

Hatfield Chase

Hatsell, Capt. Hen.
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, order by
-, payments to
-, warrants to

Haugh, Lieut.-col.

Haughfen, Wm.

Haughton, Sir Rich.

Havre de Grace
-, ships of
-, ships to or from

Haward, Eliz., petition of
-, Thos.

Hawarden Castle (?)

Hawes, John
-, petitions of

Hawkins, Chas.
-, Rich., note by

Hawks, present of

Hawthorne, steward

Hay, James, Earl of Carlisle

Haydon, Mat., letter of

Hayes, Robt., letter of
-, Wm., letters of
-, note to

Haymore, Jos.

Haynes, Edw.
-, Col., see Heane.

Hayter, see Haiter.

Haytubbe, Capt. Robt.
-, letters, &c., of

Hayward, Edw., clerk of the survey at Chatham
-, accounts by
-, certificates of
-, letters of
-, letter to
-, Wm., letter of
-, Capt.

Hazell, Jno., deposition by

Heane, Heynes, or Haynes, Col. or Major Jas., governor of Jersey
-, letter to
-, payment to
-, references to
-, regiment of

Hearle, Hen., deposition of

Heath, Sir Robt.

Heather, Giles, letter of

Heaton, Capt. N.
-, letters of

Hebditch, Wm.

Hebrew language


Hebron, Rowland

Helen's point

Hellier, Geo., mayor of Bristol
-, certificates of

Hemfleet, M.
-, wife of

Hemings, John, examination of

Hempson, John, letter of
-, brother of
-, Wm.
-, letter of
-, petitions of

Hemsley Castle, co. York

Henchman, Capt. Dan., petition of

Hendrickson, Caspar

Henham Vicarage, co. Essex

Henley, Robt.

Henrietta Maria, Queen Dowager
-, creditors of
-, goods, &c., of
-, lands of, see Charles I., lands of, or Crown lands
-, trustees for sale of
-, servants of
-, petitions of

Henry VI.

Henry VII., chapel of, tomb in

Henry VIII.

Henry Stuart, Prince, Duke of Gloucester

Henshaw, Benj.
-, Anne, widow of
-, children of
-, petition of
-, Edw.
-, Major Thos.
-, brother of

Hensley, Mich., letter of


Herbert, Philip, 4th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery
-, executors of
-, Philip, 5th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery
-, wife and children of
-, Lord, see Somerset.
-, Sir Chas.
-, Phil., son of, pass for

Hercules, tapestry of

-, bishop of
-, dean and chapter of
-, members for
-, ministers of
-, minister
-, residents in
-, petition of

-, justices of peace for
-, Katherine's Hospital in, see Ledbury.
-, member for
-, places in

Heriott, Lieut.-Col. Geo.

Hero and Leander, tapestry of

Herrick, minister

Herring, Mich., treasurer at Goldsmiths' Hall

-, money raised in
-, St. Margaret's in

Hesilrigge or Haselrigg, Sir Art.

Hevingham, co. Norfolk, minister of

Hewett, Chas.
-, Geo.

Hewson, Col. John, governor of Dublin
-, agent for
-, petitions of
-, committee on
-, report of
-, regiment of
-, wife of

Heydon, co. Essex

Heyman, Sir Hen.

Heynes, Major, see Heane.
-, Mr.

Hickman, treasurer of Hertfordshire

Hide, Capt. Jon.
-, letter of

Higgenbotham, Nich.

Highgate, Middlesex

Highlake, Liverpool

Highland, Sam.


Highlands, the, see Scotland.

High Laver, Essex, minister of

Highlord, Zachariah

High Peak, co. Derby

Highter, John, letter of

-, Acts and Ordinances for repair of
-, surveyors of

Higson, minister

Hildesley, John
-, Mark, representation of

Hildsley, Probate judge

Hill, Miles, deposition of
-, Rich.
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, Capt. Wm., letter of
-, Col.
-, minister
-, prisoner

Hilliard, Col. Wm.

Hinchman, Capt. Dan.

Hinckston, John

Hindringham, co. Norfolk, inhabitants of, petition of

Hine, Jas., letter of

Hinson, Wm.

Hippesley, John
-, letter to
-, Sir John
-, Capt. Rich.
-, petition of

Hippon, John
-, petition of

Hitcham, resident at

Hobart, John
-, Sir Miles

Hobham, Durand, certificate by

Hobson, Jno., consul at Venice, letters to
-, Judith
-, petitions of
-, Justice

Hodges, Capt. Rich., petitions of
-, Thos.
-, Wm.
-, Army commissioner

Hodgson, Edm.

Hoggan, Chas.

Holbech, co. Lincoln

Holbrooke, And.
-, Jane, petition of

Holcombe, Edw.

Holcroft, Mr.

Holden, Hum.
-, Mr.

Hole Haven, Essex, ships in

Holland, Cor., M.P.
-, certificate by
-, John
-, Sir John
-, Phil., minister
-, Capt. Phil.
-, letters of
-, letter to

Holland, co. Lincoln
-, Earl of, see Rich., Hen.

Holland, United Provinces, Netherlands, &c.
-, ambassador to
-, ambassadors or deputies from
-, commissioners to treat with
-, entertainment of
-, letter of
-, coast of
-, exports and imports from
-, fishermen
-, letter from
-, passes to and from
-, peace with
-, proclamations of
-, treaty for
-, receiver-general of
-, ships of, see Dutch ships.
-, ships to or from
-, State of
-, States general of
-, States provincial of
-, subjects of
-, towns of
-, travellers in, to, or from
-, war with

Hollanders, see Dutch ships.

Hollis, Gervais
-, Eliz., wife of

Hollister, Denis

Holman, Phil., petition of

Holmes, Wm., letter of

Holstein, Duke of
-, place in

Holt, Fras.
-, Mr.

Holt, co. Denbigh


Holy Island
-, Road, letter dated from

Honfleur, governor of

Hooke, Jno.

Hooper, Geo., petition of
-, John

Hope, Sir Jas.

Hope, the, see Tilbury Hope.

Hopgood, Edm.

Hopkins, Barnard, petition of
-, Edw., Navy Commissioner
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, warden of the Fleet prison

Horman, Major

Horn, ship of

Horne, Wm., certificate by

Hornihold, Thos.

Horseman, Edw.

Horse racing prohibited

Horses or geldiugs, export of
-, numbers of, in carriages, limited

Horsington, Capt. Giles
-, petition of

Horsley, East and West, Surrey

Horsleydown, ship of

Horsman, Major Edw.
-, references to
-, reports of

Horte, Jno., petition of

Horth, Thos.
-, letter to
-, papers by
-, Thos., jun.

Horton, Geo.
-, petition of
-, Thos., D.D.
-, petition of
-, Col. Thos.
-, children of
-, executors of, petition of

Horwood, Thos., letter of

Hoseley or Ouseley Bay
-, letters dated from
-, ships to or from

Hoskins, Bennett
-, son of
-, John, petition of
-, Thos., petition of

Hoskyns, Chas.

Houblon, Jno.

Houston, John
-, Louisa, petition of

How or Howe, Alex., petition of
-, Isaac, petition of
-, Jno., mayor of Guildford, petition of
-, Mich.
-, Eliz., widow of, petition of
-, Sam.
-, Valentine
-, Joan, widow of, petition of

Howard, Thomas, late Earl of Arundel
-, William, Lord Stafford, his son, pass for
-, Charles, Earl of Nottingham, petition of
-, Arabella, Countess of Nottingham, petition of
-, Theophilus, 2nd Earl of Suffolk
-, James, 3rd Earl of Suffolk
-, Henry, his brother
-, Charles, Lord Andover, pass for
-, Hon. Capt. Chas.
-, letters to
-, Sir Chas.
-, Ann, daughter of
-, Eliz., daughter of
-, Edw., petition of
-, widow

Howett, Capt. Sam. Vice-admiral
-, letters of

Howleigh Manor, Kent

Howlett, Thos., examination of

Howse, Capt. Thos.

Hubbard, John

Hubbart, Capt.

Huby, Wm.
-, petition of

Huddleston, John
-, Sir Wm.

Hudson, Edw., petition of

Huffe, Mrs.

Hughes, Geo., petition of
-, certificate by
-, Thos.
-, minister

Hughit, Thos.

Hull or Kingston-upon-Hull
-, company of adventurers to Greenland in
-, request by
-, governor of, see Elton, Major Rich.
-, deputy of
-, letters dated from
-, mayor of
-, mayor, aldermen, &c. of, petition of
-, navy agent at, see Wells, Ant.
-, merchants
-, prisoners in
-, seal of
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, stores in, keeper of
-, troops in
-, watermen of

Humber, the
-, letter dated from
-, ships to or from

Hume, James, late Earl of Hume
-, James, present Earl of Hume
-, Lady Anne
-, Capt. Jno.
-, petition of
-, Alexander, his father

Humfreys, John
-, petition of

Humiliation, days of

Humphrey, Rowl., letter of

Humphreys, Capt. J.
-, letter of
-, Rob.

Huncks, Eliz.
-, Fras.
-, Sir Fulk
-, Hen.
-, Hercules
-, Dame Katherine
-, Marg.
-, Thomas
-, Sir Thos.

Hungerford, Col. Anth., petition of
-, wife and children of
-, Lady Marg.

Hungerford, co. Wilts, minister of

Hunger-road, Bristol

Hunkin, Col.

Hunt, Edw.
-, Sir E., lady of
-, John, mayor of Thetford, petition of
-, Capt. Jno., petition of
-, letter of
-, wife and family of
-, Joshua
-, Wm.
-, petitions of

Huntingdon, Major Robt.
-, petition of

Huntingdonshire, members for
-, places in
-, sheriff of

Huntley, Scotland

Hurd, And.

Hurlock, Rich.

Hussey, Geo.
-, petition of

Hutchinson, Dan., alderman of Dublin
-, Rich., navy treasurer and commissioner
-, letters of
-, letters, &c. to
-, payments by
-, payments to
-, Rob.
-, Wm.
-, Frances, widow of
-, petition of
-, children of

Hutton, Capt. Ralph

Hyde, Sir Edw., Chancellor of the Exchequer to Charles II.
-, Lady, wife of
-, Wm.

Hyet, Wm.

Hyland, Sam., letter of



Idiots, custody of

Impropriations, disposal of

Ince, John

Inchiquin, Earl of (Murrough O'Brien)

-, committee for
-, grants of
-, Ordinance of


Infection, see Plague.

Ingelo, Nath.

Inglish or Inglis, Robt.
-, petition of

Ingoldsby, Col. Rich.
-, certificate of
-, reference to
-, regiment of

Ingram, John, certificate of
-, Robt.
-, petition of
-, Sam., letter of
-, Lady
-, (smith)

Inshkeith, Scotland, resident at

Intercourse, merchants of the
-, petition of

Inverkeithing, Scotland

Inverlochy, in Lochaber, Scotland
-, letters dated from
-, ships to or from
-, troops in

-, letter dated from
-, ships to or from

-, canvas
-, letters dated from
-, residents in
-, ships at
-, ships of

Ireland, Gilb.
-, Wm.

-, Act for
-, affairs of
-, coast of, see Irish coast.
-, committee for, see Irish committee.
-, committee for claims in
-, commissioners of Parliament in or for
-, report of
-, council of see also Lord Deputy and Council.
-, fortifications in
-, garrisons in, provisions for
-, government of
-, lands and estates in
-, adventurers for
-, petition of, referred
-, committee for
-, references to
-, Lord Chancellor of
-, lord chief justice in, see Pepys, Baron.
-, Lord Deputy of, see Fleetwood, Charles.
-, (late), see Ireton, Hen.
-, and Council of
-, Lord Justiciary in
-, maps of
-, mint in
-, money for
-, natives of
-, north of
-, parliament for
-, money lent to
-, passes to
-, persons in
-, places in
-, preachers in or to
-, prisoners in
-, protestants in
-, rebellion in
-, rebels in
-, lands of
-, revenues of
-, services in
-, ships to and from
-, travellers to and from
-, west of

Ireland, English army or forces in or to
-, agent for
-, arrears due to
-, Commander-in-chief of, see Fleetwood, Chas.
-, horses for
-, Major or Lieutenant-general of, see Cromwell, Hen.
-, money for
-, revenues of
-, stores and provisions for
-, treasurer for

Ireton, Hen., late Commander General and Lord Deputy of Ireland
-, statement by
-, tomb of
-, Ald. John
-, petition of
-, references to

Irish, Eliz.

-, accounts
-, coast
-, debentures, false
-, gentlemen
-, goods
-, ladies
-, lands
-, committee on
-, men
-, papists
-, prisoners
-, rebellion, see Ireland, rebellion in.
-, rebels, see Ireland, rebels in.
-, service, see Ireland, service in.
-, soldiers
-, squadron
-, Tories

Irish and Scotch Committee (late)
-, officers of
-, records of

Iron, duty on

Irstead, Norfolk

Irvin, Scotland

Isaacson, Mr.

Isherwood, Fras.

Islip, the (ship), company of, petition of

Issingwood, Gabriel
-, Margt., widow of
-, daughter of


Ivory, Luke
-, petitions of

Ivy, Thos.
-, petitions of
-, wife of


Jack, Sarah

Jackson, Anth.
-, petition of
-, Brian
-, widow of
-, Jas.
-, John
-, Col. John
-, Ald. Miles, of Bristol
-, Stephen, mayor of Berwick, petitions of
-, Mr., of the Sequestration office


Jacob, Sir Jno.

James, I.
-, coachman to

James, Duke of York, Lord Admiral
-, commission of
-, marshal farrier to

James, John

James's, see London, St. James's.

Jameson, Geo., petition of

Jane, Jos., letters to

Janson, Cassen

Jarvis, Jas., letter of

Jay, Chris.

Jeay or Joy, Wm.

Jecklin, Thos.

Jeddart, Scotland

Jeffryes, Jno.

Jemmett, Thos.

Jempson, carver
-, minister

Jenifer, Jas., letter of

Jenkins, Thos.
-, Wm.

Jenkyns, justice of peace for co. Oxford, letter to

Jennings, Theodore
-, Thos.
-, Mr.

Jenyns or Jennyns, Roger

Jephson, Col. Wm.
-, petitions of

Jerman, Edw., report of

Jermy, Robt., certificate by

Jermyn, Henry, Lord Jermyn

-, exports to or from
-, government of
-, committee on
-, governor of, see also Heane, Col. James.
-, Mount Orgueil Castle in
-, places in
-, prisoners in or sent to
-, provisions and stores at or sent to
-, residents in
-, ships at, to, or from
-, ships of
-, travellers to or from

Jessop, Constance or Constantia
-, petition of
-, Wm.
-, Wm., clerk and assistant secretary to Council
-, letters to
-, note of
-, order to
-, references to
-, report of
-, alluded to
-, report to
-, warrant to




Joakin, John

Joanes, Capt. Morgan

Johns, Mr.

Johnson, Ab.
-, Jer.
-, Lawrence
-, petition of
-, Paul
-, Rich.
-, Robt., certificate by
-, Wm., cook
-, Eliz., widow of
-, Wm., mayor of Newcastle
-, letters of
-, petition of
-, Capt.
-, Mr.
-, of Rotterdam

Joice, Mr.

Jolles, Sarah, petition of
-, Thos.

Jolliffe, Jno.

Jones, Roger, first Viscount Ranelagh
-, Katherine, Viscountess Ranelagh
-, Ambrose
-, Chas.
-, Edm.
-, Hum., petition of
-, John
-, Col. John, petition of
-, Maurice
-, Col. Mich., certificate by
-, Col. Phil.
-, as member of Council
-, report of
-, Capt Roger
-, certificate of
-, letters of
-, Thos.
-, deposition of
-, Wm.
-, petition of

J[ones?), W., letter of

Jongstall, Lord Peter

Jordan, Capt. Jas., Rear-admiral
-, pay of
-, Wm., mayor of Yarmouth, petition of


Joy or Jeny, Wm.

Joyce, Col.

Judge Advocate, see also Fowler, Jno., and Walker, Dr. Walter.

Judges and justices of assize
-, letter to
-, salaries of see also Scotland; Probate of Wills, and Admiralty Courts, judges in; and Common Pleas and Upper Bench, judges of.

Julian, Hen.


Justice, courts of
-, High Court of
-, commissioners or judges of
-, trial in
-, Lord Chief see also Rolle, Hen., and St. John, Oliver.

Justices of Assize, see Judges.
-, of peace see also under the several counties.

Juxon, Dr. Wm., Bishop of London
-, palace of


Katherine's Hospital, Ledbury, co. Hereford, see Ledbury.

Kearsley, H., letter of

Keate, Gilbert
-, petitions of
-, Joyce, petition of
-, Rob., statement by

Kedgwin, Sturley, petition of

Keeling, Edw., petition of
-, Mr.

Keene, Major Clement, letter to

Keeper, Lord, oath for

Keith, William, Earl Marshal of Scotland
-, petitions of
-, wife, &c. of

Keling, E., letter of

Kello, Scotland, residents in

Kelly, Earl of, see Erskine.

Kelsby, Esther

Kelsey, Lieut.-col. Thomas, governor of Dover Castle
-, deputy of
-, letters to
-, petition to
-, reference to
-, report by
-, Capt.

Kendal Park, Westmoreland

Kendall, Geo.
-, letters of
-, Thos.
-, letter of
-, petitions of
-, Capt. Wm.
-, letter to
-, farmer of the posts
-, Mr.

Kenell barony, Scotland

Kenenbodig, Wales

Kenmure, Viscount (Robert Gordon)

Kennedy, John, sixth Earl of Cassilis

Kenniston, John

Kenrick, minister

Kensington, Lord, see Rich.

-, Countess of, see Grey.
-, places in

Ker, Robert, Earl of Ancram
-, Anne, Countess of Ancram

Kerr, Sir Edw.
-, daughter of

Kerry, Dr.

Kershaw, Thos.

Kesting, Capt. Rich., petition of

Ketcherell, John

Keyes, Col. Geo.
-, wife of

Kibworth, co. Leicester
-, rectory of

Kidd, John

Kiel, Denmark

Kiffin, Wm.
-, petition of

Kildare, Earl and Countess of, see Fitzgerald.
-, lands in

Kilkenny, Ireland

Killigrew, Sir Peter, case of
-, Sir Wm.

Kilrenny, Scotland

Kincardine, Scotland

Kinderton, co. Chester

King, the, see also Charles II.
-, the late, see Charles I.

King, And.
-, Jno.
-, Rob., certificate by
-, Sir Robt.
-, Wm.
-, letter of
-, Wm., of Coventry, petition of
-, Wm., sequestrator
-, Capt.
-, Lieut.
-, Mr.
-, minister

Kinghorn, Scotland


King's Bench, late Chief Justice of, see also Upper Bench.

King's Road, Bristol
-, letters dated from
-, ships in, to, or from

Kingston, co. Surrey
-, bailiffs of
-, -on-Hull, see Hull.

Kingswood Forest, co. Gloucester

Kinnersley, Clement, wardrobe keeper
-, account by
-, payments to
-, petitions of

Kinross, Scotland

-, governor of
-, letters dated from
-, officers at
-, River, letter dated from
-, ships at, to, or from
-, victualling at

Kirby, And.
-, petition of
-, Capt. Fras.
-, Thos.
-, Mr.

Kircaldy, Scotland

Kircudbright, Scotland

Kire, co. Worcester

Kirkham, co. Lancaster

Kittleby, Capt.

Knap, Hen., petition of

Knight, Nath.
-, Mrs.

Knightley, Mr.

Knight Marshal's Court, see Marshalsea.

Knollys, Nicholas, Earl of Banbury
-, Isabella, Countess of Banbury
-, Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Banbury

Knowles, Capt. Tobias
-, Wm., letters of